Reno Gazette from Reno, Nevada on July 12, 1928 · Page 11
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Reno Gazette from Reno, Nevada · Page 11

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 12, 1928
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JULY 12, 1928 RENOEVENING GAZETTE Classified Advertising Rate* No classified advertisement accepted for less than fifty cents. One time Scaword Two times 4caword Three times 5c a word Seven times 8c a word Twelve times I 2 c a w o r d Twenty-six times 20c a word Classified advertising ordered for more than one insertion and which does not run on conaocutive days will be charged one-time rate for every insertion, that is at 3c a word. Advertisers may have replies addressed to a private bo:c In care of the Gazette. PHONE YOUR WANT ADS TO THE GAZETTE Phone 311 before 2:00 P. M. and your wants will be made known to our reader! the sama day. Sparks Advertiser* To secure prompt and first-hand tervlce, may leave their want «d* with BLAI.NE EPPERSON. PHONE SPARKS 13Z-J V/ANTKD--Experienced hand Irouer at one". A p p l y R-no Steam Laundry. JylOt.7 HELP WANTED--MALE WANTED-- Eov. Hi years, to learn j c w c l r v business. Apply K u h u Jeweler':. 247 N. V i r g i n i a Street. Jyllt7 Business Opportunities FOll HALK--Children.?' und liilunts' r.-io'-hln;: store, doing g(xxl business, fiocd locution. :;tock, fixtures and JI-UKC; cheap. The Kiddies' Shop, 33 W-,t First .Street. JylOtT JKMPLOYMENT AGENCIES t; W1DK - AWAKE EMPLOYMENT A G E N C Y -- 1 1 0 East ommerclttl Bow. All c;lai;stj:i help f u r n i s h e d \vlthout '·xpcnsf to employer. Wire or Phone J-'Xi. _ Jltt FEDERAL-STATE FREE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Invite employers and em- Ijloyw; to avail themselves of Its pub- j i t : service. 110 E. Commercial Row. t'horii; 2'a. mltf H. i. E T E R~Einploymcu-t office, 220 NortU Virginia Street. I2tt SITUATIONS WANTED WANTKIJ-- WorK by day or hour. Mrs. Jack Hinilter. 250U-J. _ JylOtT LAW ""STEN~66BAPHER^Wauts~~pOSl- tlou, permiinent or .substituting. i'tiono Mrs. Lewis 962. jy8t7 CONTRACT and DAT WORK J ' A I N T I N U , T i n t i n g , Paper Cleaning, day or contract, low prices. Phone _2S'M-,;. jylOt26 WANTED'-- General hotisocleunlng by experienced m a n , day or contract. _ Vhonc; 2705. H. V. White. J23t2C K~ A. "HOWE--Painting, paperhanglng, decorating; f u r n i t u r e painting a specialty. Phono 2230-J. j33tt AUTOMATIC LAWN MOWER--Slmrp- ner, mitomatlc saw filing. Furniture repaired, cabinet and carpenter work done. Ed Conradt, 322 Sierra Street. I'honn Reno 65. Brown-Mllhcry, J14t2G JVUNTINcT, 7 aperlm!iiiinK~Tuid Tlnt- Ing, Prices reasonable. Call 1809-R, 1.. R. ^Emersoru _Il t( )3EPENDABLE""eiiiiitingri ; aiiiorlianglng, Paper Cleaning. Why pay more'? J751-_M. _ £25tf iigrTlntlng and Contract or day work. Phono 2-127. f28tf PAINTING. T i n t i n g and Papering, If you want good work done call Sam Thorrlon, export Interior decorator, 18 Burns street. Phone 3201. m!4tf H A R R Y CURTIN--Painting of dist i n c t i o n . For appointments call Reno ij.'i. m4tf ANDREW SOLARI--Pointing contractor. Phohe 3082. Hill' L. L. BOISE--Carpenter work, any kind". ^j'.iiB West Street. Phono 1998. J3tf »knWOOD FLOORS--New floors laid. 6UI floors sanded and rcflnlshod. Ted .1. Oelstor. Phone 1157-W. 636 Lake .Street. JUf F. C. RETMIER -- CARPENTER WORK --Any kind. Phone 503 or 2522. Jltf MOV¥ HOUSE" any piac"eTTiilW~e7iiiTp"- pcd. Phone 2868-R. 505 Montello Street. Jltf FOR SALE-- _ FOR SALE-- Baby grand planch Phoiie 2«»9-M._ _ _____ __ JylU3 GARAGE "MEN ATTENTION-- For sale cliuap. One electric: hoist. Silver S UUe Loan Co.. -15 East 2nd St. J y l l t f FOR SA1.K- Child's IvoFy bed, good condition. Price $5.00. 434 Qulncy _ . Street. ___ ___ __ Jyilt3 " ___ __ STATION equipment for sule. All or part. 8!7 East Fourth ,.. s -!