Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 7, 1965 · Page 7
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 7

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 7, 1965
Page 7
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5ATI .'?' r '!iv Gi.crr. ~MV/CrD MICHIGAN The POWER of FAITH 8:30, JO and 11:30. Confessions: j Is postal tradition to Issue commemorative stamps on the death of a former President. The design ot the stamp is based on a photograph that was the o f - flcial portrait for the 1932 presidential campaign. Collectors desiring first-d a y cancellations may send addressed envelopes together with remittance to cover the cost of Saturday, 4 to 4:30 and 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. Zion Lutheran (Wisconsin) The Rev. E. C. Leyrer, pastor Summer schedule: Divine services, 11. MONTREAL Sacred Heart Roman Catholic. The Rev. Paul Ischler. pastor. Summer schedule: Masses, 7 and 9 a.m. WAKEFIELD Apostolic Lutheran. English and Finnish services, 7:30 p.m., Wo// /s Symbol of Struggle Between Communists, Church By GENE KRAMER LONZA, Poland CAP) - A moss-covered wall has become a symbol of the struggle between Poland's Communist regime and the Roman Catholic with the Rev. Usko Petaisto of-1 rj a y Covers Herbert Hoover 'stamp." Requests must be postmarked not later than Aug. 10. the stamps to be affixed to the j church Postmaster, West Branch, Iowa I offU-ip.1? of this town 100 miles 52358. The envelope to the Post-, northoa ,, t of Warsaw want the master should be endorsed "First I walli enclosing church property, IVoy and Dale Evans Rogers, the adors, are potent witnesses to faith. Their strong belief in service to God and mankind appears in every phase of their active lives. Even in their program', they include religion. When Roy first proposed it his managers objected, but he won out. Their hymns have been an inspiration lo all who have heard them. The joys and sorrows of raising an international family, their own and adopted, have added vigor to their faith. Their love for children has resulted in well over 2,000 hospital visits and thousands of long distance calls. The royalties from the six books Dale has written are turned over to charities, mostly for children. In 1964 Dale received the "Women of the World" award from international Orphans Inc. and "Church Woman of the Year" from Religious Heritage of America. Roy has been named Honorary Knight for life and Dale, Lady of Camelot, by Roundtable International for their "distinguished service to humanity . . ." The "King of the Cowboys" and his "Queen of the West" have done much to proclaim the kingdom of God. ~'AP Newsfeatures. Churches of the Cogebic Rang< And Ontonagon Country ficiatlng. Bethany Lutheran f Missouri). The Rev. Toivo Miettinen, pastor. Morning worship, 8:30. First Lutheran (LCA) The Rev. Rudolph Kemppainen, pas Summer schedule: English worship, 9: Finnish worship, 10:30. Calvary Baptist The Rev Paul King, pastor. Bible study, 10: morning worship, 10:45; youth hour, 6:15; evening service, 7. Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic. The Rev. Charles Daniel, pastor. Masses, 7, 8:30 10 and 11:15. Immanuel Lutheran (LCA). The Rev. Wallace Leno. pastor. Worship services, 8 and 11. [Methodist. The Rev. James S. Lumsden pastor. Morning worship, 9:30; Sunday School, 10:45. ONTONAGON Assembly of God. The Rev. F*. E. Sarbo, pastor. Sunday School, 9:45; morning woiship, 11; eve: ning service, 7:45. 