The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 8, 1934 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, March 8, 1934
Page 7
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far Baby Beef Club Incffcas* La»t At l«t*t £8 eattes will be ted Mitls eettnty 4-H clnb members this y«f, accofdlag to Harold ingte, county club agent, tn- |le fepwrte ttatt weighing certlfl- i for thai ftany caltes ate at- r in the* far* Bureau office, bis total represents an increase bf 11 oter last year and several tdditiotal certificates are espect- i tit the hext tew days. Eleven of the 28 calves are Aberdeen-Angus, 10 are Shorthorns, and seten are Mefetofds. Club members still interested In getting into the baby beet club \re not advised to enter unless they can purchase catvee that Jiate been on full feed and are In food Condition. Weight certlfl* fates tof alt caltes to he fed in Ihe club this rear must be in the tote Held Here Virtne, extension spe- 20 and Si to eon- fttitti.vntN „, u - - - ---«-» •-— -«. a- I M* fatttefs are scheduled to re-1 eel** ff wnwri price! do tot reici parity. * * t * * |« *te*t prices do not re*efc IOWA. MAttrH IL PAGE SEVEN lmogene - S. E. Mills et wRh the Implement *. ' teachers and anyone etee inter ested in the project. to motof v of any machine, farmers bMng is, to hate repaired. arm Bureau Immediately. office at Malvern lt ts not too late to enroll In bit, lamb, colt, dairy heifer, beet iBielfef, poultry and corn projects, J •wording to the elab agent. He i B-equests all who are interested in ny ot these projects to get in ouch with him as soon as pos< ilble. "orn-Hog ContracU Signed Total 1,229 Contract totals, as reported aturday by County Agent Bruce tllpatrick are 1,220. A good nany more contracts are in the process ot being signed. All of e contracts previously reported ave been checked by county abulators and are being correct- by producers and local com- nltteemen. , Farmers who have not signed plan to do so should get their contracts in at once. Name Officer* Strahan 4*H Club Eighteen boys from the community surrounding Strahan took the first step toward organisation of a 4-H livestock club in White Cloud and Deer Creek townships by electing officers at a meeting at the Strahan school house, Thursday night, March 1. Ben Cozen, Smith-Hughes agricultural instructor at Strahan, has consented to act as club leader, Virgil Hammack serving as r temporary chairman, conducted the election of permanent officers. In the balloting William Bradley was chosen president, Detmas Costello, vice president, Virgil Hammack, secretary-treasurer, and Richard Barnard, club reporter. Following the election William Bradley, newly elected president, appointed Dale Kims, Richard Barnard, and Paul Shaw on a committee to map out a club program for 1934, Harold Ingle, county club agent, assisted In the organization ot the club, discussed the parity daring the term ttnder COB- tfact, Whteh finis throtrg& 19 Si 4 and 1986, cooperating wheat fariaert wilt reeWte flte flrore *d- jtttttteirt payment*, these tntlade the tewmd loBtafiiaetjt ot ths pSymente for 1988, two payments for 1984 and 1986. « « i * On the basis of population increase rates about t to 15 million acres more of crop production probably wilt be required to feed the trailed States In 1940 than ttoW and by I960, 18 to §0 million acte» more will be needed. These added acres, however, are not aft much-as our present excess acreage which is producing for the SxpOft market. * » * * A decrease In the number of sows to farrow in the sprint of 1984 was indicated in the recent report of the federal Bureau of Agricultural Economics. * * # « Of the graduates in vocational education at fowa State college from 1980 to 1988, 90 per cent are employed. Of these 80 per cent are in educational work. itract Signers Must Get Contracted Acres Posted Community committees are parting to work on appraisal •elds on the contracted acres in thirteen townships in Mills ounty early next week, Contract tiers should hate contracted posted or designated so the .can PoultrjrMeetltts Will be Conducted Here Monday W. Hi Whltfleld, poultry extern slon specialist, will conduct a poultry meeting In conjunction with poultry cost reduction campaign work now being carried on over Iowa. This meeting is scheduled for March 12 at the Community building in Malvern. Alt hatch* erymen, farm poultrymen, and any others interested are cordially invited to attend this meet- Ing. irrttfgttie gott&ie Married YfeatsAgo Fek M Mafcfc 'ft.