The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 16, 1933 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1933
Page 10
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, r 'v^^Ki^r ^Y^fr^^ . . . O.,' T - ? ,'^ u \.^";,,, ' •".-.' '-^,- '*--') «V' ' ' ''''<' <l '' ' '' 1 "" >'"''"' '• io THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1033 Amusemeri mem Noted Bnnjoist Will Appear on Stage in Modern Musical Act ISddio Peubody. America's foremost banjoist, appears at the Fox theater for two duyM starting tomorrow^ This versatile artist long ago proved that be Is one of the world's premier entertainers. A short time ngo Eddie finished u tour of Europe and was received with great enthusiasm. His rendition of "Saint Louis Blues" proved the hit of the continent. Eddie Poabody visits liiiltevsfleld for the first time In many years. It Isn't hard to understand how hn holds his popularity when you hear him In his whirlwind act crammed'full of musical dynamite. The Fox Is sorry to announce that Peabody will not appear at the matinee performance on Friday as he has more bookings than ho can comfortably take care of. HP will bo seen on the stage Friday evening at both shows, and all day Saturday when ho will make four appearances. "Air Hostess," which True Story Magasslne readers remember as the Intimate revelations of a modern Venus of the giant passenger planes which ply the airways of America, has been brought to the screen by Columbia with a cast that features Evalyn Knapp, James Murray and Thelma Todd In principal roles. . Directed by Al Rogell. "Air Hostess" was written for the screen by the writers. Keene Thompson and Milton Ralson and opens tomorrow at the Box theater. Preview audiences have labeled It a high-powered action SEEN IN "AIR HOSTESS" Buck Jones,' Barbara Weeks Arc Stars; Joe Brown Seen in Comedy EVALYN KNAPP AND JAMES MURRAY WHO COME TO FOX FRIDAY drama, abounding In high altitude romance. Arthur Plerson, Jane Darwell, Mike Donlln and Dutch Hendrlan In prominent rclos complete the cast of the production which boasts some of the most marvelous aerial photography ever to reach the screen. Closing today are two excellent features, "Virgins of Ball," and "Whistling In the Dark." MRS. ALFRED SMITH ILL NEW YOIIK, Feb. 1.6. (A. P.)—Mrs. Alfred IS. Smith, wlfu of the former governor and presidential candidate, was In St. Vincent's Hospital tudiiy suffering from a digestive disorder. Smith visited his wife, whose condition was understood to be not alarm- Ing. IOX THKATIti: AST DAY "VIRGINS "Whistling OF BALI" in the Dark" With Ernest Truex Five Japanese Slain in Guerrilla Fight (United I'rett Leased Wire) HARBIN, Manchuria, Fob. 16.—Five Japanese soldiers wore killed today In capturing the town of Chunghslng- chen, five miles east of Sanchlenfang In Hellungklang province, from a band of 400 Chinese guerrillas. The Japanese troops encountered stiff resistance when they attempted to "torm the town by an Infantry churge. They succeeded in routing the guerrilla force after a brisk battle. The guerrilla army fled toward the Russian border. STARTSJTOMORROW On Our Stage EDDIE PEABODY IN PERSON One of America's Outstanding Artists and Master of the Banjo Eddie Peabody Will Appear Only at the Evening Performances on Friday, but Will Make Four Appearances Saturday WHAT? NO EQQS1 BERLIN, Feb. 16.