Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on February 12, 1939 · 14
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 14

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 12, 1939
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THE HARTFORD DAILY" COURANT: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12. 1939. 14 Irish Back Citizenship Oath Change Local Group Favors Bill Making Foreswearing Allegiance to King George Unnecessary Irish-Americans in Hartford are joining with citizens in other cities and states in backing the bill before Congress which proposes a new wording of the naturalization oath for Irishmen so that they may foreswear a'.legiance to Eire, ana not King George of England, when they are about to become citizens of the United States. The change in the present oath is being sought so that the complete independence of Eire will be recognized in the oath, Timothy Crowley, president of the Padraic Pearse Council of the American Association for the Recognition of the Irish Republic, said Saturday. Mr. Crowley pointed out that for more than seven centuries Irishmen have shed blood for the freedom of their country and now, although they have won independence, they are still required, if they wish to become citizens of this country, to act as if they were British subjects in taking the oath. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., of Massachusetts, who will sponsor and introduce the bill in the Senate, presented the matter clearly in a lptcer to Secretary of State Cordell Hull on September 8, 1938 when Senator Lodge first began an investigation into the oath, Mr. Crow-lev said. In that letter, Senator Lodge stated, "My attention has been called to the fact that the naturalization oath which the United States requires of Irishmen who are about to become American citizens obliges them to foreswear allegiance to King George and that no men-- tion 01 tire appears in me oaun. In other words, citizens of Eire, by virtue of this procedure, are still treated by the United States as though they were subjects of King Gsorge." "It is further represented to me," Senator Lodge went on, "that the new Irish Constitution, to which Great Britain has offered no objection, recognizes no allegiance on the pant of citizens of Eire to any country or any sovereign other than the new Irish nation." Danaher Sympathetic To Bill. Mr. Crowley Saturday received a letter from Senator John A. Danaher, whom, he said, was sympathetic to the bill and had been informed that two Hartford delegates from Padraic Pearse Council would be present in Washington when the bill came up for a hearing before the committee on immigration. Senator Danaher promised cooperation to the delegates. Senator Francis T. Maloney is chairman of the subcommittee in charge of the hearing. The Padraic Pearse Council will meet Tuesday. February 14, at 8:30 p. m. at 450 Asylum street, to name the delegates who will attend the Washington hearing. Resolutions will also be presented expressing appreciation for the work done in the bill's behalf by Senator Lodge and Congressman John W. McCormack, Massachusetts, who will introduce the bill in the House. A resolution lauding Senator Danaher's work will be presented. Mr. Crowley said that he will contact leaders of other Irish-American organizations so that efforts for the bill may be coordinated locally. Glawackus Seen In Two Localities 25 Miles Apart Reports filtered through Saturday indicating one or more of five possibilities: (a) the Glawackus is in Portland; b) the Giawackus is in Scotland, Conn.; (c) the Glawackus is in both places, some 25 miles apart as the crow flies; (d) the Glawackus is in neither place, and (e there are two Glawacki. G. Frederick Clark declared he saw a black animal, much larger than a dog, on his property at Davis Hill, Portland, on Tuesday. He said the animal ran off as soon as he spotted it. Deputy Game Warden George H. Willis of Eastford told how he tracked an animal with large paws last Monday in the belief that it was the Glastonbury Glawackus. In his two and a half hours of following paw prints the game warden came on the scene of where the animal had dined on rabbit Never in his 13 years experience as a game warden, he said, had he seen cat-like tracks so large. Fore feet prints measured three by four inches and hindpaws were five and a half inches by four inches. The stride was 36 inches. He said the tracks were followed on the Chad-bourne Farm in Scotland. Marriage Licenses The following marriage license applications were received Saturday at the Bureau of Vital Statistics: William M. McClintock, salesman. Chicago, and Ruth O. Korper, secretary, 195 North Oxford Street. James T. Mingo, milk man, West Rocky Hill, and Nancy M. Boscarel-lo, factory, 331 Broad Street. Joseph J. Twarn, filer, and Mary Urbanas, housework, both of 40 Norwich Street. Shin Tong Ma, student, Philadelphia, and Renee Kwak Chi Cheng, student. Brooklyn. N. Y John J. Merusi, timekeeper. 