Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on February 5, 1920 · 13
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 13

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 5, 1920
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'if- jUDEMPShY BOUT PAGES ON SLACKER STORY ... i vi3 Man Hovers Round sVifeChangesStand. ECHICAgO DAYTRIBUNE; THUKSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, lxrzx,. r. . ML! i ; THE GUMPS--OH, MINI I 5C2 Tribune Decisions . tv, Tribune renresenta- viiion" "- , if- jobnnl Griffiths kmwkfd out Marcel HOI- Alrie MUW ba. "Mke tit j Kid Davis knocked oat Mofis lJ. Art Bruggcr bent ij. . J. Benny Yalger beat Tom-,111- .3 Francisco,. Cal.. Feb. 4. Spe- Ll'nquaUSed and absolute repu- j ' i i -je'v'was a stacker, that he did 'import her but that she support-. yn tbit Pempsey, failed to work x shipyards, or that she has any ls-ce against the worliTs chamois maJ today by Mrs. Maxine "s right-about-faro with the di-4 wife. She or her friends who ( her Here ior uus mvpfugi- IMT6 Ml AA&YKMeNY 'vJWEfc.t-TN NAME ONE 0t , tlCicHrY CENTS- H1i ( l-DOWTVANT To " " f.Ai) aaiViI WELL- 1 I . A. ITVCENT PIECE-AMD J f fl WAMS &U fr V " ) "' 7 cU LLL. TNM"SALLTHtRE OttF ACANADlAN ! . I SUSPICIONS.) - v.-t.j. .1 Jy RlfcfNY HERE rOOKYwAT? sCltT fl- w ' . fH47W' HARRISON FIVES BEAT MARSHALL1 IN TWO BATTLES Bantics Game Ends 8-5, Heavies' Score 17-5. Harrison High carried off both end of a west auction double header at Marshall High, the bantam surpriilnj tht lionie five in the opener, S to 6. Th hnavy wpIkMs won by 17 to 6. Th mldKeU battled all over the floor, both. pldes being penalized frequently. Line ups U r Y1 t Mtl:. rr. r i- t i t tti:. rf 1 0 0 U mirk, rt 1 1 0 a 1111.11. If o 0 I 'ThntniMun, If 0 O O i ifiii'. Kv. c.l f 't itHonnlicr, p..,0 o SIORE ABOUT JACK. EAlt WAKE: I notice in picture of " Patent Leather Jack " that in putting on a squarehead nut he seems to have the knack of using; an air hammer in . a inanner most assuring. I'm sure a nut put on like that could never be enduring. Any shipyard worker Tank, English, French knows that In pulling up a bolt or nut, it's best to use a wrench. F. S. T. . & yjpi prepared for the witness a Deinpsey, Mr.-iiempsey, 0, why did verything she had said and" at .fc::om remarked she was eorry luviag injured or marrea me rep- jcb of her former husband. font Distuss Original Letter. Dempsey said the same thing it Assint- C. . Aiwrney a num-rlth whom she was closeted for a iscurs' session, and later in the the repeated her denial to news- men. js?d to explain how she came to tfce letter in which she made the Ser charges, if there was no truth b same, Mrs. Dempsey replied: fr talked so much on the sub-j a?n't care to talk any more. I'm i out. My amaavit speaKs ior - h. Dempseys 'change of heart to have developed after she was Tewed in Salt Lake City by A Spe'.'man, representative of the t picture syndicate, who went to Spellman tirst went to Wells, ar.d di-scovering Mrs. Dempsey S-parted, proceeded to Salt Lake, 3 he got in touch with her ad id her to come to San Fran- with her renunciation. Aitompanied by Bodyguard. 'jjDeznpsey was brought into San ju late Tuesday afternoon by tai. She registered at a local iu'Lina Clark," and could not -Jsrviewed until after the first leg 1 federal lnvesigation. Just how whe will remain here is indefinite. 