Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on February 3, 1939 · 14
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 14

Hartford, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1939
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iHE HARTFORD DAILY COURANT: FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1939. 14 Naval Goals Are Declared By Germany Building Submarines to Parity With British and Arming Cruisers as Pacts Allow Planned Berlin. Feb. 2 AP Germany formally announced to the world tonight that she was taking advant-asc of the 1935 and 1937 Anglo-Girman naval agreements to build up to parity with the British fleet in submarines and to arm her new 10.000-ton cruisers with heavier guns. Tlie guns will be of 20.3 centimeters caliber (7.992 inches) instead of 15 centimeters '5.906 inches.) Great Britain was informed of the decision last December 30 The following announcement was released tomgnt. mrougn German official news agency: "In December. 1938. tne uermau oovernment notified tne tinusn government of its intention to put ! into effect certain rights under the i Anglo-German naval agreements of ; June 18. ivia. ana ju;. ii. roi. "Friendly conversations took place in Berlin December 30. 1938, on certain questions arising from the German claims to these rights. Germany at that time undertook to make a communication in writing, which was done January 18. "Accordingly. Germany will build ir ifs cnhmarine tnnnaee to parity j with the memoer states or wie diu- lsn empire, oegmning wim wjj uutu the agreed limit is reached .;"nfnA"a' tc 111 lUHf-lOIl flUIMTI XV ttilLl J under construction, transferring to class A. to! which Germanv is entitled under wmui upunaii.t TTnlpr the oact Germanv meS to imit her total naval ton- U , nf Rritain's ilflfcc tv H-i Right To Parity Recognized. The pact, however, recognized Germany's right to parity in sud marines and there was an escape clause which allowed her to build in the event of a situation arising which in its (the German government's opinion makes it necessary." The intention to achieve parity means that Germany intends to more than double her present submarine tonnage of about 31.000 tons completed or under construction, since Britain's is about 70.000. I'nited States Not Alarmed. Washington, Feb. 2. (AP.) Experts said tonight that Germany's decision to expand her submarine forces may necessitate new defensive measures by Great Britain but probably not by the United States. A bis fleet of hostile undersea craft would constitute the samedle Atlantic States and the south threat to Britain s food supply as in the World War. Already Germany has more mod- era suumaunes uwn eiuia ""Jiand Tennessee and coiaer i-Tiaay : American naval data showed. Mast, however, are comparatively small vessels of around 250 tons, able to encircle the British isles but not to cross the Atlantic. Timothy Driscoil Estate Appraised At 3760 Total Ella L. Byorkman Holdings Are Valued at $43,-107 An estate valued at $37.960 50 was left bv the late Timothy A. Driscoil of 57 Center Street, for many years a train ' dispatcher for the "New Haven Road." according to a document accepted for probate by-Judge Russell Z. Johnston. Stock holdings comprise tne bulk of the estate, those including 314 shares of Consolidated Gas Company of New York, valued at $3085.50; 295 shares American Brake Shoe Company. $11,283.75; 65 shares, Allied Chemical & Dve Company, $9884. and 76 shares, Swift & Company, $1349. , An undivided one-half interest in a parcel of land on Fern Street. West Hartford, is valued at $450. Tlie inventory also notes cash on hand amounting to $5778.80 and a deposit of $449.20 at the Society for Savings. Hoasehold furniture and books are listed at $150. A supplemental inventory of the estate of the late E!v;e W. Senger of Hartford, filed for tax purposes only, brings the total value of her estate to $45,027.69. The supplemental inventory