The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on January 4, 1895 · Page 5
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, January 4, 1895
Page 5
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it f I Carlisle Believes Hi§ Measure Will Pass the House. <JLBVEl.Altt) DlSdttSSfiS tfiS Bttt, ' Not Seetclng Ofilce—Colorado _-„,....,..,,,Mi IjGRlgiator* Unanimous Vot lenrttor \V6tfiott—Sugitr ImportuiM Astt Belief—Allen's Resolution Cause* An Interesting Debate IH tile Setmtc. WASHtNCrrON, Jan. 4*—'The general Unes on which the currency debate is to froeeed in the house and be brought to • close is practically settled. No rule has yet. been framed by the committee on rules, but it is probable such a rule' will be introduced oh Saturday. It will Hx the limits of the 6-minute debate and a tune for tLe final vote. While no exact time has been fixed, it is the opinion of Mr. Springer and others directing the rxmrse of the bill that Wednesday, Jan. 0, at noon, will be the best timo. In the meantime, a caucus undoubtedly will be told. Mr. Springer thinlcs the caucus will be held Saturday or Monday night. In that event the rule will not be presented until the caucus has shown the desires of the majority. One or • more substitutes to the Springer bill will be introduced, and their introduction will be followed by an attempt .either in cati- ons or ill the house to have them adopted as the Democratic measure. , A prominent Democratic member of * the house who talked with Secretary Carlisle says the secretary is opposed to having his bill, of which Mr. Springer is the director, abandoned. He expressed the belief that the bill could pass the house. " ' Cleveland Discusses the BUI. President Cleveland has not yet determined to send a special message to congress on the currency question. It Was learned Secretary Carlisle had mentioned the matter to the president and it lud been discussed in a general way There has been no conclusion reached, however, and up to the present time the president had not framed such a message, or, in fact, determined to send one. The president has thrown off his usual reserve in discussing the pending cur- Tency bill with members of congress. Chairman Springer, of the currency committee, and several other house leaders have called at the White House of late and have talked at length with the president on the currency question. In these talks Mr. Cleveland has urged the great need of passing some form of currency legislation. He has pointed out that the Carlisle bill, was not a reform of every existing evil of the financial system, any more than the tariff bill was a complete realization of the hopes of tariff reform. Yet in the judgment of the president the Carlisle bill was a step in the right direction and with that accomplished there was hope of progressing until the financial system was perfected at every point. Sir/Cleveland expressed his approval of the Carlisle bill as a whole and in detail. He did • not point out to bis callers anything he regarded as a flaw in it.. He expressed the hope it would receive favorable and "speedy action. OUR NATIONAL LAWMAKERS. An Interesting Debate Over Senator Allen's Restaurant Besolutlon. WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.—The resolution heretofore introduced by Mr. Allen (Neb.), relating to the occupation of rooms in the basement of the senate wing of the oapitol for restaurant purposes, gave rise to an interesting debate during the morning hour of the session Thursday. Mr. Allen severely criticised the practice of furnishing to the proprietors of the restaurant free of cost his furniture, ice, etc., and asserted it was/a violation of the statute's and constituted larceny of the public funds. Mestes. Hale (Me.)'and Manderson (Keb.) replied to the observation' of Mr; Allen and defended the existing practice.. No action was token on the resolution, mainder of the day,was taken up by Mr. gou (Ala.) in H Apfieoh On the Nioa- in canal bill, in which he replied in w _il to the arguments advancedby Mr. Turpie (fad,) iu opposition. HOUM Proceedings. ' WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.