Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on August 7, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
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Saturday, August 7, 1965
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THREE Medicare and Social Security: 5 Hospital Care Is Heart of Program; Benefits Explained B.V JOHN TROAN NKA Special Writer Mcrl.'.-are is somewhat of a iniMicjiiicr The new Social Security nealth-carc plan for the aged could be more aptly tagged Hosp,-c-arf!." For hospital care Is the heart of this benefit program Basically, Medicare will provide ui. to 90 days of hospital care fo- each "spell of illness" to a person 65 or older. 90-day limit for a "spell of illness." Kurlhei, no person will be able to draw, during his lifetime, more than a total of 190 days of care in a psychiatric hospital. A .special provision applies to Christian Science sanitorlums operated or certified by t h e Berry's World First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston Medicare will cover A ".spell of illness" begins the! l 'P to 12 ° dij y s of care £or a silv day a patient Is admitted to a '• S' e s ' a .V i" such an insititu- j hospital or nursing home. tuition ",-iib the patient paying the : ends oni-e a patient has been' firsl S4C ' P lus $ 10 for eacn da y ; outside a hospital and outside a i after flit first 60 and S5 for each; nursinp, home for 60 straight'^' nltcl tne rirst 90 ' i days j Medicare also will cover per-1 Medicare won't cover the full' sons wll ° 8° to a hospital on ai hospital bill. The patient will' nonovernight basis for X ray si have ki pay the first S40 And and other diagnostic tests. Such* if he stays longer than GO days' "outpatients" will have to pay during any "spell of illness" i tne i: ''' $t S2 ° for services ren-; he'll have to pay $10 for each ; (Jcrccl '" anv 20-day period, plus! additional day he remains in the i one-fit'll 1 of the balance. ! hospitn.i. " ; The initial "deductibles" will. The patient also will have to be in effect through 1968. After Pay for the first three pints ofi ti1at - ' f ' cv ma y be raised ea c* blooci lie r>,iight receive—unle s s vear " necessary to keep pace i he f>e's donors to replace thei witn increasing hospital costs j blooci After the first three pints • Hosn'tal benefits, which start: transfixions will be paid for Jul - v '• 1966 - include: ' by Medicare. A semiprivate room (two to; Coverage will apply to pa . ! four br-ds>, though a doctor may ticnts in psychiatric and tuber- order n private room for "med- culosis as well as in general ^ ical reasons." \ hospitals But if a patient is al- 1 Regular hospital nurses (but' ready in a mental or TB hospi-' not Private-duty nurses>. tal whpp he becomes eligible for Ser-.res of the hospital's med- Meclicvnre. the time he has spent ical social workers, there will be counted against the > Usc of regular hospital equip- 1 __ iinent. supplies and applian c e s. j such ?><-• oxygen tents, wh e e 1- j chairs ancl crutches. ; ' Prescribed drugs which arc lO.K.'d by the hospital's mecli-; ical vStc'ff or approved by any! specifirri in the law. ! WATERSMEET — Memta e rs> Servires of hospital reside n t s i of the Watersmeet Lions Club and interns—doctors—getting on- and their wives or guests en- : tll( Hob experience under ap-| joyed a steak fry out at the P rove -' training programs. Blackhawk Scout "council Camp Servires of other physicians; on Clearwater Lake Wednesday' Wll! no ' be covered b V the ba-, evening. The steaks were fried sic Medicare plan, by the scout lenders who also For SorAal Security to p a y served baked potatoes toss e d an .v l hing. however, a physician salad, garlic bread, beans ice muKi ''Prtify it was medically cream sundaes and coffee Af- 1 necessary to put the patient in a ter the dinner. Camp Direct o i ! hospital If the patient stays' Thomas Horn gave a brief his-, lon se r than 19 days, the doctor lory of work clone at the camp. wil1 have to recertify need for: then took the group on a guided, continued hospital care at inter-i tour of the large lodge and the; vals specified by the government., camp grounds. Some of the par-! Care in a psychiatric or tuber-! ty took a boat ride to one of the culosis hopsital will be covered; outlying camping sites whe r e only it ? doctor certified the pa- 10 boys were camped out in a tient needs special treat m en), 'JHIHfl .