—The person who depends on early shopping for his breakfast In Berlin, eats no eggs. He eats bread and milk. There Is a police regulation controlling hours for sale of all retail goods, and eggs are not permitted to be sold until 7 o'clock. Until recently milk also couldn't be sold until 7, but It can now he bought at 6:30. Buck Jones liked playing opposite Barbara M'ouka so much In his last olumhla "western," "While V'ingle," that ho selected this charming little Uluyer for a similar assignment In "Forbidden Trail." which opens Friday ut the Uex theater. Hundreds of Tfollywood'a lovely leading women ore most anxious for the opportunity to play opposite the manly Buck What Is there about this mere slip of a girl that prompted him to choose her twice running? A brief look at the real Barbara Weeks and you have the answer: Five feet. 5 Inches tall. Weighs 120 pounds. Called "tomboy of the movies." Looks like lithe Indian maid In form, she Is so graceful. Frank and unassuming. Dark brown hair, very light cbmplexlon. Won several medals.while on a swimming team In high school. Joe R. Hrown In "Ygjj, Said a Mouthful" also Is featuroflon the big double program tomorrow and Saturday. Work for 60,000 More in L. A. Soon from Leaned \\'irr) LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16.— Work for 60,000 more men' In Los Angeles county In the near future WHS In prospect as the supervisors announced plans to seek another loan from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation 1 , this time for $4,400,000. CATCALLS FOR PRINCE MIDDLESBOROUQH, England, Feb. 16, (U. P.) — Prince George, youngest son of the king, was greeted with catcalls and whistling by a group of unemployed In the suburb of Grangetown while he was on a tour of the unemployed steel area. The calls were quickly drowned out by prolonged cheering. KERN—1200 K. AIIIOKXIA Continuous 1:30 to 11 P. M. I R* 300 GOOD SEATS •«M» ALWAYS LAST TIMES TODAYI Juk. Oikle In "On«» In * Ut«tlm«" and Conituwa Binnitt In "Rocktbyo" TOMORROW! TWO MAJOR FEATURES •^—'TM*™" Soiwn erald have written Ihlt dnnitle ittry If tWI ItMTttlMI •f tlihtlni Amtrl on mlmnn. "THREE ON A MATCH" With Warnn Wlllluni, Jew Blindtll VIRGINIA OPEN 12-11 P. M.—1Bo ANY TIME Today and Friday CONSTANCE BENNETT NEIL HAMILTON in the Movie That Shows How Movie Star* Become Famous "WHAT PRICE HOLLYWOOD?" Comedy, Cartoon, Novelty Phillips Music Co. SK Sheet Music A, Publishers' Prices Last Times Today Sari Marltza In Evenings for Sale and Loretta Young In LIFE BEGINS STARTS TONIGHT R«v«al«d m Every Amazing, N«rv«-Shatt»rlnc RIDDLE THEY WERE AFRAID TO SOLVE! LIONEL ATWILL FAY WRAY QLENDA FARRELL FRANK McHUQH Also "SPEAKING of OPERATIONS" "A WHALE OF A YARN" UNIVERSAL NEWS OMORROW and SATURDAY JOE E. BROWN In "YOU SAID A MOUTHFUL" and BUCK JONES in "FORBIDDEN TRAIL" RIALTO 5 TO « P. M.. lit; AFTER 6, ISe, 29c LAST TIMES TODAY CHARLES LAUGHTON "Payment Deferred" Drama That Makes You Qatpl Comedy, News and Cartoon CHINA NIGHT TONIGHT Tomorrow—"Congress Dances" and "Renegades of the West" PONTIAC // / ( v ^ // / i COL. STOOPNAGLE — .,,.,.• BUDD -?- * brer/iei new RADIO PROGRAM KERN AT 6:30 P. M. DANCE TONIGHT I All Evening, 25c I COCONUT GROVE I BALLROOM | Keep Cheerful! One dollar delivers tills latest JO.'II! Patterson Console containing newest tubes. Limited supply of this depression lightening special. Don C. Preston Tcgeler Hotel Building TWO PLATES DR. FLETCHER 022 Kentucky St. Phone 2531. w (Next to Qranada Theater) Our Big Cut Price DRUG SALE Still in Full Swing! Because many people were unable to take advantage ot our five-day sale, we have extended the time one week. Hundreds of Items on Sale at HALF PRICE Cost or Less Standard Merclrandi»e Shop Here Before You Buy! SERVICE DRUG CO. Chester Avenue at Twentieth Street Phone 1666 Free Delivery Open Till 11 p. m. G—ChoHtprflcId, Ruth tatting, Leonard 'IJaytun'H oruhestrn.' 8:16—Larry Funk's orchestra. B;!IO—c'olonol Stoopnagle and Bud. 7—The SongsmllliK. 7;15—Tiirxan of Ilin A pea, 7;3U—The Bonwell Sisters. I'.'b -Myrt and Marge." S-»iO1obe Headlines. ' " 8:15—Howard Barlow and the Columbia Symphony. • g : ;iO—Islmm Jones' of-lioslrn, . U—Kdtllo -Diichln's orchestra. 9:30—Leon Bclasco'.M orchestra. 