Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on October 10, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1890
Page 4
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ft. £Hoa< El HOW IT IS DONE Instructions in the New Election Law. Of Interest to all, but more! Especially Boards of Election. STORY'S issTit:*criuNs. . "ProcurdinKB (an heretofore! under precetl- ' ing sections of the Political Code (which see- . tloiiB i'r»ntiiin un&men<7c(]) having bt '*n complied wii'h, the ballots havn all been counted ! and returned unopened to the ballot-box. At | this ;dngo tlie new htwti cronies m, and the pro- ! ccedinga und< r weiiou lift? arc us follows: "Take from the ballot-bos all the ballots. . one, at a time, open the same, and place (hen. in separate pi lea, according to their ie»iH.etive ticket headings, vignettes or other designation.-, to-wit: "Place all unseraiehed (MtraiKht; Democratic* : ballots m one pile; all scr-itched Democratic I ballots in another pile; all llepubliefcu mi- ] scratched (straight) ballotct in oue pile: all , flcratehed .Republican ballots in another pile; j place each clase, of designated ballots in separ ate piles in like maimer; then place all mi - ' designated (and scattering) ballots in a scpar- j atopilo. "(The law makes no mention of scattering | ballots, an they were deemed to be included { among the undesignated). Now all iho ballots are again out of the box, r.pem.-d and in their respect I vo pi leu, ready to be recounted and recorded, so aa to show the total number of ballots in each pile, iu manner as fullown: "Distinctly count uluml all the ballots in each pile separately, ami separately record the number in earn pile, designating each pile and the number of ballots then iu. "The ballots having beeu tlma counted and recorded all are to be tvrlaecd in the box in manner as follows: String upon one Hiring all the unseratchtid ballots, an that ad of one denomination shall I.e in sueecsMon and contact. Securely fasten by *»jd 8trinn all such nnscratched ballots and replace them in tin box .in fully canvassed tuiubaUv tV-v ah time). "Next temporarily fasten by cbistie or twine, or "other convenient l'ask-tiiug," aepurauty each pile of scratched. ;«Jso nf iindeidKnated and scattering baliots, and replace all such hi the ballot-box. Thus ali the buliuis ;,ve again in the box. '•Next cut one pile of scratched ballots free from its tcmpo.-iiry fasUhing. without t;d;iug it from (tie box. Take out sm -h ^clutched ballots, one at a rime. an; 1 . d'Mine''y :v;ul ;.!-Mid ami v* cord 'he nanus en.-cd on each ballot and tally eppoMte each naine the time-; tlu -i .-ime has bet-n erased, Then read aloud the written (substituted; names on each ballot, record each name and tally opposite it the number of times such name has been so written \substituted* • "As soon as all the scratched names and written (substituted) names on a ballot have been thus read and tallied, string that ballot on another string and so continue until all scratched ballot* in a pile and all piles shall have been read, tallied and strung (on string No. -2). "Next, free such pile of undesignated ('and scattering* ballots without retnuva; from the j box, and in Ifko maimer take out the said bal; tola, oue at a time, and distinctly lvad a loud each uaiuc on each *i\;*h ballot and tally the j samu in every respect as under the law in j force prior Iu the paasug^- id' the law uf l&ft). ! When read and tallied, string each audi I ballot on stviug No. il. Scattering ballots | must be in a like manner strung on string | No. 2. L:tstly, all rejected ballots must be j strung ou string No. 2. All the b.illuts tuning • on string No. J nubt be souiijiy bound u>- i guther by ssi'd string and replaced in the ballot j box. Thus, string No. 1 *»iM buhl ail un; serutehed (t. v., straight) ImHob*. Siring No. • 2 will hold all scratched, all um':signaled, ail i .-catu-iing and all njtoted ball--!