£££*i __ _ _ _ ___ _ JylOtt FOR SALE-- Three" wall cases, "three .show cases, one large safe, desk, cash register. Apply Mrs. Frank Golden. Hotel Golden. Phone 140. Jy3t6stf FOR SALE--Refrigerator, Phone 1717-M. floor lamp. Jy9ts FOR SALE--Currants nncl raspberries, call 2310-R. Jy5t7 FOR SALE--Fertilizer, $4.00 load delivered, E. Zambont, 840 Alameda Avo. _ Phono 2i15. J6M NEW LUMBER la about ii regular price. All sizes. Call corner Fifth .Street and Eureka Avenue. Ralph Plilcrs. f27tf 1JEAUTY CULTURE EXPERT MARCEL WAVING -- 50c. Artistic hair cutting, 50o. 218 South _ :£.'Iil'.L. str ?_ 'i-_ P" 0 ^," 1702-W. Jy9t26 NORENE ^FRANKLIN--Marcemni~50c. Phone 1050-R. J15t26 STfNEBVA BEAUTE SALON -- Special summer rates in permanent waving. Eugene, $12.50: Frederlce, $10.00; Circullne and nil other methods, $8.00. Ladles' and children's hair cutting by our expert barber. Located In the Jptownbllt Shoo Store, 238 North Virginia Street. Phone 377. ]14t26 MARCELLING AT YOUR HOME--SI.00. Phone 1118-.T. ^ WANTED WANTED--To buy local raspberries In any quantity. A. Levy and J. Zentner Riverside Mill Blda. Phone 3(i. jy917 WANTED--6-roora unfurnished house" Permanent If desirable. P h o n e _J°i4: JjZStr WANTED--Furniture repairing done for in my home shop. C. A. Stephens, **0 South Center Street. Phone OM-R I6tf SEWING MACHINES THE NEBBS--Just a Pleasant Little Guy PAGE ELEVEN By SOL HESS 1- CAKJ VOO IMA5IME A GUV THAT ?_ME LAVS AWAKE ALL. 'MISM.T TMIMK:IMG up AM excos ( TO FIMO FAULT IW THE. MORMIKK3. ME MUST WAVE. BE EM B '_ WO US/ COUUO g=Sj DEX/ELOP MIS DISPOSITION RF-NTING--$1.50 monthly. Repairing White, -Singer. New Home. Lowest prices. Phone 575. J. S. Kstner, 340 West Street. J2tf . SEWING NEW and used sewing machines' for rent and sale. Expert repairing. Sewing Machine Store. 240 Sierra where _ f i n e hemstitching is done. Jylltf FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKING and _ _ . _ _ SEWING -reasonable. PhoniTToiW-J. _ Jy2tl4 LIVESTOCK FOR SALE--Fresh milch cows. First ranch east of asylum. Mr, Inder- mulil JylOt7 FOR SALE--A-l black saddle horse "fit for lady to ride, also saddle. Good as new. South of Reno, on Verdi Road Phone 2530. Rick De Bernard!. jystiz FOR SALE--Work team. Avenue. 1018 Ryland Ji'lU7 KODAK FINISHING--Kodak develop- Ing. printing and enlarging at popular prices. Reno Studio, 119',;; North " Street. ,- jatf SOFT BOILED FOR BREAKFAST AMD CAME 1M SO KAQO TMAT IF LEFT THE SMELL OM 'EMI UA.N/E KIOTICEO IT AWD MMO WAMTS XWITK TUE BUSH HAWGIKJG OlU ? _ AWO THE cow TO CAi_L IT r-llLK.1 AMD vouve GOT TO ROLL/,TMAT A\\;/W FfeOM TMAT 5WOOk:S_5MB PLANS IT ·SALE _ S.HE. HITS AT OKJcer_ AMD wee. veneer 3WE'S EITHER DGAP OR. pCEJUDrceo IIM V4ER. FAVOR PERFECT TMATS THE MGMBOI2 WOOD OF ' A LIFE TIME:.'. »rk Reg/IF, S. Pat. CBci .f, , i i (Cpyrtght. 1928. by Tht Belt GOOD t'SKW PAICTS FOR AM. CAKS Cars Recently Wrecked Maxwell Coupe, 192* Light Six Stude Coupe, 1923 1915 Locomobile Cadillac, model 57 R. K. KEI.I.KR Sparks, Nevada P. O. Box 537 Phone 401 MOON MVLLINS--SWEET MEMORIES THAT NEVER GROW, OLD f OH I USED TO GO TO THE | BEAsUTV PAV3LOO. WITH \ | THE BEST OP'EM, MtSS SCHMALTZ-) ! \ ME F\RST HUSBAND WAS A / S WHERE ON EARTH DID VOU LEARN THESE BEAUTY SECRETS, PORTER IN ONE- ANO A LOV61X" GENTLEMAN HE WAS TOO - BUT WHY T EVER " LEFT HIM FORTH AT 5ECOND ' BUM t DON'T KNOW-BAH! EVERY TIME t THINK OP H\M i MAD AU. OVER.. ;._·.._v^~ . \ E WAS'A" P.ET i RE-O - BUT -i. SOONi FOUND OUT THAT AU- HE EVER BOY-ED WAS CANTELOUPES- ' THE LA7.V LOUT, I'D LIKE TO LAV MY HANDS ON THAT FACE OFH\5A6A\N--. MAMIE- -TEl-L. ME ABOUT XOOR HUSBAND THAT ,WAS A PORTER. UNTIL, VOO PINVSH THIS PAClAUt Wire Fence--Iron Fence £ Steel Fence Posts E Corrugated Iron E Stock Trounhs E PAUL THOLL S 681 Ninth Street, Sparks, N«v. S PROFESSIONAL CARDS GEORGE A. WHITELEY ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW Reno National Bank Building Reno. Nevada E. E. Roberta M. j. Scanlau Frank W. Ingram ROBERTS, SCANLON INGRAM ATTORNEYS AT LAW General Practice Rooms 303-5-6-7-8 Nevada 8t»to Life Building Phone 854 Reno, .Nevada J. E. McNAMARA LAWYER 311 Clay Peters Bide., Reno, Nevada Office Phone Reno 612; Notary rub!!