^ltr. And Mrs. "joe Cahlll were pfe*s*ntly surprised Sttftday, March 4, by their children, all coming home and bringing an elaborately prepared dinner Ittd supper, aid celebrating their golden Weeding, their real anniversary w*t Feb. 22 and plans were made to nate a celebration that day but owing to the grandchildren getting the measles the celebration was post- potted, those present for the affair were the honorees, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cahlll, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ca- hlll, Council Bluffs, Mr. and Mrs. John Chandler, Betty, Marcella, and Edna ot near Essex, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Maher, Afieene, John, and Jeanne, Emmilt Cahlll, Robert And Donald, Mr. and Mrs. Lew Gntsehenritter and Vincent, Mrs. M. Pfinty, and Mrs. Hazel Hagf of Imogene. Joe Cahlll and Miss Maria Rogers were married in Temple Hill, Jones county, by Rev, Iowa, Father Feb. 22, O'Farrell. livestock projects to be on in Mills county club _ contracted Melds it will save time and ex- Ipehse for every contract signer in Ithe count. ITraining School for 4-H Club Leaders op March 16 The second lesson in first year I home furnishing for girls' 4-H I club leaders will be presented by I Miss Florence Forbes, extension I specialist, Friday, March 16, at Ithe Community building In Mai(Tern. Leaders from the organised 4* |H clubs, the county 4-H club I committee which is composed of I Mrs. Clinton Parker, chairman, (Mrs. 1, u. Beaton, Mrs, 8. C. Lincoln, Mrs. Paul Jens, and Mrs, Ray Hilton and anyone else in- wwted to tWs WQjk, are eor> dially invited to attend this meet Ing, Local club leaders who are now conducting organized girls clubs are Mrs. Roy ponner, Mrs W, L. Ficfeel, Mm, A, B. Cum pings, Miss Helen Such, Miss Margate* LJncp}n, Mrs. Newel: Crlnk, and Mrs. MHJftrd Curtis, The goal ef tbe county girls club organisatlan thl? year j s to several carried work this year, and outlined contests that 4-H boys are eligible to enter. He discussed briefly the county health, grain and livestock Judging, demonstration, the Register and Tribune achievement, and the International Harvester farm accounting contests. Corn-Hog Sign-up Cam End have organUed eight girls* clubs as well as to projects. on their other O-LIS-C * *V*» f ._ KB . UU, 2.PUW TRACTOR flnbf ? la »o4 aak iw all of 4^ m > «W i- t AT l »« JiSIf r** 1f f ' 'tf* f f * * J n - * i *f Other Developments in Agricultural Recovery Given Although the corn-bog sign-up campaign is nearly over organ- isation work has just really begun, By this time most of the township elections will bave been held all over the state but many county corn-hog control associations are yet to be set up, * * * * Corn-bog officials in Washington estimate that 90 per cent of corn and hog producers will cooperate with the government Jn the corn-hog adjustment program. It is estimated that between 166,000 and 166,000 farmers will sign in Iowa, * * * * Iowa is away ahead of the pa rade as far as contract signing concerned. No other corn-be! state, according to most recen reports, has yet signed up 100 000 farmers but the campaign i running smoothly in the midwest * * * * The expiration date for cor loans has been extended from March l to April 1 to accommo date farmers in states wber there has been delay in setting up farm warehousing laws and to the benefit of producers who bai to wait until the details of sign Ing the corn-hog contract were cleared up before they could a loan. Around 70 million dollars have been loaned to farmers on Farmers May Have Choice of Farm