- All the j balloti will thus have beeu fully canvassed and finally returned to the bal:ot bi>x. ! JUetbre making out l!u* returns (or ascertain ' ing results, as to indP 'uJjiaH, a bulletin must I be posted iu the loom where the canvass is being held, a duplicate posted on the front of: the building, and a triplicate seui to the j Kegiatvar tor tVm.ty Clerk, if not in San : Krancisco), .>lioiving the total vote of each . politteai or other pat ty; inch name erased and times ei ase ^; each name wii "e:t «•uihstitutt d 1 and times written; al .M> tin- total number ot undesignated iseatti i in.^i ballots cast. From J •uich data candidates, the prt -ss and the public ! can i ,uotnuxima.tely 1 itgute ^ut \\u whole or in part) what the returns should show. The next duty will !e to ascertain from the da»a thus scour* w .l ihc status of each candidate, which b> the following process will be simple, i accurate and expeditions. For convenient illustration of the process, ttvc municipal c*-f- tiets (and two candidates for each office) have be*n >elooted trom the IVnun-'vatie and Ke- pubiica.u ludlots cast at the last election in Sim fc'rancisco. Any nnmV»er of political and other parties, oft ices and Candida tes would In treated in like manner. Dignified MUt IfBi.ih. The l>est class of factory gir\s in the Union aj-e thonght to belong to the Norfolk mills. Tho black sheep has yet to be found and tho smallest scandal written nbont these blithesome* and 'oeftntiful southern #irls. Most of them are Virginian** by birth, proud as their ancestors ever wero and hopeful of winning a better place in the industrial world than they now dignify. No foreman or superintendent would dare to address ono of tho hanghty maidens by her ftr*i» ntiuie. When enrolled on tho books she refuses to give her Christian n^me. "What name?" was asked a newcomer in a woolen mill recently opened. "Miss Clayton." "And your Christian nrcme?" '•That is an impertinent Inquiry. I wish to he known in the mill as Miss Oayton." And so^she is. So are ali these industrious, unobtrusive young women.—Norfolk Letter. iNew Goods! Latest Styles! -THE- To keep tho hrlpht. green color of summer caht'.iKe «n<l sune otliev Vi'^et;iMe^ boil fiist In plenty ol' water in wlileli li.'ix Iven diw>olv\^l a piece of washing soda tlie size of two (H'IUS;cover until the water boil-* ami then take off the Mil. If the steam is shut in the cabbage, will bu yellow. It la what Is ilone and suffered in the house, in the constitution, In the temperament, in the personal history, that has the profoumleat intercut for lis. Fact- 1 B better than fiction, If only wo could get pure fact.—Emerson. Retuirm of" "V Polled in Precinct No. TOTAL PARTY VOTE. District Xo. - I Hcpublicin Un<I<;Kiy:fi:it«il, A T THE G ENEKAI. E LECTION HELP On the 4th day of November, 1890, in THE COUNTY OF MENDOCINO, STATE OF CALIFORNIA. In tt)i> Mink we n., the \vur,l "s i; tt- lirim;," mviiiiH ^ Ihc >.iiv .c lliinu ,t. "tiinlt-si^n lit,!," the \vor.l ir ttu- vt:itu!e W L - also use "iusvrU-,1," tl'-'' NvrllllliT i:i o! ,t ::::ir.'? 'nuni' ivhiM,- [Iu -L '^ i -.tllflulutc i> .cr.iu-lu-,!; il is ibc saiiu- :is "sliiist ituti-it." u;,.tl hi si ItntL'. \\\- :Uso ..iv " MT .itched" t.tther Hull ••;nise,l.'' The column lieu.lcJ "T>.l»l Vetv »t :i!l Parties No Din .Hmi; the Can,!itl.itc" is oht :iir,e<l hv aiKlinu the tol .il us limatl in the t.ihle "T'>l il P ;II tv \*nte." It .1 iii:l!i net. ''ut OIH !li imin.Uiun there i-- 1'ul one tnt .il to write ip th.u i iiluiini; it'two noniiiKitioiis, there is the >inn nt t \.-ii lnt .il>, ele. This me.ills the "ToUi Ser.iti tieii .uitl ('riser itched," spcken (•! m the st.mue. 'ill'.-, lii^ure > the Ilea. 1 , ol tile column.* un,ter "T.'