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The Evening Sun from Baltimore, Maryland • 32

The Evening Suni
Baltimore, Maryland
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PAGE 32 THE EVENING SUN, BALTIMORE, TUESDAY, APRIL 28, 1953 Power Production Up 6.3 Per Cent Electric output of the Consolidated Gas and Electric Company for the week ended April 25 was 6.3 per cent higher than for the corresponding week of 1952, the utility reported today. For the four weeks ended the same date, the gain over last year was 7.4 per cent. For the week ended April 18, power production showed an in crease of 11.6 per cent over 1952, the largest gain recorded this year, Baltimore Produce Wholesale quotation! from the U.8.D.A. FRUIT APPLES Dull. Bu.

bkt. boxes U.S. No 1 (unless otherwise stated Pa. Yorks. 3-in.

up showing scald. J2.75 3. N.J. Golden Delicious ih-in. UP.

S3 3.23; Homes 3-in. up. S3.50 3.75. 2Va-in. up, 3 25 3.50; WinesaDs.

ud. 2 40 3. Va. Yorks 2 'a -in. up.

(3.25; Winesaps, 2V-2V-in. up. AVOCADOES Cal. Hats 20s-24s. $4.50.

GRAPES Supplies insufficient to auote. GRAPEFRUIT Fla. 1 3-5 bu. wirebound boxes Seedless 54s tt S3 3.25, few Ms smaller. S3.253.7S.

HONEYDEWS Supplies insufficient to quote. LIMES Too few sales to establish market. ORANGES l5-bu. wirebound boxes 128. S3.75: 150s.

S3. 75 176s- 250s. mostly $4. few S4.25: 288s, $3.75 4. lew si 25.

PINEAPPLES Puerto Riran rrts. 24s SS 75 7.50: 30s. $6.25 6 50. Cuban. cr's 15s.

$2 75: 12s. S3 3.15. strawberries weaker, Demand light. Various varieties: N.C.. 24-qt.

crts. $7 9: very few fine $10.50 12 12-pt. rials, mostly S2.4Q. few higher. VEGETABLES ASPARAGUS Slizhtlr weaker rwrrmnri iignt.

pyramid crts. dozen bunches: Md and Colossal, very few, $6 6.50: Extra Fancy. $4.50 5: Fancy. 4 4 50 small. $3.

N.J.. Colossal. $5.25 6: Extra Fancy. $4.25 4.75 large. $5.506 med.

4 50 5 2o. BEANS (SNAP) Barely steady. Fla. bu hpr. Valentines, fair to generally good $3 3.50: few best.

poorer, $1.75 2: Tendergreens. few $3. BEANS (LIMA) Dull. Fla. bu.

ordinary to fair ouaL $2 3. CABUAGE Slightly stronger. Domestic Kouna. ou. nacKen locally.

Sl.vo: $1.50 1.75: l--bu. wire- bound $1.50 1.75; N.Y. 50-lb. sacks Danish, si. 10 1.25.

CARROTS TODned. washed. Pa. bu mostly SI. 7a.

CELERY-CABBAGE Supplies Insufficient to quote. CORN About steady. Fla. crts. Yellow U.S.

Fancy and U.S. No. 1. few $4: 5-6 fair to generally good qual $2 2.75: few best. 3.

CUCUMBERS Slightly weaker. bu some waxed, $67; few best. $8: fair $4 4 50. EGGPLANT Firm. Fla bu.

med. to large. $3 3.25. few higher, poorer low as $1.50. ENDIVE AND FSCAROLE Supplies in- sunicient to quote.

GREENS Bu. bkt. and nor. Near-by, Collards and Cabbage Sprouts. $1.15 i.ou: K.aie, to 73c: Kape.

$1.25: Turnip ions. $1.25 couaras. $1. N.C Collards.

Turnip Tops. $1.25 1.50 Turnip Tops. $1 1.25. Repacks: ctns 10-oz. cello, bags, Kale, 6s.

82 Vic; 8s. $1.20: 12s. $1 65. LEEKS N.J.. bundles 25 stalks.

65 75e LETTUCE W.G.A. Iceberg, ice pack. N.C. 4 and 5 fair $2 various 2 $1.50 1.75; 2Va doz $1.25 1.50: 5-pk. Iceberg.

$2 2.25 holdovers, $1 1.25; Boston, $2.50 2.75 Komaine. $2 MUSHROOMS Md. and bkt. $1.40 1.50. some $1.25: small.

$1.25: pints 25c. ONIONS GREEN) Near-by. per punch 2i 'c. BARSLEY Curly. N.J..

H-bu. 75c $1. Near-by per bunch. 1 ''a 2c. PEPPERS Slightly weaker.

bu CaL. Wonder tvoe. medium to large 14 4.50: few best. $5: some smaller, fair $1.50 3. POTATOES OLD Dull.

U.S. No. 1 and U.S. No. 1 Size A.

unwashed. Katahdin type (unless otherwise stated). 50-lb sacks. 7d 90c. N.Y..

100-10. sacks, iau mini HI 25: 50-lb sacks. L.I.. few. 75c NEW Slightly weaker.

Triumoh type, washed, some, waxed and colored. 50-lb sacks. U.S. No. 1.

Size A. $2.40 2.50: some unwashed. $1 50. Sebagos. washed 10O-lb.

sacks. U.S. No. 1. size A. 3 7a: few. $4: fair oual. and 52 2.50: 50-lb sacks. U.S. No.

1. Size A. $1.93 2: few. S2 10 2.15. RADISHES Slightly weaker.

16-at. bkt 30 bunches. Fla. and 75 aoc. w.t-.

75c SI. few higher. Near-by. per bunch i ic RHUBARB Near-by. per bunch.

10 12c SPINACH Bu. bkt. Savoy: best, SI: oonrer low as 40c Repacks: Ctns. 10-oz cello bags. 6s.

90c: 8s. $1.20: 12s. $1 80 SQUASH Dull. bu. hpr.

flat white, small to few best. $3 3.25: poorer, 50c. $1: yellow btraigntnecKs, -du. npr ft 7 SWEET POTATOES Bu. bkt.

and hpr U.S. Is (unless otherwise Goldens. $4.75 5: Puerto Ricans. $5 5.25 .1 Golden and Jersey orange. S3 5.25 few high as $5.80: Puerto Ricans, fair $4.25.

N.C. Puerto Ricans, washed vav.l1 anrl colored 4fi fi SO TOMATOES Repacks: 10-tubes approx. 1 3s and 4s. $1.35 1.50: very few. $1.63 1.75: poorer, si.zs.

TURNIPS orange boxes. 2 doz hunches. 41 1 25 WATERCRESS hothouse, per dozen bunches. 75c. EGGS rYesterday'a Quotations! Market steady to firm as prices advanced Igenerall lc.

on large and uncnangea to "ic. nigner on mediums, one lot ior storage bought at lc. above market. Receipts heavy. demand fair.

Prices paid for Baltimore by first receivers, cases included: wnites. large, minimum 60 per cent A quality. 51 53 'ic, lew lower; Drowns ana mixea colors large, minimum 60 per cent A quality 51 54 '-ac. few lower; whites, medium minimum 60 per cent A quality. 4 sivic browns and mixed colors, medium.

60 per cent A quality. 49 31 'ic: current re ceipts, 45 51 'jc. few higher. Prices to retailers: White. Grade A.

large. 58 62c mostly 60 61c: browns and mixed colors Grade A. larle. 56 60c: whites. Grade mediums.

54 59c. mostly 3b 3c: browns and mixed colors. Grade A. medium. 52 58c: wnites.

