The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 23, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 23, 1953
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1953 BLYTHEVIJ LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREB Lad Slips Through Iron Curtain BERLIN iff) — Unusual kindness raised the tank-guarded Iron Curtain hriefly today to let an 11- year-old orphan boy slip out of riot-torn East Germany to a haven with relatives in West Berlin. With all his.belongings in a rucksack on his back, little Peter von rJsikowitzky came all alone from Schwcrin, 120 miles to the northeast. When he reached the East- West Berlin border, he met kindness instead of bullets. A Communist official gave the child a hand-written pass and Communist peoples' police—the dreaded "Vopes" with notches on their guns—escorted him across in a radio patrol car. This was the same border Rus- l^.sian troops and East German po- ' lice have sealed with tanks and machine guns ever since the workers' revolt against Soviet rule began last Wednesday. Father Killed Peter's father, a German officer of noble Russian descent, was killed in the war. His mother was "taken away" by the Russians in 1945 and never returned. He lived with his half-deaf, 65-year-old grandmother in Schwerin. The grandmother became ill recently, and the Communists wanted to put Peter in an orphanage. Both she and the boy balked. They ventured a dangerous experiment. She packed Peter's rucksack, gave him what little money she could spare, and told him what to do. He went to the rail station all by himself and bought a ticket for Berlin. People Help When Communist police checked the passengers' papers as they approached Berlin, Peter pretended to sleep. They didn't bother him. Keaching East Berlin, he met one Hind person after another. A man helped him ride the subway to midtown near the Western frontier. A woman gave him lodging for the night. The government's watchdog — the neighborhood "strassenver- trauensmann" wrote a letter dc- scribing Peter's plight and asking that he be passed through the border guard. The "Vopos" drove him through Finally he reached his aunt, 26- year-old Tatjana von Dsikowltzky, in West Berlin. Husband Believed Wife's Killer DENVER (/P) — Detective Capt. Lee Raedel said a nation-wide search was under way today for Fred Espinosa, 29-year-old husband of a young womna found slain Saturday. Her mutilated body had been stuffed into an old trunk along with a small statue of Christ, The trunk was discovered in the Patte River, nine miles north of here. The victim was identified yesterday as Mrs. Irene Espinoa, 19. A couple acquainted with the Espinosas. identified by Readel as Benancio Trevino. 24, and his wife, Martina, 28, were questioned last night. Both couples moved here recently from Houston, Tex. The detective captain said Trevino told him he drove Espinosa to a river bridge where they unloaded what Epsinosa said was "junk" he wanted to get rid of. He said the "junk" included a trunk similar to the one containing the body. , s Both Mr. and Mrs. Trevino denied any knowledge of the slaying. Plot Details Unhid WASHINGTON Iff)—Sen. McCarthy (B-Wis) said today Senate investigators have found two men who may shed additional light on a reported Communist plot to kill him. He told reporters both will be called before his Senate investigations subcommittee for questioning, but declined to name them or discuss what testimony they might give. He said both attended Communist meetings at which the alleged conspiracy was discussed. Joseph D. Mazzei, who eaid he was a former FBI counterspy on Communists, testified last Thursday he had heard a Pitstmrgh Communist boast last Dec. 4 of being under Communist party orders to kill McCarthy "when the time comes." Mazzei named the man as Lou Bortz. Bortz, pleaded that his answers might tend to incriminate him. refused to testify whether he V ever had received or mentioned such orders. Where It Is It is world famous, yet few people know the exact area of New York's Lower East Side. Officially, it is one and one half miles in area, situated between Brooklyn bridge and 14th street, and runs from the Bowery and Third avenue to the river . SHE LOOKS WORRIED- Holding a little skunk might be embarrassing if not downright odoriferous, but not so with "Poof," as this skunk is named. He's been deodorized. The little skunk was a sort of booby prize at the Fun for Funds Fair in Cleveland, Ohio/ Marilyn Cole, of the fair stafs, registers, well, at least dismay at having to hold the skunk. RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK Guaranteed Grovers Body & Radiator Shop SM Cl. I-»ke AM. Plm. Isolation