Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 7, 1891 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1891
Page 4
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$••<.,.. ....... ,. John Gray's "CORNER" . Spring Jackets Just Received. Ic/ome at Once, £;. And make Selections. fv S-^n Elegant Line of Stockinette. t FINE PERFUMES :-: A T :-: I-: Parvin's 8j,V |;.' ., ;^.-. | £ll2th-stiDrug Store. : :•: Daily Journal, In the week (except Monday) "'"by W. D. PRATT. i Annnni, - - • - »«OO , Price per.Month. - - - - - 50 I? SATURDAY MORNING, MARCH 7. SPEAKER REED in the.next Cpngress |will strongly suggest to the American |people tne pre&ence of Gulliver amonsr ie Lilliputians. I THIS' Indiana Legislature will be sielebrated in history for the goodwills Mt did not pass, as well as for the bad [ones it did pass. ||i, THE Pharos says: "The fee and Salary bill has been buffetted from one jibuse to another, and the reform may Sail ''altogether.'" The people should Ihave something to say about legisla- Itbrs'who buffet bills instead of passing J;7 O ','."', ' jsthern. - . : SK THEiJDemocratic :papers- should not fw.asfe n all - their rituperation on the ^Indiana Legislature. They should re- |cDeinber : that-the ripper Congress will sineet in • December and' that there is pevery Indication that the English ian- ^uage will be deficient in phrases tstrocg enough to express the universal THE editor of the Delphi Times itically tears his shirt because the ammigr,ation bill provided for aa Im- Imigr'ation Cornrnission fearing, as,'he |8ays.:that-the President might. appoint *""' 'W:': ,D. : Owen and that Mr^ Owen imtght feelect Mr. Ricketts as 'one of ^is clerks.and that "Cholly'V Landis Innght be-indirectly benefitted. The |editor,of the^Times goes-a long ways fjj».}iu_n.tiiQe.a"very small quantity of Igrief.".;'•-.• •. - '-' ; of those occurrences which l*liow up the,.legislature -in its true |i£ht occurred Thursday afternoon. gSome wag sent a message to Senator iMagee stating that Palmer had been fleeted Senator from Illinois. In- Istantlv aft business was dropped and r%. - • , iresolutions 01 congratulation were in- |iaroduced and^passed over the objec- 5 'flons of the^Bfpublicans. The Democrats in the.Senate are always ready tp drop business for politics. 0 ; -'THE'Canadian election Thursday re- ll'ulted in a Tory victory, though the »at gains by the Liberals took all (he joy out of it for the government irty. 'The .Tories will have a majority oi.about seventeen in Parliment, iqiiite a decrease from that of the last as fifty-one. The campaign raa thlemost heated that ever occurred Canada. The issues were adher- jtoice toEngland or universal recipro- Lty watH'the United States. The re- |iialt shows'that when the United States """" ".res" r :"/unrestricted. reciprocity with lanada-it.can bring it about. The ;ertainty. of the action of the United is^d-id much to weaken tbe cause 'the Liberals while popular feeling this dountry in favor of Canadian iiprocity would have strengthened lat party, , Tnrlft* Picture*., ' - ftlltoli Uotatoes in eight'farming States average |)6tt cent* -per bushel; it ln eight raaroifacturtng States 58 cents per bushel,, rtng lil "per cent, higher In manufacturing |»ate«. ItJL foreign' market Is not essential when, you line a home that Is better. •• ' New Tork Press. Political WIiUe-capl«m. Indiana is a great and growing state. It has abundant and varied resources, a mild climate, a ^central location and an intelligent and enterprising population. It is one 01 the^great States of the Union. And yet it has an "Old Man of the Sea," which has always hampered its growth arid checked its prosperity—the Bourbonism of the "one-gallus" Democracy.