Middletown Times-Press from Middletown, New York on November 28, 1892 · Page 4
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Middletown Times-Press from Middletown, New York · Page 4

Middletown, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1892
Page 4
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Solid tralDB between Hew Tortt and Chicago, T!A Cbaatanqua Late or Niagara Palls. Pullman care between New TorK and Rwneater, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Toronto, CSaataqna Lake, Clare- land, Cincinnati and CUlCAgo. Middletowa 'Daily Press. Is Happiness -Possible in llf Glasses. OFFICE: GOTHIC HALL.--let Floor MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1892 Adopted Nor. I3tli, 1892. a · · 5: ·. I jo: : to' eo: · £·· : g: o: *£? Longer One Live;, More Convinced of Some Men's Worth. Mrs, B. J. Patch. Margaret Spence and Mrs. E. J. Coombs. Happiness is not impossible without health, but it is highly improbable. The longer a woman hvet, the more Bhe Is convinced that the apothecary is of more importance than th* president. By health one does not mean merely an absence of dangerous complalnU, but that the body should be in perfect tuneful! ot vigor and alacrity. Three well-known women, one in Illinois; one in New York, snd one In Massachusetts, who are now In the best of health, like hundreds of others lesi widely k n o w n , but iqually as grateful, have recently written for separate publications their advice to the many women who suffer as they have suffered. 9»ys Margaret Spence, of Chicago : "I have been suftsrmf! for tho past ten years from nervous debility and chronic H 0 3 2. c. S -- : «); -T i O ^ : « · W CO k- 1 -· CO *T wi 0 -- O i Vb ^- -* g w ** o' "i- cc ii: -- o o jj to coco *».o-^oo dyppt-pia. I have doctored in London, England, and America all these yeare.bm hare nt-vei found anyihlnt; that did me much Kood. But a few weeks ago I b 1 - gan to Ifike Paine 1 ! celery compound, and now, at the end of two weeke, I flad myself tv cew person, and well, com paratively speaking. I stall never cease \r rtcirnmeml the compound and 1 can not say too much in Us favor. " My mother who lives in Scotland, wac a sufferer from inward trouble and shf too, used Puine'd celery compound. I have h^ard from her twlcf, and the compound I sent her is doing her much good " Mrs. E J. Ooombs of Pratisburg New York, writes: " I have suffered more or TO-NIGHT'S MILL. Believed That tho CnattOlo-Grc trcnlni FJelH Will H« u Ixinu »n«l Slitbboru Oiif, J§NEW YORK, Nov. 28.--All preparations for the fleh t to-n l^ht a t tbe Coney Island Athletic Club bo- tweeu Costello and Greggalna havo been completed. Th» men are la the pink of condition, mud the bout is looked forward to with muoh interest. Mr. Eckhardt, tho official raferee of the club, informed a reporter this morning tbnt although the men arc not prominently known o the Eastern, coast, he believed that the tittendunca would bo fully as large as that at the recent fight between Choynski aud Godfrey. "The club," he sUd, "ia in receipt! of a large number of applications for tickets, and most all o£ the desirable seats huYo been bought up. "That it will be a uood, gamo fight, i have no doubt/' he said. "I am trying to get the Yale and Princeton foot ball teams to attend In a body, but cauuot say, just yetj liow successful ray efforts will be." The consensus of opinion among the ·porting fraternity ia that the fight will be tho longest and moat stubborn that han ever been pulled off in tho arena of tho Coney Island Athletic Club, Grtggains ia almost the counterpart of Bob Fitasimmons in stature, standing six ! feet high, and only weighing when in condition 150 pounds. Like Fitzshumons, -his height and treat rencli has given him a big advautayo ovoi- his opponent's. Coatcllo, on the othor hand, IB no pigmy. He stands live fo*c, ten and a half inches. Ills weight, in fighting trim, ia just ex- iictly thato( GregKatna, IbO poundt. His three Imttlos ivith Purtdy iSlnvln shows him to be u man of no small c:ipal)tlities and hus earned him considerable respect not only with sporting mon generally but even the pugilists themselves. He is the favorite in the betting just DOW. AFTER GROUSE'S WEALTH. A Nfiw York Woman C l a i m i n g to b« Llio Wife of Hi" Mil l l o mil re. SY.HACUBK, N, Y., Nov. 28.--Humors are current here that a New York woman claims to be the widow of W. Edgar Grouse, the many times millionaire, who died on Monday night, leaving the bulk of his vast estate to be divided among his next of kin. The only name given to the woman is Bertha, and everything with regard to her Identity ia shrouded in mystery. A copy of tha will has been sent to Nsw York in compliance with, the request of an attorney In that city, and in tho public mind this circumstance gives plausibility to the story. The copy WUB procured by Louia Marshall, the law partner of Chief Judge Ruger of tho Court ot Appeals. ilr. Marshall declines to tell who the New York attorney is, and professes ignorance as to the object tbe la t cur li_s in view. Mr. Grouse's valet, talking about tbe matter to-day, said that the natno "Bertha" was not tho right one, and thiit the woman referred to was married to another man. Further than thathe refused to commit himself. The woman, it IB reported, has n child of which she oltilins that Mr. Grouse was the father. EARTHQUAKE IN SALVADOR. The Seaport Town of La Union Destrovod »ml MiVTiy PBJTHOH* K i l l o d . SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 28.