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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 2

Ironwood, Michigan
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Saturday, August 7, 1965
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TWO IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, 19«S. Public Hearing ^ on . g ' essme ", H ° ye ^[ He , reni On Budget Set Monday Night Opinions on Union Shop Law '' EDITORS NOTE — Will dim-; the charge of forced union mem- ' ination of state laws banning the'bership. 'union shop force thousands of 1 But under questioning, both i workers to join unions — even sides generally agree. if the unions are allegedly cor- Asked whether any worker could be forced into a union BESSEMER-A public hearing ™*^1^1^ C *2S ?*#«? .!*? ^: «« APL-CIO , .. , 'ethical objections? Some Repub-, ,._ nl Pr1 ..Ai-^mmpiv nnt •• of the budget proposed by the' lican . s in congress have made! 16 ^ 0 R Xr U P C-Sffin R- Bessemer Board of Education to this charge in fighting repeal of! publ ^ ail leacler of tl:e unsuc- finance operating during t h t\ the federal law that now per-1 cessfll j House fi glll aga i ns t rc .' Jacobson Restaurant, US-2, with I 3e mils the states to bar union peal concedes "the 'point but a good representation present. Several Items Are Discussed At C-C Meeting WAKEFIELD — At the meeting of\the Chamber of Commerce Wecinesda y evening at the Axel 1965-1966 school year held on Monday. Aug. 0. at 7 ^L,..^^±,,'!P° r ""*! ad < s: 20,000 Barrels of Oil Delivered Here ONTONAGON — A cargo of 20,000 barrels of oil was d i s charged for,the Hoerner Box Company at Ontonagon Thursday morning by the Sincl a i r Great Lakes, a tanker of t h e Sinclair Refining Comp any. After discharging its cargo, the tanker left for Superior W i s ., for another 20,000 barrel load. It is expected that another cargo will arrive shortly. Wallen Chosen To Group Post ONTONAGON — Carl Wallen. Ewen, was elected vice president of the Ontonagon Historical Society to fill the vacancy created by the death of Roy L. Muskatt, at a meeting of the board of directors of the society held recently. Mrs. Margaret Dunham, White Pine, was appointed to the board of directors. A resolution expressing the Sidnaw Personals parents, Mr and Mrs. Solomon Hill, here for a day. Mr. and Mrs. Henry BecH . were recent L'Anse callers. Mrs. Earl Crawford was a | M) . and Mrs _ Oail Trilc de Jr. recent Houghton caller. , and boys Soutn Bend, .Ind., Mrs Marquerite Beck a n d j v j s jted his grandparents, Mr. sister. Mrs. Beatrice Wakeford,. and Mrs. Clifford Williams, re- were recent L'Anse callers. i cently. Mrs. Joseph Provost is visit-' Marvin Stebbins Jr. was « ing relatives in Lansing. MichH'.ammr caller recently, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Beck! and was accompanied home by were recent Ewen callers. George Marquette is a patient in St. Luke's Hospital, M a r - quctte. Democratic supporters, halfway P.m. in the conference room of; to victory with several discussions on pertinent "I think it is a technical dis-: matters were held. i Unction without very much The Chamber of Comm e r c e — " | C\ 1 \_ CIVJ ILtLlUlJ V- jV 1-* 1 i_ 01,1» i « & , 11 v- The tanker is the first car-; sympathy of the society at tliei Mr. and Mrs. Emil Kaskinan. rier to bring a pay load to the death of Muskatt was adopted.! Covington, visited at the Ernest i Huss-Ontonagon company si n ce ; He had served as vice presi-i Cummings Sr. home recently. of the group since it had P.m. in tne conference loom oi; to victory witn House approval Junction without very much The Chamber of Comm e r c e! the recent dredging and s an d dent of the group sin the A. D. Johnston High School. '< of a bill to kill the state laws,; prfic tical meaning it Hist makes sign on Cheney Lake Road was; sllckl "? operations in the Onton- been formed. The action to hold this hearing,; 1nK i S i. no one can be forced to some people feel a little better " ^ discussed in relation to moving it: a B° tRlver - u Historical Society was taken by the board in spe- join a union lo kecp nis j ob . W ho i Reed Larson executive vice' to a new site and the cost, of; Later in tne season, tank ers Charles Willman repor cial session, in compliance withj js r j gnl? ! president of the Richt to Work i such a project. Leases on other Wl11 vlslt Ontonagon to again financial outcome of th Ponald Longrie and fain- his wife and children who spent a few days visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kcski. Merriweather Personals Mrs. Walter Johnson, daugh- IVllCt r»UUCUU LjUllUlIC miU Icllll- . .f,.,. n«.