Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on May 3, 1920 · 20
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 20

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, May 3, 1920
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lannEmESO9' ..a , 1 gown-- FASHION9 ...7.11111110v BLUE BCDK 4 , II Twit &task Reg, U. Pa,- On. ft Treasure Island" Is Still a Treasure in Screen Version I i "TREASURE ISLAND." Produced by Paramount. at the Rose theater. Ttirl CAST. Zoi East le-no ...... Shirley Mon Mrs. Hawkins. ....Toole Ville Bill Bones Al Filson Black Dog Wilton Taylor Pew Ioa Chaney Long John Silver ... Charles Ogle Israel Hands. .Joeeph Singleton Morgaa Hull Montana Merry Lon Chaney Captain Smallett. Harry Hoiden squire Trelawney .. Sytiey Dean Dr. Liveey Charles Bill Mai les aMIMEMIMIPM Dy Caroline Sanborn-If you like the romance of pirates and hidden treasure, of old sailing vessels and lonely ,--------, iziands. you'll en- joy each moment de 4'17"" 41 I ', r? ei 3 of this presenta- '?, v.,: 1--, t.-,-'' ? tion of Robert i.t.z.,F::-2'-'2::4-::''1..) Louis Stevenson ' ' , s f'. ,,,..:---;:'----i , -,:;,':---T4 tale- He looked tX'.--cc;.-:-4-...:--:: into the heart of i t -sie, d ). : i:'-'--,-,--t,'"1 a lad, an with 1. 'c'ii-c 'i,:1::;:,:t-li'-- the dreams and : .1. :-- ";:'?",-; i . ,,:,-,-, fancies he found i '-;?,-r",',-..,''1 l there he wove a k,' -47 -7-et -:-f - story for other - -,,,- .., ,-;,-:-. 1 boys. And now it ;, '.1,, '''.' s: '., 1 ba d g been ma,- - .... s ':-'' -. into a play that i ' : . ' - ,,:'! takes y o u far I :: : .. :: ::,: :: -) from the ordinar I, -';- ' . ::-::1 work-a-day worre 5111L" MA"N. Into the Land dt i M 'A. ure Ph oto, I Let's Pretend. -a-There are fine and courteous English gentiernen in curled wigs and silken - breeches. And in bold contrast are the scarred and evil robbers of the sea with their strange oaths and villainous - bowie knives. When you're not shivering in awe of them you are watching with wonder and envy the boy that might be you. doing the things you once longeA. to do. Shirley Masons with ber slim figure. her bobbed hair, anti her wide. unafraid eyes, raakes a bewitching Jim Hawkins. With boyish bravado he always undertakes the impossible. But because it is his fairy story he always comes through unharmed. Shirley plays the part with a. fearless energy that is delightfut woe: The rest of the cast ts well chosen, and the directing and photography are excellent I Bright Sayings 1 of the Children The Tribune will pay $1. for each ehlislish saying printed. The story told totiM sever have beets prtnted in any nog-ovine or paper. Is is not possible le ackbowiedge or return unavailable COS. eel:puttees. Picea write en one aide of the paper. Address Bright Sayings to Aunty Be., . . . . . . . . . .in Mary had taken out her first library book and wa-s told that she must return It not later than March 1 or there would be a fine to pay. March 1 came and went and the book was not rethrned, but on March 6 an excited Mary rushed up to the desk and thrust lug her book at the librarian exclaimed breathlessly: "I forgot to bring back my book the other day, and how much do Ihave to pay? It was due the oneth." S. E. W. The other day a precocious 2 year e:d came into the office, and while her mother waited for the doctor the child I entertained the whole office. She I talked on every subject she could think of. and at