--A private letter from La Union, Salvador, gives details of the complete destruction oi that city by an earthquake. The lettei was received yesterday by tbe steamei City of Sydney, from Panama. Ifc saysi "An earthquake laid low naarly all the houses in the city, and those left standing had their walls so cracked that it was-not safe to remain in them. Tho residence of the agent of the Pacific Mall company, which, was comparatively n«w and supposed to be earth quake-proof, was shattered by tbe shock. Tho people are living in tents, and are in mortal fear of another disturbance." A passenger on the City of Panama, which called at La Union on the trip, and which was subsequently passed by tha City of Sydney, writes thufc ha went nshoro and visited tlie ruins. The desolation was complete. The residents of the city were almost driven to frenzy, and processions were parading the streets ringii^ bells and headed by the priests, who prayed uloud to God to abate the disturbances. A large number of persona were killed and many seriously injured. No mention was made of disasters to sliippljij, and it is presumed that there was no tidal wave. Neither had any information been received from other places, as the meuns of communication are slow, and the extent of the earthquake waa u n k n o w n at the time tho City of. Panama culled at Lu U n i o n . RELICS FOR THE FAIR. U n i t e d Star..* War Vfcttils tn Oouvey Thi-m to This City. WASUJXOTOX, Nov. 28.--Notwithstanding opposition iu the Navy Department, it ia certain that a U. S. Naval vessel w i l l be assigned the duty of conveying to this country tLo exhibit of relics relating Lo the discovery of America loaned by tbo Vatican from its museum for tha World's Fair. Unless faomo well-founded reason fchould intervene tho United States cruiser Newark will be given tho assignment. IL bfis also beon practically decided that the United States gunboat Beuniug- ton shall convey the Columbus caravels from liuelvn co America. NATURAL GAS FAILING, The Pressure In O h i o Greatly Duureaied-- Munnfacturcrft Cut Oft SPRINGFIELD, 0., Nov. 28.--All of Ohio ««;inj* natuiMl gas Is greatly aroused over the unmistukeable evidence that the s\tpply is slowly failing. Tlio pressure iu the great Mercier county fields lias fallen from 400 pounds to To and 80 pounds, and new wells are being constantly drilled in what has been a discouraging effort to f u l f i l contracts to supply citiea on the big pipe line, such as Daycon, Springfield, Sidney, Troy, Fiqua, etc. To facilitate the distribution of gas, a new-fangled force p u m p is being used to hurry the gas through the mains. All manufacturer-* have been cut off and nothing larger Chun n hotel is now supplied with the convenient fual. Tbe prebhiirc is getting so unre'iiiblc and variable that hotels are taking out their burners. The local officials of tlie company are diftcouiMiifcd over the prospect, and cou- MLiucr:, Cotir that they will have to return to t h e tusc of codl. Some are inclined to t h i n k t h a t tha lar^e flow from the big wt'IU in I m l i t i n t i and the largely increased use of it there have something to do w i i h i h e pivj-sure here. Tiie loc il franc.use ordinarily requests a four ounce prusiuro all the time. For a week it ha^ hei-n buluw that dally. AVill Dumiuul n JTiro Station. NJSWPOHT, Nov. 28.-- As a result of tha b u r n i n g of tlio Vandarbilc villa, cottagers who yt)t remain ucre are preparing to demand that a fire station be built in tho midst of the cottages and that it ba equipped with a hook and ladder truck, a steamer and a hose curt, all manned by permanent men. Simlflrt'H Smallpox Plague. SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 28.--Two now cases of smallpox wore discovered in this city yebterduy, H colored man and a girl. Both wei'B removed to the poaC house, Twenty-two patients still remain, at the pe^t house Kuffering with the disease, twelve of whom are convalejcont. · I. : ro: -j ' : ii* *·*.*:'??. K d 5 n s * DaUj. V Dally pxrept Momlaya. i Sunday only, t Except San'iay. t Stop Tor passengers to Blnj- hamtoQ and berond. T21«Idlcto\vu A: «'r»ivford Leave ^latn ^t.. Mi'MIet wn, for Pme Bash at 11:32 a. m. dallv, and fi:5l p. to. dally. Tlontjfomerr Itr--- Lcavf GostienfoTMont- (tompn at 1-30 a n except Sunday, 11:13 a. m. dally, 535 p. m except Rnnr'.iy. Pino inland fir,-- i.-.tvc Ckwhea for Pine Island at ii:io u,m. dally, l:sop.m. exceplSontlav, and 8:5n p. m . dally. MeTvbnrc-li, vln. TorncrN--Leave Turners for NewhurRti at 7:40 a. ra. except «nn»laj, 10:« a. m. dally, and S:io p. m. dally. Train 30 connects for Nc^hur^n, except Sunday, vi» Arden Instead ot Turners. Netvbnrslu via fircrconrt-- Leave Grey- oourt for Newbargrt at TM3 a. m. except Sunday, n#o a. m. daily, 1:3^ p. m. except Sunday, 635 p. m. except SaaUftv, R^O p. ra. Snmlav onlv. Train*-- NOB. 9,11,15, ie, 25, ?o, 2T, 2S so, 33 and ^anday ypecla'.s 601 and C06 ·ioi at iriato S!., iiidciiei*vii. SENSATION AT_WILKESBARRE. J u Y B S t l g a t l n y the M y s t t r l o u H I«aiH of Mm. I J o l f i n e Robert*. "WlLKESDARIUC, Pa., Nov. 28. -- JIlS9 Helena Roberts, proprlotross of the most fashionable millinery store in town a ad moving ia the best society, died yesterday morning under auspicious circumstances. Tbe physician who wag called in notified the authorities that he believed Miss Roberts died from tho effects of n criminal operation. The District Attorney tried to have the patient make n statement before she diud, but she refused, saying she would curry her aecrat to the grave. The coroner is now investigating the CRSQ. The afEuir has created a groat sensation here. Miss Roberts camo to \Vilkes- barre from Chicago. She was 27 yours old, a handsome woman, and, it is said, was engaged to 1)0 be married to a wealthy J. 030M13. N. V., «. * \F. K. K. Trains leave Main street depot at 6.25 a. m. anil 4.