Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on June 5, 1948 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1948
Page 13
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Neighbors Fix It x»7u Lake ' N< Dak -> - — When the Helmuth Scham farm home burned to the ground, neighbors bought an abandoned house several miles away, moved it to the Scham farm, remodeled it and had it ready for the family to move in within six days. THE IDEAL FAMILY LAWN MOWER PENNSYLVANIA LAWN MOWERS 16 Inch Cut SPECIAL LOW PRICE 266 Graduated in Local High School Class Receive Diplomas in 71st Commencement A total of 206 members of the Mason City high school senior class of 1948 received their diplomas Thursday night at the 71st annual commencement of the school. Receiving their diplomas were the following: Annita Joyce Abbott, Alvln Dwayne Albertus. Rudolph Valentine Almnn, Katheryne Louise Arming. Lloyd Edgar Anderson. Donald Lewellyn Angell, Dorothy Mnrie Atkins. Lorraine Mae Axiotis, John Charles Bailey, Marjoric Lea Bailey, Myrna G. Barlas. Edward Barlow. Evelyn Mae Barr, Glenn Arnold Bartell Betty Jane Bartlett. Donald Lcroy Eartusch " Robert Gene Bartusek, Charles Earl Bennett. Richard Sherwood Berner, Jaunita Alice Berry. James John Best. John JUifrell Birhbouh. Jr.. Marjoric Jean BirKbeck. William Robert Blake, Glcnyce Marie Blnnoliard. Phyllis A. BloominRdale. David Alan Boiven, Robert Oliver Tiinven, William Lavalle Bowers. Mary Cashi-en Brewer. Richarci Lincoln Brictsnn, Elnim- Mae Broers. lleta Pearl Brown. Patricia Lee POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Brown, Cnrol Maxine Brue, Phyllis Joanne Buttington. Dorolhy Lorraine Buhr, • Marlin Dale Buircc, Betty Jean Bull, Mary Anna Burger. Thomas John Burgraff. Wlntle Lyle Butler. Barbara Louise Cody, Allan Edward Calkins. Ardlth Marilcne Campbell. Harry Wayne Campbell. Virginia Ann'Campbell, William Earl Cavr, Jane Frances Casey. Beverly Ann Christian. Elaine Iota Chrlstopoulos, Arlchc June Colby, Charles Owen Cole. Jr., Francis George Cookirtan. Shirley Joan Cooper, Joyce Ann Cordle, Donna Jean Coilah, Donald Haymond Crispin, Harold Frank Crook, Richard Earl Curtis, Roger Lee Curtis, Lois Dar- lenc Davis. Melvln Walter Davis. Gerald Wallace Dean, Barbara Deon Decker. Kathryn Carmen Disch. John Evan Dodge, Janice Jonn Donelson, Donald I. Downing, Jr., Harriet Ann Downing, Wayne LcRoy Dunavan, Lester Erwin Dutchcr, Mary Annabclle Dyner, Robert Disagree Who Started Fight During Strike There was complete disagreement in district court here as to who started the fight between union members and workers at the strike-bound Jacob E. Decker and Sons plant on May 1 but there was no argument as to who ended it according contempt of to witnesses court case in the before said, so he hit Schadt first. Another of the workers also hit him, Davis testified. Workers Gave Up All of the union men agreed that the fight ended when the 5 workers gave up. There were no spectators in the courtroom when they testified, the union members who crowded the spectator's section at the start of the hearing having gone back to work at Deckers with the end of the strike. Attorneys E. G. Dunn and John Stone Thursday afternoon com- VOTE FOR JESSE W.HALDEN Republican Candidate for It's the Meteor, the featherweight favorite of the Pennsylvania line! Made of aluminum alloy, it's 30% lighter than ordinary lawn mowers. Here's a real family lawn mower. So light . . . anyone can easily push it. So well built ... it will give years of repair less service. Only in the Pennsylvania Meteor will you find everything you want in a lawn mower. Easy handling—streamlined— ball bearings—rubber tires—easy adjustment are but a few of its outstanding features. Stop in, won't you—so we can show you this lightweight, all-around lawn mower. 