—Indianapolis Journal. Tlint Alleged LoglNlature. Some practical joker caused the Indiana Legislature to become a trifle more ludicrous thaa usual yesterday when he sent to Senator Magee a telegram that General Palmer had been elected Senator from Illinois. —Terre Haute Express. HARRISON'S TOUR. The J'rnxldent Will Start for Cnllforiilii Xext Month und Will ALxo Vi.sit the South. WASIUXGTOJT, March 0. — President Harrison expects to be accompanied on his duck-hunting- trip bj r ex-Senator SeXvelVof Xew Jersey. Senator Stanford is trying- to induce the president to make his transcontinental trip in time to attend the Stanford university dedicatory ceremonies. This will bring him to San Francftco in April. Secretary Elaine, Secretary Tracy and other members of his cabinet may accompany the president. He has not yet decided positively just when he will leave for the coast, though' it is pretty certain he will start next month. The president will probably go direct to California, and fjiu his return will visit northern and southern cities. Secretary Proctor has left for Tennessee. He is to open the Chickamauga park near Chattanoopi. Ma.j. JIcKinley, Gen. Grosvenor, and other congressmen, and Gen. Henry V. JJoynton will accompany the party. CHILIAN' AFFAIRS. Bnginc-HS .Generally Suspended jn That Un' happy Country— Coast Town* DeHerted. SEW.-YORK, March 6.—A firm engaged in South American trade has received advices from Chili to the effect that business there is generally suspended. The coast towns have been deserted to a large extent by the citizens, who have taken to the hills, fearing a bombardment. A wounded sailor from the man- of-war Esmonda, who is in the, hospital at Valparaiso, says twenty-six men were killed and injured from a ball shell from the shoiL. batteries during the attack. The i-unning of trains on the various railroads has been almost entirely stopped. It is rumored that Santiago is threatened with a. water famine. ^ _ .DIED ON THE PLATFORM. William A. fierce, of Rhode Maud, Ex'• 'plrea" Suddenly Willie Making 1 q^neech. PKOVIDENOE, R. 1., March6.-*William Almy Pierce, of Johnston, died while making a speech at a fireman celebration in that town Thursday night The ' -caxise of his death was heart failure. He was born in 1824. He served several terms in the .state legislature, was chairman of the Rhode Island delegation to the republican convention at Chicago in 1SSO and was a member of the republican national committee. He was also a member of the republican state central committee, of which he was chairman for fifteen years. J'rlcfi of Tea to Advance. J?EW YORK, March 6. — The tea crop this year is 24,000,000 pounds short, and this shortage will cause an increase in price to tbe consumer of ten cents a pound. -Harold Weddle, a tea grower and importer, whose main office is in New York, said that iate advices were to the effect that the shortage was caused by the "blight," a disease which attacks only the tea plant, and which breaks out at irregular periods in the tea plantations of China, India and Ceylon, .which produce nearly all of tie tea that is used in the world. Wed on the Gallows. JJooNviLLE, Mo., March 6. — John Oscar Txirlington was hanged here at 10 o'clock a. m., for the murder of Sheriff Cranrner of Cooper county. Turlington's neck was broken. NEW CASTXE, Del., March 6.— Shakespeare Reeves, alias Jacob Sharkey (colored), was hanged at 10:46 a. m. for felonious assault,commit-ted upon little Grace Clark, a. white girl of 11. years, near New Castle, on Sunday, .September 28, 1890. Interred In Kensal. Green. DbXDON, Mareh'6.— The remains of. the . late Leonard W. Jerome were brought up from Brighton Thursday. After 'the funeral services here 'they were placed in a vault in Kensal Green cemetery to remain until preparations are completed for taking them to New • York for" final interment in the family tomb. -Lady Randolph Churchill and the other daughters were present, together with Minister Lincoln, Consul .General New, the. German ambassador and many friends of the family. Maj. Wlnsman'8 Victory. LONDON, March 6.