Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut on September 27, 1936 · 45
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Hartford Courant from Hartford, Connecticut · 45

Hartford, Connecticut
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Sunday, September 27, 1936
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3 Coast Guard Academy Football Team Battles Wesleyan Eleven To Scoreless Tie THE HARTFORD DAILY COUEANT: SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1936. Both Teams Fail To Cash In On Scoring Opportunities Game Proves Costly to Cadets When Captain Mark Whalen and Bill Cass Suffer Injuries and May JJejQut For Rest of Season f BY WILLIAM J. LEE. field. Immediately Cass laded back New London. Sept. 2. Coast 1 f nd shot a forward pass to Vic Ba-Guard Academy fought Wesleyan to ; kanas of New Britain for a 20 yard a scoreless tie at Jones Field this Ssm. On the next play Const Guard afternoon in what was the first, test i "rea a sleeper forward pass of a new football campaign for both Jjom Cass to Waldron, planting the teams ball on the Cardinal 10 yard line. The result, keenly disappointing j Hrre were two succesive gains to- ; to Weslevan, was eminently uitis- I tamng 40 yards, and Coast Guard ! factory to Coast Guard, which was I seemed to be on the way to their ot n h.. wxioran thic ! rivals end zone. Euf, Walrirrm was i npanrii. At v, mj njiLtoti b.uo - i . i time a rear ago stopped cold and Hultine batted i The cadets paid dearly for their I? Cass's paa to Davis on the Rangers and liumsidcs I hnn-pver. the ruseed Dlav catme i Bai lme- Cass then tried a drop - . . . i heaw toll of two of Coast "Guard's i from the 20 yard line that outstanding plavers. Captain Mark j missed the target. iim,.i loft ih u'as hoinpri nff th A moment later Bakanas and field in the third quarter. Bill Cass. 1 Sanders smashed through to block New Hampshire Opens New Field in Victory I Durham. N H. Sept. 21 iAP.1 Th? j UmvmltT of New Hampshire footbaC j team christened. Its new hnme fiPid. Lewis Stadium today hv emoihenng j Lowell tMass.i Tetiie 66-0. i Frequent substitutions bean late in ! the first period and continued ihrouch-! out the esme unci most of the crormK in the later periods- wa cone by the subs. Norm and Joe NaThan.ion ot Mlllis. Ma.vs.. were the !ea,1lng -co ers. piling up 23 point beten ihem Ray Patten of fori WahlnKton. N. V.. was the home tram's brichtet star, making several sensation) broken field runs. Football League Will Make Debut This Afternoon Plays Outstanding dame For Wesleyan Clash in Opener at Mu nicipal Stadium who does all or the icickin and passing and most of the running, was hurt in the fourth quarter The report font the sick bay after the game was that both men had oislo-cations that will probably keep them ,out of the game for the rest of the season. Cass, a bulwark of Coast Guard teams for four years, had never been injured in a game previous to today. It will be impossible for Conch Johnny Merriman to replace him. The cadets threw so much sheer fight into their play today that a superior Wesleyan attack was seldom given a chance to get rolling until the dying minutes of the game, when a Wesleyan score was prevented bv an eyelash. Coast Guard held its own in the first half and out-plaved the Cardinals throughout the" third quarter, once progr ?ssing to within eight yards of the promised land before yielding the ball. Cadet Line Aggressive. The aggressisve Coast Guard line Butcharged the Wesleyan forwards consistently and piled up plas at