20 East State Phone 17 • College and Business Education • Newspaper Owner and Operator • State Commander, American Legion. • Direcfor, Safefy Education Division (Iowa Dcpt. of Public Saietyl Proven Administrative Ability A HANDY APPliCATOR AT NO EXTRA COST WITH EACH PURCHASE OF FAMOUS KILLS FLIES, ROACHES, MOSQUITOES, BEDBUGS, ANTS in this modern, easy way! Pestroy's a. bargain at any price! But at the low 69^-with the wonderful new applicator included-you get a bug-killing combination that's unbeatable! You'll be able to coat window screens in a. few seconds . . . make them look better, last longer, KILL BUGS ON CONTACT! You can use Pestroy's bug-killing powers throughout the house ... on any surface where bugs are likely to alight. APPLY PESTROY to screens, window frames, sills, doorways, plumbing fixtures, baseboards, garbage containers, etc. 20 East State ^ , Eugene Egelond, Shirley Marie Ellen, Ruth Ann Engebretson, Ronald E. Engel. Bette Lou Taulk. Shirley Wren Fjone, George Henry Fountus, Kenneth Dale Frye. Robert LeRoy Fuller. Amalea E. Gazes Raymond Wendell Gcphart, Dorothy June Gettman, LeRoy Geving, Richard Eugene Gildner. Majorle Jean Glanville. Donald Verne Grccnan. Beverly Anne Griffin, Zana Helen Groff Dale Richard Groth. Mary Lou Hall. Audrey Jean Hanawalt, Llla Carleen Hanawalt, Beverly Anne Hanson, Glenn Alva Harding. Paul Joseph Har- r "chartes Edward Harris, FranWlr. K. Hauglanci. Richard Dale Hays, Donald Ray Helzelman. Harold Helm, Jr.. Meredith Wayne Helm, Mary Alice Heneman, Gerald Everett Herbener, Richard Dean Mixson. Carl Allen Holinen. Francis LeRoy Holmes, Marion Elizabeth Holmes Jessie Joan Hughes. How- ;inl Arnold Hulke. Yvonne DuRee Hunter Albert J. Infante. Beverly Jean Jami- ?o'n Rosrr Gary Jnnssen. Dorothy May Ja.'-'i Marv M;irr<;lla Johnson, Richard Earl' Johnson. William Robert Johnston. Marilyn Ruth Knfor, Gcorije William Kallas, " Soi>liie J. Karabatsolis, Kenneth I'Mwnrd Keonnn. Sarah Ann Kehm. Bcv- erlue Marie Kitllcson. Carol Harriet Klath. Anna Arlene Kohcr, Richard Ems Koller William J. Kopps. Charles Vcrnon Kraft, James Duanc Knmsc. AnRCln Jnmcs Larc-.s. Veronica Jenn Larson, Donald LeRoy Lee, Beverly Marie Lester. Richard Mortensen Under, Eclnnr Herbert Lumen, Ramon Ellis Lon«, Dernard William Lucas. Kllanorn Evanpelyn Lucas, Joseph Charles Lynch, AIIRUS MacNider, Billy Place .McKco, Patricia Rac McPeek, Elinor •\nn Major. Virginia Marie Mariner. James Rudolph Marker, Mary Joyce Marshall Carl Lloyd Martin, Edith Marie Martin. GUOITC Samuel Marty. Jr.. Robert Dunne Mason Therein Jo Ann Mataloni, Junior MenUc. Avis Deanne Miller. Richard Ar- lluir MiLliiiKton. Paul Karl Miner. Bcr- nii-f Jean Mondahl. Arlene Ruth Moore. Hubert Leonard Moore, Harold O'Neil Moraver. Dolores Klaiuc Murray. Marjorie May Murren, Shirley Aileen Murren. Jack Walter Myers, ncrnon Andrew Myhre, • lorry Eujienc Nnlan. Ruth Lois Needham'. Richard Davis Nelson. Deonc Eloise rCove, Itachel Lorraine Nielsen. Ralph Paul Nisscn, Carol lone Norris. Alice Ver>l O'Brien. Richard Keith O'Brien. Jack Alan O'Brien, Amelia Hermtnn Orampo. Warren Albert Olson. Edith Lucille Opkis. Kathleen Fay Parker. Mary Joan P.ischeii, llallielce Lucille Pnschka. Anna T. Pathoulas. Phyllis Jean Paul. Andys Mnrcella Pnulson. Robert Wiffinc Paxton Donna LuVcrne Pcery. Harriet Ann Percy. Clara P. Pctcnakis. Mcrlyn Eureno Peters, Arthur Gene Peterson. Shirley Ann PeUiniicr, Martha Betty Ann I'icUard. Dorothy Irene Pifiman Klinor Gene Finn. Dale Leonard Platli Fflwarcl Clifford Pope. James Millard Pos/. Amelia Mary Quinoncs, Dnle Wayne ?adcliff. Delovis Maxine Reynolds. Don- Id Lynn Reynolds. Bonnie Jean Rich- pleted the presentation of defense testimony on the 30 specifications of mass picketing charged by Armour and. Company. The 4 counts of violence and intimidation remain for the defense to complete. Cross examination by R. F. Clough and M. L. Mason, Armour attorneys, was