«p.m. Arrive v 12.10 ana 3.46 p. m. V . , 0 . A TV. H. R. HOKIH. ctham arena* depot ai loliowil Way Freight for Walton T:0sa.n MUtlorNorwloS WOR.B Ontario Da; ICznresaaad MAU ll:0)a. m Xxp. to Kllenrllle and UTUigston Manor MZO p. m Paclac Express .10^15 p, m L »1 FT?lext and PasMnger .11:10 ». m Second Mils to LmuRston Manor 6:30 a. m SOUTH, Trfclna leare WIcKaam arenne depot for New Tort: as follows, wain street two mlnntes later: Atlantic £xuresa 8.25 a, m S-OtYanCo. BjcpreBS SAfta.ni local Frelzntind Passenier 5:16 p. m NewYorkllaT KipreaB S:r3p.m Milt «:«p. TC 8«oiul Milk 7:10 p. in Trains iftare New YorS at 8:15 and 9:10 a.m., 1:10 and c:5 p. m J. C. ANDERSON, QlK. Ping. ai Itss for the past flltccn years of my life wiih intlammitory rhoumatism, and at differeni timee have been perfectly hclp- leia, "A. yor ai?o in May I had another severe attack and was helpless until into July. A friend urs;ed me lo try Palne's celery compound, ai iv had buen highly recommended, and I determined to try It. I purchased eighteen bottlci. I took eleven of these and distributed the reit among my friends. " I can say that I am perfectly well as the result of taking this medicine, and do my work and attend to business. There are two friends of mine Mra. John 8. Parker, Mrs. George Clark and others of t'nn place who cannot say enough In favor of Paine's celery compound." The following from a communication of Mrs. B. J. Patch, of Maiden, Mtas., is also lo the point. S. f, illUWGH GO, Book Store |Uavr alt imda of Campaign Goods Torene?, Csp«s, u»ps, Belts, LergtoEa, Plai!« and Cainese I^niernB. TSvery- tmng in Dram Goods--Basa and Snare Drum?. 'Files. NO NEED TO SEND AWAY ;wsen jon can step rigut In and see wnat jpa are buying. All kinds or SCHOOL Wntt IBOOKS, 8. W Paper and Tablets.; *Cc. __ Earing lecureil ttie JtrTlcei or a Urst-clana boot tdex. I am now prepaiea to prompUy execnte ordens for all unda oi woft binding and leatner ·OM mating. Blmllair ot Majtazloea, «n«lo, p«rl. ollcmU, etc., »«pjcUiltj. Old boola rep»lrfd or nboand and lav bookB retiacked at reBooaMU A. E. Mclntyre, Ttset, in id st i* *··*·« m jiji^ 88 rVortit st A»k DrnnlBt*.' 0eo4 to ·_, · ·ALtDM MANUrfi CO' M L«H man. Still No Trnco of Hid Assailimls. HAIITFOHD, Conn., Nov. 28.-- Matthew Kohliek, tho Pole, who wus assaulted aud shot hi tho houd in West Hartford on NOT. 12, is dead at the hospital. Tho coroner's inquest showed that death wna directly due to tho bullet wound. This makes the offense murder. Nothing has beon Tound of Kolilick's asAaitunts, though the county officers are following out tvery ebadow of a clue. Vanisun W i l l L u n d C o l u m b i a * Relics. WAHIXOTO.V.NOY.SS.--The Department of Sttita hab received from Madrid a formal note from the Duko of Veragua grHufciug the recjuest of tho Prasident for tho loan of the Columbus relics in the pus,-.CBaion of bis descendants for exhibition at the World's Fair. T H E C O N S T I T U T I O N A L C O N V E N T I O N O j i t w u M i ut . \ l b n .\u r »l'iHt Holtli s Om- ALHANY, Nuv. ^S --There ia nob l i k e l y to bu ,i toiistituumml convention hero next SUJIIUILT, nUbouili tike list I^gifaln- tut'e oi'd.iiued t h a t ;tiL-re sliould bu one. D . l i y c n t i n q u i r y IMS been made anion^ bttuti (^flknilM uu'l ijrominont nuliticiaus ami tin.- cuiicuusus Lit opi lion ib that, tlie coiiVLMitHiu liait batter !L! postponed for ut U';tr,t a your. HiiciL'i.irj o£ Statu Uico Una finished JsLiulm^ tin- iiotilic.iLiaui of Ctie special w m v m i u i. Ji i r d l y a 81:110 offlulul can bu l u n n d who i« f a \ u p , i b k ' to ilm convun- Liuti IJVMI^ In*hi unsi ycai 1 uuil tbo niot t5ei!ur,ii ulij L L I U . L is lh.it rn.-iihur party desirei In nolil u StAto c u a v e n t i o n tills w h i t e r , w i n c h tht-y wonl.I huvo to do to iiiJuie ihe ik'K'H.Lti.^ at l.ti'^e. A'.uuiii; tlin-,^ wlio it i-) dllu^oA do not favor t H- h u l i l i u ^ n£ a y . m v s ' i i t i u i i tins ' u J i u i K ' r . H T Scn.uoi' Hill, Elw.U'il M u r - phy, j i - , liiLhaicl Urukur .uid \ V i l l L i m IT. rjiiLM na i. ,iiul o.ie of the Ili'.t actions oi tut.' Lcjjisl.iiuro w i l l be to pudtpoiif t'u 1 L-lc-ctu.u u i i u l 1894. For tho cure of Coughs,Colds, Croup, Honrscuess, Asthma, Bronchitis, and for tho relief of Consumptive persons. At all dealers. Suets. .STEW ADVERTISEMENTS I*oreatine Cough Syrup for Coughs, Colds, and Consumption, Acts quickly and tastes good. No euro No pay. 2GW4 Our $1.00 Bottles are reduced to50c. and sold everywhere for half price, 250. SCIENCE OF TOXICOLOGY. B t l l e u e d to A c c e p t Other P o s i t i o n s . WASHINGTON, Nov. 28.--W. S. McGin. nie, assistant superintendent of the Ballwny Mull Service, and C. W. Fisuor and N. W. Leonnrd, postofflce inspectors, have resigned their poitlons In order to uccopt positions with the United States Postage Stamp Delivery Company ol Boston. To Dirld* S t o u b u n County. HORNEI.LSVILLE, N, Y., Nov. 88.