Grade u. large, si see; browns and mixed colors. Grade large. 51 56c. Eggs in cartons mostly 3c.

higher Graded according to Maryland egg-grading law. Receipts: Egs. 4.297 cases by truck LIVE POULTRY Market barely steady to weak on fryers Supplies in excess of trade needs. Tradln slow. Sacrifice sales on holdovers reported low as 25c.

while fresh stocks sold mostly at 28 30c. Few higher. Some lots of Van Tress crosses brought 30 32c. Heavy type hens steady Selling tended slow on white heavy type hens that made un bulk of offerings. Supplies of colored fowl were barely adeouate for the fair to good demand.

Wholesale selling prices per pound in Baltimore: BROILERS OR FRYERS Over 3 pounds, 28 30c. few higher HENS Heavy type. 37 38c. New York Cotton Union Funds Now Big Force In Economy Bv Samuel Dawson New York. April 28 (JP) Labor union funds continue to grow Pushed upward by swelling pension and welfare funds, total assets are estimated now to be around 000,000, a gain of about 50 per cent in four years.

Search for profitable investment makes these dallars a potential force in the financial morld. One field in which unions report good growth is that of insurance. There are insurance companies owned by union locals and by the benefit association of a national labor group. In Texas is a growing company in which the majority of stock is owned by individual union members on a strictly business-risk basis. Postwar popularity of group insurance has given the labor insurance business Its big push.

But rising interest rates are helping also to bring in the money. Net Yield Rises One of the oldest and largest the Union Labor Life Insurance Company reports that "higher interest rates on new investments" boosted its net yield from 2.88 per cent in 1951 to 3.06 per cent in 1952. This compares with the average for all insurance companies, which the Institute of Life Insurance puts at 2.98 per cent in 1951 and 3.07 per cent in 1952. Started 27 years ago. the Union Labor Life Insurance Company is owned by American Federation of Labor Locals.

Its money is invested In Government bonds, railroads, gas and electric companies, indus trial firms, savings and loan associations and first mortgages. It reports its assets went up 14 per cent last year, cash receipts increased 11 per cent and insurance in force rose by S55.000.000 to a total of S405J76.233. It writes life insurance on individual or group basis and health and accident insur ance on a group basis. Tied To Two Firms The Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, through their benefit association, own the Amalgamated Life and Health Insurance Company of Chicago, and through joint operation by union and employers the Amalgamated Life In surance Company of New York. Mushrooming in Texas is a dif ferent type the Insurance Com pany of Texas group which boasts it is teaching union members how to be capitalists.

Some 18,000 union members and 327 locals own two thirds of the stock. Management is in the hands of Jack Cage Co. Organized in June. 1951, the I.C.T. group of five affiliate com ranies offers life, fire, liability automobile, hospitalization, health end accident insurance, and also discounts commercial paper and installment loans, and makes direct consumer finance type loans on cars, furniture and appliances.

Assets Tripled Cage reports total assets rose from under $2,000,000 in 1951 to more than $6,000,000 last year. The I.C.T. group capitalizes on union solidarity and loyalty. In effect the companies work both sides of the street: Stock is sold to union members and they, in turn, give the company their insurance business and interest other union members. The I.C.T.

group reports it now operates in 27 states and Alaska, using the traditional insurance agency system. The board of direc tors includes a Houston oil million aire and a Negro longshoreman. National Gypsum Shows Gains Net income and sales of National Gypsum Company for the 'three months ended March 31 were sur stantially higher than those for the first quarter of 1S52, the company reported today. Net sales were $27,789,568 compared with $21,847,294 last year. Total cost of goods sold and other operating charges were 332 compared with $18,206,612.

Income Increases Income before taxes was In 1952 income before taxes was $4,074,629. Estimated normal and surtax income taxes amounted to $2,710,000 compared with $2,120,000. Excess profits taxes were placed at O0O compared with $325,000. Net income for the three months was $1,878,529 compared with $1. 629.000 in the first quarter last year.

Energy In Gasoline And Coal Five barrels of gasoline contain about the same energy as is con- amed in a ton of coal. Livestock Markets Baltimore CATTLE 250. Early sales confined to odd head canners to utility grades. Cows in price range of $11 to $15. CALVE8 200.

Slow, generally steady with yesterday except for $1 lower top Most mixed lots good to prime vealers in $25 to $29 price range. Few good offerings down to $22. Odd commercial grade around $20 and few culls $12 or under. HOGS 1.200. Moderately active.

Gen rally 75 cents lower on under 300 pounds barrows and gilts extreme top $1 lower trade only 50 cents under late close. Scat tered lota over 300-pound weights and sows generally 50 cents lower: choice 180 to 240- pound barrows and gilts. $24.25 to $24.50: 240 to' 260 pounds. $23.50 to $23.75: 260 to 300 pounds. $22.50 to $23.50: over 300 pounds $21 down according to weight and condition: 120 to 140 Dounds.

$21 to $22: 140 to 160 pounds. $22 to $23: 160 to 180 pounds, $23.50 to $24; choice sows under 400 pounds. $19.50 to mostly $20.50: 400 to 450 pounds, $18.50 to $19.50: heavier weights $18.50 down depending on condi tion and weight. SHEEP 25. Not enough on offer to es tablish a price trend.

Chicago Chicago. April 28 Live hog prices moved downward further today. Butcher hogs were off 50 to 75 cents a hundred pounds in a slow market. Sows were 25 to mostly 50 cents down. A $23.75 top was paid for a few loads and lots, compared with a top of $24.35 Monday.

baiame nogs receipts were 10.000 head. equal to expectations. cattle were steady to weak. Yearlings and steers weighing up to 1.150 pounds grading choice and below were mostly steady. Choice over l.iso-pound steers and prime grades of all weights were slow-and weak to fully 50 cents lower than early Monday.

Heifers were steady to 25 cents lower. Cows were about steady. Vealers were steady. The best steers brought $24.50. Slaughter lambs were active and 25 to 50 cents higher, with choice and prime 99-117 pound fed wooled lambs bringing $25.25 to $26.

Slaughter sheep were steady. HOGS Salable. 10.000. Market slow: 50 75 lower on butchers and 25 to mostly 50 lower on sows: most choice IHO-200- pound butchers, $23 23.50: few loads and lots. $23.60 23.75.

with $23.75 top: few 290-350 pounds. $22 23: moat 350-600- pound sows. $13 21.30: good clearance. CATTLE Salable. 9.500.

Salable calves 500. Yearlings and steers up to 1.150 pounds grading choice and blow mostly steady, weights l.OoO pounds down moder atelv active: choice over 1.150-pound steers nd prime grade all weights slow, weak to iuilv 50 lower than early Monday or aoout steady with slow close that date; heifers under 900 pounds luiiy steady: heavier $23 25 24.50: prime 1.225-oound weights prime 1.400 pounds. most hoice steers and yearlings 1.200 pound own, $21 23: commercial to low choice grades. $18 20.75: a load or so mixed choice and prime neuers. and $23.23: most choice heifers.

$21 22.50: commercial to low choice grades. $17 20.50: utility and commercial cows, $13 15.50: canners and cutters. $10.75 13.50; utility and com mercial bulls. $16 18.75: odd head. $19 vealers.

$26 down. SHEEP-Salable. 2.000. Slaughter lambs active. 25 50 higher: load lots choice and crime 99-117-oound fed wooled lambs $25 25 26: eomoarable No.

1 and 2 skin shorn lambs. $24.25 24.50: latter price for lOB-oound weights: slaughter sheep mostly steady: cull to choice wooled ewes. $0 9 50 IN MEMORIAM (1. Booklet of 132 specimen In Memo- nam tributes sent Ireeuponrequest DeMOSS. In loving memory of my devoted wife and our dear mother.