spirited on the fight testimony, especially when Clough cross examined Thomas. Thomas finally sat back in his chair and answered "yes" to any question put. The attorneys said presentation of testimony probably would be completed next week. Bible School Opens Ilaiilontown — Vacation Bible school of the Lutheran church started Monday at the schoolhouse with Mrs. Norman Rye of Fertile and Arthur Olson of Waldorf col- . lege, Forest City, in charge of the 2 groups which number about 35. They teach here in the morning and teach a similar group in Fertile in the afternoon. Arizona, with a total land area of approximately 114,000 square miles, is the 5th largest state in the union. Judge Tom Boynton. The hearing on contempt charges brought by Armour and Company against 102 members of local 38 of the United Packinghouse Workers-CIO was recessed at the close of Thursday's testimony until 1:30 p. m. Monday at the request of attorneys. The hearing is in us 5th week, having started May 13. Willis Haunches, one of those charged with contempt, testified Thursday that one of the Decker workers made the remark which started the fight: "Here is the — I'm after." The remark was attributed previously to Haunches by Roland Bartusek, one of the workers who testified for the prosecution. Haunches AFL Member Haunches also denied that he ever hit Bartusek who had testified that Leo Espinosa, a union member, held his arms while Haunches hit him several times in the face. Haunches is a member of the AFL union at the Lehigh Portland Cement company in Mason City. ,. Espinsoa testified that the fignt started when Bartusek called him a and then "made a pass" at him. Espinsoa said he blocked the blow and then hit Bartusek who was walking with E. L. Raines, Nashua; Samuel POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT soii, Willi.'im Henry Rickoff. Edward Joseph lichcr Rifl\iird" Dale Roark. Lyle Delano {rxlrric-k, Marilyn Anne Romey. Gerald Willjcr Rolh, Beverly Jean Kowse, Curtis Orlan'to Ityf. Virgil Dale Sabin. Alliort Joseph Sauiulcrs. Gerald Richard Schiffman. Arclctn Delorrs Schlio. Darold Le- iioy Sc-hmork. Henrietta Louise Schradcr. Shirley Ann Scnn. LnVonnc Rae Shaffer, .hara Ann Sippel. Elaine Rose Soursos. Marjnrir Alhrrla Slam. Janire Marilyn Stamps. William Peroff Sloynnff. Dolores Ulell Suby. Elizabeth Jane Swanson. Peppy Tailor, .lane Louise Tavlor. Marjorii- Slahrr Taylor, Miriam Jovci' Teeple. William Francis Tenney, Audrey .lean TVirams. Ida Rose Tibbits. Evelyn Lcnn Ullioff, John David Vance. Jr Hnliert J. Vance. Mavis Lconn Van lU.rn. Clifford James Van Ky. Ronald K. V:\rvfl. John Erwin Vauuhn. David Bon- janlin Vetch. Robert Stephen Vician. Marjorio Louise Wanner. Phyliss Vergene;iier. Harvey Frank Von Wald, Sally Jean Walters. Robert Bernard Wandrev. James I.a- Vcrne Waters. Jnmrs Nelson WhaU'y. Doris Ruth Whipplc, Douelas W. Whistler, Betty Ruth White. Ruhert Dale White. Raymond Verle While, Caltiern Iris Whitney. Dale Robert Wilhitc, Patricia Arlenc Wi'llinms. Richar<l Rudy Wincman, Gerald Richard Winter. Rosalyn Wolf, Marian Phyllis Wolken- iinuor. Donald Eugene Woodlimife. Gns Sam 7..Thnriadrs. Kathryn Zahariades, Hose Mary Zoinnnek. 53 Graduated from Junior College Roll A total of 53 members of the Mason City junior college were graduated Thursday evening at Roosevelt fieldhouse in the llth formal graduation of this part of the local school system. Graduated of the junior college were the following: Hu"h M. ni>n«nn, John Harold Bojcc. James Robert rv.-anley. John Fram-is Burke William F. FUirnelt, Wallace E. Burns Robert M. Carroll. Robert Francis Cnlo, Charles Kdwnrd Coylc. William Tohn Crawfnrd. Paris Anthony Dl- Grcuorlo, rtoborl K. F.hlers. David Ncllis Merlin, Lewis Fischer. Richard Emil Fischer. M.'ircla Claire Free. William Arthur Gump, Robert Sidney Halfnrd. Don.