37 Pawtucket Street. and Nora C. Fauls school teacher, 18 Columbia Street. Charter Revision Conference To Be Held On Feb. 20 Members of the Board of Aldermen, and the chairmen of the local Democratic, Republican and Socialist town committees were invited Saturday to a conference with the Charter Revision Commission for discussion of the proposed revision of the city charter now being prepared for submission to the General Assembly. The conferences will be held in the Corporation Counsel's hearing room at the Municipal Building on Monday, February 20, at 7 p. m. The invitations were sent out by William A. Linnane, acting as secretary of the commission, at the request of former State Senator Edward N. Allen, chairman of the commission. Explaining the purpose of the conference, Mr. Linnane stated it is the commission's hope that there may be unanimity of action so that the revision in final form may be presented to the Legislature with united support. The commission will submit at the conference a resume of the changes which are proposed. t Museum Gets Bully Beef. Oxley Library War Museum in Brisbane, Australia, has been presented a can of bully beef taken away from Gallipoli by a soldier at the time of the evacuation. The can is now 23 years old and is believed to contain the only bully beef frcr.i Gallipoli in existence. Board Will Discuss Dike Road Matter Aldermen to Consider $523,500 Appropriation For Boulevard at Meeting Tuesday The Board of Aldermen at its meeting next Tuesday night will consider a resolution from the Flood Commission seeking an appropriation of $523 500 as the city's share of cost of a proposed $2.130 000 section of combined dike and boulevard to extend from Morgan Street to a point in the North Meadows north of Riverside Park. Federal funds are availab'e for the remainder of the cost, provided a contribution is voted by the city. Plans have been completed by the United States Army Engineers, in charge of the dike construction program, and the project is ready to be launched almost immediately. The commission will submit the i resolution to the a'dermen with the request that it be referred to the Board of Finance for approval. If this course is followed, the resolution will be considered by the Finance Board at its next meeting, probably on February 23, and the matter returned to the aldermanic board for final action at its meeting on February 27. If this project is undertaken, it will mark the beginning of construction of the - Flood Commission's proposed five-mile, four-lane boulevard to run through Hartford atop and alongside the Connecticut River dikes. Other Matters. In addition to this resolution, a number of other matters are scheduled for consideration at Tuesday night's meeting. Alderman William J. Mayville will submit a resolution providing that firemen having 10 years of service be exempt from attendance at the department drill school. The resolution probably will be referred to the Fire Board. A resolution will be presented by Alderman Harry H. Kleinman asking the aldermen to go on record in favor of a bill in the Legislature RUCE FUNT-B t,-,.......i n A n u c i ' t VVALUES CLUB J Phone 2-3254 for Evening A ppointment Open for Membership During Feb. Only Col. Nolan to Be Guest At Banquet of Troop B Colonel Joseph P. Nolan, commander of the 169th Infantry Regiment, CNG, will be guest of honor at the annual banquet of Troop B, 110th Cavalry, CNG. at Cavalry Armory at 7 p. m. Thursday. An entertainment will follow the dinner. Other guests Include Colonel Kenneth F. Cramer, actinc; adjutant general. Colonel Philip S. Brown. Colonel L. Standish Tracy. Colonel Francis J. Shearer, Colonel J. H. Kelso Davis, polonel Clifford Cheney, Colonel Francis A. Ruggles. Major Julian W. Cunningham, Ma lor vGrover C. Sweet, Major Walter W. Smith, Major Earl S. Bidwell. Captain Charles P. Pendleton, Captain Arthur A. Baedor, Captain Howard B. Davis. Lieutenant Walter G. Dexter and Lieutenant Earl Marshal. Former members of Troop B are invited and may make reservations with any member of the following entertainment committee: Scrg;ant Stewart M. F. Luce, Sergeant Frank Burton. Sergeant Charles Simons, Private Charles Aubrey, and Private Webster. Stalled Motorist's Call To Firemen Costs $23 Dedham. Mass.. Feb. 11 (AP.) A warning to motorists, don't call the fire department ii your auto mobile gets stuck in a snowdrift. Howard Turner. 