last. looking lout of tl-e window at the dingy sky. she exclaimed: "My doodneasi Ain't the smoke the wirnit!" N. C. M. Howard and Homer had been scrapping and, not knowing which to punish. their father said: "Which one shall I spank? Which one of you started this quarrel?' Neither of them answered and he repeated: " Which one shall I spank?" "O. dad," spoke up Howard, " watt 'tin tomorrow and spank us both!" A. C. A Friend in Need Sally Joy Prmas I want to be the medium throngli which the triend in deed and the friend in need may be broght together. It may be you have some otte-arck-ti article which has not outgrown its usefulness that will magi some teof fortunate Gne happy. and you would gladly sive it if you knew how to go about it. Webs to me &MI I shall be orlY toe llaPPY to be of service to you. wrtte On one side of the paper. When information is wanted by mall a stamped. addreed envelope should aticontgany the request. Please do not send Parcels to The Iribune. but write for the address of the applicant and amid direct. I EMBARRASSING MOMENTS I The Tributes will pay $I ter every letter published Ate '" Tito Keel Esuberraseieg Moment of 3.17 Life. Address Embarrassing Moments. Chicago Tribune. Write en one side of the IV Men. useript retorted. Time to Go. aril a widow and in the fifties. .Some time ago I had a quilting bee -tt my home. We did not finish the 4ulit, but in spite of all my polite protests the women were determined to 'July and finish the quilt. About 7 o'clock the bell rang and a man My age, who had been paying attention to me somewhat on xhe sly, silently entered. Imagine my embarrassment as the women stole out one by one and didn't 'even say good night. GIRL'S DRESS. A pretty party dress, if made with collar. sash and cuffs of organdie, and the dress of a flowered muslin. This pattern, 9,612, comes in sizes; from 4 to 14 years. Size 8 requires two yard. of 39 inch figured material with one yard of plain and 31,i yards of ruing. Order Blank for Clod Ile Patterns. CLOTLIDE, DAILY TILIDETIS. Inclosed Dad I Please eeszd the Cott Ide patterns listed below Psttent stuntoen Btu. Price. Name elm "dm dm goo o Street ow. 000000000000 00111 atr State e J How to Order Clod Ide Patterns. Write your name and address plainly WI dotted lines. giving number and size of such patterns you want. Inclose 12 cents in starnps or coin (wrap coin carefully) for each nurriber, and ad dreas your order to Clotild CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, Chicago. kiti4111W122;11r41 t. DOWNTOWN ., IF-717971717"119"1"11""""frinii"1"111911111"' ,.----, 4,111i II iiii 1 li iillwillii lilluti 11,111 lit i 1111 1 1 LLL2-- --1-4--------- M CASTLE State at :J----- Madison :------... ------- -------a--. --,-,,------; Chbago's Foreneost Photoplay Heusi ---7-:- --.-- .-,------, NOW --,---, -- --,---,---- ------' Exclusive Chicago Showm g -----', ----z---7:----- 17.----2.- -, F.----.7--.--. H 0 R LI A ' -----L----- ........-. TALMADGE In Her Latest Success "SHE - jToys Would Please Her. .- 0-,-- la there any one who has some toys to give to a little girl 5 years old 1.-...,LI . who is nearly blind? She is sad, and as her parents ere poor, they can not I i afford to buy the things to make her happy. A. K." a,- Here is an appeal that will strike , E----- ,ht to the heart of every mother and 1 ri 0 ,.)Tilti, I am.. sure. Five yest.i old and I 3 ---- -7 , iearly blindlthink of that kiddies ,.nd see what toys you can spare to '----,:- .flake this little girl happier., Patterns CAW lore (...) A comedy romance In Illch lovely Norma Talmadge plays a dual role of her husbands matronly v.ife and his young and 1,1Naclous affinity. 