LAURA A. DeMoss, who passed away one year ago today. Mav she rest in peace." 28e LOVING HUSBAND AND CHILDREN. DEATHS (3) Death Notices Received Too Late for Classification Will Be Found on Page 2 ADAMS. Suddenly, on April 27.

1953, at his home. Bush Kiver, Harioro county J. LOUIS, husband of Gertrude K. Adams (nee Clark), formerly active member of the Belvedere Masonic Lodge. Due notice will be given.

28e ALLAN. On April 26. 1953. LILLIAN (nee Haberstumpf beloved wne oi Adolph Allan, or 14 somerset roaa Catonsville; and mother of Mrs. Howard 29 Funeral services will be held at William J.

Tickner Sons, North and Pennsylvania avenues, on Wednesday at 2 M. Interment in Western Ceme tery. ALLEY. On ADril 25. 1953.

DUGAN L. beloved husband or Barbara Alley (nee Grim), of 31 Peiczar avenue Essex. 29 Funeral from the Bruzdzinskl Fu neral Home. 1407 Eastern Avenue road Essex, on Wednesday. April 29.

at 8.30 A.M. Requiem Mass In Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at a.m. in terment In Baltimore Cemetery. AMOS. On April 26.

1953, EARL He CORMICK. beloved nusDand oi ljeoia (Peggy) Amos (nee Brooks), of 304 LorTalne avenue, Essex. Funeral from the Connelly Funeral Home. 418 Eastern avenue, Essex, on Wednesday at 2 P. M.

Interment in Parkwood Cemetery. 29e BEACH. On April 26. 1953, BLANCHE B. (nee Bayers), aged tJ years.

Deiovea wife of George B. Beach, of 3813 Hol- lins Ferry road. Funeral from the Parlors of F. B. Wip- nert Son.

Baltimore and Mon roe streets, on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. Virginia papers please cod v. 29e BENTZEL. On April 24, 1953.

CHARLES of 21 North Bentalou street, aged 81 years, the beloved husband of Mary w. BentzelMnee Burton i ana son of the late Henry J. and Mary E. Bentzel. York (Pa.) papers please codv.1 oe Funeral services will be at the Wil liam Cook Mansion.

St. Paul and Pres ton streets, on Tuesday at 2 P. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery BENTZEL. Lafayette Lodge No. Ill A.F.& A.M..

announce with deep re gret the death on Saturday. April 25, 1953. of BROTHER CHARLES HOW ARD BENTZEL. life member. Special communication at Masonic Temple Tuesday.

April 23. 1953. at 1 FM EDW. LAWRENCE JOHNSON, 28e Worshipful Master BOSLEY. On April 27.

1953, CHARLES EDWARD, beloved son oi tne mie Seymour and Nellie Bosley (nee Tal bnr.ti. Services In the home of his brother Herbert Boslev. Texas, on Wednesday at 2 P. M. Interment In Poplar Grove Cemetery.

29e ROWINGS-On ADril 26. 1953. BAR BARA ELIZABETH, of 1920 Orleans street, the Infant daughter of Roeer and Sadie Pierce Bowines. 29 Funeral from the Ullrich' Funeral Home. 2004 Orleans street, on Wednesday at 10 A.

M. Interment at Johns- ville Cemeterv Llbertv. Md. BREMONT. On April 26, 1953.

at her home. 1315 North wasnington street MINNIE E. fnee Young), beloved wife of the late Thomas N. Bremont. 29e Funeral from the Funeral Home of John C.

Miller, 2431-35 East Oliver street, on Wednesday at 2 P. Interment In Baltimore cemetery. (3) AprU 26, 1953, MaRY inM Peterson), oi ou mi rt beloVed wife of the 4ate Adam FunTraY from Lilly and Zeiler. Funeral Home, Eastern avenue and Wolfe street. Wedensday, April at 11 A.

M. Interment in St. Pauls Fifth Reformed Cemetery. 29 SCHRINER. On April 25.

1953. HELEN LUCILLE. 839 Park avenue. Baltimore, at the Maryland General Hospital, beloved daughter of Mrs. Lula Brown.

29. Funeral Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from 7 Park avenue, Westminster, Md. Burial in Meadow Branch Cemetery. SHIPLEY. On April 27.

1953. ELBERT of 232 South Loudon avenue, beloved son of the late Lewis L. and Mary T. Shipley (nee Hopkins) and brother of Mr. James C.

Shipley. Funeral will be held at the Walters Funeral Home, Pratt and Strieker streets, on Thursday. April 30, at 8.15 A. M. Requiem High Mass at St.

Joseph's Monastery Church at 9 A. M. Interment in New Cathedral Cemetery. Friends may call after 7 P.M. Tuesday.

IIVT On Anril 28. 1953. FRANK of 2822 Kentucky avenue, beloved hus band of the late Anna aiunt. Due notice. 2" SMITH.

On ADril 27. 1953, JAMES EDWIN, of the Jefferson Apartments, helnveri son of the late Dr. Benjamin and Lucy Wilson Smith, formerly of Bel Air, Md. Bel Air (Md.) papers please copy. Friends may call at William J.

Tickner sons. North and Pennsylvania avenues, until 10 P.M. Tuesday. Funeral services will be held at Mount Zion Church Cemetery, near Bel ait, on Wednesday at 1 P.M. 29 STALLINGS.

Suddenly, on April 25 1953, at his home. 310 South riign- land avenue. HARRY beloved hus band of the late Grace N. Stallings (nee Whitelock). and father of Harry L.

and Richard L. Stallings. 28e Funeral services will be held at Wil liam J. Tickner Sons. North and Pennsylvania avenues, on Tuesday at 3 P.

M. Interment in Woodlawn Cemetery STEWART On April 26, 1953, ELIZA BETH A. (nee Martin), of 6115 ODon-nell street (Schwartz's Cemetery), beloved wife of Cyrus Stewart. Funeral from the Hoffman Funeral Home. 1639 Broadway, on Wednesday at 10.30 A.

M. services at First united Evangelical Church, 1728 Eastern ave nue, at 11 A. M. Interment in Schwartz's Cemetery. 29 BERT.

Suddenly, on April 27. 1953 DR. GEORGE B. SYBERT, beloved husband of Anna Marie Sybert (nee Krohl. 30 Funeral from William J.

Tickner Sons, North and Pennsylvania avenues, on Thursday at 9.15 A.M Requiem Mass in St. Paul's Church, Ellicott City, at 10 A. M. Interment in New Cathedral Cemetery. TILSON.

On April 18. 1953. at, Alle-chenv Hospital, in Tarentum. GERTRUDE FAYE, aged 54 years, beloved wife of Walter Tllson. Funeral services were held at King Brothers Funeral Home.

Apollo. Pa on Tuesday, April 21. at 9 A.M. Reverend Father Andrew J. Snyder was in charge of burial in Apollo Cemetery She is survived by her children.

John of Battle Creek. Walter, of Midwest City. Carl, of Apollo Mrs. Mildred Murphy, of Chicago 111.: Mrs. K.

Leveto, of Kalamazoo eight grandchildren and the following brothers and sisters: Ralph Roche, of Cleveland: William Roche, of Portsmouth. Ohio, and Mrs. Delia Phillips, of Friendship. Ohio; Mrs Roselle KUlen, of New Boston. Ohio Mrs.

Florence Tilson. of Portsmouth Ohio; Mrs. Bertha Curtiss, of Balti more, Md. z9 THOMAS. On April 26.

