The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland on June 20, 1963 · 3
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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland · 3

Baltimore, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 20, 1963
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THE EVENING SUN, BALTIMORE. THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 13 PACK At Deputies' Chief Now' 30,000 Cubans Trying To Form Italian Regime Rome, June 20 W Giovanni Leone, president of Italy's Chamber of Deputies, began -a new attempt today to form a government by calling in leaders of nearly every political group-from Communists to Fascists. President Segni asked the 54-year-old Neopolitan to seek a way out of the worsening political crisis, which today rounded out its fifth week with no solution in sight. It appears highly unlikely that Italy will have anything more than an interim government by June 30, when President Kennedy is scheduled to arrive. Trying Where Moro Failed A middle-of-the-road Christian Democrat, Leone was named premier-designate after the leader of his party, Aldo Moro, was forced to abandon his attempt to form a new Ccnter-Ix-ft Government. A Socialist party revolt deprived Moro of the support he needed to get a Chamber majority behind a coalition of Christian Democrats, Democratic Socialists and Republicans. Immediately after getting the nod from Segni, Leone went into confercnce with leaders of his own party. Then he approached leaders of parties outside the four with whom Moro had been dickering. This duplicated a move he undertook during another crisis three years ago: to explore and then offer a workable solution. Possibility Weighed Some of the possibilities: He could suggest a time-marking minority government of Christian Democrats only. By agreement such a government would have everyone's support to enact only necessary business. He could try to do what Moro failed at get the Socialists behind a new Center-Left arrangement. But the Socialists are split and in turmoil. He could try for a Center-Right alliance, replacing the socialists with the Conservative Liberals. But the Democratic Socialists oppose collaboration with the Liberals. He could report back to Segni that it might be best to call former Premier Fanfani back and ask him to try to re-form the Center-Left alliance he headed for twenty . months before last April's parliamentary election. Put To Death, Exiles Say Four Ballots Fail To Elect Pope Continued From Page A 11 official. The post was last held by Amleto Cardinal Cicognani, but his appointment ended with the death of Pope John. Vatican sources reported that the progressive wing of the College of Cardinals was determined to elect one of their faction in order to carry on Pope John's campaigns for Christian unity and improved relations between the church and the Communist governments. The cardinals were locked into the conclave area of the Vatican last night. They entered into a period of isolation to be ended only with the election of Pope John's successor. The cardinals and 1!X) persons cardinals attended the 1958 conclave which elected Pope John. The 80 present at this one constitute the biggest conclave ever. Votes Believed Scattered Hundreds in the crowd in St. Peter's square were prepared for a long wait. They carried portable chairs and picnic baskets. Among thrm were scores of nuns and priests. Many had binoculars to help them see the smokestack. It was taken for granted that votes on the first two ballots were scattered among many cardinals. Probably a number of non-Italians received votes. Every pope since the Dutch Adrian VI in the Sixteenth Century has been Italian. There are 29 Italians and 51 non- assisting and serving them in the: Italians in the conclave conclave area were sworn to keep happenings in the area secret. The outside world's only knowledge comes from the Sistine Chapel smokestack and from the routine prescribed by the rigid rules of the conclave. The voting this morning took about an hour longer than in 19.")8. The reason was clear. Fifty-two Chairman Is Choked With Own Necktie It was believed that the after noon's ballots would bring a narrowing of the number of candidates, with the Italian favorites coming to the fore. Soviet Warns Iraq On Aid Moscow, June 20 iTi The Soviet Union, through a semi-official spokesman, warned the Iraqi Government today that Soviet aid might be cut off if the attack on the Kurdish rebels continues. The warning was given in an article by "Observer" printed in Pravda, the Soviet Communist organ. The bvline Observer often Tokyo, June 20 Ifl A ten-minute is used on articles intended to brawl broke out in a parliamcn- express Government policy, tary committee meeting