* « 1 *4 ; ily were recent L'Anse callers, tor. Tern, and Mb. Ron ad i '°°° d111 * ancl dai 'E llC1 .' Knn - President i Mrs Marvin Stebbins Jr ancl ; ^v.^. ^ow.,, u-.^v, L ,,.v C v,^, : , -•• -- - - : ... . .. _ . „ . . cportcd on the, children and Peggy Ann Stcb- 1 president of the Right to Work I such a project. Leases on other WU1 vlslt Ontonagon to again financial outcome of the R o yc c bins recently visited relatives in inm-m-mtt-PP rnnionri* "it's an! signs were renewed and costs of ..unload cargos, making the oil Willman production of Music In- Hancock. ; leasing were reported. shipments into the harbor total ternational. The proceeds of the 'Reports of progress at the i oul at more than 40 ' 000 to 50 -- cial session, in compliance with! j s the provisions of Act 43 of the. ' i Committee, contends °H ? n-nnn^ri P h°v By NEIL G1LBRIDK i inconsequential point." irtilc hniri ™ih i i r i WASHINGTON lAP)— If your * * * —. - —o - nnn Kia „,..,. hearings'm-ior to budee? adoc^ employer negotiates a union He cites the case of three Wakefield Motor Lodge, t h e; 000 ban els. tion Th P hnnrrt Jvm meet in re£" ; sh °P labor contract, can the un- workers who refused to join a Bi S Wheel and the lurmturef ac- i lar session foHowine the cose' j ° n le S all V force y° u to ^comc union for religious reasons In'tory were given. The expansion of the public hearin" a member to keep your job- 'Indiana after that state last Programs at Powderhorn In othpr actions at^the soecial Tne answer appears to be no, January repealed its law ban-.other range ski session the Sd offend a" con! although neither side in the cur- ning the union shop. i the^imnfinpro ven^nU^^dTx-i /\fG //? tract to Ransom James English; vent congressional fight over the; Larson said the AFL-CIO In-i™' ™?y imp ovei .™ and ex , A-II ^ ill of Evanston, 111., to fill a vacancy > issue has emphasized it. ; ternational Association of Macn-i ^', „„:, ,"„, nnpT h p in P-- • The union can force you to: inists tried to force the three ' b and. Mountaineers Mr. and Mrs. Robert Findley were recent callers in Marquette where Kim rcceiv e d medical attention. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ellsworth, team). i where the union shop English, who has had a brilli- legal, and would apply to all in Evansville. of 63 boys JUngilsn, WHO nas nao. a orilll- Jtigai, anu wuiuu appiy LO au "' ^vcuiovmc. < rnntnrt HIP rhamhpr nrpsi-l *'"-<-"'»«, i.u"»t«w.u ui uo uujro ant career in the coaching field states if organized labor is sue-' The case was settled without j ^m A T Tihpri Wakefield | ancl S irls an « their director, Dan, s_ _ i , _r :_i _».._i:_,. *..i ;„ ;v^ ,1..:— *„ 1.111 t.\, „ in p pniirt fiolit nrhon flip thvoo ui-iu. n. u. iiucn. vvani.iiE.iu. , , p i ri\, 7 a]r nrprp nart. nf thp Qivtli dpl . ed " ' to or der additional membership tags. j A report on the fireworks fund and Canada and is a teacher of social studies,, cessful in its drive to kill the 19 a court fight when the three \ is qualified by training and ex- ! state laws that now ban the un-; were permitted to pay the perience to teach in both elemen-j ion shop. ' equivalent of union dues without tary and secondary grades. ! It is true even though the • Joining the union. A graduate of an Evans t o n' Taft-Hartley Act says a union!. Robert H Brown, a Mach-| was gjven by co . cnairrnan Mrs High School he subsequently ob-; and employer can negotiate a m V?' s ° ff ' cia ^ p sai a'; . i Marie Schiltz. A report on the tamed a bahelor of science de-; contract requiring "member- , T B e ^ wo K,M aie comple i el y ! firework oroiect was o-iven gree at Missouri Valley College,, ship" in the union as a condition ! satisfied withthe way in i which ; J|j^^ ^{here co-c Marshall, Mo., a master of arts | of employment. degree at Colorado College. Col- j * * * i iel Guzek were part of the sixth ' annual Portarama which i tured more than 10 ° Units> from flve states The parade of one and one half hours duration was a fea- co-chairman. !ture event of the Duluth Sea ' we responded to their beliefs i . wa Portorama run ning from < who was in charge of setting off . land allowed them to remain on orado Srpings. Co., and has at-!