Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on October 17, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1890
Page 2
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DISPATCH .«» DEMOCRAT' K.IU0A.Y OcTfiiiuu 17, ISiHI. THAT SXPIiANATIOIf. REGULAR IVpnty-CIcrk Mi-t'owi'ti linn pxpfcilncU \Vi\U I goi^s l'vi> writ I'liin' 1,1 MM time lipids its inv (urnl liuu» WI'H give place now for my i 'P|n >rt .\ir to ailil lior klippinH. Sim , Pumpmen Mho kim dow it. hrr.tpm I lean. I !»*** posit it in in llw> malter of imvmipetrnt! sew, 1ml ; !V mv npinvon K I I 1< STATE TICKET. FOR GOVERNOR, EDWARD B. POND, OK SAN FRANCISCO. LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR, R. F. DEL VALLE, 111-' l.OS ASi !i-:i.l -.rt. rill'::' .IIM-I'I:, J. A. 8TAS1.V Alii i, 'l 111. H M H I ^. JACKSON HATCH (almrt linn) sjnrtt JAMi:s V. I.'IH-'FKV l' li'tillf S.iii Ira C.KOKItK II. SMITH ll'ins taint !.•••< A. HUl UKltltY "I' MM I. V>. c HKNnlUi.iKs .lOHN V. I'-C.N'.V I'm Vl'Al'li TtlKVM till", A11AM >l i:i:( >l.l> A ITIIIIN i:\ nr.'* in \ I . WAI.TKK O. (lltAVI'.s Sun I'm scitv K \ nit u I:M:II \ I., STANMIY It 111 HIM 'I*t* •,1 I 'Klll.NTl.N H..M HI II Hill iN.i l.i ' lint II. V. HAM x»» Sl'fllKMK I' 111' 11 'I' ll.l UK, J. D. SPKNCKI: KIM. rc-df-t rations. Wo wish to Mate iliat Mr. McCoweii is j ivrorii! in iiis si iti>iin>iii of ftii'ts, is wroiii; in hi.-, couccptim) ul l:i\v, anil proves iiy Iris own stutoir-oiit!- ttint In- does not, lifter four yours occupancy, iKidersliuid the duties nt bin of'ien. Kvery stateiuenl we mmle lust, week MIA l-minli'il mi 1 'a.l. everyiiiint; we said vas true. Mr. Met 'iiuen and the /iV ;'i '/.7/. .in Pecxx mi\ in;: made liirir slalements, wo pro- :i'ise In linvc smiieiiiinL' to say mi the -tlllijeet next week. ...... o.) Rit i up porty airly m the lum-niii to il-jw it. -Mrs. M. Sawyer \i ; ii m sim to Sam a S'.arhani (he this week. We regret her ' ope Unit siie will nut eompiiiiy her hitler part of departure anil remain loll'' llpl'lH''! NDTK'K— Tlip iinlN must In' RISK 1*111 llii' iniiruiuil i'f tin' ility in nut h'.' ki'|it it\ii'U until Fl\'t". II'-UII'U uu Hi lliniiiiin HI tlit- siilili' iliiy. wlii 'lt III'' !" Ix- Pliwi'il. .ifC IH'iO, i 'lililli 'lll 1' I'll'. 1SSH. |,'J0 !l. (.'(MUKKV -i. -111! s: u 1 11! lll'.sr llllTKI'T. T .1. (IKAUY. K tll.llOAll ro.lI.IIISSIIlJiiKK. riltsT tilMlili'T, 1HOI1IBAI.D YKI.I Miu KOAItil OF K.<H'\I.17..VI U>X. ; All Explanation. i T, i Km nut m* IIIMMTI'II \\ I> I >I:.MOCI:AT: j In vmir last issue you ehart-'e'l me with 1 ' ! improbity in rejisterin*,' viiters and I j now ask yi.ii lo publish the followinti : slatemiMils, the trill lil'ulness of which will | hp iiroved by Die records: ' ' Since .Ian. 1, 1SII0, over 14,000 names ' ,, j have iieen phieetl on the Ureal Register, j ill' this number L'liO or more eonlain ; j i-ieri'-a! errors, and only OS ol these nppli- : j alioii;- wete luade and placed on Ihe .•j lie/isier liv myself, of whieh were j iiiide nut in due form, and signed hv the i - 1 ilpplieanl-t; 14 were irausferreil from 1 | .'ii' old Ke^isler as pr.ivided fur liv Sof- 'Jtion 10114 of the l'lililieiil C'nile—sueh . '. -vanslers reiinlre no siannlnre imr iie- . . :;n iw leikeiiieni., and their names were i .ihi'-ed on ri-h'islriilinli hhinks and liled , ,\ il h the others as a I 'onvetiiont memo-! r.'iiiiluiii ol these names to he thus trans- : ', I'erred : "i were iloiilile resist rat inns, thai lis, they were on the lieioslpr wlien , il I 'lnk ilif appHrati' ms; .'• were phieed \ | 'here hv reipiesl frum oilier parlies; one ! i was natiiraii/.eil in this Court, July II ! I il ihis year. Of the reinaininn IS un- j dolled hlanks, the polities of three are I ,.. ..,„ i ...... o. .,,,,1 in I lie soulh. Her ,lai'.)_di!er. Mrs. Ole Siiiinr.siiii will pive l:or a ijiiiltiim party on Wednesday, tint' she may meet many ol her old lady friends to talk of pioneer life and I lie nuillinu parlies when I was a mill. Mrs. I'pp entertained a iiinnher of her lady friend.'! last Friday. The day was spent in uossipiinj and quilting. II. I!. Muir returned from Mm Kruii- '•isro Sunday evenin;;. lie has heen down piiri'hasiui*; his fall sloek. lla/.pl r .urtis has reliirnetl from her visil lo Santa Uosa. Harry Conk is hump mi a visit. Mr. lid PeCamp has heen unite ill for a lew days. We ii'itii-eil a new mini al (lie hell ai the Ciiniuieri'ial Hotel to-day ill Hie personage of,las. Muir. We wish him sut'eess ill his kite rallim,'. The new hell was oke-cd in the helfry of the M. K. ehuit'h last l'ridiiy. In order that people should know '.lint sueh an article hail reached our town, Hie hell was rutin without, voasint; all day mid seven or eijjlit limes on Sunday. Clara PeCamp eelehraled her hirthdiiy in :i t'liiiriiiinit manner last, Siitunlay. Kifieeii of her lillle friends were invited ; iliinlies ami pleasures uceoniiiaiiyin^ sueh an occasiiin. The ehililreii hope that Caddie may have, many more birthdays, and Hull they may ail he eelehrated in a like manner. Mr. hiiughlin, a friend and sehool- nutto. of 1 lurry and l.nlher I'aeehtel, spent a few davs in Willils last week. I have added euoiiuh lo Susan's eon- i;ibu!ioii, so will now let her say Hie elosinj; remarks. Wall, beiiis mv reporters thro fll jisl say to mv friends, I'm yoiirn ht.imil- ciiditiniily. SlMI 'l .l-: SfZ .VN* I'HOM IvooN lOut'K. I! Olid ! .) |H'l' House KIl.'IIAItl) II TlllltH HIMI'.tl T, UKAM I:K ST.tTt: Ki:.vvrwR. MIXTII lilsTltHT. '.inknow'u to me. 4 are Kepuhlieans, and j . II are •jnoil sound I lemoirals. 