•••••••(••ir i iiiii'*"""*! Itllltllititi Fire Fighting Classes Set For Next Week Monday evening at 7 the fire siren will blow the members of "Oh, we're not perm/sore with junior —it's just ffcot we never know wAere he w or what he's doing!" Mass Personals years of attending school during the annual two weeks of active dut.v summer training, provides i basis for progression f o higher command 'and staff responsibilities. It is designed to keop Reserve officers abreast with 'he latest developments In Monday evening at 7 the fire ]'.he Aimy Main Labyak is reculai 1 y the Bergland and White P t n e assignor; to the 412th Civil Af- Mine fire departments for the fairs Group, an Army Reserve first University of Michigan Fire-; unit ir. Columbia, S. C. He re- manshij. Training Class to be ceived his bachelor of science held at Bergland since 1950 On degree from Michigan Technolo- Tuesday evening, Aug. 10, the gica) University in 1945 and was siren at the Bruce Crossing five; also niaduated from Duke 'Jin- hall will blow the members of,'versity, Durham, N. C., in 1950 the Bruce Crossing, Ewen and Major Labyak avic! h!s wife, Trout Creek fire departments ; Kathryn live at 6120 Sylvan Dr., for a similar class, it has been Columbia, S. C. announced. \ The class sessions will be from 7 to 10 p.m. on the dates as follows: Bergland, Aug. 9. 11. 13. 17, 19, 23 Bruce Crossing. Aug 10, 12 16, 18, 20, 24. Instructor for the course will be Wallace P. Gannon, former Muskegnr fire chief, and now a part time instructoi for the University of Michigan. During The WORRY CLINIC B> OR. GEORGE W. CRANE Clerics like Homer are oft?n gullible for they blindly swallow t h e nralntruster idea;, their seminary prof* leach them Yet many o f those same profs are (allures as pulpit orators Toe many cleric? are also afflicted with i ampus snobbery, worshipping advanced de- frees instead of practical platform skill. ; )or point, as brotherhood 0 f i man but then documented and I Illustrated that, point with stor» iles as of the Good Samaritan. I Toe many seminary graduate? also try to imitate their I professors Instead ol Jesus! I But the average seminary I professor is a "flop" as a pub- Ill c platform artist. That's true of the usual college professor, too j Dr Ralph Spckman, foremost j American pulpiteer, says the big - . a ««*! mistake of seminaries is their t,ie. e.. Bgea; ia , lure to turn out orators! Your Horoscope , , „ , T . . ! fore you can fill the church," his Board Mlrustee. began a / axlom we il demonstrated !imi / !v V u? e P hL P * DV Bil) y Graham, Oral Roberts, •little towr, where *e have a B lshop sheen, Dr. Peale and years ago. a? hei Monday. August 9 •The wise mar, controls tils : than he Is now. although h e the 15 years that Chief Gannon: destiny Astrology &oiatj :he : has graduated wi'.h his B.D. de- was a full time fire Instructor! way i ? ree for the University, he conducted] ART-- S , Mar 7) _. A nr 19. •• " Wh - v should the seminaries schools in more than 400 com-1 Galn Indicated 'l you add to ;0ften , ™ r ; Potentially good munitie? in Michigan and has! your K n 0 wledge Meant do nol ! speakers? given instruction to more than! be satisfied with status quo. < SEMINAR! DANGERS •estine sneaker thenl clerics imltate tne real