Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on September 13, 1940 · 2
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 2

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, September 13, 1940
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THE HARTFORD DAILY COURANT: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, 1940. Courant Photographer Going to Army Post Rilling Askedidd Glawackiana: Animal Is Spotted On Draf tees' By Motorist 0n Marlboroush Road Compensation Glawackus is Attv. General to Whether That Glastonbury here again. At lpast that's what Louis Bone sio of Plainville, gasoline station j fabulous Glastonbury animal. How-, ' proprietor, told an Indiana motorist j ever, he said, because an out of town Decide Thursday night. John Beetv of i motorist had apparently seen the r, i , hj jiWest Miami Avenue, iiuiiiuiMiJumiiiiiiuiai. uc ucaii w liiiul uicawum ouie ,stilnd.. drove into the Bonesio station ; might have some trutn ATil-o ITn Piv Tn in to purchase gasoline and in the I Last year, when the Glawackus ftatve uy i ay uyos vw , conVersation asked hunt was at its height, one resident Conscripted Employees j Bonesio "Just what kind of animals , igiuw in vuuiieuuui-.' j After the motorist told Mr. Bone-Attornev General Francis A. Pal- sio that he had seen an animal, "a lnf . I .- Qi.,,! Tliur;r!av tn rillP Cross Deiwet-n B lion Bliu n uug, mi:omi ncvci was sum aim una uccil CAPT. Courant Photos. EDWARD A. BERENDT. whether the State should pay to its employees called lor military training the difference between their military pay and their regular compensation ill their jobs in the state service. Personnel Director William H. Donning, after conferring with Acting Finance Commissioner Robert H. Weir and officers of the Military Department, asked for an interpretation of Section 682e of the 1939 Supplement to the General Statutes, which states in part as follows: "Any employee who is a member of the National Guard or Naval Militia, or of the military or naval and is a bushy tail" dash across the high-j hiding in the woods near Glaston-way in front of his car as he was j bury and Marlborough have contin- driving tnrougn Marioorougn, Mr. ' uea, nowever. Bill Change j Eases Duty s Of President 1 Conferees Rewrite Measure for Drafting Indus-; try, Placing: Onus onj War, Navy Depts. Smith's Proposal Is Used As Basis Connecticut Judgeship Vacancy to Stay That Way Until Election Is Over, It Seems BV ARTHUR C. W1MER. The Couranl's Washington Correspondent. Washington, Sept. 12. Senate and House conferees on the Burke- ' forces of the United States. Wadsworth conscription bill todayi Captain Edward A. Berendt ofirequired to undergo field training again rewrote and made more easy 1412 PalLsado Avenue. Windsor, fori therein, shall be entitled to a leave. of application the language empow-jthe last 12 years a Courant staff jof absence with pay, in addition to ConoTess Thp Time Saver erine the President to commandeer! ohotocraoher. has been ordered tojthe annual vacation, for the period s private plants for defense purposes. ! active dutv for one year, starting: of such training, provided the Washington, Sept. 12. It seemsj This final revision of the measure 'Rpntemher 16. the War Denartment amount of comrjensation naid to I a greed now that Congress can finish j Is exDected to be laid before the atinnimrpd Thursday. CaDtain Ber-isuch employee for such leave of ab-:its job within the next three weeks; Senate for approval Friday. Speedy enct whose commission is in the;sence shall be the difference be-1 and quit early in October. There; 1:30 a, congressional enactment is antici- chemical Warfare Reserve, has itween his compensation for military I will be things left undone which pated. ibeen ordered to Mitchel Field, Long 'activities and the amount due him 'should be done. And some of the! The Senate, In passing the con-' island for duty with the Army!8 an employee of the state." I things