amounts to $35,743.70 and the original inventory, ftled several months ago. listed property valued at $9283.99. Stock holdings comprise most of the supplemental inventory, and include: 60 shares. Pepperell Manufacturing Company, common. $4860; 43 shares. Southern New England Telephone Company. S6278. and 33 snares. American . Te'enhnne A- Te'epranh "U73 1? ! An estate valued at $43,107.09 was left by the late Ella L. Byorkman of Hartford, according to another document accepted for probate. Bank deposits amount to $13.28190 and stock holdings to $27,141.77. Among the stock items are 27 shares of American Telephone & Telezraph, $3813.75. and 20 shares. Public Service Company of New Jersey, 5's pfd, $1940. Including real estate at 244-246 Jefferson Street, appraised at $7000. an estate of $15,380.10 was left by the late Marie J. Grenier of Hartford. The residue consists of bank deposits. The late Ella Burns of Hartford left an estate amounting to $13 -053.73. including real estate at 287-289 Wethersfield Avenue valued nt $8500. Notes and bank deposits comprise most of the residue. Abraham Dobin, late of Hartford, left an estate of $11,084.50. including an undivided one-half interest in the following West Hartford real estate: 9 Fairlawn Street, house and lot. $2750: three lots on Fa.r-lawn Street. $900; lot at Park Road and Fairlawn Street. $1250; two lots on Park Road, $1000. Most of the residue consists of savings deposits. Bay State Publisher's Death Called Suicide Easthampton. Mass.. Feb. 2. (AP.) Disputing a police theory of accidental death. Medical Examiner James N. Ryan tonight reaffirmed his yesterday's verdict of suicide in the asphyxiation of John Leitch, aged weekly newspaper publisher. Police Chie' James L Campbell contended a coffee pot boiled over and extinguished the flame In Iic h s sas stove, but the mdical examiner stood by his decision "after taking into account ell factors in the case Fire Prevention Fund For New England Lifted To $5,000,000 in Senate Washington. Feb. 2 (AP.) A Senate Appropriation subcommittee voted today to increase from $3.-. 000,000 to' $5,000,000 a House-approved appropriation for fire prevention in New England forests which were swept by last September's hurricane. The subcommittee notified New England Senators it. also had lib- ?ra.ized the House provision, requiring states to ri..vcl. Federal contributions bv permitting the .states or local subdivisions to include in matching funds money spent previously or iHTWiter for such purposes. New England Senators expressed confidence the full committee would a up rove the a-i'.ton and hoped that the Senate w;!ci do likewise. In that even. t.e.v forecast, the $5.000 000 would be reMored to the deficiency bill m ronference. Weather Government Forecasts. Vermont Partly cloudy possibly preceded by snow flumes in north portion Friday, colder Friday night; SatUrdav fair , RhnH. T,:anH and -"- ,. , Connecticut nam rnua.v lu.uin Friday night: Saturday cloudy possibly followed by rain or snow. Maine Snow, not, so cold Friday; Saturday fair; colder. New Hampshire Snow or rain. Friday, colder Friday night; Sa.ur-day fair. Eastern New York Cloudy with rain over south and rain or snow over north portion Friday, colder ; i-naay auernoon ana nigiu, oi-ui- : oay jair. ; ' Country -wide Conditions. Washington. Feb. 2.-AP.-The Washington. Feb. disturbance mat was over ivimiic- so. a weiuiesuay nigm uvu,ui5 j east-northcastward over Ontario With a troueh extendme southward ! to eastern Kentucky and thence i southwest ward to the south Texas i coast. Another disturbance is central . . on the north Pacific coast. High pressure extends from eastern Que- j southward ' to Bermuda. An other hish nressure area extends from Saskatchewan south-southeastward to Iowa. During the last 24 hours rains have occurred in the Ohio Valley. Tennessee, m the Gulf and Middle Atlantic states, the North and Middle Pacific. States, and the low?r lake