.Hies," .,,e nierelv to .O'l in coniitintr the t.iihe-. N A MKOF OKP1CE, l.'ANDI- DATL AND P ARTY. 5 in is io i} y> is 40 ,\5 50 55 fo n; 70 75 So S5 DO 95100! • I01.1I Vote, -':•»; allji-lrlitis' ; Noinm'linirj 111 _ Uedv,;( .Vuifihel o 1'imes Result iA.WNo A.l.INo ill esut .11'ler oMt."H-v o!Mat• 'net von iSeraU'lii Name ! terinir j tore.icli i Scratched imr linserted; Votes I i I I I •Sct'rnt; I I "This is the form of Tally Sheet to be used in Mendocino County. . ^' ( , ,TE ,-,;—T"°, m ™ bcrs 5, W, 15, etc., under the heiiilini; of tallies, represent s.iiiure.i, in each of which five votes are marked (or tallied) aud tne total tallica 111 the line are quickly ascertained Icy the number*. ,1, 10, IS, etc.. nt the head of the column. Hot Half Warm Enough far ntra. «\^r'a^m , " ho oaU, putting on n heavy pair ot gloves and buttoning his light orefcoat, "jan don't call this warm weather, do yonf" "Do I call It warm!" said the otlier, mopplna his brow and trying to fan himself at the game time, while hia face grew redder and redder. "I call It gridiron heat." "Pooh, pooh, my dear fellow; the oury Isn't above ninety-two." "Nlnety-twol" "And It hasn't boon above a huudrod more than once this year." "Shad«8 of all the IcelandorsI" cried the red fat man, "what would you like to have it—188 In the shade? Would you liko to boll eggs In the public fountains ? Do you wantloundrles to run tholr furnaces without flref One hnndredl Do you want to sizzle and vanish In steam. One hnndredl" he screamed in shrill agonized tones, and he danced around madly In his wrath until his face was of naming scarlet. "One hundred! Why, man, haven't you got any blood in your veins?" "Oh, yes," said the other, shivering as a warm breeze touched him, "but I have 40,000 tons of lc« cornered." And then the little stout man fell in a mwoon and an ambulance carried him to the hospital, where ho was recorded as suffering crora prostration by heat, while the ice king went home to order the servants to put more coal on tho fire.—New York Tribune. A Cruel Indignity. "I beg your pardon, madam, for Intruding upon you at meal time," ho said politely, "but may I ask you for a little saltf' The lady brought him a salt box. He looked at It meditatively and leaned ajralnst one of the pillars of the porch. "It is a foolish hublt I have got Into," he •aid, in an apologetic way, "and I dare say you will consider It one of questionable taste, but I always eat salt on my watermelon." "Butyou haven't any watermelon," said the lady of the house. "Thank you kindly for suggesting it," auswered the seedy looking tourist gratefully. "Shall 1 eat the melon out hcrer" "I don't see how you can. Wo have 110 watermelon today." "No watermelon at all in the housof" "None." "Then, madam," said tho caller, in tho tone of an injured man, "permit me to return tho salt. I will not say I am angry, but I am, hurt—deeply hurt. You have raised my expectations and cruelly disappointed them. I leave you, madam, to your owu reflections." Ho made a low bow, handed back the aalt box with tho air of a king declining 11 dukedom, and two minutes later he was on tho back porch at the next neighbor's asking for a little horBe radish.—Chicago Tribune. He told Hat Get' Much .Sati»fitctli>n. QuUzicus—How's business? Manufacturer—Du 11. Quizzicus—Shirts not going well? Manufacturer—Not very. At least, mine are not. Quizzlcus—Going to got out of the business 1 Manufacturer—Heavens, no! What gave you that idea? Quizzicua—But yon are losing, you say? Manufacturer—Yes. Qulzxluus—Then what are you making . by staying In the business? Manufacturer — 9 hirta, you Idiot.— Clothier and Furnisher. " THE KING'S TOTICn." In England, two centuries OBO, popular ou- 1 pergtition credited tho " Koyal Touch " with 1 eurlncr scrofula. These superstitious practices nave now become obsolete, and in their pUco we have a snientitle remedy in Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovory, which eliminates the Impurities from tho blood by the natural channels, thereby cleansing tho •yitsm from all taints and Impurities from whatever cause arising. It is truly a royal remedy, world-famed and the only liver, lung and blood remedy cuaranttfd to benefit or cure in every