Account Books The revised farm account book is now available to farmers all over Iowa. There are two types of farm record books which seem to be most popular over the state. They are the common loose leaf farm account book and a fourth edition of the old farm business record which a good many farmers are familiar with. If you are interested in these farm account books stop at the Farm Bureau office or see your county agent and order one at reduction . Mr. Cahlll and his bride came to his farm northeast of Imogene where they have spent their entire wedded life. Both Mr, and Mrs. Cahill are enjoying excellent health. He oversees the operating ot his farm and she takes care ot her household duties. Mr. Cahlll Is 76 yean old and Mrs. Cahlll F*f**rft fc* Rural CAfrier Itnogctie A Wg change took place here March 1 when the three r&ra routes Were consolidated Into two routes and Harry Cotnstoc*. car Her on route two. ferred to Randolph 72, Their many congratulations, friends extend once. The new crop program makes these farm count books very valuable. ac- Ed Maher has been having a severe, case of measles. Also Donald Maher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Maber. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Patience spent Wednesday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bussard. Misses Mae and Lou Sweeney of Omaha were looking after business here Thursday. Marion, eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. stricken with Qene Woods, was appendicitis Mon day and taken to Hamburg where he underwent an operation. Mrs. L. E. Qutschenrlttor spent a couple days last week In Red Oak with her mother, Mrs. Kate Higgins, who has been 111 with pleurisy, Mr. and Mrs. Will Comstock entertained at a two table bridge party last Tuesday evening. Those present were Mrs. Leonard Duncan, Miss Anna Maudo Abbott, Mr, and Mrs. Wendelle Stuelke, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Comstock and the host and hos- was tmns- where Ed Ness la retiring after thirty years of service. On Sunday evening 80 friends and neighbors gathered in tino- gene and went to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Comstock and gave them a farewell surprise. it Is with deep regret the entire community sees this Worthy yonftg couple leave, they have made a host of friends and were real boosters and helpers in any good cause. As a mall carrier no better service could be given than was rendered by Harry who has been carrier on route two for nine years. When his patrons learned of his notice to go to Randolph everything that could be done was done to retain him but the time was too short. We feel our loss Is another's gain. Harry goes to his new field with the very best wishes ot all his patrons. the ladles brought and served sandwiches, pickles, light and dark cake, and coffee, the evening was spent in visiting, card playing, and singing. As a token of remembrance a purse was presented to Mr. and Mrs. Comstock, Clem Maher making the presentation speech In behalf of the neighbors, friends, and patrons. Mrs. J. D. Bussard also presented Mr. and Mrs. Com stock with a beautifully decorated angel food cake. So far Mr. Comstock has been unable to find a house In Randolph and until he does he will live here and drive to and from his work. BY VIRtrE OF AN EXECUTION directed to me from the office of the Clerk of the District Cowt of Mills County, Iowa on a Judgment obtained In said court, on the 21st day of February. 