the line of scrimmage all afternoon. Paul Prins. left tackle, did an especially noteworthy job, the middle of the line stood up staunchly even after replacements had beer, made and the ends, especially Bananas, hurried the Wesleyan kicker consistently, twice blocking his puns Wesleyan showed two sophomore backs who are likely to be in the hair of the opposition all season Emilio Daddario and Dick Halner. They were threats even' minute, but the work of the Coast Guarl line in the pinches stopped them short of scoring. There was nothing like a scoring three t in the first half. Cass for Coast Guard and Holzer for Wesleyan kicked repeatedly and did their jobs well. It was the nineteenth play of the third quarter that set up the first genuine threat. Coast Guard had the ball on its own 28 yard line, first down, when Bill Cass caught Wesleyan napping with a tremendous quick kick of some 65 yards, the ball sailing over Fillback's head an! be- ing roucnea oown on uie we.sieyan i quarter, ends. Phtlltps. Jackson; eignt vara Stripe. uwrK. uotter; guard. Alllbrlo Two Forward Passes Click. jersey covered the ball on the Wes leyan 18 yard line. This time Ever-tt Bottjer, Wesleyan's roving center, saved his team by intercepting Cass's forward pass on his own five yard line and Holzer kicked out of danger just before the third quarter ended. Wesleyan Starts Moving. Midway in the final period, Wesleyan's offense began moving for the first time in the game. Starting at their own 13' yard line. Hibbard and Holzer ripped off two first downs, Holzer pa&sed to Daddario for a 15 yard gam and the same two ripped through a tiring Coast Guard line for another first down 35 yards from the Cadet end zone. Then Daddario shot through the Coast Guard right tackle, swung sharply to his right and sprinted 24 yards before he was brought down on the Coast Guard eight yard marker. After three sport plunges had moved the ball to the four yard line. Daddario dropped back to the 15 yard line and put a neat drop-kick squarely between th uprights. But both teams were offside, and the score was nullified. Daddario tried the same kick again, but his second try was wide and low. Holzer's passes to Ketchsm and Jackson moved Wesleyan 50 yards and to the Coast Guard seven yard line in the last minute of the game, lime expiring before they could further advance their cause against a Coast, Guard team now riddled by necessary substitutions. le. . it . . is.. Wesleyan ... JnrXson . . . . Phelps Petbfbridpir Bottler Smmott Rowe Hultine , . . Ket.chsm Filihefk . ,. Daddario Holzer Coa.st Guard Whalen Prins , Wlntenri Krlske'rn West , , , , . rK . IjelsinE rt . Bakanas re Cass rib Davis lhh Land rhb Waldron fh Referee. G. T. White. Boston Coliece: umpire. W. J. Coyle, Arnold: linesman. L. R. Nixon. New Hampshire: field judse, G. K, Talbot, Bates; time. 15 minute quarters. Substitutions: Wesleyan. first uarter: end. Phillips; second quarter, guard's, AlHbrea, Folan: tackles McCook; back. Clark: end. Hultine; third uarter. guard. Folan: end. Hibbard: fourth bark, Coast Guard, first quarter. second uarter. center, Kledr The Greater Hartford Football League, supplanting the Municipal League of last season, opens its schedule this afternoon at the Muni Stadium. The Burnsides and the Rangers will clash in the premier, with the kickoff slated for 2:00 o'clock. The league is made up of six clubs, with Johnny "Bud" Mahon as president and Howard H. Hart as secretary-treasurer. Games will be played every Sunday, and four night contests will be held during