1953, FRED J. of 529 South Bond street, husband of Anna Thomas nee Schaffer). 28e Funeral will be at the John A Grebliauckas Funeral Home, 1905 East Pratt street, on Wednesday at 8.30 A. M. Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church at 9 A.

Interment in Holy Trinity Cemetery. Elkridse. Md TOEPFNER. On April 27. 1953.

JOHN O. of 1359 South Ponca street, beloved husband of Thelma S. (nee Greens-felder). 1 Funeral from the home of his sister. Mrs.

Frank Schenk. 1361 South Ponca street, on Thursday at 1 P.M. Inter ment Oak Lawn Cemeterv. LRBAN'OWSKI. On April 26.

1953. VICTORIA-DORA (nee Frankowskil. of 715 South Durham street, beloved wife of the late Frank Urbanowski. Funeral from the Sadowski Funeral Home. 1808 Eastern avenue, on Thursday at 8.30 A.M.

Requiem High Mass at St. Stanislaus Church at 9 A.M Interment in St. Stanislaus Cemeterv. 29e WAGNER. On April 26.

1953. MARY (nee Dankemeyer), age 73 years. Wife of the late Martin J. Wagner and mother of Mrs. Florence A.

Wills. Services at the G. Howard Strong Funeral Home, 3207 W. North avenue. at Hilton street, on Wednesday at 2 P.M.

Interment in Stone Chape! Cemetery. 29e WATKINS. On April 26. 1953. HAR RIETT STRONG, widow of Joseph Watkins.

Chestertown papers copv.l 29e Funeral from the Mitchell Home 1900 Eutaw place, on Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock. Interment in Mount Olivet Cemetery. The family requests that no flowers be sent WESSEL. On April 26. 1953, EDWARD AUGUST, beloved husband of the late Margaret Zeltman Wessel.

Friends may call at the residence of his son. Howard Wessel. Scaggs-ville. Howard county. Maryland.

Funeral from St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Fulton. on Wednesday at 2 P.M. Interment in Church Ceme terv.

29 WEINBERGER. St. John's Lodge No 34. A.F.& A.M., announces with deep regret the death of our late brother BEN WEINBERGER. SOL LITSEY, 28e Worshipful Master.

WHITNEY. Suddenly, on April 27 1953. JAMES EDWARD, beloved hus band of the late Anna V. Whitney and brother of Jacob Boritz. of 1628 East Thirtieth street.

(New York papers please copy.l Funeral services will be at the William Cook Mansion. St. Paul and Preston streets, on Thursday at 1.30 P.M. Interment in Woodlawn ceme terv. 30e WILSON.

Suddenly, on April 26. 1953 JAMES Of 5202 Barbara ave nue, beloved 6on of James and Anne M. Wilson (nee Tavlor). Services from the Leonard J. Ruck Funeral Home.

5305 Harford road, at Echodale. on Wednesdav at 8.15 A. Reouiem Mass at St. Anthony's Church at 9 A. M.

Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemeterv. 29 WISLOFF. On April 25. 1953. JOHAN C.

aged 51 years, the beloved father of Karin Sigrid Wisloff and brother of Amalie Korstvedt. of Fair field. and Karen and Rolf Wisloff. of Norwav. 28e Funeral services will be at the William Cook Mansion.

St. Paul and Preston streets, on Wednesdav at P. M. Interment private. FUNERAL DIRECTORS (4 THE MITCHELL HOME John Mitchell Sons.

Inc 1900 EUTAW PLACE I. O. Mitchell. Jr. M.

B. Mitchell Tb' Fnti-th Oenergtlw CEMETERIES AND LOTS (6) ftt LAVVil 11 LI Lit I Reverently defeated to those who cart 7225 EASTERN AVE Phone fesse rr tti at tnittTPP Tickner Funerals 97 to 5 1995 up Consult this list of lOOrt con-secutive adult funerals, as selected hy past patrons, for guidance: 229 Funerals Cost $97 to $243 273 Funerals Cost S273 to $412 291 Funerals Cost S437 to S560 207 Funerals Cost S595 to $1,995 up WILLIAM J. TICKNER AND SONS, INC. North and Pennsylvania Avas. LAfayette 4321 A Baltimort Institution Owned and Operated by Tne Tickners Since 1874 DEATHS I (3) GRALL.

On April 26. 1953, at Holly, Micnigan, anna M. (nee -tassanm, beloved wife or the late wmiam Giul. 29 Funeral from the Lassann Funeral Home. 7401 Belair road, on Thursday at 2.30 P.M.

Interment Oak Lawn Cemetery, GREENFIELD. On April 27. 1953, MAUD (nee Currey), beloved wile or Thomas Greenfield. Funeral from her late residence 752 MrHpnrv cT reet An Thtirsdav at 8.15 am. Requiem High Mass at st.

i tatermeS.ln Greenfield. Suddenly, on April 26 i33, CAMP beloved nusDana oi ureenneid (nee teiien. from his home. Wilna. on Wednesday at 2 P.

M. Services in Union Chapel Church. Interment in adjoining cemetery. 29 HALL. On April 27, 1953.

BASIL DUCK- ETT. of 3047 Belmont avenue, tne De- loved husband of Alice V. Hall (nee Homburg). and father of Harry Hall, of Diss. Eneland.

Funeral services will oe at trie wu iiam Cook Mansion, St. Paul ano Preston streets. Due notice. Joe HARDESTY. Suddenly, on April 25, 1953.

GREGORY of 2018 Barclay street, beloved husband of M. Dolores Sturm Hardesty. I Washington papers Dlease codv.1 services irom tne uneral noras oi Wiedefeid is Sons. Greenmount and Twenty-second street, on Tuesday at 8.30 A.M. Reouiem High Mass at fit Ann Church at 9 AJtt.

interment in Cathedral Cemetery. 28e IfftJ0? lington avenue, beloved husband of Mary Havlik (nee Holub) and dear lather of Marie Lacey. 3ue Funeral from Cvach Funeral Home, 900 North Chester street. Friday at 8.15 A.M. Requiem High Mass at St Wenceslaus Church at 9 A.M.

Inter- HERZBERGt. uddeniV 26 1953, GEORGE beloved husband of Pauline Quasny Herzbereer and father of Mary Jane Reed and Grace a. Kester. Funeral from his home, 3501 Eighth avenue. East Brooklyn, on Thursday at 11 A.M.

Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. HOPKINS. On April 26, 1953, LUCY (nee Spear), of 900 Cathedral street beloved wife of the late Samuel Hopkins and mother of Mrs. James T. Casey.

Private funeral services will be held at William J. Tickner Sons, North and Pennsylvania avenues, on Thursday at 3 P.M. Interment in Druid Ridge Cemetery. 30 Uackson. Suddenly, on April 24 1953.

S.F.C. ALFRED formerly of 2842 Huntingdon avenue, beloved husband of Helen Jackson (nee Riley). Funeral from the Donovan Funeral Home, 3818 Roland avenue, on Tues day at 1 F. M. Interment In Baltimore National Cemetery.

28e JONES. On April 25, 1953, JOHN of 1737 Belt street, beloved nusDana of the late Carrie L. Jones (nee Files) and weloved father of Leonard, John and Glenwood Jones. Friends may call at the McCully Funeral Home, 130 East Fort avenue, until Monday at 10 P. M.

Services at the Solomon's Methodist Church. Solomon Island, on Tuesday at 2 P. M. Interment in the church cemetery. 28e JONES.

