The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 20, 1959 · Page 6
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 6

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1959
Page 6
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FOR SPRING AND SUMMER — Here are spring and summer fashions from Italy for 1959. Left to right: "Estrellita" — printed chiffon evening dress from Eleanora Garnett of Rome; "Sirio and Botte" — beach outfit of cotton maco in two pieces with light blue blouse and shorts striped in blue and yellow from "La Tessi- trice dell 'Isola' " of Capri and Rome; "Bilancia" (Scales) — morning dress of cotton msco fuxia, with violet bands from; "Variety" — spring ensemble of ruby red wool topcoat with high-waisted gathering and black and white print to wear under if, topped by black straw hat from Eleanora Garnett (AP Photofax) PERSONAL NOTES Mrs. Victor Dvorak Sr., Wai- tham, is receiving treatment at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, this week. Mr. and Mrs. 0. R. Erkkson, Waltham, are spending the winter in Phoenix, Ariz. H, A.(Slim) Merritt, Austin, Rt. 2, is a patient at Methodist Hospital, Rochester. His room number is 508. Mrs. 0. I. Rygh, Waltham, has returned home from Naeve Hospital, Albert Lea, where she underwent major surgery, Albert Pater, Waltham mayor, is recuperating at his Home after spending several weeks at St. Marys Hospital, Rochester, where he underwent knee surgery. New officers of the Waltham Community Club include Mrs. Fred Fett, president: Mrs. Hilda Anderson, vice president; Mrs. G. G. Eggert, secretary and Mis. Elwood Miller, treasurer. Officers were elected Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. J. P. Miller, Lansing, celebrated her birthday Sunday with her family and friends at the home of her son, Joe Miller. Her children and great-grandchildren gathered at her home Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Buck, Waltham, were hosts for birthday dinner honoring his mother, Mrs. Edward Buck, Sunday evening. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Harold Buck and son, Mr. and Mrs. George Buringa, Mr. and Mrs. Ben King Jr. and children, Austin. A bridal shower honoring Miss Janice Eblen was held Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Madeline Wheeler, 1203 N. Sixth. Assisting hostesses were Mrs. Edward Johnson, Mrs. Robert Thatcher and Mrs. Matthew Adams. Miss Eblen's marriage to Eugene Westphal will take place Jan. 24, at St. Augustine Church. Mrs. Edna B. Cummings, formerly of 601 S. Chatham, is a patient at Mercy Hospital, San Beware of Lonely Hearts Club By ANN LANDERS Dear Ann Landers: I just road the column dealing with Lonely Hearts Clubs and your excellent reply. You told people to beware of therp — and why. I've had experience along these lines and I would like to say the only thing wrong with your advice is that it wasn't strong enough. Three years ago my husband sneaked out on me in the middle of the night. After five months of tracing " Ann Landers I finally caught up with him, in Los Angeles. I learned he had his It's Easy To Place An AUSTIN DAILY HERALD WANT AD DIAL HE 3-8851 NOW [name on one Lonely Hearts Club list and was getting lined up with aonther. He also enrolled in a dancing school. I went to the director of the Lonely Hearts Club and introduced myself. The woman seem ed shocked and said she was "sorry." I asked how they screen members who wish to be put in touch with prospective mates. She said they take the word of the nppli. cants that they are not married. She explained they operate on the theory that "most people are honest." It seems I arrived just in the nick of time because my husband had already made contact with a middle-aged woman who owned property and was crazy about urn. He would have married this woman (though still married to me) on the outside chance that no one would catch up with him. Please print this letter as an additional nail in the coffins of the unscrupulous, and a warning to the -unwary. Thank you.