The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 20, 1959 · Page 7
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 7

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1959
Page 7
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CHA-CHA-CHA — Pete Godfredson and Jackie Krueger rehearse the Cha- Cha-Cha number they will do at the Junior College Winter Revue Wednes- day evening. The dance has been choreographed by T. A. 'Anderson of La Rand studio. OUR SAVIOR'S TO BURN MORTGAGE IN FEBRUARY Our Savior's Lutheran Church v:ill terminate its six-year indebtedness in February and will vole at Easter time on building a new sanctuary. The new ELUC congregation "came to town" Feb. 1, 1953, holding title to the lot at 1500 W. Oak- church council. Other officers, L. L. Harber, secretary; Clark Tollefson, treasurer; Bruce Mullen, financial secretary; Stanley Nelson and Ervin Peterson, board of deacons; Victor Voss and Fred Johnson, board of trustees; Ronald Dain, board of Christian educa- Area Seniors to Be Guests of JC Revue land and attending services in the " T °? ; Leo " ard P°[ ivka and Dale Sterling Theater. On Palm Sunday, 1!)54, the congregation unit and fellowship hall, with an Investment of fillip hall, with an investment, of $182,318. Last year, with the membership increased by 224 to bring it to a total of 1,636, the mortgage was reduced by $35,892. The 1958 income was $66.966 and the new budge is $71,910. The current mortgage is $5,988. The Rev. G. C. Knutson announced that the congregation will sponsor a foreign missionary in 1951). The field and personnel will be decided later, he said. There are 580 in the Sunday School. Norman Stuewer was re-elected president of the congregation and Nelson, stewardship committee, and Lewis Schuster, head usher. $600 Received in Blue Crutch Drive Almost $600 was raised for the March of Dimes in the Blue Crutch drive in Austin Friday. Mrs. J. W. McLaughlin, chairman of the Esther Rebekah Lodge committee in charge of the drive, reported contributions of $591.80. This was termed "good in spite of the cold and miserable weather Friday." READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS llllllllllll! HEALTH Your Pharmacist 1$ often referred to as "Health Policeman" because many people rely upon his so knowledge and skill. Yes, your ready, willing and able to help you guard your health. WOLD'S DRUG STORE "De.t'cri in Fine Drugs Since 1S(>6" Main at Bridge Phone HE 3-2326 FREE DELIVERY Seniors of some 20 area high schools will be guests of Austin Junior College Wednesday nigh when the college presents its 10th annual Winter Revue as the high light of Snow Week festivities. Curtain time will be 8 p.m. at the Austin High School auditorium. With Pete Godfredson as mas ter of ceremonies, the revue wil! feature a variety of student talen and will be culminated with the crowning of the 1958 Sno Queen by reigning queen Beverly Walter man. Finalists are Judy Aandahl Jackie Krueger and Connie Lick teig. Escorts Named Miss Walterman will 'ie escort ed by David Dombrock, freshman class president, while the queen elect will be escorted by Jim Sayles, student body president. two attendants will be escorted bj Jim Randall and Jerry Wolf. With the backing of the Henrj Charles Orchestra, appearing through the courtesy of Local 76 American Federation of Musicians the talent show will offer the sir.g ing of Carol DeVries, Darla Bjork Robert Kurth and Marilyn Yoake the Junior College Swingtet; th cha-cha-cha dancing of Jackie Kn ager and Pete Godfredson an comedy of Charles Louk and Jim Randall. Among the sketches will be a takeoff on the "beat generation" featuring Paul Cooper, Judy Aandahl and Joan Schutjer and a skit, "The Car," with Jon Culton and Sharon Baumgartel. Funk Composes Theme Song Wilbur Funk, musical director of the show, has composed a, theme song, "Fiesta," which will be sung by the Swingtet. Harold Westby, Judy Aandahl and Joyce