--Ji bill has been prepured mid will be introduced at tho coming session of the Legis In ture to divide Stimben into two conu ties. Tho new oue is to be called Lin eolu, nnfl it will include Corning, Canisteo and tho south towns. -ViEOARlT - " A. year ago I had 8 Tury hard attack of grippe and Buffered for two months from thta dheaee. I then took Paine'B celery compound nnd it brought me right up j It cured me, though, I am nearly 70 ycar» old, to U must be the medicine for the old. I keep it by me all the time and when I feel poorly I take it a few days and it,makea mo well again; it ! good for any sickness. " A young friend of mine in Bethel,Vt , WM sick with tae grippe last April. I wrote abont the compound She Hopped her physician's visits and In a short time she was able to go to PlttsBeld on a visit. Her father says that he recommends it to every one he meets. My brother is also taking the compound for rheumatism and it is curing him. It la a valuable medicine." It is everywhere known that Paino'j celery compound can be had of any good druggist. Emulsion Pure God Liver Oil With Djpophoaphltes Lime and Soda. EQUAL TO THE BEST Full Pint Bottles 60o. Onr stocfc of ATOMIZERS is molt complete axi-2- iH:AmvtA.crs-. S. T. CLINEMAN CO. M:or. Nonb »nd Oor Klllott by u Full fiom a Lofi. NORWICH, Conn., Nov. 2S --Miss Mary R. Park, aged 06, slater of State Eofero, John D. Park, accidentally fell from the loCt of n bam on tho old Park Homestead Preston, strikiog upon her temple ant r crushing in her skull. She dlou in stantly. Gun. K oft* or Km fllay Go to Calirornln. WASHINGTON, Nov. SJ8.-- The f a m i l y 01 Gen. Bosecrans aro anxious for him tc goto California to recuperate, and l£ In guins suflicient htreugth at Fortrcsi Monroe to stand the long journey, lie will probubly return to his old home there. The FrrsUlent Preparing Ills MeBsiige, WASUIXQTO^, Nov. 2ti.-- President Har- riion has begun the ivritrng of his n u n u al message to Congress. He desires to give it his close Attention until it is con- oluded, and so denies himself to as many cullers as possible. IVU t K t t t u r u to C h i l l Soon. scmKV, Nov. 28.--Patrick Egan, MinisLei- t o t h i h , is expectud in tbia city to-morrow. He will return, to Chili in a few days. NEWS OF THE DAY. --Bridgeport, Conn., 13 to have a.$255,000 hotel, --Eighteen miners were killed br n. onve- in at tho Bordu, Mine at Fackuca, Mexico. --The Rev. Ur. McCroo, tha celebrated Baptist temperance reformer, is dead in London. --Michael Fritz, a veteran of the war of 1812, is dead in Friodensburg, Pa., at the age of 96. --In the past week 40,000 barrels of 189S whiskey have been sold at Louisville to New York houses. --Gen. SetolH, who, as a novelist, wroto under tho noui da plume of "Paul Delucca," is dead in Paris. --Aaron Beldon, who had been town gunner of Now Haveu since 1834, died there yesterday, agpa bO. --The trustees of Bullston, N. Y., have offered a reward of $300 for the detection of the incendiary who has been operating there. i-atgpsag'-sgj --William C. Dean, of Friendship, N, Y., has been sued for $20,000 dnrniiges for alienating the affections of Hotelkeepar Smith's wife. --Over 1,000 cases ot typhoid fever developed in St. Louis last week. Very few have proved fatal. Physicians claim thai; tbo germs tiro in the water. --Francis Lingo, the central figure io ono of tlm most remarkable murder cases over tried in the courts of New Jersey, is now a dime museum freak. --Burglars in East Worcester, N. Y., stoie n large quantity of clothing, shoes and cutldry from two different stores and $173 worth of stamps from tliv postofilce. --The adopted daughter of Charles Pepler of ftficUjcpoi't, Conn., has mysteriously disappeared. Pepler's wife was juitlous oC the girl and is suspected of abducting tier. --W. A. Kiclmrilson hag heou swindling farmers jihout Benu.agLou, V t , by selling them grain, securing their checks. then selling their checks and decamping. lie has been arrested. --The eight noD-union sailors who were assruiltud tind kidnapped by union sailors, hiU'e uone back to tho bark from which, they were forcibly taken nt Tacoma. --Secretary of Stato Foster has designated J. C. IIeywood as the agent of tha United States to select from the Vatican museum and library relics appropriate to the discovery of America to ba exhibited at the Columbian Exposition, S.oTo J'uttil Citolorn CUSCSH. BERLIN', Nov. 28.--Tho Hoalth Office reports that there Imvu buen in Gerniaay tliiis yeur 19,047 cases of cholera, ot which 8,575 have been fatal. Dead at tho Ago of 101 Vtmr.t. SCIIUYLKILT, IIA VEX, Pa., NOV. 28.-Mrs. Ann Davis, who died Saturday nl the ulmshoiue at this place, was boru in Wales fti 171 nad has been n vri fifty years. ridow £01 C n U f i s IU-J itohiff Ovoi-TliHlr Victory, AxxArous, Md., Nov. 38.-- There is great rejoicing among naval cutlets hero over the victory of tho Annapolis buys ia tho football gamo with tho West Point ciidets. No D i v i s i o n In tend eel for Kama*. HUTCHINSON, Kan., Nov. 28.-- Republican mombera of tho Legislature deny that any moot ing has been called to cou- sider the question of dividing the State. Ivcs .' ucurea Control uf u Railroad. CINCINNATI, Nov. 28."