1 make Ihis stalemenl as no elmrue , , r * . ,. . , i Itnni'tl til Snpci 'ViMors, against the 1 lemocrtits, or any mm else. I ^ 1 Whenever I was satisfied that a man was [ Petition asking fop a new road in 'ejzally entitled to vote 1 registered him , Ukiah anil .Mill Districts, granted and regardless of his politics. In nearly or j rs. II, Uieo a]i]iointed .Surveyor and • piite al! of these cases 1 knew Unit the j J. l*\ Pyront. and .). llhodes viewers. ippliennts. were enlitled to resist rut inn, ! Commissioners .Scott. Wnvaml Henrv and had 1 heen di-n.-sed to stull'tlie Ue«- i appointed to report on bridge built bv Nelson McNeil was appoint* Overseer of Slicisvood. NiKhtwntehiiian llioni'.u ' moutU lor Itiokiis'^' after Court mid yard. It is hereby understood that the liounilaries Hivor Koati liistriet. include the east half of lot SI of Mcvly's survey of Voku.yo lhineho. A 11 persons are 1'iirbiddpii to dump rulibish in any streaiu which may tend to olofc streiim and thereby damage roads. The southern boundary of Edon valley voting proeinet. is lixed as South lOul liver as far as where th" line of SJcotts valley district erosses the river, it also being northern biuiiiil , .;ry of town of Potter valley. Ordered that tools belonging to the county in Big Kivor road district he sold by liue.1 Stieknev. Oetobor 10, 1800. ^\ll present except Scott. Keport of J. K. McDonahl, ltoiul Overseer of liig Ulver district allowed to the amount of ii'\0. The following bills wore allowed: .1 T Crow, coyote scalp i'» H' , J J Kvans,|liiank hook \> I'" J Kliodes, l.^oioslJihhi tees -7 le i -I l .iinn. retititn taxes II tii' ] ,1 Al Maniiou, riilitite Laxcd 1- l-' ! The following bills were rejected: ;i!on<- liiiticau, rolmto lic-ause...... i: .H' j .las II (Siskins, ind-^eul. willies.-,... II : " : I Marv 1 Nance, indigent witness.. -I "e | Hill of M J llyrnes, Cnnslnlilu ft'ees for ,->10l), laid over until July. | Bill of J. II. Cat-others, Constable j fees for $102.7(1 allowed to the amount I of Slo-O and consideration of balance laid over until January. Contract for furnishing hospital with \ meat awarded to h'tl wards Bros as fol- ; lows: l''oi'o quarter hoof, 5c; hind ([luutor, (ie; pork, 4);c; mutton, -tc. i Contract for keening the road in I good repair from Kobinson Creel: j bridge to the Cloverdale and Boone' villo rouil until July 1, 1801, let for | the sum of $2C>S. | Bill of E. B. Aiken for S'iO for expert j witness laid over until January term. I The following bills were allowed: j S ,J Ilt'id, autopsy -7 50 i Win Hei 'ser. rebate taxes -4 .">(• | Adjourned. ELECTION Pull* t.i I,,' lll«|HVt.T« Jiiil>:.~-.N i-K't-k--<•! itKAit HAiisi't: rs I;I i Ml. !„• ii.'nl nl lln- rinii|-im.\'s sliirt'. ii—-sain Ailhnr tei'i A. 11. \\viir,l. -I„ Mn.iili- ami K. W. Linn;,kin. A. .1. t^ itiitl it. 11. ltt -.t-ii. l.iT i*i i-: i, 11, K i-tti: i -i NI ". :„. I,.'1,1 HI Hie ii'luttil l.i .'iM'. • 'I- -lili 'i. Turk lOI 'l II- S. liili'l 'llli'l. liifl-s mi>: A. Mrt'inj • Wlliti'il Hill I 'll n*. Wi "-t frill .1 !i. ^lii.;i;\f :'!' 1-1'.!- ' N'T. I'IIIK In )»• li„lil nt til" lit-in'iliir*- 11. i.if.vl J.I.IW*- A. UVIl.TW.1. ('ks—S\ IriMfr Hut, !•' mi,I Cll -^ttT I'llllll'. nail A. .-alilcr. iiii.I W. S. Kiiniswiii-tli I'cll-i lifi't *li'tl,« roll-* In III*,,, i Full- HIM,. ' Vllln t 'ltl:iiM r. 1'i.n* iii in' iii 'i 'i iii tin' i. II . i'. i''. unit. lii *lM 't'liil-s - W'm. t titrk mm U. 1-' Ufiiati'tmiU. .lnil','i"< Kt'll.-r mi,I .1. II. Ili-nlii'i. cliTk*—.1. P. WIII-II inn! Win. Whit,'. i. AVIUM M.I.i: I-IU:I i N. r. ! i 1„. Ii, !,l .it tliv -cli.u,I hull*,'. : In*** -M .ii -I M.-AiiiiiHi '""I .1. S. Hi'i'il. i --.Inllli Wil *,.ll 11,1 .1 P. Mi'l'nucll. i -.lii-l-T 'II'IM'I* innI W. II. SIK'II. lil .IT*. It„li t 'ltK' ir .l T. ! . I,,' lli'l .l nt ltlllf Itiii 'l, lliiiise. t ,.is \\ ] 11. M i-K in I ir i ii -i'l I'nink lliillili'li -AIISIII.1 i,mill,' IIIIII II. S I.e. -t lin* I.'IIV itml Arthiil- Tnt''\. -ini i* v.t I.I.I;V r t: I:I iNI t. I II'- lll'l .l lit Mllllil 'l -'s llllll 'l. 1 tor*- WIP. IliiiiiiliiK'iinil .Inlllt Wnt *iill. ' • W. W. Me. i .mill Win. .Miixlei. .1.11 llii -k.'ii* mi .l .lnhii liii 'ki -j-. linVNl' v M.I.KI i i:i ;il M r. . 1.,' lli'Ii! Ill ll .l' Oil llnllM'. Iiirs-Wliil lli'iil,-v mnl I'hil.i II Iv. j -II. Kl.hi'il mi,I .In, -.iii I'lnlirriiM'. -n.ivc Weill mnl c. w. linliiiriiim'h. ( i;i-:l. t:i \-|-:i: I-I:I:II.VI-r. i I,,- li .'iil in Muui-mi'.