—Tl%procedings in the bouse Thursday lucked marked incidents of any kind. The debate ou the currency bill continued all day, but WM generally spiritless and th* attend•new, which was large at the beginning, dwindled to almost nothing. The speak- iswereMonr.. BJaojt ^.Jtoprewy »ndBnokner<Ky,)in favor of the bill " and Meiers. Hanghen (Wi»,) and Adorns aSt,) iu oppotltlon to it. No other busi- nejw WM transacted. : . wish tho denial o* the Story to tie M broad and etttphatte M words can Jttftke it," Beh'dtot Matit^rsott says it ill » «itte8tion whether the ttepabHcah. will organize the senate. It ia his judgment that it will not be policy for them to do to unless they hftve a cleat inajority. ttt tnfticaiie'he wbuld be pleABed to see General Angon McCobk made SeNATOR HIUL CAUSES 60SSIP. Surprises Washington tebplo by Attending Cleveland's Cnuhiet pinner. .VASHINOTON, Jan. 4.—When the list of names of the guests at the president's dinner to the cabinet was given out, the appearance among them of Senator Hill of New York was received with some incredulity. There had been no intimation that the New York senator was to be present and when it became known about town that Mr. Hill was the' guest of the president the foot wad at once the subject of the • greatest speculation There had been rtunors that an understanding had been reached, between the president and }&. Hill, but the appearance of the latter at the White House Thursday night was the first tangible evidence that the rumors were prob ably authentic. But once during this administration has Mr. Hill been within the portals. of the executive mansion. That time was just after -the arrival o Senator Murphy and the two New York senators appeared at the. White House together, but the best information is that they did not see the president a that time. The president and Mr. Hil met in general assemblage before th dinner began and their meeting was t 'every appearance one of extreme cordial ity. They remained together f or som minutes in close conversation. Mr. Hil escorted Mrs. Hearst to the dining,hall Senator Hill declines to discuss his pres the White House, saying it wo. a purely social visit and hod no politica significance and consequently' he, di not feel at liberty to talk on the subject Nevertheless his attendance will be mark for political gossip for some day to come. It is understood that Mr. Hi was invited to the lost cabinet dinner but declined, . OMAN/ BUILD! NGK. r/ "AKJJA A FAIB ARCHITECT'S WORK. ThB Stoposed Wotnan's BoildinK ot the coming Cotton SUtes and International Ebrnomtion la Atlanta wag designed by Miss Elise Mercnr, of Pittaburg. Miss Mer- oilrt dosifcn was considered the best of tiui-teen submitted by as mnny Women areta- teots in the United States. Miss Merour'a picture looks guiiirisingly like that of * man. Ex*f»fem!er Stambuloff Accused of Murdering Beltchcff. MAKE THB CHARGE, , Or«., J:ai. 4.— the Bull Run river has been turned inttt of this city. The waie* it MILT ROY RECOGNIZED. jv Implicated In the Barrett Scott Abduction. HE HAULED THE WOMEN AWAY. Mrs. Scatt aitd Jllss McWhorter Identify tlio Buggy 9tid Horses—George Mullllmn Suspected of Being the Man Who Headed the Mob—Holooinb Inaugurated Governor oif Nebraska—Iowa New*. N, Jw, 4,-A m to Tide for "aj» inoreftsji of tbo pubjlo ireye- MUB" ww introdnoed by Representative Jtpuey (Mi.