Schottler will be accompanists. Lighting will be handled by Lauritz Nielson, while the production is under the direction of Eugene LaVine of the college faculty. The public is Invited to attend without charge, but students other than high school seniors must be accompanied by an adult. Change-of-Use Petitions Held Over 6 Months Action on four petitions asking hanges in use of property was ostponed for six months by the ustin City Council Friday night > await the study being made in ity planning, Councilmen indicated that, ex- ept in cases of real emergency, he same policy will be followed petitions requesting change of "*« The petitions had been submil- ed to the City Planning Cornmis- ion for its recommendation. A letter from the commission hairman, Joe Leathers, and the lanning director, Park Dougherty, aid it was the commission's opin- on that it would be impossible to ive an intelligent recommenda- ion at this time. It pointed out hat the program of city planning, which engineering service will engaged, will require at least ix months before it* will reach he state where information will be helpful in zoning. A study of ity zoning is a part of the pro;ram. 3 Requests Made Three of the petitions involved requests for change of use from residential to commercial and light ndustrial. They included the Ryther property on the southwest '• County ' IFARM-CITY WEEK SLATED SAFETY MAGIC — Sgf. Carl S. Pike pulls a banner with a safety message from his cap. Jaycees Sponsor Safety Magic Show at Pacelli High School corner of Kenwood and Victoria; a ot on the northwest corner of Kenwood and Myrtle, belonging to Burr Oaks Market; and lots on the northeast corner of Ellis and Oakwood. The fourth petition asked for a change in use from residential to multiple dwelling of the Uhlis property on the west side of Sutton Place from Oakland to Winona. Councilmen agreed with the commission that until a land use study is made, decisions on change of use should be held up as spot zoning at his time would tend to defeat the work in city planning. They moved that the hearings on the four petitions be postponed until the June Council meeting. Protests Remain on File Approximately 25 citizens appeared, intending to express opposition at the hearings. They were told that their petitions of protest would remain on file and, if they desired, they could also write to the planning commission in expressing their views. Mayor Baldy Hansen said that while it might work some hardship on, the petitioners, he felt neither the commission nor the Council was in position at this time to make an intelligent decision on zoning. Alderman Jerry Lund, who moved for postponment, concurred. Jury Acquits Man of Assault Charge A District Court jury early today after 10 hours' deliberation acquitted Jerome Daniels, 25. Rochester, of indecent assault Nov. 10 against a 6-year-old girl. The verdict was read at 12:10 a.m. today. The jury had been out since 2 p.m. Monday afternoon. Daniels was charged with taking indecent liberties with the girl at the Waltham school. County Attorney Wallace Sieh represent ed the state and attorney for the defendant was Ray Ondov. "There's a trick to everything," Sgt. Carl S. Pike says. . .and he will demonstrate his tricks to Pacelli High School students Wednesday morning at his Safely Magic Show. Pike, on leave from the K'-nt (Grand Rapids, Mich.), sheriff's department, combines his •abilities as a magician with his ixperience as a police safety offi cer into an hour-long program on traffic safety for high school students. His appearance here, sponsored by the Austin Jaycees, is pnrt of a nationwide tour sponsored by American Trucking Assn. Safety magic consists of a brief fact-packed talk followed by n truly mystifying magic show in which each feat illustrates a point of good safety behavior. EYE SUKGEON DIES BLOOMINGTON, III. ( ' P)-Dr. Watson Gailey, 70, ".oted eye surgeon who at one time was a medical