8:30 A. M.Continuous-12:30 A. P BOSTON 12 NO. CLARK STREET -rt.: .7- :f.--- SECOND BIG WEEK E ---- , , :WILLIAM S.1 77," pyr,z.1.0. A A ;1 LA, nr HIS LATEST "THE TOLL GATE" LOVES MID LIES PLAYHOUSE MICHIGAN AVE. AT VAN BUREN A. G. SPENCER. Inc. MARY MILES MINTER IN HER LATEST SUCCESS "NURSE MARJORIE," Coming Sunday, May 9th "The Confession" THE' A'rrRACTION OP THE YEAR TILLIAM VT 1- I-4 I ÁS, FARNUM 7, IN HIS HEST PICTURE E-7- 1 'the ORPHAN i A LCAZA a I IIMIMMOIEMEMINIMMit BY CORINNE LOWE. NEW YORIC.(Special CorrespondencejXlisseFluffy Ruffles has given way to Miss Droopy Ruffles. Instead of Making us look fat, many of the present ruffled skirts have the tendency to give the slinking line. Such Is the effect of the petal skirt. made generally of chiffon or georgette in the layers of pointed ruffles which inspired the name. Such also is that of the newest of models, the Doucet " gypsy skirt," made of whole heaps of ragged looking Map ruffles. This model, which is being shown In Fifth avenue at present, is generally constructed of navy or black crêpe de chine. although any other color or any other soft, clinging fabric may be substituted. and Its softness and lack of crushable tendency recommends It as much to the woman who wants travel or motor comfort as to the woman who wants a Little change from plaits. Above we find another kind of ruffled skirt in this black duvAyn model. The ruffles here are of self-fabric, and there Is a white organdy vestee and collar. RADISHES BY FRANK RIDGWAY. Gardeners have been delayed several weeks in getting their early vegetables started, but there is still plenty of time. The most important consideration now is to have the ground in ideal condition end use the earliest varieties of seed obtainable. Twenty days from tomorrow you can have a nice dish of radishes on your table if you Will immediately plant some of the early Varieties of seeds developed for speedy growth. Of course, favorable weather is needed for such rapid growth. A regular garden is not needed for radishes. A tiny patch a few feet square will be sufficient to furnish enough for the average family. Probably the earliest class is the 1 little round, red ones. The early turnip varieties, so called becardie of their shape, have two types, oblong or round and flattened. The long, slender varieties are not so early. The little red ones are always early, tender, and sweet, and include such varieties as the Early Pird, Scarlet Globe, Scarlet Turnip, and Whvite Tip. The turnip radish requires little attention, but it should be started as soon as possible. There is less trouble with the weeds when radishes are planted early. because they are ready to use -- -'-' ..