*.), » provjdes for ft t« at U per barrel ou malt, brewed or fer- Bwmtod Uquow for barrels ooutaining Botmorethiui81galloui aud a like rate fty Other qnantitieg. , . . i uotioo of an amondmeut |o the lut emoiwoy bill ikUcUigout "41 i for au approprlntiQu » for ttje jpftheinoometaxaud Jusert- § "" a provision for the jte-euwtuwftt <rf MdHtoley duty oo wool. ' Unanimous For Wolcbtt. WASHINGTON, Jan. 4.—When Senator Wolcott was asked as to the truth of the report Sent out from DenVer that in the face of his nomination for re-election by the Republican legislative canons he would be opposed by several Republican members, he exhibited the following telegram, saying it conveyed all the information he had: "The Republican joint canons sends New Year's greetings. You have just been nominated by a rising vote unanimously as .United States senator to succeed yourself and each member desires as a personal favor that, his name shall be' added to this telegram." The telegram is signed by every Republican member- of both the senate and' house, and Mr. Wolcott naturally infers that the report is without foundation. Senator Teller does not nestitate to pronounce it a canard. • Sugar Importer* A«k Belief. . WASHINGTON, Jon. 4.—Secretary Carlisle and Assistant Secretary Harnlin gave.a hearing to representatives of the Sugar Importer's associations of New York on the subject of securing a uniform basis of value on imported sugar. At the conclusion of the hearing the secretory granted the request of ^he committee for permission to file a brief in the matter setting forth their grievances and wishes as to the method of relief. . - . <Hty Treasurer Sbprt 913,800. PARIS, O., Joii,. 4.—A warrant has been sworn out for the arrest of City Treasurer John Swartskonou the charge of embezzling city (funds \jp the amount of $13,860 white serving two years as city treasurer. Bwartakop has left town. Prominent W. C. T. U, Worker. JACKSON, Miqh., Jan. 4.—iMrs, Mary H. Lafclirop, dtato president of the W. O. T. 'J, for the past nine yean. and n widely known temperance lecturer, died from the effects of iv cancer. BPARK6 FROM THlfwiRES). An unusually heavy fall of snow in northern Oregon blocked transportation. Tho 18 rebellious Moqul Indians have boon sout from the Aricona rafervatton to prison »t Aleatnw, Oal. Tho California School of Mechanical Arts, endowed by Jwnw Uok wlthWM,- 000 w«4'formally oponod at Ban jrritnoUco, IjouU'Slokuigur, was killud by a huge log rolling ou hint at Norwalk, 0. . The annual enaaiupinont of the Indiana Q. A. B. will be bold In Munoie March 88 and 98. Tho annual meeting of the Illinois Fireman's aMonjattoB . will, bf bold Jan. 8, 0 and 10 at Starling, Ills. JwuosMoQrath, e*8tato Senator from Bt, Louis, WM killed by a tali. Bis head struck o» tho edge <rf a stop. The Hov. Thomaf A. Hughes, a priott at tbo St. LouU uiuvonltjr, lifts been nun- mone4 to Bonw to work in the Vatican Ubriury. Edward Powers, champion colored lightweight pugUUt of Michigan, was wwtonoed at South Bond, lud., to throe yearn iu priMu for fepony. A party of Polish Jew* camping near Brain, lud., am ouwfged with cutting up M dead whild's body »ml fuedlug it to hour*. J}ob Myow aud Qtwrgo {Bust, QWnhpmu *MttW», wuro killed in an ouoouutor with Deputy murshttU, QUO of whom they wa\uiaod -HOLCOMB AT THE HELM. .. , Juu, 4o^8ldf agi-lcnltur»a purohtt»e of an tory at Modiojuo Ixxl«o, of CWoftgo. The wuoviut of his , Jaw, J,. w 1* willing to ponoedQ Vtettaux 1,000 uU lu (* 0,«».iwlut «w«o a ualltUue '{he t»l«*Uurg aflwolatioH rof tt» <UM} ., OBrtaju pttpflnioouueptimt hint wi «aj»4idft0yfcff sowetw of with fl,unisojuw*t. ' Ml Coal QpottrtoM 1 : krWWijto ftw wu«o n raw war. ««, wwm*'? yvw-wU of the, tfedWftWou «ri*ho* votoa *»W4 Oehu to »W«4 M* cow to tho Uultwl Bitttw auurouui court. Senator J. H. UolnUlitw arrived at Port- laud, Or., front WwniHjjtott to wumln U«tU tkftW tho uluotlW of a UulUxi StttUW dPUttUu 1 JAU. 1|. Huutttui 1 IMphUoimfl h»a Puuuiiylvuiila Bttllwail uuwpuiiy hivti ordewl 80,00) tpuji W start hilU uu4 it U though *>,«!