* Residence Phone 2273-R W. L. HACKER ATTORNEY AT LAW Practice in All State and Federal Courts Gazette Building. Reno. Nevada HARRY DUNSEATH LAWYER Notary Public 208 Bylngton Bldg., Reno, Nevad* Phone 89fl PLATT ' SANFORD Reno ATTORNEYS AT LAW REAL ESTATE CAMPBELL REALTY CO. Frank Campbell, Manager 158 North Virginia Street Phone 3182' $ 1,500--160 acres, 14 miles north of Reno. 'Part In natural grass, Irrigated by springs on property. Well on highest ground, water In 6 feet of surface. S.OOO--G-room 2-story house, furnished, steam heat, large shade trees, Southwest Side, 4 blocks from court house; terms. 4,000--New 4-room brick house, built- in features, sleeping porch, full basement. House alone worth $5000, 2,250--New 4-room house, near Mt. Rose School; terms. 12,000--Lovt'ly apartment house, 5 apartments, furnished. Income $190 per month; terms. 800--Two beautiful scenic lots near university. Owner says sell. Adjoining lots priced $1000 each. List Your Property with Us JylOtJ JACK STEELE AND SON Real Estate, Fire-Auto Insurance 32 West Second Street · Phone 2434 Reno, Nevada $3250--3-room house, completely furnished, glassed-in porch, full basement, everything In A-l condition. Fine location on the North Side; terms. 3500--Hi-acre chicken ranch, 4-room house, chicken houses, full basement large cow barn, good well and water right, inside of city limits In the Southwest section; liberal terms. 4250--4-room house, partly furnished, nice location on the South Side, nice yard, paving paid; terms. 5000--5-room modern house, close to Riverside Drive, completely furnished, furnace heat, nice lawn and yard; easy terms. 7000--Modern 4-room new brick home, fine location on the South Side; $300 down payment will handle; liberal terms on the balance. 7500--5-room new brick bungalow, In RSno' ftriest residential district, hardwood floors, furnace heat, beautifully arranged; $500 down; balance on easy monthly terms. We have some fine lakevlew lots at Lake Tahoe Jyfltf Intelligent Courteous Service J. E. SWEATT AND COMPANY 225 North Center Street Phone 787 Real Estate, Rentals, Leaslngs, Insurance $3600--5-room modern bungalow, garage, trees, lawn, corner lot. All improvements. 3800--Sparks--4 rooms, practically new, garage, built-in features, furnace, trees, lawn; easy terms. We are on the job to handle real estate of all description, nothing too large or too small. We will sell your property If the price Is right. List with us "and be convinced. Ask for Johnson. jyStf P'OR SALE--4-room brick house for quick sale. Any reasonable offer accepted. 1057 Bell Street, Jy9t7 FOR SALE--Apartment house. Income property, centrally located. 9 apartments, all furnished. Gazette Box 686. ____^___ jyew FOB SALE--New 4-room stucco, bath, pantry, 'garage, $2300. New 4-room brick, bath, screen -porch, full cement basement, $4000. Small down payment, easy monthly Installments. O. M. Renfro, Washoe County Bank Bldg. ' ' · jystv FOR SALE OB.BENT--House. Call 310 jioberts Street, '. ' J29tl4 _ CHAS. W. LUND Real Sstate_-B!ire and Auto Insurance 150 North Virginia Street T . Phone 49S I handle business and residence property, lots, acreage, ranches, loans, busi- ub public. ' »our property. J4tf REAL ESTATE FOR SALE--One acre and small house, furnished, in Casazza Addition. Home evenings 5 to 7. Fred Waite, P. O. Box 261, Reno. jy!0t3 FOR SALE--By owner, 6-room modern house, well furnished. Call after 1 at 614 West Fifth Street. jy!0t7 CHOICE LOT for sale on Court Street. Price $2650. See Joseph W. Hall. JylOtS FOR SALE--Nicest furnished small house in Reno. Fine location. Phone 430 or 785. · jyllt7 FRED GRUTT 217 North Virginia Street Phone 857 Real Estate. Rentals, Auto and Fire Insurance, Loans, Exchanges, Business Opportunities $1800--3-room cottage, sleeping porch, furnished, garage. Paving paid. Lawn, trees. 1800--4-room modern cottage, furnished, garage, $300 cash; balance easy terms. 