->-Maj. Wissman has defeated the Kibosh tribe, killing 200, wounding 60 and capturing 50. The German loss was 2 killed and 15 wounded, Thirty thousand head of cattle and much ammunition and ivory were captured. _ Caught in Milwaukee. MILWAUKEE, March 6.— August T. Mack, wanted in Boston for the embezzlement of $5,000 from Cairns & Co., wholesale jewelers, has been arrested here.i has confessed, and will 'be taken back' for trial. •* • • ' _ - . , ••VI. v, j Proceeding* of the MlnerKff: ' '.,,. '••"'•TEKBE HAUTE, Ind., March 7.— Atthe Indiajna miners' convention Thursday it was resolved that the initiation f ee.for non-practical miners be not less than. $20, but that it/vas not to ipply to miners' sons under 16 years. ~' " BLOODY. DEEDS. Sensational Tragedies: in Michigan and Wisconsin, A Girl Killed by Her Jealous Lover Near Port Huron—An Ashland Druggist Murdered. T\VO MICHIGAN TItAGKIMKSt. PORT Huitox, Mich., March 0.—Mrs. Charles Murphy resides on a farm about 15 miles from this city. Wednesday night she sat up with a sick neighbor, leaving her daughter Annie and the hired man, Daniel McMahon, alone in the house. When Mrs. Murphy returned Thursday morning she found her daughter lying dead on her bed, her throat cut from ear to ear. The room bore evidence of a terrible struggle. A trail of blood led to the hired man's rooih, where he was found with his throaj. cut in a like manner. He was still alive, but unconscious. McMahon was a rejected suitor of Annie, and, it is claimed, said that she would never marry anyone else. As she was en- paged to another young man of the neighborhood it is thought that McMahon killed her in a fit of jealousy and then cut his own. throat. PORT HURON, Mich., March 0.—Daniel McMahon, who murdered his sweetheart, Annie Murphy, at Riley Thursday morning and then tried to kill himself, confessed his crime. He was taken before Judge Canfield just after noon and sentenced to the Jackson penitentiary for life. BAY Cm% Mich., March6.—The body of Andrew P. Poison was found in the road several miles west of here early early Thursday morning. The remains were horribly mangled, the head, hips and heels being worn off as though the body had been dragged behind a wagon over tlie'io-y roads. Poison, who owned a thirty-acre farm in Bangor township, was a bachelor and lived alone in a small log house. The officers went to the house Thursday afternoon and found the curtains down, the front door locked and no signs of life anywhere. An attempt to break open the door was met by a sharp report and a revolver bullet crashed through past the officer's face: then with oaths the man within said that he would shoot them all if they did not go away. He continued firing through the door. One shot struck Marshal Dunnigan in the lip, the bullet lodging in his right cheek. Another bullet hit •Adam E. Beatty, a bystander, in the hand. The man was recognized as Henry Hollickcr, of West Bay City. He was ordered to surrender, but he said that he had a thousand rounds of cartridges and would not be taken alive. Kerosene was procured and the officers were about to fire the building when Hollicker showed himself at a window, but when half way out, was seized, overpowered and disarmed. He was brought to the county jail. Evidence thus far ol> tained is that Hollicker Wednesday night hired a horse and buggy at the Sherman livery stable in this city,drove to Poison's house, called him to the door and knocked him down. He then tied the body under the buggy and, after driving seven miles southwest, threw it back of a wood pile. No motive can be assigned for the murder excepting that Hollicker feared Poison would expose him in a "green ffoods" deal. Poison was under bail to appear in the United States court on the charge of using the mails for transacting a "green goods" business with. an. Indiana company. .Two years ago Hollicker was tried in the probate court, charged with insanity, but was discharged. He had threatened to shoot Dr. Randall, of West Bay City. He is 25 years old and a cooper by trade. KILLED BY JItS BEOTHEK-IN-LAW. ' MILWAUKEE, Wis., March 6.