region, and snow and rains in the North Atlantic States. Temperatures have risen in the Atlantic States, while they have fallen in the MisslssiDDi vallev and the interior of ! the west gulf states ana in tne upper lake region. The outlook Is for rain or snow-on Fridav in the north portion of the North Atlantic States and for rain Fridav and probably Saturday in the Ohio valley, Tennessee. Mid- j portion of the North Atlantic S;at?s. It will be colder on Friday ,in the j 0wer lake region, the Ohio valley. night in the Middle Atlantic and North Atlantic states. Winds Eastport to Sandy Hook Fresh southwest shifting to west winds over south portion and fresh southeast shifting to south and southwest winds over north portion, weather overcast with rain Friday. Sandy Hook to Hatteras Fresh southwest winds shiftine to north west over north portion Friday afternoon, and overcast with rain Friday. Loral Weather Report. Tri-Dally Meteorological Observations. Hrrtford, conn . reD. z. lyjy :30 12 7:30 am. . .30.39 .. 23 .. IB .. 74 . .cldy noon 30.28 24 23 92 snow N 5 P m. 29,99 27 26 94 mist fog NNE 7 Barometer Temp. ideg. F.) ... Dew Point (des:. F.) Rel. Hum CV) .... State of Weather Direction of Wind .. N Vel. of Wind (mph) . . 6 Daily Summary. Highest Temp., 27, at 4 p. m. Lowest Temp., 22, at 3:30 a. m. Mean Temp.. 25. Normal Temp,. 2S. Precip. 24 hours to 7:30 a. m.. 0. Total degree days sinre Sept. 1. 3247. Total degree days this month. 43. Total degree days yesterday. 43. Approx. degree days today, 38. Noles. Sun mes at 7:02 a. m. Sun set.s at 5:08 p. m. Highest. Temp, year ago, 36. Lowest Temp, year ago. 28. Vehicle lights must be lighted not 1,-ter than 5:38 p. m Tides At New London Feb. 3. 1139.. High Low 8:07 a. m. 2:08 a. m. 8:36 p. m. 2:49 p. m. Tides At Saybrook. High Low 9:02 p. m. 3:03 a. m. 9:31 p. m. 3:44 p. m. Tides At New Haven. 9:54 a. m. 4:10 a. m. 10:33 p. m. 4.50 p. m. Records marked is) were taken at the Bureau of Aeronautics Station, Rentschler Field, all others at Federal Building. Department of Agriculture Report. Ear. Temperature 7:30 7:30 Pre-p.m. p m. H. L. cip. Eastern. Albany, r 39.90 34 40 40 32 34 22 39 36 4o 20 40 24 40 36 28 32 20 34 W) 58 36 70 74 72 48 44 64 72 -4 28 2 34 20 28 34 44 42 32 42 24 42 40 48 20 40 28 43 43 40 44 24 ft 34 36 13 26 4 30 32 36 12 34 23 42 38 30 40 22 40 44 50 62 42 60 70 60 34 54 50 60 .05 Atlantic City, r Baltimore, cl .. Boston. I Buffalo, cl Montreal, cl .... New York, fog . . JhUade'.phia, cl . Pittsburgh, cl .. Portland. Me. r Washington, r . . .30.02 .30.00 .29 96 .29.82 .29.78 .29 93 .30.00 .29 86 .30 04 .30.00 .41 .22 I .01 i .04 ! .54 ; .16 ; .23 .30 ! .04 .24 .03 : .37 : .26 ; Central. Chicago, cl 2998 Cincinnati, r 29.96 Cleveland, cl 29 88 Detroit, cl 29 88 Indianapolis, cl ..29.98 Milwaukee, cl 29.92 Southern. .34 .20 Abilene, r Atlanta, r Charleston, ci . Gal vm ton. cl . Dallas, cl Jacksonville, c . .29.94 .29 86 .30 04 .29.55 .29 88 .30.02 .30.06 .29.74 .30 04 0 60 74 70 42 76 76 73 66 56 72 82 2 30 10 36 26 36 2 .15 Miami, cl New Orleans, cl i Norfolk, cl I Sun Antonio, r . j Savannan. cl . i Tampa, c . .. ''S.H 30.04 30 02 Western. Bismarck, c 30.16 -6 20 Kansas Citv. pc . . .30.08 Minneapolis, c 30on 8 .01 34 12 Oklahoma City, rl .30.00 Omaha, c 3014 St. Louis, cl 30.00 Winnipeg, c 30 04 36 0 .10 Rocky Mountain. Denvrr, c 29 35 26 30 Helena, cl 29 84 2 4 26 Phoenix, po 30.12 50 50 Sail Lake City, cl .30 10 20 2 0 Pacific (oast. Los Angeles, c 30.1 54 54 Portland. Or. cl .29 42 42 San Francisco, cl .3000 52 54 San Diego, c 30.13 5 Seattle, r 29 2 42 44 Snokane. snow ...29.82 30 32 10 18 32 -2 42 34 42 34 34 24 Man Taking Drink Is Hitten Hy Snake Mobile. Ala., Feb. 2 AP. Cleve Brue. young logger, stopped his truck bide a road.siri stream yesterday for a drink. When his lips touched the water a snake bit him on the lip. He received emergency treatment here. Legislative News Topics Told Briefly ! Republican members of