1 Baptist. The Rev. Will 1 a m Kirkpatrick, pastor. Sunday i School, 10; morning worship, 11; Young People's meeting, 5:30; evening service, 7. Church of the Ascension. Episcopal. The Rev. C h a r le s Swinehart, pastor. Morning prayer and sermon, 9. First Presbyterian. George L. Hunt, student pastor. Morning worship, 9:30: Bible Class, 10:35. ! Holy Family Roman Catholic. | The Rev. Charles Herbst, pas| tor. Masses, 8 and 10; weekday j Masses, 6:45 and 7:30; baptisms i by appointment. ! Methodist. The Rev. George ; A. Luciani pastor. Morning wor- \ ship. 9. ] St. Paul's Lutheran (M 1 s- jSouri). The Rev. David Musall, ; pastor. Morning worship, 9; Sun- I day School. 10. i Siloa Lutheran (LCA), The ' ' —~ — I Rev. Edward J. Carlson, pas- IRONWOOD i Sunday School, 10; morning wor-j tor. Morning worship, 9. Apostolic Lutheran, S u t h e r-i ship, 11; evening service, 7. . WATERSMEET land. Walter Rcini, pastor. Trinity Lutheran (Missouri),] Baptist. The Rev. Albert Services in English, 10. and Fin-; Lake and Margaret. The Rev. j stover, pastor. Sunday School, nish, 10:45. i R. W. Heikkinen, pastor. Fin- 9:30; morning worship, 10:30; Assembly of God, McLeocl and j nish service 7:30; Sunday School, i evening service, 7. SALUTE TO MISSIONERS MARYKNOLL, N.Y (AP) torn down for a street-widening traffic improvement and project In -iiid-June, priests placed a j Madonna and child on a pedes- -Aital just inside the wall, right at huge 114-year-old bell, which once called Buddhist monks to prayer at a temple in Japan, rang out here in mirj.-J u n e , marking the departure of 47 the blind street corner the city wants to round off. Thus the corner became a holy place. Jerzy Newelski, vice president of the government's Dis- newly ordained priests as Catho-j trict Council, told newsmen: lie missioners in foreign lands. "We regret that the church put The bell, a landmark at the! that figure there. We don't want Maryknoll Major Seminary! a fight. This should be settled 5n humanitarian fashion. But the bishop'? secretary, a backward here, is rung only once a year —on "Departure Day " I priest, is playing on the feelings I of the people. They have made it ' now so people will say 'Look now the Communists are oppressing the church'." Mayor Ignacy Kosinski said the wall will be pulled down if no agreement is reached by Nov. 1 The officials said they have good relations with the bishop of the Lonza diocese, but that decisions are made by his secretary, the Rev. Jozef Biernacki. They said Father Biernacki refuses to accept the legal price of 65,000 zlotys—$2,700—for the property Father Biernacki will say nothing, but priests at the Lonza Curia treat the wall question as a test of strength and describe it as a small example of the state pressure they feel is on all sides Priests said if the Church accepts compensation for its prop-1 ning Aug. 18. erty at the Lonea wall, permission may be withheld for a new wall after the street is widened. They would agree, they said, if the city would just move the Madonna and rebuild the wall. City officials said this would not be legnJ Priests denied the charge of town officials that they are blacklisting townspeople who agree lo removal of the wall. Underlying the wall quarrel is I a long struggle over religions i teaching of Polish children, a ' source of bitterness on both sides. Defending state regulation of the catechism classes, Newelski said "My 8-year-old son does not attend, and the instructor made an organized campaign among the other boys to ostracize him." A Daily Thought Tine Lord is my shepherd, 1 shall not want; he makes me lie down in green pastures. Ht leads me beside still waters.