orators f'nnl bPfle *noU" h " and p a 11 e r n after their methods?" Snobbery is often the answer! Their seminary profess o r s after spending a week here with her grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. Ivar Hint t a i lows : often damn such proved orators by faint praise and inculcate in the young clergymen a disdain for nai-rative addresses. Strive for improvement C o r -! For one reason, in graduate Thus, young clergymen like Topics to be covered in this; respond communicate '.noughts j school a student spends long I Homer often come out a s i 18 hour course are listed as fol-iand \deas Important message j hours in libraries, digging u pi worse speakers than they were 10,000 firemen. due I source material. Short cuts in fire fighting or| TAURUS (Apr. 20 — May 20): I So he meanwhile loses *r - * . - - - ' through the blackb o a r d before they entered seminary. nisi A good Dale Carnegie course lunar aspect high- contact with human beings. j would set them right, but they Mr. and Mrs. Carl Blanksvard, and .family spent a week here Ann A'tfirin flnrl All3n Holt snont visiting,' witnici3Lives. ' - iA-av\j*c*'jj^ *w*<n» um^^wv. *** D •< — - ^ - < — a wppk herp with his narerits Mr - and Mrs - Toivo s ' n k o • : and tjirou & h discussion a rookie ; lights rea ding and writing. Ob- He becomes more "bookish"! often sneer at Dale Carnegie Mr and Mrs William Blanks- Detroit, visited the Henry He r-1 "reman can oypass years of ac-i taln hint frorn Arles message.! and less a "pulpit salesman."! because he lacked a Ph. D. de- J\U . dllU lVHt>. WUllcUU D10IIK.S , ^_ ,_u_ rj-..j__ I Hial fire fio-ht-incr avnovioiino I -. PPPSSarV tO rearrange- c " oc >lr<a.-c! toonl-iave onri ol t o-rpo vard, and then left, to visit her! man sens recently. John Kujan- parents. Mr. and Mrs. J o h n P aa ... who_ spent several days at Yurchak, at Bessemer, fighting How to make ' size up of a Barbara Blanksvard,' returned with them. their cottage at, Huron B a y, i Ore situation and how to determine the stages of the fire: also Steak Fry Out Held by Club who's affllia U ted U with 1 'thc 0 Newl- Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wertanen^ow to rake advantage of t h e berry State Hospital in her. and Teresa and Mr. and Mrs. valuable first five minutes, practical nurses training course, Cll "s Andrews and fa m i 1 y , Teaching the average fireman ^nent a weekend with her nar- Detroit, are vacationing for two to tllink and act alon g the lines : ^ a " exerienced fire officr Mr and Mrs w i 1 1 i a m weeks here and are getting , i>n . anu iviio. v> i i i i a in .,.„.. _ ..... , ____ ... ___ . .__ _____ ._. xperienced fire officer. their new hunting lodge ready i Ventilation, or how to proper- Mc _ ; for the hunting season. : ly open up a fire building for Blanksvard. LaSilln n tnd*!km^ Urho~ Wertanen. I W^ker extinguishment, faster Lake, visited her parents, M r.: DearDorn . are visitin S wtt h re-i rescue and less punishment to and Mrs. Eli Aho, for several lative s here and In Cromwell,! weeks. The Maple Grove Cemetery Minn. Abe I doing the job. Chip* Gannon has written i Duluth. spent a ! /->r, °" v, as plans strive for originality and a new understanding of associates GEMINI (May 21 — June 20): Give completely of yourself today. Accent sincerity. Halfway method? end in failure. Delve deep beneath surface indications, vou could make profitable discovery! CANCER (June 21 — July 22): Many examine your ideas today. Express yourself. Make meanirgs clear. . .take p r e - cautionr against being misquot- e v , - . . . co Association has received several wee k visiting his brother. Fred , F^eivecJ 'wide ^ acceptance in the ed Day features cnangei deal . complaints during the last few weeks of the devastation done . . in tne cemetery by children. Hermansen. w h' le here he was a of Mr - and Ml ' s - Henry ; . , tak en up ings with public. LEO (July 23 —Aug. 22): Em- inclims planning fire probl e m ^ 'halile service Give attention anrl mafcino- antiial hnco lave anrt PnaSlZt SeiVlCC. U1VC dlieilUUll in inc i^ciiicici y \jy v^niiu.1 c 11 . o*i*-i »-rt rt Tri>-.rT ««fi,^i u«~« i«,, ^ l ijiidoiiit aciviv^c. »-iivt dtL^iiL-iuii Parents of children living in Mr. and Mrs. Emo Laiti and ^"lf'"f ,^1" ,« f i/rfn i ° health requirements. Be mod- Greenland are asked to keep. Mrs - He » r >' Hermansen attend-; bumper set; ups. use ofladders. t A ^ extremes . See k their children out of the ceme-.ed the testimonial dinner at Es- ^nes.^placine^ laising, ^secur-, ...... .._, tery unless accompanied by r e-: canaba honoring Congressman ing, climbing and rescue off lad- Raymond""cTevenger" C and""post- ders: the newer principles of wa- 1 !.„„ Qr fog fire f ig ht i ng; obtain desirable fire sponsible persons. .-.-„ ..-—„_. , Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Burke master General John A. Oron-j^r and family. Garden City, visited ouskl - IIPVP with' rpiaHvps Thpv WPI-P Mr. and Mrs. Charles Holm-,,, accompanied back J h s pa.- strom have returned to Oakland,! ^tmg techniques ems. Mr. and Mrs. John Burke. Callf - afte1 ' visiting her par-; Firemen completing the ™« ™™ , s and many other fire re " n "" e r harmony. Associate may tend to irritate you. A smile is your best defense. VIRGO (Aug. 23 — Sept. 22): 'iFind outlet for creative efforts. Break away from restrictions. Emphasize freedom of movement, thought. You could r e - Speakers, teachers, and a 1 1 persuaders of the public dare not grow detached or "bookish," or they will lose their followers! A second mistake of seminaries is their stress on "essay" gree. sermons instead of the "nar-1 crowds! For there is a widesp r e ad campus snobbery based on advanced college degrees! Jesus never attended seminary but he knew how to sway rative" or "anecdotal" type which Christ so well de m o n - strated in his parable addresses. Jesus never indulged in long, dry essay speches. Instead, he started with a ma- spire confidence. . . you would excel as hospital administrator or teacher. « ft * GENE RAL TENDENCIES: Cycle high for Capricorn, Aquarius, Pi.-ces. Special word to Libra: Take steps to insure future security State Parks' Report Given Both Lake Gogebic and For- Sandlot baseballers pat tern after the "big leaguers" so why don't you clergymen imitat e Christ's superb forensic formula, which runs as follows: d) Employ a fundamenta 1 test of widespread human a p peal; (2) Document and illustrate it with stories, plus references to front page newspaper it e m s or even the comic pages, etc; (3) Maintain eye-contact, instead of looking at the ceiling or down at lecture notes on the podium; (4) Employ some stage materials (Christ used a coin, a child, etc.); (5) Use names of people in the audience, plus "parables" about local events and hornet own folks. For more advice, send for my ,„„„,, » fls s:r-r,:s;,r °«»ss- Mr - a "° ""• T °' vo K °^~^^£\™^r^™°^ ^s^^-^^'^sssr^spjssj?. 1 ^ Miss Ann Marie Kosonen, i Firemanship Training Certifi- 2 3 - Oc,. consisted of yells and echoes. This was followed by induction into the sign of the Arrow which \vas a very impressive ceremony. The affair was attended by a goodly number and the outing was enjoyed by those in attendance. The camp, through its directors, works with 150 or 200 boys Council of Rockford, 111.. and age f oi ordinary custodial in TB and mental institutions . In pii emergency, a patient,; could be treated in any hospital. '• He could even be taken to a: hospital outside the U n i t e d ; States (But if the emergency arises outside the United States. Medicare won't pay.) In nonemergency cases. Social Security will pay only if the patient goes to a signs a visited her brother