done will have been poorly! senption bill, authorized the Presi-:Air Co'rps The Attorney General was asked land inadequately done. i dent to seize title to plants refusing Mrs Berendt and their two chil- determine the application of this I to cooperate in a manner saus ac- drpn .in nlove t0 LonE island later section to memoers oi tne muon- But. in the main, the work of 1:28 r. Bonesio confessed Thursday night to The Courant that he had never be lieved all those stories about the claimed to have shot and buried the Glawackus, describing it as a big tawny dog that had been running wild. Numerous reports that the The Great Game Of Politics By FRANK R. KENT Record of Fires Thursday, Sept. 12, 1940 Carpet Mill Strike Hits Other Jobs Bigelow Head Says Work in Production Department to Be Curtailed; Shippers Out Thompson ville, Sept. 12. (Spe- ciai.j iOUUUUHUte ui avii&c which developed Thursday morning in the shipping department of Bige-low-Sanford Carpet Company will necessitate curtailment of operations in the production departments, according to a statement by the Will Open Program At Chamber Dinner 12:57 a. 12:57 a, company's local superintendent, Elliott L. Petersen. Mr. Petersen, who charged that m. Still alarm. Automobile j the walkout was in violation of a at Affleck and Jefferson! union contract which the company streets. Front seat cushion holds with the TWUA providing burned. Cause unknown, isriecific methods for handling dis- Owner, Edward J. Paseka. I nutes and grievances said that al- Co. 8. ready the rcmspection department m. Still alarm. 2;-storv has become affected and others will stucco dwelline at 144 soon feel the effects of the strike. Blue Hills Avenue. Over- i because of the piling up of finished flow of oil in furnace oil1 products. Superintendent Petersen burner In cellar. Slight: pointed out the possibility of the damage. Owner and occu-j strike affecting the 3000 employees 20,000,000 Marks Daily French Tax torv to the Chief Executive. The House substituted, the so-called Smith plan, under which the President might occupy and operate planta on a forced rental basis if manufacturers declined to produce or supply defense needs at a reasonable price and to give priority to Government contracts. The Smith substitute declared such refusal a felony punishable by three years imprisonment and $50,000 fine. President Is Spared. Seeking a compromise, Senate in the month. !al Guard and members of the Naval i Congress in the last three months Real News Newsreel BY DAVE BOONE. I see where Hank Ford has come and House conferees on Wednesday , out for Wendell Willkie. Henry went agreed to the Smith policy of forced; out to ttusnviue lor a personal m-rental but specified this might be;spection of Wendell and he never resorted to onlv if the President de-. approved a new model so fast. He clared public danger to be immedi- practically took it on sight, ste, imminent and impending. Over-; ,T , T night, Administration leaders de-! Henrv, wanted to make sure, I elded this restriction might be too'Buess- that it wasn t just a case of drastic and embarrassing to the,a new paint job He came away with President, and today forced a revi-! a( verdict that the 1940 Willkie Spe-sion which imposes no responsibility j cli? ?nllf no R fs as th!l ?se" upon the President. Under this elt Tfwelve; n0'ds e r(d H1"' final revision, plants may be seized ; doe?" 1 overheat easily, seldom skids by forced rental if either the Secre-! ne turns and nas blakes that tarv of Naw or Secretary of VariorK- fX? resort the Willkie model, Henry thinks, but SC L'T h fi J they're easy to find without a blue-Substitution of this language, it rint nf thp rat-was generally agreed, makes the p 1 tne commandeering of industry a more ordered out by the Federal Govern ment lor held training service for a period ot one year and also state employees who will be conscripted for military training if the bill which Is now pending in Congress Is finally