The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on September 22, 1962 · 9
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 9

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1962
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THE EVENING SUN. BALTIMORE. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22. 19fi2 PAGE 9 f ; ! y ' ' ' 1 '-"A-. l " ' ' ' V I AT TOWN Rosanna Schiaffino is in "Two Weeks in Another Town," which is currently showing at Town. Kirk Douglas is star. Robertson Doesn't Talk About Role In 'PT-109' By Sheilah Graham HOLLYWOOD. CAL. - Cliff Robertson, playing the President as a young man in "PT-109," isn't talking about his role to anyone-strict orders from the front office at Warners. One wrong word from Cliff, and everyone could be embarrassed the President of the United States, Jack Warner, and Robert son. In fact, now that the picture Is back on the home grounds here, every member connected with the cast and crew has been told to keep his or her lips buttoned tight. The boss feels that enough has been said and printed already. Of course the set is closed tighter than but now, what is really tight? Lee Marvin is set for "The Fall Of The Roman Empire," now postponed to January in Madrid Gina Lollobrigida and husband Miklos excavated an old Roman tomb on their Antica Appia property. It has a place of honor iust inside the sates. A favorite pastime in Rome on Sundays is to go into the suburbs and die for ancient Roman relics. Roger Vadim, surveying fiancee Catherine Deneuve she s the star of his new movie, "The Vice And The Virtue" said, "I think she could be another Audrey Hepburn." When Vadim discovered and married Annette Stroyberg: he tried to turn her into another Brigitte Bardot. So, for this much relief thanks, Roger. Thomas May Buy Studio COULD BE Danny Thomas who will buy the Hal Roach studio up for auction October 19. What a sad record this once-tnriving ctudio has had in the past decade! Ty Hardin stopped over in Hous ton to introduce his Miss Universe wife, Marlene Schmidt, to his family. He married her under his real name Hungerford, which is how it was a secret for two weeks. Dean Martin believes in letting his daughters work 19-year-old Claudia is working as a press agent at Rogers and Cowan here, and his 17-year-old daughter spent the summer at the switchboard of the same office. The Beverly Hills hotel is cele brating its fiftieth anniversary. And I never knew until now who gave the Polo Room there its name.- 'Twas the late Douglas Fairbanks and Will Rogers, and the still very much alive Darryl Zanuck, who would drop in after their polo matches. Katy Jurado, speaking of Ernie Borgnine: "I tell you why this marriage will be good because I love him. A woman must be 75 per cent of any marriage." That was in. February 1959. In Septem ber 1962, they are separated, with talk of a divorce. Evil Can Make Money PRODUCER Joe Levine be Ueve that evil can be the root of money. "I sold 'Sodom and Go morrah' to Twentieth Century-Fox for a very substantial sum of money, says Joe. When I was in Europe recently, I heard spectacular reports of the movie which stars Stewart Granger and Pier Ahgeli. Pier is now resting, awaiting the birth of her baby. Tony Curtis preferred 15 per cent of the "Taras Bulba" gross rather than $750,000 m hard cash This is a good system. You make a fortune, spread over several years, if the picture is a hit. The tax in one year would take mosi of the $750,000. You can guess where Pock Hudson's interests lie through the two names he gave his two movie companies "Seven Seas" and "Gibraltar like in Rock. Terry Moore, who used to make gossip-column items before her last marriage, absolutely denies she is feuding with "Empire" co- star Richard Egan. Dick is al ways so pleasant it would be im possible to feud with him! fNorth American Newspaoer Alllancel Mason To Spend More Time In Europe Hollywood. Cal. James Mason admits, "I was always inclined to be a bit hostile with the press and people. Now, with the loosening up in my films, I have also loosened up with everyone." I'm not sure if this includes his estranged wife, Pamela Mason. And