The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1953 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 24, 1953
Page 11
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, TOMB M, isss K/TTHEflLLH (XMC.)' (JOITXITO PAGE EtliTlBW Rhee's Action Isn't Surprising; MwaysSaidHe dHaveHisWay By JAMES MAR LOW WASHINGTON (AP) — As it reaches its third birthday tomorrow the Korean War has* ecome one of the most frustrating chapters in the history of mankind. South Korea's President Syng- itn Rhee, whose troops couldn'l : long against the Chinese if j.s United Nations allies pulled out id left him alone. Is attempting dictate to them the terms, on jhich they can have a truce. '.:9p'f gambling, of course, that jp&' won't leave him. But what '">y be overlooked is that Ehee 'lade it clear long ago he'd get Is way or else. No one, perhaps 'scause he seemed so helpless by imself, seemed to take him ser- J'Usly. i There is no doubt South Korea ilould have beer, wiped out by the •'orth Korean Communists, and Mat Rhee would have lost his :ablic and maybe his life, if the N. had not stepped in to bail :ira out. lated Terms i But from the moment they began turn the tide for him back in ;)50, he began to state the terms i'l which he would permit a truce. e has repeated them, In one form '-• another, ever since. :So, no matter what they say oout his lack of gratitude, he can least claim he has been coti- i.stent and that If his performance low appears as a surprise it must ( i~ only because no one listened to im. .By mid-August, 1950, the Amer- 'ans had saved South Korea from Jj.'Jhilation, and Rhee began tell: the Allies the kind of peace he : ould insist upon. '•I At that time when former Pres- lent Truman was assuring Rhee fie North Korean invaders would 5 expelled from South Korea, nee replied: "We shall complete '.aiflcation of North and South :orea for all time." : Sept. 28 of that year Rhee an- punced his government would ac- Spt only the unconditional BUT- aider of the Invaders. On Oct. 14 .hee rejected a U. N. decision lat his South Korean government mid not rule temporarily in North orea until a Korean national ection was held. That was .when the Allies were lasing the' North Koreans back fer the 38th Parallel, which sep- •ates North and South Korea, ater that fall the Chinese came to the war and .beat the Allies ack below the 38th. Wanted to Take Charge By the summer of 1951 the Allies ad Communists began their truce Iks, which were to continue for lother two years before there was yen sight of truce. But the Irrepressible Rhee was to take full charge of the terms on which the Allies could settle. There isn't room here for all he said. He was beginning to think he was getting under Truman's skin but was quoted as saying thai even though Truman didn't like him he'd say what he pleased. On Sept. 20, 1951, Rhee said the U. N. should .not resume the cease- fire conferences except on these conditions: (1) The Chinese. Reds should withdraw from Korea; (2) the North Koreans should be disarmed; (3) North Koreans should be granted full and equal representation in the Southern National Assembly through U. N.-observed elections; and (4) the U. N. should set a time limit for Communist acceptance of these terms and break off the cease-fire talks permanently if the Reds didn't meet the deadline. The terms he laid down yesterday, almost two years later, while not identical on all points, had some similarities. Yesterday he said he would not agree even to a truce, much less a peace settlement, unless; )1) He got a mutual security pact with the United States (a demand he had expressed before); (2) there were plans for simultaneous Cross Burned AtNashvile Lawyer's Home NASHVILLE, Tenn. (ff) eight-foot cross was burned night in front of the home of Fyke Farmer, 51, Nashville lawyer who raised the legal point on which Justice Douglas based his stay of the Rosenberg's execution last week. Farmer, who returned from Washington Sunday, passed the incident off as the work of "some young Dranksters." No arrests have been made. An last 5c/iumon Planners Homed to Serve Again STRASBOURG, France W>) — France's Jean Monnet and his eight colleagues in the High Executive which runs the six-nation Schuman :oal-Steel Pool have had their Jobs extended for a second year. The Schuman group's Assembly gave them a virtually unanimous 'ode of confidence last night. Four West German Socialist members abstained. withdrawal of U. N. and Chinese Red forces from Korea; (3) the war would be resumed if there is no political settlement within 90 days. But the U. N. friends of South Korea can't force the Chinese out unless (I) the Chinese agree (2) the Allies are willing to open a great offensive to force them out. Nor can the Allies force the Chinese into any other agreements except by victory after * great offensive. There may be surprise that Rhee has made hash of a Korean truce but no surprise that he long ago indicated he would unless he got his way. CANNED SAFETY-This "modern" traffic signal will flash its three-way safety signals, on a heavily-traveled UN supply route near the Korean front. Made from old food and coffee cans, it gets its .illumination from Christmas tree bulbs Holding il is Pfe. John J. Sting- len, of Philadelphia, Pa., who is with the' 45th "Thunderbird" Infantry Division. 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No bets are being taken on what may happen next year, t Red Chinese Ship Enters Hong Kong HONG KONQ W)—A heavy police guard barred newsmen today from the 7,600-ton Chinese Communist ship Nam Hal, here for engine repairs and believed the first Red Chinese ship to enter Hong Kong In almost two years. The Nam Hai crept into, the harbor before dawn yesterday from Canton and anchored at a commercial buoy. Shipping sources said the vessel came in ballast for repairs she could not get in Canton. Weights Weighed Gross weight is the whole weight, including the goods and package; tare weight is the weight weight is the weight of the goods of the package alone, and net alone. BOB'S ELECTRIC for • Air Conditioning Installation & Service • Repair Service • Wiring • Motors Phone 2423 956 E. Main Spanish Base Deal Nearly Concluded WASHINGTON (/P)—The United Stnles is reported nearlng linnl RRreement for use of Spanish naval and air bases in return for large- scale military and economic aid. Top officials confdently expect \ three separate agreement! spelling out these Spanish-American ties will be signed sometime this summer. Tentative plans call for the Eisenhower administration to provide the Franco government with about 200 million dollar! In military Mid economic assistance during the fiscal year beginning July 1. As part ot the deal beng worked out in Madrid, the American government is reported ready to spend additional huge sums running on about half a dozen Spanish ir and naval bases. Spain would agree to lease these high strategic air and naval installations to the U. S. to help in the defense of Western Europe against communism. Lonr To Build It took 14 years for the actual construction o( the Washington monument in Washington, D.C. A further period of 36 years elapsed between (lie laying of the cornerstone and the dedication, because of a lack of funds. Zookeeper h Alltrgle To Animals DENVER W)—After 17 yean MTT- ice as Denver look'eeper, <Jeorf» H. 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