> ittoro will UQ otilerod Inter. Duly t»,000 tow were used liwt yaw- O'NBiLt, Neb., Jan. 4.—It is now the fifth day since Barrett Scott was snatched from his carriage at Parker, separate'd from his family and hurried away into- the gorges of the Niobrara valley, there to be dealt with as the fancy of his captors might dictate. During that time every effort that personal friendship or the desire for justice could suggest has been employed to ascertain his fate and bring his supposed innrder> era to justice. Three scores of determined nien have followed the trail of the vigihratB by day and camped upou it at night, miles of desolate country have been scoured. Every man ,aud woman between O'Neill and the Niobrara river has been questioned. All this has been entirely fruitless. The mystery of Scott's fateremains unsolved. Three of the men who are believed to have a hand in the murderous assault are in the possession of the law. Another, who is the alleged leader of the bldody ;cause, is Under surveillance, and may be brought in at any'moment. While the evidence against those men is in no case conclusive, it is sufficiently strong to warrant the belief that at least fwit'bf them have some knowledge of the affair. Sheriff Hamilton and a score of deputies are still hard at work, and it is believed that the next few days will b'riug additional'developments. Boy Owned the Teitm. The meu now under arrest, are Moso Elliott, who was brought in Wednesday, Milt Roy and James Pinkonuaii. Boy is tho young man who was' spotted by Marshal Hall and his posse when they arrested Elliott. It i> fully established that he is the owner of the sorrel team and carriage which conveyed Mrs. Scott, Miss MoWborter and the children from the scene of the sHbbtlng to Bav- tell'sfarm. Suspicion attached to Boy before the posse left O'Neill. They hod obtained from the Scott excellent description of the rig, and ut onoe suspected thnt it was the one that Roy was knowh to own. Boy lives ou James Piukerman's farm, which !• about a mile distout from Elliott's house near Sobttyille. It was deoldea not to arrest hun at the timo, in ttie^expectation that soinothing could be learned from Elliott that would throw additional light on 'the cose. After Elliott was arrested ho stated that he and Hoy wore together Monday afternoon. Early TuosdUy morning Hnll and Ellsworth Mack started for the Pickerman farm with a warrant for Roy's arrest. , ' < Boon after the suspect started to drive for O'Neill. He missed tho oBlOoi-auiul arrived here alone, He was driving tho ideuticul rig that hud boon dosoribod by Mw. Swtt. He WRBjuat hitching his hontos >ynou he was seen by Bpociul Deputy W6ek», who immediately pliwcxl hhD under awettt. Weeks was a worm trioud of Scott's, and OUB of Marshal Hall'8 POD80. Both the prisoner and hiN rig were takeu to Scott's resideucu. There #». Scott and Miss MoWiortar paditlVe'ly deolarod tlwt thin was tho rig which hud tukeu them to Bur toll's. WluU jUull AMu Wwi After, Tho witttuiti of the iJO' Btor '°tt» infonutt- tiou wliioh Mrs. Sooft imported to Dvll Akin, and which caused liiiu to letivo •hrnptly upon wi uukuuvru nuiwlou, hus bjeit ajworttti^ed. It JudiojitoB that m Poj'kor Barrett Soott reoojfulzod ut luttxt one of the uieu who took hia life. At thut time be whispered to his wife thu name o| the leader of tho