the Judiciary Committee held an informal j caucus Thursday afternoon at which it was reported there was ! discussion of the bill' which would ! prohibit dual job holding by legis-I lators. but at which there was no 'attempt to poll the committee. Earlier in the day Governor Baldwin told newspapermen he considered the bill a part of the Republican Party program and ex-: pectrd the General Assembly would carry through that program. There was no evidence Thursday of when ' the Judiciary Committee may take action on the bill, subject of a hearing Tuesday which revealed within the Legislature a sharp" division en opinion on the merits of the measure in its present form. Bills designed to stop the adulteration of gasoline ana to tax food stores selling motor lubricating oils and greases will be reported un- i i favorably by the legislative Corn- mittee on Motor Vehicles. Though at the hearing on the measures there was no opposition and Motor Vehicles Commissioner Michael A. u., .K. ".',,, T.r'!:, the i thP -'ad i teration" measures in. Hie a i.ui iridium " were voted down in an execuuve i session Thursday at the Capitol. ; The committee also voted an un-; favorable report to the House on a ' bii, allowing the unietuiKied balance of taxes received from the tale : of aviation gasoline to revert to the ' Department of Aeronautics. Ii : voted to report favorably on a bill allowing the operation oi ioreign (.ars jn connec'ticut without a state registration. Litchfield County Republican legislators Thursday voted that a resolution appointing Frank J. Seaton of Goshen to succeed Charles P. Harrington of Kent as county commissioner for the unexpired portion ! of the term ending October 1. 1941, j be introduced in the Legislature. ! Seaton was the choice brought out ; of a caucus of Republican legislators i from the Thirtieth District, He re ceived four votes against one each cast for Chauncey E. Hutchings of Harwinton. Herman Walthers of Goshen ami Harold Shapiro of New Hartford. With Harry M. Smith of New Hartford presiding, the meeting got off to a slow start as various members sought to determine the "legality" of their proposed action. At length it was pointed out that the Litchfield Democratic legislators could choose their own candidate for commis- cionpr or for that matter any mem- ber might introduce the name of any candidate for consideration. Mr. Harrington was appointed to fill out the unexpired term by Governor Crass. Economy will hit the Legislature in another place, the committee ;on Manual and Roll decided Thurs (Jayi in curtailing the number of pocket manuals for each member to sjX There has been no limit in he Dast The committee has des - ianated Ernest Bouchard of Har j ford as the compil?r of the book. j vhich lists members, committees and j rules, and Is now endeavoring to j speed up publication of the book.- j j Affidavits, required of persons who ; seek restoration of forfeited rights. should be executed bv the clerk or the judge of the court in which the petitioner was convicted, rather than by the petitioner, Attorney General Francis A. Pallotti Thursday advised Miss Elizabeth P. Ren-shaw of Darien. House chairman of the Forfeited Rights Committee. Miss Renshaw had asked interpretation of the statute requiring the committee to secure an affidavit regarding the conviction. Tne Attorney General said it was his "conviction' that the petitioner should not be compelled to advertise the hearing on the ground that "the applicant, who is desrous of rehabilitating himself, to lead an honest and upright life and to forget the unfortunate act, should not be compelled to publish again to the whole world his former crime and conviction for which he has atoned." Hurricane damage, amounting to : about $12,000 in the town of Plain- i field, figured in a hearing; befoie the Finance Committee Thursday i when representatives of the town i appeared in favor of a bill for a i bond issue which w-ould fund float- I ing debt resulting from storm repairs, as well as other town financ- j ing. No action was taken on the i bill, pending a report of the com- ! mittee's auditor. 