passed." Under previous rulings of Attor ney General Pailotti and former Attorney General Charles J. Mc Laughlin, Mr. Donning pointed out i$Si"a..wh?Jia:'.e 0Ti"av ihas been vital and it has been re sponsive to the needs of the nation f'lin a critical period. It. of course, jo viu unu Liiau ii. ociito iiivcijr wj adjourn without action upon the NLRB amendments designed to correct the more glaring injustices of the Wagner Labor Act. And it is to be regretted that apparently it will not pass at this session the Walters Logan bill, which would 'it has been the policy of annointinei check the abuse of power by the autnorities to pay a state employee the difference between the compensation paid by the State for military activities and the amount of pav due him as an employee of the State." In accordance with these earlier opinions, the Personnel Director said, "if an employee was a member of the Officers' Reserve Corps and received his military compensation entirely from Federal funds, no deduction whatever was made from his pay by the appointing au- iiior;vy m determining nis compen sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce at the Hotel Bond. Thursday pant, Morris Ratner. Co. of the Thompsonville plant .which; s eptember 19 , in connection with the 14. has a weekly payroll of $70,000. , .. ' . , , m -Still alarm Five-story! Officials of Local 2188. TWUA., retail demonstration wees oi me brick tenement and store which is affiliated with the CIO. ; Retail-Wholesale Bureau of the building at 385 Main aW Thursday that Attorney Milton 'chamber of Commerce. Street. Owner. Isadore "osenDerg oi new xum, regional Wise. Co 1 m.-Still alarm. City dump'! J in. m eJi''Information Please" Pr8ram wU1 on Wawarme Avenue. Co " flbe given, during which public rela- Germany Sets Cost of Army of Occupation Upkeep at Equivalent of 100,000,000 Francs Vichy, France, Sept. 12. (AP.) The French public was informed of- fiHnllv tnrlnv that, t.hp nrir thpv will pay for the German army of occupation of more than 2,000,000 men is 400.000,000 francs a day. At the official franc exchange this is more than $8,000,000. The expenses of the army of oc cupation had been fixed by the Germans at 20,000.000 Reichsmarks daily. But since the Germans also have a fixed rate of exchange of 20 francs to one special Reichsmark. 20.000,000 Reichsmarks, of France's conquerors is only part of the price France must pay for th nrrwrflm nt. t.hi ninripr to be .. i.j i i . BENJAMIN NAMM. Benjamin Namni, president of! Namm Stores, New York, will open computed but is estimated at many millions. killed. Pensions for their depend ents will be required for many years. An estimated 2.000.000 prisoners or war reduces tne nation s man- t !,., rinm riirontnr will hp hpro Pririav uovernor rtaymonu c. naiuw m , power, causing continuing manu- vi Kinbuwi.i . -f l .m ohhv.c tho mtini An'facturing and agricultural losses. held in the occupied zones rests with tne .French people m cities ana will i !Oiiii;tri miti leui rMiiLHLiv 7:19 p. m. Still alarm. Three-story ;dent R G. Knowland of New York 1 discussed brick store and tenement ;and superintendent Petersen. Ai ZZZ tatin(r narr ,n . buildme at 110 Park . i Experts taking part m street. Owner, Joseph j m'at mio head- e f.i rWL 7"k"s " quarters on Main Street to near the; ""T. 'XJ r; Xr;", report on this conference. Be towns nearest tne prison camp?. ; 1 hev are expected to provide lood-stuffs. pro- York Herald Tribune; Tom Connolly of the Columbia Broadcasting Sys- tanrnnt. rranprl hv Oliarlpc liaim -0 V lOiailOn. Broadbent. Slight dam-; Asserting that the former work-age. Co. 1. line contract which expired Julv 31 nas not been renewed and is being Batten. Barton, Durstine and Os Federal regulatory boards and com-! .,vi,. missions. . Both these measures were " "V". ' ' -' iT.lrllC .aVc"!; man passed by big rnaJonties in the mim additional dollars needed for attached litUe significance to the iA S ate by Administration leaders. Ridgefield Probe Starts j. tt - ....r i n i :i . IViUKCUClU. OCUl. i T.IT . ' OUJt ,h W,Vch,,,, J Pnhii L Police Lieutenant Leo F. Carroll, the Institute of Public Relations . disclosing that the skeleton of J. Davis Danforth. :ce presment of . -,u, k,.