* hiih'l. | l ,n*--.l. 'I. Kiisii 'i- mnl A. l,. liliMOiintl. -c. II. KHCIMII iill.l I'. A. i IJ. -.1. 1-'. tlinlH 'i' itml \. sliiirl I*.III:N VAJ.I.I; v i*i: I-:I i v. I. ; i In- hi 'lil m 'ruM -iiscnirs hnti'I. or* -P. It. IIIIIIUII mill F. T. .Inhtisuil, [ Win. Ti'itri i '.iiil 1 inn t'h;;,.'. -N. It. t li 'l I'hitii! miii Klliu'i-Tiiwliifitil. : ii t':, IA rlo:riNi I. ; . I.;- lli'iil nt Hie sill, in 1 Ii .ill so. ' III-S--.Imnes lliiltiin mill Tints. Slmw. .Imne* KUis mnl Niii-tlirit],. -I.iifii.velle Till mnl WI.I. MeFitni'. lanliiiKt 'iili 'i- rKl:< I Ni -i. ! Full* 111 lie hi'l.l nt tile seiti ',,1 linlHe. j lits ^ei -tius -.tiiht, i.uu ^it intil A. W. Hull. Sr. .hlilu'e*-Isnne 111 1 elienek mnl Thus. sleWlltt. Clerks—I'llll*. Mel 'lllll mnl Ihu*. Mellnlllllil. ' lil'.KK.NUunli I'l'.KiiNCI'. Full* to he Iielil nt White* Hull. ttl*|iel'l (ii -s—.lerunie Unite! nlti! Win. While Full* t lll*nei •lei-ks llisj.i'e .lllik'e* Clerk • Full* I Il 'S|iee .lllll'-'l" Clerk* .Itnli,','*—\l. Punnhui' Clerks—I.. K. Kilev m il H.-irry Mill il .Inliii Ciitiitnv in. i Ii-.- n*|ieetnr*-— Lew .Mui*e mnl Ilioiil Hntil,' Jiiili;es--C. M. Cat-lev mnl T. I., ilielt. clerk* -l:. Y. llllilil.-ii .'tinl M. S. Seutl. M \Ni'it r .sTia: Full* li> he lli'l.l nt Hie * r I llsp .M 'l, U'S— 11. Villtli'.:!!! .In.lKis—M. Iliiitini nml : Clel-ks— I'm Ilk I 'll il 'hll ill- rut NI A IO:NA I'III:IINC 111 ni l'l'ler .lessull'* nll'te 1'IIKi INI I. ,'lliiul lliiiise. iinlti-. iltnl .Inn. Illlitnn *;l!IHie] i-'uylnr. * mnl i »li ver llitvi*. J II. SKAWUI .l... COUNTY TICKET. SIT'I:I !1 UII -II [mt-:, AS *K1I tll.V II 1 N. IHNIV I'lKllK. INI-V TitnAsi'itrai. It. McllARVKV. U. W .TIN-DAL1,... J. M. STANDI.l'.V. J. .1. MOitlloW.... I). M. CI1I1SOX nisriin r A IT-UHNKV. .1. i). WHITK rorSTV It Hi illtLllT., r. c. Ai.iii:itTsoN' Sllllllll. Sll'iail VI 'KNliKNT, MRS. S. W. HASKKTT c.-iKuNiai i'rnt.n- AHMIMS-I DAVID CAKSON isler I would hardly have selected tin names of those oi liie opposile political ; faith. further. I will slate that there has ;ir .il.'iibly heen no mie enguijeil in regis: iorilit? voters ihisyear, who lias not liikpn limn' of these informal regislralions, and not diilv this year, but in former ilreal itegisters, ihis has been done by both ! ; letnncrats and Kepuhlieans, from a spirit ,tf ai't 'ointnodation totlie parties,and with tin intention to register illegal voters. ll .\i.r. MiCowT-.N. Itims frum Koon Krick Willits-Menrto- seno Ko, Kal Hot Sjnh V.. P. SMITH. R. F. VOItK.. A. R. HAVIDSOK. I. HKDKMEYKR. A**i :s *ntl, t-iii'STv sn;v,:v,ii:, 'I'liiril Di.itii,-! .Fifth Bi»lrii:i EDITORIAL NOI'ES. M ENDOCINO county should give linn Yell a splentlid majority, us a reeopii- tion of the eminent services ho has rendered her. T HAT "blind frail" that the Hi'pnUlifnn Press says Johnson got loiton, is so hlin I that two Ukiah latlies drove over it with n horse and cart. Tin-; Rep'ililiean Prem e.sks "Was Johnson lost?" Why of course he was. lie admitted that he was to a number oi people at Hot Springs, when Im cncvled in there at daybreak in the morning, after being out, nil night. K HOM present indications J. II. Seawell will be elected Senator from I lie ilislrid comprising Mendocino and Lake counties by fully six hundred majority, lie will shortly address the citizens of both counties on the political issues of the day. Ow'ixo to the crowded condition of our RdveiUsiiigcolumns, and the rush of work in our office, we have been compelled lo omit, many items of interest this week. Our "news of the week," has heen ommitted entirely. We hope to he able lo prevent a re-o'-enrrence of this slate of affairs. A .MONO the. nominations made hv the Democratic Convention of San Francisco were those of J. C. Ruddock for Superintendent of public schools and (liivin MeXab for Supervisor for the Kiflh I'is- Irict. The hosts of triends of these gentlemen in .Mendocino county will bail with pleasure their triumphant election. Tin; Rffiuhltcaii Perns says that to a constable in Cloverdale isdue the credit of c.Epturing the stage robber. This, to use us mild an expression as ihe occasion will justify, is a falsehood. Slandlej captured the robber by bis shrewd delec tiv(-) ability. As the captor of a sta^c robber gets over $1000 reward, does au.i one suppose a constable in Cloverdale would shadow one and lei somebody else arrest hiiii and get this big reward? T HE reception given the Dcniocralii- county candidates at the mass meetings being held throughout the county has been of Ihe most encouraging character. Everywhere the greatest enthusiasm has been shown. Thus hir the indications sro that, the entire Democratic ticket will be elected by large majorities. Iiemo- crals are growing exultant over Ihe Mattering prospects. The tide is (lowing mil way. It will reach ils fullness on November 4th and will leave ils impression on