3250--4-room modern cottage, furnished, garage; $500 cash; easy terms. - · . · 5200--New 5-room brick bungalow, garage. Basement, furnace; easy terms. FOR RENT--12-room modern house, furnished, equipped for boarders and roomers. All rooms rented. Owner sick reason for renting. Close-in. Rooming Houses, Apartment Houses, Residence Lots, Ranches, Etc. List Your Property With Me Jylltf AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE--V-65 Cadillac seven passenger touring, good condition. Silver State Loan Co., 45 E. 2nd St. iylltf FOR SALE--Cheap. Chevrolet Coupe, very good condition. 21. Mill. jylltS PRIVATE PARTY will sell Cadillac Phaeton. Many extras, fine tires. Reasonable. 1054-H. Jy7tl4 PACKARD REPUTATION We do not risk It when selling a used car OUTSTANDING VALUES 1928--CHRYSLER 72 CONVERTIBLE COUPE--Driven only 5000 miles, new car guarantee, 2 spare tires never used, cost new $2100; sacrifice for.$1400 1928--CHRYSLER 72 REGULAR COUPE--Driven only 2800, miles, could be sold for new, $1950, will sacrifice for .... 1300 1927--PEERLESS 6-80 SEDAN -Perfect condition, looks like »ew 850 PACKARD SIX MODEL 128 SEDAN--Completely rebuilt, appoa-ance -Inside and out like new, guaranteed 750 PACKARD 6IX MODEL 226 TOURING--Perfect mechanical condition, finished in Packard blue, new car guarantee and service 850 PACKARD EIGHT SPORT TOUHma^-Very late model, cannot be ^old from new, classiest looking car In town, new : cor guarantee, new tires, two spare wheels and tires, mounted -n front fenders, cost jiew $4590; will sacrifice for 1500 1928--ESSEX SPORT ROADSTER-Driven only few miles; just like new, guaranteed 550 ESSEX SIX COACH 200 HUDSON TOURING--Runs good 100 A CAREFUL EXAMINATION of our stock, a thorough demonstration, a . fair comparison will' convince you of tEB values we are'offering. THE PRICES ARE VERY LOW PACKARD USED CAR LOT Virginia and Court Streets NEVADA MOTOR /CO. J29tf 338 R I « and sites. Close-In Priwrt ment ^oaiPogy Street. Phone jiBta BUNGALOW FOR SALE--Barealn--4- room, well kept, furnished * Prtce $4500. Terms «an .be ; arran*ed Best location. ' See Fred Grutt, 217' North Virginia St. Phone 857. J2tf RANCHES FOR -SALE--Large 6to«k ranch, good nmga, water right. Mrs. H. K. -- - wlnnemueedC. Nevada." ' ' " FURNITURE FOR SALS--Household funflture. 22 W. Tenth Street. »Pbone I289-R. Jy9t4 REUABLK USED CARS Studebaker 7-pass; like new;,snap. Dodge 1926 Coupe, first class! StudebatOT 1926 Big Six Coach. . Studebaker Light Btx Tewing. Bulck 5-pass. Touring. Dodge Screen Truck, late model. Chevrolet Coupe; Ford Touring. Fprd Bug: a' good One 'cheap-; · : We Sell on Time If Preferred We Do,Not Sell Our Contracts We Do Hot Charge Brokerage Remember the Name on the Dealer's Door -M*anB- Morn to 'the' .Purchaser than the Name on the 'Radiator. STEINHEIMEH BROS., . Cor. 4th at Sierra Street Studebaker Sales and Service )13tf NOTICE; MINING PROPERTIES examined and developed. Prices reasonable. Phone 1614-W. JylOt7 AND FOUlfp LOST--A little Shrine ,pin, inset with diamonds. Call 223 or 197. r Reward. " - JylltS LOST--Dog collar. Name L. Avanzino. ReijranJv Phone 704. CARPETS--MATTRESSES RENO MATTRESS CO.--The retail mattress factory. 728 East Fourth Street. Phone 735. Renovating. One-1 day service. J30t26 I Kingsport, Tenn.. has grown from a village of one thousand to a city of over seventeen thousand in twelve CARPETS AND RUGS cleaned by the wheel, remodeled and laid. Mattresses renovated. Upholstering. C. W. Freemont. Phone 1463. m!6tf ELECTRIC CARPET LAUNDRY arid Cleaning Company -- Carpets, mattresses, feather, rugs, upholstering, weaving. Phone 2117-W. E. R. Trot tot. J3bf FOR RENT--MISC. NOTICE--Danla Hall on Sierra Street for rent on Saturday nights. Phone 133G-W. J y9tf FOR RENT--2 desirable front office rooms. Inquire R. Herz, 237 North Virginia Street. J25tf Houses and Apartments FOR RENT--3 furnished housekeeping rooms. 