—Mrs. L. R. M. Dear Ann Landers: My in-laws have a Mexican chihuahua who is spoiled beyond the most fantastic stretch of the imagination. We have had to baby-sit with this mutt because it raises such a fuss that the in-laws are afraid the dog will have a heart attack if left alone. This miniature tornado lias always slept at the foot of my mother-in-law's bed. This is the problem: The folks went away for the winter and we have the dog. The first two nigftts, he cried and carried on until my wife took him into our bed. The downstairs neighbors (we live in an apartment) started to knock on our ceiling with a broom handle and I had to give in. When fc - i "I"*' —••••"•»* " vt * (^» '-"vt^. n i*j, vJCllU the dog came into the bed 1 went them to her in care of THE HER- on; the couch. A LD enclosing a stamped, self i I told my wife I am not sleep-[addressed envelope.) ing with any darned dog. She says the dog is clean and that I am being stuffy. She also says we must keep the dog happy until her folks get back because if he should get sick from aggravation they'd never forgive us. My wife claims you are a reasonable wo man and she promised to abide by your decision provided I state all the facts, which I have done. Oh yes, one thing more— she said to tell you the dog is too old to retrain. — DISPLACED PERSON Dear Displaced: Your wife should sleep on the couch with that spoiled, mosquito-like creature and you should have the bed to yourself. I confess I feel like a hypocrite giving this advice. We had a chi- huahua and more than once we lost the battle when "Big Shoi' cried during a thunderstorm ant 1 wanted to sleep at the foot 01 our bed. But the advice still stands. Right is right. CONFIDENTIAL TO IN TROU- Diego, Calif. Mrs. Cummings will undergo major surgery Thursday and will recuperate at the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Cummings, 5284 Lodi St., San Diego, and the home of her son - in •' law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zimmerman, 717 48th St., San Die go. For Day or Night PRINTED PATTERN 4587 By ANNE ADAM:. Divinely curved sheath with a _ i square - cut neckline for evening. borry, I can t Chap- Empire Jacket for smart daytime coverage. So versatile — wear It as & jumper, too. Tomorrow's pattern: feea skirts. Printed Pattern 4587: Junior Miss 0. 11, 13, 15, 17. Size 13 dress takes 3 yards 35-Inch rubric; Jacket 3 , 4 yard. Printed directions on each pattern pan. Easier, accurate. Send FIFTY CENTS In coin* for '.his pattern — add 10 cents for each •lattern tor 1st - class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of THE HERALD. Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th NAM'E! *£&& Vh S^ZE and STYLE NUMBER. erone you and see that you do the right thing. All I can do is advise you and I've done it to the best of my ability. "NO" is a Tood Anglo-Saxon word used in the best of families. You ought to try it sometime. CONFIDENTIAL TO HORRORSTRUCK: The knob turns the set off as well as on. To learn how to keep your boy friend in line without losing him, 6 AUSTIN (Minn.) HfftAlD Tuesday, Jan. 20, March of Dimes Mother of Year Is Busy Woman" By DOROTHY ROE Associated Press Women's Editor NEW YORK (AP) - "What at first seems disaster can be a blessing in disguise," says the new March of Dimes Mother of the Year, This is the philosophy of gay, pretty Virginia Connors, of Cranford, N.J., 35-year-old mother of tiiree, who runs her own household and holds down a teaching jcb for the Westfield, N.J., public schools, all from a wheelchair. Mrs. Connors received the 1959 award at a luncheon today in recognition of her courage and her "independence in regaining maximum self-sufficiency" after o bout with crippling polio and long months in an iron lung. She is the wife of John B. Connors, sales representative for a Kearny, N.J., paint company. She has two sons, John, 10, and Billy. 