--''' 9 9 - DOWNTOWN Continuous-11 A. M. to II P. M. NOW PLAYING First Exclusi Showing in Chicago SPECIAL PRESENTATION With the Big SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA And HANS HANKE Pianist dO N ES. LINICK 6 SCHAEPER1 'State it Randolph-8:30 a. m. to 12 p. LAST FIVE DAYS p Cecil B. De Mille s Sprightly Expose o Boudoir Secrets H 1 I :- 1 CHANGE In a Mr V Mrm ' lig YOUR '-lil WIFE DOLP14 With GLORIA SWANSON. THOMAS MEIGHAN and BEBE DANIELS (ONLY THEATRE WHERE YOU CAN T SEE HIS SUPERB PICTURE) Coming Saturday - ANITA STEWART - "THE YELLOW TYPHOON" MMV.MONI 0 n JONES. LINICK le SCIlt pErER'S sE: 1 0, aRN-1E1TM SLm. State nr..Mon.roe wirrutat0,44s,V,,L EXCLUSIVE CHICAGO SHOWING M BERT LYTELL mJimmy Valentine I ZIEGFELD NEXT DOOR TO BLACKSTONE HOTEL tql KATHRYN MacDONALD 112 "PASSION'S PLAYGROUND ' --; WILLIANI I in "PASSION'S PLAYGROUND" ia ------- RUSS 7-- I CASINO 58 WEST MADISON STREET E-----Lf ELL S 'Virgin of Stamboul" PRDEAN ISCILLA I N ORCHESTRA NOW PLAYING B.--. " I 9 t LT: I :-- - --7--: SI am Ballo- Will --------- - NORTH 1--, -a --, ADDED A.TrRA.CTION S E. E--- E: LARRY 'EMON ,--------- BUGG LINCIOD TIT tICD ROBEY C ON TIN 1 Ot a 1 .30 TO 11 :a - - A 7-.-. LOUISE .GLAUNI in a RE "SEX" .-- THE SCEN KING ..- ----... I N THE MAGNIFICENT SUPER-SPECIAL E--...-- ......----- g "SCHOOL DAYS" SHORE Br2atiway at Belmont Fe 7-2---- IAKE SRE - -, TO II P At -- EalilltilialliMunirannatunalicanamilas FRANCb FORD. "Crim3on Shoal3" . CHICAGO DAILY- TRIBUNE : MoNDAY, MAY 3, ID"O. before the weeds are able to crowd them out. In wet seasons like this weeds grow rapidly and must be pulled out occasionally to give . the radishes a good chance. To insure a good supply of radishes throughout the season a few early seeds should be planted once every week or ten days during May. In June some of the winter varieties of radishes should be planted. They make heavy roots, which may be stored dur ing the winter to be used in salads. The Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish varieties of winter radishes are the best for June planting. EASTERLY LA SALLE 0 NORTH ;17.4.:Ercv7r1,-ri-EntA N ia I al ugt. 47 .., tilliq tAli ...... ' , mar4 t , , .:Vtf, LRAOC ,..- f 0:: (:) tkiI '1!,, cf i, --",-) T CONSTANCE ItIAPPY KOCIMM TISIMADGE -.N, z 6 14AP,,,NP)fr A CAW? liATIN05 01,61AtE0 N -,--. :H SEAPCH OF A St4NEV i MIER& i L-7',L,4''1,- '1,7,t A FAANOUS ----,----- 'mAcK 011CA5TRA eirr'7.41.1 ''':.:-.-:,-,A v-t) !CONSTANCE FH ISIMADGE A CAW? AtEP : SEAPCH OFA S PIVIERA FAMOUS !A 6rcra .MACK 4 STRA ENNETT &uu.' .-.- -.,-- --T..: .,.-7-. ----a; I OF s .1;01,1 ION Inaltii( u1E-bowi'i i0 Ni NC, Itokow T Joy - i itiVesteigitkaotT,IWL1110 N. W. "L" STA. AT HOWARD ELAINE HAMMERSTEIN "The Woman Game" CHARLIE CHAPLIN "THE PAWN SHOP" Burton Holmes Travelogue Tomorrow "WOMEN MEN FORGET" JHT N:CrVer..40;41WAIL,- MEISMOMMEMOMENNINMEMP TODAY, TOMORROW AND WEDNESDAY Op. of Those Wholesome. Sontimentai and Sympathetic Pictures r r,NrAyky77 1,41, KNICKERBOCKER LOUISE'OLAUM in "SEX" Alm, Harold Lloyd In "EASTERN WESTERNERS" 'AUL BIESE ORCHESTRA Coming Thursday Geraldine Farrar in The Woman and the Punnet" na-111i3 B V fi M AV! R OIL- Bryn Mawr near Broadway at Bryn 71.- Mawr "L" Sta-6:45 to 11 P. M. - L.. PAULINE FREDERICK "WOMAN IN ROOM 13" usTERLY Lincoln and Divereer Pkwy. Cont. 6:30 to 11 P. M. AU-Star--Mystery of the Yellow Room" PANORAMA Fortner ly PINE GROVE Sheridan Rd. E. of Rdsvy. ALICE JOYCE in "The Sporting Duchess" LA SALLE DIVISION BET. LA SALLE AND WELLS STREETS "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" Sheldon Lewis t: I iiC kii-V1-1-131N -3- STATELAKE E--- v1al-11mill IL Cont. 1:30 to- II - Ej F--- 11 ADDED ATTRACTION -----: ENID BENNETT Et--- ORPEEUM CIRCUIT HE FALSE ROAD" -,-- in "T :'-----' NAZIATOVA F---: VAUDEVILLE ES SIVE SHOwEINFIGOTOPLAYS El. Also Al. St. John in "SHIP AHOY" r--- " ss. ItCT.1 ::-.