408 Nevada Street. jyllti FOR RENT--4-room house with bath partly furnished, big basement, big yard. Reasonable rent. Call 1156-J Jyilt3 ROOM for light housekeeping. 5SO Sierra Street. JylltH FOR RENT--Unfurnished apartment, rooms, sleeping porch, garage, Cooley Apts., 543 Humboldt Street. J28tf FOR RENT--Nicely furnished home, 5 rooms, sleeping porch and garage.'515 South Virginia. Phone 2548-J. Jylltf FOR RENT--New 2-room furnished house. Phone 2387-J. Jy'5t7 COURT APARTMENTS--Modern, comfortable, finely appointed. 'Close to business district. 132 Court St. JylOtl FOR RENT--Beautifully furnished 5- room home. Call 811 Arlington Avenue. JylOtS APARTMENT--Private bath and room 429 Evans Avenue. JylOt7 FOR RENT--Furnished 4-room modern apartment, cool, pleasant, $45.00. No children. 452 Holcomb Avenue. Phone 2272-J. JylOt7 FOR RENT -- Furnished apartment modern, cool and attractive. Stewart Apts., 141 Washington Street. Jy9t7 MODERN APARTMENT FOR RENT -120 Mill Street. Jy9t7 MODERN 2-room apartment for rent, 942 Sierra Street. jy9tf FOR RENT--3-room unfurnished house, rear. Phone 2704-W. Jy9fi FURNISHED APARTMENT--Neat and clean. Rent reasonable. Boulevard Apts., 533 North Virginia St. Jy9tf 4-ROOM furnished house with bath, $25 432 Toana St. Phone 1223-J. JyBtf FOR RENT-r-4-room house, furnished. Garage. South Side. Phone 378. jyStf FOR RENT--Well furnished 4-room up per flat, open veranda, heat, garage If desired. Permanent adults preferred. 612 West Second. jyStf FOR RENT--3-room house, inquire 135 High. Jy6 O FOR RENT--4-room modern cottage. Close in. 701 So, Center. , Jy6t7 APARTMENT -- Furnished, 3 rooms, bath. Inquire 715 Chestnut. Phone 1260-W. Jy6t7 FOR RENT--New 2-room furnished cottage with bath. 932 West Second. FOR RENT--4-room furnished house, Inquire, 14 East Commercial Bow, phone 788. JyStI FOR RENT--Desirable 2-room apt. al so very nice sleeping room, bath. Phone 493. 651 Elko. JyStf RALSTON APARTMENTS--Modern one and two room apartment, $20 and $30. Everything furnished. 347 Ralston. · . - . ' · FOR RENT--6-room partly furnished ' house. 446 Nevada Street. J29tf FOR RENT--4-room furnished cottage. Adults. 242 W. Liberty S*. ]2S« YORI APARTMENTS--Home-like attractively furnished, new and most complete. 429 South Virginia Street. Phones 2245-J; 1058-M. a!7tf FOR RENT--2-room apartment, steam heat, hot and cold water. 752 Unl- verslty Avenue. J30tf FOR RENT--ROOMS FURNISHED sleeping room for rent. Close-in. 227 West 4th St. Jyl0t7 NICE FRONT ROOM for rent, with or without board. Home privileges to a cheerful lady only. P h o n e 2419-J. JylOtS AIRY FRONT ROOM--Bath, private bungalow. 401 Church Lane. JylOtS NICELY furnished steam heated room with home comfort. Apply 439 West Fifth Street. Phone 333. ]13t26 FOR RENT--One or two large airy rooms with home privileges, private residence. South Side, near Wfne- Ueld Park, 415 Rldee Street. m21tf ,,,,, =. ROOM--Hot and cold watej, 210 Sierra. Phone 1219-R. m9tt FOR KKNT-Rooms. Gentlemen. "2* Ralston m7tf LOANS WE MAKE LOAMS «h real estate to buy, build or refinance. Premier 'investment Company, 339 Nortn Virginia Street, Phone 916. J19t3» FOR RENT--Desirable office rooms in suite of 2, 3, or 4 singles. Room 1 ·Herz Building, 259 North Virginia Street. J20tf FOR RENT--One-half store, or basement; also mezzanine floor, 12x32 feet. Phone 5. m25tf FOR SALE--Raspberries and strawberries at Bar C Ranch. Phone 6-F-13. Jyllt7 BOARD AND ROOM EXCLUSIVE board and room with home privileges. 512 South Center Street. Phone 1400. JlStf BOOM AND BOARD--$9.00 a week. Hotel Gallery. J3t| SPIRITUALISM JOHN EDWARD AMBROSE--Psychic, spiritual readings daily. 220 Mill _ Street. · Phone 2506-W. jy7t26 MISCELLANEOUS CITY SCAVENGER COMPANY h a s changed Its Phone number to 1076. Leave all orders. ]2tf DELICATESSEN NEVADA BAKERY -- Wedding calces made to 'order. Chickens cooked to order. Sandwiches put up, hamburger sandwiches and coffee, from 7. a. m. to 7 p. ro. 126 West Second Street.. 