-It is uguin as- eerteti in ruiirond circles that Henry S. Ires has secured control of tbe Ohio Southern Rail road. Now Is The Time. To enter tie Mlddletowu College of Shorthand and Typewriting «nd get yonrtnltlon cheaper than jon can get t elsewhere. Evening school commencee nret Monday tn September, at ST Nona St., wncoi building riENBKAL TRUCKING--Oraan VT TrupHu^nuyh* *rt at H. s. r at a oa «rt A Nrwark Cli.lil Abduotccl. NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 2S.--May Slor- ria, aged 5 years, wns abducted yesterday aftcruonn from Wra, Green, of No. 210 Ogrlen street, while on her way to Sunday school. Green adopted the child after her father's suicide a year ngo, but never obtained legal papers. May's fais- ler Polly, vrho is still under age, married a man named Coadit, and it ia alleged thathe is the aoductor. tt oiitlinr fM»rocttuit, WASHIXOTOS, D. C , Nov. 28,--For New Enclnnd: Light snoiv turning to rain, pi-o- ccl by fair ivetithor in Eastern Maine; northwesterly ivliuls. For Ktustcrii Now York: Light snow turning to mm; fair wonthor to-morrow night; northwestoi'ly winds. ForEastein Pennsylvania, Now Jersey, Del- awnro atiJ Maryland: Liff^t snow turning- to rain; easteily winds. For TCost.ni New York: Itain; slightly warmer, vtu mblc \vtntls. For Weateni Ponnylvanta Itam, followed by fair weiithoi in the southern portion; vari- ablo winJa; slightly wat'mar. Took Poison by Misluke, NEWARK, N. J., Nov. 33.--Maggie Williams, W, living on Fifteenth avo.| swallowed sotuo tincturo o£ iodlue last night, tli.nking that tlie bottle contained cbolura drops. So-ue neighbors hcfird ' autl buuiuaoned a physiolAU, trict b \ ucolore date. ..t* -scut i ( u i n liti \, S. C, Nnv E x ; t , n i i i u i ' - ( U · iiU-d the C i M t J n tk-r l.irin.r 'it- -d U p i t b l i c a i. ~3. -- I'hu Si. l i t W itic o lijials) in the Ttii dis- rge W. M u r r a y , , tlie successful candi- S t n - i ' l p ix lit t'.h iiilii'-lnini. E i K M i M J t U M , Conn. Nov. 23.--M. ley, H^t'd Id, ilietl of ^niiillitox S.uu (it CiiL' l.(n|)iL.tl. B i n h ; u r Ci jwle AnsotUH- is very .sick. Five inoi'ti are in tlie iicsnit il. Uur NO OTHER WILIi DO IT. Dr. Hoxsie's Certain Croup Cure Keeps tlie air pnaaafica of the limits open, uml prevents conpesilon. Croup, Pneumonia, D ptithcrla and Bfucliltifl, yield ar once, hvery tra - f dls- eased removoil. Pnce 60 cents. Soul by promU illUgglBtBtS. 25il4t PACKER'S HAIR BALSAM Clratisuj ftnil beautiflei the hair. I'ruuiuli-j n luxuriant Rrowth. Mover Tatls to Hcatoro Gray Hair to ita Youthful Color. Cures Fuilp dicearei hair fulling. JPc. und $ l.CO The Consumptive an ri\kni,!. It!ieunmti»(ii ivt RP^. T h r o n l y lu t9 n '· n · u./. 15*.:*, wh» .a. We. i. 1 1. i«ft,r Corn.. N o r « M V W i l l Si-mi it V U t i n c r M i i p . \VASIIIM:;TON, Nov. 28.--Sooretary of St.ite FuhtL-i- is In ruceipt ot a despatch from \\". W. Thoiu.ts, jr., Un tt.nl Status Jlinistur at b t o u k h o l m , statj-v thiit, in view oi* t h e gre.it risks i U t u n U i u g itb tr;inspi)i Cation, it u i l i by impuWible to seciiru tlie Viking ship for e x h i b i t i o n nt the "World's Fiiir. But a f L ic-siniile is bu- uig built in Norway, which, m a n n e d by a crew of Norwegians--the V i k i n y s of today--will suil iiexc spring. C O U V K M O ' l i i i t ' i i A r r e s t « d Agiiin, KEWAHK, K, J., Nov. SS. -- J i m e a O'Brien, an ex-convict, upon whom sentence was busoended a week ago for au assault committed upon Policeman Rowe, waa arrested again last eight for sttib- blng Jolin Kelltsber, alnis "Wliitoy," in a Jiivtst- btreet saloon. O'Bi'ion was about, celebtnting bis release, when he got into a quarrel with Kelleuer. Tbe latter was stubbed in the l e f t side and iu tho face, and ia seriously wounded. Klllp.l mi tho J^r*..\ Central. JERSEY CITY. Nov. 28.--A New Jersey Gen trill track walker yesterday found sc.itU'ie-l along tlio track in tbe Mont- dare section of tlis cicy tlie remains o( a tunn who bad beon cut tn pieces by an CDginc. Thu reffliiins bave not yet been identiQad. My or M i l l Meet M ' A n H I T o . CHICAGO, 111., Nov. 2S.--Billy Mycr bai nirived in this c t i ^ . He says lie will be in condition Lo meet ilcAuliffa as sclK'd- ulud. These old time advori.iries will box ten rounds for scientific points iu tb,e 2d Keg u n c u t - A r m o r y on Dec. 10. 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Only a few weeks ago ouo of the experts consulted in tho trial of tho New York student accused of ciuming 1 the death o£ His wife quoted the opinion of several eminent specialists to the effect that "no chemical analysis can protend to trace the vestiges of cerUiiu poisons as modified "by the subsequent achuiiiia- trtition of other drugs." In other words, poisoners have learned to cover the traces of their crime by taking tlie precaution to use more than one drug. Arsenic and strychnine occasionally betray their presence, even it the stomach of tlio victim should have retained only the hundredth part of a grain, but the tests of the analysis are so delicate and so far from being unequivocal that their reliability depends upon conditions which adepts have often managed to modify. Tho poisoners of antiquity had. indeed, to contend with a far more seri- otifl difueulty, vi/,.: the eireuinstance that the injuriousueas of many virulent substances betrays itself by their repulsive ness. Strychnine and opium arc intensely bitter, so much so, in fact, that in some of their powdered forms an invisible trace can be tasted in the