On April 27. 1953. WILLARD of 3713 Mohawk avenue, beloved husband of Margaret M. Jones (nee Gosnell). Funeral from the Armacost Funeral Home, 4204 Ridgewood avenue (at 4400 Garrison boulevard), on Thursday at 2 P.M.

Interment in Lorraine Ceme tery. 30 JORDAN. Suddenly, on April 26. 1953 DR. WILLIAM beloved husband of Blanche Roberts Jordan, of 2519 Garrison boulevard, and father of Mrs.

Edward Harris and Oliver Jordan. Friends may call at William J. Tickner Sons. North and Pennsylvania avenues, after 9 A. M.

Tuesday, ru neral services will be held on Wednesday at 11 A. M. Interment in Druid Ridee Cemetery. 29 JVSTIS. Suddenly, on April 27.

1953. MARY H. (SOPER) at tne residence of her son. Calvin Justis. Reisters-town road, Pikesvllle, beloved wife of the late William B.

Justis. Funeral services will be at the William Cook Mansion. St. Paul and Preston streets, on Thursday at 10.30 A. M.

Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 29e JUSTIC America Council No. 9. D. of sincerely regrets the passing oi our beloved sister.

MARY JUbill. KATHERINi.KliMMlLK.C5. 2BP Councilor. KANE. Suddenly, on April 27.

1953 ARTHUR beloved husband of Mar- garet H. Kane (nee Danenmann) ana beloved father of Mary Helen Kane and the late Charles A. Kane. Services at his home. 12 West Elm avenue, Overlea, on Friday morning at 8.30.

Requiem High Mass at bt Michael's Church at 9 o'clock. Inter ment in St. Stephen Cemetery Bradshaw. Md. 1 KANE.

Cardinal Gibbons Council Knights of Columbus, announces with deep regret the death of BROTHER ARTHUR P. KANE. Members will meet at his home on Wednesday at 7.30 P.M. to recite the Rosary. 29e J.

WILLIAM ARMSTRONG. Grand Knight. LACEY. On April 27. 1953.

MARY of 2058 East Eager street, beloved wife of the late William A. Lacey. Funeral from the Funeral Home of Leo G. Cook, 1701-03 Patterson Park avenue, on Wednesday at 9 A. M.

Requiem High Mass at St. Andrew's Church at 10 A. M. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery. 29e LANGENFELDER.

On April 26. 1953 ANNA B. (nee Shook), of 608 Berry street, beloved wife of John G. Lan-genfelder. Funeral from the Donovan Funeral Home, 3818 Roland avenue, on Wednesday at 1 P.

M. Services at Mt. Olive Methodist Episcopal Church, Randallstown. at 2 P. M.

Interment In adjoining cemetery. 29e LEPSON. Sheet Metal Workers Inter national Association. Local Union 122 regrets to announce the death of ELMER LEPSON. WALTER R.

uumnilli. 28e President LEWIS. On April 27, 1953, lhlS Kr WILLIAM Lfcwis, Deiovea nusDana oi Mabel A. Lewis (nee North), of 2827 Windsor avenue. Please omit flowers.) Memorial gifts in his name may be sent to the Strawbridge Home for Boys.

Sykesvllle, Md. 30e LOWER Y. On April 24, 1953, MARIE (nee Nun), of 417 Oakwood road. Gray Manor, beloved wife of Lawrence A. Lowery and devoted mother of Mrs.

Lillian Poole, Mrs. Gladys Vetters and George and Herbert Elliott. 28e Funeral from the John F. Denny Funeral Home, Light and Montgomery streets, on Tuesday at 2 P. M.

Inter ment in Loudon Park cemetery MrMINDES. Suddenly, on April 26. 19S3. ROY PRESTON, beloved hus band of Edith Shand McMindes. of the Marvlander Apartments.

Funeral from Sohn G. Connellv Funeral Home. 418 Eastern avenue, Essex, on Thursday at 11 A.M. Interment In Baltimore National cemetery. 30e McNAMEE.

On April 27, 1953. at the residence of his sister-in-law, Mrs. Harold Wirtz, 3006 Keswick road. JOHN husband of the late Beulah M. McNamee (nee Curtis).

Funeral from the Burgee Funeral Home, 3631 Falls road, on Thursday. April 30, at 8.30 A.M. Requiem Mass at St. Thomas' Church, Hickory avenue and West Thirty-seventh street, at 9 A.M. Interment in Woodlawn Ceme terv.

29e MEEHAN. On April 26. 1953. MARY THERESA, beloved Infant daughter of James Joseph and Irene Catherine Meehan (nee Bailor). 29e Funeral from the residence of her parents.

2916 Northern parkway on Wednesday at 2 p.m. interment More land Memorial Park. Our best aclvtrtistments art tht (Jratejul letters received from the many Baltimore jamilits served in the past too years. SANGER ft SONS. INC 1153 1953 fU Nf A BIMCTOIS North Ave.

at Broadway -Dill DEATHS () PARKWOOD Nature's Own Cathedral Graves. $60 Term. Sites GLEN HAVF.N MEMORIAL PARK Located on Ritchie Highway at Glen Bnral l70 and uo farms Easy Weeklv or Months Payments Oien Burnie or BElmont 0727 BALTIMORE CEMETFBT Beautiful memorial monument or lawn see- lions Keasonanu pntca Nonstanan North Ave east of Gav St FA lot MDRRI.AND MEMORIAL PARK Reasonable Prices Convenient Terma Taylor Ave. east of Loch 'Saven Blvd RLVD BIVT? 1J MONUMENTS. VAULTS.


wun uiii-. Needs special diet. LoSt vie. 307 Hilton ave. uatonsviue ojoj.

BOXER 3 yrs. old. fawn. Has black mask. Dundalk area.

Reward. DundalklglSj. DOG Boxer, male, lawn with 4 white paws white spot on cnesi. Answers io name of Major. Lost in vicinity of Reisterstown Cold Spring lane.

Re- ward. LI. 3684 or ru. vm. DOG Young male.

med. size, yehow. short balr. 4 wiute paws, no conar vkiuut Greensprina Belvedere. Reward.

H. 9()J3. DOG Boxer, male brindle with white mark ings. Lost. Answers to name oi lunj.

an FO 7630. DOG Lost last week nr. Towson. med. size black flog, snort nair.

biiscis name Howzie reward.TO-.21?0: DOG Collie puppy. Vicinity of Pant Hrlgnts Ulen unnaren pev. RO. 0461. EMBLEM Smalf white lOld shrine Dia mond setting.

Aiienaaaa iw. m- 4267 Kewara. GLASSES Brown sold. Lost downtown to Harford Rd. CL.

4858 af ter 6 HANDBAG Green. Lost vie. 1200 blk. Balto. St.

Keturn to Alice ware, otj Hillview Rd. CU. 0812 W. after 8 P.M. PACKAGE Containing book, letter toy.

Lost in vicinity mgnianaiown. jih Dillon St PEN KNIFE Gold. Engraved "The Chf IT Lost. Liberal reward. Dr.

Robinson. MTJ. 5584; PUPPY, female, tan A- white, has wnita paws Answers to Boots. Lost in vicin- it of Bayonne ave. HA.

4309 RING City College '52. Lost at Fireman' Bnll CH. 4887 after 4 P.M. LOST N.Y. Central R.R.

Co. ctfs. Noa. L-426871. 25 L-515153.

25 L-567791. 50 shs no. Lorenzo B. Evans. Return to him at 'o Franklin Pharmacy.

Greene and Franklin Baltl- more. Maryland SPECIAL NOTICES (9) LODGE FOREST PARK Formerly Post Office Club FOR RENT Picnics private parties. 3-acre wove lawn, facing on Old Road Bay. Old North Pt Rd. to LodRe Farm Pd.

direct to Park Phone SDarrows Point 939-J or Dundalk 0218 FDORIDA TRANSPORTATION Responsible persons to drive brand new 1953 automobiles to Miami. Florida. Call BE. 1400 Mr. Knell.