in e vse er roer n 1 a get-together of re- Chief Gannon conducted a sim- ' 1 light receptivity. Means be will- Ml . latives at Presque Isle Park, Lukkari Ma rquette, and also visited in la "have" returned toTshtab u I a, Negaunee and Ishpeming. after spending a week' Edward Kangas, Detroit, spent ... with relatives. j a w" k with his parents, Mr. Helen Toivonen, Vera Laakko, ! an ? M "- Toivo Kangas. H i s wife and children remained to Ruth Ahlskog, Karen Mali 1 a, Frank took of Music International 3 presented recent ; tire school for the members of the Ironwood fire department during the month. WITH THE COLORS in to Usten ,. voice of ex . perience " Check details. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 — Nov. in a: the; Michigan Department of C o n- servation. In the Porcupine Mount a i n care of this newspaper, e n closing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to whi c h °" to " a - .State Park a total of 1,669 cover W 11 * and . Printing costs 21): Stress new starts, add e d camping 1742 annual and 5662 iwhen y° u send for one of h ! s independence. You succeed if daily permits had been issued Booklets.) Versatile Deal with relatives as of July 2 5. Last year there! 'Copyright by The Hopkins Bring forth sense of humor, i were j 9n camping, 1717 a n - Syndicate, Inc. wrriTrrA T^TTO T *• Y ° U °™ * y ° U are flexible - inual and 4,933 daily permits Is-! WICHITA FALLS, Tex. - Air- j Fine for calls, correspondence, j sued in the same time period. ! SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 - the daily permits were far be- visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac, Rankinen, and the Toivo I man Third Class John D. Bak- Kangas family. | er, son of Mr. and Mrs. D. i Dec. 21): Income possibilities I hind"last year 1 s'"figure" , * It*' Now completely AIR CONDITIONED The Pancake House Aurora St., Iron-wood to a physician-controlled "utilization review" com- i mittec which will check on acl- j missions to prevent needless use of hospital facilities and services. Psyniatric and TB hospitals also must be approved by the ' Joint Commission on Accredifa- ! tion oi Hospitals, a profession| al ratine, agency. Other hospitals must be so accredited or prove they meet standards similar to those required for such "accreditation." ' ' the home of Mr and Marc l uette - i SheprarrJ AFB. Tex. tween the lines! j f° Jjl ° l - Pastor Olaf Rankinen and Airman Baker, now trained to ! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 -Jan. i Jlre lilrirpn A/Tancfiolri r> h i r. onH ronair nr-nho-Am n ,,a n v,H K«^,-,,iirv^. \r ----- i,,^™.^ -- •- !„*,,!..: __ |WCIC year, in count Paul Anttila Rainev and J ~ iiai ' ul t ~ Jtai rtaiiKinen ana n.munu oaKer, now irauiea 10 f ~ " ~ Anttila are cousins. They also children Mansfield, Ohio, and repair probe-drugue and boom! 19): Your judgment, intuition; and 708 daily perm its issued visited other relatives here Pastor Leslie Lurvey, Toronto,; type inflight refueling equip-' now ring bell of accuracy. Know j PCJUIUJ. isaueu. Mr and Mrs Hans Peters o n' Ontario - Canada, flew h e r e .; ment. is being assigned to the j this - respond accordingly. Ac-! Fastest brepdine- animal* and daugluer, Sliaron, visi t e d ™lL! isit , e ,? P ^°* *™^™'_* \ ^ r JS™ e -i25f U . c JL CM 2!? and< ' ! c . en A ,«>.««^ e ;. ° P . U ™.» s m ' i known Se opossuS whfch^ro' In DetroU to parents - Mr ' and Mrs - Isaac !(AFL C) Robins AFB, Ga. Avoid tendency to scatter forces. the the Rankinen. Sara Rankinen re-! AFLC p r o v i d e s supplies, ' Finish what you start. „,„,„_ ,.„..„ . ------ . . --------- ' summer Cmame ^^ 01 " ut ; mained here to spend the sum-i equipment and-services to "keep I AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 — Feb .jmer with her grandparents the UKAF's r.nmhat units rpnriv! mi- R« nhiincnnhifai ai-mut ^»v. Cherie, left re- RELIABLE Plumbing Fixtures and Workmanship is our motto. 