October. The Rangers will be making their first league appearance in several years. Last year they decided against entering the Municipal League, but at the end of the season claimed that they could have won the championship. They will be out to make good that claim this afternoon. The Burnsides finished the 1935 Muni League season in a second place tie with the Wethersfield AC. They will have practically the same team as they had last year, but strengthened in two or three positions. "Tiger'' Halloway, Johnny Dyber. and Earl Scott, all veterans of last year's team, will make up the starting backfield along with one newcomer. Joe Martochia, former HPHS quarterback. The Rangers are captained by Mike Sedor. and number among they players many well-known Hartford gridsters. Alderman John Mackey, acting mayor, will make the opening kick-off. Providence Routs Colby Team, 27-0 Providence, R. I.. Sept. 26. (AP.) A smooth-working Providence College football team scored in every period today to trounce Colby College 27-0. A 40-yard drive in the first five minutes of play brought the opening score as Belliveau crossed the goal after snaring a 20-yard pass from Ploski. In the second period Belliveau Holzer's return kick on third down Ei'jML "If Sa"deis: fourth uarter. j scooped up Yadwinski's fumble on t - J tvvi I f . Ti: "m'V'.! t -7,, 4 Torrington Hich Eleven Defeats Lewis, 12-0 Tornncton. Fept, 2S . Special ) roach Connie Donahues Torrington H sh Echivil football team opened its j season with a victory here today when ! it took over Lewis High of Southmg-;ton. 12-0 Husky Om Broherg proved toriav that : he is much t home on the gridiron as on the diamond and basketball 1 court. Gus did practically all of Tor-: rmston's ground tainlna, takina the Amherst And Hobart Battle To Deadlock i ball over from the five yard line early Amherst. Sent. 2fi. AP. Am herst and Hobart battled to a draw on Pratt Field here this afternoon before a crowd of 2000 fans, It was the season's opener for both teams Both teams were evenly-matched, in the second quarter for Torrlnmon s ; anc neither could keep the ball for , Wright nrst score L.ate in me same period : than tw0 first downs in a row. he tossed a twenty yard pass to La-1 . , . . , Tr . , ... ,,, , monira who earned it. twenty more to i Amherst trailed Hobart 144-137 m account for Torrincton's other score, yards gained by rushing, but scored Pollack s kirks for the extra points i nine first downs to eicht for the were blocked each time. Lewis threat-M""" nTbl nDW ns 10 elgut r u cited In the fourth quarter but lacked ' visiting team. i sutticient punch for a score i The nne up. ! Torrlnston j Arrl7inl j Yamonica 1 T Dredenko ; t'rban . .... I C. Drezrienko IT. Pollack .. i FVAme.iliO o pollack q: Folcik 1 Plait !h b ..... . Pr.. ; Daley rhb Martin .le. It.. c . ra. rt , , of for 10 the o! the field, Robers mterrented a pass on Hobart 5 25-yard line, but the half ended before Amnerst could try to score At the beginning of tiie second half Snowball and Pasrnotta made a quick first oown for Amherst, but Hobart s fullback, inter cepted a pass just as the home team's running attack was beginning to click. Then a long kick by Wright and a 15-vard penalty on Amherst gave the home team the ball on their own 23-yard line. Amherst thru began another drive which ended when Ferns intercepted another pass. In the final period the ball was arain in Hc-bart's territory. out tne visitors nad little trouble Mongillo i Btoberg , fb. Score 1 TorruiKton , flu n (1-12 Subs, Torrtncinn. Dntv for C rire;--denko. Lamonica for Piatt, Poltlrn for Arrl?mi Norton for Vamonlca. Elliot for Probers. Peauinot. for nalev. Sonth-lngion, Height for Pored.v; rfp, Hurke; umpire. Vincent: ltne.man time, four 11 minute periods. 