FOR RENT Concrete mixer. Half bag Oaa driven on wheels Daily rate Phona VE 1286 SHARE YOUR CAR (10) DRIVING TO DALLAS. Texas. May 11. Take one gentleman to assist.

LI. 48 PERSONALS (III WILL NOT be responsible for any debt! unless contracted by myself. LOUIS JAMES SVITT 9TH F. D. 19.


Cootractor Builder" GORDON F. PHEBUS YORK RD. TO. 2173 SMALL CONTRACTOR Available for all types of alterations or home improvements. Best rates, also terms.

Call Mr. Ferreira at PE. 4022 day or eve. ROOFING. REPAIRS Free Estimates.

Cash or Terms Call Melyin Brookshire, LA. 4552 FURNITURE REFINISHED CADDEN. 312 W. Riddle St. 8A.

8848 PAINTING PAPERHANGING Interior exterior. We do our own work. Lowest prices. Mr. Marshall.


GAY CONSTRUCTION CO Home Imp of ail kinds Free 20 yrs exp IBIO Gay St PI. 2913 rREE SERVICE TREES AND STUMPS REMOVED ALSO LANDSCAPING ID! R. WOOD 7934 PLASTERING Specializing in patch work. ceilings, stuccoing, waterpronng. No jobs too lge.

or small. MA. 3299-W. GI. 6222-J.

Roof Leak? Phone BE. 8023 ENTERPRISE ROOF1NU CO CARPENTRY Painting, papering, plaster ing. oricK cement work. LA. 2649.


OR 3917 CEMENT PORCHES Brick, block garagaT Meps. iences. iouncaiions. jk. VZns.


PI. 6395. CARPENTRY, cementing, bar fixtures ny on new oings. Kjll. uan, Ul.

EI FCTRICAL problems solved by experts. HOME IMPROVEMENTS Low FHA term. I t. ttlj HOME REPAIRS Remodeling. Call Boulevard 490-J.

roofing-. HOME IMPROVEMENTS Kramer Const Co PL 5142: Eves LI S013 CARPENTRY Alterations Repairs terior exterior. Sparrows Point 88. CEMENT work of any kind, carpentry. repair gar build Dl 1871 Joe CARPENTRY CEMENTING Small or lgeJobs Reasonable prices.HAj9301 FLOORS SANDED, reflnished.

S14 up. Work guaranteed 25 yea rs' exp. Blvd. 2439 .1 ROOMK PAPERED S7 Immediate aervire PAINTING REPAIRING Interior terior Dorsett GENERAL CONTRACTOR Cement" work ot all kinds Call Rudy. OR.

2776 KiiUPHoLSifcKING 2 pieces igofa. chair) Inw as S59 ft FTJRN LA 85S3 PLASTIC WALL TILE Frees estimates" Rolnick Bros 773 Wash Bl vd LE 3433 PLASTERING, stucco, cementing. Brick work. Lirqe or small. HO.

0055. HOME IMPROVEMENTS All types. Cash or terms. Phone MU. 5238.

WALLPAPERS Steamed and taken away' Work guaranteed Call Mr Bell LI 5772 HOME REPAIRS Alterations. Additions Dav or nlteOeorgeBlake JVAlley 6277' PAINTING INTERIOR EXTERIOR CALL A 8865 WALLPAPER steamed oS and taken awav" SS Ae up HO 8944 i. El liS enow tou now to save dollars on all FLOORS SANDED finished. Day or night! Bivd 1770-M Eves only. CL.

7810 OIL BURNER SERVICE Call Maior Oil" MA 10101 NO MONEY DOWN Home Improvement nn pc yga PAPERHANGING Reasonable rates an? prompt service OToole. HO 3488 AWNINGS Repaired As resewed at low prices, zaai fcomonqson Ave. B63H WALL SCRAPING BY STEAM Sanitas A oapernanging. ij. -i nomas.

'L. 4782 MOWING LAWNS Cutting weeds. Call Linthicum 732 alter 9 A.M. PAPERING AND PAINTING Low rates Free estimates TU 1353 HOME IMPROVEMENTS sOiriHCOMBft MAPP INC ED 12 WO "AiNllNG luterioi Ai exterior Guarantee rt nleq-! Cirlmes MO 49ZK FLOOR SANDING finishing. $15 per tm HOit.

WI 4867. Boulevard 3J64-R ttOOFS COATED AS LOW AS S10--AU nir wor(r pus mmeerj REAL CLAY TILE. Free estimates BRoad- way 1C46 CAPERING FI.OOR SANDINO PAINTINO AND WALL SCRAPING UK 8541 FLOORS SANDED Refinished Best for less. OR 4188 L. Rebrtan.

Z3 yrs exp. I CARPENTER, Partitions, porches, steps. painting, odd jobs, oi. 228U-J. FLOOR BANDING Finishlne 10c so 20 yrs exp John Ho-it cl svra CEMENT.

Brick. Carpentry work Builaing garaces and club rpiiars uirnBj PLASTERING. PAINTING. PAPER ANQ ING Leo as Klcn. 1J.

orjo. ROOFING. Gutter and Spouting at Low Cost OI poga-j PLASTERING STUCCO RATES REAS. MO. 4528.

TREE Service Expert Topoint and re- moval BR. 0544. I CONCRETE WORK, garages driveways. CEMETERIES AND IOTS Revenues Sag In March Roanoke, April 28 (JP) Norfolk and Western Railway reve nues, consistently below 1952 levels. sagged again in March, the railroad! said today.

It reported a profit of $1,394,797 off 39 per cent from I March. 1952. I At nu ut I that, March was Slightly bet- ter than February When JN.atW.i profits sank to their lowest point in three years $1,159,213. For the first quarter of 1953, the W. net income is 36 per cent less than it was a year ago.

It now totals $4,281,318. compared to $6,700,000 for the first three months of 1952. Operating Revenues Drop Total operating revenues in March were $14,841,667, a drop of 14 per cent over a year ago. Freight revenue accounted for $13,900,000. Three-fourths of freight is coal.

F.vnpnsps fnr March fpll nnlv 4 percent to $11,800,000. That made the important operating ratio Of in- come ana outgo vs.aa or ii)V2 cents spent for every dollar taken in on operations. The net operating revenue was Viv v' leaving $741,173 for operating profit. This was bolstered by the $755,124 from equipment rents. Business Failures Dip For Week New York, April 28 (P) Busi ness failures in the week ended April 23 totaled 159 compared with 165 in the preceding week and 168 in the like week a year ago, Dun Bradstreet reported today Failures involving liabilities of $5,000 or more totafed 132 asainst 136 in the preceding period and 127 a year ago.

Baltimore Over-The-Counter Bid Asked 25 27', Md. Casualty common Md. Casualty $1 05 conv pfd Md Cas. $2.10 cum prior pfd. New Amsterdam Casualty Cr W3 31 47 SO 42 44 59' i 61-i DEATHS (3) APLAN.

On Monday. April 27. 1953, hakky, of 609 Fourth street. Laurel beloved husband of Lena R. Caplan and father of Louis R.

Caplan Funeral from Donaldson Funeral Home, Laurel, on Wednesday at 10 A. M. Interment in National Me morial Park. Falls Church, Va. Please omit llowers.i 29 COLBLRN.