1934. In favor of R. K. Piper as Plaintiff and against Hazel (1) rod ot the South Twenty-Nine (29) Acres of the South-Runt Qnarter (81514) of Sonth-East Quarter (SE%) In Section Twprtfy-Seven (27). All In Township Sfivcnty-On* (71) North. Range Forty-two (42), Wft« of the 5th P. M. Mills county, Iowa, and will offer tho same for sale Bateman et al as Defendant, tori to the highest bidder for cash in the sum of I3.J41.KS nnd costs, taxed at $91.52 nnd accruing cost*, t have levied upon the following described Real Estate situated In Mills County, Iowa, taken a* the property of said Defendant to satisfy said execution towit: the North-Half (N&) of South-West Quarter (SW*4) of Section twenty-Six (26) North Eleven (11) Acres ot South-East Qnarter (SE%) ot South-East Quarter (BEU) _ahdla right-of-way over East hand at the Court House in Olen- wood. Iowa, on the 31st day of March A. D.. 1934, between the honrs of 9 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock p. m. of said day, commencing at it) o'clock a. m. of said day, when and where die attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated at Gletiwood, Iowa, this 1st day ot March A. D., 1934. W. S. DeMoss, 34-2. Sheriff ot Mitts County. Leader Want Ads pay and pay. The burgeolsle were tradesmen, •»<* as professors. They had chanw of corn stored on the * * * * •Inspection of every farm for which » wheat adjustment cpn/r trapt has hew signed, Js planne }B conformity with the origina, program, according to &Q an efflent by George Farrell of the wheat section of the « * * » will be made la the spriog, beginning alter the spring plan-ting period Is over aad conj- plele before harvest, inspection of individual farms, and ce that eagh. tamer JJAB with t|s cftetraci Is n.e«e*' MM? Mer* tb» Jar . li&s «*««. and BONERS are actual huujoj-pm tid-bitj found in examination papers, essays, «tc,, by teachers. Celibacy is a disease of the brain, * • * The Lord tempers toe wind 19 the shore a^ the land, made the last few days. Lloyd Wilson has moved from near Malvern to the Nick Ballain place; Clyde Nlcklas to a farm east of Shenandoah; Walter Carper to Shenandoah; Jeremiah Maher to the Jackson property in Imogene; and Kalph Archer to the Jim Sweeney place vacated by Jeremiah Maher, Charley Straight and daughter, Helen, of Cqnway left Monday morning for thejr home after a few days visit here with his sister, Mrs. Charley Abbott. Mrs. Ida Cassell and son. Jim, drove down from Omaha Setur- evnlns for a few da y 8 visit Mr, and Mrs. Charley Abbott and F, M, Straight were dinner guests ot Mr, and Mrs. J. R. Mln- nlck Monday, helping Mr, Mln- njck celebrate his birthday, Wendelle Stuelke, Charley Abbott, p. M, Straight, and Charley Straight of Conway drove to Red Mrs. Donald Maher nnd daughter, Helen Marie, returned Monday from a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Davis, near Coburg. The Methodist Sunday school enjoyed a social in the church basement Tuesday evening, Feb. 20. The evening was spent playing various games and prices were given to winners. Lunch consisting of sandwiches, cake, pickles, and cocoa were served by Mrs. Will Comstock, Mrs. Will Pike, Mrs. Wendelle Stuelke, and Miss Louise Sheldon. About thirty were present. Miss Anna Maude Abbott was in charge of the entertainment. Mr. and Mrs. Will Comstock were entertained at an oyster supper at the borne of Art Helgerson near Essex last Wednesday evening, N. J. Hillary and Frank Kent made a business trip to Omaha Wednesday, Mrs. AlJie Ryan who has been a patient in the Mercy hospital came home one day last week, She was accompanied home by her daughter, Bon, R. N,, who will care for her here, and her son, Vincent, who is here from the U. S. Navy in San Diego, Calif., having been called here on account of her serious illness. He was given a stay of thirty days^ Former Imogene Boy COUNTY BOARD PROCEEDINGS OFFICE OF tHB COtlNtY AUDITOR Mills County, Glenwood, Iowa, February 9, 1984 On this the 9th day of February, 1984, the Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment of February 6th, with Supervisors Breeding, Hyde, and Plumb present and acting. Absent none. the minutes of the meeting of February «th were read and approved. the following claims were allowed: Emerson Mutual telephone Co., services—County Fund _$ Itetta Klersch, assisting Co. Supt.—County Fund . Alice McNulty, assisting Co. Supt.—County Fund Lucile McPherron, assisting CO. Snpt.-—County Fund Rheba Ralne, assisting Co. Bupt.—County Fund ._„*_»_ Almee Stevenson, assisting Co. Supt.