air on shaking a small quantity from one paper into another. Ilulhulonnn, digitalis, sLramoninm, hemlock and colehimn are either acrid o r s u i r u i s e - ous that a deadly dose can bo swallowed gnly with difficulty, even by .suicides. Iu an admixture witli most articles of food vegetable poiboiib can generally be detected by the protest of the human palate. Certain mineral poisons, however, make a remarkable exception from that rule. H would almost soum as if nature hud not thought it \vorth hur while to warn onr instincts against such out- of-the-way substances us sugar o£ lead or ursenious acid. Common white arsenic is odorless and almost tasteless, deceiving even the vigilance of such cautious creatures as rats aud foxes. In small doses its taste is as diflicult tc detect as that of a few particles oi white chalk or powdered alum, but being a rutlicr insul iiblc substance tht! deadly drug might betray itself lo the eye. "If I should see lit to take a short- line trip to the othiT world," said tlie Swiss philosopher I [filler, '*! would no more think of shooting myself than a man would dream of getting himself fired across thu river from the mouth of a cannon if he could instead use a commodious ferry." lie alludes to the en- thunusia of ir.ircotie poisons, and bis view would Have becil continued if he had lived io witness the experiments that have made prtihsic acid and cyanide of potassium the favorite drugs of suicides A single drop of the acid tip- plit! 1 to the t o n g u e of a full-grown rabbit lias been Icndwn to produce instant r li!aUi, and tlie failure of suicidal attempts with drugs of that oft can be often e x p l a i n e d by the fact that amateur chemists are apt to use absurd A young druggist of my acquaintance tMine iiL'.ir getting himself into serious t r o u b l e b.y uccmuiiKululmg :i friend who pi-eU'inleO to m-ed n lot cf£ cyanido for photographic purposes. This customer intended to take a peep through the camera ob eura of Davy's Locker, b u t missed tho chance by s w a l l o w i n g the whole of his purchase, a q u a n t i t y sufficient to kill a regiment of soldiors. Under the circumstances of tho case in question it merely pro(lured a vomiting tit, and a few hours' work with a stomach pump put the re- penUint sinner on his legs again. A , s i m i l a r case occurred a few years ago iu western Texas, where a disappointed railway contractor attempted to avenge his wrongs upon tbe employes uf his succi'ssor, but betrayed his pur- p iso by i i l l i n g tho whole camp with the u.lur of bitter almonds. Ilv good luck prussie acid and its derivations lose their portentous properties by a few days?' exposure to air and even the sunlight, but the c-'riiriiual history of tho last two deeiules seems to prove that criminals begin to master the dilik'ulties of such circumstances in a way which threatens to make discovery no\t to impossible. Besides, there is reason to believe that tlu-gypsies of the old world, like the tibiu'igines of our own continent, have preserved the recipe of ugly chemical trade secrets. Austrian newspapers, some fourteen years ago, reported the trial of a gypsy girl who had gratified a cnpricc ii jealousy by poisoning a young man with a cup of drugged coffee. Analytical tests failed to identify the poison, but tbe prisoner finally confessed thiit she had used a substance known to her people as "drei," or "dree," and prepared from the raoldcr- ing woods of certain trees. An autopsy proved that her victim's lungs were peinu'iitcd with a strange whitish growth resembling tho ramification of certain mosses, while his stomach, though somewhat congested, revealed no trace of any known poison.--Sac Francisco Chronicle. 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Thia wouderful Nervine Tonic hn.3 only i-or, mly IHMMI inlrodiu-wl into this country by the proprietors :iml i i i n m . f i i r l i m ' i s of the Civnl Soulli American'Noi'vino Tunic, and yta it-. j;ir:a \;ihie ns a ciiraiiu: ngcut has long been known by a few of the niubt learned physieiuns' who have not b r o u g h t its merits and A u l u e lo tbe knowledge of th' general public This medicine has complete!} solved the problem of the cure of indr gestion, dyspepsia, and diHc.ws of the jic-iirral nervona system. It is also of the greatest value in the cure of all forms of failing health from whatever cause. It performs thH by the gveat, nervine tonic qualities which it possesses, nnd by it'! greal curative powers upon the digestive organs, Wio stomach, the "liver ami fit- bowels. Ko remedy compares with this w o n d e r f u l l y valuable Nervine Tome as a builder and strength cnerof the life forces of the H u m a n Imdy. and as a great renewer of a broken-down constitution. It is also of more real permanent value ii; the treatment ami cure-if disposes of the I H U ^ I f i a n any consumption remedy ever used on this continent. H is n 111:11 vuloiis euro for nervousness of females of all agei. Nadirs w h o a r e approaching the critical period known as change in life, thould not fail lo use t h i s great Nervine Tonic, almost constantly, for tae space -A' t w o or three years. It wifi carry them safely over the cl:iin_'er. This trieat streugtheuer and curative. ia of inestimable value to the, iw! and iiilirm. because^ ita great energizing properties will gi\e i h e m a new liuld on life. It will add ten or fifteen years to the lives of many of those who will use a half dozun bottles of "the remed; each year. l IS A GREAT REMEDY FOR THE CURE OF A Q R E A T AID"""' f;. i^innon .tl'd i,jL\t [if'crne t'iri' -in'ii-thvafnjT llni: mill: ,ir i x u T H E B ^ s r D!