•VI d Patrick Harold. Patricia A. Harris. Donald Irvintl Hillslrom. Vorner Strode Hinds. Helen Marie Hughes. Raymond L. Kassel. F.lir.abctU Je;\n KellORK, Knbci-t M.IK Kirsch. Dale Alan Kruc^rr, Robert Henry Kruetfcr. Thomas Clyde Lnm>. Richard" G. I.Pin. Leonard I 1 . 1,0117.1-, F'alricia I.ok<;ii. James I.on Mc- Darlcne I.. Ouverson. John f;eor;;e iotin, HaioId Lawrence Payno. Donald Evident; Pearson. Richard Dwayno Ponce. Andrew Nicholas IVrc..'"- kis "EiiRcne Frank Poshak, Nancy J. PotiTSon. Galyn t.eVerno Potc/snn. Michiel Frank Photiades. Barbara Lou Poland. Richard W. Purdio, John S. rtothamol. Peter .1. Rothamcl. Dale Fuflcnc Schmidt. Robert E. Small- rtc«". nwiHlit FUiKsoll Stone. William Roll(!Ston Slrnhan. Gerald Thomas Un- ticrwood, Jerry T.ynn Voiding. Grove. Robert Lynde and George Schadt, Mason City, according to their testimony. Espinsoa denied testimony by Raines that the union man had threatened him with a knife. Haunches and 2 other union men involved in the fight, Mike Thomas and Harold Davis, all said they never saw Espinosa with a knife in his hand and that they never saw a rubber hose with which Raines claimed he was hit so severely that he was hospitalized for 2 da.vs. "Kids Chased Man" Thomas testified that "a bunch of kids 12 or 13 years" chased a man across a lot during the fight but no union member chased him. Thomas was walking along alone from Federal avenue eastward on 15th N. E. toward the picket line at the Decker plant when he saw the fight start, he testified. Espinosa and Haunches previously had said they were walking in the same direction on their way fishing when they met the 5 workers coming from the Decker plant. Davis also said he was walking alone and behind Thomas when the fight started. Schadt told him to stay back and raised his arm to strike him, Davis KILL THAT FLY JOIN THE FLY CONTROL PROGRAM NOW Insist that experts^ only work on your delicate watches • for be*t results. PROMPT SERVICE MIER WOLF &SONS SPECIAL SALE CUSTOM TAILORED Tropical Worsted Suits TAILORED TO YOUR MEASUREMENTS $4950 rxmrie van Hess Co Ready Made Tropical Worsted SUMMER SLACKS $795 "0 ~ " 0 Custom Tailors and Men's Furnishings OPEN FRIDAY EVF.NINOS 8 South Delaware Phone 456 WHEN YOU GO TO THE POLLS LOOK FOR THE NAME OF RUSSELL L VOELZ (Pronounced Volts) Republican Candidate For The Office Of SECRETARY OF STATE grocery and produce establishment Owner of a thriving at Mi vide ii, Iowa. Member of the Iowa Grocers Association, United Commercial Travelers, Elks and I. O. O. F. An ardent civic and community worker. 44 years old, married and father of two children. A sports enthusiast; successful promoter of southwestern Iowa Independent basketball tournaments. Possesses unusual qualifications for organization and leadership. Friend of small business, labor and the farmer. VOTE VOELZ At The Primary Election June 7 ADVEIITISEMEXT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR FIRST DISTRICT SUPERVISOR EX P ERT WATCH REPAIR SERVICED. You will RO lo (he polls Monday and nominate a candidate for Ihe office of County Supervisor, which is one of the most important offices for you to consider. It compares to -an office on the Hoard of Directors of a larpre corporation, yet the County business is larger and broader in .scope than any corporation within its limits. E. R. "Dick" Steinberg has served you well in that capacity. He has represented the county and the county interests forlhriffhtly, honestly and fairly, and has given full and earnest consideration to every legitimate matter presented. He lots his decisions rest entirely upon the merits of the case —acting fearlessly and without regard to political considerations. Mr. Steinberg's ability and experience in the important office of supervisor, justifies your continued support, THIS AD PAID FOR BY DICK'S FRIENDS

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