2 said to be "on call " to the fed-Minorities. ioJyeuard with a waiting, taxicab provided for Mrs. Dempsey, -and" (federal building she evaded in-. to and all attempts to secure a jraph. st Kearns, Dempsey's manager, 3 still here, remains in the back-:1 He declared he has made no :;t to talk with Mrs. Dempsey and i :ot intend to do so. ?Uiran. who reiterates that he has ?sted himself in this investigation 1 to clear the moving picture end :t deal, insists the affidavit consti- 4-a complete vindication. iV. and C. Board Thinks Dempsey Won't 'Appear nr York, Feb. 4. Special. J re is small likelihood that Jack rnssfv. world hpavvweieTit cham- . win appeal personally before the rn:ttee of the army, navy, and "an board of boxing control, which f"eb. U will hold a hearing on the Oder's activities for his country ? the war. While no official in- Tif!f. n 9 . 1 I . 1 b?ence of any direct word from !' Dempsey or his manager. Jack "".ru, the general impression was j-fie chamnion w'll cnhmlf Vila raw ;i form of affidavits., 5 xtwt To build ships for Uncle Sam in patent ' leather shoes? Catherine F. AND MORE ANON. The A. 12. F. s croW)ii7 vn The noble, manlj game," And wants to bounce Jack Dempaey From out the Halt of Fame. And yet the lads tcho won the war Are really most to blame;. They should have kept it. going Till Mr. Dempsey came. C. P. 31. - . ' George W. Dixon has made an offer of 100 umpires to the Chicago Industrial Athletic league, baseball section. He suggests the selection of his 100 sturdiest teamsters. " We're not that kind of a league," replied Chairman Elmer T. Stevens.- , A new man "is. slated ; to wear the amateur tjiree cushion crown; but H won't, be A. Newman of Brook Jy.n. This " Help! Help! WakV'iv I coBdtioted by 'Harrey T. Woodrutrv' 1 " Terhaps Messrs. Ruppert and Huston want that $500,000 from Ban John-Bon.'"' suggests J. Av" to buy four more Babe Ruths. But are there any more Babes in the Woods?" If it was worth $20 for a ringside seat J U at the btecher-Caddock mauling match . it should be worth about $50 for a ring- i Fide seat in the American league meet-1 ing next week. j .ft $ .The pendulum has made,- another swing. The National league now. has the world's pennant and apparent har mony among Its club owners. In years past it was often the other way. ' ' ;': WHO'S WHO. IWhoineirg this Guy F. Leer L. E. B. in the Wake.) r He's a Bushman or looks And a Chaplin for fun, lie's a Rascoe for books And a Morgan for mon; He's a Hammond for plays 'And a Dana for neves, And his lyrics amaze When he flirts with the Muse. , He's a Barrie for whim And a Bryan for blatt, In satirical vim. ; He's got Shaw on the mat; Mid Society's whirls He's the top of the heap, And, my dear, with the girls He makes Romeo weep. Albeit he lores ., A'of fo talk of himself. He MUST say he shoves Others back on the shelf, A'o matter the task; And although you might guess it, You don't HAVE to you ask. And, by gosh, he'll confess itt GUY F. LEE. It seems to be tiyae to lay aside blame And heed the old cry, "For the good ofjjhe game," j Do Too Remember Way Baek When: The boys u.sed to gather at Al Aim-tin'!!! after 1 a. ni. to put away a welch