For Korea? SEOUL W)—A political opponent of president Syngman Rhee said today South Korea might be isolated from the free world as a result of Rhee's unilateral action in releasing more tha 2ntO.OO war prisoners. Dr. Chough Pyung Ok, former home minister and defeated vice presidential candidate, did not propose that the prisoners be returned to U. N. stockades, however. He told p. news conference anti-Communist North Koreans should have been t'reed one or two yaer sago. Chough called Rhee's action "unwise at this time." C119 Vanishes In Rainstorm TOKYO UP}—A C119 Flying Boxcar vanished in a rainstorm today with its crew of four and three paratroopers. The big transport was part of the airlift taking the U. S. 181th Regimental Combat Team to Korea. The pilot radoed shortly after taking off from Southern Japan's Ashiya air base that the gyro-compass had failed and he was returning to base. It was his. last message. Japanese police at Moji, on the northern tip of Kyushu, reported the plane may have crashed into the nigged mountins near there about 6:30 a.m. A ground party was sent into the mountains. La Wayne Sans Auto HOLLYWOOD I/Ft — Actor John Wayne's estranged wife Esperenza is without a car today. Two Los Angeles County marshals seized her auto yesterday because of an allegedly unpaid liquor and gro- cerv bill totaling $2,367. Earlier this month the Superior Court turned down Mrs. Wayne's bid for $9.350 monthly temporary alimony and said she'd have to get along on SHOO. Trial of her separate maintenance suit is due Oct. 19. THREE TIMES AND CUT—Keepers at Washington Pork Zoo, Milwaukee, Wis., work to extricate Venice, a four-ion female Indian elephant, from a moat into which she hnci lumblecl. After rescue, she appeared none lie vt'orse, but died sevenil hours later, later. Zoo officials thought death was due to n iienrt nttacH rather than the fall. li was her third fall into the moat in 29 years. U. S. Troops Now Guarding PUSAN, Korea f/P) — IT. S, troops have replaced all South Korean guards at mainland prisoner of camps holding anti-Communist Korean prisoners, the U, N. POW Command announced tonight. South Koreans still guard prisoners in the camp in Cheju Island where anti - Communist Chinese prisoners are held. ROK troops also guard Communist Chinese prisoners are held. ROK troops also guard Communist Chinese prisoners on Cheju and Communist North Ko- feans on Koje Island. ii Docks To Open Again HONOLULU iff} — Hawaiian longshoremen were expected to return to work today, ending: a mass walkout of waterfrpnt and sugar workers protesting a euiltv verdict in, a Communist conspiracy trial Supar workers returned to their jobs latey esterday. About 24,000 members of the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union flndi left their jobs after a Federal Court jury Friday convicted union leader Jack Hall and six others of potting to teach and advocate violent overthrow of the government. Yesterday soldiers and sailors loaded careo aboard five Korea- bound freighters as stevedores broke union precedent and refused to work military cargo. Rapid Change The international date line is the place on the earth's surface where days begin and end, or the place Elizabeth To Scottish Seest EDINBURGH. Scotland iAt — Queen Elizabeth II came to her Scottish capital today for a glittering round of state ceremonies to mark her coronation. Radiant in a litrht blue coa* and tiny white close-fitting hat. the Queen stepped from the royal train to receive the keys of the city from the lord provost, Sir James Miller. Then she drove with her husband, the Duke of Edenburgh, in an open carriage through two miles oC grey stone streets lined by cheering crowds packed 12 deep. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Three building permits granted by the city engineer's office lust week included one for construction of a new house and two for additions to present residences. Bnford Martin applied for permit to construct a five-room frame house at 1713 Brawley Street, valued at $2.000. Permits wewre granted to George L. Muir for addition, at a value of S5UQ, of one room to the residence at 205 East Davis, and to Lawrence Fulgnam, for addition of two rooms to the residence at 310 East Poplar at a value of $500. Real estate transfers filed last week: Rcba Cann to B. J. and W. S. Allen ,for $650, Lot 3,Block 3, Willie Beasicy Subdivision. M. D. and Susan ArveUa. Nichols to Mrs. Pay T. Sobnuijh, for $4,750 Lots 14 nnd 15, Illock 2, Ruddle Heights Addition. Sterling P. and Hilda Martin t Russell E. nnd Kathryn Slmpsoi. for $1 and other considerations. Lot B, Martin Subdivision of Lot 1 o 'rregular Lots in the SE