1 Designation of members of the bar grievance committees as the agencies to bring before the court I persons charged with the unauthorized practice of law was advocated before the Judiciary Committee I Wednesday, chiefly bv A. Storrs Campbell, chairman of a Hartford County Bar Association committee on the subject. 'Die committee reserved action on the hill with the possibility that other changes in the ! law on grievance committees clarifying the powers of those bodies, will be incorporated. A favorable report was voted on a bill which would make the bills of grievance committees subject to approval of GRISWOLD'S Pulmonary Balsam A household remedy situe 1836 Griswold Drug Co. 1139 MIN STRKKT Tarzan and the Elephant Men fNlTt D flUTVni. BVKDirATK Inf V SZW ' - - I I ' 1 I Vi 1 A she ran. Gonfala's barkward glance took in the remarkable spectacle behind her the treat lions held In !ah hy the blacks, followed by the strange, gorgeously dressed warriors. "They're white men." she railed to Spike. "Mavbe they'd be friendly." Seeks Air Stewardess Post inwiimtjmw,rapaim .-xhiwsm s MamMmmnw Here is one of the pretty young I Thursday for positions as stewardesses on the American Airlines. ! A8nes E. Rebman of Torrington. ; bpm interviewed bv Victor Vernor , nhw .rtt!C ,.V Nursing in 193G. was among more ; the superior court, rather .nan state's attorneys. Pensions which have been voted ' in former sessions for three retired I school teachers in Norwich. Fannie Fitch Parker. Winifred U. Skeiiy : and Nancy E. Smith, will be con-! tinned, the Judiciary Committee voted Thursday in preparing favor -i able reports on the bills. Other j pension measures, including one lor James M. Whittlesey, former Com- ! missioner on Domestic Animals, ancij0f the Legislative War Veterans Or- ; one for Herbert W. Cleaveland, a . ganization at a meeting Thursday. ! former state policeman, who was : james J. Charron of Putnam was ; forced into retirement last. year : elected clerk and the following com-j when the district attendance offices ; mittee was appointed to make ar-: U'i:.'r me Board of Education were rangements for a banquet to be held abolished, have been held for fur- ; iflrer in t.he vear at, a nlarc m hP t:i land pension. Representative Wil liam C. Hungerford, Republican, Watertown. .said, in view of the abolition of the job held by Mr. Cicaveiand. he wanted to know what the merit system Is supposed to mean. Albert t. Prince, chairman or the State Board of Education, will be given the permission he seeks to appear before the Appropriations Committee to protest cuts made in the budget of that department. Governor BaMwin said Thursday. Under the executive budget law. gubernatorial permission Is necessary for any representative of a budgeted agency to appear before a legislative committ-re to argue about items in the executive budget. The Ap- ! propria lions Committee Thursday j continued its study of the detailed j schedules in the executive budget. ! .Members of the Committee on I . : r J r JTWEIWURS ,f- v - - w-r. , r , H 7 A. M. till ; smm Minn ! , JJWiU ilia 1Tn I ;;fl I & ZrB w5- tfm priced 1 I B-f PI RIGHT Ii five 5Jpr Jri: .. . .. ill ' r VNTf S f if fl QJi Cl YA if V ff jY 1 Here the reason sensible people J I & 1 1 1 1 f TTm F f X gay: "You'd better stick to Five Star . fl ? ifw I w tf (u If I i I I i T S fS f "I when you feel sociable!" This delicious t SjftwVvV U VLtJ 111 A ft i4 whiskey is li&ht-bodied . . . just right ? I j t llf it' it ' -Ai -Vf W ir4 v7i '. for long evenings. GfrWs 106 years f H $ rr-1 fectly blended, gloriously sahsfying f U .