— Psalms 23:1-2. Only God can fully satisfy the hungry heart of man. — Hugh Black. NEW PARTNERSHIP NEW YORK (AP) — After nearly 18 centuries of hostility between Judaism and Christianity, "perhaps we have now learned" that they "are not so much on opposite sides of the fence as on the same side," says a Jewish scholar, Rabbi Dr. Samuel Sand- mel. In a new book, "We Je w s -,. c _ . | and Jesus" (Oxford), he writes: bnips iet exercise "We are unable to see any clear NORFOLK, Va. (AP)— Three i picture of any profound distance U.S. warships will join navai j between units of eight South American ! Jews." nation. 0 , in a four-month antisub- j Jesus and his fellow marine warfare exercise begin-1 Dante Alighieri, who wrote "Inferno," died Sept. 14, 1265. Curry. The Rev. N. L. Shotwell, 18:30; English service 9. Holy pastor. Sunday School. 10: wor-.; Communion at both worship serv- ship service, 11; youth service, '' ices 6:30; evening service, 7:30. Wesley Methodist, McL e o d Bethany Covenant, 333 S. Mar-' a »d Mansfield. The Rev. Frank Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic. The Rev. S. Bottoni, pastor; Tecnny Fathers, Villa St. Thomas, assoc i a t e s. Masses, 7:30. 9:30 and 11. United Church ot Christ. The quette. The Rev. Ralph Dirksen, l Lcineke, pastor. Summer schec'r pastor Worship service, 9:3o!l ule: Worship service, 9:30; j Rev. Fred I. Babcock, pastor. with Allen Johnson, Covenant j Church School, Thursday, 10 j Worship service, 9. Point camp director and campus ! a - m - | WHITE PINE pastor of the University of Tlli-! Zion Lutheran (LCA), Lowell nois, officiating. ! and Midland. The Rev. T) omas First Baptist, U36 S. Mans-. A. Schultz, pastor. Summer ice. 7:30 a icld. The Rev. Frank A. Oslin,; schedule: English worship, 9;; Faith L Community. The Rev. George A. Luciani pastor. Worship service. 7:30 a.m. field. The Rev. Frank A. Oslin, i scneauie: njngnsn worsnip, sr, \ Faith Lutheran (LCA). The! pastor. Sunday School, 10; i Finnish Communion worship, ll;jRev. Edward J. Carlson, pastor. morning worship 11; Junior with Pastor Oliver Hallberg offi-j Morning worship, 11. Youth and Senior Groups, 6:30; elating. Coffee hour after both St. Jucle Roman Catholic. The gospel service 7'30 ' ''services honoring the Rev. and Rev. George Pernaski, pastor. Church of ' the ' Nazarcnc.' Mrs ' Thomas Schullz ancl family ' | Masses> 7:3 ° G r e e n b u s h. Sunday School,; BESSEMER . 8:30; morning worship, 10:30; First Presbyterian. The Rev. i Young People's meeting, 6:45; Winifred Lpmas, minister. Morn-j evening worship, 7:30. j ing worship, 9, with Maurrice Church of the Transfiguration, Bennett in charge. Episcopal, Aurora and Mar- St. Sebastian Roman Catholic.; quette. The Rev. Robert C. Kil- The Rev. Chester M. Franczek, Stamp News By SYD KRONISH AP Newsfeatures bourn, rector. Holy Eucharist, : pastor; the Rev. Raymond Val-j When Australia converts to a 8; morning prayer, 10. j erio, assistant. Masses 6, 8, j decimal system of currency' First Church of Christ, Scien- 9;3 ° and n - Corporate Commu-jon Feb. 14, 1966, there will bej tist, East Aurora. This Church is a Branch of The Mo t h e r nion for members of the Holy j 22 new decimal-currency post- i Name Society at 8 a.m. Mass, j age stamps issued replacing thej Church The First Church of Sharon Lutheran (LCA), The, old. There will be a stamp for! * ..... . _ I Orttr f~* OotffVirNMri F-T/llmOC *"1QC. : jii-t.-»V» fin-r^t- imli>.n 1-sy-i i-t**n j-ivi 1 i~,f,fi Christ Scientist, Boston. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship, 11. First Presbyt e r i a n, Norfolk Trinit y Lutheran (Missouri). and Aurora The Rev. Kenneth The Rev. Clifford Brege, pastor. F Moreland, minister. Summer i Worship service. 