Quarte of the SE Quarter of Sec. 8-T15 RUE. O. E. and Etta Workman to Kenneth L. and Marjorie Poff, for $7,700, Lot 10, Block 2, Park Addition. Dewey C. and Willie Mae Bailey to Kemp and Mary whisenhxmt, for $10 and other considerations and assumption of indebtedness, Lot 4, and oust five feet of Lot 5, Block 7, David Acres Subdivision. Arkansas Associated Telephone Company to Wade L. and Sally L. Bryant, for $1 and other considerations, west half of Lot 7, Block C, Standenmeycr Addition to Leachvillc. John L. Lewis At White House WASHINGTON IIP} — President Eisenhower was host at a White House dinner last night for John L. Lewis, Bernard Baruch and 12 others. The affair was described as "pure- j ly social" by Presidential Press Secretary James C. Hagerty, who declined to let newsmen talk to tXe ffuests a-s they entered and left the White House. DaHos Cops Suspended DALLAS (in—Five Dallas policemen were under suspension today, I £j accused of conniving with a burglary ' alarm firm employe to steal merchandise from stores and warehouses. One detective was indicted yesterday on theft charges and another charged with theft. They and three otrer officers were suspended. Legal action against more Dallas policemen accused of burglaries was promised today Detective Capt. P. B. Leach said, "We're going to clear up many, many cases covering many years." Chief Carl Hansson said when one of the alarm companys sensitive alarms would go off accidentally in a business house or warehouse, the officers w-ould meet the employe at the scene. Then the group would loot the building. KiDNEY-BLADDER ! IRRITATION? Mountain VailoyWolor has been recommended for rheumatic pain and kidney-bladder irritation for over 75 il hefpi to: « Stimulate j kidney 1 luocliunt. Read Courier News Classified Ads. O/?, Goody! Mommy Says I Can Go See MOX In West Blytheville Air Conditioned by Refrigeration Show Starts Weekdays 7 :OU Sat. Sun 1:00 Always A Double Feature TUES&WBD —PLUS— Corner of 511] & Main With Estiluta Rodriqucz Also Pole Smith Comedy Ponrlie Mae McClanton to Fru>- ccs Goodwin, for $1 and other considerations, nil interest In «nd t« Lot 3. Block 8, W. W. Hollipeter Addition. Ray and Anne Ruth Worthington to Jim and Leslie Hllllard, for S275, Lot I, Block 10, Elliott Addition. Casey and Lois Adams to N, C. and Leslie Billiard, for S275, Lot 1, Block 10, Elliott Addition. Casey and Lois Adams to N. C. and Inez Connelly, for $3,000, Lot 12, Sam Barnes Subdivision. John P. and Ruth Davis to Hlr- shcl and Gertrude Buck, for $3,000, Lot 4, Block A, Grace M, Jackson Addition to Leachvillc. Billiard Champ First national championship pocket billiard tournament in the United States was won by Cyrllle Dion. The event took place in New York City in 1878. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark, TUBS & WED KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL John Payne Colleen Gray THURSDAY lOc & 15c NIGHT THERE'S A GIRL IN MY HEART With Lee Bowman Elyse E^nox Peggy Ryan Glorian Jean Lon Chaney SEE THE FABULOUS NEW It's a WASHER,'s a VRyER...gll In one cabinet! The Bcndi^ Ouoffiatk dryj »s well Clothes come om ready K> we«, *s washes your clothes amomaii' iron or put away. Sec a donoa- cally in one continuous operation. stration at our store today. DICK OSBORNE FURNITURE CO. Phone 3221 UK East Main Poplars aie the fastest growing where, if we are traveling west- and shortest lived of all trots with j an average span of only 10 to 15 years. Sequoias have the longest life expectancy. More and more families are living better—eating better now, thanks to Reddy Kilowatt. Electric service makes possible the convenience, economy and healthful pleasure provided by the modern Home Freezer. White, White Combination and Meshes In these famous lines: © Connie © Jacqueline Natural ONE STOP SHOE SERVICE REV AWING — CLEANING — DYKING 421 W. Main I'honc 35-19 CONVENIENT — with a Home Freezer you can preserve homegrown meats, fruits, vegetables, bread, pies — even left-overs. They are right at hand when you want them. ECONOMICAL—It's easy to see that storing- foods when market prices are low will protect you against rising prices. Reddy'a wages for operating it are low, too. NOW you can choose between the "chest" or "upright" style of Home Freezer ... select from a wide range of sizes the one best suited for your family's needs. LIVE electrically . . . ENJOY the difference! Let Reddy Kilowatt, Your Electric Servant help you "take the work out of housework." Electricity docs so much yet costs so little . . . actually, only pennies per day. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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