• The current fight in Congress i ' is over repeal of section 14B of tended the University of Indiana. Bloomington, Ind., a summer trm for further graduate study. With the exception of two years in military service in the U. S.! S u ch " laws "a'nd many "other' states i Army, he taught social studies j have been the scene of bitter | case and coached football, basketball, battles over the issue. Taft-Hartley, which now per- them mits any state to ban the union shop. Nineteen states enacted j jobs, and the way in which the union continues to secure gains ancl benefits for ; 2 through Aug 8 It ln . said he had-l-eceTved'complaints ^S,*^*™'***<*> on the length of the display, and thA ££f gf u ™gj s scheduled ^, d .^ a U" W^LS", ^ are a Folk Festival, a tour of summer musical will be used to-'and family, Bruce Crossing, re- son - Rodney, and grandson, ward construction of a new mil- : cently visited his mother. Mrs. Rodney Jr., were recent busl- seum of the county. Willman; G I a"d y s Findley. and family ncss callers in Ewen. noted that the show netted the| nere . ' '. S-Sgt. and Mrs. Phillip C. fund more than $1,100. j Mr ancl Mrs George Killorin Ellsworth ancl children, Vic k i A discussion was held on the anrt ner brother Milwaukee are Ann, Phillip Jr. and Sean Roy- possibility of a county-wide pro.1-| spending several weeks here at al, recently arrived from Colo- ect to mark the spots of early! tneir i lome i rado Springs to spend a month buildings, hospitals, churches and! Mrs p er j. y Thompson son i with his parents, Mr. and Mrs, ."^^rl 5 ;^! Thomas, and Mrs. George" God- j^ck Ellsworth, and other re- Paulman and Mrs. Bergland. IT- with Mrs. Walter where each marker is placed. '(County Memorial Hospit a 1,; Johnson. ^ where she had been a| Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Olson wumicui IC V ' ' ' a"H familv Hi-ppn Rav arp va- Ronald Longrie was a recent! cationing here. and family, Green Bay, are va- business caller in Minnesota. Mrs. Jack Haskins and f a m- the me^rship concerning the j -urglca^ patient Upper Peninsula History conference held in Houghton. Judge; Willman attended as well as On-| H e n r v Beck nas returned ily and Mrs. Jack Lillis were re- tonagon members Mrs T H i nome from a hospital in Green.cent Ironwood shoppers. Wilcox and Mrs. Thomas Haw-: Bav where he had been a sur-: Mr. and Mrs. Ward Haskins ley. j gical patient. and son, Ward Jr., Ionia, visited family. White Pine, visited his here. G e o r g e Miller, Ontonagon, was a recent business caller at Crag, Colo., from 1950 through 1958; during the next four years he coached basketball and football and taught at Chrysler High School, Newcastle, Ind., and from Septemb e r 1962 through June 1965, he has been engaged as football coach C. , State Chamber of of 14B, which already ; mei -ce said the Christadelphians has passed the House and ap-, negotiated "their own little pears headed for passage in the I agency shop " Senate, would make union shop! ' contracts legal in all states. Opponents charge the union shops means "compulsory un- of the three men later! displays. He said he realized that the union, Brown said. I the project could have been pi e! sentecl in half the time w h i c h 1 was spent, but many probl e m s encountered, such as on the Duluth's port facility and for- Wakefield Briefs ship hydroplane races eign ships, a steam pow e r e d The me eting closed after a tram excursion over the Duluth- lengtnv discussion on possible Superior harbor and champ i o n- f