- nc Karrpn Knrrnn inir:rin nnn , continued on a dav-to-dav basLi.iT "Z i V nZ.Z 'w Jr.als '.8 "aQ Deen uncw" ti9rt nrpvflllPrt nn tlipr thp: Drocirfont lrthip TTnrfioi- o1 s0i..' ' . ----- Clttu uy BUUUini III, a ucc UUIWIJ of Associated defense could have been acted upon. (statement of Superintendent Peter- AHvprtlcinty i v. . i "'vv""" iicrc. saiu Miat. an uivcsuEauon wa manner of her death. It is also true that the tax bill win tan to provide more than an j program delayed. uioiiumauL iiauuuu ui uie icveuuei . 1 Uge f dense Congress not only has not re yiubiaiiki anu nittn una io a uaiigci i j nuz rvmiccinn nf on rhiririio riittw ;IUSeu -m l . i m J fl u Even if he had called Congress backjsen that the strike was in violation ! iili tt,. -ti r , ti, TVt,, i hU uL ;..i,irf, v. u....'nf iv,o .m.mt Tho i Jlanrnesfrr ISOV lakes .racks stated that the skull had been iw aoiiiiife .yju, uijti.iio nuiuu nave v n e i - . 1 . t i n i . . I iKn Aniln x a. U. - i A A k V A 1 utea wusvea anu ine wnoie aeienseiwia iicsuiwuwia ua uic new nicc ArseniC 111 Ant liUtlOn (thP skPlpron inriirRtd it had hrn 1 in the ground for about 10 years. -One-year-old Earl' Ecabert. son of! Carroll recalled that on the night Mr nnri Mr, r.Pnrro FVnhrrr. nf of June 30. 1930, residents of the nlTC nmkc rtf nV.vn,.. OlIJ UCliiailU iliaUC ill lilC IIUIIIC ; TVictf nln Kftn.AT.av K fnllxvit I niirrrt KlrPPf VPmnn Wfl Mtrprt T..,v.t. om..VkUW a - jment to date have not brought re-i suits satisfactory to the union, but said that the strike of shippers was not directly related to mat situation Yet the responsibility for this failure ! of defense but, by rejecting the to reach a new agreement had re- cannot be put wholly upon Con-! President's request that it go home suited in marked unrest throughout ter Of rmirsp a. Forrt pnrinrspmpnl t- 3 . .. . nolitifal task- tn that it cnaroe 1 . .... j. " u , " " . ' , V'c"" ue compensated entirely IvT - "j I re 1 "a w uiuuhi;h.s. nciu) euuuistu Jrom Federal fund's " Thp crntnfp the President the unpleasant neces- j Hoover and Landon. But that mnAnXS'oPSSt away back when the; whether it anDlies when ouardsmm in a critical condition at Manches-'OUIla rcporwo ncanng me cnes or ter Memorial Hospital Thursday ,' .pp . i11 : . !S J?SS sation durina "the militarv training ress. The real load should rest m June, has advanced preparations the plant on the part or the work- nipi iiue pnysicians awaitea uie - nothirc ""ring ine military training ;,. v,... fnr rirfpnsp spvprai mn.xt.hc tt tim prs a rircnmtancp nhirh bHpH o effects of arsenic the child had ac- IounQ nothing. w.u.. wii. .vuuvtib, ru iinw yiv-1 x u.. ...... - . !.,.,,, , . , . vidpd fnr this nhacp nf natinnai rip. ! is imnortant. and nvprvhnriv will serious asoect to the strike situation. :Ciaentaiiy taKen into nis system a - fense neither leadership nor support. i agree it is, it is Congress which has! The strike of shipping department few hours earlier. On the contrary, he has operated J saved time, and not the President. !Plyees. occurred at 11 a. m.j Hospital officials reported the and still is operating, as though it';And it is Congress which has fore-'Thursday over failure to obtain an; child picked up an ant button not necessaiy to pay for tlie s : pnij period.' "It is my understanding," Mr. Donning said, "that members of the National Guard ordered to military naming oy tne reaerai uovern sity of publicly declaring the nation have been to be in immediate, imminent and nubile likpd snppd hPttpr than safp. impending danger. j ty and didn't care whether the The final compromise permits the , steering wheel was in front or back. commandeering of plants "if the j public necessity