rorebft and a mug of ale? HIPPO VAUGHN SIGNS AND CUB OFFICIALS BREATHE WITH RELIEF Big Jim Vaughn, superlative southpaw of the Cubs, spent one hour with President Veeck of the Cubs yesterday, after which he signed his contract to play with the north siders next season. The stalwart hurler came down from Kenosha, where he has been toiling in the shops of an automobile factory, and it required little time for him to reach an agreement with the Cub3' boss. Vaughn was one of two veterans who signed with the Cubs during the day. Dode Paskert ' .arrived from his ! normal American man and boy; , Here NXoodLs BxidL Waters L SOME DEER FACTS. AST week District Game Warden Charlie McPherron, , at Monmouth, 111., arrested ."a" boob 'of killing proclivities for running down and wounding a 2 year -old -buck deer. The prisoner was taken to Aledo-and given a stiff fine. The deer, was one of three that have been running this winter in Rock Island and Mercer counties and one of probably a hundred or more wild deer still remaining In Illinois. The other day we received a letter from -a reader of our feeble efforts. It i a short, terse letter, in which the writer unburdens himself and speaks what is probably in the heart of every home In Cleveland in the morning, and had affixed his name to a contract before lunch time. He has been selling cigars in a Cleveland store, and will return to the job until time to start on the spring training trip. - Signing of Vaughn Relief. The signing of Vaughn brought considerable relief to the north side magnates; as he is rated as one of the real stars of the league, and much depends upon -his work next season. A year ago Vaughn held out Until nearly time for the start of the season. Wit'i Vaughn and Alexander, the big stars of . the staff, in line for next season. President Veeck and Manager Mitchell have little to fear. " Speed " Martin, one of the clever right handed hurlers, signed his contract when seen a few weeks ago by Veeck in San Francisco. rrelim Work at Hot Springs. V ' Vaughn will return to Kenosha today or tomorrow, and after a few days of preparation will leave . for Hot Springs, Ark., for some preliminary work. Accompanied by Alexander, rryler, aod-Killefer,. he is booked to go to the Arkansas resort a week from tonight.: - ' - it is? "After reading "your article on elk and deer I happened to pick up a paper' from my mother's home town, clippings from which I am sending you. -Gee, but I wish I were about 75 years old, so I could say I at least had seen some of these critters, except in Lincoln park." - , The clippings were on the early history of Illinois and our reader had tin-1 derlined parts that spoke of the early j settlers building fences to keep the deer i out of their "fields and of shooting deer j and turkyes on the way to church.' 