--,- E. IN-- ';'---- "THE WOMAN GOD SENT" K.:- BIOGRAPH 2463 Lincoln Avonue The Heart of a Chi ld F---- E----' Ei Cont. 1:30 to 11 - i - 9 - - with ZENA KEEFE ------ LOUISE CiLAUM E-- -E-: - in "SEX" .-r-- 1 ShowIns at 11:15 ni a. . and 2:15, 3:00, T:45 9. m. EE-- g LOUISE CLAUM 174-7. in "SEX" -"- Er---- I PERSHIlid :.. Lincoln at :---- Wilson "JUST A WIFE" Es E-- -- All Star Cast . 1 Broadway "Tr. 4710 Sherida .7-- LAKESIDE Road E--2 ENID BENNETT E.-1 -.- E: in "FALSE ROADS" F----'.--- ELLANTEE r..., Devon and 5---- Clark ,- -'-r--- Double Feature Program ,a-- VIOLET HEMING ss In "THE COST" -- TA Also ELSIE JANIS s tok In "THE IMP" 2 I DORIS BLAKE'S ANSWERS I Without a Chaperon. "Dear.Aliss Blake: Is it proper for girls of 15 and 16 o go to moving picture theaters and riding with boys of their own age unchaperoned even if they have known the boys all their lives and their mothers approve? "D. M. I wouldn't object to your going to the moving picture shows. but I don't think it's right for young folks to go out riding unchaperoned for the reason that the latter amusement is In. dined to bring them home later than a movie show." However. your parents would be showing better discretion were one of them to go along. I LINDEN CLARA K. I :-.,,. 2 BEAUTY ANSWERS I BY ANTOINETTE DONNELLY. GEORGE! TILE CALLOUS SPOTS on the feet should be rubbed with pump ice Etone and calmed with vasellne and cold cream Do not cut them. Blistes should be painted with collodion to protect them from the air and the trio. tion of the hose. A. K.t BLEEDING GUMS, swor, len and receding, and loosened teeth are all symptoms of pyorrhea. Go to a demist, not a physician. I will send you the mouth hygiene instructions, but you'd better not lose a minute seeing a good-dentist NO. MICHIGAN AVEAT ERIE St CHICAGO CiVonten,,accustoneed,to fiteg3astivittapp)teciate, thib,exceptiionatioffm. (91ff dKode6 walfiL,Rqduced Li( rr-- hia.PAice AISCH FR', NORTH Continuous 6 :SO to Midnight CONSTANCE TALMADGE in "In Sow.reh el a "COLOR GEMS" A Stuuy of Color. Light sind Form MASON & COLE MR. & NHS. BERT m ELB LI RN in "On the Sleeping Perch" 3-01- H E R ACT8-3 ;.-11' e hilt CONRAIDIE !t;) 11101,114StlitteWiti Today & Tomorrow rhe Year's Biggest Motion Pleture i Louise Gillum k2r..11 In the Tremendous Emotional Drama " S E X " , , TONIGHT-7 TO 11:30 EMMA DUNN "Old Lady 31" and CHARLIE CHAPLIN In "ltiE PAV4IN SHOP" Hand's Orchestra COATS MILLINERY EVENING GGWWSS NIIIIBUCItitiGHIAMIIIIM s-----... -,------ E--... 3319 NORTH CLARK STREET BI- - El. . SS F Ei .-- - Violet Heming 7--, ES SI ---- "THE COST' . -- --q- A trustMg, happy wife, Abe was call- &-. -a- ing on a friend. She chanced to look E4 across the partment house court. SE There, through the window of a woman ..;-'..-. Ei whose name was notorious, she saw E-7.- her husbandI r---- .z. :---.-: Er-li Comedy News Travel 2E4 11131"t OM RINZ 1COVORIUMAti 2655 NI CLARK- sr. H. B. WARNER -IN- it Th e White Dove', DE LUXE 1141 wrtsoN AVENUE MILDRED IIARRIS "THE INFERIOR SEX" DEARBORN DIVISION AT DEARBORN SHIRLEY MASON "MOLLY AND 1" ARGMORE Argyle and Kenmore Ayes. CONSTANCE BINNEY in "The Stolen Kiss" NEW KENMORE Renmoievoagilson MARY MAC LA,REN "The Forged Bride" KEYSTONE 3912 SHERMAN ROAD J. V. liERRIti-AN in ''The Dream Hazard" 3912 SHERMAN ROAD REGENT 6746 SHERIDAN ROAD EVE. 7 TO 11 P. EARLE NVILLTAMS in "CAPTAIN SWIFT" ADELPHI Clark at Este, Com Talmadge, "la Searra of a Sinner" 1:41N.1 I-d I 12.41-ota 1 t , CALO Clark St. and 1 Bal moral. Ave. IN HIS VERY LATEST METRO - -4 Con& Talmadge, In Search of a Sinned" - -- - Arom ye, 1 , LANE COURT and Center Sta 1MMV Valentine tztilt Constance Blaney, The Stolen Kiss" TrnnRMAT Lawrence and Clark and Centec Sts .