d raisi activ ities. Preliminary plans for a picnic 1 Orville Longrie was a L'Anse relatives here recently, sometime this month was dis-: caller recently. ""— ~" cussed and the date and place;,. Mr. and Mrs._Ronald Hill will be announced. Willman also related the prospects of an Upper Penins u 1 a Chapter of the Michigan Archaeological Society being formed. displays from rafts on the lake This is the second appearance of the Mountaineers at the Du- which was difficult and haz- Por torama. Last year they ardous. the delay n light aerial | d aoDearance at lonism. and high school instructor at the; But eyen tnou( , h tne federal : The Naomi Circle of the First i ience" this year, and this would Roosevelt High School, Indian- jlaw uges the w ° rd .. member _! Lutheran Church will m e e t j De beneficial in promoting a fire"""" "'""' Labor Re-i Tuesday, Aug. 10, at 7:30 p.m. | wor ks display in the coming •*-* *-* *-"-' L -*-vV- _i 1.-U.,, 1,^«.^ -, „.£ •»*»,-. T7Ht« XTrt.ll . , _ •„ ii J?: apolis, Ind. During his coaching career, his basketball and football teams in the various schools, have won conference championship or co- i championships, almost every | year; and several years were sectional finalists. At Craig, his baseball team was the conference champion team three years in a row. In 1961, Coach English was named Coach of the Year, in both basketball and football, ruled and '• upheld by the courts that placed first in appearance at that event. Ontonagon Briefs Mrs. Ben Nygard, Detroit, is Sat the home of Mrs. Ella Noll. yeai""The"balance "in" the"" finT-l spending a few weeks at their! displayss. the hazards of lighting fuses, lack of help and need of additional mortars. He said the group had "learned from experi- Mrs. Noll will conduct the les- works fund was held over dues and initiation son and Mrs - s y lvia Ronn win : the next year project, h to satisfy the law.; ??J n _ c _?,, a , r 1 e °L d . e 7°*! ° " ?' 'i.. An enllghtnlng discussi Eagles Auxiliary Picnic Supper Held ONTONAGON — The Eagles Auxiliary held a potluck picnic | supper at the Shelter House at '< the Township Park, with 30 mem- j bers in attendance. j A social evening was enjoyed i awards w e r e i :'s. Henry Thomp-! RONWOO THIA1HL- TONIGHT 7:00 & 9:00 This, * effecTls tne Agency j^ n , ch wil1 be se " ed ^' Mrs ' | the Job Corps, planned for the o w NT/^ll TV /fr-i -..j-vv\i n rtr\ r\ t«a o in T n A Tl O O 1* Til- shop." ! Marenisco area in the near fu- 'Basically, all we get by re- Guests this week at the summr home on Lakeshore Road near Little Cranberry River. Miss Marcia Segerstrom, De-| sented with a farewell gift from troit, is visiting her grandmoth-1 the group. i er, Mrs. Paul Kettunen, and A report was presented on the| ALSO SUNDAY MATINEE ONLY 2:00 IT'S A BEGINNERS COURSE IN "BOY-GIRLSMANSWP"l ^ , . . ___——i , . ^ • . •*-.:• How to Stuff a WILD BIKINI' .COLOR Starts SUNDAY! other relatives here. -^.. , . . -. - , pealing 14B is an agency shop,"! of Mrs. George Grigson. Harri- :He special honor dinner served to said a spokesman for the AFL-, son Street, are her brother and p elected, the tion Mrs - Tl- yg ve Gabrielson has the auxiliary members by mem-j tion CIO. sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. agency shop basically sa-'Harry Bowker of Mosinee, Wis., workers who take wage gains Babcock, a sister, M r s . ; won by the union but refuse to Henry Carew, and a niece, Mrs. | join and help pay the costs of John Beebe, both of Dearborn. ! bargaining. i Mrs. Beebe is the former Shir- by the Central Indiana Coaches ' tisfies labor's argument against a sister, Mrs. Myrtle Stiles of •>,- llT/M"lrave' iTfhr* + r*\m ITT r\ i-r«. rrniv^r" T3 riV^*^f^/^lr ^XTlC- n Cicfov AT >• C Association. His activities during his college and teaching years, in addition to football, baseball and basketball, include drama, glee club, newpaper p u b - lication, and history club and activity in professional societi« s. His major hobbies are chess and skiing. He is a member of the National Education Association, the American Humanus Association, the Chicago Histor- " returned