today, j "The Soviet Union cannot dis- One Socialist choked chairman! regard the events taking place Tadanori Nagayama, a member of the Liberal Democratic party, with his own necktie. Nagayama fainted. Tables were broken and curtains torn down. The Socialists attacked Nagayama when he declared the committee had approved five controversial bills and would forward them to the lower house. Since the Liberal Democrats have an overwhelming majority in the lower house, this action for all practical purposes meant the bills would be passed. It was the second day this week that Socialists brawled in Parliament in an attemnt to halt committee action on bills. in Iraq," the article declared. "The Soviet people cannot reconcile themselves to seeing these means, this aid which they divert to young states, being used contrary to the interests of their peoples, for purposes which have nothing in common with the struggle against disgraceful colonialism." Americans Found. Dead Rome, June 20 (Reuters) Police yesterday found the bodies of American Mrs. Dorothy Steven son Walling, 43, born in San Fran Cisco, and her son. Daniel, in a Rome apartment. Cause of death was not established Miami, Fla.. June 20 idv-An underground source estimates more than 30,000 Cubans have been executed since Fidel Castro took over in 1959. The blood-bath continues, said the report, smuggled out of Cuba by the "Democratic Liberation Command" and released todi-y by exile leaders. "Frequently, there are such reports as 10 executed in a province, 25 in a city. 15 in a settlement," the informant wrote. "Later, the reports gain credence, and names of the victims are mentioned. Finally, through channels that cannot be disclosed, we get confirmation." Figure Called Conservative The underground letter added: "It is conservative to say that more than 30,000 persons have been shot. Each uprising, each demonstration is drowned with blood. In nearly all towns, Cubans are shot without trials and without announcing the executions." Executions publicly announced over Havana radio monitored at Key West total 698 since Castro came to power January 1, 1959. There is reason to believe that a considerable number of nuclear arms remain in Cuba, the report continued. "Something Is Being Hidden" in uriente province, lor example, there are enormous areas to which Cubans are denied access," it said. "In the zone be tween Sigua and Guantanamo, to cite a single case, there are daily mysterious maneuvers and strange movements with exclusive participation by so-called Russian technicians. "It is generally known that something is being hidden at those sites so zealously protected by the Reds. And we are convinced that it isn't a warehouse for tidbits or a rabbit breeding farm." Castro's G-2, or military intelligence, has established an opera tions barracks in a castle-like building in Santiago formerly owned by Jose Bosch, rum company executive. "They call it 'El Castillo Sombrio' (the somber little castle) because within it are torture chambers that the Communists use to weaken the resistance of patriot prisoners," the underground letter said. 1.200 In Santiago Round-Up "In a recent round-up, in the city of Santiago alone, more than 1,200 persons were arrested and all were packed into the G-2 prison quarters." Buses are being held up by rebels in eastern Cuba somewhat in the style of old-time United States western stagecoach robberies, the report continued. "On the highway between Bay-amo and Manzanillo, the guer rillas hold up buses and take the shoes (a scarce commodity in Cuba) from the passengers." Exiles Report Cuban Landing Continued From Page A 1 leaders nave released numerous underground reports that the So- viet military position in Cuba is being steadily strengthened. Exiles arriving in Florida re- cently on ransom ships and planes also have told of Soviet military build-ups in all provinces of Cuba, particularly in Onente province Some Onente residents told of seeing a big Russian submarine base in operation on the northern coast 90 miles north of the United States naval base at Guantanamo Bay. Havana radio, and Government shortwave broadcasts from Cuba monitored in Key West, Fla., carried no word of the invasion. if n 7. 1 -4 VY ,1 " "V ypfl ... 