the sands of time by a splendid liem- cratic vi-tory. T HK clever capture of (j. \V. Cum- inings, Ihe stage robber, lust .Monday, by blieriff/jtandlcy was a timely occurrence, inasmuch as it iloM ,o:islreleil at a lime when the people of Mendocino county are considering whom they shall elect tis th*ir SheriH'for Ihe next two years, the eminent huiess and iibilitv of Mr. Standley for the position. As ii liilierlfr, Mr, Klandley is unequalled in the State of Cal-; ami they new hellein in lei flier girl' git. jf<t?nia, audtliepeo|ileoIMendoeinocou»- anywhais best they laild, thou axe to '" g ii (III 'Jill 73 11 fil Ii Oi, !i :s S .'i If) tin 5 110 l.'i 0c till 01- 1U1 .VI it 01 4ISII Si' :ts l* :i in •i:> in I-J oi •2r> (It HI Oi •S> {)• I Hi Ul 'L'lios. Finney reported that- said bridge had been completed according to contract and aiilhorized the Auditor to draw warrant for $S7~> in favor of said | Finney. Report of viewers of Low Gup and Christine wagon road was again continued until the January, 1801, term. October S, lSOO. All members present. Petition of T. J. Handy for rebate of license was rejected. Report of A. B. Snider, as Iload Overseer of Sherwood District, was allowed in the amount of 87(K!5, and having tendered his resignation as such Overseer the samo was accepted. Following bills were allowed: W T W'liiUcn, team hive 2S 0C C W Tindall, error in assessment till liti Smith .t Hill, horse hire Jno Buckingham, printing i£ A Ovni 'iuoyet', Const able tees. ',V* S ( i il more, " . Win McFarlami " " . \Y\l] lluiille.\', lahiir told lees I W 11 tidsou, exaniining insane Wm lleeser, rent post house Win lleeser, suliscriptiou, adv A I, Kingsbury, bridge work il S I ,iinii'kin, J usiico foes Following indigent bills were al lowed: '•>' (1 Ilinshaw, hospitiil steward... Siinl 'ord .V Son, moat t : Hotmail, mdse Mrs M V ('lovolanil, I'm' Dair IVnii, Frank K'ellay, sup. A Johnson Mrs.) Mc.Aulille, expenses MJ l''rci[ti.i, ex |i. leaving couniy Mrs Samlers, support W M \Vright, sup. \V LI .Milloi Ordered that §100 bo appropriated to gravel Clay lane in Sanel "TJistric .l and John Crawford authorized to do the work. Orderod that S150 be appropriated to gravel the Shepherd grade in Arena District and H B Scott authorized to do the work. Commissioner appointed to report on Usui bridge reported that the satin was completed according to contract and the Auditor directed to draw war want for #10.00 to Kingsbury Si Lam ,'iieth in full payment of contract prict Petition from Hound valley, askin*.- that an election be called to submit the proposition of paying the claim of 10 li Potter for money expended on tin Hound valley road, was rejected. Petition from Blue Bock askin;- change in road granted and 11 D Howe appointed surveyor and WllSnell ami .las McDowell viewers. $150 was appropriated to repaii bridges and widen roads in Hot Spring District. W. M. Cox, having the lowest bid, was awarded the contract lor road work in sections 1, '2 and in River district for the turni of two years ending Jul\ 1, 1.802. Stoven Tartar was granted a rebati of s>-i on rood and hospital tax. Howard & Alio way were allowed tin contract for painting the Clark A Bailey bridges on Pussiaii river and J ]y Pyront was awarded the contract for painting the Hopland, Cong and South ICol river bridges. Petition fioni Long valley granted, asking thai the road around the Jack Wilson hill be completed, and ordered that bids be received until Novembei lOtli for construction of same. Tho commissioners appointed to locate site for bridge on i'iel river reported in favor of a site just north of n large high rock on the uast side of the river, just below the junction of th( main and south fork of the rivers. October 0, 1800. Orderod that Election Proclamation be pnblishod in the Dispatch-Demo crat and Rui'unr.tcAN Pnuss. Following bills were allowed: fj S McPlieo, reliato taxes lj 'V Day, commissioner (lordou liaochtel, .1 ustice tees. A Divitlsoii, commissiniier Rico .tlltaltzoll, sil: v-iying C roudsiilij'l 4(1 Following persons wore allowed $0 each for killing coyotes: J S Elliott, W Lambert, (>Thompson, BTLowery, j J Shore, J Knight, C Tuck, C Bradi ford. H F Logan, Orrin Hall, '.V Van Fioot, T Chase, Arthur McNamara, J H Laughlin. John Mowliinnoy and H C Simmons §1- each; A Moore $18; D McKeller S'ii, ty c«a secure his services for exactly tho •],'" y her hum. il, worr.ves mo lo . . .. ... . „, ni the WIIVH and kustomes of wme-Mlary as tiie.v CUJJ tlum of Mr. ( „, , M „ r | Hilj i,, I1( .„ni 0 n. lint if I wu/! JoltnHOU, Wbom nobody olu'niiK Uu* any | II yiniiig iiiiiidi'ii—I'd show thorn Iher q'mllflc«t !on to lill tho olllco. As a busi-! chnps iliitl: I didn't go ler < Inireli jjst fo U6M proposition, the ol'jcliou of which of! 'i 01 '.! 1 " , L "^ V {""'•J- ' ri '°> «»kf, «W . • • ..... v, .. , , ; iiieiljso/j iiicrty hard m. but they'd tiw two t',"iitdidttle-*—bliiimiey or ,lo! nson ; w „, j,,, k, IIVl \ ' will be the ba* InveBtiuent loi our tax i We h.'ii, whispered around us on every W -S hlive every uorstldencejUiat' hnml s ; '-h U I I IISM IIH ihe folloiis. 