1 Kelley; Amherst showed early season m- ,hl , : experience, fumbling five times and ... , i completing onlv two out passes. Individual honors McClelland i Home team went 10 iso fagnotta. preventing a -,rore O'lttand'ng for Mecrariiio ; f tnlH.i.ni.ftra l anI chtftv halfback- ,t . . :. ,' , , :.. T?rea!wh0 was sP("all5' elective running ; 0ut of danger kept the bail weU Pnredy o a "' , ,. , i away Irom Hobart. s goal line. in l ie nrsi quarter t-touart kickea ' .,,.. ff . The summarj . sion of the ball a moment later i Avrauit. . then Wanzo fumbled. The rest of J Rich . . it ,'. the quarter saw Hobart well Jnsidp garraway it. of Amherst territory, but the team I "'cnkm r from Geneva. N. Y., couldn't score, j i,Rwrence r' ,'. Amherst with PattertKiU doing the j Armnlron? re kicking in the second quarter gained ; M'ljfJ ,-.J on an exchange of punts and carried ! K.nB Vhb the pigskin deep into Hobart's end ' wneht".'.'.'.','.'.".'.'.fh. AmhrSt . . S"eley . rlmr Kuhn Knne1v Collurci N?wcomb . . . . C:oe;,' . F "berr's Wano Pssnot.i a Snowball DICK HOLZER. Williams Takes Advantage of Breaks To Score Victory Over Vermont, 20-0 Northeastern Wins Over American To Continue Record none: third gave Coa.st Guard the ball in mid- i nous'tma. back. Engel; center, Knl.-kern Chance Vought Defeats Stamford To Win State 'Dusty' Championship Strikes And Spares Stamford, Sept. 26. c Special.! ' The Chance Vought team of East! Hartford won the state Industrial; League baseball championship to-; day by beating Stamford, 4 to 2.; .Stamford had beaten Bridgeport and j New Haven and Chance Voughl, ' winners in the Il.ii'Uurd UMrict. ' had drawn a bye. Yuci'.er hit a home run villi a man till to score two runs for .Si.mi-I'onl in the first inning, but, iifu-r th;it the home team bailers were UVi-i powered by the .siuuiirh pH.'hiii;.; of Kit Kuvi.-i, wiio struck out 12 iii.m Ho.-e hit a liuiiier fur Hie visitors. tackle, , the Colby 18-yard line and in four ' plays Providence pushed over for I the score, Moge carrying th-; ball, j Angelica intercepted a Colbv pas; m i the third quarter and alter a 50-I yard drive. Mage plunged J;i'ous.;h center for the third tallv. Ploski made the points af:?r the ! three touchdowns, on placement , kicks. Demeis snapped down a Colbv : pass in the fourth period for the linal score, i Colby failed to penetrate the Providence 20-yard line. Yadwinski. ; N. Walker and Washuk turned in the best gains for Colbv. BY ALBERT W. KEANE. Wiltiamstown, Mass., Sept. 26. A Williams team which was unexpectedly drab in its opening performance took advantage of the breaks of play this afternoon to defeat a fighting Vermont eleven, 20 to 0. The Purple, with a powerful running attack, rolled up 14 first downs in the opening half and yet was unable to score but nne touchdown. Eddie Stanley, high scoring back in the East last fall, carried the leather across the line on an offtackle drive from the three yard line. In the third period Williams counted twice. Long runs by Simmons and Stanley after they had found their receivers covered on probable forward pass plays put the Green Mountaineers deep in their own territory and from the four yards line Simmons plunged through the center for a touchdown. The third touchdown, developed from a freakist sort of a plav. With the ball on the Williams 30 yards line, third down and eight yards to eo. Stradley dropped back to punt. The pass from center was Brookline, Mass.. Sept. 26. ' AP.) Northeastern University, undefeated on the football field since November 9. 