0.9 C BOOTH". , M "WW RUSSIAN COSMONAUT Lt. Col Valery Bykovsky rend Pravda aflrr spare vehicle landed. Valentino Swaps Tube-Food For Potato And Onions Pearson Under Fire For Way Investor Tax Was Halted Ottawa, June 20 Prime Minister Pearson's Liberal Government has suspended a controversial tax aimed at United States inwtors and run into scathing while stock markets were still open. Stock prices on Canadian exchanges spurted shortly before the markets closed yesterday criticism for announcing the move when Finance Minister Walter I i . iL ;i(irnon, unoer pressure irom me FMfc!M M .financial community, announced prPnn suspension of a 30 per rent take-' iVJJIIIiJ nvcr tax nVsj(tnCf m discourage American investors from gaining control of Canadian firms. Charges "Stupid Procedures" George Nowlan, Finance Minis- iter in the former Conservative 'Government, accused Gordon of i "stupid procedures" in timing the announcement. Before the announcement Now-Attopeu, Laos. June 20 (jp-Prn- an had jntrfuc ed a motion of Communist rnthet l.aos troops no confidence in the House of continued their harassment during Commons attacking the budget the past 21 hours of this right , Gordon inroduccd last week, in- wing southern stronghold town eluding the takeover tax. Reds Harassment In S. Laos Moscow, June 20 UF Valentina Tereshkova parachuted to earth yesterday outside the spaceship that carried her more than 48 times around the world then asked for a Siberian potato with green onions. This was reported today by one of the Soviet reporters who were rushed to the central Siberian area where Valentina and Lt. Col. Valery Bykovsky landed after their historic flights. The reporter interviewed the workers who rushed up to greet Valentina where she landed about 385 miles northeast of Karaganda "Some of the people cried from excitement. One picked a bouquet of flowers from the field and handed it to her." "I am hungry," Valentina told the workers. "I should like to eat a Siberian potato with green onions." She had dinner in the meadow and the people gave her potatoes, green onions and radishes. "You taste our cosmic food," she said, and arranged tubes and handed it out to them. Women-First Photos Valentina handed out photo- 'I women today," she "The men shouldn't oronlie rf hnrcnlf in iha urnrtforc No definite information had been k. cf r tw . given yet on how Bykovsky landed, wnmpn dui tarm woruers sam iney iouna him near his space capsule. They helped him out of his heavy cosmic suit. Parachute Appears 1. Rudakov, correspondent for the labor newspaper Trud, relayed the story of Valentina's landing. The day was warm and sunny, workers in the area said. "Suddenly a parachute cupola appeared in the sky. "Maybe it is a cosmonaut landing," one worker said. Everybody looked at the sky. "On the ropes of a red and white parachute the silhouette of a hu man being was seen." Many persons rushed to the place where the cosmonaut was to land. They came in cars, on tractors, on horses. They Shout Her Name "The person on the parachute was seen by many people." Valya Tereshkova. the people shouted when they found her in a meadow. "She was in a blue training suit. She smiled. prefer told them. complain." Pravda said Bykovsky landed in a field near a village and farmers working nearby helped him out of his space suit. Soon a helicopter arrived, picked up Bykovsky and deposited him in the main square of the village where crowds rushed up and tried to hug him. Unshaven but cheerful, Bykovsky talked on the telephone with Premier Khrshuchev, then was flown to the nearest town where he shaved and ale a hearty meal. "Mother Cooks Better" "Wonderful dinner," he smiled, "but mother cooks better." Bykovsky inquired about the health of his parents, wife and son, then asked for latest news . bout the Communist party committee meeting in Moscow. Asked what had given him the greatest thrill, Bykovsky was quoted: "The talks with Comrade Khrushchev and the news that the Central Committee has ad- Profumo Is Convicted Of 'Grave Contempt' Continued From Page A 1 Prince Charles May Get Or Demoted For Taking Caned Drink London, June 20 urvPrince Charles's mild flirtation with the demon drink brought him the threat today of a caning or being -put back a year in school. It even took headlines away from the Profumo scandal. The moral tone is so high in Britain just now that the Daily Mail printed a front-page editorial appealing for mercy for the 14-year-old heir to the British throne. "Let there be no hypocritical holding up of hands over the affair of the Prince of Wales and the cherry brandy," said the Mail. "He went into a bar, bought the drink and downed it. But such things are bound to happen among boys of spirit." Scolded Soundly Charles downed his drink Monday in a hotel bar on Scotland's Tsle of Lewis. His bodyguard, detective Donald Green, caught him in the act and scolded him soundly. Britain's liquor laws permit Charles to have beer or cider in a restaurant in two years, at 16, but he can't drink in a bar legally until he's 18. Will Be On Carpet The story reached the papers. Telephones hummed between the palace, Scotland Yard and Gor-donsioun, Charles's Spartan school on the Scottish mainland. The palace said Charles hadn't had a drink, then admitted it had been misinformed. The