1 There is a connection between our first item and this letter, Our reader has to go to Lincoln park to see a deer because we have boobs who instantly grab a gun whenever they see some wild meat on the hoof. If this spirit would be permitted to run unchecked our children's children' would have to go to Lincoln park to see a robin or a cotton tail rabbit. .. LIKE P. A. STORY IS JACK JOHNSON LETTER TO CLYNE .Federal officials in Chicago, admit that as a fugitive from justice t Jack Johnson is a wonderful press agent. The duky battler's widely heralded letter pleading for a chance to come back fronVhls exife in Mexico City'and fight charges agahnst hfm. .In Uncle Barn's courts rcach,edipistric,t .Altaxney Clyne yesterday. ' " Its a good eribugTrietter," remarked the prosecutor, " except that it h;is all the earmarks of a press agent story. I will not answer the letter. When Johnson steps foot on American eoil he will be arrested and sent to jail to serve the sentence . standing against him. There will be no immunity from justice," NORTH PARKS TOl RXKY. . In the 135 pound r;i ol the noj th parks. Terrapin A. C. defeated Mczereons, 64 to 14, at Elkhart park. , . ' Hamlin Midcetg etirtod! the ra for th north parks flj pounds basket title by running over Seward. UH to 8, tn the' latter'! gymnasium. WEST PARK ' TOl'R VET. Stanford. iOS pounder, opeur-d the annual "West Park" basketball title, whirl by drubbing Holsteln youngsters. Hi to o. at Dvorak park. . The Falcon midget. .115 pounds, defeated the Sheridan Pam livo in a West Park league game la-t night, -! (o !. 135 ponnd class Dvorak. Oak Home. 3.T E.'khar 11. .' RUTH' CLAIMS HE IIAS NOT SIGNED CONTRACT .i k. r..0 0 0 o.M .union, r.,0 0 ( rem nana. 1.0 O 0 O Sumner. Ir.,.,0 O S 0 knl, it O O O til Riley, r 1 O i 1 ree throws djii.vJ: Kii-iwky, 11; Ourk. BANTAMWEIGHTS. KuTinon IKl. ( MarhH t.M. H F P Ti B r l T nn. ri ,- u i u vmm. rr., (iulkownki, U.O 4 'i 0KTvtmii. ..(I O 1 l.vniis. 1 i('l;luiu f O ii.'if .'o oil h. c.S 0 ft ft OS ANfiKI.KS, Cal.. Feb. 4 Before departing for tlio eat today "Babe" Ru(h. the Yankees' $100,000 beau ty," saimie had not signed a contract with' the New York club an reported aivj that lie would not come to terms before receiving a part of the money paid to the Bus-tori lied Sox tor his hervices. KtiUi. Is headed for Boston, expecting to arrive there Monday. He Is going to New York a few d;is later. Bill James of the White Sox Maff also departed today, going to Ann Arbor, where a brother has just died." James has been hunt- near here. arry lieiiman or the users was among the arrivals anil reported that he had signed his 1920 contract. ,,. .. . - . , . nig i i utu-r rir....o o 1 1 U.,mu,-i. r...n nan I Kj b ky. U. .0 0 1 2 l .iwU m t.. .o O I o i 1; J rt A A n . JYeo lhrwi in i'1: UniKiiwuHt' li). Umiuo. 6; Eftttiuu. 4. lUler.: St. llali.k. 4 M'KINLEY, 14 1 AUSTIN, 12. After Amtin led. 10 to 2. at half ttmo, ' Mi'Klliley Ixuitttlun pullMt toaetlli-r and .t ii 'tnuivn wink in tike aeomd half, rrfcue.l , the (ame. 14 to 12, on AtiHlin's flmr. R. K.WMU. who n aa Inje. i,d into the UneuD in I he mi.ind half, ptiinil-. Uie wiimm riiiifr on attempt. Ltneun: MiKinley 1141. i Autia 1171. it r p t ti y p t Miluu. rf o o 0 oiRay. rf...,..a 0 1 o us. If O 0 u o.i-oww. 4t... i I ( H. Windc'dc.l 0 0 1 1 H till. . I 0 6 ti I'lianin g e, i-k.'J 2 1 2' Lanuton, nr. . .0 oil J.a, iu. It.. '. 0 J 1 Tia y. U....O 0 0 0 Kimwn. rf.. II 0 O! BuToi)h, rfO I U 0 Kn - throws misae: Cliaoipaniiti. S; Urewrr. 6. lUferec: Henry Smidl, if Hi WALLER, 14 j SENN, 10. Waller Ltfhts liftrd a faat game lrom Prnn. 14 to 10, In north aei-tlon garrxi nn the Jailer's floor. Krt.kson shot thrsw biMkeis and lrd the winners' floor atts-'U. Sullivan llipiMd right of Senna poinia. Ljneiip: Waller f 141. ! Sena tltl. SOLTH' PARKS TOt'KNEY.. ' Ouden park ' U5 phiinders defeated Grrid Croscing. 