The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY M. 1949 Our Boording House with Moj. Hoople OUR WAY . Williams VOL) KKJBW ALL OUR FATHERS THEN HOW KtEAR ARE NO--NOT OWE VvORP UNLESS •tfDU ALL PROMISE ME FAITHFULLY THAT WON'T &JOTE ME-EVER. IT'S OW PAGE ONe,GEK5TS. THAT 1KWEMTOR TUB MA3OR. FirJAnceo WA-3. GRABBED TODAY ey -We MSM V.UTH T 8UTT£RFLVM6TS/-.--ATTHE PfCAM HATCHERY HS'S KKjOv^ AS P066RT POLTOM, AMD HIS ROOMMATE .S 06 S.OT.of GOT ENO06H HORSEHAIRS ON N/1E--OR TOO MUCH! THIS TO trie A1A30R VJILLSEAS MUCH POM AS KICKING GOT BABY'S /E RE S'POSED 3 LOOK AS NEAR IKE OUR PADS AS CAN WHEW THE* COURTIrJ'--HOV«J WEAR ARE SELF DEFENSE wgnreyiLLic <ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS B, MERE1LL BL088BB Track Sfar Political Announcements subjc'cc lo Municipal Elcuiun A mil 5. 1949 For Mavnr DOYLE HENDtiusoN E. R. JACKSON For Alderman First Wiird RALEIGH SYLVESTER JI.MMIK SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C GATES J. W. ADAMS Third Wnrd .JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G. NASH Fourth Wxrd (Two to be Elected) J. WILSON HENHY LESLIE .JOORE Head Courier News Want Ads At DREIFUS W0VA >pen An Account ORE-IP IS' flW^fe* 1 * QUEEN Bv Bob WaJ« «nJ R:« AA:H.. f ^'<S* •<* *~i. ~< MM.,,.,. By Bob Wade and B,K Miller NFA SflWCt. IMC TIIK STOHV, q nl , .,„„„ „,„. norn John Jl rnrr nm t Sln <:, in( , vr ._ .pi-niiln* .. ,xpf,,.,. p «|j ,„...: d»tk' ","""" k "•••'«. "H»r«. Ik, n _ nj. 1 4 *>u nlrr-adr Rot It." Tb«-«i ib<> i..n,,,, r , miuri,.,. .„ oi-nnilrd hr t*rr Jnrdnn unjcr » prclrii o r-irn .....rr, !,„,.. |l, r »,».,« r ,. „,„,. h , r I . , t***i "' """' S< " '"'» »o< In hr Jrnliin.. A|» n „, , h » „,„! • " Snicmnn Kiihottnm, >•> i>rek». «l"irl.<, Ml., Tnrlm, !,»„„', ^ " " XIV CIN clenched her fisls hard. She said lo herself: now look here, St. Clair, you are not— posit iwly not— going lo lose your temper. Across the pool, Miss Jordan was smiling sleepily up at John Henry's attentive face. Sin closed her eyes light and gritted her teeth. Now look here, she began again. But she was on fire, from (lie dark reel page-boy down to the crimson loenails that pecked out of her suede sandals. I don't look so bad, eilher, she thouRht. Jn fact, I look darn good. She was wearing the filmy white blouse that her husband liked and the full peasant skirt. The ensemble chopped at least five years off her age and made her look a saucy 18 again. Anyway, not like a asicie wife ol three years' standing. She speared another angry glance at the couple across the pool. John Henry, was helping the Jordan girl to her feet. Her husband flashed a guilty look at Sin and then the brunette sewed his hand gaily and started to drag him along the flagged path toward the guest cottages. Sin's lips pressed out flat in a thin red line and she clenched her fists. The reluctant Conover was pulled out or sight between screening palms. A few paces away, tnelma Loomis and Mr. Trim were nodding and talking — probably about John Henry. Sin flushed al Itie thought. 1 wo brawny hands appeared on 'he tile bank at her feel. Sin moved out of (he way to let (he swimmer hoist himself from Ihe Pool. She kept KoiiiR, her mind made up. Fists still clenchccf. Sin marched determinedly after her husband. On Ihe olher .<=ide of the palm trees, she felt Die grjji on her elbow, a cold wel hnnd. Sin slued away, slartled. A toneless voice .said, "We had belter have a talk." * * • 'POWERING over her was the swimmer who had climbed from Ihe pool at her feet. His short hair slood up in wet silver barbs. Water slil! trickled down his lean hard face and over Ihe wiry muscles of his darkly Untied body. "Well, I'm sorry," Sin snirt. Annoyance began lo weave into her surprise. "1 have to catch my husband before he—" Iron ringers tightened on her elbow. "Talk first," Ihe man said dally. "One short warning before it's loo laic." His voice didn'l match Ihe vibrancy, the keen aliveness of the rest of him. The words came from between his w*!lo even leeth wilh scholarly precision. But his factual intonation made them colorless words, dead words. The ttamp hand urged her off the main path onto a shady graveled way. "Who are you?" said Sin faintly. Jealousy of the seductive Kaye Jordan harl vanished. The cold light band on her elbow spread by implication to the rest of her body. "A person who permits no interference," was Ihe man's answer. "I'll make you see the