8, and a 4-year-old daughter, Mary. The girl was just a baby svhen Mrs. Connors was stricken with polio and complete paraljsis in September 1955, just as she was preparing to return to her teaching job. She was hospitalized for almost a year, in an iron lung much of the time, and her family carried on. "I never dreamed that John could manage the things he did during that time," says Mrs. Connors. "Of course the whole family rallied 'round—his and mine—and many friends came to the rescue. But the big burden was on him, and for that year he held down his own job, did mine at home, took care of the children and helped me to fight my way back to life and activity. I could never have done it without his help and love." Rut Inger Olveback, Lt. David A. Meyer Plan June Wedding Mrs, Rut Inger Olveback, Stockholm, Sweden, announces the engagement of her daughter, Rut Inger, to Lt. (jg) David A. Meyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H. Meyer, 511 N. Fourth. Miss Olveback is a 1957 graduate of the Finsta Farm School in Sweden and Lt. Meyer is a 195T graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy. A June wedding is planned. Catholic Unit Meets With Mrs. Kroc Mrs. Herbert Jahning led t h e study club discussion when St. Margaret Unit met Monday, Mrs. Bernard Kroc, 704 E. College, was hostess in the evening. Following the business session and study hour, prizes for cards were won by Mrs. James Carroll, Mrs. Richard Bassett and Mrs. George Pesch. The Rev. Richard Loomls was a guest. Mrs. P-isch, 405 S. Chatham, will be hostess for the next meeting. Australia was first settled by ------- ff ,..,... ( ~-«w>» MJ«M rfU.* 4J4i3V »ndI«A» n L,,,*,s'nc.«bo«k.i,|, eDulch and called Hew Hot wE#. 1 2££.!S!'"-- "- ™* •« », •>. your request 20 cents in coin and ] over until 15 ° y ea rs later, in 1768. a large, self-addressed, stamped envelope. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems, Send In 195 ? alone about one-third of a million men and women in the 22 ^ "^ * /¥ \ TV" ' - l : '>-7 7 A Brand Cleaner Walks on Air! Full Horsepower Motor Oouble-Strcich Hoie Tele»«opt Wond 10 Second Bag Change sit ir NQWAT l*f I. flridg. HOOVER •ss $ 59 88 DECKER HARDWARE We Give S&H Green Stamps 1MILX . . . Kitchen Companion 671 The first Hague Peace Conference, in 1899, met at the invitation of the then Czar of Russia. By LAUKA WHEELER Pretty and practical — this gay doll protects your mixer. Use remnants for doll's clothes. Easy, fun to make. Add new charm and vivid color to your kitchen with this "conversation" piece. Pattern 671: directions, pattern for mixer-cover doll. Send Thirty - five Cents (coins) for this pattern — add 5 cents for each lattern for 1st - class mailing. Sent! to THE HERALD, Needlccraft Dcpt., P. O. Box 16P, Old Chelsea Station, Mew York 11, N. Y. Print plainly PATTERN NUMHER, NAME, ADORESS and ZONE. Send for a copy of 1959 Laurn Wheeler Needlecraft Book. It hns love- Iv designs to order: embroidery, crochet, knitting, weaving, quilting, toys. In the book, a special surprise to make a little girl happy — a cutout doll, clothes to color. Bead 25 cent* for this book, Smart Gals Dress for the Occasion By ALIdIA HART Make-up and coiffures have their proper time and place. And the girl who sets out for the office in the morning wearing heavy eye-mnke-up and an elaborately - curled bouffant hairdo is •nit of tempo. She attracts attention, all right, but it's not complimentary. She looks every bit as silly as the girl who turns up at the party with a dash of lipstick, her hair slicked back, wearing tweeds. Neither girl has learned the fun of suiting clothes and make-up to the occasion, then forgetting about both. They're inclined to be self- conscious because they're vaguely aware that something is wrong. This is a day and age in which make • up techniques and the right clothes are available to everyone who really is interested. Hair coloring isn't entirely a matter that must be tackled from the outside. Once your hair has turned gray, of course, it's a different story. But if you want to keep the natural color of your hair, watch your diet. Take cod liver oil capsules regularly and be faithful about your vitamins, Your diet should stress shell fish, salmon, green vegetables, tomatoes and bananas. Emotions affect the hair and its color, so remember this the next time your tempted to lose your temper. Each time you shampoo your hair, massage your scalp vigorously with your fingertips. Actually move the scalp about so that you begin to feet e tingling sensation. Have a good nylon brush to brush your hair dry aftsr sham :noing and a bristle