case, or money paid for It will be refunded. As a regulator of tho Stomnch, Urer and Bowels, "Golden Medical Discovery " cures all billons attacks. Indigestion and Dyspepsia, Chronic Diarrhea sod kindred ailments. As an alterative, or blood-purifier, It manifests ItJ marvelous properties in the cure of the worst Skin ana Scalp Diseases, Bali-rheum, Tetter, Eczema, and Scrofulous Bores and Swellings, as well as Lung-scrofula, commonly known as Pulmonary Consumption, If taken in time and given a fair trial. W ORLD'S D ISPENSARY M EDIO AT. A SSOCIA­ TION, Proprietors, Buffalo, N. Y. -T»on- The Old Reliable Firm OF PORTERFIELD & 8TITT, Does not put on much Style, But when it comes to Solid Bargains and the Best Goods, the People recognize our Place as Headquarters. REMEMBER THE PLACE, Cor. School and Standley Sts., Ukiah. REWARD Is offered by the manufacturers of Dr. Siju't Catarrh Ramady, for * case of Catarrh In the Head which they cannot cure. By Its mild, soothing, and healing properties, Dr. Sage's Remedy cures the worst cases, no matter how bad, or of how long standing. Fifty cents, by druggista. SCOTT'S EMULSION CURES CONSUMPTION SCROFULA BRONCHITIS COUCHS CCLD9 Wasting Diseaseo Wonderful Flesh Producer. Many have gained ono pound per day by its use. ScottB Eniuinion is not a secret remedy. It contrtins the stimulating properties of the Hypophos- phites and pui-o Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, the potency of both being largely increaHed. It in used by Physicians all over the world. PALATABLE A8 MILK. Sold bu all Driifffjlsts. •COTT &BOWNE, Chemists, N.Y. A Useful gwMplna; Apron. 1 saw a few days since a new Idea for a sweeping or dusting apron. It was made of unblcaulied muslin. There was a hem down each aide to about eighteen Inches from the top, fastened ou the upper edge with a brier stitch of yellow silk. Bach lowor corner of the apron was turned over •t right angles, mooting lu the center. The hem around these corners was finished with the silk brier stitching also, i'ho point in the center nt tbe bottom was turned up and secured with the stitching. Kach corner was divided Into two pocket* hy jiorpeiidlculor rows of stitching. Across tbe top there vraa a hem an Inch and a half in width and through this a yellow satin ribbon was panca with long ends for ct ring*. One can Imagine the comfort and *»vtng of time by finding the soft dust el0$h and pair ot old gloves always in place In one of the pocketa.—Housewife. A diamond hoar *ns|>endeu from a plain ' ' gold win braoslet la a unique ornament. rtTcpearb shown through the opening of to aagrsved gold pm shell make a luca A lace ptn than will please the fair sex Is v far«sil hythres heart shaped uetaot dell- Japs Dm New Quarters, I have Removed my Stock of Drugs, Paints, Oils and Wall-Paper TO THE MARKS BUILDING, OPPOSIT3 TI T IIS C3-E,-A .asri3 HOTEL. Will also havo in tho aomo room n Ooraploto Line ol SCHOOL SUPPLIES, F,TC, Kept loy J±. 2s£.. ID. Veatoh. We invite all wanting Goods in these Lines to call and see us. J. N. MAGEE, A. 3VX. D. VEATOH. To cure Biliousness, Sick Headache, Constipation, Malaria, Liver Complaints, tako the safe and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Uso the SHALL Nine (Wlittlc Beans to the bOttlC). THBV ARE THE MOST CONVENIENT. 8ultAl>l« lor All A ^»M. Prlee of vi ther sl»e, 2 .1c. per Buttle. 1% I laf VI il iNHallsd for I cu. (copper, orI. I.F.SMITH «>CI ).U «k «r.e,f-BlLEBBA.SS, 'SMIlaiJ SO. Stimulate* tfte torpid IlTer, strength* • us the iSigcsclve orituns. r«a;ulitt«a tbe k »f »w*)s* aud are uue<i>jule <l as an AliTi-BILIOUS MEDICINE. In malarial rilKli -lrta their virtue* are * lately r««i»a;t > lz :*'i. as they tioftftefts p«c Mllur propter!lo« In Ireelaa; theaa-stem frum (hut itolxou. Kleaaiitlr Hug** •ttataift. l>oae Kiuall. l *rlco, StSeta, Sold Everywhere. Office. 44 Murray St., Now York. LANE'S SPRINGS, Jl rivHuvviuw •wuuvji van KOOUTEEX MII .EH SOUTH 01- t'KIAH. SU1>.