££Tiir ^ piirf n l . '· '..'in ell.- if .- ,iri..li iT If. ' ~ S " '1-1 · iou- -,na I 1 - ur . 1 5 tn- v ^ r;ic . M ik--« .ny uwU't. Slcfc uwie : ·!« of tool. ' .ir.miM,L - .l!DVEHd* \!'ial!iis; ilr.ic.ru. i'luth fiir the taMq Momiii-S] wliu. ai Vttlujit)!} SEN · 2 C E N T STAMP for vnl cook foi Ilicui'i mom tut:, b l.tlRNHAM. f .utovmir' fcl., J^, V. Ci'.y Oroajrbuud'l^a^g Tor sale In Middletown by A.LBBRT UTJLL, D. OLNKT anil BULL 4 YOUNQBLOOD. 614B W t Plnkham MeJ. Co., Lynn, Mass* Wall Plaster SMannlactnred by Adamant Manf 'g Co, riie Sew, titieap and Onlr Superior r*nbiii:ttixte for Common JPInotor.j It Is verj hard and very adhesive.; It floes away wltfi the warping and sTirmltlnfl of doors and nafitnga, aatl the building is not satnr- ated ·wits water as It necessarily moat be when ootnmon plaster Is used. It costs bat Httle more than lime plaster, and In the end its anperlor qualities mafce it immeaanr- ably cheaper. 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Palpitation of the Heart,, Mental Despondenc} 1 , Sleeplessness, St Vitus' Dunce, Nervousness of Femalco, Nervousness oC Old Age, Neuralgin, 1'ains iu tho Heart, Taina in the Back, Failing Health, Broken Coustitutiou, lability of Old Age, ImliijwHioii unit Dyspepsia, [IcarLhurji r.ntt Sour Stomach, WcighL sinil TeniK'rnesa in Stomach, Loss of Appeliio, F r i g h t f u l l ) i c a m s . Dizziness :ind Kin;_nn;i in the Ears, IVeakni'iS of E v l i i - i u i t i c s ami Fainting;, I m p u r e and ImjioM'rislieil Tilood, Boiln and Carbuncles, Scrofula, Scrofulous Swellings anJ Ulcers, · Consumption of the Lungs, Catarrh of ihe Lungs Bronchitis and Chronic Cough, Liver Complaint, Chronic Diarrliaia, Delicate and Scrofulous Children, Summer Complaint of Infants. All these and many other complaints cured by t h i s wonderful Nervine Tonic. a euro for every class of Kcrvous Disunsop. no rcincily 1ms bee compare tvitli tho Keruue Toui.-. wlm-li i^ very pleasant and '^^ Iv lias been ·J WP are also headquarters for tlie best Patent Flour at our Usual Low Prices J»C.Eunyon Ss SOB 78 and 81 Wickham Ave, W- A i l fluoa* IollTerei) Mrs, tlary J3. O'Fallon of Plqua, 0., Buys tho Pliy- slclans nrc AHtonishcd, null look at her liko Olio Raised from Hie Dead Long and Terrible Illness from Blood Poisoning Completely Cured 6y JTood's Sarsnparllla, v Mrs. Man' I'- O'Fallon. a very intelligent lady of Plqun, Oliln, \vas iioibimcil \\lillo assisting physicians at an autopsy fi yfars ago. and soon tcrribln nlcorN broko out on her liend, arms, tongue and'tliroat. Her hair all came out. She weighed 1ml 73 Ibs., and saw no prospect ot help. Al last she began to take Hood's Sarsaparllla and at once Improved; could soon get out of bed and ivalk. She says. " I bpr.imc perfectly cured by Hood's SarsapaHlla and am now a well woman. I weigh 1281bs., cat well and do the woik for a, large famlls*. My case seems a woiuierful recovery and pliyslcimis look at me in astonishment, as almost like one rnitod from (bo dead*" I HOOD'S plLLS should be In orery family rnWlCln* oiost. Once uftd, always prufniBdi _^ IT That To Announce To the JPtiblio IIATC selected my Fall and Winter . anil am pieiiored to flll the demands of the public The selections are made from tlie latest styles and best tiualities of Foreign and Domestic Hoods, hmploying skilled workmen, I can guarantee best workmanship and mjlonj experience a ilrst-class fit. STEPHEN WOLF, On atom Tailor* No. II West,Main SU, Mldtttetowu.'NT NOTICE! We bave jostreceipeci half a carload of Canned Veeetntic«. (Cora, Tomatoes, crc.) TUFBC are received direct from the canning factoriei. are tills year's puck and of ctioicest quality aud will be sold as Sow as market will poaeltily bear. 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Kiuc tenths o'f all (he iiiliuents to w l i i e h the h u m a n f a m i l y is h u i r are depeudunt on nervous exhaustion ami impaired digestion, When there is an insufficient supply of nerve food in Hie Mood, a general stale of debility of the brain, spinal marrow, aud nerves is the lesull Starved nerves, like starved muscled, become fclronji wlie tlie , , i-Hil k i n d of food is supplied; aud a thousand weaknesses and ailnieuts dilappear as tlie nerves recover. As the nervous system iminl supply all ,,,,,, ... present «.,,«» ~ 0 -- - ,, -. . ,. , For this reason it becomes necessary that a nerve food be supplied. Tliis South American Nervine lias been found by analysis to conUm the essential elements o u t of which nerve tissue is formed. J iua accounts for its universal a u n p l a b i l i t y to the cure of all forms of nervous dc- rangcineut. CnxwFonosVU-L"., T D . . A u g 20. '86. Ta t fie Grtnt South A»tfrtcan.Mfdteint Co : O K A I I GKSTH:--I tlenlre to nay to you that I li.n-u mifferiMl for many yenrs with a very s»f rioitrt iliHCiitMMtriliGHtonmehnnd nenen, I tried orcrv i iLMlk'iuo 1 could hear of, but nothing drnir me iniy iMiprorlnblo sood until I WIIH mUiwr! to try \ o u r CJrcat South American Nervine Ton if - " · · · ' mid Liver Cure, and tinrp ··"'»" ·viral bolllcH of II I must nay that J um siir- iiilacd at 1U wonderful poftorH to euro l l i u r i munch and general nervous system. 