—County Fund __..._ Wauneta D. Wright, assisting Co. Supt—County Fund „__ A. P. Phillips, registrar—County Fund .... .... Paul Flammant, registrar—County Fund , „_._ L. W. Boyle, registrar—County Fund ._......< . . Wayne D. Choate, registrar—County Fund .... Gladys Glllelland, registrar—County Fund < ._._ Cora B. Comer, registrar—County Fund . ... . O, C. Cole, registrar—County Fund . ._ A. M. Armstrong. W. Cloud twp. clerk—County Fund V. A. Matthews. W. Cloud twp. trustee—County Fund ... A. D. Bradley, W. Cloud twp. trustee—County Fund Oscar t, Brlley, W. Cloud twp. trustee—County Fund Jennie Edmundson hospital, services—Poor Fund 236.09 Stroddard Adams, repairs—Maintenance Fund „ R. M. Bacon, repairs—Maintenance Fund Boyer Hardware, repairs—Maintenance Fund .. Pullerton Lumber Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund fCopac Brothers, supplies—Maintenance Fund Morgan Wheel & Rim Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund __ P. Melchlor & Son, repairs—Maintenance Fund Omaha Steel Works, supplies—Maintenance Fund Omaha Baum Iron Store Inc., supplies—Maintenance Fund Phillips Petroleum Co., gasoline—Malntenanco Fund 1.70 4.60 11.10 4.60 4.60 4.60 4.60 .60 .60 8.60 10.76 8.75 8.00 1.60 7.00 7.60 7.60 6.60 1.00 12.75 17.66 69.30 2.00 14.07 10.97 29.76 2.40 74.70 3.68 4.32 1.76 3.16 t * * Hypocrisy means being what yon T are not, the t Mikado palled the "Shotguft" Is an officer * * Creamer, archbishop, of Canterbury, was a college student who translated the Old Testament Into the New One, in your own. words fag* the French people solved toe lea «f stopping tbe sand dunes destroying j&e t&m «ropa, Tne French passed a Jaw Wag en saod dunes, Oak Sunday to Straight, brother Straight, Andrew Dejehant see of George p M and Miss Anna, Mrs. Johnny Delehant, and Mrs, Ida Cassell spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Maher at the Lew Qutschenritter home. AeWJle* w§i IB ineH, reliable advertisers, are totaiy. March 1. — Mrs. John M«lloy has been, in Red Oak for several aaye getting acquainted with a new grandson and caring for her daughter, Mrs. Frank Qammell. Mr, and Mrs. Art Green ere re- g over the arrival of a fine toy that canje on Feb. ?|. T.ftey BQW have five boys and one girl, We extend congratulations. Miss Louise Gutschenrltter weat to Council Bluffs Wednesday evening where she has employment, 8ne was accompanied fry lie* mother and hey cousin, brother, Maurice Klein, ,an4 Miss Mae Maher. M Maber returned the latter P«rt of last week from a weeks autsefeenrltter, at Axtell,' Mrs, fiwnjett Hushes w one day la»t p*euiBonla. She is reported At JW* writing. Kleio who ha* jtfet Leu Qutwfee Mffift JW ft»V*r»4 days Wftftt tne fore nari Ot at Missouri Valley Thomas Gilmore, aged 28, died at the DeVores hospital in Missouri Valley Monday morning, Feb. 19, Death was due to a tonsil operation which was performed in the morning and he bled to death, the news of bis death came as a terrible shock to his relatives and friends here as on Saturday be was here helping .his brother, Matt, move, Thomas Gilmore was born near Imogene Feb. 7, 1906, He was the second oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gllmore, In tne spring of J918 he with bis par* ents moved to Missouri Valley which has since been his home. His father preceded him in death several years ago. He is survived by his wife and ft seven months old baby, his mother, three brothers, Matt, James, and Charles, and four sisters, Mary, Agnes, Wlnnifred, and Fanny, all residing at Missouri Valley. His funeral was held in St. Marys Catholic enurgb in Missouri Valley, Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock, and was very largely at* tended. Those going from here to the funeral were Mr. end Mrs. John Head, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Head, and Mrs. Matt O'Brien an<; Joe W. Ranney, supplies—Maintenance Fund Scott Omaha Tent & Awning Co., supplies—Maintenance . Charley Stowe, repairs—Maintenance Fund . Sidles Duda Myers Co., supplies—Maintenance Fund travelers Insurance Co., compensation Insurance—Maintenance Fund „ 637.91 Jenkins Fergemann