reason of thai." Sin found herself trolling- lo keep up with his long strides. They were header) for a huge brick and screen building that loomed through the tropical foliage. She Sir Hubert Wilkiiu, Arctic explorer, took the first pictures of actual fighting ever shown in motion picture theaters—during pre-World War I Balkan wars. MAIN OFFICE Read Courier News Want Ads Handle Your Health With Care When Sickness Strikes, See Your Doctor - - And Remember SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE Rothroek's For Prescriptions Phone 4451 Better Signs Bcfler Service SOS Norlh Franklin Phone 3203 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS Phone 3151 THE GRAMS COMPAN f\E AIT 00,5 Real F^tate - MorloaqoLoans- Irmirdn* f\ t j-r JT,» t * • T U D E B A K ER Cars & Trucks For Your Selection H 1917 Ford Super Dcl.uxe, perfect in every «-ay . . . C . radio, healer, new set of low pressure (ires. m.>n M ' " Pressu l!).i.<) (Jicvrolel 2-d«or, radio and heater 2 ' rfOOV ' a car. d The GENERAL i** wi// gladl l oan mc money fof ....... i itiiiuuui i-viu»r, a Rood lo\v-p 3!!.'!8 Chevrolet, a Rood cheap car. 191(i Slmlcliaker V, Ton Truck, l,,,dv and mc*• chaincally perfect. X J!»3i> Ford 1'/ 2 'Jon (; ;l |) and Chassis, priced In move fast. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Sludehaker Dealer" Raiivoad & Ash 1'hone 21!I5 TUDEBAKER OK AY, YOU WALK OUT TMERf II6ARO Of* SUCtJ 4 A GHOST our AT me oio "I know it's beyond our means, but with a television set like that, we wouldn't have to go out so many place* we can't afford!" I'KISCILLA'S I'OI' By AL'VERMEER , or KIDDING HAZEL'? YOU'RE REALLY A ' GOOD-LOOKING /'/ WALOO/ HOW OFTEK HAVE I TOLO Y(X) NOT TO TALK SO FOOUSHLY IN FRONT OF THE CHILDREN T.'i Pt£ASe, CHILDREN/ DON'T PLAY IN THE KITCHEN WHILE MOTHER'S FIXISIQ DINNER/ NOW WEN...WHAT ) \~j WAS IT YOU WERE / / «y MICHAEL 6OODBVf, FRANCE J WE'VE GOT OUR 4lOO,OOO A STfWdRD TO Uf ME USt i JUST (HIP ROLL.' HAVE TO DO WITHOUT MY HUP WASH TUBI1S Bv t.ESUK TURNER YOU WOUID TOO i IF SOME8ODV WAS BUI CM>T'*I Y IT WOULD BE GUJBI RUDE TO KEEP WU TIME TO V HIM WAITING. PACK. StMPtf BlAZES...rt> KATHEE BE HORSEWHIPPED-. HILf EftSV. FACED WITH THE CATW WEE OftD CAW1 OWE MEK. A HOWE AFTER: NEAR5 IHC OEPK&N&GE, REtUCTMJTLY. :- you TO VOUe DADD-V IN AlAEElCft' BUGS HUNNY Turn Around, Klnier By FRED HARMAN I BETTER DUCK INTA TH 1 PARK AN' LOSE KIM. ELMER. WANTS -IAT FIVE BUC<_ 8>xc< L BORROWED/ That's How H Was Bj V. T. HAMLIN OOP *tf> BE HA.VIMC5 OUITE TIME" EE- BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES By EDGAR iMARTIN thought of screaming Just as he slopped. "Call for all (he help you li| !P » Ihe white-haired man intoned "No one will notice another noise from this direction." He folded his .inns and his hawklike mask was intent, fierce. • • • r plJEY stood before the building. Us four corner pillars were bare adobe bricks. The rest was wire mesh that curved up until ii scemeil to melt into Ihe bright sky. Inside (he aviary, hordes of bright-winged birds darted ami soared in whirlwinds of color, cn- riiged at the disturbing visitors. They /lajiped and cawed and screamed piercingly, flooding the air wilh outcry. The din was tremendous. Sin bowed her head and pul her hivnds over her enrs. "Let me go," sh« begged. Stronger hands pulled them away again. "Listen to me. My name is Sagmon Uobollom." The name didn't mean anything lo her. "Let me go," Siii sau! again. "My business permits me no re- spccl for feelings." Robotlom said. "I get what I seek. I've robbed graves and rilled tombs to do rny duty—immortalize (he dead. 1 want you lo recognize how strongly ^1 feel about this entire attain" "We haven't done anylhing," Sin said. "Why should w<? be " Robotlom cul her off wilh R snv- asc gesture. "Neither you nnc your husband will be hurl," he said Then he adder!, "If." "If what?" Sin quavered. "It you forget all about Ibis Jones business and go home where you belong." Sin backed away, trying to remember who else had mentioned Jones recently. "No more Joneses. No more Conovcrs in A?.ure. Can 1 depend upon you lo lake that message to your husband? Stay nway from here and slay away from things which aren't your business. Briefly, Mrs. Conover—stay away from her!" Sin nodded avUomalically, blindly eyeing the bard gray eyes. Then she turned and fieri. (To Be Continued) •NORTH TENTH

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