mankod a«i»il" aut«. That uume ww Ooarg«j p. Mulli)(au, »ud it la beltov«d he ww» the muu who led the attack, • MuUthuu iu n fwuiw, who lives uciu- BoottvUle, uoi^h- bor of Elliott uud Boy. Tho luttor both ftigertthrtt Mullihuu wosUi their com- OH llQuday uf toruoou. «y aro gulUy, wisoliwgtxl, Scott's words ward true, If SooU'tt tlou wiu correct, tlwuKUioU. unU Roy were pivrtuws in th« whno. TJut ttttW^k 1 uf KUiott by Buluuiill, Roy'n team uud buggy by tho »W uud Suotti'a idlugud J-IKH^IU- tiou.of Qowgo WuUUiun, all tuiul tu Inaugurated Governor of Kebra*k» With Simple Ceromonle*. IJNCOLN, Jan. 4.—Silas A. Holcomt wad formally inducted into the office of chief executive of the state of Nebraska this afternoon. The inaugural oere- moniea were of the simplest and most informal character. In fact there was but little of the ceremonial in the proceedings. The two houses met in joint convention shortly after 8 o'clock, Lieut. Gqv. Majors presiding.. At 2:30 . Governor Crounse left the Hotel Lincoln in a carriage accompanied by Adjutant General Gage. They drove to the Lindell hotel where they mot Governor-elect Holc6ihb and escorted him to the capital. The gubernatorial party remained in the executive apartments, until notified by the committee from the joint convention that the legislature were prepared to .listen to the message of the outgoing governor. The galleries and lobbies of Representative hall were packed with throngs of people long before 2 o'clock. Governor Cronnse's message was of more thau usual length and occupied more tluxii an hour in its delivery. After Wsliiid finished, a committee escorted Chief Justice Norval to the hall and the oath of office was administered to Governor Holcomb aiid > the other state officers. Governor Holcomb theii proceeded with* his inaugural message, which was listened to with closest attention. .... Iu the evening the Young Men's Bfr> flnbiican clnb of this city gave a banquet at'tiie Lincolti hotel ih honor of Johi M. thiirston, cau'ciis nominee for the tTJiitetl States senate and to Thomas Majors, the retiring lieutenant governor. One htthdred attended from Omaha; Major T. S. Chvrkson of Omaha was toastiunster. The list of speakers included Jolni M. Thurstoni Tom Majors, L. C. Richards, ,H. D. Estabrook, John t. Webster,.Will Gurley, J. C. Watson, Governor Crounse nnd others. liiiioirttormltlt»i»fi«— tondoh Editor Mikado 8««fcltig nn American Metres* a* a Wife Vot the Crown Prince of Jnpnn. Gznr Orders an tnvpstlgatlon— Degpetato Duel With Sabers. SohA, Jan. 4.— The court of appeals has again acquitted Gheorgioff of complicity in the murder of M. Beltcheff, the minister of finance, Who was assassinated •en March 28, 1891, in the streets of Sofia in the presence of M. Stambnl- oflf, then premier, for whom it_ was thought he was taken. The Progress, the organ of the tTnionist minister, charges M. Btatnbnloff with being the teal murderer of the finance minister, basing this accusation chiefly upon the evidence of Mme. Beltcheff. A local judge has ordered the arrest of ex-Premier Stambuloff as a result of the charges mode by The Progress. The order for the arrest of M. Stambuloft is believed to be illegal. Its issue has caused a sensation iu political circles. The murder of M. Beltcheff was committed in the presence of M; Stambuloff -and it was thought in many quarters that the victim had been mistaken by the assassins for M. Stambuloff.' Some witnesses who were M. Stam- buloff's personal enemies declared he forbade eye witnesses of the murder to testify at the trial of the aconssed and also evidence to show that he was au accessory before the I fact. Several witnesses vanished before the trial and their disappearance was attributed to Stambuloff. Other grave charges ore made against the ex-premier. Several diplomats have warned the cabinet that the prosecution of M. Stambnloff would be detrimental to Bulgaria. The order of arrest had not yet been executed and M. Stambnloff is still free. He declared to a newspaper correspondent that only personal hatred could' instigate the charge of such monstrous and inexplicable crime. LONDON, Jon. 4.