consultant in India and Guatemala, died Monday of a stroke. He was born in Ashland, 111. Ticket orders for the second annual Farm-City Week March 2-5, are being received frorrt Austin businessmen, Ray J. Emmerich, Chamber of Commerce manager, announced today. Each businessman will host a form couple In an exchange of courtesies for the farm visits last Summer. Invitations will go out to the farmers In February, with those who did not attend last year getting first choice. Noon lunnheon will be served at Methodist Wesley Hall on each of the four days. This will be followed by industrial tours ^for the men and entertainment at Wesley Hall for the women Upwards of 200 will be enter talned each day. Leaguers in Bowling Party at St. Ansgar LYLE, Minn. — Twenty-spvcr Junior High Leaguers of Trinity Lutheran Parish, held H bow lint pnrty in St. Ansgar Sunday after noon. After bowling, they returned U the center to hear a talk by the Hov. Isudore Schwnrt/, who Spokf of his life and conversion fron Jewery to Christianity. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hang land and Mr. nnd Mrs. Jack Far linger served refreshments. TUES., JAN. 20,1959 PAGE 7, First Woman Elected to St. Olaf Council were elected St. Olftf congregation Monday night elected Mrs. L. H. Williams as its first woman council member. At the same lime her husband was being chosen the outstanding boss of the year at the Jaycees' awards night in another part of the church building. He retired last year after a long tenure as church secretary. Three other council members three-year terms, Brooks Cutter, Arnold Brustad and L. S. Harbo. Edward H. Hnnsen was elected to fill t h e unexplred term of Arnie Hein. D. 0. Siverson ,vas elected trea ;urer, H a r o 1 c Mickelson, finair c 1 a 1 secretary Thompson Mrs. Wllllnms and Dr. Theodore 8. recording secretary. dance secretary, and Miss Margaret Rockne, financial secretary. The board of education includes Dr. Fred Requa, Mrs. M. Arthur Bustad, Mrs. Herbert Bjork, Lloyd Anderson, Miss Lena Grinley and R. 1. Meland. A budget of $137,964 was adopted, Special 1959 projects include $1,200 for air-conditioning offices; $2,000 for transept lighting and $2,000 for organ fund. Ken Jarvis as acting president of the congregation, conducted the meeting. With Chester Nockelby and Wilfred Denisen he automatic sally retires from the council after three years service. Contributions totaled $157,409.90 and the church ended the year with R balance of $9,214.14. In his annual message, the Rev.- A. L. Swenson expressed concern over the dearth of job opportunities in Austin. He said that a study of transfers to other cities revealed that many young people, notably men returning from -the Comparison of Tax Figures Below are charts comparing Austin's assessed valuations, tax rates, tax collections and actual tax levies over the last 10 years The charts were released Monday by City Assessor William Ellickson. COMPARISON OF TAX RATES. (1949 TO 1958 INCLUSIVE.) Stale County City Sell. Dlsl. Non-Home- Ilomestrt Tax Kate Tax Rate Tax Rale Tax Rale Slcnd Rate Tax Rate The name of Kentucky moans dark and bloody ground." This derives from the many bloody wars between various Indian tribes before Kentucky came Into the Union In 1792. ' Head ushers "ore" ingmund John armed services, were unable to son, David Beaver and Gene Bu- st «y here for lack o£ employment land. DIES Orin Prestegaard was named general superintendent of the Sunday School, with C. LeRoy Johnson, assistant superintendent; Mrs. Roger Saman, treasurer; Mrs. Vernon Johnson, recording secretary; Mrs. Glen Domino, atten- BROKERAGE HEAD WEST PALM BT ' :H, Fla. (AP)—Austin F. Hancock, 83, of San Antonio, Tex., president for 10 years of the Hancock Brokerage Corp. of New York City, died Monday. Year 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 J95B 1957 1958 Year 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 Mills Mills Mills Mills