to her home in Marine! tiers of the Ontonagon Aerie of sonnel who will conduct the classes and the roads being built. He also told of what the Job was and why it was His talk was most inter- t f Mrs Marie Scniltz , B , Under federal law. a union: ley Carew. The carews former- | BM Joanne Ma i mbe rg of must bargain for all workers in ly lived at the Plymouth Loc- j Wake f j e id a plant whether or not they are : ation. j At a previous meeting, Joseph union members. , Worsn i p services will be held ! Gill, who had served as cham- TT „ ^ * * * t. i at the Apostolic Lutheran Church j ber secretary for many years, Under the agency shop, work- j Sunday at 7 - 30 p m. with the was named an honorable life- ers who oppose joining a union [Bev Usko p e taisto in charge of! time member of the local club. pay their way but don't have to the serv j ces | _ ASSOCiatlOn, me umuagu mowji- juui. ' n i n Dl I ic Socity, is president of the) Under the union shop, they, Mr. and Mrs. Reino Lehtinen Patrol DOyS blanks Indiana Coaches' Associ a t i o n|not only must pay the dues but, and family, Menagha, Minn., j LA - t D P c: and secretary of the Midwestern have to join the union. [have moved to Wakefield andi' viusi ue Jl Sports Club. But the NLRB, in a 1949 case ; ^e making their home in the; WAKEFIELD . . , T , Dominic Vale- after visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ojanen. Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Smith and four daughters, Down e r ' s Grove, 111., are spending a week as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Parker and family, Oak Park, who are vacationing at their summer home on L a k e- shore Road. Eagles in appreciation of their donations toward Eagle projects. Due to Labor Day, the next meeting will' be held Thursday evening, Sept. 9 at the Eagles Hall. Obey and Vukelich Win Master Poinr ONTONAGON — Ten couples Mrs. George Coffey and Miss attended the regular session of; Verna Coffey, Racine, and Miss| the Duplicate Bridge Club. It! May Daniels, Detroit, spent a • was Maste r Point-Night and the few days visiting relatives and Master Point was awarded t o friends in Ontonagon and Green-! Mrs Joseph O bey and Tony| land - ! Vukelich, with a score of 64V 2 . Mr. and Mrs. Jack Emmons, i Other top half scores were re- j Kankakee, 111., are visiting his 1 corded by Mrs. Edward Erick- parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon J.'son, Mrs. Clyde Penegor, 62; j Mrs. Francis Neuman, Mrs. IF YOU ENJOYED TOM JONES" YOU'LL LOVE "MOLL FLANDERS" Emmons. English first applied for the | soon after Taft-Hartley was en-! former Herbert Johnson resi- sano, chief of police, requests _ position of varisty basket b a 11] acted, said: "The employe hav- j dence on Bedell Ave. Mr. Lehti- that all high school patrol boys, Arthur Schober! M - J - Dunnebacke, 61; Dr. Wil- coach, to fill the vacancy left ing offered to pay the dues and'"en is employed by Midland Co- who plan on attending the Up-; Mr. anfl[Mrs. Annur ° C "° D " | Ham Strong, Nolan Olson. 53',fc, by Coach John Bonk. This was fee s has done all that can be '. operatives. ; per Peninsula State Fair in .Es- i " ah ^^ rett " rne visited their son in : Mrs - c - L ' Marle y and Mrs -—--•- - '- — "— —" "" »"»" wneie tn «J u S r M r a nd ° Mrs (Walter Klapperich, 52V,; Mrs. .. , ',_.....',.. m ,_ - .J Mprlin Kintr anrl Mrs Marvin Mr and Mrs Herbert John' canaba this year ' P 1CU P . eir ivern Becks, and family. T h e y 'Merlin King and Mrs. Marvin their son and filled by the board by the ap-; legally asked of him.' , 1V1I . ailu 1V11B . nciucll JU11U .. . . pointment of Carl Gregas, for-, In otner words, the union can son and family left for Globe Permission blanks at the police mer assistant coach, leaving one i acc ep t or refuse tne dues but Ariz., where he will be e m 1, sta tt™ °F '^..