1934, trounced American International College of Springfield 22 to 0 at Huntington Field today. The Huskies tallied a touchdown and automatic safety in the first period and added touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters, In the 1 opening session, a few minutes after the opening kickoff, Guard Zenas ' Bliss fell on an International fum-! ble on the visitor's 18, Rook carried to the two, and Hart pushed through for the score. Lavin's attempt to kick from be- f hind iii.s goal line a few minutes ; iter resulted in an automatic safety poor hihi ijoumiMi uuni o 1 1 Hole v s j w , ,llt, H1tjre lomP team ap-luuids to the ground, He snatched peaied to pounce on him. Gus Rook : it up and realizing- that he could I und Jillmv Connolly, star sopho-not get Ins kick away he started more back, alternated on a long running, circling an end and twist- , nlarfh in tne third wrioU Connolly ing his way to the .sideline. Once j lallvinj, from tne six. in the open he outran all ins pur- j -nw Springfield team made its suer.s and crossed the goal line. He i beft mar,.-n 0f the dav late in the covered about 7a yards from tliei ,, ...h reciiwi ihe NnrthMstern 25. bul at this point, Connolly inter- ; Ml II O A Ah H O K.mtlo 5 u 1 3 l'T.i.n if 2 n u (li'li in i' i 1 It! 1 Vnenci- v 4 2 1 u. ii -.I 4 i 2 i m i ii m :m j u i i 1 4 3 u u M k on llj 4 le it 1 U 1 Sinei p 4 it 4 a U U K p.kl 21, 4 KVkhs :il 4 2 II ll K.il.m rl :i ll'R't.i.s in :( o a 1 M'rtui 4 lii)H H A U 0 i K'u'-ki if 2 lltllli X 1 Tot ii The inter-department, bowling league of the Hartford Fire Insurance Company and the Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company will open its annual bowling season Friday night. October 2 . . . Fourteen four men teams make up the league which is .senruuic u 10 , ,, aIlowWi 0ly six hil mil iuiiiiu , , , rit linn iit .i win i begin at 6: IS p. m. and the Woo.it.er Alleys-will house the Irusite . . . j .Score: The teams hav e been given college CHANt-K voucm r .s pamkurd names and they are as follow . . . Yale: Krech. Kennedy. J. Ahem, ! Adeock. captain . . . Harvard; j Hill. Tolhursi. Cunningham, Adams, j captain . . . Piuiceton; liurke. Steele, Aschenbai li, Mackenzie, cap- 1 tain . . . Cornell; Uiighani, Bleck-mgton, J. Johnson. Sheriden. cap- j fain . . . Notre DanuvMcSweenev. ! Farren. D. Ahern. Coughlin captain j . . . Tufts; Curtm. Al Conley. Bid- j well, Sharpies, captain . . . Michigan; W. Mr Cue LaMarche, Scliappa. I Davp Ahern. captain . . . Purdue; j Bidmeari, Reardon. Barnes. Egbert, ; captain . . . Trinity; Cnrbin. Pom- ; fret. Holrlen. Morris, captain . . . ' Brown; Wiley. Chirgwin. Huffman, ; fitrirlkand. captain . . . Columbia; E. Connolly, W. Downs, J, Martin, Liberman, captain . . . Colgate; ' McCurdy. E. Hawlpy, Mitchell. LaWfCIUC Offers VTrilSMIiail. l'HJI,Hlll . , , llJill'H.i. Mann, Gaylor. Flvnn, Tvler. eap-tain . . . Bates; R. Lamenzo, Gray. Buck Brown, Coffey, captain . . . The officers of the league are , . . Frank T. Steel, president and treasurer . . . Jerry Johnson, secretary . . David Ahem and Hans Asrhenbach, committeemen . . . The league will be known as the "Two Hart fords' bowling leagu". combining the two n'imes of the companies which they represent. Cornell Eleven Runs Up Score spot, where his run started, Ross. Vermont's captain and