9; S u n d a y schedule: Woship service 9:30,: ocnooi, lu. with the Rev. Richard Lupke,' RAMSAY Chicago, officiating. > Christ, the King Roman Cath Grace Lutheran (LCA), Nor- olic. The Rev. B. Neil Smith, Rev. C. Raymond Holmes, pas-: each cent value between 1 and' tor Matins 8; divine worship/ 9:30. folk anci Auiora. The Rev. Kenneth L. Nerenz, pastor. Worship service, 3 a.m. HoSy Trinity Roman Catholic, 117 IS. Aver. The Rev. Ambrose Matejlk, pastor. Masses, 6, 7:30, fc:30 and 31. Jehovah's Witnesses, Superior and Midland. Watchtower study, 2. Newport Methodist, 304 Bon- pastor. Masses, 7, 8:30 and 10; j • confessions Saturday, 4 to 5 and! 10, then one for 13 cents, 15, 7 to 8 p.m. Riverside Bible. The Rev Dale Lennon, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30; morning worship, 10:30; evening service, 7. HURLEY First Prcsbyternan, 4th Ave. S. The Rev. Nathan L. Daynard, 20. 24, 25, 30, 40, 50, 75, $1, $2; and $4. Eight new designs will! be introduced but existing ones! will be continued for some! stamps where the decimal cur-' rency value is the same as the j present value. j Also announced by the Aus-j minister. Summer schedule: j tralian News & Information nle. The Rev. James Lumsden, worship service 9 j Bureau is the issuance of a new pastor. Sunday School. 10; morn-, st Mary Rom ' an catholic. 5th'5-pence stamp honoring the 50th ing worship, 11. j Ave g The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Mi- anniversary of the death of St. Ambrose Roman Catnonc, | c j iae j A prock, pastor; the Rev. i Lawrence Hargrave, aviat i o n 118 S. Marquette; The Rt. Rev. Ms&r. Joseph Dunleavy, pastor; Richard Burzynski, first assis-! pioneer and explorer. The new tant, the Rev. Benjamin Bonne-; stamp depicts a portrait of Har- •• - ___ . LCIHI.» l/HC iVV, V . A-'V-llJ tAAiJii* .t^WklJtV' j (J u I* * 4 4 f ^.i^f^i^^u M J.TW* v» v^*w u» ,».«.u*. i the Rev. August f ranczeK, as- j prise second assistant. Sunday : grave and a fascimile of his own! sociate, Masses, 6, 7:JO, J:JU j MasseSt e, 8. 30 and 11:30: Feast I sketch for the seaplane he built I and 11. ! Day Masses, 6, 8 and 11:30 Jin 1902 — his fourth fulls iz el St. Luke's Lutheran »™ s -1 am . an( j g p.m.; daily Masses, j aircraft. Hargrave's problem! souri*. The Rev. uaie nun-, during scnoo i year, 6:30, 8 and j was the lack of a powerful en-i Schneider pastor. Worship serv- icess. 9 and 11: Sunday School, 10. St. Michael's Roman Catholic, 126 W. McLeoci. The Rev. Francis X. Ronk o w s k i, pastor Easter Masses: High, 6 and 9:30; Low, 7:30 and 11. St. Paul Lutheran (LCA), 113 8. Curry. The Rev. Oliver A. Hallberg, pastor. Finnish worship, 8:30; English worship, 9:45. St. Simon's Eastern Orthodox, Harding. Special services, 10, with the Rev. John Meyandorf. New York City, officiating. Confessions will b« heard from 9 to 11:10. • gino necessary for heavier-than-l St. Paul's Lutheran. (Wiscon- i air machine — an honor which 1 sin), 2nd Ave., N. The Rev. i fell to the Wright Brothers i iv E. C. Leyrer pastor. Summer i 1903. i schedule: Divine service, 9. a <? * i IRON KELT : President Johnson has order- Our Saviour's Lutheran. (Mis- ed a commemorative stamp to; souri). The Rev. Theodore C. Predoehl, pastor. Worship service, 7:30 p.m. MERCER be Issued in honor of Adlai Stevenson, the late U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Johnson said that Stevenson Church of the Nazarene. The | had "touched the lives, the! Rev. Miles Finley, pastor. Sunday School, 9:30, morning worship, 10:30. Young People's meeting, 6:45, evening service, 7:30. Methodist. The Rev. Lester A. minds and the hearts of his countrymen as few other Amer- j icans have done" and "it is I fitting that we pay the honor that we can to this exceptional! man." 10. Dinner will be served at noon. Salem Lutheran (LCA), Aurora «nd Marquette. The Rev. jOtt, pastor. Worship service and' *• * * Kenneth L. Nerenz, pastor. Wor- Sunday School^ 9. The 5-cent U.S. stamp corn- ship services, 9 and 10:30. St. Isaac Jogues and Compan- memorating former President Salvation .Army. Ayer anC ion Roman Catholic. The Rev Herbert Hoover will be issued Mansfield. Capt. Janet Endres, j Walter A. Torkildson, pastor. ; Aug. 10 at, West. Branch, Iowa. • fflctr in charge. 