11Bt.2B HEALTH CULTURE SWIMMING LESSONS--Corrective and reducing exercises and massage, at Paul V. Nass Health Institute. Private swimming pool. For appointment phone 2802; evenings 2020-M. _128 Slerra_Street. Jy6t26 PATENT ATTORNEYS PERCY S. WEBSTER--Savings and Loan Building, Stockton, Cal. Long established organization. Patent book- lot fr»w latf NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of County Commissioners of Washoe County, Nevada at their offices in the Court 'House, Reno, Nevada until ten o'clock a. m. (10:00 a, m.) Monday, August 6, 1928, lor the furnishing of all materials, labor, equipment, transportation and other items for the complete construction of a steel highway bridge over the Truckee river, near Verdi, Washoe County, Nevada. Such proposals as are received will be publicly opened and read at the date and hour mentioned. The work will consist of constructing a steel highway bridge of one hundred fifty foot span, fifteen foot clear roadway, wooden floor, concrete abutments, furnishing working drawings and specifications for steel, furnishing all necessary materials, labor, equipment, tools and transportation for satisfactory completion of the structure. · Plans, specifications, contract forms and appertaining' documents may be examined at the office of the County Clerk In the Court House, Reno, Washoe County, Nevada. 1 Bonaflde intending bidders may secure copies of plans, specifications and appertaining documents at the office of King Malone, engineers. Reno, Nevada by purchase only. The purchase price per set of plans being' ten dollars ($10.00). All bids must be made on bid blanks furnished with plans by Washoe County and must be signed by bidder with his address. All bids must be accompanied by an unconditional certified check payable to Washoe County, State of Nevada, In an amount of five per cent of the amount of the bid. Said amount shall be forfeited to Washoe County should the bidder to whom contract is awarded, fail to enter into the contract in accordance with his bid and give the required bid within ten days after notice of the award. The checks of all unsuccessful ' bidders will be returned within ten days after contract Is awarded and txjiid given. Each bid must also be accompanied by a certificate from a surety company authorized to do business in Nevada jnd satisfactory to the Board of County Commissioners of Washoe County, stating that such surety company will provide said bidder with bonds in such sura as Is required and in accordance ith the provisions of said contract d specifications. The right is reserved to reject any or all proposals, or to accept the proposal deemed best for Wauhoe'County. E. H. BEEMER, Clerk of Board Of County -Commissioners. S, 12, M.28.' TREASURY DJ3PARTMENT, Office of the Secretary. Washington, D. C., June 27, 1928,--Proposals are hereby solicited, to be opened In the office of the supervising architect; Treasury Department, Washington, D. C., at 2 o'clock p. m., on August 1, 1928, for the sale, exchange, or donation to the United States of a corner lot approximately 199 by 195 feet, containing approximately 38,805 square ..feet, with the smallest dimension no't less than 195 feet, centrally and conveniently located and suitable for a new Federal building site at Reno, Nev. Upon application the 'Postmaster will supply prospective bidders with a circular giving particulars as to requirements and instruction lor preparation of bids and data to accomoany same. CAKL T. SCHUNEMAN, Assistant Secretary. July 3, 5. 7. 10. 12, 14. 17. 19, 21, 24. NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OP THE STATE OF NEVADA, | IN ; AND FOR THE COUNTY OP WASHOE.