ace punter, also one of the line de-pciulable.s on tin Green Mountaineers, was injured in the first play of the I'aiiio and was soon on Hie sidelines. Ve.inont played a sturdv, courageous j,anie but lacked manpower and phvsical condil inn. .Sun-ilrrlanil was Hie .star for Hie losers cepted a puss; thrown by Lavin and ran unmolested lor a Uiucliflown. Lineups: AMll'ltll AN IN'1'1, le It, I K NOHTIIKASI'h'RN i.lKuot 1 V i : i u I 3 1 II li II l :t 1 u II u u u II I III s .:'()() ,;:i!0 WW 6 T, mm :k hi 27 9 T Clmli''" 'iMU'ht S':i:iiiot(l Ki'rori. MinUHmcs 2; runs. Kfni:tu. ('foni'rn, lilny. Ro p, Pffirnii. Yih-kim; Iwo bii,-r hit.;, V. Knpin ki; honip runs, 'H'-urr. R;r: Ki'il'n haps, rrarsoii. t' - ' i ' t a; tnrr:r' hu. K. Rnsok.iis: o,w's on hnlU. K')ti 4, .Hih-vj 2; t'nirl; 'in bv, K'-'r," 1, Smrm ii, lofl on bH.i'K, Chance Voucht 6. Stamford 7, v-Rn'ir'i fur T. Kip;o--ki in Pah. Lilllc Resistance To Chicago Eleven Ciiicasro, Sept. 21 ' AP.i The Un.versiiv of Cinrago football tam ,-t-irrinc it. first ramnaicn m four seawns w.ihotit the services of Jiv Berwancer. overwhelmed an ou'-rlassed but, vaiifir Lawrence Co',-lege eleven of Apnleton, W,s., 34 to (1. at St a be Field todav. The g?me was witnessed by 24,000 ram-chilled spec? atirs. Ithaca, N, Y.. .Sent 2B ap Cornell's "new deal" in loot bul I liiiKheed a Hood ot 11 tsiurhduwns mi ScliDcllkopf Field todav, as Coach Cu-I Suavely s iu'st. Hit; lied i lrven, with sophom )!'-s M-ttiug the pace, drowned Alhvd. 7-4 -it. From Dak Hak-i s first touchdown run nl U2 yards on the litlh play of tiie jaiue to Hill driest 's n-lovriy nl h blocked punt lor a toiiitidown lute in Hie fourth (iiiar-U 1 (ainell runimandeil the plav. Foi t y-llii'i e He(i ila ers saw action us Hie Ilhacans. with their 74 points, equalled the tn!.; points scoicd in M-vcii Mi t:iy-less eames a year ui;o, Sophomoii-s dominated the pluy, with Haker slashing the line and .'killing the tackles; Bnul Holland, u Neero. turning the pnds short, on reverses; OIHe (iildersleeve, sfeond st rim', quai tei baek. hurling bullet passes to receivers, and Cieorge Peck, another substitute and the fastest man on the squad, turning in long returns of mints on smart broken-Held running. Onlv one junior. Tex Hughes, center, stall "fi. The rcM, of the line, all sophomores, pushed Alfred's heavy linesmen back virtually at, will and opened wide holes for the hacks, Only once did Alfred halt Cornell's running a Hack as Jack SlWfnr. another sopiionni e, turned in needed gains on powerful plunges into the center of the line. f'leinson Beats VPI. C'.emsnn. S. C. Sept. 26. 'AP. Th Cl"mon T.crn snapper! out of a firs' half Seiharev todav to ba' VPI 20 to 0 in the Hr:. Southern Conference game of the season for both 'earns. i intercept ,nir 1 wo pa: ; lorwai'd.s him-.i-lt and in;;. , The suuiin.i: v : W 1 1 1 i It 1 1 1 n I I', si i iii iiM 1 e . . . , it i k 1 1 flo', I J 1 'UhlUlilttl i-t v li StiariiM s-aiiiniiinr. SOOilcy . . l.ni vis. , . :-',.: e by Willlane, Willuuie, l-v. rllliilim lol,i tilluM, It. . . i I . . . . re, . . .i.l). . i li u. . .lliii. . ,.lu.. IM-liml.'i :,cs, t.i'.li'. doing kick- i.f V-'ilnulit Vlnli",ml K..-.H , . , 1,11,1 l ir-r . ... 11.(1-! I . , . , I.IUVIull . M( Iiii-i in . is Hl.'yiit I-.. lilUKl Miniitiiil Ii .... ONti.'l .SiiikI-.j laiiil i 7 t:i o :iu inwii', .SIIOi-l,i. InU hl! r liiUIWi-ll llll'O-lllj.l, Ktiullliail r r. rniaii , v . . . II e i , IK., Mc.-llaii , .rt. , III cllall If,, K, ail. ll. nai i i ii . lti(rr ill. i Ytiiiii.Uy n. Sic le by Ui'llnU'. . Nul l ln-; 1 1 1' i Ii Nil I In ;t-!fll kt-iH in (."