On April 25. 1953. HATTIE uuiiHUKN (nee Hardesty), or 38 south Fulton avenue, beloved wife of the late Thomas Cclburn. 29e Funeral services will be held at the parlors of Harry H. Witzke.

Hollins and Gilmor streets, on Wednesday morning at 11 clock, interment in Mount Olivet Cemetery CULLEN. Suddenly, on April 26. 1953. at Albuquerque. N.M..

SERGEANT JAMES husband of Frances Cullen and son of Patrick J. and the late Mary A. Cullen. 30e Due notice of funeral. DABKOWSKI.

On April 26, 1953. AN- 1HONY, beloved husband of Bertha nee Trzaska) and father of Mary Kowaiewskl. Antoinnette Adamskl. Ida Warminski. Felicia Henclak, Frank and Stephen Dabkowski.

Funeral from his late residence, 731 South Montford avenue, on Thursday, 8.15 A.M. Requiem High Mass at Holy Rosary Church at 9 A.M. Interment in Holy Rosary Cemetery. 29e DURKEE. On ADril 24.

1953. GER-1 TRUDE inee Mever) helnveri wife nf thp lato William R. riirlre anrl mother of Irene O. Hottendorf. of 3003 Fleetwood avenue.

28e Funeral services are to be held at H. Sander Sons. North avenue and Broadway, on Tuesday at 2 P. M. In terment in Baltimore Cemetery ENGEL.

On April 26. 1953, ELIZABETH wile of the late Christian H. Engel Funeral services at her home, 3804 Old Frederick road, on Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Interment Woodlawn Cemetery. 30e EYRE.

On April 26, 1953, JOHN DUN HAM, of 4613 Roland avenue, father of Dr. John Dunham Eyre. of Weuesiey, Mass. Friends may call at the Mitchell Home. 1900 Eutaw place, from 7-9 P.

M. Tuesday. Funeral services at the Mitchell Home on Wednesday at 2 P. M. Interment at Bay View Ceme- tery, Jersey City, on Friday.

Friends who might send flowers are earnestly requested instead to forward a contribution to Mr. Eyre's favorite charity. the Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children, care Boumi Temple, Balti more. 29e FARACE. On April 26, 1953.

VINCENT beloved husband of Jean Farace (nee Martz), of 806 Engine court, and beloved son of Jennie Farace (nee Dl Stefano) and the late Anthony rarace Funeral from the Joseph Farace Funeral Home, 712-14 East North avenue, on Wednesday at 8.15 A. M. Requiem High Mass at St. Ambrose Church -at 9 A. M.

Interment in Holy Redeemer cemetery. 29e FOLEY. On April 25, 1953, EVELYN A of 2103 North Calvert street, beloved wife of Albert Foley. 28e Funeral services will be at the Wil- liam Cook Mansion, St. Paul and Pres- ton streets, on Tuesdav at 1 P.M.

In terment in Loudon Park Cemetery. FORD On April 25, 1953, ROZELLE beloved husband or Lillie Ford nee Perry), of 157 North Kenwood avenue Funeral from Lilly Zeiler. Inc. Funeral Home. Eastern avenue and Wolfe streets, on Tuesday, April 28 at 2 P.

M. Interment in Oak Lawn Cemetery. 28e FULLER. On April 25, 1953. FRED ERICK beloved husband of Vir ginia Fuller (nee Kurtz).

28e Funeral services at the Kurtz Funeral Home, Jarrettsville, Harford county, on Tuesday. April 28. at 2.30 P. M. (Daylight savings time).

Interment in. Bethel Cemetery, Ma donna. Md. Friends may call at the funeral home after 3.30 P. M.

Mon dav GADDIS. On April 26. 1953. ARCHI BALD, of 2101 McCulloh street, be loved husband of Carrie Gaddis and beloved brother of Clifton Gaddis. He is survived by five stepchildren.

Re mains may be seen at Clarence and Katie Williams Funeral Home. 321-23 North Scoroeder street. Funeral will take olace from the above funeral home at 2.30 P. Thursday. Relatives and friends are re- soectfullv invited to attend.

Interment in Mount Auourn cemetery. 28e GATINEAU. On April 26, 1953. LEONEL beloved son or Mrs. Sylvia Dou- cette, oi 799 urantiey street Funeral from the Howard Blight Home, 6009 Harford road, on Wednes day at 9 A.M.

Requiem High Mass at 5t. Bernardlne Church at 9.30 A Interment in Baltimore National Cemeterv. 29 GALLAGHER. On April 27. 1953 ANNIE, beloved sister of the late Agnes Gallagher (formerly of 1 North Small wood street), and cousin of Mrs Matilda Kampe.

of 1515 Argonne drive. Funeral services are to be held at H. Sander Sons. North avenue and Broadway, on Thursday, at 8 A. M.

Requiem High Mass at St Martin's Catholic Church. Fulton avenue and Fayette street at 9 A. Interment in New Cathedral Ceme terv. 30 GAUBATZ. On April 25, 1953, GEORGE aged 74 years, beloved son of the late George and Minnie Gaubatz (nee Schnepfe), of 346 Mount Olivet lane Funeral from the Parlors of F.

Wippert Son. Baltimore and Mon roe streets, on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. Interment in Loudon Park Cemeterv. 28e GOLDSBOROUGH. On April 28.

1953 at St. Joseph's Hospital, formerly ol 5415 wasena avenue, Robert (Governor), beloved husband of thf late Mabel Ford Goldsborough. Funeral from John J. Fahey anr Sons. 1318 Light street, on Thursda at 8.30 A.M.

Reouiem Mass at St Mary's Star of the Church at I 1 DEATHS (3) METTEE. On April 27. 1953. at his home. 4824 Roland avenue, carkoll beloved husband of Miriam Hann Mettee.

Funeral services will be held at WUliam J. Tickner Sons. North and Pennsvlvania avenues, on Wednesday at 2.30 P. M. Interment In Druid Ridge Cemetery.

29e MILLER On April 27, 1953, JOHN or 3033 Putty Hill avenue, parKvine, beloved husband of Marie B. Miller (nee Delter). Services from the Leonard J. Ruck Funeral Home. 5305 Harford road, at Echodale avenue, on Thursday Bit 8.15 A.

M. Requiem Mass at St. Ursula's at 9 A. M. Interment in Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

30e MINEBLRG Suddenly, on April 26. 1953, FREDERICK FRANK, or 3bU Kimble road, beloved husband oT May-belle Elizabeth Minebure (nee Havsi. Services from the Leonard J. Ruck Funeral Home, 5305 Harford road at Echodale avenue, on Wednesday at 3 P.M. Interment In Moreland Memorial Park.

29e MINEBURG. 2d Division Post No. 27, of the American Legion, extends their deepest sympathy to the family of COMRADE FREDERICK F. MINEBURG, deceased member. NORMAN F.

HUETTNER. 29e Commander. MOORE. On April 24. 1953.

ELIJAH J. in his ninety-first year, beloved husband of Lida Jane Moore (nee Wilson), and father of Miss Ada T. Moore, Mrs. Nellye V. Wich and Milton B.

Moore. Funeral services will be held at his home, 2328 Harlem avenue, on Tuesday at 1.30 P. M. Interment in Spesutia Church Cemetery, Perryman. Maryland.

28e MUNDER. On April 27, 1953. NORMAN T. at the Masonic Home, Cockeys- ville, aged 85 years, the beloved husband of Jerusha G. Munder and father of Mrs.

Garland Gressitt and Mrs. Priscilla Cheape. 30 Funeral services will be at the William Cock Mansion. St. Paul and Preston streets, on Thursday at 12 noon.