^I 1 « s «^ 52«/ 2 . Mrs. Dunne- vacancy in the teaching staff,; cannot then demand the em- nloved : possible, have their patents sign and Mrg ^ r _ ; b acke of Orange City, Fla., that of 6th grade instructor, and iploye be fired for re f US ing to ' „ . . ^ ^ ,, ''< tne balnks lf tney plan °P ai ~ thur Schober Jr' and family at' was a S uest at the session. assistant'football coach and jun-,j oir 5 B ; Mrs. Sam Maki and daughter, tending, and return the signed rj} 1 !,^ ' "may di ( ior varisty basketball coach, aj The us Court of Anneals ; n Sharon, are spending a vacation blanks to the police station on Miaiana. - - - -• •• ' *•_•-__•» I ' ' t j t j CIO 11 ^^ TTT»iii1^^im-it-i »Tir«i + J*-»rr "R^t«r> 1lTq» ,-»« hflf nTP A 1 10' 17 Tf 1 ^ combination difficult to find.' Chicago ' U p he ici the ruling and in Waukegan, visiting Mrs. Ma- Coach English agreed to the| in 1951 tne Su p reme Cou6rt re .;ki's daughter, Miss Karen Bis- substitution of positions and ac- j fused to tant that these permit blanks be Trooper and Mrs. James kbackznik and children, Stephen> review it thus leaving- hop> and ner son and dau Shter received in time, so that plans son, spent a fwe days vistiing her ision of the lower court in law> Mr ' anct Mrs ' Warr e n can be made for the outing. The j parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Cu- Bishop, and other relatives. local police department spon- ! neo. cepted the contract. He is the tne decision brother of Jack English of In- (standing _ . . . dianhead Ski Corp., and is intr-i The case involved tnree em .! Mr and Mrs william Doc iie, sors tne tri P to the Falr for tlie ested in living in this part 01 tne ployes of Union starch & Refin . | st Pauli nave moved to Wake . i patrol boys. Veterans Groups to Have Picnic Sunday ONTONAGON — Lake of the i Clouds Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, its Auxiliary, Dad's ing Co. in Granite City, 111. | field and are residing in a Swan- They agreed to pay dues under son home on Ascherman Street.' a union shop contract but re-; Mrs. Dodie was the former Ann fused to attend a union meeting j Simcoe of Bessemer, or take an oath of allegiance to 1 ,, .,,, „ ^x, the union. ! Mr - and Mrs - Ronald Nerv a friends. Briefs Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall, Jen- Post and tneir famines will sen Beach, Fla., spent a few ho i d tneir armua] p i cri jc sun-j days visiting his brother in law day at 3 at tne Post Home.! and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A potluck supper is planned for 5 p.m. All women are asked to McCormick. Mrs. James Peterson and chil- ! bring something for the sup- dren have left for Milwa u k e e: per. Give those homemade rolls real interest: brush them with nation. He is married and has 2 children, 10 and 11 years of age. Saxon Personals ^ - the union. 1 a Mis. Ronald Nerv a ^ e Saber-Davidson wedding in- Wayne Ylen, Janesville, Wis.,| Tne company fired them at!£ ave returned to their home in cluded Mr _ and Mrs . Harold | whe^ Mrs. Dan Sullivan and Mrs.| the demand of the Grain p ro -| Kenosna after visiting Mr. Ner- Scnicker> Miss Lisa D onlon, !Son ' who is employee theie. Catherine Wells and son Roger, Cess0 rs Independent Union but !V ; a s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emo Mi Marilyn Flsner and Miss ;77h" P ~u7it7d"states lies beaten ees and snrlnklP were weekend guests at thejthe NLRB ordered them rein-; Nerva - and otner relatives and wlninp TJaMprp Milwaukee: Most of the United States lies beaten egg and spnnkle George Ylen home and at the | stated, home of Mrs. Lillian Sullivan. ; The Court of Appeals, in j Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brunkow Mrs. Marilyn Vyseck and I W1UUO- Mrs. Mickey Giovannim and agreeing with the board, said it'and son, Alan, Cleveland, Ohio, Scott, Racine; Mr. and Mrs/ children, Hurley, visited at the was not the intent of Congress 1 arrived in their private plane Bruce Davidson and family, Kenneth Clement home for a, that anyone be fired for any j or a visit with Mr. and M r s . Mr. and Mrs. Rubin Nur m i , week. , i reason except refusing to pay; Ted Mayer and daughter, Chris- Mr. and Mrs. Brian Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Close and: dues and ini ti a tion fees. tine . and Reino Hill, Waukegan; Mr. family, Kenosha, Wis., ai'e 1 ... visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd LaFortune. Mrs. Knute Mattila, Wakefield, and Mr. and Mrs. Hilding Heg- . , _ _ _ "\yT"l IT A A ' IVIUOL \Ji Lrllt WlliH-V.1 UbdliVO liV-O U^C*l;^ll *-&& C1J.1V* t3\Ji 11 ll\il, W 1 HI Elaine LaMere, MiiwauK e e _ the belt of westerly, toasted sesame seed before put- Mrs. Terry Lowa and Scott, „.,„.,„ ' ; ti — fhQVV , ,„ tv , 0 „„„„ ,.