12 to . In a dm-iilmir e;ime of the south parkir tmirnarat nt-at Bessemer park;' Other wore: , 115 Kund class Palmer, 15: Hamilton. 10 140 pouiid vlsl'ahiifrt Monitors.. 40; Mark White, 0. OX OTHER BASKI-.T KUHRS. S. C. Whales lights, 4'; Silent A. C, 10. S. C. Whales banters. IK: St. Marks, Id. (Jary Imfeiwmlenl.'-. .'J.'t; Whitinx dwU, y-i. t U r P T j. . PT Anderson rf. .4 '2 10 Hennett. rf...O Oil Vei.hnian. lf O II O 0 PulliTan. If. ..2 4 I 1 li,kjn, ...: - 'i 2iUi. Uman. Oil lieiuert. rir. .0 0 0 l'Zihon. rr 0 0 10 f' In ft II .1 n Van llnren Ir ll O O 1 W .Min n, lir d 0 S O C, Johnt.on.rf 0 0 0 1 Free throws missed Krlokaon. ii. Aiulet-lou. ill &ullivaii. 7. . . ! lit ! OAK PARK, 26 1 ALUMNI, 7. Oak Pvk high' heavyweight basket team showed Its .xiring power yesterday, defeating an Alumni quintet, 2d to 7. al the 'hon I rim, Ills, knier and Robinson- each -alnr three ringers, I'eters was the only alumnus etfe.ttvn avnint the Oak Park gilsrds. ' WHITE SIGNS TO MKET MACKET. CKarlay White, local lurktweagki.- ywierday signed artjoiea to meet Bob Mar-key at' Den-rer eb, 13. They are to weigh in. at '.133 pnnnds at 3 KVloek. . llllimtTTT TTTTTTTTTTITTIITTIIIIItlTItlllllTIIIIITIlIITIIlIlIlIIIIIIIII - M 8 Perez Scores Victory Over Madonna by 10-0 ,Perez . defeated Madonna in the K, of C. Indoor league at Visitation hall. Fifty-fourth and Peoria streets, last night, 10 to 0. The features of the game were the, pitching of Shields and the hitting of Flynn and 0'La,ughlin. Score: -' Perez. :onge Saves Frenchman from K. O. by Griffiths Feb. 4. Johnny Griffiths, -an welterwpight, tonight scored -hnical knockout over Marcel EM. a French fighter. The end ln the tenth round of what was jave been a fifteen round bout, imp. manager 0( Thomas, . and I manager of Georges Carpentier. w up the sponge in order to save ' rom a knockout. richer Foul in Tonth " " f ft m w c ft ft y Verdict to Mendelsohn Vv'' M:h" Ftb- 4" Wil,i8 Beech-1-VewTork unintentionally fouled M-ntle'-s,:,hn of Milwaukee - in ; wtni of their ten round bout ;'' &n3 was disqualified, ilen- h&d the better of the fighting ag me of the foul. F.OX1in.2bl Casey, li...l Burke, c.l Ryan. Is. . . O TP.F'n. 3b.2 Shields, p.. 2 JO'Hn. lb. 2 Ri-hert. rs.O Foic rf 1 R H P A 3 1 1 O 1 12 . 2 2 3 2 3 0 O 0 1 1 t Totals . .10 13 27 1 1 .Madomia. a Ward. r...0 Henry, c. . . 0 T.F! h.. 3b.O B'nett. p-lb.O Bru-ker. 2bO R.S'van. Ib O Kelly. U...0 Cusak. is. . Laramie. 11.0 J.S'van, rf-pO H P A Tof qli '...01124 9 Ma'lonna O i) O O O o o o o l Perez 1 2 0 0 0 6 1 O 10 T base hit-Shields. O'Lauxhlin. Fox. Burke. Casey. Henry. Struck out Shields. 12: Bennett, 5: Sul'ivan. 3. Ba8 on balls Shield?. 1: Bennett. 2; Sullifan. 1. Umpires Fitzptnck and Kiiiian. Siever of Old Detroit j Tiger Champs Falls Dead Detroit, Mich.. Feb. 4. Special. ! Eddie Siever, former star southpaw on. the Detroit Tigers, died suddenly. on the street this afternoon. Heart disease is believed to have caused death. ' i In 1907, the year the Tigers won their 1 first pennant under the Jennings re- j gime. Siever did much to land the flag. ! One year later the cunning left Eddie's arm and he was released. From Detroit he went to the minors, finally , quitting baseball altogether. Of late he had been employed by the depart ment of public works. For Thursday, Friday and Saturday lamon que DRINK :rti: 7 HZ SNAPPY LIM: DRINK :i:-::::;'PIk;:::::i 1 r-irv::-:-: l-s'A: :-.