Prince will be on the carpet at Gordonstoun Monday, after he i AUTOMOTIVf I I Inrlrrnntinn ! if. 1 i A A I 3I4.UU I i Wit"; Chassis Steam Cleaning J i $20.00 ' I A Thoroughly Professional Job J ! Baltiiiiors Paint Removing Co. J J 25th & Huntingdon Ave. BE. 5-7326 i ."""""""""' ROOFS COMPLETELY RESURFACED 26 95 7-ROOM HOME EASY TERMS FREE ESTIMATES No Extra Charee for Emergency Service Coll Wm. S. Reightler, Inc. 669-2161 gets back from his school yachting trip to the islands. Headmaster Robert Chew said: "I cannot prejudge the issue, but if he is guilty, the normal punishment for an offense of this nature is a beating or demotion. "The latter is the likelier of the two." Demotion could involve being dropped to a lower year plus loss of such privileges as visiting the village near the school. On Sunday Charles will have his weekly telephone talk with his parents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. was at Cliveden that Ward introduced Christine to Profumo. Most Conservatives are convinced Prime Minister Macmillan must resign after admitting that his security men kept him in the dark about Profumo's affair with Christine, who at the same time was the mistress of a Soviet naval attache. However, a dispute reportedly has arisen in the part over the timing of Macmillan's resignation. Some members want him to go Greece Due 'Caretaker' For Month Athens, June 20 IB Political sources believe a caretaker Cabi net, sworn in yesterday by King Paul, will govern until after the royal family returns from a visit to Britain next month. The nineteen - member non political Cabinet headed by Pre mier Panayotis Pipinelis will call elections for a new Parliament, but no date has been set yet. While a decision is awaited on treatment of the paintings, the Ministry for Cultural Affairs is expected to continue the ban on visitors to the cave, which has been one of the region's biggest tourist attractions. immediately, to give the party more time for fence mending be fore the general election that must be called before October 1964, Others want a less precipi tate exit later in the summer. Conferring On Form Of Probe Prime Minister Macmillan con ferred with his Cabinet and then with Labor party leader Harold Wilson, deputy leader George Brown and Laborite whip Herbert Bowden on launching an investiga tion into national security prob lems raised by the scandal. With Macmillan were Home Sec retary Henry Brooke, and the Conservative party whip Martin Redmayne. The question was whether the inquiry would be handled by an all-party select committee of the House, as Labor wants, or by a committee of the judiciary as the Tories want. 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Valentina circled the pjobe more than 48 times, covering more than 1.240,000 miles in 71 hours before the braking rockets were cut loose on a signal from the ground. She returned to earth in Kazakhstan, about 385 miles northeast of the coal mining cen ler of Karanganda. 81 Orbits In 119 Hours. Bykovsky set a new orbital record, circling the globe more than 81 times in 119 hours and covering more than 2,000,000 miles. He shattered the record of fi4 orbits set last August in a four-day flight by Maj. Andrian Niko-layev, who made history's first dual space flight with Lt. Col. Pavel Popovich. It was clear that alentinas work was confined to routine re porting of mechanisms in her ship and that she had manipulated none of the vital controls. All the other Soviet cosmonauts, like the Americans, are trained pilots. Valentina is an experienced parachutist, with more than 170 jumps to her credit. But she has no pilot training. Russian scientists talked of hurdles still to be overcome such as bathrooms in space ships and tight-fitting harnesses to prevent the heart and other tissues from becoming flabby during the semi-inactivity of prolonged weightlessness. Space Couple Wins Title Moscow, June 20 uv-Valentina Tereshkova and Valery Bykovsky today were awarded the title of "Soviet Merited Master of Sports" for their long-distance flight around the earth. Usually it is given to high jumpers and weight lifters. The award was made by the Soviet Sports Council. Bykovsky got it for "the absolute long duration space flight record." Valentina got it for "the long-duration space flight for women." The award brings neither medal nor money but is a coveted award here. only 25 miles from the South Viet- Thrre was speculation that the nnmese border. opposition would move to force Mortar and machine gun fire Gordon's resignation. He became was beard during most of last Finance Minister April 22 and was night. elected to the House of Commons Officials said a right-wing com-only last vcar. pany dashed with Pathol j,0j Ask." Stm k Market Prnhe troops 9 miles