..iiiii.ily i Hint: n I llllll f 11'lLl 1 1J,I1( I limbo-Klh ll t ...... Mi-wclliun M ii'KerYiii! Sblil-.'.tlelll Muni UKIl t ColllUH-S McMrthiMi .... taliiiuirfiis Niim illlbiin . . 0 7 o :: 'l lllll llll.iWIl. liana!!.- wifely. ii l i'i 1 1 i ('mi mil I y. Ofln'.a l'ii aU-lli .'. niiiu :n by i ; I: ni'iiiiaii . W ,1 4-11) liiaiilli. ina loils Ri-feii-i-. W I Hill I'lPIKl'M Klt'.l f I Vull!, 'i'tlfO,; 1,111,-. Motorbike Riders In Tests Today Auburn. Mass., Sep!. 2. iAP i -A dozen daring molon yele riders were entered to'lay for the New England tourr-t tropliv ehampion-ship race:; at. Hie Armstrong Rnam-ers Motorevele Club field here October 4. Hanford Marshall of Keene. N. H , national toiins!. trophy champion and Leonard "Babe' Tanerede of Woonsorket R. I., runner-up at, the Keene. N. H.. chanipionsliips July 19, were among the early entrants. Hollow Boys Hrill. The Frog Hollow Boys Club will hold a workout, thr. morning at Pope Park at 11 fi 'clock near diamond No 2 in preparation for their game with Hie Weher'.fie!d Stat'! prism. The Hollows have strengthened their team bv the signing of Johnny Powers, Joe Lur.zi. all-nty tackle las', year, John Burke and IOu Dtfar.o. St. Anselm's Beat Springfield, 11-0 Springfieid, Mass., Sept. 26. (AP.) A precise, hard-hitting St.! Anselm's football machine from Manchester. N. H . upset Springfield College 14 to 0 today, H w'as the opener for both teams. The winners picked up two point on a safety by Huston in the second quarter and then fashioned two touchdowns in the third period bv ripping Hie listless .Springfield forward wall to shreds. The suck passing of left-handed Kellv, the savage running of Buteh-ka and Hie speed of Dubisz featured the St. Airelm attack, Huston. Ros-engren. Fiev and Plumb of Springfield were knocked groggy trying to stop the invader.-.. Bi? Tinners Dan Start. TIip big-pmners of the ntv, and elsewhere, are to gather at The Saeneerbund. Washington Street, Monday night, to prepare plans for their if)3f season Some niftv big-pin-smas'ning is anticipated this year and all the best, big-pin-ljfistnrs are expect "d to attend the meeting which is to start at, 7:30 p. m. Walter French, former West Point star and an outfielder with the Athletics, is back wi'h the Army, Fruiting for the football team this fall and roaehins baseball in the spfinR. Johnny Poser Day DOUBLE HEADER BASEBALL TOftl? t 11 P M nillkrlc Star! lilt! MiniH.ETOWN f.lWTS Midiilcex ( "uit'v ' ion v. SVITT 0KMS (rero1 fiiirn NEW BRITAIN CRfMOS m. SAVITT OEMS VrP(!-.a"ii fir , . , rhiH'i iv m iivii r; location' 1.1:1 c.ihivk st. Mr. n servi, "ripsn is '"'hab.v th. ',rn(r" mnarr ., ,h" f"st ko.n "ikes of . '"" U. In L. " r. r,... -.-""linn b'r",,w '- have n tn I.. . """idene ,n h Irn t nil''"' U inra.rn ... j( , ., hv V-iiir n and 'an rtirl ,cl car ion" . trv Molor i rve-IS3 '"v' M' I'nrklna Span' for .'IOO I nrsIOr. dnilv, ,Or. nrrklv, 1.7,". tt!Mll!v ust Arrived UtiKO Shipments nf Vouns; Men's Sport I'anfs In ('herk and Large Plairin 5098 5298 and (Alterations I reel PKR PAIR SI'OKT COKDI ROVS In Rlne, fjrav, Tan CftQD and Check 0"f 30 l Alteralioni I reel mm :m) I'AHl OF TKOt'SKHS To Match That Coat and Vet S-J98 (() $g98 ants Shop 1 AMERICAN' ROW for. Stale Opr ntr! i,il lliure Open Fveninjti "A Year Later Id cat with, the Same (fenctals on it e 5aw out o Had a letter this week from Edward T. Bachand of 17 Russell 5treef, Hartford, enclosing a question for orr radio game "Jack Says: Ask Ma Another" . . . (WTIC, Mondays, 