-----, Stolen K las" 1 VITAGRAPH ,, - 3167 LInnoin pive. L---- I -------- TERMINAL Lawrence and ---r------- --,,:-,-- Spaulding - Cont. 1:30 to i I Ei 1 Geraldine Farrar, 'Woman & the Puppet' ---------4- EF ES ENID BENNETT --- 1 ' , SOUTH VERNON 61ST AND VERNON AVE. II B. WARNER "THE WHITE DOVE" HYDE PARK 5314 LAKE PARE AVE. liOROTHY GISH in "Betty of Greydone" 630 and HALSTED STREETS MATINEE DAILY YOUNG. -Forbidden Woman" Z3UZI Si N, ANTIC 260 and Crawford I A lipa APO AS, in ,QInstaina" CM ATLANTIC 26th and Crawford Afire Brady. in "SInners" BOULEVARD 55th and Ashland Pauline Frederick, Woman In Room 13" HALFIELD ARCHER 55th and Halsted Clara K. Vouac 'The Forbidden Woman' 33th and Roby Clara K. Yonne 'The Forbidden Woman' o t.,. MP ...1 ounitininvilinnIEV I S trimillinttmlloono Ct1 47TH AND COTTAGE GROVE AVE. :,----- Tomorrow "The Deadlier Sex,' 20TH CENTURY 4708 PRAIRIE AVE. 3:30 TO 11 P. 31.- COSMOPOLITAN Halsted at E -- 79th St. E Kathiwyn MacDonald. " Turning Point" FROLIC 4.-. 55th St. and Ellis Awn. E---74 Tom Mix. "Drsort Love" ri 47th St ----- 1225 E. KENWOOD - SOUTH -. Matinee and Night CONSTANCE I. , i T rq ,t7 life,'!EIG ITL -rne PIORLIICEMEI WOMAN A Brilliant Do Lux Para Love BtArY BiallotatnIn Prnareet LtT3ILrem:;,;'1 ALSO HIGH CLASS ENTERTAINERS SUITS STREET DRESSES DANCE FROCKS BINNEY Tern Moor. "Duds" ;41LNZ; LI METROPOLITAN aGtraned7thBl'et.. Clara K. YOUnt, 'The Forbidden Woman' El OAKLAND SQUARE 217.111 a Geraldia Farrar, ,Woman rho Puppet' 4 t'ERLESS Grand eaul d 11141.""ea mulles A- Horsa's "IlbortrvAeree" PEERLESS .n0 E i --- IN HER LATEST SUCCESS- "The Stolen Kiss --r; E. E Now Pio Yin A Nanniticont Production CLAVA Pt I HUAI, IL tiARPCKAtt 1 Yrti. Today and Tomorrow-- James A. Herne's Stage Success, "SHORE ACRES" with ALICE LAME Ply V ComedyY0es of tho Soy WPA,Slototor N '31'6Vdtitfl LLD L MICHAGA06.---7 GERALDINE FARRAR IN 'Woman & the Puppet' 5 pEopLEs I7TH ST. at ASHLAND AVE. CLARA K. YOUNG "TIIE FORBIDDEN WOMAN" TOM NIOORE in "DUDS" HARVARD 33D ST & HARVARD AVE -MATINEE AND NIGHT-- ROBERT WARWICK "THOU ART TILE MAN" DREXEL ,1,11,17. Van:L.11;1i. I0AM: TOM MIX in "Desert Love,' PRAIRIE 58TH ST. and PRAIRIE AVE. "MY LADY'S GARTER-- Sylvia. Breamer gll r..- - COLUMBUS Athib3Rndd bAktve: at ulara K. Tenet 'The Foeticide', Women' t IP!". , SOUTH .10w TH IMBALL -Where 1.itkivitt unalterable One Itonor, ru7es- tt.:J!' , Price policy is a bond , faith . 1 e ' , of , good b- A builder . 2,1;,r tween the ti , x A 1 and the buyer..Plai 1 n- t- :7 1, - k e , ,,, , ,,,.... x,;,,,,,,.. ,, k,z ,,,1 ,,,., icy ; me ar ryk e di instrument !ur ur 7, eonnt announce the prices (;7,i1-7 -,-,( k . and the only price k r ,. ill at which that in- 7,v----:.). ' . zotur ughmteTnhtoscean be IA)r e- fi e r 17 -' tigUres are your absolute -ii,.,:-.,-.,,,;,, -' ,...; .-..:-:, :.: r p r o t e c t 1 o ri. ; -,,,s; : ,-;,, ,:, ': - ,,, -..;' ,2k,,,e,,,,,,,:lbs, ,..1-- ,,''''', , , ,, , and the vs- - ,,,Li;,s,,,,,,4,4;:., r. ,' 4L',---,;- Ible 1 evidence T-,,, ,,ir,6is- , ,..,..,,,.,, s.:,:-t;4,,ts-,-::.,(.,---.:-.,o, .. i of our pledde ' 4,,,t-Z711.,..