—G. M. Steele, a prominent druggist at Ashland, was shot through the heart Thursday by his brother-in-law, W. G. French. The affair occurred in Stecle's drug store and was witnessed by ^evera) persons, the murderer's wife being among the number. French gave himself up immediately after the shooting and was taken to the county jail, where he told the cause of the fatal affray. He claimed that Steele came between him and his family,'his wife making a confident of her brother. At. noon Thursday he followed her to the drugstore and demanded that Steele give up to him money that Mrs. French had deposited there. Steele refused and French drew Ms revolver and fired three shots, two taking effect in Steele> breast and causing instant death. Given Three Yearn for His Fun. YOKK, March 6.—Frank Panza went on'a spree recently and daubed his face with lampblack. He got a revolver, and seeing William Eggans sit- tinh on a barrel outside of No. 330 Morris street, fired three shots at .him just to see, as he explained, how close he could graze him and not hurt him. • Panza testified'that he was a dead shot and that he knew he could shoot a lock of hair from Eggan's .head without injuring him. The jury corftdcted Panza and Judge Martine sentenced him to three years in state prison. Fatal Qatir.el Over the Rigrlit of TVay. MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 0.—M. T. Barginer, living near Greenville, Thursday afternoon shot and killed William Green, a tenant on his farm. A difficulty arose between the two men over the right of way in 'passing, each other in a public road. Green got out of his wagon and started toward.. Barginer. with an as in his hand. Barginer drew a Winchester rifle and '• shot Green between, the eyes, killing, him instantly. . ST. l/ouis," March 6.—A Gainesville (Tex.) special says: . The courthouse at. Archer f^ty was burned Thursday night, togefhcr 'A '*"h nearly all the county rec' ord- I o&s ast.ic.ated at &50,000. INDIANA.: The Apportionment Eill Passed Over the 'Governor's 'Veto. The I.«'ff[h]utur«; .M'oi.t.s, Ind., March 7.—Both housus on Thursday passed the legislative apportionment bill over the gov- ornor's vi-lo: ulso the congressional apportionment liill giving the democrats ten of thii-tec'ii congressmen on the vote of IS^s. -The governor vetoed it and tlu j senate hsis passed it over the veto. The senate passed the house bill raising the st;itc-t;i.\' levy from twelve to eighteen cents. The 1 following bills were passed by .the house: Enabling cities to condemn the right of ,vay of railroads and other corporations when necessary to open streets and alleys; providing for probate commissioners in counties having a voting population in excess of ;!0,000; placing thi j supreme court reporter on 'a salary of §4,000 per year, and declaring the offices of the Richmond asylum trustees vacant. The several nominees for trustees of ..the benevolent institutions, directors of the prisons and state librarian were elected in joint convention Thursday. The following were chosen, all being democrats: Librarian, J. P. Dunn, Indianupolls; trustee Central hospital, Ji. H. Hauser, Monroe county; Northern hospital, David Holt, Noble; Southern hospital. H. Blue, Sullivan; director Northern prison, John Brodle. Porter; Southern prison, Floyd parks. Clark; Blind Institute, J. B. Stoll, St. .Toserh; Deaf and Dumb asylum, J. L. Bliwe. Posey. The trustees of the Richmond hospital were not elected, as it was desired first to pass a law legislating the old trustees out of office. It now seems probable that the fee