brush to polish it. If you are nearly always in doube when you go to shop for new clothes, you can help yourself by adhering to a few rules. The first of these is that the simpkr the dress, the better. Avoid fancy trimming or ornaments. The next is that when you are armed with an exact knowledge of what you want and what will fit into your wardrobe, you are also armed against making mistakes. The third is to be candid with yourself about your age and dress accordingly. This means that you will be neither kittenish nor dowdy but very attractively yourself. Student Directory Lists Dial-a-Date BEXLEY, Ohio (/PI — Nobody at Bexley High needs a little black book. The staff of the school newspaper produces a student directory listing the name, address, phone number and class of every boy and girl in the school. Appropriately enough, it's called Dial-A-Date, BOWLING AUSTIN BOWL CITY LEAGUE i Stovensons 740 750 808—229B -! Austin Cab 760814820—2394 iGivrr Plumbing 749 708 831—2398 ! Moose No. 4 733720795—2248 Fan ties ,..7SO 763 772—2325! Males — Austin ....811 771 842—2424 I Mnrvln'B ....759 768 796—232J Moose No. 5 718700730—2148 i Austin Bowl 635729673—2037 Railway Cafe 742 736 775—2253 Konz Bar 677 609 809—2185 Wheeler Coal 718 723 725—21« Radio Electric 604714725—2043 Drowiisdale Boosters 687 761 767—2215 Moose No. 3 552 628 581—1761 Bed Owl 593 fi59 682—1934 PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE Coca Cola 705771686—2162 Jonna Lynn 703696741—21-10 'larry's Cafe 611 659 663—1933 Ankeny 647 678 642—1967 rerp Ballroom 578658712—1948 Moose NO. 2 722 632 692—2046 First National ......776629719—2124 Turf Bar 679708676—2063 Qlldner's 654 597 716—1967 Women of Moose 1 ,.676 782 655—2113 Combs Rusco 760 165 794—2319 Miller High Life ....752 777 856—2385 Leftys Bar 666766728—2160 .Vshley Dlst. Co. ,...719 8U 705—2235 Mates 823 773 830—2426 .lagen's 758799854—2411 ECHO LANES CLASSIC LEAGUE Plant cafe .889 905 871—266: .Clnney'a 86 87S 873 905—26*4 3 875 983 906-27W .........830 »!« 866—2*42 905936924-3761 Jailtty's Tavern ....8M 890 7W-2M6 7 tJp Bottling Co. ..906 843 830-2482 ?errH Radio A> TV 878 811 879—2Sfi9 date's 1 621920874—2716 Banquet Bread. 915 898 810—2623 Echo Lanes 824 922 8W-2842 Red Owl ......840 842 903—2495 BOWtEHETTEs LEAGUE Attl't Drive In ..,.819 640 WO—1905 People's Drug 722 839 «83—2044 Sachan's Purn.-Vao 631 688 70S-HWi Mitchell's 644 611 614—1870 lamburgor Heaven ..618 670 642—1830 Westlnghouae 673 578 610—1871 .losaman Plxlt Shop 587 579 464—1731 CJophef Btl, Co 516660651—1827 VMCA • CHURCH LEAGUE Fellowship Methodist 667 687 752—2106 St. John's 744733730—2209 !ioly Cross 1 704 784 754—2242 St. John's 727764683-3176 Grace Luth. 3 6PO 744 724—2148 3t. Olaf 2 686769753—2208 ?re*byterlan 2 * 682 756 746—2194 Methodist 672 728 711—2109 Holy Cross 2 713 729 806—2248 Church of Christ 1 ..648 823 855—2326 Church of Christ 2 . .7il 836 727—2194 3. U. B. 2 638 649 734—2021 Crane No. 2 679 748 662—2120 Grace Lutheran ....690690718—210:! Our Saviors 1 Presbyterian 1 St. Olaf 1 668667739—2074 Crane 1 725692790—2207 Our Saviors 2 738 694 750—2182 E. U. B. 1 804742848—2393 Bowling's Top Five CLASSIC LEAGUE D. Ostergaard 639 D. Madson 628 D. Whltcomb 607 D. Kos 603 R. Carroll 601 YMCA-CHURCH LEAGUE L. Lyle 440 A. Dulltz 517 718 647 741—2106 715 666 796—2096 CORRECTION! in the Austin Junior College * 10th Annual Winter Revue Tiesfcr" Advertisement In Monday's Austin Daily Herald The copy should have read . . . "Students, except High School Seniors, admitted only when accompanied by an adult" Notice of Sale TO SATISFY MEN ON PERSONAL PROPERTY To: Mr. and Mrs. Don Dlckaon Harold Ball Mr. nnd Mrs. K. T. Robinson You are hereby notified that on Wednesday, the eleventh day of February, 1959, at 10 o'clock In the tore- noon at the warehouse ot tha undersigned S. L. Young & sons, the warehouse behind 323 East Water Street, Austin, Mower County, Minnesota, the goods hereinafter described, which are stored in gald warehouse under your name, will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder for cash to satisfy the charge which win then be due said S. L. Young <fe Sons, for packing and storing said goods as