Mills 8.69 29.20 45.64 70.47 154.00 8.52 33.17 52.41 73.15 167.25 7.72 36.00 56.28 74.50 174.50 6.84 36.22 58.22 88.47 189.75 9.94 36.72 58.22 92.97 197.85 9.15 35.52 61.96 112.12 218.75 9.15 35.42 65.06 111.45 221.08 9.15 35.29 08.04 116.48 228.96 12.62 39.33 86.73 121.18 259.80 12.42 44.37 87.45 132.65 276.89 • • • (1958 Taxes, payable 1959) - - TAX COLLECTIONS, 1919-1958 INCL. Mills 149.42 162.85 171.71 187.49 193.19 213.53 215.91 223.62 253.25 270.3V Levy $1,588,177.08 1,782,525.59 1,965,706.80 2,320,542.35 2,442,001.67 2,679,091.20 2,791,653.90 3,009,900.00 3,484,279.97 3,824,864.55 - - Collected to Jan. 14,1959. $1,587,919.12 1,782,307.32 1,964,811.30 2,319,983,35 2,441,373.27 2,678,062.66 2,789,496.73 2,999,937.58 3,453,592.38 Balance Unpaid 257.96 218.27 895.50 559.00 628.40 ' 1,028.54 2,157.17 9,962.41 30,687.59 Year 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 COMPARISON OF ASSESSED Per. Properly Assessed Val. to be collected during the year 1959 Percentage Unpaid .0162 .0122 .044 .0241 .0257 .0384 .0771 .331 .881 $3,463,438.00 3,350,177.00 3,423,522.00 3,925,636.00 3,894,337.00 3,573,281.00 3,691,231.00 3,731,242.00 3,693,262.00 3,683,415.00 VALUATIONS Real Estate Assessed Vol. $6,565,139.00 7,035,115.00 7,580,957.00 7,967,488.00 8,255,127.00 8,544,139.00 8,892,744.00 9,377,466.00 9,711,976.00 10,142.019.00 (1949 TO 1958). Total Assessed Valuation $10,028,577.00 10,393,292.00 11,004,479.00 11,893,124.00 12,149.464.00 12,117,420.00 12,583,975.00 13,112,619.00 13,402,238.00 13,825,434.00 LEVIES IN DOLLARS AND CENTS. (1919 TO 1958 INCLUSIVE). QUALITY FEILING) Gel »et for a Uirilliug new tensation . . . get ready fur a rocketing Olds revelation. Look over Olikmobile'g fresh, clean now lines fur '59. Far more room and beauty inside — far more visibility, too. Then s take the wheel and discover new gas-saving Rocket Engine power — smooth, responsive, untiring. For Olds ig a leader in every way ... in power, popularity, prestige . . . quality! See for yourself at your Oldsmobila quality dealer'* today! NINETY-EIGHT HOLIDAY SPORTSEDAN i your turn at the wheel «f your local utthorlxtit O L.DSIVIO BI I_E Qumllty Ottlor'i Year 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 State $72,751.81 73,614.87 74,563.34 72,432.82 101,576.27 88,471.98 91,783.04 94,623.12 136,083.20 138,228.14 County $300,586.94 355,060.29 396,161.63 430,768.!>4 446,128.96 430,411.52 445,725.10 462,755.71 527,110.11 613,434.60 City $457,700.62 544,712.41 619,332.07 692,417.67 707,341.79 750,795.33 818,713.43 892,204.40 1162,376.11 1209,034.20 School Misc. Asmts. $ 697,231.05 $59,846.66 749,803.21 818,986.21 1051,241.85 1128,609.01 1357,699.72 1401,610.88 1526,531.39 1623,411.43 1833,530.96 61,334.81 56,663.55 73,681.07 58,345.01 51,712.05 33,821.4:i 33,785.38 35,299.12 30,636.65 Re-Miscel. Assessments — Special Assessments and Grain Tax - • 2 Tagged in City Traffic Two drivers were tagged in six raffle accidents Monday. A collision at 5:05 p.m. Monday at Chatham and Mill caused $20 damage to the car of Robert Qunl, 214 Harmon, and $185 damage to he car of Darrell Osnvjndson, Adams. Qual was tagged for having he wrong address on his driver's icense and for failing to yield the right of way. Damage of $500 was done to the car of Bruce Elward, 401 S. Four h, and $200 to the car of Robert Wells, 508 S. St. Paul, in a col- lision at 1:13 p.m. Monday at St. Paul and College. Wells was tagged for failing to yield the right of way. Other collisions: 3:25 p.m. Monday, College and Fifth, Carl Dopita, 704 Prospect, $35; Curtis Eastman, 1106 Tollefson, $10. 4 p.m. Monday, Oakland and Ash, Robert Lee Masters, Grrn-er, Iowa, $5; George A. Emery. 706 Elm, $450. 11:33 a.m. Monday, Water and Ash, Carlos Pedersen, 604 Padden, $5; Magnus Modene, 1304 Medary, $30. 10:55 p.m. Monday, Maple and Chatham, Lorraine Grothe, 502 S. Main, $75; John A. Boese, Minneapolis, $50. 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