6:45. Listen in.) It said, in part: "My father had General Tires on his first Model A Ford in 1928, and he drove to Lime Rock, Conn, every day . . . one hundred miles six days a week. In 1930 the Generals were still on and looked very good. "The mileage up to then was about 31,000. He then turned the car in for another, and a year later we saw our old car with the same Generals on it, still going strong. The General Tire is the best tire made." Today General makes en even better tire than they did in 1928. And on Jack's 5-minute Budget Plan your worn tires make full down payment and you pay only a little each week. ft They're Toasted" Turn to the one riding with you some cool evening and ask, "Are your feet cold?" If you have an Arvin Heater, installed by Jack's experts, they'll smile and say, "Cold7 No. They're warm as toast.'' Buy an Arvin Hot Water Healer now on Jack's easy Budget Plan. Ga-r-r-unk! With daylight saving ended, your I'ghts will be a bigger drain on your battery. If you try to get along with a weak battery you're likely to step on your starter some cool morning and hear nothing but a ga-r-r-unk! On Jack's Budget Plan a new dependable Exide is easy to own. Reduced Price On State Inspection Special If you have a red first si months State Inspection sticker on your ear, it probably needs Ics work than it did for the first inspection. So we'll get your green second period sticker for 75c less than the $3.95 we have previously charged for the complete job. This includes adjusting brakes, focusing headlights, aligning wheels, checking and adjusting everything e'se covered by the State Inspection, except major repairs, taking your car through the Inspection Lane and setting the OK sticker for you. This special lower price is good only until October 31. Special October Price No Pass No Pay AW 2 Flat Tires . . . The Summer of 1912 Mr. H. L Vaillant of Franklin Ave. started on a trip to Middlctown in the summer of 1912. He too had a big Pope-Hartford car. Leather seats ... exhaust pipes went out the side of the hood. We mounted 2 new fabric tiret and he started on his way. Not long after he called us just below Cromwell. Remember how the old telephones used to sing when you talked? Was Mr. Vail-lant in trouble, He had 2 blowouts 1 1 miles out of Hartford. Yes, the two tires we iust mounted. Jack got out his duster, goggles and leather driving gloves and in our shiny red service car started for Cromwell. You needed good wind to change one of the tires on Mr. Vaillant's car. The tires took 65 pounds of air and the only way you could inflate them on the road was with a hand pump. We had a big hand pump and what endurance it took to use it. Jack and Mr. Vaillant fin ally got the tires pumped up and mounted. Our old rec ords show thg complete trip of 22 miles took 6'j hours. k I t i W -II , rsow Mr. vaillant uses Generals that run over 30,- C00 miles and seldom gets a flat. Only last week Tom Greers truck got stuck in Willitnantic. After driving 81 miles . . . mounting huge General truck tires one of our service trucks was back ready for another call in less han 3 hours. Gosh ... in another 20 years Jack's ads will say , I n A fleet ot tast service planes. If your ship gets a flat, call Jacks. A comp'ete line of General airplane tires in every sue. wonder it we ll be as busy handling service calls then as we ere now, Tv Iff) THE TIKE LZAi EXPERT THE AUTO TIRE CO. IKT. 168 High St.. Hartford 5-31 11 931 Farminglott Ave .West Hartford 3-5214- 3

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