--4--,q;-; -:)...., t: , ,,.,, ,,-- ..A,,,...4 ,,,5, - - r; of integrity. . I '4,.1"11 -, -.4 ,,,,,,,,1 .''',', ,y'''' ',:, ','I't . ' ' '' :s ', k ,1 -!..,:.'",, - ' It:'' l'''''''s ............. S. '' 4,. ' ' ' 1 s -4''' ' '' (0,', , , BY the put, , ',,,,, ,-&-,3, ,,var,,I,,,,,,,, , t' ,;, -,,,.' 4,,.,,,, ' -,,-- ', , chase of a r 7'-' '' -,? M " '.1-- .-:,-'- :- k ' KIMBALL PLAYER PIANO you acquire almost in an instant all that marvelous skill in technique that otherwise would require many patient, weary y e a r s in its accomplishment. Even the most difficult arid intricate seleci tions are simplified to the pressure of the pedal and movement of the expression levers. New Models, $650 to $950 Convenient terms if desired p 'A! rnzwirrik sift IN T7 17 a Wog Likinix;44- ti,nezitott (011CAGOESTABLIS1IED 1857) 306 South Wabash Avenue Pianos, Player Pianos, Phonographs, Pipe Organs, Music Rolls. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Pathephones and Paths Records. MI1411' 4M))3?tmzire ,,',,,4iWS-,.,-,.....p. ,W,, ,,,.',.',,S.., minut SHAKESPEAREnting o- . 43,RD AND ELLIS ' First Neighborhood Showing 72 Ei7 RICHARD MANSFIELD'S Greatest . Success . 1E! "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" WITH AN ALL-STAR CAST E. NEW PARK blot St. and Calumet Ave. MADLAINE TRAVERSE in "THE TATTLERS" and J. W, KERRIGAN in "THE DREAM CHEATER" LEXINGTON DOUBLE 11x02 E. 033RD STREET ALICE BRADY ND.; wr in "SINNERS" anti LARRY SEMON in "ME FLY COP" KIMBARK 6240 EINBARK AVENUE PAULINE FREDERICK "WOMAN IN ROOM 13" ND W. ROOSEVELT ROAD .7-1 1 CARLYLE BLACKWELL 1---L-. I IN WS LATEST SUCCESS :T. "The Third Woman" g 7- -- - - LIGOIE HoDUESX AND DIS L 7- vioNDER ORCDESTRA i WEST LUBLIMERSTRINZ 4MUSE P1ENT CENTERS mlEl g: Roosevelt Road at Pauline E3 E--- Today, Tomorrow and NS ednesday L---Ti Fr: ALICE BRADY .,, th: ::-,:- in "SINNERS" ----- PARAMOUNT 2648 Milwaukee IfS Aveaue F---: -7,-, ES GERALDINE FARRAR .1,7 --...,.- r. z P In "THE WOMAN it THU PUPPET" r,..z t - : ..ra. ---14 WILSON Madison end Wotorn r Cont. 1;30 to 11 P. M. ... is r. PM - 1;1 ENID BENNETT In "FALSE ROADS" P.: 0 Mot AL St John In "StlIP AtilOY" p. E- WEST END 121 North L WEST END zy 121 North Moro E2 S1 GERALDINE FARRAR In "THE WOMAN dt THE PUPPET" MADISON SOUNIE 47111 ' Madmoim EMMA DUNN I In "OLD LADY 31" Fi Crawderd and Milltown 1: !, CRAWFORD PI. B. WARNER in "THE VinITE DOVE" "Where 1 t , 1 Aonor 44c rules" a LIIA ,'Ir 11 1, .,14v); A , 1 L' ' ,,,, ,,1 ,cof, , 1iirid ,,4., 0.??-t,,,,;r, 1111, -,. 1, WEST NORTHWEST ,ons"f io,dlookov, e:r:176,,eriqr14.41,A Ito Fpilir le 104 at',046 loam c.Pqi.4.... &UAL" Itr,1 Romany. moody sod Mirth iitot ha ha ha This Ever la AN EASTERN WESTERNE 1 R ' CENTRAL PARK ORCHESTRA il Ceetral Park T hoer Novelties .,,,.t, XeRIRIONS mem t tut IDAMON Isimmt'a, p Es ,IME111111010010 laDZIE ANNEX mADIsoN ST; AT liLI)ZIE ANITA STEWART "The Fighting Shepherdess Ot TRAIN INq 14 'It .111.114A NLIS"Coradt BRAY PICTORIAL, Matinee Daily-2 P. M. KATHERINE MacDONALD "The Turning Point" IRVING Irving Ph. Blvd. and Crawfurd AN I TA ST1-4:VART "ThE FIGHTING SI IEFFIERDESS" LOGAN SQUARE "'7"'r(c) I rmA7- Katherine ,NI at- Donald -.1;P"' Also 5---AcTs v A UDE V ILIAL----5 NEW STRAND DIVISION nr. BOYNE JOHN- BARRYMORE and frd .,,RiM4;1110 I JOILN MUISLE. IRVING PARK 4h35 Irving PIL 731"1 HUY .N101i it; Y. rim' Tx...04114;G art" yS2t2rIl and ars rUIRroMwahnoil d JOHN ti A WO L OV ET! I MORE n'y z KARAzu vurrs in 4a!s7-4:mit:AIANTITFT.:E:;,1,1iAAR1 4048 A TIMYTAGE AVYNCE MATINEE IIAIEY