- .is y'' flavor. Ask for GfcW Five Star at your Jg , vZmZ V i favorite bar or package store. B 1 'itS TU rn1 -.1 v i 'i sLV; i onoh. w.rt. m.. vyw I I ' "'"J i febti i i sf . . Kb ! int. 7 fb grm neutral pirns. u piooi - u V No. 35 A full page of TARZAN in the 12-page Color Comic Section of The Hartford Courant each Sunday. Courant Photos. women who was among applicants Miss a nurse at St. Francis's Hospital, is nersonnel m.maeer of t.he nirlinp from r Cf T?ni7Z .r than 20 applicants interviewed here. Military Affairs Thursday went to the desk of Representative Dorothy F, Roberts of Barkhamsted to sign a "recovery" card later sent to Colonel William C. Cheney of Manchester, chairman of the committee, who has been ill for some time. "Best wishes for a quick recovery from the whole darn crew," the card read in part. Representative Daniel J. Mahanev of Waterbury was elected chairman determined: Martin J. Whalen of Waterbury. W. Ellery Allyn of Wa-terford. Ralph Nathaniel Clark of Essex. Cornelius V. Driscoil of Montville atid Senators Thomas F. Stammers of Torrington and Clude V. Badger of Wolcott. HuslJan(J Acquired Sliake . Ji... . vs inreai, u ne Asserts Birmingham. Ala., Feb. 2. 'AP.) Daniel Hill sought a divorce, charging abandonment, but his wife said if she left it was because he threatened to drape her with a rattlesnake, complete with 14 rattles. In a cross bill filed today. Leila Reno Hill a.ssered Hill brought the vip?r hnme and threatened her with it but "prodded the snake to arouse its ire and was himself bitten." A special motor licence for use at i week-ends is proposed in England. "They dont look like it to me." the man replied. "Anyway 1 ain't taking n chances after what I've been through getlin" you and the big diamond this far." "Anyone would be better than you," the girl answered. Then she halted, glaring defiantly at Spike,. Millions Seen Deprived Of Their Liberty Fear of Losing Jobs Curtails Freedom, Wage and Hour Official Tells Hay State Croup Boston, Feb. 2. (AP.) Thomas H. Eliot. New England regional director of the Federal wage and hour law division, charged tonight that the fear of losing their jobs had lost for millions of Americans "the freedom to say what they think." The former general counsel for the Social Security Board said in a prepared address to a dinner of the Civil Liberties Committee of Massachusetts commemorating the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of ratification of the Bill of Rights: "Every week our wage and hour division hears of cases where men or girls earning $4 or $5 for a long work week have been afraid to speak out because of fear of losing their jobs. Of cour.se they can quit if they don't like the work or the pay, but freedom to starve Is not part of the Bill of Rights." Governor Leverett Saltonstall, Republican, who yesterday asked the Legislature to give belated ratification to the Bill of Rights, said "Freedom fo speech, assembly, the press and due process of law are really more in jeopardy today than when our ancestors set up the safeguards." American government, he said, was founded on "widest possible freedom of criticism and discussion." and "we cannot have freedom of speech for some doctrines and repression for others." Morris Ernst, counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, proposed that Massachusetts create a separate bureau of the government concerned with the protection of civil liberties. Howard Mumford Jones. Harvard professor of English, pointed out that the word "race" was not "found in the original Constitution or the Bill of Rights, because "the founding fathers knew racial conflict and they did not want any more of it." Religious Teaching Cut By German Governor Muenster, Germany. Feb. 2. (AP.) The district governor of Muenster today ordered the limitation of subject matter for religious instruction in schools under his jurisdiction. The order, affecting particularly the teaching of the Old Testament, followed previous restrictions on the number of hours permitted for religious instruction. At the same time the government of Anha'.t Province, which already had