%, niOX, .IIAtJ.M.SIA, MIM'lIlIt, A.\I» OTIIKH WA'I'KItM. -—— SXTI3SOBiXB3J FOB TEE'JS MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! IJCKt (JlWIpiHK OrotllUlM ill tll(! (•(.lIMtv WntiT, ivoui, nml Krniuiils frco. (.nod tiiiKturiiu <j for horaes at motlemttj nik -H, 4in T„ A. LANE. Prop. Appledale Nursery, Scott's Valley, Lake Co., Cal. OMlfH tin lllu HI-' H HOU (if lHH',t;n:!i;iit:i: lot t,\ TREES, At r«iiH(miil»lc l'nilt (Iniwci* nml mium dualrliiK trees are 1 11 v I toil lu cull ami i impcct Ihein nt the Niiraery.orxi'iid for |irlee Msl, All Nloek wiiariiiilutl lu >u- tree irum I |IN<>I'(» ami lllhttllNK. Address K.'P.WHAV, hukeiwl, (Jul :-: A. BASCH, -:Merchant - Tailor! WISHES TO ANNOUNCE . That he has just laid in a Fine Stock of FALL ^ WINTER GOODS, Of the very Latest Stylos. t^'Sr 3 ''' 1 ' 1 ^ 0 ("ootls I ' tho Choicest, Miileriuls, both Foroiun Mini Domestic. Finest Designs in Pants Patterns EVI'iR r.H0U (JUT TO UKIAH. FASHIONABLE SUITS At the Most Reasonable- Prices. PERFECT :-: FIT :-: GUARANTEED. Stato Street, Ukiah, Cai. :-: CLEARANCE SALE:-: The Best Selected Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE Elver Brought to COVELO, CAL, Must be Cleared within Ninety Days from July 1st. Goods Will Be Sold STRICTLY FOR CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. BoHt Coiifih Moilicino. Kocommondod by Physicians. Cu res whoro all else fails. Plowmnt nnd nffroenblo to the tosto. Childrun tnke it without objoot.ion. I'y druaeiets. THE SMITH PREMIER TYPEWRITER! The Greatest Machine Ever Invented! Very Latent and Mv &t Perfect. Speed, eatte of operation, purniaianl alignment and durability a Hpecinlly, POWERFUL MAN3FOLDER. Ail the type cleaned by a brush do vice iu 10 BcsondH without aoilinjf the hands- Write for doactiptivo cutnloyuo and jirlooa to LEO. E. ALEXANDER <fe CO., •£IH Hansome .Street, Man Kraiicliiiui. (.'uneiul ,»(;ei !ts. INTERNATIONAL! F. D. AI.HKl:. SUMMONS. Plniiititr. TYPEWRITER. A Hlridly (irHt-cliiHH iniicliiiif. I'ully \v;imiiilcil. Miiilo (nuii very host, nmlo- riiil, liy Kkillcil wnrkiiicu, sunt with tho I ICH I, I OO I H li;\vo cvvr hciwi ilovisnl fur Ihc |Mir |i(iH('. Wiirriiiitr'd I D <1 CI all (lull can lie rt'iiKoniiMy i'\|iccli''! nf II K> VIT.V 1 >csl lv |M >«rilcr c\l:uit. Cn|inlih' nl writinir liill wurils ]icr iiiinnlo—ur nmro — jirrnrdin^ (n |hc aliility nl' tho ojiorahir. PR !CE, - - Si OO.OO. inhere in nu nuent in your tuvvii, iid- dreHH |.l IP 111 :i 11 1 • Fuct.i• rcru : ;HE PARISH NIF'C CO„ nTjp-n sTKNOCili.Aril V nml TYI'K- riiJilli wuiTiNii i'i;i:i:. Kirm-ehiHH fneililies nml bent of lonelier^. .Aililrcw, with Htiinip for return piwIiiHfl. TIIK TAKISll .MK'li. CO. _ l'nritili, N. Y. A. It. Yonvii itml If)A UH'ISA YOl'NC, I N TIIK .SUI'KUKU: CMi 'icT OK TIIK COl'N- ty uf Mcmlocl iin, kittle • if i 'alt nt t a. bnn'iKlit in tin 1 ;->iipi»ri<»r ('mirt In find fur tho cui'tHy of Mi'iidiH-iiHi, Slntr ./nUiuriua, ntnl t .H' ( '(iiniiliil!if IIIcil hi (I K uilirr (if the Clerk id Miiil SujKTiur''"Mil. Tin 1 pcnpR' o\ the sinlr id rjilifnniin send Kri'i'HiiK to A. II. Youn- nii'l M H L IHI I KU V IIUHK. (U'fvni .iu.ts. Y011 arc luTchv rc.|iiln-<I io »i.j«-i.r in an ucl- !uu hrouRhl rt^nlnsi vmi hv the nhnvv uiumii plnlnliir, in (In* suprr.'ur r'ourl, hi fiml for tin? ! county uf Mi-niloHmvHMLH-af California, find lo I answer (he compliihil Itlt'd Ilu-relH, within ten dntMt'xrUMvL' of MuMlny of service) after »ho I Mfi vice 011 .vim of this .snf«]iion;*—If served with; In litis eouniy; oi,if s( M vetl i>Ww.n'rt>. ivlihln j thirty days, ur MH I UUH n( l.y default will be tnfc- i en auafiu-i yon aei ordfim U\ the prayer of said j mmphiini. I This MI id iictiun i^* l)r«iiiKlit tu olitnhi n derre« ! nt thN rimM fur the fcicelosnie uf a certain nun lt '.>L-e ilc-eril-ed In said complaint, and eXe- culi'il In the 'aid A. M. V <HMIK on the UMl, day I'rliiini!>', \^s\>. in Mriiri' the payiuetit uf u cer- hiin pr.Miiissury u.