932-0793 ... or 932-3030 A. EVAR ANDERSON & SON Mich A Wit. Licensed Master Plumbers • troit to visit relatives in De i A. Grudnoski Attends John aud David Kangas have Northern Workshop i According to Italian governmental statistics, natives of that country spend more than $1 | billion annually on tobacco. ton Livonla and Detroit f "SrudSoski" of £enlsco i attendmT a pSstWssiSl Sork- 1 OPEN 365 Days A Year 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. GARY MINIMART Super Market Variety at Super Market Prices 323 CARY ROAD HURLEY, WIS. Dick Vittone, Owner the USAF's combat units ready ,18): Be philosophical about cer- for immediate action. | tain restrictions. Realize time is Baker is a graduate of Wake- on your side. Weigh actions. Be field High School. considerate of those who make mistakes Don't cast first stone. returned home after visiting rel- MARQUETTE - Anthony T i FORT LEAVEN WORTH, Kan 'Deal with large organization. .r,,rinn«w cnnnf M r I""I ^,-V ! Army Reserve Ma]. Leo F. Lab-i PISCES (Feb. 19 - Mar. 20): yak, 42, son of Mrs. Delp h i n e • Now you can take steps to turn Labyak, 406 Greenland Rd , On-j wishes into realities. Make con- tonagon, is completing a f i nal tact with individual who can two-w e e k phase of the U S. j aid cause. Be outgoing, friend- their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. : igan University A , rmy R " erve Scn ° o1 associate , ly. Stress public relations. Co- Charles Nara. j Grudnoski is a teacher of Z°™™*% 1"! ^"^L^A" ° Perat6 J " C TT^ y projects ' Miss Donna Mae Nelson Ash-' communications and advisor of \ £° U J S? at Foit Lea venwor t h , _ _^, * ^ ^ ^ land, and Allan Lundquist, Sax- student publications at Hamadyi on visited here recently with High School in Flint, friends. The course, which meets f or i Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Aho, two weeks, ending August 13 i Ferndale, visited her mother, covers many areas of news-1 Mrs. Hakala, who is living with paper and yearbook work in the i Mrs. Raaska. high schoo i and is being taught i Mr. and Mrs. Richard Veker by Paul Ripley, director of in-! and family, L'Anse, spent a formation service and publica- day here with his mother, Mrs. tions at Northern. Tyne Veker. Their daug h t e r, ; pnn ,„•»,, f course ' which plans five J ?•? BIRT . H you have ability to m- Beth, returned home with them i USE DAILY GLOBE WANT-ADS 1 ROLL ARMSTRONG INLAID LINOLEUM Emba$s«d Leaf Design 20' x 7" long, Reg, 2.50 S100 1 Running Foot See thit and many other bargains at BENNETT FLOORS Dependable Quality for Real Economy 134 W. Aurora Dial 932-3676 Mysterious objects seen by 125,000 people a month! Minutes away from the heart of modern Mexico City lies the new National Museum of Anthropology. A famous U.S. architect has called it "the greatest museum in the world." The museum is typical of Mexico's many modern innovations based on its ancient cultural heritage. Its futuristic galleries contain more than 100,000 archeological objects from civilisations that were forgotten long before Columbus set sail frorn the old world. The museum attracts more than 125.0(30 \isitors a month, people vitally interested in Mexico's mysterious past. If you would like to know more about Mexico's past, its present or its future, write for the free booklet, "Know Mexico," Box 1900, New York 10019. Presented in the interest of International goodwill by The Advertising Council. USA. the Consejc Macional de la Publicidad. Mexico and the Newspaper Advertising bxecutives Association. HOUSE PAINT because we know YOU'LL BE MONEY AHEAD YOU PAINT LESS OFTEN. SO YOU SAVE MONEY) Iron County Lumber & Fuel S. 8th Ave., Hurley, Wis Ph. 561-3161

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