11 c\cryom- know tlio value oi this remedy nn J do you v;oimi not be able to supply the demnnd. J. A. JUitnKE, Ex-TreaH. Montgomery Co. REBECCA VI'ILKINPOV. of lJruwnmn.Hry, In] . cuys " I had been In a dleitrcsHod condition for ilim*ypari» from NcrvouHniftH. Wcnkn-vH nl lli« Stomach. Dyiwiialn. and Fu.ilgcution. unit! my In-all 1) vJi» gone. I bad been doctoring ron- M.n'Hy, w l t l i no relief. I bought one bottlcof S o u t h American Nervine, which done me more iToi.d than any $50 worth of doctoring I ever (i; I In my lift'. I Mould advise every ncukly per- Hi!i I . * uwe i hi* valuable and lovely remedy ; a Ii'w hot lies of It has cured mo completely. I couelckT U ihe grandest medicine In the world.'* A SWORN CUBE FOR ST. VITAS' DANCE OR CHOREA. CKAWKOiiasvii-i.E, I.vp., June 22, 1SS7. My daughter, eleven years old, was .severely nlllicted with Bl. Vitus' Banco the greatest remedy in tlie world fiir Indijre--tion and Dyspepsia, and for all forms of Nervous idsordera mid K'tiliug Uealtli, from whatever cause. JOHN T. Jlisir. State of Indiana, \ ss . Montgomery County,!' Subscribed and sworn to before me this .Tune 22, 1887. CHAS. W. WitronT, Notary Puhlic. INDIGESTION AND DYSPEPSIA. The Great South American Nervine Tonic Which we now offer you, ia the only absolutely unfailing remedy ever discovered for the cure of Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and the vast train of symptoms and horrors which are the result of disease and debility of the human stomach. No person con afford to pass by this jewel of incal culable value who is affected by disease of the stomach, because the ox perience and testimony of many go to prove that this is the OKI-; am ONLT ONE great cure m the world for this universal destroyer. They is no case of umnalignattt disease of the stomach which can resist the wonderful curative powers of the South American Nervine Tonic. HinniST E. HAI.I,. of Waynotown. Ind , ways: "I owe my Hie to tlie Great South American Nervine. I had keen in hod for five mont.hu from tlie effects oi unexhausted Btomiicb. IuJ!s«HUon, Nervous Prostration, and a tfcnorril unaltered MIIB. EI.I.A A- BHATTON, of New Itofia, Indlnun, oayn: " I cnnnot exprens Jmw much I owe to iho Nervine Tonic. My ajHtecn was completely f-h:it- tcredi nppetltc gone, wiu coughing nnd f p l t t l n K up blond; am KUTO I was In thf fln*t «t.- 1K .-f. of ro nun mjiilon, an Inberitaucc liundrd «)i»«n tliroiiglJ wvcrnl KenerntlofiH. i Ix^im t . t l . f i i K lliu Nervine Tonic, nnl contlnuwl H H tit-f for about nix moutliH, und am eutlrt-ly i t i n « ] H IH me RTJindeat remedy for iiervcw. fatoniuL-b ..nd lungs I have ever seen." condition of my whole nyHtuin. Had Rlvi all hopes of getting wfll. Hud tried tlini tore, with no relief. The firwt tmlllp nf the NVrv- ( me Tonic improved me HO much Unit Iw:uuilik'to Trait about, and a lew bottles cured me entirely. I believe It Is tlie beat medicine in tho world. I can not recQiJimt-nd f t too highly." No remedr compares wltli SOCTII AMr,niCA N E R V I N E on a euro fortfce NcnrcB. No remedy rump area with South American Nervine H H I I woiidroiiH cure for tbe Stomach. No n*nie«Iy "111 "» »" compare with South Ami'rfcnn Nert Inc ah n cure lor nil forma of failing health. It never tnll* t- cure Indigestion and Dynpopsia. It never. fnHn to cure Chorea or St. Vfiun' Daacc Us poiurn t*J baiid up tho whole By B loin are nomhThil in ih*» extreme. It cures the old. the young, nnd the nil! die aged. It in a gnat friend totlienped mid Jnfirm. Do not neglect to ut-e this prcrlouu boon. If you do, you nmy neglect, the only remedy which will rcwlore ott to health. South Amerirnu Nervine Is perfectly cafe, and vrry plcanint 1o tlio taHle, Delicate ladlcH, do uot fail to «w this great care, because it w ill put Ihe blooni of f rt*t.h!tcHi« nnd beauty upon your IIpa and in your chet-kt'. and quickly drive away your (lisabl!iMPH an r l i-rnknrKHCH, Price, Large 18 ounce Bottles, $1.25; Trial Size, 15 Center. EVERY BOTTLE WARRANTED. If EOt kept by Druggists order direct 1'iom Or. E. DETCHON, Crawfordtvllle, Ind. IliUteftn bv J. E. Bills, Draggisr. THIRTY DAILY BUSINESS Beit Cbloets $*.» por C HARI.K* Z- TATTXU. IX)NT«fCTnR 8« Tt,»nry St.. MU!lcio MM*U«!rtwn. V. T. Surv- cnnln^er^*. Y. t I*.'S. *v \\. n. r^TM.^;,.*"- TT ' 1 ENItT W. . i!l?t-wn. XVRTT Pn 1 '*!-- f mls^oncr nf l.^.ln for So P ^rMlUNci TX \ L L · n't (Iij* ^Tt'nc. Klnir *ilr*st,V:*l.V.**ow DBNT L»«ly awUtan*. Or. man UoilrtlBj;, Jinio* ^*... D I1S.T.C. A F K K ilENTA I OCt*«t fiff-T Nutior.*! \nxnt. Ni'.mne Oi^-lf ' D K. T. N. FRIEND, OKVTIS omce D Il P . M . BARNES, DKNT] Office on Main street, REAL c A Moacy Countrj And Uoiui Itou«'. ' rnUro»1 junrl)in. $15 in $18 prr .!«· ncnt hnsrdcrb a- J-5 ings nearly c» Less than * A.. "V. 7 I In SUES of from Bargains in Both Ci'.y and c Fire, Tornado, Life in well Known rr- C2CWSO , 15 North St., TWO v-lio r ust offered : cioc:". able rent. AJFO t Oret or BCCOTI J part* or A BC1LJ Ethla city, which riflce for a rheo. I B«ai Eatato f No. 16 B. Slain St. lnsorar.ce Be Tornado Valuable pr Estate, both Ci For^Sale or Ex JOHN Me Scul ittate s SOUTH ST. I, JAMES DRUGGIST AN l-or. 3Ialn a Careful Attention i CPrcsci Oalcj otj Fqre Omgs, A M Tinctures, S ad Jollier PJiaricacca: OVD tni - T^ese'are aisle ! DRUGGISTS' i '33! C3CH Wholesale Fresh, Salt iNEWSPAFERr lEW'SFAPERl

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