10—All reijuost hour. 10:40—Ted Florllo's orchestra. ll—rjuiiulng with the stars.' 11:30—Dunce orchestra. 285.5 M.—KNX—1050 K. 6—News. 6:1S—I'eHI and SHlly. tj;;)0—SI and lOlnior. 0:45—Currier 1 :* Serenadera. 7—prank Walanabi- and Archie. 7:16—Marlon Mansfield and Bn- sotnble. 7:46—Guardsmen for Tablet 06. 8—Organ recital. 8:15—13ns. Fruncla White and-Earl Fdmunds. S:4u—Golden Memories. ' 0—News. 0:15—^Crocket Mountaineers. 0:30—Ltibovlskl Violin Choir. 10—Idylls. 10:30—Organ recital. 11 to 13 midnight—New Paris Inn. The engrossing story of three girls, starting as classmates In the same, public school, tind the varying, fortunes that cause llielr paths through life to Intersect 10 years later, Is told,n u fasiHniillng manlier In First National's production, "Three -on-< a Match," featuring' Joan Illondell, Jtt r ar« ren Wllllum, Ami Dvorak uiul Botte 3avls Miloli opens .tomorrow' at' th«, Culjfurnla theater for a two duys' 'en.-- gagemetit. Throu more 'widely differing grtrls linn the trio-portrayed In this vivid drninn would bo hard to Imagine. One s the I'liiss benuty, u. girl of wealth, and position, A second ttf the honor girl of her clitss. The third Is .tho school "bad iflrl," tomboy, hoyden and nlsi'hlef maker, Wlieit they meet again, the class jeauty la the spoiled wife of a wealthy uwyer who adores her. The student ins become (i .successful secretary. The tomboy, after a checkered career tlinl 1ms taken her through a reform school, Is a vivid creature of Broadway's night life. 468.6 M.—KFI— MO K. 6 —Captain Henry's Showboat. 7—Lucky Strike Dance Hour. S—Amos 'n' Andy. 8:15—Standard Symphony Hour. 9:15—Howard, magician. 9:30—EDO Crime Club. 10—nicliflold Reporter of the Air. 10:15—Phil Harris' Orchestra. 11:30 to 12 midnight—Gus Arn- helm's Orchestra. 333.1 M.—KHJ—900 K. 5:45—CBS programs to 7. 7—Inglewood l j arlt concert. 7:30—Chandu. the Mnglclun. 7:40—Myrt and Jlarge. 8—Globe Headlines. 8:16—CBS programs to 8:45. 8:45—1 Zlngarl. 9—Eddie Duchin's Orchestra. 9:30—Xoellner String Quartet. 10—World News: Bluquick Band. .10:15—Kb and Zeb. 10:30—Ted Florlto's Orchestra. 11— DiuiiMiiff With the Stars. 11:30—Bob Holmnn'H Orchestra. 12 to 1 a. m.—Marshall Grant, organ. L. A. BANK ROBBED LOS ANGELKS, Feb. 16. (A. P.)— Three young, well-dressed men late yesterday held up three employes ol the Van Nuys branch of the Bank ol America, at- the suburban town, and escaped with $1000 from tha teller's cage. '-.-.'. . '. "THREE ON A MATCH- LEADER TOOTING HER OWN HOR& POOL ISilQUIDATED (United 1'rtH Leaned Wire) . FRESNO, Feb. 16. — Transfer of il.BOO tons of raisins to the Sun-Maid Raisin Growers' Association today virtually concluded- liquidation -of the California Raisin Pool, once one of the largest farm co-operatives In the world. The transfer, which was approved by the federal farm board, wan made to conclude affairs of the California pool,, which failed to secure support of Its members last fall. Under terms of the transfer, Sun- Maid will manufacture and sell the pool raisins along with those of Its own members and will return to the pool whatever Is seciired on the market. The arrangement, pool 'officials said, Will leave the California pool still In debt $1,000,000 to the federal farm board on crop advances made by the board. It was understood the government will make no attempt to collect the amount from pool members. The transferred stocks of raisins Included 17,000 tons of Muscats, 1700 tons of dried black grapes, 1000 tons of Malagas, and 1500 tons of Sultanas. SCENE FROM "MYSTERY OF THE WAXJMU8EUM" AT T HIS amusing comedy team of Qlenda Karrcll and Frank McHugh provide many humorous highlights In another daringly different Warner Brothers' hit, "The Mystery of the Wax Museum," the gorgeous all-teoh- nlcolor production opening at the Nile tonight. . "The Mystery of the Wax Museum" LOST—ONE HOUSE SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Feb. !