'MVlwt ^ ! will a good kookiiig stove kostV" "What! s],ie !i .'il In lit'inikrnl. To mv notion Ihe fainilv of Richards hav hail the monopaly of the press to lon.u, and now leelin il my duty to inler- ;io-/.e a little in hehal oi many of mv per- taculed sislern, i lake my pen in hand to rite a few words at this kritical time. To he sarlin, I don't suspect In produce j *ii 'li coufoundin things, sich non-git-at-i- ihl words or sich pllo'tuencp as the Dickeys, but I hope to improve in Ihis grand •A'irk by applikasion and pracklice, and who nos lint that in my last Htrugglin .villi littery work I may produce some ir!i -kh 's thai will take with sleupendoiis ami offul effects. In one way I'll subsisl my iipiionants- when they ait em p to coniponnd the trulh i'll keep my whit Hag waverin to the !iree/es, but when they atfemp to inivs "•present Ihein of my own sex, lookout tor the Bar Flag! 1 mean to stand up for our wrights. If we ainl allowed this privelij to vole, Ihe tongue and pen are left us, and I now speak Hip scentimenls ii ihonsans: "We mean to use em I" I mit-'ht hav answered the nobelity thro 'he columns of Ihe llrpnliikfii Pn*.< bill 1 liain'. no Ke|iubliken anil I haint goiu^ to hav my tollers disgraced by bavin em puhlicutad in a repulilikeii paper. 1 am glad that Richard 11 has taken his slant! against dancin. Ils In des ^us fin to speak of ihirin grub time. To set tliom smilin wiiniiien draggin around on a mans arm or ackually huggm cm lu'lon 'he iiii'nliclc and whizzen and buzzin around to some new tangled miisiek i- eniif to made the week si'k and (In- strong turn pail. hast Saterdny nite. Ihe dancin idyel* sclchratei! the cntiiin deptirture of one ol our Hliinnin liles. Now the idea of mak m a jubele out of what should bo a oll'ul •iolumii okkii/.huin. The afore young man leaves us fer the ourpiis of ackumihilin nolej—nf Ihe sience of mediseiial arl. May he conic ha .'k soon well ekwiped with tools and learnin lo kill or k lire as Ihe law demiinds. The hiinlin fever slill rages in hour iiitle valley. Bring up your children jus! •I*. vuii want em to act. and they will all ways behave. You hav all heard that neior now, 1 guess, hut 1'im savin it lei the benilit of .Mothers. Don't let your ill spring, whether mail or feetuiiil, In play with or hiinle toy pistels, pop guns, ir spring guns, sling shots or env thing of the kind for fear of life. When they ihlaine ther groiilh they will be as wilil iver the use of em as many in this vitllev .ire at this day. These peple are goin stark crazy over huntin. 0 ! Iiasen the lay that'll bring the asilum fur sich peple to I'kiiih. The uther day L wus explore'm the loivn huntin nuz fur this komiuunikation when I heard a voice savin way up in the 'rebbie "Dispurse ye liehbles! Out witii ves black Kepublikens'." I think lo my self, thinks 1, that girls' prackticin some ipperat.ic coustructsion. but she neads mire drillin. By I his time I got around ihe korner and aaw a .v,-uiiig ladle chasiu nadly about and waven a broom abov her bed in a -gracefully manner. A lied it her weie wadlin six cunnin sweet itiI .inetoncive little piggies that woulileu'l hurt nuthiu. I speak of this inearily for ihe benilit of some young men that are derectin ther attensionsin that direction. Ceware of wiuimeii that no how to swing a broom!! Speakin of opperalic things makes ine think of sonicthin I saw and heard at church Sunday. Things were goin on kind a quiet and like they allwiiys do whenever 1'im to church, iill the quire jumped up and made a brake for the organ. I new it was Homethin knew by the way they acted, or at leest I thot so, so I was all intension. Arlera few little curlemeques on the organ the quire begun too sing kind a suit like, then swelled iill I thot they'd buslicale. But I wu/. pre- paired for the wur -tl. I lei you I feilre!ea\- ed when they all sot down agin. After church 1 heard siimlhin iihoiil an Anlhi- IIIII/II, so f gess that's what the dismiss was, hut I won't axe nnv questions about it. Ouc-tli 4 idiwuys brings another. Richard tells uu antidole about Ihreo young j felloes, all trying to lake the same girl ( ,•,•,, fn i hum from church. Rein's Pun a maiden | Mrs. Griflin s children, imp Chiis. Hop ol some vonrs, I've r. rite to speak on this I )>or wore allowed §20 oaoh for support id impi r ii ii I subiek "ven if I never had Bills of Orrin Hall and W. O. Childs a bow. I for SO oiveh for killing coyotes wnro rein my day Iher wa/. a niily skiircity i jouted on tho grounds that proof of tho I buys but what Iher wu/. all hail a girl, j killing was not made within the ro- • ' " 1 i— ..s_i I, ini , 0(1 timo> Ordered that iiids be received up to .10 o'clock A. M ., November 10th, to tmild a wagon road in A'lbion and Big Itivcr districts as located by W. F. Kfcickney and L. A, Morgan.' NoticeK to bp |>i|blMli«d in Mendocido Beiicon. .U'.fl>ort of 3, L. Bond, Hu|iorinton dant of county hospital for quarter ondiiip; September 80th, roceived and approved. Ordered that advertisements for •20 00 -11 00 3 ()(' :'.