— A dispatch to the Times from Sofia says that Colonel Morihoff, commandant of the town, declines to arrest M. Stambuloff without imperative orders from the minister of war. .. __ Donation* From FenniylTanla. PmtADELPHiA, Jan. 4.—Several bar- relsof provisions and clothing passed through this city enroutb to Kansas and Nebraska, where they will be distributed amblbg''th'e noservihg poor. The goods w&$ contributed by the people of West Chester, Keiuiettsiiuiirts, Oxford and other Chester county towns. A fund of nearly $100, more than 1,000 pounds of clothing anil several barrels of flour, together with a large quantity of canned goods wore shipped to the same point. __... Dawson County. PLYMOUTH, lud., Jon. 4.—The citizens shipped a, carload of merchandise to the Nebraska sufferers, the destination being Lexington, Divwson county. The oat contained several hundred suits ol clothes, tlur^e tons of flour and oat meal, many bushels of vegetables and a large amount of old clothing and provisions. The business men of tho City also raised several hundred dollars in money which will also be sent to the same address, 8«loon Men Are Defeated. DIM Mounts, Jan. 4.—It is no*r generally conceded by all impartial lawyer* that tho mulct petitions are defective, and that tho 00 saloons iu the city will have to close as soou as Judge Spurriei houdsdowu his decision iu tho onse, The saloon mou got a continuance nntil Tuesday, aiid during the intoriuisaian will try toflud mare good names upqai the petitions. Anton KruiUBi-'* Slayer Ilaunil Over, NKHRABICA Cw'y, Nob., Jim. 4.—John Soluuiut, who luui-dbiticl his fatlior-in law, Anton Kramer, was held to the district ogux-t without bail. Solmiidt'sde feuse will' ,bo iusoiiity. His oaao will not come up before uoxt April, Coat Order* ah Invettlgntton. ST. PKTBRSBUBQ, Jon. 4.—rThe czar has ordered" the appointment of a committee to indhire into the charges which brought about thevretirement of M. Krivosohein, minister of ways and communications, which retirement is said to be in consequence of his connection with the contracts for railroad ties, the material for which was to be obtained from the estate of M. Crivoschein. De*porate Duel With Babon. jfibK, Jan. 4.—A desperate duel with tfabers has Been fought between thd Italiah officers, Tojoni and Vergori, near the French fi-ontier. The fight lasted on hour, at the expiration of which time Vergori was killed by a out on the right side of .the neck, which •evered the carotid artery. Tojani was •o severely wounded that he is not expected to survive the night. Cotter Rcnohe* Vancouver. VANCOUVER, B. C., Jan. 4.—John W. Foster, ex-secretary of state of tho United States arrived here enronte to Japan to act as cousul for tho Chinese peace commissioners. He sails ou the Smpress of India ou Monday and elects to meet China's commissioners at tidibe, though sitting will be held at [iroshima. 6nair«t<irm In Parln. LONDON, Jan. 4.—A dispatch from •arts says that a snoW storm caused iany hours d'olay to trains. Thn heuv- 1 eat fall has beou in Silusia where rail- tray traffic is piurtialy Buapaiided. Iu taly there are high walls of suow ou aoh side of. the streets. Miwy deaths rom freeiuug aro, . brottght a distance Of 40 mile's from th« BMl Btui river, amonntdiu sfrenm rising in the Cascade* mountains neat Mount Hood. The pipe line and reservoirs have cost the city over $2,000, 000. To Avoid tk Pntitto Famine. LONDON, Dec. B9.