and salary bill, the most important measure of the session, will fail. The county officers went into a compact with the state officers to try to prevent the law going intt-. operation against those who have been elected. The county officers now. think that the state officers have acted in bad faith, having succeeded in getting their emoluments largely increased by the bill, and in consequence are making a fight on them which seems likely to result in the defeat of the entire measure if the pay of the state officers is not reduced. Trying to Free a Life Prisoner. LOGANSPOKT, Ind., March 7.—A petition for the pardon of Charles Carr, of this city, now imprisoned at Michigan City, has been circulated here and will be forwarded to the governor. It contains the signatures of the members of the Cass county bar, many prominent citizens and the officers at the northern prison.' Twenty years ago Carr, then 17 years old, and a man named Brooks killed Slater, of this city. Brooks was hanged and Carr was sentenced to the penitentiary for life, being merely a tool of Brooks. Can's widowed mother is now 75 years old and destitute. Indiana Agricultural Hoard Troubles. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March?.—Serious complications are ahead in the reorganization of the Indiana state board of agriculture. The old board, known as a. self-perpetuating institution, which has been legislated out of existence, refuses to surrender to the powers until the members are paid ,?S, 000, which they have individually become liable for as sureties. It is also claimed that by the repeal of all other laws relating to the board an annual appropriation of S10,- 000 has been cut off, and if this is true the new board comes into existence without sufficient money to pay a month's salary. Rev. tfamen Caimpbell Acquitted. COLUMBUS, Ind., March 7. — Rev. James Campbell, who, in December .last, was found guilty of criminal relations with a member of his congregation and his punishment fixed by a jury at three years in. prison, but who was granted a new trial, was at 5 p. m. Thursday acquitted of the charge against him. The second trial continued through four days and was one of the most hotly contested cases ever tried in this part of the state. The jury rendered a verdict of acquittal in thirty minutes. JuilS* Wood* to Bo Promoted. IxniAXAPor,is, Ind., March 7.—It is announced that William A. Woods, United States district judge for Indiana, will be elevated to the circuit court of appeals created by congress. This will place Judge Woods in a position co-ordinate with that held by Judge Gresham, and will take him to Chicago, as the new court for this district will be located in that city. Judge Hyron K. Elliott, of the Indiana supreme court, is spoken of as Judge Wood's successor on the district bench.. _______ Didn't Like Married Life. TERBE BAUTK, Ind., March 7.—John W, Buckallew, aged 32 years, tried to kill himself by taking belladonna. He has been married but a month to Emma E. Williams, aged 1C years. They were married at Atwood, 111., where the girl lived. Last Monday his wife left him. They had a quarrel Sunday because she had exhibited the photograph of a former suitor. Temperance Women Carried Their Point. COVINGTOX. 'Ind., March 7.—Frank Cooper, of Attica, made application some days ago for. a .liquor license in this town. The ladies of the place have been exceedingly active in opposition to the granting of the license, and on Thursday nearly f^r'ty of them appeared before the commissioners to urge their plea. The license was refused. • .. iiyjery Confessed. :.. r.'-' GBAND RAPIDS, Mich., March;, 0.— Judge Michael Brown, of Big-Rapids, admitted at the soldiers' home, investigation that he 'had received .1550 from saloon men to defeat the bill forbidding ihe sale of 'liqttor -within- a -mile^of the home, and F. Wv Eollister,:of Saginaw, testified, that he had made §3,000, out. of? plans for additions to the home accepted . while he was state senator 1 . _ ^ I. Highest of all in Leavening Power.