«.— If someone suggested that a house could be stolen, you would think the suggestion preposterous. Alfred Sorensen, administrator of an estate including a four-room frame house, discovered that the house, which had been In Its proper, place on November 20, had mysteriously disappeared. Police are looking for thieves who are believed to have dismantled the" house and moved It away. • . . was'made by the same director : w,lth the same star team that appeared In "Doctor X," Michael Curtlz, .the director, and Lionel Atwlll, Fay Wray, Ulenda Farrell, Frank McHugh, the loading stars, with others In the cast Including Arthur Edmund Carewe, DeWItt Jennings, Monica Bannister and Allan Vincent, FIGHTS PLAN TO CUT (United Press Lrnxcd Wire) SACRAMENTO, Feb. 16.—Organization of the "Veterans' Legislative Bureau" to oppose a proposed constitutional amendment which would abolish the $1000 tax exemption granted ex-service men, was announced today by L. B: Rowland, past commander of Fort Sutler Post, American Legion. The new Legislative Bureau represents various posts of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, 'United Spanish War Veterans and other veterans' organizations, Rowland said. The proposed amendment against which the veterans plan to launch their fight was Introduced by Assemblyman Albert Ross. Redding. « • * STILL SUPERSTITIOUS Fifty per cent of the 'people in the world still carry an armulet or other charm to protect them from bad luck, evil spirits' and sickness, it Is said. . $105,700 LOW BID ON VISALIA POST OFFICE (United Prctt Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Feb. 16. — The ' Murch Bros. Construction Company, St. Louis, Mo., today submitted a low bid of $105,700 to the treasury for construction of a post office at Vtsalla, Calif. The North Moeller Company, Jackson, Mich., entered a second low bid of ?109,989. There were 10 bids submitted among which was one for $97,977 by the Peek Construction Company, Kansas City, M». The'Peok bid, however, was not accompanied by bond or check, and therefore cannot be considered, treasury officials said. ! THE PROGRAMME GOES ON! Each Day Brings Us Nearer the Goal of a Greater United Service- All Ready>to-Wear —NOW ON MAIN FLOOR— Just as You Enter Chester Avenue Doors Dresses, Coats, Suits, Millinery and AH Women's and Misses' Ready-to-Wear Garments Entire Dry Goods Dep't NOW IN THE BASEMENT SILKS, LINENS, COTTONS, DOMESTICS, DRAPERIES, BEDDINGS, PATTERN DEPT. Ready for Business and All Service The New Ready-to-Wear Dep't Location on Main Floor Presents Its First Big Event! Friday and Saturday Promotion S^Le of Over 100 New Men's and Boys' Shoe Dep't NOW UNITED WITH THE WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S SHOE DEPT. ON MAIN FLOOR Ready io Serve ihe Entire Family Made of Mallinsons "Khaki Kool"— the Crepe of Extreme Quality 7 NEW STYLES! 10 SHADES IN EACH —a fitting event for the dedication of this new location for Women's Wearing Apparel on the main floor—for perhaps never again in this spring season Will we be able to secure Mallinsons Pure Dye, All-Silk Khaki Kool Crepes to Sell at Such a Low Price and in Another 24 Hours the Corset Dep't and Baby Shop Will-Be-in New Quarters ON THE MAIN FLOOR Completing the Picture of a "United Service" TWO , DRESSES FOR $15, "Khaki Kool"—lias become a national "silk word'%—riot-only is H pure silk —pure tlvetl—Inil il is absolutely I'ree 1 from loading—FAST IN COLOR AND WASHABLE. See them'! Come early for flirst selection and be assured ol' their high Duality and wonderful value. . Sizes From 12 to 44 MAIN FLOOR Business Is Going On!—the New Locations of Dep't s Will Pleme YouWeKnow!—-im)L\c^s-^

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