Interment in Greenmount Cemetery. NAGRABSKI. On April 25. 1953. JOSEPH, beloved husband of Sophia (nee Kuzniar), residence, 2112 Fleet street.

28e Funeral from William S. Fialkowski Funeral Home, 2007 Eastern avenue, on Wednesday at 8.30 A. M. Requiem High Mass at Holy Rosary Church at 9 A. M.

Interment In Holy Rosary Cemetery. ORME. On April 26, 1953. MARGARET L. (nee Bean), of 1701 Woodside avenue, Halethorpe, beloved wife of the late Harry B.

Orme and beloved mother of Mrs. James W. Staley and Leroy L. Orme. Funeral from the Funeral Home of George A.

Farley, Frederick and Shady Nook avenues, Catonsville. on Wednesday at 2 P. M. Interment in Loudon Park Cemetery. 29e O'NEIL.

Suddenly, on April 26. 1953. at his home, the Hopkins Apartments. Thirty-first and St. Paul streets.

ALPHONSO MICHAEL, beloved hus band of Barbara Margaret O'Neil (nee Bornschlegel) and beloved brother of Mrs. James Millstead and Mrs. Eric Watkins, of Richmond. Mrs. Richard Pokrass.

of Jacksonville. and Mr. Louis C. O'Neil. of Union town.

Pa. I Richmond (Va.) papers please copy.) Funeral from William J. Tickner Sons, North and Pennsylvania ave nues, on Thursday at 9.30 a.m. sol emu Requiem High Mass in SS. Philip and James' Church at 10 A.M.

Inter ment in New Cathedral Cemetery. 30 PARLETT. On April 26, 1953, ELLA (nee sehman), beloved wife of the late Harry B. Parlett. formerly of Howard county, Maryland.

29 Funeral from the Weer Haight Funeral Home, Sykesvllle, Wednesday, April 29. at 2 P. M. Interment in Mount View Cemetery. PEDDICORD.

On April 27. J953. STAN- LJtY of 3029 Keswick road, beloved son of Thomas C. and Bessie I. Peddicord.

Funeral from his late residence on Thursday. April 30. at 2 P.M. Interment in Meadow Ridge Memorial Park. 30e PIETRZAK.

On April 27, 1953. STANIS LAUS, beloved husband or Sophie Pietrzak. Funeral from his late residence. 1465 Towson street, on Thursday. April 30, at 9 A.M.

Requiem Mass at Holy Rosary cnurcn at tf.3U a.m. interment in Holv Rosary Cemetery. 29e POTTS. On April 27, 1953. GEORGE of Pennington avenue.

Curtis Bay, bfjoved son of the late George and Amelia Potts (nee Schramm). Services at the McCully Funeral Home. 3914 South Hanover street. Brooklyn, on Thursday at 3 P.M. Interment in Cedar Hill Cemetery.

30e PRYOR. On April 27. 1953. J. HAY-WARD, of 400 Rossiter avenue, beloved husband of Lucy M.

Prvor (nee Burneston). Services at Henry W. Jenkins Sons Companv. 4905 York road, on Thursday, April 30, at 11 A.M. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery.

30 PRYOR. Special communication of TUSCAN LODGE. No. 202. A.F.&A.M..

will be held on April 30 at 10.30 A. M. to attend and conduct the funeral of our late brother. James H. Pryor.

A. E. KNOX, 30 Worshipful Master. REYNOLDS FRANK beloved hus band of Pauline Reynolds, of 3203 North Charles street. Survived by two sisters, two brothers and numerous relatives and friends.

29 Funeral Thursday at 1 P.M. at Elrov Wilson's Funeral Parlor, 1000 Brantley avenue. RICHARDSON. On April 27, 1953, DR LEONARD ALLEN, dearly beloved hus band of Nora Richardson (nee Hand). Services from his home.

112 West! Twenty-fifth street, on Thursday at 3 P. Interment in Baltimore Cemetery. 30e RICHARDSON. Pickering Lodge No. 146.

A.F.& A.M.. announces with deep regret the passing of our late brother, DR. LEONARD A. RICHARDSON. PAUL E.

CHENOWETH. JR. 30 Worshipful Master. ROBINSON. On April 25.

1953, CAPT. ELMER beloved husband or Stella A. Wolf Robinson, and beloved son of Nettie M. Robinson. Funeral from his home.

6211 Marietta avenue, on Wednesday at 1 P. H. Interment In Holy Redeemer Cemetery. 29 ROBINSON. Pythagoras Lodge No.

123, A.F.& A.M., will hold a special communication on Wednesday, April 29, at 12 P. M. in the Masonic Temple for the purpose of attending the funeral of our late brother, CAPT. ELMER D. ROBINSON.

28e R. DOUGLAS SCHUSTER. Worshipful Master. RYAN. On April 28.

1953, JOSEPH beloved husband or Myrtle Williams Ryan, of 3814 Granada avenue, and father of Donald Kenneth USN, and Midshipman Robert B. Ryan. 1 Funeral from William J. Tickner Sons. North and Pennsylvania avenues, on Friday at 8.15 A.M.

Requiem Mass at All Saints Church at 9 A.M. Interment in New Cathedral Cemeterv. SAFLEY. On April 26. 1953, CHARLES DAVID, beloved husband of Rowena C.

SAFLEY. of near Ellicott City, Md Funeral from the Lamoreau Home for Funerals, 4510 Liberty Heights avenue, at Hillsdale road, on wednes day at 2 P. M. Interment in Lorraine Cemetery. ye SAUER.

Suddenly, on April 27. 1953 HERBERT beloved husband of A Elizabeth Sauer (nee Walter), of 519 Nottineham road. 3ne Funeral services will be held at William J. Tickner Sons, North and Pennsylvania avenues, on Thursday at 2 P.M. SCHIER.

On April 27. 1953, ETHEL MAY BRANNAN SCHIER. beloved wife of George Schier. 30e Funeral from her home. 1116 Riverside avenue, on Friday at 10 A.

M. Interment in Holy Cross Cemetery. Brooklyn. Beautiful Polished Granite MONUMENTS FOR OR 4 pRAVES flj iR. BALTIMORE MONUMENT WORKS 821-821 WEST BALTIMORE STREET Phone SA." 7564 Open Sunday fiSL Hl nm mm." SI SY Open 11.45 A.M.

Prev. CI May 33 89 33.88 33.77 July 33 70 33.70 33.59 October 33 60 33.61 33.32 December 33.62 33.64 33.35 March 33.65 33.70 33.61 May (1954) 33.62 33.68 33.59 July (19541 33 45 33.39n Oct. (1954 32 80 32.77 nNominaL Nonferrous Metals New York. April 28 (P Spot nonferrou metal prices today: Copper. 29'-4 30 cent a pound.

Connecticut Valley; lead. cents a pound. New York; zinc. 11 cents pound, bast St. Louis; tin.

4 cents pound. New York. This is under no circumstances to be construed as an offering of this Stock for sale, or as an offer to buy, or as a solicitation of an offer to buy, any of such stock. The offer is made only by means of the Prospectus. Maremont Automotive Products, Inc.

184,000 Common Shares (Par Value SI per share) Price $10 per share Cofies of the Prosfecfus may be obtained from such of the several Underwriters, including the undersigned, as are registered dealers in securities in this State, or are firms a farmer of which is a member of a national securities exchange registered with the Securities and Exchange Com-mission under the Securities Exchange Jet of 1934. Hallgarten Co. Straus, Blosser McDowell McCormick Co. Mead, Miller Co. April 28, 1955 A.M.

Interment in cathedral ceme tery. 30 .9 4 A i i.

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