-te < ( f evi -tt dati'therewith fur ihc «um uf U VII liundri'd dollar^, with iutereKt > (vuiu ilie ^1 ih tiny uf Krlirtiary. \>-s?.K at tbe rat is cf I. n )n r rriit j-cr annum, t'hai the j:r»'inise .H runveyed by .-aid iiinrtirairi- may be sold, am* ; ;he pi'ueeed.« applied hi Die payment uf said \ pv missm-y note and tbe Interest thereon and i I ,;• fi '.-ts u'f suit, and lifiv dultars atturney's fei-» 1 (ur fuivh sinj; Ibis mur)pa :e, and In ease mirh j piuei'i'ds are nut snllieient tu pay tin- same, thru tu obtain an exeeiitiuii ai;alnst said A. If. Ynmnr for tin* Imlanee remahiinndiie. and aluo Ih ;( the vu!d defendants ami all persuns elahn- luK hy, tiuun^h or under Ihein, mav be harred and foreclosed uf nil riuti^, lille, nbilin, lien, e <|iiity uf redeiuptiuii, nnd IntereM in and lo said inml^aKi'd p rem I He;*, and for ntlier and further relief, tie v.(JI mure fnllv ap )ienr hy re- lei.'iiee tu Ihe complaint on tile 'luMeln, tu whteh you ait- hereby referred. And you are hereby untitled thai If you fall to appear aad answer the said complaint, as abnvn required, the said philntitl' will apply to tho Court for the relief demanded iu .said complaint. Ulven iiiub 'r my ba T d and the seal of the Superior (.'our! in and for th" county nf Mendoei- im. State of California, this*!.h day nf September, in (he year ol uur Lord, one thousand em -hl hundred ami ninetv. HAM I). I'AXTON, Cderk. Ity H AM-: M CCOWKN , pepuly Clerk. J. A. Cooi-Kic, Attorni 'V itvr CbnntitV. ltd tg W0DDWDHK ^5)^( f rtACMMEtllSlijC 6T.LDUIS.MC). n.u.i.ViV. RTlii' Xi'w Ho'mc SowlnK MiKMiino e.rnnvioiy, I'lli'llli' l>t'|iitr(iiu'ill, Ilivt riliiitlim Oflli'c, 7'.'0 Miir- kt'l .strict, Historv llutUliut-', S.01 I'nmcisco.rnl, CHAl.KANT .t iTNN'INlillA.M, •Jlltf Aiii'lits, UUI11I1, Cnl. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORE­ CLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale mid Decree of closure and Hale. Fore- ». II. l"l)X riainiiji; VH. Vor «'nl»rrli »•. «'. I,l.M*Ii:MiEIIn~ -v» I',-«.r. 'Iry il. ltitlm'M,.,! l»>- di,' .lEiwIlcftl Fa«.„H«'. l *r ,'»*orllio4t hy Stiv» L i''rnii«'l,-e,rN l.o»,llH(r l*li>'Nl,.|aiiN. Camphor Chloral Liniment. O A KI .A S U , I'Yhruarv", JS'.iO. "This may certify that we ha v.- iir-.-d the ('., Liniment in uur family, mm lui\v (o-um ,\ tu be Ibe best and nrnst eM'eetiv.* i;n-.|jctne fur neii- laljria n::d kir.died JiKras .'S fif :u ;y that we have iriial. Wecan nnliesltatint.'lv ieroiumeiul It as a most powerful and useful lemrdv." II. IUIJ.K, Pastor of the Kirs: M. K. Church, Kor nil ohrmiin eases, in euii,iet with c. <\ I.IKIMICNT, Uso"C.OM!'<jf \!> -1'!.! ') \ I' Ji J MI SV I>KU" for thunnmbly 1 hiu ^'tu;: (be blood and foiling up Ihe entire KvMem. il N put up onl\ bv 'ltio «. II. ltmie<\>,. |.< P .UM ] Htfetl, In birtfe bottles. Price fl per bottle, t; bottlen (or ^.. r >; Hent \>ostpald ou recei\d uf price. THE €. C. L1 \I35K,\T CO., l!£ lliiHh .Stoeet, S. I\ M$r-Vn\i SAUK BY Abb DIU.UiGlSTS .-^M (34 >iic;rt*l Mmmtror mid Sevrctnry. 11KSS1K KAl.KNEU and J. II. KAI.KNKK, I Ihjt'iHlatHx.) JTN'llKIt AND P V VIKTI'K OK AN' OR I) Kit! V) of sale and decree of force Insure and HH U; Issue*! out of the Superior Court of the Cuuuty of Mi-ndueiiio, Slate of California, on this Kith ilav of Sept., A. I>. W.)0. In the above oittitliHl iieiion, v liereiu B. B. Kox, the above named 'ihiinlill', nhlaincd a judgment and decrue of (oieelnsiirr and sale nu-aliist Hessh.' Kitlkner and .1. II. Kalkner, defendants, on the llth nay uf Seplemtter, A. lb. 1W0, fur the sum uf one thnUK- iiini. one hundred and ef,:htv seven and .-.evuiily (\\e mu* IvundwdUirvdo.birs U^A^.T:.) In l^uiteit Slates Uobl coin, besides Intercsl, cotts, and counsel lees, amounting in all to ?l^t;ii .!"M, be- sldi 'S cii.tjH and i merest to accrue, wh ieh Ha hi decree w as, uti the UtU day uf September. A. !>., I.