20. of Boston, Identified by Chief of Police Wil liam SulliVan, of Norwood, as a Harvard student, tried it. and was promptly brought into court and lH-d 123 ror soundino a laise aiarm Turner said he sounded the alarm h?n he couldn't find anyone else Here Is How the Club Plan Works You select the model Glenwood Range you like best, then you pay the required down payment and the range is delivered at your convenience. The balance you pay in twelve monthly payments. If your payments are made as agreed, all carrying charges will be deducted. One full year to pay without carrying charges. Delivers Any Glenwood On Our Club Plan, 12 Months To Pay, No Carrying Charge providing for election by the voters of members of the Metropolitan District Commission, Hartford to receive "proper representation" in the new set-up. Members of the commission are now appointed by the Governor. The aldermen will also have before them resolutions of Socialist Town Chairman Al G. Kamm directing the city controller and treasurer to furnish a detailed accounting of 1936 flood emergency fund expenditures for publication in the aldermanic journal. Alderman Samuel Lebon will Introduce a reso'ution seeking a change from Residence B to Residence A zone on Holcomb Street from Blue Hills Avenue to Ridge-field Street. The aldermanic board will also act on reports of the Finance Board recommending passage of the following appropriations: To the Street Department, snow removal account, extra appropriation of $25,000: to the Board of Contract and Supply, to continue WPA project at Batterson Park arboretum, capital account appropriation of $10,000; to the official stenographer account of the City Court, extra appropriation of $500. Denmark is to unite all councils of the country in a war on rats, which are said to do over $2,000,000 damage yearly. Hartford Fusion Party To Nominate Candidates The Independent Fusion Party of Hartford will hold a meeting soon to nominate candidates to be placed on the voting machines at the city election next November, J. George Shul-man, chairman, announced Saturday. As soon as candidates are nominated, Mr. Shulman said, 65 can-vas3ers will get 1000 names of registered voters on the petition required by law. Though only 600 names are necessary, he said 100C would be obtained. Mr. Shulman said that he expects his party to poll between 25.000 and 30,000 votes at the next election and that prominent citizens have told him that "politics should be cleaned out of the city." "We urge everyone interested in good government to attend this meeting to be held soon," he said Saturday. Mr. Shulman also said he planned to go to Washington to discuss flood control with Senator John A. Danaher. Church Plans Valentine Whist. The official board of St. Paul's Methodist Church, In conjunction with the young men's' basketball team, will sponsor a Valentine military whist Tuesday at 8 p. m. in the social room of the church. There will be prizes, entertainment and re freshments. Prayer Day For Women February 24 All Denominations to Unite at Christ Church CathedraKas Part of World Observance Continuing a custom of years' standing, women from Hartford churches of all denominations will unite in a World Day of Prayer Friday, February 24, from 2 to 3 p. m. in Christ Church Cathedral. On the same day similar services will be held in many cities in this country as well as in other countries throughout the Christian world. In this country the observance of the World Day of Prayer is under the direction of the National Committee of Church Women, an interdenominational body. The Hartford service will be purely one of worship, consisting of ritual, music and prayer, with no address. Mrs. E. Jerome Johanson, wife of Professor Johanson, associate professor of Christian theology at the Hartford Seminary Foundation, and herself an ordained minister, will lead the service, which will be open to everyone, of whatever creed. Local Committee. The Hartford committee, also in-denominational, consists of the following: Miss Lucy O. Hunt, chairman; Mrs. Edward W. Capen and Mrs. Delancey S. Pelgrift, Congregational; Mrs. Frank B. Haggard and Mrs, Herbert Drew, Baptist; Mrs. Henry H. Conland and Mrs. P. H. Ingalls, Episcopal; Mrs. Stanley Manning, Universalist; Mrs. James A. Newlands, Unitarian, and Mrs. Ralph Keffer, Methodist. Special prayers and gifts will be offered to support four interdenominational missionary projects, including eight Christian colleges in the Orient, religious work in five Government schools for Indians, providing Christian literature for many races in the Orient and Africa, and procuring resreational, medical, educational service, as well as protective legislation, for children of migrants. In spite of the war in China, department store sales ki Japan are Increasing. 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