(! Ill Following hills wore allowed out of Indigent fund: I. Rosenborg, supplies 13 '2, J l.i Bond, County physician Hli7 i 'J Sirs. Bowman, Mrs. Monsoll, Mrs. Poterson, Mrs, McCluire.Mrs. Schufl'or, X TOTICIC IS HICItKUV (IIVICS Geuoral Election will lie licl< Ineluii Cnnntv, stnte uf Ciililiiniiii. m THAT In Me TUESDAY, The Fourth Bay of Mmwkh A. D. 1890, When the followinijOttiroi' 1. will h.- I 'leeU 'd, viz: L 'l 'ViSHI rvi>oi #r«? t W« huve every cohnuftnc^jyiftt 'toff! 1 ' *"^° R IL '> IIFT(T,ON IN * !K the mil iwrnllv 'ptnle tor .1 I uto little Imilding roiulu i» Long valley, Ander JV®lw |8li ^JJ(ft • wQ'' Jiout>o wttli uUmt 3 rooMJH; 1 ' mat Till cploli HOII, and Mill districts be publiHbed in ijOYfni^fly^ 11 o:(J t aoi(iU r . • i>vbi»|)C iiss f ,; Edy» what does thin mean? I the Disputed, A iioviTjidt'. •J. A iMi 'uti'iiauM Jove rim r. 'X A Soort'tarv (if Stttif. A. A <;mitn<ller. ;>. A Trt'it.surer. (',. All Atlurui 'V lit'lUM'ill. 7. A Surveyor-!tt'iit'inl. S. A ('li'rk (if Uu; Suprt'inc Court. II. A Siiin -niiteiiiU 'iit nf fiililic I usi ruction. It). Dili' Ki'prt'st'iitiUivi' to Coii'-Ti'ss nf the Cuitcd .Statt's lo IK* clucloii from tin* l-'irst (,'on- irt'ssional District. 11. one Ht'proscntntivc to ronure.s of tin* i 'nitcii Suites from 'he I-'irst (.'oiitiic-sioiinl Uis Irict, uiuvvjiireil term. 12. (juc llailroiid t'onimi^sioner to lie (.'lectefi from I lie First liistrit-t. ]:;. one meiuhcr of ilic ^tiiti- liourd of Kijun! izittion from tlicTliinl hi.sirict. II. One Chief Justice oi the Supreme Court. One A-vsoeiiile Justice (U tne Supreme Court, full term. 10. One Associate Jusliee of the Supreme Court, mil U-nii. 17. One .lust .'ie of tlie Supreme vJouit for tiie unexpired term. IS. One Judwe of tlie Superior Court. V.l One Stitle Seutttor from tlie Sixth District. Ji). one .Memher of the A.ssembly from the Eleventh As-emhly Di.-trict. 'Jl. A SheriMaini Tax Collector. A Ciuintv (.'lerk and Audilor. 23. A IMstriet Attorney. J-t. A Connly Kecorder. •Jo. A County Treasurer. lit;. A Coroner and Public Ailiniuislralor. 'ST. A Connly Superinlciuleiit of J'ublie lust ruction. "J-S. A Couuly Assessor. '-".). A County Surveyor. 30. A Supervisor from the Third Su; .d-iriet. Ml. A Supervisor iroui the Fifth Snj :>Ktrit't. :;-J. Two .1 unices of the I'eaee and two Con- •ituhk'h from e-ich of ihe followiu!( Towushi|>> u .Mendocino Count;.: Arena Township. CurVey's Cm c Township. HiK liiver Township. Ten .Mile Uiv-.-r Ttnvnship. West port 1'owuship. I.OIIH Valley Township. llounti Valley Townsliip. I,ink* i a Le Township. Calp.lla Township. Potter Valley Township, Ukiah Tov\ nslii p. Miuei J'owu .ship. Anderson lowiiship. :t;l One lloal overseer for each of the following Districts. Albiun Uoad DK'*ii't. Arena Uoad Disu ,c|, Anderson J!*»•»•• I Disirir t. Calpella lioad District, ,Cui!ey's Cove Koad District, t'ulito Road District. Hlue Itock Uoad District. Big Iliver Hoa.l District. Dear Durhor Uoad District, t ; pper Potter Uoad District. Lower Potter Uoad District. Hot Spring Road District. Uualula Road District. Navarro Road Dislricl. kittle Duke Road District. McDonald Head District. Westport Road District. Sanel Road District. Ten Mile River Road District. Ukiah Road District. Sherwood Road District. Hauev Koad District. Yorkviile Uoud District. Mill Road District, kuiitf Vallev Road District. Round Valley Road District. Ocean Road District. Klver Road District. And it is further ordered that tho following pcrMous are hereby appointed OhTcers of said electh>u, and that tiie i 'olls shall be held at the following places, viz: Polls to be held at the school house. Inspectors—J nines lirett ami Sam Lnmmul, .Indies—T. J. Hundley and James Pullen. Clerks—M. D. (Irey and Joseph RUSIIIHL;. COMl'TCIIK IMtKCINCT. i 'olls to he lield at the school house, luspectoi's—N. K. Honk and J. T. Metldock. Judges—D. O. I'hilbriek and J..C. ottosou. Clerks—H. C. Keene and Chas. (.Ippenlauder. j.rmJi KIVKK riiKciNirr. ''oils to lie heltl at ('nmlis' store. Inspectors—A. V. Mahlnian and John Marsan. JUUKCK—J. ii. Rice and John Van Damn. Clerks—D. V. HIsginK ami li. (1. Coomh«. IHU 111 V Kit I'Hi-X'lNCT. Polls lo be held al I. 0. 