--No. 26,719. IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF ORAL HENRY MACK, Deceased. Notice is hereby given that the un- I dersign were on the 27th day of June, A. D., 1928, appointed and qualified by the above-entitled court as Executrix and Executor of the estate of Oral Henry Mack, deceased. All persons having claims against said estate are required to file the same with the proper vouchers and statutory affidavit attached, with the clerk of the court within three months from the date of the first publication of this notice. Dated, June 27, A. D., 1928. ANNA MAY MACK WOOD, LEON ANDERSON MACK. GREEN LUNSPORD, Attorneys for the Estate. June 28; July 5, 12, 19, 26. IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE.--No. 27172. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF HELENA E. HOGAN, Deceased, Notice Is Hereby Given, That Joseph L, Wollam having filed in this court a document purporting to be the last will and testament of Helena 12.1 Hogan, deceased, and a petition, praying that the same be admitted to probate, the hearing thereof has been fixed by said court for Monday, the 23rd day of July, 1928. at 1:30 o'clock p. m. of said day, at the court house in the City of Reno, County of Washoe; and all persons interested in the said estate are notified then and there to appear and show cause, if any they have, why said will should not' be admitted to probate and said petitioner appointed executor thereof. v . Dated, July 11, A. D., 1928. (DISTRICT COUBT SEAL) E. H. BEEMER, Clerk. By J, M. SMITH, Deputy Clerk. S. H. ROSENTHAL, Attorney for Estate. July 11. 12. 13, 14, 16; 17. 18. 19, 20, 21. SUMMONS IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE.--No. 27080; Dept. No. 1. ISAAC JACOBS, ABRAHAM JACOBS and MAX JACOBS, Plaintiffs, vs"UNKNOWN HEIRS AT LAW OF WILLIAM DUCK, deceased; also all other persons unknown claiming any right, title, estate, lien or Interest in the real property described herein adverse to plaintiff's ownership, or any cloud upon plaintiffs' title thereto, Defendants. " ·' · ·· - . The State of Nevada Sends Greetings to Each of Said Defendants: You, and each of you, are hereby summoned to-ap~pear withm ten "days after service upon you of this summons, if served in said county, or within twenty days if s.ervcd out of said county, but within said Judicial 'district, and in all other cases within forty days (exclusive of the day of service), and defend the 1 above-entitled action. Tills action is brought to recover t a judgment quieting the title · of the plaintiffs to the land described in the complaint, as follows, to-wlt: · ] All those certain pieces or parcels of land, situate, lying and being In the City of Reno, County of Washoe, State of Nevada, and particularly described as follows, towlt: · . Lots Nos. Fourteen (M) and F.if- teen (15) in Block "P" of the original town (now city) of Reno, according to the official map therebf filed in the office of the County Recorder of Washoe County, State of Nevada, on June 27, 1871. RENO TO LOS ANGELES Via Mono Lake and Bishop, in 10 hours. Save time and money. Leave Beno 7 a. in. Saturday!, Mondays and Thursdays. Stage office Pioneer Hotel NBV. CENTRAL MOTOR LINES HISKEY STAGES Fallen, Austin, Eureka, Ely Union Stage Depot Second and Lake St.--Phona 451 LOYALTON, CALPINE SIERRAVILLE AND RENO STAGE LMTM dMlj «t 8:00 A. M. Arrltoa Calplne at 13:18 Loaye Calptne ft l:2fr utf ·rriTe at Beno nt 4:40 Ottio* llfl Xafct Commercial Curio* MELVIN E, JEPSON ATTORNEY AT LAW 201-4-5 Clay Peters Building Phone Office 585; Res. 1252-M HARRY SWANSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Rooms 324-325 Gazette BulldltiJ Phone 2013 A. P. JOHNSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Herz Building 259 North Virginia Street Reno, Nevada WM. MCKNIGHT ATTORNEY AT LAW Phone 965 15-16-17 Washoe County Bank Building Louis J. Cohn, Land Attorney KX-BEGISTER U. B. r*AND OFF 1C* Practice before all U. S. l*na Departments All classes of land script furnished 203 Clay Peters Bldg., Reno, Nevnda MISS FELICE COHN ATTORNEY AT LAW 14-15 Oray-Hcid Building Phone 3068 JOHN BERNARD FOY ATTORNEY AT LAW 15 West Second Street Also Member of the New York Bar RENO-GARDNERVILLE STAGE DAILY EXCEl'T SUNDAY Leave Gardnervlllu 8:15 A. M., 1:30 P. M.. 3:15 P. M. Leave Beno 8:50 A. M., 1:00 P. M., 4:30 P. II. Leave Carson for Reno 9:00 A. M.,. 