Co., Co. Engr, supplies—Construction 8.11 J. H. Welch Printing Co., Co. Engr. supplies—Construction 109.78 Joe E. May, error In assessment—Refund (Not Allowed) _ 64.16 Glenwood, Iowa, February 9, 1934. The Board of Supervisors ot Mills County, Iowa, met pursuant to adjournment in regular session. the meeting was called to order by the Chairman and the roll being called, there were present: Guy Breeding, Chairman In the Chair, and the following named supervisors; O. R. Hyde and F, J. Plumb. .Absent: None, Matters were discussed relating to the existing and outstanding indebtedness of the County evidenced by bonds issued for primary road improvement purposed. Whereupon, Supervisor Breeding introduced and caused to be read the resolution hereto attached, entitled "Resolution to flx a date for the initiation ot proceedings for the issuance of 1180,000,00 Primary Road Refunding Bonds of Mills County, Iowa," and moved its adoption; seconded by Supervisor Hyde; and after due consideration thereof by the Board, the Chairman put the question, and upon the roll being called, the following members voted: Breeding, Hyde and Plumb. Nays: None. Whereupon the Chairman declared the resolution duly adopted. RESOLUTION a,™ SLf^tfJ 01 " the taJtlatlon O f proceedings for the issuance of $180,000.00 Primary Road Refunding Bonds of Mills Coounty, Iowa, WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisors of Mills County, Iowa, did heretofore issue bonds of said County in the sum of $180,000.00 for primary road improvement purposes, dates numbered, bearing Interest and maturing as follows; Date of Bonds Numbering Amount Maturity June 1, 19?8 161 to 330 4H % $18,000 each year May 1, „ . ... 1943 and optional May I, 1934 all of which are now outstanding and unpaid and constitute indebtedness of said County incurred pursuant to and in strict compliance with .the laws as now contained in Chapter 341 of the Code of Iowa: and WHEREAS, there are no funds available to pay said indebtedness to the amount of $180.000.00 and the present owner or holder thereof agreed to surrender same and accept In exchange therefor a Uke principal amount of Primary Road Refunding Bonds of said County bearing a less rate of interest of said County to retire and refund said indebtedness by the issuance pf such Primary Road Refunding Bonds, and it is necessary to flx a date of meeting of the Board of Supervisors at which it ,1s proposed to take action for the issuance of such Refunding Bonds and to give notice thereof as re, quired by Chapter 23 of Code of Iowa; nf of Be " Be80lvea by the Boar4 of *? 1 *J* Q ?, r4 of Supervisors meet on the 28th day at the Court Rouse, Qlenwood, Iowa, in said 8> j"' o <*><*•*» Which time and place proceedings will be Instituted and action taken for the issuance of Primary Road Refunding Bonds in the principal amount of $180,000 00? for the purpose of retiring and refunding a like amount of existing indebted! <° r roaij , ctlo?) ' u ^ ltor J 8 be ^by directed to give no- issuance of said bonds, setting th «« , n ca.! moui M aB(J Purpose thereof, the time when and the pjace /nl^Sf Wi i be ^tl 4 ' b , y P«"llcation for at least once at , county - sftid notice aa^t, 8 u P e rvlsors of Mills County, Iowa, will meet on the geth day of February, 1934, at the Court House Glenwood Iowa in l ? : » 00 ° >clo< * a " m " at whl " n time anOlace P?oce'e£ ^ 164 ,* 114 actlou *«*en for the issuance of Primary £ on48 of 8ai4 Count y '» t»» Principal amount at r the pur P° 8e °* retiring and refunding at a less rate ? wou j lt ot existing indebtedness of said County . Stf offloe of t seas, By order of the Board of Supervisors. 8 ' A< SOHADfi, County and fler ft id, Mattbwr Johnny Hugheg and t, Leo and Art QJI- anenindcab. Mr. an<) Bjpn»a« ol. Mrs, Jfo* WJ1, AA« Tow Mr, a.nd Mr§. tar eatertalwd Mr, and Mrs. Fr*»k Martin end family of B W and a E. A. County Auditor. oved February »th, w«. GUV BREEDING. (A the Art W»U«ri and Mn, 0«kur« at Hl*«Uu troja man Hoard ot BupmUuus. r*j-- ^

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