^'.iu. recorded in Judgment |tot>k :\ of said Coin!, ;M pu'^e .'t-i>, I am ctmiimiudcit to sell aB that certain lut. piece nl* parcels uf bind, situate, lyiiiKi and beiiiK iu the County nf Mendocino. Htattt of ( alifornia, and hounded and described an follows. M wh: Situated In I'kiah (Mty. Mendocino county, Siat- of California, particularly described aw. follows: Benlnuiiitf un the sonlli side of (May Street in said I'kiah City, at the corner of lot owned by a A. Yell, running theiieu southerly parallel and i!0() feet eiisi fiwltl Ilui eivst line of lot owned by Samuel Brown, a distance of two hundred and thirty feet, theneo i-aMerly nt liKlit nnr.les ninety ('/O) reel, theneo uoitherlv two hundred and thirty (itO) feet tu tlie south »ide of Clav street, ninety (:»!)) feet eant to tlie N K corner nl the lot beiotiL'- iiiK tu A. Yill. Thenee westerly alonn the Houth line of (May street to tho (dace of bei;iuniritf,and behiK the same premises ennve\ed by Win. Ibdden and wife to H OSK I V Kalkner bv deed .iated March 1". 1SKI, and vee«u*l'.V, In Hook of iJeeds at p«tfe -l7li, reoordsof Meiidoidno county. l'uhlle uoUeo I K luiroby given that ou Saturday, tlie lSth day of October, 1890, At -1 o'eloek v. M . of that day. In front of the court I louse du*»r rtf the county of Mendocino,at Ckiuli, I will, in obedience lo said order of sale and do- eree of furoeInsure and sale, sell the above de- Keribed property or so much thereof as may ho necessary to satisfy Raid judgment, with ' ; iter- est and en«tK. etc., to the highest and beat bidder for nuid coin of the United states. Dated this ItUli diiv of Kepteniber, J. M. STA.NI.ibKY, SherilV. Bv T. J. W KI.OON , I'uder-Slieriir. Notice of do-Partnership. Washing and Ironing! Ah 1 'ouh's Washouse, Cur. t'limcti millKK'viiison Ht»., lllilali. wm I 'IIV I PK punthaspil Sim; U HJ'Hivnsh-housp I I 't -rtiuM't fully .solicit til".! |,,<li-oiiu|,-i' ol'ttie pub]if. W IIH I I I IIK, JniniiiKi HIK I IliitliiK iluiiu wltli unit liVKsaiKl illHvntnh, lin-i'.m.l All I'OOII. A WEAK MAN Can now cure himself of the deplorable results of curly II I MINK *. and iM'rl 'erlt.v reM(or« his vigor audi TliiilUy by the (iveat AmitruHan Ueinedy. The I'cuitM'kiiM^ i'cii 't's of hojiete.Hs cases of »rvoiiN Oeliility and I 'rlvao 4 trokiiplitiiilM are everynhorc Htamphijr out fjnaek 'TV. Tin; Medieiiit!, n physician'-^Sfl to mili'erinii humanity, will be win t'rve to L I IOHO alllicted. AddicHs, Dr. W, B. TAYLOR, y:t Hoy Market Street,Sau Kianuisco M.D. am m la «pr&ej» tlco ttlnca \mx •R .N.J.A IKIN XIPXC I * «r »airA-v«., B. T,-IIom* 1 to4. ufflr «"»>Nl..Oakl.» 1 d -8H>I2,0 („0. H. llalila Spoclnlbt for Ulinnilo Dlai-iuM, luith aewa. Ry», tdtr. Luutjo; Opium lluljit, Stuttaiuff, Murba, ill J'lliM, K ntultt. Btrictiiro enay curoil: co |min or risk. Dr. Aikinl»reBulur,iioloiitlflo,ijlilllhil:c()nBiiltliliiioii a^Ialoaatajbarorornu Kivnita truatmont; lionrj, ot«. Tullalllnvullila. Cfn,l!.ov»rltc,«ne. Arthlclnl OJTH. X ^l'oealow. E4Ulla >aiwi . n |l isl ,ro| rin „| u | [ iyc;irul. KJortiilliw™; M OTHIUB Uublllty. Waainrm, Tletcctvi Muaawi; Poultlfo.ouru. All « ii.r« 4 <>nll.l..,itliil. UaoI>». Alkin'aHygtwiloItouiiiillw ButilWuraircmUu: Electric Lighting! The Ukiah Electric Light Company will immediately put in an Electric Light plant in Ukiah if sufficient encouragement is offered them. For further particulars call on DONOHOE & JOHNSON, Real Estate Agents. I /-NOW Aid. MICN* BY TICKSK PKKSRNTS l\ thai we, t\ V. Thomas, residluu at I'kiah city, eouniy of Mendocino, and II. I„ Thonois, «»( bailie vh\ee, do hereby cei i Ify and declare thai we have organized and formed ourselves into u en -partuervhip and we covenant and :ir're>- with each other In hi* co-paitners for the pinpoKc ot carrvinu on and eouducliuu the hu- MIII-HS of general merebandisiiui in the town of t 'khih (Mty, M* udoeliio enmity ami Slate of California', under the |lrm iiauie and title of ('. c. ThouuiM .