-:- AT ALL SQDG FOUNTAINS PI mi ivW Tire (War Tax Paid) All Fresh StockSqueegee Tread Guaranteed by the B. F. .Goodrich Co. for 6,000 Miles Diamond Tires Diamond Tubes List Our - Red Gray Sizes Price Price : Tubes Tubes 30x3 $15.12 $12.25 $2.68 $2.48 30x3V2 19.15 15.65 3.19 ' 2.85 32x312 22.40 18.25 3.61 3.15 31x4 29.95 24.35 4.23 3.85 . 32x4 . ' 30.45 24.80 4.36 30 33x4 32.00 26.05 'n 4.45 4.00 34x4 32.65 26.65 4.63 4.10 35x4V2 45.80 37.55 - 5.93 5.30 1920 Auto License Application Blanks' Issued Here At Sale Prices Accessories Mats' Body Polish Sprayer free : gallon can, $20; half gallon, $1.50; quart, 95c. Windshield Squeegee New type, 35c. Haroline Oil Light and medium only; 5-gallon can, $2.89. Schraeder'a Tire Gaufes Reg. $1.50; spl.,Sc. A. C. Titan Spark Plugs Factory equipment: packed in original boxes; reg. $i; spl., 69c. Cotton Wst Pound package; spl., 2Sc id Chains Size 30x3y3; spL, $4J5. Shaler 5-minute Vulcaniger For repairing tubes; reg. $1.50; spl., 92c Simon's Auto Wax or KUener Spl., can, 45c Pyrerie Fir Extinguisher Complete; reg., $10; spl., $7.95. Combination Tire Dob and Cement Spl., 45c 4 Distilled Water For batteries ; gal bottle, 35c; half gal., 19c Storage Jack Set of four; reg., $7.50; spU $5.45. ... . , v , Leather Lastre For retouching-, leather tops; spl., quart can, $145; pint, 95c Ford Wee Sporting Goods Section Fifth Floor. We prepay parcel post or express on all out-of-town orders "j State and Jackson On the N. E. Corner .... - 1 -1 ., gTTi Tn r, . , ,lMl.iiiiiiTTTTTTrtinullilll"""1Mnii jinmrr: . H M N M H H H M M N N M N M M M 5 ' M M H M . H M M M H M M M M M H H M M M H M . M M M X N a N M 4 ' ' Even Rich Men Are Doing It . , . , .;v '-.-., - ... ; , ' . 1 v ' ' Cut the 11." C- L. Xdd. another season " Weart6""ybur'Tavorite-suit by renewing it with a new pair -of trousers. , Fine cassimeres, worsteds; and serges at $S.50 and .$10. v , ''.., ...... . ' ' ' ' Others at $5, $3.50 and $7.50 All A1I-woqI; Save at least $10 on a new suit if you need it, at $25, $30, $35, $40, $45 but wear the clothes you have as long as you can make them look gdod. Put on the Brakes Reduce the II. C. L. Many men" of forethought are buying two suits, extra trousers and an overcoat from us to insure against possible price raises next year. ," ...... Our direct wool purchases and wholesale - tailoring are Just two of our reasons for $10 saving. : A comparison will ' show a proportionally great saving in hats. Ask the men who trade, here or come, sec for yourself. ,.' li ' " ' r1 ; ' '' Mail orders' given prompt attention. Address Dept. L for samples. 19 E. Jackson Boul. Between Stale ancl Wabash' XKcyVe tack again those jroodold Portinas The strike from Porto Rico those smokes best as fragri used to be. off, and every ship . 1 ''' p '''fXy )t ' ' is bringing more Ufp k J t j you always" Uked ; . AJj ant ana miia as incy i . s J ri. mw&M l i' i!iiim-Wh' .H'-if-rnrTr-rirT ,i r v

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