—1C..S. : Govt Report, Aug. 17^1889, ABSOLUTELY PURE KLTAI-I.A. Ala.. Marche.—Wednesday night Tom Burnett was called to his' doorway and was shot dead with a load of . buckshot in his brain. Last Christmas JlLirnclt married a daughter of John Scott. The young woman's parents wi>re opposed to the marriage and her i'athvj- has often threatened to kill Burnett. N\> trace can be found .of Scott. Imt His wife was arrested as an accessor v ix'Eovo the fact. IN the garden the best plan of applying commercial fertilizers is broadcasting. In the garden especially it is diffi- qujt to get the soil too rich. THE MARKETS. (;ruLu. Provisions JGto, CHICAGO, March 8. FLOUR—Quiet and steady. Spring Wheat patents, W.00@4.tt); Bakers'. $3.30@3.75; Winter Wheat Flour patents, W.COjJJ.OO, and Straights, S4.40S4.M. WHEAT—Ruled rather llrmer. No. 2 cash, 96!4©97>ic; May, »8,';@897ic. COKN—Fairly active and stronger. No. 5 and No. 2 Yellow, DSJic; May, 58Si@60c; July, 57JJ ©5a;.ic; August, 5?%©5TJic. OATS-Unsettled, No. 2, 48@48ttc: May, 497f ®W?^c: June, 49^@!jO!-B<;; July, 4r>;jj,i2j46jic. Samples in good supply and steady! No. 3, 4Q @48Ho; No. 3 White, 40®30c; No. 2, 49@4(J^c: No. 2 White. 50 <p51 We. EYE—Scarce and firm. No. 3 cash, 87c; Feb ruary, 8flc, and May, 92c. Samples, S7@S8c for No. a, anfl frl^SSc for No. 3. BARLEY—Quiet and steady. Poor, C3@63c; common, W&Kic; lair to good, 64Xa?Oc; choice, 73®74c. MESS PoUK—Trading only moderate and prices steadier. Prices ranged ut 59.70g9.75 for cash; S9.70@9.75 for March; ».eii@10.08>6 for May, and $lU.27!4(g;10.35 for July. LAJID—Market moderately active and prices steadier. Quotations ranged at u5.li5Sj£97S4 for cash; 85.85®.').87W for March; $5.90@5.92!,4 for May, andf0.1L"/,©6.J5 for July. BUTTER—Creamery, 25@35c; Dairy, 20@5Sc; Packing stock, O.a9c, POUT/TRY—Live Chickens, 9@llc per Ib.; Live Turkeys, 0@1 Ic per Ib.; Live Ducks, 8@llc per Ib.: Live Geese, SJ.OOlSi5.00 per doz. OILS—Wisconsin Prime White, 8c; Water 'White, 8!4c; Michigan Prime White, fl'/ic; Water White, lO'/Jc; Indiana Prime White, fee: Water White, lOc; Headlight, 175 lest, 9'/,c; Gasoline, 87 deg's, 14e; 74 deg's, Si»e; Naphtha, 63 deg's, 7c. LIQUORS—Distilled Spirits ruled flrm at $1.14 per gal. for finished goods. NEW YORK, March 6. ,, WHEAT—Advanced X®-;ic in manipulation, tiit a/t noon had reacted ;.ic and 9JC- and 7?as guiet. March $l.li;j<a,l.llJi: May, S1.07JJ©' 1.08«: June, Si.05 7-18@1.037i; July. itl.02Ji ($l.M3£; August, S9'j@99;BC; September, 99}5@ 99Kc., CORN—Firm ?i@'.fc up, fairly active. No. 2, 07!4<a69c; steamer mixed, 67!/,@6S£c. OATS—Quiet, firmer.Western, 54@62c. PROVISIONS—Beef steadj', inactive. Extra mess, ?6.50tt7.25; family, S8.50@ia50. Pork iair flemand, active. New mess. S10.50@ll.20: old mess, $9.25@,lO.OO; extra prime, S9.00S9.SO. Lard quiet, steady. Steam-rendered, S6.0J>4. CLEVELAND, 0., March6. PETROLEUM—Quiet. Standard White, 110 deg. 6Kc; 74 gasoline, S'/io; S8 gasoline, ISc; 63 naphtha, O'/ic, Live Stock. CHICAGO, March 6. CATTLE—Market rather active. Quotations ranged at $5.10©5.65 for choice to fancy- shipping Steers; $4.!iO@.'5.00 for good to choice do.; S3.30lgi4.95 for common to fair do.; S3.CO® 3.50 for butchers' Steers; EJ.25@2.75 for Stockers; 82.75@>4.23 forTexans; i2.90y.3.7S for Feeders; $1.5i)@3.23 for Coivs; Sl.50@3.00 for Bulls, and S3.00@6.00 for Veal Calves. HOGS—Market rather active. Prices 5@10c higher. Saies ranged at $2 60©3.40 for Pigs; $,'i ;i.v.v;..r,o for light; 5a.40M.45 for rough packing: i."iQ3.65 for mixed, and Si3.f-033.75 for hea.y packing and shipping lots. DreadM Psoriasis Covering Entire Body with White Scales—Suffering; Fearful— Currd by Cuticura. W My disease (psoriasis! first broke