while I feel much easier talking to the new Mr. Mason, I wasn't carefree enough to ask embarrassing questions. But from some of his state ments, it would seem this mar riage is definitely destined for the ashcan. "I plan to spend more of my time in Europe," James confided, adding, "As a matter of fact, for the last few years I've done a lot of movies abroad, most of them in England. Europe is now the center of movie production. "There's no use kidding onr- selves that Hollywood is still the center of the movie industry, j Hollywood is now the television center. In "the early days, there was some optimism. But there has been no indication that television will get any better." The last film Mason made in Hollywood his "Lolita" hit was filmed in London was "Mar riage Go Round." "A promising project," he said, "but it didn't come off." The actor stated that very few of his Hollywood films had come off. 'After I made 'The Seventh Veil' many years ago in England, I had several offers to come to Hollywood. I waited a year and a half on a lawsuit ih New York, then I proceeded to Hollywood as a freelance. "I appeared in five failures. The first film that was slightly upgrade was 'Pandora (with Ava Gardner.) This helped me," admitted James, "but it was "The Desert Fox' (James portrayed Rommel) that established me in Hollywood. A Heavy "However I was never elected to the status of leading man. They wanted me as a kind of heavy. They were always looking for parts for me like I had in "The Seventh Veil.' But that's in the past. "I liked my role in 'Lolita.' It's the first time I ever attended a premiere. I'm now more movie-struck than ever. "I've been offered so many good K &al IcAamlLd ui yam I'nsrramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. . , wl L n n i A I k A 1 i if n I 1 WKEZE THE "DELINQUENT LITTLE STeAWf5Er?f?Y WAS TOLD JT AUGHT END UP. I I l k J halftiSOMUSlllSinikm Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. T 1 0 LXX (Anawera Muudav) Jumliln: LURID WHEAT THRIVE SURETY Aiuwer: If W ;,, ,r who th,nht he'tt tralti through lije merer mumigeil to learn THI TWIST scripts 'The Furnished Room' in London, and there's a project I'm very keen on, the film of the Lon don stage success, 'Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be.' I see myself now as being an Interna tional type."' Daughter Portland is in the news almost as much as her .famous parents. And always has been There is currently a lawsuit pend ing against "The Loretta Young Show." The 13-year-old Porty was supposed to have played Loretta's old est daughter aged 18. She is out of the series, and ryither Pam is fighting. The legend of Porty started when she was an infant," her father explained. "We wanted to have her with us at all times, and we'd take the baby along in a basket to people's homes when we were invited to parties, and put her in a bedroom. I remembered a legend of tak ing Porty to nightclubs. "Oh yes, the Ciro's thing. It was a show business affair given by , Jerryj Lewis. Another time we took herj when she was 4 or 5 when Kath- erine Dunham was having a sea son. "Porty had already shown great talent as a dancer and we wanted her to see the best." In spite of the Loretta Young setback, notn ing I am sure will deter Miss Mason from a big career in show business. She's beautiful and talented His Son "How about your son?" I asked James. Young Morgan Mason is 7 years old. He s too bright a personality. I won't encour age him to be an actor," said Ma son, emphatically. "I'd like Morgan to be a song writer, unless he expresses a great desire to be an actor. "Morgan has been exposed to show business. He has a fabulous memory for songs and has an en ormous repertoire. A song writer leads an invigorating life and is marvelously protected from a money point of view." "I'm very happy about Lolita," said James returning to his own career. "I saw it first in Cali fornia, then I went to Berlin for the opening the day before the film festival and saw it again. To be honest, I haven't been worried about my last three pictures 'Lolita,' 'Tiara Tahiti,' and "The Land We Love.' "I can honestly say that since Odd Man Out,' I've not literally rushed to see any one of my r :i nims a second time. But now I'm interested all over again in my turn career." The only blot now on James' horizon is the upcoming divorce fight with his wife. rNorthAmfrlcanNoWspapprAllliincfl Monday AMERICAN LEGION AOXILIART. Joseph Davl unit, 8 P M.; Proctor-Klldow unit, ( 30 Pil. BALTIMORE HEBREW CONGREGATION Meeting at 7401 Park Height. 