Is immediate and! Mr. Roosevelt, I see by the news-the emergency In the public service j papers, dismisses racketeers in la-is Imperative, and such as will notjbor unions as just a case of an "oc-admit of a resort to any other casional scoundrel." Of course he source of supply, and if such clr-;was just talking to a labor meeting, cumstances are certified to by the I but you'd think he might have Secretary of War or Secretary of shown a little more indignation, the Navy and to imperatively re-! quire the exercise of the power nereoy createa in respect or the are paid by the Federal Govern ment as well as when they are oaid by the State. "What I should like to know." lie Informed the Attorney General, "is whether or not the State. und?r this section, is required to comoensate . ... .1,. i, rot. nnt-lnrr U o Kill 1 -J- SSlfi thflt thprP hSfi hpTl r . :r:: " 1 n. ifii "Vr.JiWork increase in thp drnartmpnt tp. Stopped. The buttons contain a essential was to nave congress pass """"s a siaii. ui uiat ;r .V ; : ., ini.Qr.titv nf iani i'mt . ,., the annrnnriptinn hill, anri fnr him ', direction and not the PresidentJ '"hout extra compensation ?l?n?.?? i?n?'j?.??i Ji?. 5? : . ' ' 1 , . . ... ;oH an npruca InH honn ncl-oH hut aUU. n JOCai..CnUQ QIPQ 8b Li .T nos- a similar to sign them. The question of paying is not discussed at the White House; not considered by the Presi dent; Is forgotten by the leaders. property to be taken over, or trans Jormed, or operated. The compromise also deletes the Smith felony language subjecting non-compiymg manufacturers Welfare Dept. Request For Exemption on Car Allowances Considered It seems incredible that the ereat ' disprove it basic fact should be ienored that! n ,.:.ui tin u .t.! . any employee so ordered out and. if 'no nation can be strong onnueh tn! ' -re "n., SO, how much." i defend itsplf tm!p it.Q finonrial " --' Kt.riirtnr ic cnliH crmim-li Fairfield GOP Leader dispensability upon the contention! ZBrtKl . Si 1 S&R S&SfSS ,i5?lfc!w-oma Gored by C LJttl llill iiV, H W Vl Ulllg VJ 111V WlliWlI ueienu useu unless its iinanciau rp structure is solid enough to stand! lailOn training officials, is 100 per cent organized. Thev set the number out at approxi mately 75, while Superintendent jrs jjar ; reiersen s siaiciiieni bam uiu si. On Hanvinton Farm the strain. Yet that, in effect, is i. r -fi-ui l L1'e oiiuauun as vougiess, aiier tnree feces LOUnty lor W illkie months of intense concentration on i mk ',r:,-,lf.-I ' tion nf fiftPPn hiiiinnc nf riniiarc tc hig course to studenU during o"uiaboutto adiounrafter nasTna tax ctmi academic year, a reliable Over the obiection of Alderman ills' "haminnv and imitv" in bill so thin that no one defends it.! . s ay' to;j0hnB.O'Neil. the Board of Alder-; party locally, predicted in an ad-1 Realistic Treasury officials, who '.ft'ft'rE a .nLrr. conducted as Harwinton. Sept. 12 (Special.) y Lachance, si, was taKen m.n 1pft thoir inV... Thp latt.r al.n iV wn. ir ... : r , iiirn icii, uieir juos. me laner iso Torrinpton for trpatmpnt of ah- Planned at 1 ale -said that ."until new men are hire I llSataJurie. TauTliursda AHA llltU JWi V11U V Ul VaUillLlll. Kl 1 kale Untv?i plan'sSo or A PriyT Ruction operation, will be neces the i - jaitemoon when she was gored by a cow on the LaChance farm here. ''l-v iThe cow had strayed from a pas- jture and two men were seeking to TalarSKl S Funeral Home drive it back. The animal atiempt- rt .1 ffi r i i 'ed to turn into a gatewav leading branted LltV LOntraCt into a garden and Mrs. LaChance Talarski's Funeral Home of 360tried to block the passage and was civilian flying Maple Avenue has been awarded a : Bored. Her condition Thursday lone-vear contract to handle all the;Wght was reported as favorable. mr;n f .... r.l.. rt 1 . . " vuwi,, ,u Anrf PTPn tl-iie hi n-niiT .