— The Daily News says: With a view to avoiding a potato famine in Ireland \the government has decided to advance money, without interest, to the poor law guardians for the purchased seed potatoes. ._ Kudu the lottery Bu«l«t«*i. KANSAS CITY, Deo. 89.— The lottery firm of E. Fox & Co,, with offices m all the principal cities iu the "United States, haa gone out of business, H. C. Lloyd, who constituted the company, started up in' Kansas City, Kan., when the Louisiana ceased business and Lloyd secured many of the patrons of that concern. Many complaints of nonpayment of premiums made by outside agencies led to an agitation that has now ended in the firm going out of business. This practically ends the lottery bmlnesi in Kansas. ' ' ^ _ Fatal Boiler Bxplmlon. BOWLING GREEN, Ky., Dec. 29.— A sawmill boiler exploded' at Bonayer, Berroh county, killing five men and badly scalding several more. The names of four of the dead are: Bud, Fann, Dorring and Spark. The mill was the prop* erty of Hard Derring and was almost totally destroyed. Meoord Breaker In Ten*. DALLAS, Deo. «».— The weather Thursday night was a record breaker. It was ft degrees above zero. -The ice on the Trinity was thick enough to bear a man'i weight.' Dispatches from all over Texas say it is the coldest December in M years. two Blinks rJte* on MM Scaffold. DBSADWOOD, S. D., Deo. 29.— Tw« Sticks, the Sioux Indian sentenced for • leading part in the murder of four cow* boys Feb. 2. WU8, was hanged at 10 a. m. by Marshal Pemlller in the presence of BO persons. The Indian died easily and quickly. , _ ___ Captain Ola** Reprimanded. WASHINGTON, Deo. M).— The secretary of the navy has prepared a letter reprimanding Captain OHass, of the Cincinnati, for not being at his post when that vessel was passing Execution rock last fall and struck bottom. Itoatli of Mn. Palmer. COLORADO SPRINGS, Dec. 29.— News received of the death of Mrs. Qaeea Mellen Palmer, wife of General W. J. Palmer, president of the Rio Grarida Western. The death occurred in England. Will Meat Paster at Kobe. .LONDON, Jan. 4.—A dispatch from Tien Tain BUVB that the Chinese envoys o negotiate peace >vith Japan will proceed to Japotf 10 doys henoo. They will aeet at Kobe John W. Foster, ox-Amer- dan Becretary of state, who has been ap- wiuted to act with them iu au advisory apaoity. ,/ Opposad to negro Oolonluttlon. CifYOK Micxioo, Jau. 4.—The project of the ooloniztttiou of uogroes in Mexico, MI printed in newspapers of the United itates, is not looked upon with favor. Che project is uot tukeu variously i» bis country wnd Kouorul oj)iniou seeuis to oppose negro colonization, |Ipluou>b> Suooewor. , Nub,, Jim. 4,— H. M. Siu i nowly upj)oiuU4 Jndgu fo this diatriot, iHTived h-ojw Llucolu ou< ha* boon vecoivljig ooi)g>Wtultttiouti ft host of wiu-m frleutlB. 1'VHUUyer ICudqwil WUIUluw' Wtfj^AMS/rowN, Moan., J»M». 4.— Kit Govw-uor BylvwiUu- Peuuoyw of OittguU h»8 e^dowwl WillltHivs' oollego with •ohoHrglitp of |i)4,SOO iu memory of Ml HOD, who died huru loat term. Th mouoy l» tu bo usod for the support o uoedy tmd (UwurvJiiK atudouta, prefw- euoe bolug tfivou Otvgou iitudoutu who in PBUUV, O. T., Jnu.4,—Th«jvtt > yliu tU w\ at 1 JMO Mwvta tu»d W» «ou-l^l JVtid B»U \viirt /, who hu>'o Iweu oil t for tlie muvdw- of W. W. Olftiw fur 8 day*, liuvo lu «yi lunkwl up iu their ro<>i for uluo ili.vs. It IH Wild it utnuiW oi|{l far coiivk'Hou uud fonr for aoquittia, Heavy Mew York Failure. • KEW YORK, Dec. »».— The wholesale and retail dry goods and milinery firm of J. Lichtenstehi & Sons has gone into liquidation. Liabilities estimated at •600,000, with assets half that amount Given to the Jury. - KANSAsCiTY, Dec. 3V.