0. F. Jlall. Inspectors—]!. A. Pjcidlcford and Ren Renvoi'. Judges—Wm. lleeser and J. (irindle. Clerks—Jan. Peuiherlon and Win. Creenwall. CASl'AU i'llKt-INlT, Polls to he held ul the sehtiul house. Inspectors—Peter tllbuey and Jack dregory. Judges—S. Hurwa.ili and A. Montgomery. <-!erks~H. I.. Ay res and J, H. Taylor. TOUT llltAtUi I'KKCINIT, Polls to be held at Wliipple's ollice. Inspectors—Frank Itucholtz ntid II. A. Wei ler. .lunges -R. it. Markle and J. k. .John >nn. Clerks—\V. K. Kerry untl John Rnutlolph. NOVO IMtKCINCT. POIIH to be held at the school house. Inspectors— It. RUime and H. V. Routtni. Judges—R. Hardy and Wm. Kadic. Clerks—Win. Pluminer and (i. Dodge. Polls to be held ut McCiillum's store. IiifcpeetorH— 'ohu iios ^and j, J. Cntwford, Judges-Clnis. Mr.nuv and Chas. Pullen, Clerks—Alex McCalli'nn iiud Wm. Hooth. CI.KONK I'HliCINCT, I'olls to )M held at D. A. Vlckery's hotel, Inspectors - Chus, Tluimer and K. H. Milsig, Judtfcs—P. llii^ittt and D. Viekery, Clerks-Win, Jnckson ttnd Kord Kldrodiie. TKti Mll.K CIVK.i I'HKCINCT, Polls lo be held ill Harrclt's hotel. Inspectors—Men DHXIIMIIH and Ken Smith. Judges -Win. Tavloraud .las. Powell. Clerks— tYni. JJllllug/i mid Ceo. ilrowii. WKiVITOUT I'ltKCN M'l'. Polls lo be held it I Liitnidiin's oillce. Inspectors—II. S. Lumpkin and J, A. Cordon. .Iiidm>s—N. Line and ueo. Hill. <;lriki.-'n. U'Vallcy ami N. I). Chihlers. i'ori 'A NK\'.\ iMti ;fi >;iT I'olls t-iJ I HI held ut the Cijinpniiu's Mor.-. Itmiioi'torH--A. J. Lowell i|ud I). L, Alb-*rt. Jmigot*—Jorry Murphy and D. L. LcUiilliHter. ClertjH—Wm, Lowell ami II, W. Dcvilhiss. l'llRlitMCt, Polk to held ul Welch's hotel. Insiiuctorh— Jno. Cleuson and Alired John«on. i Jti'feea— T. C. WulDh iiuU Mutt (loriloii. I Clerks-Jun. Klynu and JnlkiH Mtiurltzen. i o" N'l' \ I N V1KW lMli.CiNt l. held lit the -cliool limiv-, • rs —D. M. <'op -cY and J ;i->. To'ulinson. -Roi't, Piper and N. tamiibcll. Win. Copsey and Isaac Ciispin. N A VA IlltO IMU.i l .Ni I". lie he 'd Ut NilVirro Hill M 'li'wd lioll -c. M-'-W. .1 HILIL," rs nml K. I.CIIIIIM, Chas. Win) /er ami —--i iaski n. clerks—W. I.. Wlliams intd .1. V. Clark. C1AI. U.A I'll KC| N'T. Polls to be held at Roiiinsoti Hull, in-pcelor-—.In-. Mci.ami and L. li. Falrluink-. Jinlges «<\ M. Johnson and c. W. Clerks—,\. R. Tarwater and Joseph Tongue. I 'ISl] Itm'K 1MH:«'1NCI. Polls lo lie hchl ul iJUcclfs ^torc. Inspectors—M. Corcoran and (ico. W. liraut .Di.tiTc*—c.. T. Smith and Jos. Smedlev. c;erks--.L M. Hale and M. R. Moi ri,..n. SAM;:. i 't :i-:t'i.'.i r, I'olls lo be held al the school house. 1 ii-pectors—o. tloweil .-.uii Wm. Ituntlev. J itdyes— |. C. Thi.lall am! ID-iit-v McCab'e clerks—K. Cooilm -iii and ||. I an.;hliu. HANDY I 'linci NCI. Polls to be held ni the ><-k.ol house. 1 n^pectors—Philip IDiyermau an.I Jos.Piilady. Judges—k. Clow am! ILdlen huri;. Clerks—Loins Ralletieer aeu Iiicno Haykeeper I'MIMsTINK I'lii .'i IN' T. iM'ds to ».» held at tlie school ii.ui^e. I n-pert or—-1 ko. V. Hriii-nou and .Ins.Rhodes. Jmk 'i -s-F,. A. Dish ami .1. T. KI dredge. Clerks—J. L. Eldredue and And'w Cuntlcy .1 1. .M'DON vi.n CI;I:CIM T. pulls lo he k-ld at Mc Don a Id's hotel Inspect".-:.'--.!. \. Ward ami R. 1". Kiiule. J I i d tfi'.i——.1 iih II Cooper and C, A. I-Mu aids. Clerks—Dick McDonald and Win. Parker. Y'U'.KVI I.J.I-' VUKCINCT. p.-lls to be held at lliatt's hotel. 1 iispec'ors —S. Orulmum and —Livimjspn)) 1 . .Iiid.'es--.\1, A.Orubaum and Rodnev Loucrv. clerks—J. It. MInford and C. A. Melville. ANin-:tisos I'IUHIs<r. Polls to be held at Hostwiek's hot.-l. inspe, -turs— Rt .la. liav. ies ami K. M. Dull". .Illdlit's—T. Met;oil;:il ilil'l Ceo, C]i>w. Clerks—-c. A- Riill and Wm. Ryan. fKlAlI IMJli'-'lM'T. Polls to he held at Crand Stand, I'kiah i'n-k v-s>M'iatton Crtiiiuds. Inspectors — Ci 'o, Luce and Rartlctt. Judges—.1. M. Luce mid F. R. I.uyton. Clerks— F .d Smith ami Mack lii-n nnl. IK I A II rii *, No. 1 j'l; IH I MT. Polls to tic li"UI at tin* Court Hons... Inspectors - Wm. Van Allen and W.T.Whiiion. Judges—A. S. Ilnth v ami Wm. iVerv. Ch-rk--c. K. Ciih'hlli'ld and S. li. Rice. lui A u < II v .NO. 'i I'I;I-:IIN, r. Polls to be held Commercial t '.dkge \\\\\\. —-A. o. Carp*'tit ei ami I. N. Shi pp. Jud Cler l»olls (.1 Inspect ll •s~W. 11. Iloikdwad and C. K. Nutte >-.!. 1!. Fnikiter and Joe Jacobs, M'Kt.NtiS I'ltKClNCT, le hi al Weger's lintel. -I. C. Fdwar.ts ami A. X. Poe M. WegiT and A. X. Codilurd. Itoitidmait and R. W. Kidlen. i w Judy Clerl, I'ltLCJNCl. i In' hchl at Low Cap hole ors -A. I'. Iliil am! chus. -A. IL Tuller and (ico. K -lieurv Hill and K. Wi i •nip. hi. •don. tTl'KIt I'OI IKIt IMlKI'INcr. Polls io he iicld at Ci'iitcrville hotel. Inspectors—Win. Kadie and II. P. Mc Judges—T. W. Dashields and L. A. Pre* Cle.ks—W. M. Wilson nml c. A. Ruseh. l .llWKI! Ci-'M..' • KKf'INCr. Polk lo he held al Ihe SCIKIOI house. I nspeciors- Stoddard Neil and (j. M. Nichols, Judges—Ceo. Pickle ami John Mewhiuiiev. Clerks—S. Rlake and VA\ Jones. CAJ.l'Kl.l.A I'llKClNlT, I'olk pi be held at i'jmse's Hull. Inspectors—J. N. Nuckolls and A. J, Seward. ' ' • Kuglish and C, Tiu.mpson. .1 ude;es- ckrks- -Wile .las. R. Thomas, Jr. and L. Fliim ItlVKIt J'UKCINTT. Polls to he held at Ihe school house. Inspectoris— L. W. itnbcock and J. P. Holl'inan. .ludges-N. Rartlett uml 11. C. Waimh. Clerks—Clube Burtlett mid Win. cnx. And it is further ordered that the fnre- tfimiy Klcetli)ti Prochunatlou lie publisliud according io