forbidden teaching of the Old Testament, extended the ban to cover the Epistles of Paul. It was recalled that in his Reichstag speech Monday night Adolf Hitler denied any interference with religion existed in Germany. The man whirled, seized her by the arm and sought to drag her with him. "Come on, you fool!" he cried. "Troll! Help!" Gonfala screamed. Troll was ahead of them, but now he turned bark, his face hite and distorted with rage. "Let go her'." he bellowed. Would Lure Elusive Glawackus With Potion Not Purely Perfume So Hunter Must Sit to the Windward to Inveigle the Heast to Its Doom ; It's As Simple As That Says Hushnell Naturalist Gone without a trace since January 26, and then far from its haunts in Glastonbury, the Glawackus ap peared Thursday to be taking its place in the folklore and legends of Connecticut along with the Moodus noises, the wooden nutmegs and the wind that blew out the candle to leave Governor Andros in the dark Howard Cleaves, the famed tia- tm-alLst. wim iPpivp, Pririai, rm.ht at Bushneil Memorial, Thursday came through with a plan to lure the mysterious animal He nrnnoses the mysterious animal. He proposes ff lie i nnhnn inii(rtrto Viv U.n- low Wheeler, a New York State game protector in the St. Reg,3 River Country of the Adirondack. as a lure for foxes, and its success on this animal has been proven by Mr. Cleaves, but it Is also effective with most meat" eaters and "ought to work a charm on the Glawackus," he states in a letter to William H. Mortensen at the Bushneil. It's simple enough, just a few drops of the compound on the ground or a ousn and sit bact to wait for the Glawackus. There's one drawback, Mr. Cleaves points out: The wind must be in the right direction, or else. It's a potion definitely not in the perfume class. From Daniel Brooks, an East McKesson Official Says $1,020,000 Stock Sales Made on $68,000 Firm New York, Feb. 2. (AP.) Row- ' ley W. Phillips, a director of McKesson and Robbins, Inc., said in an interview today sales of stock ! of McKesson and Robbins, Ltd., of i Canada, with a face value of $1,- 020.000 had been made to the pub- j lie, while the Canadian concern now : had tangible assets of $68,000. j But, he said, added to these tan- i gible assets were accounts receiv- j able. English sales rights and guarantees by the parent American t company. These guarantees, it wajs ! explained, might prove of substan- . tia! value if the parent concern is i successfully reorganized. J Phillips, who lives in Waterbury, j Conn., came here to testify before I fiie Federal grand jury mvestigat- ing the affairs of the late F, Don- ! aid Coster-Musica. the president of i McKesson and Robbins. Inc.. who committed suicide in Connecticut after disclosures that he was responsible for an $18,000,000 over-, statement of its a.ssets. The Government of Peru is operating an aviation school. 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Hampton poultry farmer came the story of the mountain lion which roamed the woods of Haddam Neck. j treTno I One day, he recalls, word spread all over Haddam Neck that tracks oi a inounwun nun or iiKer uiuiu-ers didn't know what) had been seen in ; the sand. disappearing into a swamp, I Every fanner in Haddam Neck j rushed to his pastures in Haddam Neck and herded cattle and sheep into barns. That night it was dark lH"d"X"h "f 't I ! had ? ll!5ht burning, no farmer ven tured out. Dawn brought courage and a p'up of men set out with dogs to I lu U16 ll?n .?n,d ePu" on,f iral1 until tne beast had been Killed or taken alive. In the group were Peter and Henry Smith, noted trappers and crack rifle shots. For several weeks the hunt went on. Mr. Brooks remembers, but not vaa nil. .jv-v.. vj , ...... . by the hunters. The hunters were puzzled. That is, an were puzziea Dy me Smith brothers. They knew the tracks were "planted" by a hunter and let Mr. Brooks in on the secret. 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