„ ^^ winds. j ting them in the oven to bake. * * * Presumably, this could be ex- Ronald Pikka is receiving and Mrs. David Inwood and family, South Bend, Ind.; Pat- tended to require payment of the St. L u k e - s r ^ Degn^T Mr, Rose Sab e r, any special assessments levied Hospital, Duluth. Mrg Mge Goodmani Mr and on all members of the union. Mr. and Mrs. James Taylo r Mrs. Joseph Saber and family, (HAWK *»*» • •—- , . _ . , — AVA i. . t4i iv4 *»* j.w. u(.*ij>*i.o Actj' i\j L ivl J o u UoC bloom, Muskegon, visited friends i The ruling by the NLRB was| and children, Chris Jay ancl Escanaba. and relatives here for a week. Mr and Mrs. Nelson Yo u n g and Ivar Nyman, Milwauke, are vacationing at their home 1Vi , and Mrs. Tim Sullivan, Milwaukee, spent a weekend at the Ida Page home. On their return they were accompanied by their children Tim, Dale and Jill, who spent a week visiting Mickey and Rickey Marchant have returned to their home in Union Grove, Wis., after visiting for two weeks at the home of it is conceivable the issue could come up again and eventually find its way to the Supreme Court. 1 While labor spokesmen have made the point that no one would be forced to join a union! if 14B is repealed, they have not stressed it. Obviously, they would prefer that employes under a union shop contract become active ; members of the union — not just! dues payers. The Right to Work Committee Man's hearing stops at vibra- and Republican allies fighting , tlons of about 20,000 cycles per -repeal haven't mentioned thei • second. i point at all— drumming hard on j Lillian Sullivan. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald DuCharme and daughter, Milwaukee, are guests of Mrs. Ann DuCharme. a close one—a 3 to 2 vote, but i L ee Ann. Saginaw, are visiting subsequent board rulings have Mrs . Taylor's parents, Mr. and agreed with the majority deci- Mrs . Nels K uivinen, and other sion and it has never been sue relatives. Card of Thanks We wish to thank our ce r^e cha s^ c s« -"•-•-—---------i .**«!»£»"=---.- centering on the repeal of 14B, WAKEFIELD THEATRE Showing Tonight and Sunday Twice Evenings at 6:45 b 9:00 Showing Once Monday Evening at 7:30 £••••1 *•> "-"> *» r— P^ tives for their kindness and sympathy, in our bereavement, the sudden death of our beloved son, brother and grandson, David Fertile. We are very grateful to the priests, the Reverend C. J. Franczek, Rev. Raymond Valeric, and Rev. Richard Burzynski; to the organist and soloist John Contralto; to the donors of spiritual offerings, flowers, and money; to the pall bearers, and those who loaned their cars; to the Yale Ladies' Guild, and to all who helped us in any way. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph V. Ptrtile and Family Mi. and Mrs. Albino Z«ntlU, Grandparent* HERE ARE OUR AUTO LOAN RATES! We Repeat Our Offer of 4% with a half down payment with a with a third down payment Credit building, life and disability insured, payment tailored loans are the best for you—take it from usl First National, that is! Think First... Of The FIRST NATIONAL BANK ONT £C A H GON 3Vi and 4% Savings Certificates Serving You Since 1903 .,. '.^WffWpCSWpftr . Haamassof : MOUTlMDfRS TKHNKQLQR WtiaVK/Off IRONWOOD ENDS TONIGHT :'ENSIGN PULVER' Plus OPEN 8:00 STARTS 8:45 'ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS:' SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY MOM THE ILISTEHING BKTSfUHII CONNORS HEATH' CtoKledt* JOSEPH E. LEVINE • EDWARD DMY1RYK • JOHN MICHAEL HAROLD ROeeiNSTECHNICOLOR*-TECHNISCOPE* PLUS . . . SUSPENSE THRILLER! THE ASTOUNDING STORY OF AN ASTOUNDING MILITARY PLOT TO TAKE OVER THESE UNITED STATES I BURT LANCASTER KIRK DOUGLAS FREDRIC MARCH AVA GARDNER

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