— The arguments ' in the trial of Montgomery H. Lewis for embezzleihent from tho Lombard Inveet- ment company was concluded and UM naae was, gi van ^O the inrv- A Bitch In the Tnuufer. Boston is ih rather a siugular position, with a costly and maguifibont public library building ready for occupancy, but going unused because there is no money to move the books.— Boston Journal. ^ _ __ CongTeuuuin Bnrronri For Senator. . LANBINO, Mioh., Jon. 4.— At the caucus of the Republican members of the legislature for United States senator to fill the unexpired term of Senator Stockbridge Congressman J. C. Burrows was nominated oh the second ballot. the Weather and W. 0. ». V. Combine. BiRaoNQHAH, Ala., Jan. 4.— The boy. oott of the W. C. f . U. and the threat- cuing weather combined to reduce UM audience that heard Colonel W. C. P. Breoldnridge's lecture to sbont 100 persons. _ • riafler RequUltlon Revoked. TALLAHASSKB, Fla,, Jau, 4.— Governot Mitchell has revoked his order, iswdng a warrant for the arrest of Henry H. Flagler upon the requisition of Governor of Texas. _ __ MARKETS RECEIVED BY WIRE. Chicago Onto arid ProTltlaM. , Jim, a-Kv.irj'tWilg opened w*a)| , ..u Aiuwrlvau _ LONDON, Jim. 4.—A iU»patch to tho pally News from Viouua says that a newspaper thoro status that the Mikndo seeks au X<uropouu princess or rtu Aiuurloun hoirosa as a wife for tho crown prluoo of Juptui. Three Ifufntmrf FUhvriuen fott, LONDON, Jitii. 4.—It has now been OB- oertoiuod thut 899 flghormou, bolouglug to Hull, Qrluisby aud Yimimout^, wore lost iu the rooout gtthv , ItouiUu at a rrunolt ArlW, i, Jun, 4.—Alwsnnrtor Blda, Ute rtvtlxt, IK dtuul. Ho \viw boru at Touluuso iu 1818, , , -. In tho «pooulntive uwrkohnwd olo»tod Ntrony SS rogardu whout, flrtit <u to ooru and oatnand Btruin for iirovisious, Wl)«vt aldaod with a rieb coin of Kc, odhi and o*tii »how no ohMfi and provlalonN are higher. OUMINO PHICM. \VHMAT-Jauviary, Wr»0)»«°! Majr, . OAT&-Jiu*uary, ffiWo; JTobruary, i Msj, . POHK-J»>m»ry, lll.«; Jtay. LAIiO--Ja»uary, 18.77 U; M.y, BlU»-J»nuMT, l4.TOlio.TliX; May, I'lvruU , Peru, Jail. 4.— Guvuruiuout troops Uavo dttftnitud tlio I'iorolu iusur- Juulu. Ohloayo 14<r« »to«h, QuioAoo, JMI. a-CATtUt-a&lM ofdrwMd b«ot awl idvipplng sUturs woro ou a bail* of IU.UVJ4.75 for vwrrooutmon to extra ((uaUtjr. with uiiMl of tho Inullnu at W.T6(*5.Ua OuMI luoiUuK stoem woro Uuld at «a.flu*J.T4, Tte calf market was atrong at tho rvotuit MlvMW. Thu ituuuml umrkta wiu 10*160 lugUw tb*A yosturUay u»tl uluiml ulrouv, H(Kia-Thu quality of tho bogi on today 1 * ux»rkut wnnwt up UVIHI W tUo rotwnt tovurj ermgo. Tlio iloiumid WIM native. Tha best W (kit hw»vjrwiJ«hu UixmuUt |4-IN®t>W awlikA eUviiounv of tuv ii)t'>t-w»li|Ui« *i.»to»i,«, !PHB balk ot tbo t mUliiB wa» dauu «t M.DB^I.U f lUthtor vrulaUU. . BUIiBl'-TUii uiarkiii w*i dutl wul iuuwtUft4. AlUwuvit Utu wwrly «H!<M woro nl alwut atajldjr urlMM, tbu Ulor movaiiumt win* ot u iluollua of fully J*.', tUiiwi) wwra >iuot»d at U.S»(»U.W aft* lamb* Laiiiliiu KtllUir l>lo», Jiui. 4.— Mr, MOUIM, editor of tho Morning Fust, in dwul. ))««iit>rudu . Ft4£MiNUttBUJ"», Ky., Jmi. 4.— will Kuglisli, a uouxl d^iMU'udo of thiii soo- tltiu wittmhnt und Icilhulliy Andrew Vuughu. Tlio vhuoltug wiw Urn »t«ult nf a quuifttl over u dubt owwl to Yuughu. (tout It »uu«lia SOUTH OUAIU, J»». H,UUUln»a; H»U to 16ftl Uu., UWlU*..»«.i*wu.W; Wi» tu ehutov uuvw, W.^VialUi uunuuou <••«; <KHl fwnlum, W.I1UW.W! ouuunuii M«rl«it .u,i... «r«i t . HvKIS- UivotpU, S.UiW huud ; ll^U*. «.TtWil4j. kwavy, »),*>i«l.tW MarkM i ••m >w I bo tu I*- lowvr. hlliau' B,lU; Uimlw, ,'~ «< ''rf>* > «. i T

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