a warehouseman for hire and such other charges as are valid liens against the goods for the above mentioned person and for expense of advertising .ind sale. The name of the depositors and the property to be sold are as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Don Dlckson Lot No. 406, Harold Ball Lot No. 340. and Mr. & Mrs. K. T. Robinson Lot No. 168. The goods that are to be sold are used household good* ana are to be sold us whole lot* only. Dated at Austin, Minnesota, January W, 195S. S. L. YOUNQ & SONS By P. U YOUNG,—Owner Jan. 20, 27 E. Draheim ,. SW C. HIM , 502 Srasks 501 ECHO BOWlJSREfTES L. Auer 478 J. Clark 475 E. Nielsen ..........409 M. Bnchon 462 B. Noble 453 WOMEN'S CITf LEAGUE 3. Sohupp .,558 B. Jorgenson 555 B. Johnson .......MS R. Hoffman , 529 L. Ktlgore 529 PROGRESSIVE LEAGUE M. Stltes .A 589 L. Walburn 496 M. Wlese ......495 P. Yauger 483 S. Jarvlg 489 Legal Notice Form 33 Bank No. tan Book 11, Pftg« 280 Amendment to Certificate of Incorporation of the state Bank of 8ar- geant. At a meeting of the Stockholders of the above named Bank, held at the Banking House on the 5 day of January A, D, 1859, the folio-wing resolution • was offered and adopted by a majority vote of Its Capital Stock; RESOLVED: That 'section 8th. of the Certificate of Incorporation of this Bank be amended to read as follows: "SIXTH The highest amount of indebtedness or liability to which the corporation shall at any time be subject shall be twenty five (25) ttmel the amount ot its capital and actual surplus." i We hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was duly adopted by a majority vote of the Capital Stock, at a meeting duly called for the purpose and held at the Banking House in Sargeant, Minnesota on the itli, day of January A. D. 1650. (CORPORATE SEAL) JEWS JENSEN. President THEO KNUT30N. Cashier STATE OP MINNESOTA, County Of Mower—ss. On this 5th day of January, 1959, before me appeared Jens Jensen and Theo. Knutson Mr. me personally known, who being By me duly sworn did sny that they are respectively the President and Cashier of State Bank af Sargeant, that the seal affixed to the foregoing Instrument Is the corporate seal of said corporation, that said Instrument was executed by them as their free act and deed. (NOTARIAL SEAL) JOHN A. UNBO Notary Public, Mower Co., Minn. My commission expires NOT. 17, 1960 STATE OP MINNESOTA, Office of Commissioner of Bank*. St. Paul, Jan. 7, 1959. This Is to certify that tha action of the stockholders of the State Bank of Sargaant, Sargeant, Minnesota In adopting the foregoing amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation has been approved by me. (SEAL) • CLARENCE LODAHI*. Assistant Commissioner of Banks. STATE OP MINNESOTA, Department of State I hereby certify that the within Instrument was filed for record In thl» offlco on the 9th day of January A, D. 1959, at 8 o'clock A. M., and was duly recorded In Book J ot StaU Bank Records, on page 308. JOSEPH L, DONOVAN Secretary of State. OFFICE OP REGISTER OP DEEM County of Mower, Minn. I hereby certify that the within Instrument was filed In this office for record on the 14th day ot January A. D. 1959 at 9 o'clock A. M., and wns duly recorded in Book 11 of MlacJ. page 280. PURL M. ENOEB Register of Deeds. GLADYS CHOPSKI, DepUtT Book 11. Page 281 Jan. JO, 11 CLEVELAND'S C HOUSE WARES SALE Continues All This Week CLEVELAND'S DOWNTOWN STERLING the delicious sparkle of every meal . . . for everyone. "Loo* tor ib. Oak Hi 7-2226 or Hi 3-2487 vvw •**•<• ~ -s, * k r ir* <.-A>^VA; *•/• <?*'7w*iw« i v- w *^f A " w 9y<)5^^9 The standard of the world in Excellence For longer than half a century Cadillac has held fast to a tradition of goodness and superiority of product—a creed that has made Cadillac the symbol of excellence the world over. And for 1959, it is without precedent even among Cadillacs, with new excellence in design... in performance . . . and in craftsmanship. We invite you to discover this for yourself .,.- . at your Authorized Cadillac dealership. 215 East Bridge VISiT YOUR LOC4L AUTHORIZED CADILLAC DB41BR • USEM CHEVROLET COMPANY Dial HE 3-8877

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