north of the town. ... .... During the night a Pathet Lao! . n, nTr Pr'mf Mm':,er ,Dlfpn; patrol managed to slip to within' n1''1''11 a Pbr -of stock 3 miles of the town and opened T1 Prra,1,0,na tn nctcrmin-automatic fire against an outpost. ih'thrr, Information on the Harassment On For Wrrk bllcl hfd lcakpd hrfnrc 11 a Since the initial unsucces.sfiir,su',m,t,ted1, Parliament. Pathet Lao attack a week ago1. N,wld nwiisrd Gordon of fail; against one of the town's posit ions, jin lo, rP"'1 a constitutional pro-Communist forces have con'in,,P,e of b,ldKct SO(TC'y by tinned their harassment and areirmPlol"K thrre Tornn,n business probing Attopcu's defenses. Imen to nclP di afl blldpt- Two The commander of the Attopnilf ,bprn timird on the payroll garrison. Colonel Khong, said sn!of ,,hrir investment houses while far right-wing casualties totaled ion lpnve nf absem'e-13 killed. 3 wounded and 16 miss- Gordon admitted that the three ing while the Pathet Lao lost 43isaw ,hp blldPpt in lts fmal form kjjP(j I before it was delivered to the Khong said the eventual aim of"ouse-the Pathet Lao is to control the Budgetary Tradition IWt Mekong River valley which Budgetary announcements tra stretches from here up to the ditionally are withheld until after Vietnamese frontier. This would the stock markets close to give all jr. o o o o ' III yet difficult to recognize from this view. f"4 n'z6 aer they've enjoyed the benefit of Union Federal's high dividends. Open your account today! Savings insured by a U. S. Gov't. Agency. (P.S. It's a portion of the surface of an ordinary kitchen grater.) UNION FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION ESTABLISHED 1925 Howard &. Fayette Sts. MU. 5-3972 DIRECTORS: THOMAS J GUIDERA, JR., HARRY G. GUNZELMtN. leROY E. HOFfBERGER, CHESTER C. JENNINGS. BERNARD MANIKIN, MORTON U SILBERMAN, E. STUART WINDSOR. .1 V I give the Pathet Lao complete and uncontrolled access to South Vietnam. Rusk Will Hold Talks In Britain investors an equal opportunity to make use of the information on the following trading day. The takeover lax, suhmitttcd to Parliament as part of the budget, went into effect Friday. Nowlan said the tax canceled "scores of millions of dollars" of Washington, June 20 iflv-The, planned American investments. Secretary of Stale, Dean Rusk, is Gordon said he was suspending expected to fly to London Wednes-lthe tax until solution of "certain day for three days of conferencesjadministrative difficulties" in ap- with British officials before Presi-lplying it. dent Kennedy's arrival. Both Mr. Kennedy and Rusk leave for Germany Saturday night. But a Slate Department spokesman said last night that Rusk plans tn go directly to Iin- don from Berlin, while the President travels to Ireland for a three-day visit before making an over night slop in Britain June 29-30 to confer with Prime Minister Macmillan. The State Department said Rusk Storms Kill 30 Or More In S. Korea Seoul, June 20 iP At least 30 Koreans were killed in landslides and shipwrecks today and nine will talk with Macmillan, the I were missing as rainstorms ac British Foreign Secretary, Lord Home, and other officials of the British Conservative Government which has been rocked by the Profumo sex and security scandal. A spokesman said Rusk intends to confer with them about Britain's role in the planned NATO Polaris missile fleet. Poem, No Sermon London, June 20 (Reuters A poem entitled "Judas" by British poet and dramatist Ronald Duncan will be read Sunday instead of a sermon at St. Paul's Cathedral, the dean, the Very Rev. W. R. Matthews, announced. companying tropical storm Shir ley lashed South Korea s southern provinces. Damage to barley crops and to homes was extensive. Sixteen of the deaths were re-ported from Ptisan, the nation's second largest city at the southeastern tip of the peninsula. Four fishermen drowned when a boat being towed to safety capsized near Pusan. The storm, which headed into the Japan Sea. resulted in tlm postponement of an amphibious landing exercise tomorrow by a joint force of United States and Korean navy and marine units. fc. aesc i. Jti'- jt ;t HOW TO CUT YOUR DOCTOR BILLS Would you like lo avc money on your doctor bills? Your family ran take economical atrp in that direction by adopting a schedule of regular medical care. (Jiooning the right doctor, observing a system of periodic check-ups, making sure of medical records all can play a big part. Cut down on your own doctor bills by reading the special article appearing Sunday, June 23, in This Week Magazine. I THE SUNDAY SUN I ' for convenient home delivery ! of all three Sunpapers i Morning o Evening o Sunday i dial ! 539-7744 rfrW-1X:V!C-Z1fi' - W VWSf ris?-!" ft ft if. "4 IS ItT

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