The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1953 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1953
Page 14
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FACE FOURTEEN (AhK.; CUUKiliK MKWS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24, 19M Is Canasta Dirty Red Subversive Trickery? By RELMAN MORIN NEW YORK (AP) — About four years ago, something called canasta reached these shores, probably by slithering down a ship's hawser in the dead of night. Soon after, came the two-headed cousin, samba, yuck-yucking and drooling. Now, this nation has had fevers before, but they have always run their course and vanished in fairly short order. It has survived such innocent lunacies as the helmet hat, bell-bottom pants, yo-yos, the maxixe, and gold fish swallowing contests. But this canasta-samba business goes right on, and I am beginning I to view with alarm. They say bad money drives out good, and apparently that goes for games, too. Try and find a proper rubber of britjge these days. That plastic ash-tray comes In with the coffee, and another dreary evening begins. Dirty Subversives It has occurred to me that these two travesties of skill and intelligence Dear some resemblance to what is known as Russian bank. Could it be, do you suppose, that their true names are canastavitch and sambaskapol? Is it possible that they were introduced by Russian agents in order to tear down the moral fibre of America, undermine our institutions, debauch our young people, and paralyze the brains of their parents? It seems so obvious. Bridge has the classic beauty, balance and symmetry of a Greek temple. To play the game to the hilt I calls for a top I. Q., great force ! of character, shrewd judgment of ! opponents, keen intuition, dash and daring. A nation of bridge .players, therefore, would be a dangerous enemy. Moscow knows that as well as anybody. By contrast, canasta and samba require nothing beyond the ability to sit, and to distinguish a spade from a diamond. Don't Think They are, if I may say so, preeminently pastimes for women. You don't have to think; in fact, it's better not to. Even at a crucial point, the ladies can go right on yattering about Jimmy's croup and the lovely doilies Louella got lor $1.98. So now try to picture a nation composed entirely of canasta and samba plaeyrs. It would be soft, effeminate, fuzzy-headed, a pushover for the first tough customer that comes along. Do you think the Kremlin hnsn't thought of that? It is no coincidence, I believe, that canasta did not appear here until the Russians had run into some serious set-backs in the cold war. When we rared up and banged them with the Berlin nir- i lift and beat their guerillas on the Greek border, it became obvious that we weren't as soft as we looked. Teen-Ager Kills, Mutilates Girl That was the moment picked to ship over the red three's, wild jokers and deuces, the arguments about the closed-versus-open canasta, and the nonsensical business of drawing two and discarding one. Oh, they knew what they were doing, all right! It had been reported, and accurately, that Dwight D. Elsen- hower, who was then a five-star general, and his chief of staff in NATO, Gen. Al Greunther, are both hot bridge players. The plot could hardly be plainer. If the Reds could get these two to forsake bridge for canasta, the Western defence alliance would never come into being, and in ATLANTA (fP> — Eighteen-year- old David Gene Price admitted, police said, that he killed a crippled next door neighbor whose mutilated and nude body was found in a suburban wooded section Monday. The youth then asked police to telephone his mother to bring him "some real scary murder comics and some hot dogs." Detective Supt. Glynn Cowan said the youth told him yesterday that he choked Betty Bagby. 22. after having Intercourse with her Saturday night, then dropped a stone upon her head. They had quarreled, Price told police, over taking ,a bus home instead of a taxi. He said he didn't have money enough for a cab. The young woman's left breast Was almost severed. Cowan said Price told police he remembered nothing about the mutilation but added: "I could have done it." He was held on a charge of suspicion of murder. Football in the United States was at its lowest ebb in 1905, when the fate of the »ame nuns in the balance due to the vast number of injuries, etc. fact, Die whole struggle would be over, then and there. They have accused us of attempting germ warfare in China. I think it is high time for the U. N. to go formally into the uqestion: Who introduced canasta and samba into the U. S.? If the responsibility can be pinned where I suspect it belongs, the Rusian w ni ' 'nad ducks in world public opinion. Mom's Money Blown on Races NEW YORK UPI — Henry Way, who lost his mother's $1,1.000 life savings on the Kentucky Derby, escaped a trial for grand larceny yesterday »'hcn the little 71-year-old woman forpave all. Mrs. Lillian Way refused to press a complaint that her son took the money from a joint safe deposit bo> to bet on the Derby. "I haven't long to live," she said '•I hope God will forgive my sins and I want to forgive my son's." Way, 43. who has three children and one grandchild of his own, had bet the money on Derby favorite Native Dancer and lost by a head A grand larceny indictment against him was dismissed. Weeping, he told the judge: "I'll sign mv house over to my mother and give her everything I've [;ot. She ran live with me for the rest of her life.' ' 120-Mile Commuter WHITEWRIGHT, Tex. W) — For Fireman O. R. Edwards, goint,' to and from work is a 120-mile round trip. Edwards runs a farm near this North Texas town, but also holds down a fireman's job in Dallas CO miles away. Average altitude of West Virginia is 1500 feet, highest of any state east of the Mississippi River. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK Guaranteed Grovers Body & Radiator Shop 508 Cl. Lake Avt. Pho. 6081 INSECT DAMAGE TO CROPS? We offer to the farmers free field inspection for Thrips, Army Worms, Red Spider, and other insect damage. The BIytheville Soybean Corporation has engaged a qualified entomologist to make inspections and recommendations. If you have insect or poison problems, feel free to call on us at any time. BIytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phones 6856 — 6957 — 6858 Headquarters for Toxaphene, DDT and 01 her Poisons. COLD COMFORT—Demonstrating a 'new technique in heart surgery, Aclele Masulis allows herself to be "frozen" in Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago. The patient is packed in shaved ice and the body temperature is brought down to 19 degrees to combat the problem of poor circulation. So far, three patients, who otherwise might have died, have been successfully "frozen." Laxative-Menace Read Why Many Laxative Drugs Impair Health Cause Many Serious Digestive Disorders DOCTORS WARN AGAINST Doctors denounce habit-forming laxatives and "purging" cathartics that irritate and shock the system. They've seen the serious effects on nerves and digestion. They say* "the habitual use of irritant cathartics such as cascara, aloes, senna, castor oil, phenolphthalein, etc., is a most harmful practice and may provide the basis for serious gastric intestinal disturbance." N 0 'V ... there is a new SAFE way to gain and maintain comfortable regularity without dosing with vicious drugs that punisn your system — undermine your health. A new colloidal substance has been proved so perfect that it may replace all harmful laxatives.. Doctort Proli* Now Natural.Acting Colloid Medical tests on hundreds of constipation victims prove that it is absolutely effective and completely safe — even for aged and infirm. 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Hllario, 26, is usually described as a "Manila multimillionaire." but he said he was no sucr thing. "I'm fresh from college and looking for a job," he said yesterday. The Hilarios. who were married four months ago, are in San Pron- cisco for the Junior Chamber International Congress. Sttibbornntis Mutt Run in the Family MIDDLEBURY, Vt. (P> — Harry Provencher of Vergenne* wa« drlv. ing along a narrow dirt road when his auto collided with another car at the brow of a hill. , Harry got out to argue with th« ' other driver. It was his brother. Art, of Bridport. Quality and Economy... StJoseph ASPIRIN SAVE MOST-200 TABLETS 79(. This simple trick in arithmetic gave me... 4 handsome outfits for the price of o/i/j/ TWO I Get 2 Cool, Smart, Wrinkle-Resistant ft PALM BEACH* Suits Wear them Mixed or Matched... Have 4 Smart Outfits Get 2 Palm Beach suits, each in a contrasting color. Switch coats and trousers. Have 4 handsome outfits. 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