out on my left check, spreading across my nose, and almost covering my face. It ran into my eyes, and the phj- siclan was afraid I would lose ray eyesight altogether. It spread all over my head, ana my hair - all fell out, until I was entirely bald-headed; It then broke out on my arms and shoulders, until my arms were Just one sore. It'covered my entire body n,> fact-, Lfiid. and shoulders being the worst. The white sfi.hslell constantly trom my litud rfoultifrs. iindornis; the fl- n «<u.d thld-eL ai.d be red and ve)> Itcbjitnd would crai'k ajid bleed II scratched. Af er speniilng raanyh'mdredsol dol- " was pronounced Incura' heard of the Cuticura Re.niedlesTimd after usm • two buttlrs Cuticura Resolvent, I couid'see a change; and after I had token four botiles, I wa= almost curod; and wh»n I had used six bottles ot Cuilcura .Resol- vent, one box of Cuticura, and one caKe of Cuti- cura Soap. I was cured of IDe dreadful disease, from which I had suffTed toryears. I cannot express with a > i-n what 1 suffered before using tbe Eemedies. They saved my life, and I feel it my f*uty to recommend tbem My hair Is restored as good as ever aud so Is my eyesight. MHS. ROSA KELLY, Eockwell City, Iowa. Cutieura Resolvent The new Blood Purifier, internally (to cleanse the blood of all impurities and poisonous elements), and Cutlcura, the great Skin Cure, and Cuticura Soap, and expulr,! 1 e Skin 8naut Her, externally (to clear tbe skin, scalp and restore tbe balr), have cured thousands of casses where tbe shedding of scales measured a quart daily, ttie skin cracked, bleeding, burning, and Itchlni; almost beyond endurance, hair lifeless or all.gnne suffering terrible. What other remedies have made such cures? Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticura, 50e.; Soap, 26e.; Resolvent, $1. Prepared by the Hotter Drug and Chemical Corporation, Boston. I2TSend tor "How to Cure Skin Diseases," 61 pages. 50 Illustrations, and 100 testimonials.' PIM PEES, black-heads, red. rougn, chapped, and oily skin cured by Cuticura Soap.- ,-j . P/ '25 Ccillw. ITSTOPSIHEPAI^, Backache, kidney pain*, wenkcess rheumatism, ai|d muscular pains i e-f llevod In one ralnnto Tiy the Cntlcura AUU-PM.III ' PJaster. TELEGRAPHIC BREVITIES. John Johnson oi' South Bend,'i'n.Si,,? eras killed hy the cars Thursday. Sixteen horses were "hurried in a feed Btahle at Des Moines, Ia,Y;-Th.ursday. . Edward Plott, a young farmer of-Cot- fax, 111., shot and killed himself, -while , tmnting'. .• '' '"•'' ' A violent liui-ricane has swept over Madrid, doing H, great Hmount of damage to property. .The New Orleans and Guli;railroad was sold at United States .^Marshal's sale Thursday for 8123,000. '^ Thomas P. Huff, of .Bloommg^n',rIU,.,; a Chicago & A)tonbrakeman,':feU*under his train and was cut to pieces. 2 '"}, £, •,-.. Ron. William Dudley Foulke' -Thurs-' day resigned the presidency of Swarth.- more college at Richmond, Ind. Near Ellis. Kan., Thursday the body of a sheep herder, frozen to death in the; recent blizzard, was found. The hody had been nearly devoured by coyotes. , • 'p; -'M' ' C1JACOBS Oils P* THE BEST. **< Rheumatism. X. Ogdcn, Mieh., May 17,1890. "A half bottle of your invaluable 'medicine, St. Jacobs Oil. cured me of rheumatism and rheumatic swelling of the Inee. It is the best in the universe." J. M. L. POETER. Neuralgia! Hagcrstown, Md., April 21,1590. "I, and others of my family, have used St. Jacobs Oil for neuralgia and found it a speedy, effective cure." MRS. AGXSSKEU.-.Y. IT HAS NO EQUAL. For a Disordered Liver Try BEECH AM'S PILLS, 25cts. a Box. OF DHTJOO-ISTS. Condensed R. R. Time-Tables,; '^J Pittsburfr, Cincinnati, Chicago.'*; St Ltain B^,;. , (CENTRAL Tiiat.) UKKIVS Bradford Division, UUF» !l:36am» ..... .EasittaExpress.'...., lK» ; im» -'• 1:16 p.m* ......... J<'4stLlne ......... 155.paV . ;/. iaopmt ..... Accommodation ...... SSOamt 9:46 a rof.Marlon Accommodation. 