12 30 P.M. COVENANT GUILD Meeting at Har feinal center. 8 30 P.M. DEBORAH HOSPITAL Joseph Levy chapter board at 331 West Belvedere. 12 30 P.M. HAR SINAI SISTERHOOD Board and luncheon at 2311 Rogene drive, 10.30 A.M. HOMEMAKERS CLUBS Millinery training at St. Paul House, 10.30 A.M. JUNIOR TOWSON WOMEN Board meeting. 8.30 P.M. LOCHEARN WOMEN Garden group at Mrs. Thomas Hartley a, 1 P.M. MARYLAND GENERAL AUXILIARY Meeting In nurses' home, 12.30 P.M. OHEB SHALOM SISTERS Meeting at 7310 Park Heights, noon. TEMPLE EMANUEL SISTERHOOD. Board at 340S Washington avenue, 8 30 P.M. WILTONDALE GARDEN SECTION. Meeting at Cylburn, noon. WOMEN'S CIVIC LEAGUE Med- lleld at Aldersgate Methodist Church, 8 P.M. WOMEN DEMOCRATS Meeting of Second district at Randallstown Health Center, 8 P.M. WOMEN OP MOOSE Gardenvtlle meeting at 8012 Belalr road, S P.M. AMUSEMENTS PLEASE CALL LE. 91696 FOR INFORMATION ABOUT "PALACE OF SHAME" TRANS-LUX AURORA 1 NORTH A CHARLES STS. AMUSEMENTS "FANTASTIC COMEDY!"-!-. ITS A V 'V-V:t LITTLE No. Howard St. Not Really A 'Reef Hollywood, Cal. Although "Donovan's Reef" is a picture of life on South Pacific island, the title does not refer to an actual reef. It is the name of an island night club operated by John Wayne in the John Ford production for Paramount which stars Wayne, Lee Marvin, Jack Warden, Elizabeth Allen, Cesar Romero and Dorothy Lamour. ' ' Xwt r.-. Q).1 j: i In 1-1 3 i .J Aft -y DOES YOUR HOME HAVE "LIUIIIGPOWER"? In the second of This Week Magazine's Home Inventory annuals, the nation's top home improvement experts give you a 28-point "livingpower checklist" which will help make your home more livable and valuable. Be sure to read it ( Sunday, September 23 rd, in This Week Magazine. THE SUNDAY SUN for economical home delivery dial 539-7744 s 5p - Of . s If & I 1 1 j 'WveV,VW WWW . 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WEN3ELL COREY THELMA RITTER TECHNICOLOR" -jtocc ; rrruiu I tit BtblNNiNlj, r Of COURSE:- ' 11:10-1:30 'V, 3:30 5 tO 7-50 - 10:00 OPEN 10:30 9o West lixinoton mr 7-T!0 mm 5 mm fun for ivtaiONi! h "BRILLIANTi'Vtr. r I TW,C'0' North. E oIEuHwr" "EXPLOSIVE!" rwi DllRTIMJimRO 1 BIRD MAN Of AICATRAZ WlfT 7M5yLyET Nntth.tChrlf j k-k--k ! ileum unw! I ihlliaiit cokfdt " HtT a Jwiwt 0rtMII julttei" Coming-out Party ;TMpLVMOUSt ?5thA ChrlT Sunpapers i Circulation Department J Baltimore 3, Maryland S Please enter a Sunpapers subscription ! for me, starting . . , J and ending School address: J Name J Address , City Zone.... State.... Send bill to: Name Address ' City Zone ....Slate .... ! Send the Morning Sun Evening Sun J Sunday Sun j Mail $ubtcriplion tire payabh i in advance or within 5 dayi. i Ji FORD'S-Next Wesk Seats Now At Box Office tin. m 1:30 Miu. . 1 U t Sat. S:3C Prior to Irsadwav Trie a new coincpy oxuio nu ci.ctt UMia man wlMTt IMTICTOWI AO.-l.lETY-WI FREE COFFEEf- 0OUOTS" PRl. R- SAT. N1TES How did they vr mk a movw ol t Mill) WNTERS fElKSEHaS "" ' it'-, r "tjmHTT' i L UJTCHUW-PARKES ?3,Z HUME FROM THRFfni. Bonui Featur "Cowboy" GIANT PlAVGROUND-CHIlPREhi ",?f "THE IRRESISTIBLE" KYRA Un-, AAATt !2ToS SV65 830 STJ ASH0WS COMEDY BY KANNY IY r Klr. SELIS - EXTRA ADDED fttAl una iinnuiiNcr . ; GINATA ( V: IS I JIVI0 I T7-- urur imfttfinoi annw r i ni ti Every Stndajr "9 .TKETARTAWv, THE omn . vktor WELLEJ AiATURE "THE TARTAR J" trans-lux HIPPODROME BALTIMORE ST. E. ftl. Loew's SO. 6-fi944 RITfiHIF DRIVE IN KIRK EDW.G. DOUGLAS -ROBINSON IN "2 WEEKS IH ANOTHER TOWH" TRANS-LUX TOWN W. FAVETTf ST. Lt. t 2294 0 imltrt MiH H mii cmriiiaa. Id Irt 140), Owirifi Millt. Md I Show Tomto S 6 :10 f .M. RES.: HUNTER S SSOO VIVIAN BLAINE " "GYPSY" Child fro with each id tickat for I p.m. how. I THEATRE RltcllH Hwt. N. Bl.n Burnl. 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