8 u n day | Summer schedule: Masses 7:30,; where he was born in 1874, It What a disappointment! You had a tremendous drive, the perfect chip shot, and a brilliant putt; then your ball stopped a hairsbreadth from the edge of the cup. The birdie you thought was yours didn't materialize. Of course, it's only a game; it doesn't really matter. But blighted hopes are not always so trivial. What if something really big passes you by? Suppose you don't get that promotion, your son's scholarship is given to someone else, an important client changes his mind, or the stock market wipes out your investment? Where do you turn? Where do you find strength to meet life's disillusionments? Spiritual values are constant. Fortunes may shift and change but your Church stands firm. The truths and inspiration you find there give meaning, purpose, and stability to your life. THE CHURCH FOR Al_l_ • ALL. FOR THE CHURCH The Church is the greatest [actor on earth for the building of character and good citizenship. It is a storehouse of spiritual values. Without a strong Church, neither democracy nor pivilization can survive. There are four sound reasons why every person should attend services regu- larly and support the Church. They are: (1) For his own sake. (2) For his children's sake. (3) For the sake of his community and nation. (41 For the sake of the Church itself, which needs his moral and material support. Plan to go to church regularly and read your Bible daily. Sunday Monday 1 Samuel Nehemiah 2:2-10 8:9-12 <3J2? t <£i2? t <£ Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Proverbs Proverbs John Ephesians 10:27-32 15:22-33 6:60-69 3:7-21 t7? t <S22? t <£ iz> t w? t W? t <£22? Saturday James 1:12-18 t <S2? t <£ v'"£Sb££rT*J ' Copyright 1965 Keiater Advertising Service, Inc. Strosburg, Va. 2? t <SJ2? t <*j? This Series of Messages Published Weekly by the Following Business Establishments Bark River Culvert & Equipment Co. Bessemer National Bank Chappell-Zielinski Funeral Service R. I. Zielinski, Director Chief Oil Co. City Drug Store, Hurley C & L Auto Service, Inc. Engstrom Funeral Home, Hurley Frick-Zielinslti Funeral Service R. L. Zielinski, Director Wm. J, Karpus, Manager General Insurance Agency, Bessemer Gogebie Agency, Bessemer Gogebic Auto Co., Inc. Gogebie National Bank Hager Lumber Co., Inc. Reino M. Hauta Insurance, Bessemer Hiway "2" Super Valu, Bessemer A. W. Holmberg Agency Iron Exchange Bank, Hurley Ironwood Dgily Globe t Josephson's Rest Home Ketola Funeral Home Oscar Ketola, William O. Ketola, William H. Ketola, Directors Lakeside Memorial Chapel Wilbert H. Junttila, Director Lake Superior Wilbert Vault Co. Liimakka Insurance Agency, Wakefield McKevitt Kershner Funeral Home, Inc. Walter P. Kershner and Joseph McKevitt, Directors Walter Meyer's Sausage Co., Ironwood and Hurley Bill Miller, Standard Oil Agent Moore's Electric Shop Morgan Nelson Supply, Inc. National Metals Bank Nyberg-Miller Funeral Home Radio Station WJMS Ray's Flower Shop Ringwall Upholstery Sage & Williams Agency Sky View Nursing Home, Hurley St. James Hotel Sullivan Agency, Insurance White Cross Pharmacy, Hurley

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