450 p mr • JttichjBond IMvwioa. 8:00 am". ...Night Express ....... l:05ain*> 11:10 a mf..'... Accommodation. ...... 55'amt 1:80 p m'-'.-.TiayExpress ........ l:25pm" ' U:iO pmf: ____ Accommodation ...... 3SU"pmt-/'- Indianapolis Division. 220 a m*... .Night Eitpress ....... U65a,m' . • 130 p m*.... Day Express ........ 128 pin* CtlcajfO IMTlsion. - UriOa in*.,.. Night Express......... aio'a. m*' U5pm» ........ FastLlHe ......... 126pm« 1:47 p m* ............ Fast Line ............ 1:47 p'm« ll:30amt _____ iccommodatlon ...... 4aOpm*' 715prat ..... Accommodation ...... 615 sm^ State lAne Division./; •] p . ]'[ l:SOp mt....MaU and Express.. ... S^Oamt 7:45 amt ......... Express ......... 725pmt 11:15 a mt ....... Local Frelgct ...... U-JOanat Trains marked * run dally. Train 8 marked t run dally except Snndar. Vandalia Line. SOUTH BOTND. i- '•'•>. m-n'fff Local Freight ............... ** ............... •gm.touiM Terre Haute Express ..... _ .................. 7:25 a m Mall Train ..................................... .. ZMI) P m HOHTH BOOMp.. ; ,. ;l , rj , , ( .-.,.., . Local FnJght........ ............ _i™.!i-,.™-^«.500 a m Mall Train ................. _ ..................... 1U»6 a m South Bend Express ............ _.:. ....... ^•S^.pnj-, Torough Freight..... .................... ...... 8£Sj) m : , Close connections lor Indianapolis yla OoUwc now made by .all, our passenger train*.— J.'.<X..c; Bdgworth, agent. .. / "^ "• Railroad. - K . ... ....... ., .. .,., New York Expres, daily ......... . ..... V. . . ^5=* i'ni •'•"• •"' ' Ft Wayne(Pas.) Accm.,except Sunday 8:18 a m Kan City & Toledo Ex,,e.xcepcSundayll'-J5'am Atlantic Express, daily ..................... ,.4,-QG.p m „ , Accommodatlou.Frt., exceptSunday,-fl:28 p m-' WEST BOHKD. .,.,...-,,„.. Pacffic Express, dally...!. ........... .'.i:.'.?.7.-62ain"'' Accwmmodatlon Fit, except Sunday.'.12.dSp m Kan City Ex., except Sunday .............. Srf6.-pru : Lalayette (Pas) Accra., except Sunday 60S p m , : •. . .-• St, Louis Ex., dally ........................ 1032 p m Eel River JMv.,'IiO|s:aiiisport, WeM Side Beiwocn tos;ui>*port and Cbili. . „ . , EAST BOUND. '-'• u'-*' • Acconunodatlon, ex. Sunday, Leave, .lOffilam.'i : . [; Accommodiitlon, ex. Sunday, Leave.. 4:40 p"in:; j'. 1 ,; WEST BOKn>. .. .. ••-.'. i i; :'., Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive. Accommodation, ex. Sunday, Arrive, WANTED. W ANTED a few persons in each place to dp .,... writing at home. Enclose lOc. for ' 400 page--- ----book with particulars to J.H. Woodbury, Station p D, New York Ci'y. .. ' ' . ' ocmoUi-^E^i W ANTED—An active, .reliable •,man-«alaiyj>J S7O to S80 monthly, with increase, tp re- ,,, present In Ills own section a responsible-New-'•• York House. References. Haruilacturer, Lock,,, •;. Box 1685,NewYorfc. -•- '' - ; - .-" A Chartered Countctlcut Life insirranje Co., wants a Gentleman Manager for this.locality. fl ,--\' A good man can make personally $2.W '."per'ygat," and clear $1.00'V'from bis subs,r Addre88,---Maiia?j' .'.'Jr.? ger, Box 67. Waterbnry, Coan. febSaGt „ Arrr- fA (POKn A MO3JTH. can"be made' 3>/0 lu (bZO.U working for UK . Pernohss s>:.v; preferred who can turnlsh a horse and give their „., whole time to the business. Spare moments may — ' be profitably employed also. A. few, vacancies In.,..,,,,^ towwand cities. B.T. JOHNSON-A CO:" -260&'' 1 ' " MalnPt SrLhmond. V» .... -,;., ; J-.rnar,ldJy ; -.^''jsh W ANTED— An Active- S — - -.. Salary *7,5 to #1OO, to locally represent a ' successfnl N. Y. Company Inoorated to gupplj Dry Goods. Cletbtag. Shoes. Jewelry, etc, (» Wt,, snmersatcost Alsoalndy t)f tact »»l*nH »4O, to enroll members OSO,<H>Ounow emVlea.: 81OO.OOO paid In). Hel'ererices : coccbanged Empire Co-operatUe Association- (credit »• d)Icck Bex CIO. Is. 1. S3'-'

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