-;f! v,l,u"w t-uutovo wuuiu uc Kivcil L1LV OI nariiuru 3 lUUCiai rsra. Si prisonment of not more than fivp riinannp HmV.rn; Vavmnt Vn Pit,-!1" 4 campaign, w ni produce enough :f Mr Rnncpvpit. hart hart hTc . iunaer tne directioo of the Yale De- contract recently held by O'Brien's i r- vn anri nr finp nf r,nt mnr. thar, r"r,":...; H" .L" votes to elect the whole state ticketing j ;J M" jV" "": partment of Engineering, and flight Funeral Home. Awardine of tfie f ...w.w n.uu cijiuiuvcra iui use ui liiuii Lti." i . . ... . .. uc uiu i ul eiiiu llu. iik 11111 iinir ; i i t.nr r . - . ' . S&J? mile IWilik1 PieaBeQ l WCnaeUiwant to take up ahe question of " WBmn8IlQ "iSSK three veS and W nf ,mt mXL"ZtZ5'?l'L XTX" ". l? ; epuDcan siaie convention:?- ""V A"'"" """" u" , ity to have the course ha the RepuWca"TnCo3; at Proportions. &T . ..' r-r V... . .-!Uic ufuaic ucuaiuiiau scrMUE tr.-. tnmorir. that. "T?a irf prt r-ni,f,. i r.nnnrf .,-.. oi tne conscription Din at large, lm- ECID A P L A N i S CHURCH AND TRUMBULL STS. SPECIAL TODAY Full Course LOBSTER DINNER 851 Served from 11 A. M, to 9 P. M. Dancing and Entertainment Every Evening 9 P, M. Til C1inf Never A Dull Moment CATERING FOR ALL OCCASIONS $10,000 Won't Discuss Judgeship. a maximum of $20 a month. of HjT t J1 l j .. Attornpv Opnpral Rnhprt H .TorV.! Alriprman O'Npil asserted the Wei-'. oiduiiy, wno teimea the maK- son today declined to discuss Con-! fare Department was not adhering1 '"L".,; n1Y 0.s r 'nore Jm' necticut's vacant Federal judgeship.! to the new ordinance, and that he pVnt .,n?n Ke,n Bradley Day The post was vacated bv resignation as opposed to taking the letter."'"'1.' be marked in honor at of Judge Edwin S. Thomas more1 from the table until this situation statewide rally of Republican man a year ago, and Connecticut: had been corrected. Democratic leartprs have sinrp hppn ' Ait i, 1 ISSUeS Ot JbreedOm ivotine "r he expressed would offer a similar course to stu- manv of Hartford's leading funeral u "J-Ji." "T.,riV: n.wj u.. n ii nf r, ' IZ v;ruT.:r I ine oenei mat uiuij mier, wrucn was generally m-1 Thp mm. n.iii v u,,f 7'S. "i .iT: v-i. ternretPri as mpanino- aftov thp pip,. . ! J"'','-J" "'.." ' .u,' uueni It .V ..y -1KJ smuenis aunng me year, w a bids. Mr PnncpJ-p.t th&t ' s- I The work includes the bun-Inn of Mr. Roosevelt wanted Congress to; The State Teachers College at citv charges and the claimin of adjourn last June, immediately aft- New Britain has already started ma'nv bodies after violent or sudden er it had made the initial aDDro- flvin? instructions in connpratinn ithe in th lattpr inttannps until .leaders at Sheriff Erhvard a Platte . .. iwa maae tne initial appro-, Hying instructions in cooperation. deaths. 'farm in Sherman nn satnrrtaw irt " . , PJ Iour DIU10n Ior whlch he, with the CAA, and Wesleyan Uni-i further claims for burial are made !tht r riasKea. upon two press-conference versity announced this week that it Thp contract has hppn hpld hv poned, Mr. Jackson said he ore- ....... ,i ,o i , t,...!!"6 wl11 exceed 500 ferred to make no comment. It is'c":" ' K mTS1 He Urged simUar drives for the believed no appointment will now be0,1 ' t waJhi'L S suPPrt of new voters in lhe CW. made untrelections. jf.t hmgCcmn a quota of 5000 for Bridge- Parker Says Cornell ZoXt? io- Not Real Nutmeee-er ot the Avon Republican club in;"' ":.iF-?rcsfldent,club drew New. Savef T-'SZl. iJjl? heSien T ngaoieruenerai John H. Parker1 " "Z"" "tTV''. i will have a fine ticket with Wenrieii i against fifth columnists, and eco-:XVinkif1',.Gov;err,or Baldwin and Paul j nomic freedom ; Co1 referring to Mr. Cornell as Wendell L. Willkie was termed by i prospective candidate for U. S. Mr. Cornell as the man who has the Senator. experience to start production roll-1 Mr. Bradley, who is understood ing and said that in this state we to be favorable to the Cornell can-are getting places under Governor didacy, did not take part in the Baldwin. He expressed the hope applause. that America would follow. Praising :- pro- gram, Mr. Cornell said that while 1 Roosevelt spends millions, Governor iBaldwui is