2:15 P. M., 4:00 P. M. Leave Carson (or GardnervlUe 9:50 A. M., 2:00 P. M., 5:30 P. U. : Saturday Evening Leave Oardnervllle 0:30 P. U. Leave Beno 11:30 P. M. SUNDAY SCHEDULE Leave Oardnervllle 9:30 A. M., 1:30 P. M., 4:30 P. If. Leave Reno 9:30 A. M., 1:00 P. M., 11:30 P. If. H. H. ATKINSON ATTORNEY AT LAW Beno National Bank Building IOANNIS A. LOUGARIS ATTORNEY AT LAW Suite 11 Cladlanoa Building Phone 2838 Residence Phone Reno 1582-W Reno, Nevada MT. LASSEN TRANSIT COMPANY Rapid Passenger Bus Service "Member California Motor Carriers Assn." Leave Reno lor Westwood, Susan- vllle, and way stations, 8:30 a. m. dally. ' Leave Bono for Westwood, Susanville and way stations, 1:30 a. m. and ld:30 p. m. dully. Leave Reno for Portola, Walker Mine and way stations, 12:30 p.. m. daily. Arrive Beno 'from Westwdod, . Susanville and way stations, 1 12:00 nbon dally. Arrive Beno from Westwood, Susanville and way stations, 7:15; p. mrclailjj, ' ' ' Arrive Beno from Portola, Walker Mine and, way static!is, 12:00 noon ancl 5 p. m. daily. ; For Information call Agent, Mt. Lasseti Transit Co., 35 East Plaza, Reno, Nev. Phone 925. IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT ·\ COURT OF THE STATE OP NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE.--No.,27082; Dept. No. 1. MYRTLE LIND GESELL COLEMAN. All of which; Is more fully described in the complaint filed herein. Dated this 27th day of June, 1928. E. H. BEEMHR, 'Clerk of the Second Judicial District Court of. the state of Nevada, In and for the County of · Plaintiff; vs. WILLIAM COLEMAN, Defendant. The State of Nevada Sends Greetings to the Said Defendant: You arc'hereby.summoned to appear within ten days aftc the service -upon ' you of this Summons if served in said county, or within;twenty days if served out of said county but within said Judicial District, ·· and In all other coses within forty days f exclusive of the day I of service),-and defend the above-entitled action. This action is brought to recover a judgment against you, granting to plaintiff a decree of divorce forever- dissolving the bonds ol matrimony now existing between you and plaintiff on the ground of extreme cruelty, as will more tully appear from the verified complaint on fife herein. Dated thte 27th day 'of Jime, A. D., Washoe. S. H. ROSENTHAL, Attorney for Plaintiffs. ATTEST: A true copy, S. H. ROSENTHAL, Attorney for Plaintiffs. June 28; July 5, 12, It, 26; Aug. 2, 9.' 1928. (COURT SEAL) E. 'H. BEEMER,' Clerk u of the Second Judicial District Court of the State of Nevada, in and for the County of Washoe. ' By RENA SMITH, Deputy. CLYDE~O. .SOUTER, Attorney for Plaintiff. June 28; -July S. 12, 19, 26; Aug. 2, 9. Henrietta Scheibe Riker TEACHER OP VOICE AND PIANO New York Studio, Stelnway Hall Reno Studio, 559 N. Virginia at. Phone 2815 May 1st to November lit Silas E. Ross .J. j. iurlc« ROSS-BURKE COMPANY; FUNERAL DIRECTORS Lady Attendant Corner 4th and Sierra Sto.--Phone 231 BROWN OPTICAL CO. Christie O. Brown, Opt. 28 East Second Street Beno, Nevada Phone 2121 "A Service of Sincerity" Groesbeck $c O'Brien Co. FUNERAL DIRECTORS Lady Attendant Phone 639 ' 220 West Second Street Specializing in OSTEOPATHY Emery M. Lord, M. D., D. O. Hours: 8 to 12 a. m.; 2 to S; 7 to 8 p. m. 451-2-3 Gazette Building Pbone 190 Office: 191 Residence DR. Q.S, WONG HERB SPECIALIST For Acute and Chronic Dlseawj 138 West Street--Phone 422 DR. JOHN P. KILB OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN' Cladtanos Building 118 West Second Street Suite 8r-Teiephone 2774 JOHN W, GRANT, D. C. CHIROPRACTIC Masonic Temple Room 1 Telephone ITT Office Hours: D to 12; 2 to J And by Appointment · H. W. YOUNO ASSAYER AND ANALYTICAL CHEMIST l'/ 2 North Vtiglnla Street--Box 897 DR. T. P. KWAN Graduate of Peking University HERB SPECIALIST 608 North Virginia St.--Phon* 20-ia-W Consultation Free "4 EW SFAPEROII C H I V E '

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