law in the Mcmloptiio IH*itat*-h utut Ihmurral a'.ul in the IfrpitMirnn /Vcsv. II V order of the Hoard of Supervisors. A. DAVIDSON, Chairman. SAM n. PAXTON, Clerk. Ity HAI.H MCCOWKN, Deputy Clerk. GKR,.A.:£T:D Isenrsion Democratic Mass Meeting! SANTA UOSA, Next Tuesday Oct. 21, 1890. s Column. Special Tra'n will leave Uklali ut a:ir. uml will return immediately after the speaking that evening. Fare for Round Trip FUOM SANKI. Oil I'K I All, ONE DOLLAR, HON. E. B. POND AND HON. S. M. WHITE Will mlilrenn Ihu Mivtiug. ^ (0 O H CO 25 rniiure Store! I wish to asr.onnee to the People of Ukiah and vicinity that I have opened a First-Class Furniture Establishment TXT THE • GILLESPIE BLOCK! I have on hand and will always carry a Full Stoclc of Furniture, Carpets, Draperies, Wall Paper, Oil Paintings, Picture Moldings, Artists' Material, Curios, Etc.,Etc. All my ( are of (ho vor.y LATKST STYLUS, and of FIRST-CLASS QUALITY. Public Putroniige is solicited. Gall and examine my Stock. J. W. EVERSOLE, Gillespie Block, State St., UKIAH, CAL. The Oreat IXL Store CONTINUES TO UKCKIVK NEW -:- GOODS! Among tlu 1 arrivals this wo ok wus ii lino lino of HATS, Another lot, of FINE TAILOK-MAD10 CLOTlIINCr, An Klogsuit Display of L AH IKS', GUNT'S and Oil I LP RUN'S UXDMIIWMAli, WOOLKN HltKrfS GOODS, a Full Line of ROOTS anil SI 10MS, lOtc, lOto. Tlicsc ( I' io 'I s arc all \e>v, (if First Qmlity, and will lie sold at Kiiiiiarknbly Low Figures. Call and inspect my Splendid Stock ami see Cor yourself the Rargains I am offering. Li. J^13tt.J±.~Ei:AJ\/L 9 Gillespie Block. Great IXL Store. T.J.Geary (lli'iiiicrtillr Nonihu'e fur CoiiKri'ss) Will discuss the Political Issues of the Day, at Thursday Evening Oct. 30,1890. ALL INVITED i A Wager. JS5OO.00 I That Stanclley will be j Elected Sheriff The above amount has ! been deposited with the Dispatch-Democrat, and will be wagered as stated above. i STATE TICKET. FOB OUVEHN0B, JOHN BIDWELL. TOR LIEUT.-GOVERNOR, A. M. HOUCH. ' Hi'in-cltiry uf stiile ! Hlalf 'lYi 'iisiU 'cr | Slutc Oontrolk'r . . . i AltiirlU'y-tit 'lH'l 'nl Hurvi'vor-lli'iu'rul. ^UJil. I 'UllllC St 'lllllllH ek'rk .Sllpruni" (lolli't V.K. KKI.I.fKIII IIKN KY KKICNi'lI . ...M. (.'. WINCHKSTKtt U. II. DUNN E. M. fllASK .MISH S. M. NKVKKANl.'K . .llr. J. T. I'llICI-: CONIlllKSS.MAN. Klrst DlBlrlnt.. I„ II. SUUANTDN HAll.ltOAll (.'(I .M SIISMIONEII. Klrnt Ilistrlcl II. II. IIAI1T IUl \Un OP F.tlUAl.l'/.VllON. Tlllnl District 14. tl. (III.HKICT COUNTY TICKET. i A Mvn i >,l ,ly inull Bberlir lJll '1 -K Ki'ronlcr 'rriiUNiirt'i' ... A HsusKor Supt. of SclinnlH . . •Sni'vi'yor .Su|ici'vl«(ir . r ilh Disl. II. II. Mini' J. CilUKFlX T. A. MAI .r .uA.i M.I'. IJKNMAN II. A. WIJI.I.EK joHici'ii wnrnci, ..MIS a. i..(iniinsi'EKii I. II. lll'SCIl J. C. IIAI.I.IDAY M\NKISS -III llltlali, Hi'liili"!- I'.', Ihiiu, in lln- wlfi'iif II. IC. Minikins, II iluiiKlitor. IIAEI.'HTKI.-AI Wllllm. (Ii'tiiiii'l I, lSOO, In M . ntiil Mrs. t'.oriliin lli'inlili'l, u ilniluliU '1'. i> i «: i». I'Ol.K—At Slini'l, OIMIIIHT I'.tll, 1XHU. Itnlii. 'I 'yliT rnlk, ii milhi' nt liiillitiui. ii'^t'il .'I:I yiiiii-K. VASSKlt—Ni-nr SIIIH'I , • ifiwlivr ivih, 1W0, (ln»m» ViiHHi'i', IIKI'I I -il yours. l'HKSS—In Hkliili. o.' II, lwii), Willh.m rrtiHH, utilil l.i ycarri. REMOVAL. CilyMeatMniKet Wish to inform tho people of Ukiah and vicinity that they have removed their Meat Market from the old stand north of tho Court House square to the new Gillespie building, north of Odd Fellows building, State street. They have now tlie largest and best appointed market north of San Francisco. It has been fitted up in the very best style, no expense having been spared to make it first- class in every particular. In it will be found at all times the Choicest Meats— both fresh and salt—and in fact everything appertaining to a first-class Market. Call and see us at our new place of business. JAMISON & OB ARB. DEMOCRATIC Mass Meetings! The Democratic COUNTY NOMINEES Will meet the Voters at the following named places at 7:30 P. M. of the days designated: VHAI. WESTPORT CI.KON1S KOU 'r HHAOU... HAWAII MK.N'DOIIINO. .. UliKKNWOOl)... OI'AI.AI.A POINT AKKNA. N'A VA IC 1(11 ... AI-HION UKIAH Hilttiriluy, •• MniHluy, " .(noon) Ttii'Hilay, •' • • . Wi'ilni'siluy, . '1 hlirsiltiv. 'i Krliln'y, Hlllnr.liiy. Mimiliiy, i' • . TlK'Sihiy, 1 Wl'lllli'mljiy, •' TliurKiliiy, " — Snlnnliiy, Nm-,'n;hi Our I 'liBloiiiom all KJIPII I I highly in pruNe of St. I 'ntrii'k 'H J'MI H . They arc , the I IBH I .—Ilurrv 1! I-OH., C IIITO M, N U I II'UH- I Uu. Korwilo hy .). N. iMtijiiw, Uio I I I-IIK- KIBt. t Knll lino of nxcri'ijiilH ul L, Hosen! erg •\ Cu'e. T Let Everybody Attend. Ili-i -.Kici-utK In Ihu iwvt'ml i>iwliicln mi.' «• niiciiti'il In iniiko Ihr lu'cc.iifciii'i iiriiini-ii'iiU'iilH fur I!;' imlrr i:. Iitimii'riilii' (In. (Vnlriil ("11111. .INll. UliCKlNiillAH, Chitlmiiiu. 1.NIMUUHU, tffll')'. '/if /' •Mem

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