saving millions. Other speakers introduced by "no good Durnose' would be served by staying in session. dents this year. ! directors. It was popular sentiment and Congress itself that kept it on thej joo. inis seems now to have been a very fortunate thing for the country. Because if the President's oi New Haven, the Colonel "Ma. chine Gun" Parker of World War nays, said tonight that the candidacy of Paul Cornell for the Re publican nomination for Senator was backed by "hieh-Dowereri New Yorkers which is not strange, either. necause nc is very recently of New York himself." t:nrnpll fpnpra! Po.t.. ni4--4. .W?dt. meeting of i mCZVX Xtlt me new navt-ii L-napiPr oi lac Yankee Division Veterans Associa- tinn "hni cnrlnlrlnt t-timf-nif ..ui. oil tho nnhnaft nntr-jUU i .-. - 1 t. I time ! out he iX i7 . Jin .o , iFlske Ventres, president of the club. B '. i Harding of Bristol. Mrs. Alsop called Pasro Kin Reunion Saturdav i uPon everyone to get out and work Descendants of Otis and Sarah 's0 tllat the "whistle of Republican Johnson Pasco of Rockv Hill wm ; victory can be blown this fall.' hold their second annual meeting Saturday afternoon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pasco at Elm Hill. Newlncton. Some 25 to 30 persons are expected to attend the reunion. MANUFACTURER'S ATTENTION WE WILL BUT FOR CASH anv quantity of surplus storks, close-outs or discontinued numbers in merchandise ot any kind. Write tivmg details, Address 6215 Courant Just Grrivcd - ihelew unmiLTons Taylor & Modecn UNDERTAKERS 233 WASHINGTON ST. THE HARTFORD BOARD OF EDUCATION PRESENTS Free Public Evening Instruction I Oil AIM I I S HARTFORD PUBLIC EVENING SCHOOL RrMmtlon Mnndav. Tndav and Thursday Kvenlnts, Sept. IS. 17. IS p"lf.n hfld. Mnndav. TnesdaT and Thnr.dav l-renlniis (mm 7:10 In 9:30 ititoAii srm:i: r iik.ii sniooi. Art Iloiii( Fronnmirn Cooking Drrwmalclng Embroidery Needle-Work Owmistry Rrd CroM First Aid Social S'Iim' American History Civic tconomici Orchestra hpeelal Tuiorta! Classen fnr those wishing to earn regular Day School Credit through atate equlvalrnry examinatinns Hortford Evening Elementary Schools Broad Mrert llir.li School no Broad Street Brtwn School jfi6 Market Street English. History. Grammar School Subjrrts, Citizenship Special rlassea for those unable to read or write English t ree Tuition to llarlford Ilesidents Itllsiini'siK Bookkeeping Commercial Arithmetic Commercial Law Butinci English Office Machine Practice Salrimanihip Stenography Speed Dictation Typewriting MllAif Operetta Group Industrial Cabinet Making Mechanical Drawing Pattern Making Woodworking IlnglMi Btiiineu English English Composition English Literature Public Speaking Discussion Croup .Mallicinaficft Algebra Geometry Shop Mathematici Slide Rule THE BEST PROTECTION aga'mst chill winds and fall showers during a golf game is a SPA CLOTH JACKET. Tailored in a roomy, raglan shouldered, talon fronted style, spa cloth, Zelan finished, makes the ideal sportswear protective garment. $7-50 , $Q.50 Regular Extra Long in sand tan. STACKPOLE, MOORE, TRYON CO. 1 15 ASYLUM STREET For Trie first triowJng! Many new and distinctive design have just been received by us from Hamilton. All Hamil ton watches have 17 more jewels and the Hamilton reputation for accuracy is known by all. We illustrate but a few of the many beautiful designs for men and women, uome in and the complete display. Prices start at $37.50 and you can Budget if you wish. An Expert Wtteh . Rtfjir Service ul Moderate Prkei LUX . BDI1D S. GF1EER Diflmono impoRTERS apd jeweler ESTABLISHED 1900 70 PRATT STREET or see e vr- A (V- r It was Hollywood's young glamorous Starlets who gave us the inspiration for our most exciting group of svpple suedes in years. You'll love the soft, dewy look of them, the way they mould your feet. PATRICIA MOWSOr- PARAMOUNT Sforfef ! Mltl ( 856 MAIN STREET Open Saturday Evening j ! .Ml.. ..MS, .ik 1

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