^i Sou. That the principal place of iuiKincsK of .said eo -parlncrship In siMiutci in I'kiah City. (Inunty of Mendocino, and State aforesaid. That the names nf all persons interested as' partners in such busioe^s are above slated and signed hereto, and that such partnership will continue and be in force until iurther notice by u>. In witness whereof we have hereunto vet tmv hands and Heals this ^!ith day of September, A. I). l «t)0. ('. <\ THOMAS, 11. I.. THOMAS. STATK OF CAKIKOUNIA, / , , V ,niNTY IM '' M RNIMU-.NO. On thiK'Jtdh day of Scptemher. I SIKJ . hcfoiv me, K. K. Dnuohoe. a Notary Public for snid county persnujilly appeared (!. Thomas and II. U. ! homas, known to mc to bo the same ner- SOIIH whose uaniesare rtuhscrlhed to the above and fon'KoiiiK instrument and thev ackuowled- Ked to me that they e.vecuted the same Witness my hand and oMclnl seal, ' Ji. K. BONOHOK. Notary I'uldle. Notice to Contractors. TN PUUSlUNdE OF AN ACT KNTITI KD AN L ''Act to eslabilsh a Branch Insane Asylum for the Insane of the State of (btliforula, at I'kiah, Mendocino eouniy," (Stat, of }S$<j t Chun. ^:t, pai?cs *ifi tolJ'J) we are hereby autVn iz*'d (o adveriise for sealed proposals wlifch will he re- eeived al thcotUccof (he Vvenident of the Hoard of iHreetoitf of the Mendocino State Asvluiu for the insane in the Town ol Ukiah, Mendochm eountv, California, null! II! o'clock M , on Monday, tlie mil day of October, isttu, for tlie scveml branches of labor and material to be furnished for Hie erection and completion of buildhiKH for the Mendocino Slate A«ylum for (lie insann ou the land known as the UartleU ittu.eb, ui-av the town oT Ukiah, Mendocino county, California. llra\vin );R nod sped Ileal ion* for Hit? ntvdj huIldhiKs can he seen daily from '.) o'clock A. M. uutU i o'ebick v. M ., at (he (dliie nf the Architects of the said Hoard, Onpelaud it Pierce.. No. ICearnuy Htveel, San KranciHco, (Jnlf fnniia. Blank proposal foruis and all information iu regard to the manner in which proposals are to Im tendered lo be obtained from the aichltecls a foresaid. Pavnients lo he madelnSlale warrants, which will be available at tti\* time Hinted In the aforesaid act. Kach proposal must be aecoinpiinicd by a bond of IU per cent of the amount of the proposal telrdeted, No Chinese labor or material manufactured hy Chinese labor, to he used tu the erection of the said huildiiiKs. Tlie Hoard of Directors reserve the. rlnhV to reject any or all bids If found necesaary as the public tfood may require. 1 AltOlUHAbli YKI.b, PrcKldent. J. H. SKAWKl.b. Secretary. Korthe Hoard of Directors of the Mendocino Slate Asylum forlhe Insane. Hated at Ukiah, ntmtumbor 11, IKK). Notico of Probate of Will. l .N TIIK H0l J KRU)U CO\!UT ni* TDK COHN- I tv of Mendocino, ritale of California. In' the mailer of the estate of i>. i\ .lohuson, deceased. Notice Is hereby Klveu that Friday, tt.u 10th day of <»ctober, 1W.HJ, at 10 o'clock A . M. of said day at lho eourl room of said court, in the County of Mendocino,State of California, have been appointed im ihc time and place for pinvliiK I he will of said l». T bdiiwrn.deceased, and for hearHi^ Hie applicallon of Merlie A. .Johnson for the issuance to her of letters lerda- nwntary thereon. MAM II. I'AXTON, Clerk. \Y. P. T JIOMAH , AH'y for IVHtlouer. Soticn to (Jroililora. liWATIC <>V .MWUI'll KINII, l)K (^|i ;,\SKI>. ,i,iri)'in„i>i _'i Nolli'i" In lu'rt'Wy i^lvvu Un» umWM'HlKiit'ii, AilinliitKinilor nf Ihu ctiliiti> uf i -oiil I K 'VII'IINCI I , lit ihc rri'ijitnrs "f. tiinl all i,finuus Utn'lim I'lnhiiN IIKIllllHl 11 11' KHllI (Ifl 'I'USMll, Id I'Xlllllll llllilll will) ;ht! ih'rcHKjtrv vout'lini'H, wltlitu four tvmntliH nlli'r tlm llrnl |iiilillriitl»n nf Mil" lliHlcc, In Urn sniil nilinlnlxliiiliii' nl I I I K ilnia Hlnrti l» (lulnh vTHv, tlm Kiunt! I«!inii tlm l»i' III" lrii!i««i'. Illiil lit llllHllH'NH "f H!lf<l VHiUtV III till' OllllUty nt Mt'lllliu'lli", Btnlu (if CilUfnrilill. J. It. MATIIKWH, AilmiiilHlminr nl I ho I'Mnlr «r Jmcpli Klnli, ilo- (•rasi'd. Ontvil Uclulwr Int. IH'.O. J. A. Uuui'Kit, Alt'y fur iiituln. l-i

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