in "SEEINti THROUGH'. CROWNDivision at Athia RP rz--, tarts Williams, "Captain Stain" E 111110RD latitwauktio crawtatit r Tern Milt. "Dabert ROSEWOOD Blvd. at Liacola bt. ' TOM Moore. "Duda" rall,mmmi!,y,wwww,w,' OAK PARK 11. LI.13,1-1.1 ril,f . -"R IN Z) A ' ':- ..utroZobj,,).:12.. .mottwan,' - 0, w.46t.vtisIN AYE, I tiLit SI. 47",, Mack Sennett's DOWN ON THE FARM I1 AUSTIN PLAISANCE 4" 24. ratimids An. at Li( e St "SHORE ACRES" ALICE LAMB - VIMNMINMESERSINglitiNOSISIMINN..".''W,WPIFf101...11 I I , James A2uHerne's Stage NORTHWEST , HAMEisiER"S'EfEIN ccess, Li 1 t SHORE ARES" WEST "C et, vvettit ALICE LAME 1141 wrtsoN AVENUE - , omedytevies of the doy , wrhCli e AW o lEmc a ti n AGptr N e DE LUXE "THE PAVVN SHOP" MILDRED IIARRIS wrisiscomitymiovio , .11 Burton Holmes Travelogue "THE INFERIOR SEX" Tomorrow . ...of Moos Matinee Dally-1 M 1114 "WOMEN MEN FORGET" re( k -DIVISION AT DEARBORN DEARBORN ,imukry.. - , urn 3411 W. ROOSEVELT ROAB----F.--z KATHERINE - - SHIRLEY MASON - .A - - ', 1.'71 CFEJEGAiebit: CARLYLE BLACKWELL MacDONALD "MOLLY AND I" GAltri LLD MICHAGAs. IN HIS LATEST SUCCESS - IN (, I "The Third Woman" pm. 121 v n 1114 114 rweloartrar z r.PI? AI TUNIC! FARRAR "The Turning Point" kr-11,7))321Emmagzaztrato44:0: ' . - t radishes ir are the I MICZESS, g. .......---,.....-...-.....-..1,... j --- , - 1 4 an''ii" lir 1; y) 'citte .,-... - . ail 0 ' 1,,,n . 1 ,, it ir ,, . ,. .,:. . 40 e moommillity-ort,,4,0 Va" . orkd ,., TO" "Ptr.Z.L.07 onnod , ,. !TH , . ASC:F NORTH r zi' . SOUTH WEST 1 ttfi "1,- SOUTH k a 1 k';FnrLAh Lia.,bitu. 0 r -11, A ;---)a tA.- .1,4 , A.,t, ,. 1 Continuous MA -, . 6 .30 to AganitutonlinnitV ISTATummorim , - It .S0114tAint ,..: 111111114Stlite WV 471 ts:4). qr. 4git.i4omi ('' ag- at4 -,-- IF' . V. Y . - Midnight -7---- 47TH AND COTTAGE GROVE AVE. n .. . 111,111r;IPalti L.:771R ma nrfoo. Intl: odily sad!: 1 yAi!?AE ttg.f.i.,. ,--. Matinee and Night i I it 1 E--- E a liker . Today ear & Tomorrow t -- it:it Effectively I a taroman IL CONSTANCE -- n CONSTANCE ' rhe 'ir,' &T.. . 1',1 ALICE BRADY g": -. - k'i'Y .it 1::: 1 't ?Pk ; f:PC 1 A" .1,,s,.A., , s. In sTAL:InAiDGtEinnite. --- -:,,7 BINNEY , Louise Gillum : sieDtuittgeest Motion 41' r--. . 1 In the Tremendous 4 LL PARK ORCHESTRA Park Thootr No IIHn a Al.e.sderizsSceeRisetz Drama SIN t Itii,,,,,,,,:i.. "COLOR GEMS" .1, -. A Stile, et Color. Light -- ia Emotional Drama 4 4 S E X ' hill H4ROLD LLOYD 1 ..---.;,1A mind dorm E------ IN HER LATEST SUCCESS ----,r, '';',',. ::, 0 i -', I OS - MASON & COLE ILE It11 Smiler and Fewer TR , AN EASIThEauRNEverWEISRTEIINER iA tt,--..----:;-,-,-.--"-, 41444 ' ' B E V' MAE Lt1 NHS .13 N ig -21 "The Stolen Kiss -----. --- .,, ;1! Aitzitza,' ,4&A.z1 1 or .' "Oa the -S-ieeinal7g Porch" Tomorrow E-1 : 'Mei tO tom, m-kow 1 3-0.1 H E it ACTS-3 El Ff.-- 11111111111111 IIIII!!Il!rtli, , CENTRAL v" ,,74:7771; I 34 -- ,.. Control o witios t,t, 1 "- 43,RD AND ELLIS ,otaLle.-WisIi.::1, 1:4 "The Deadlier Sex" glt SHAKESPEARE , , IMMO d Sol IDANOM agagiwrit -- I lompannomonommo (.1 N T. AT ozIE AvE TART lerdess" is"Coroeds - --- ' I Amin le AIM. 1111 MM MO AM& 0 MPS MI ME , 'a'1 f--,' ilu U U Li VI I ti tai ri 14 1111 lIES. I ,- ' ' r ' 'MtITE'Etto9 -------'A ! 1 1 000,, 11191114217721 7 '' 91 E---g.:71 suc". "Dr. Jekyll an i2 -- 3319 NORTH CLARK STREET kll d '--z- i I. '111' :' , flaggINCINTIltit ' --- r- 5t,c211-0.,M et vcisor ..-7:, - Mr. Hyde', Bab' r'''' i!-Prh-Jtv,t?-'1,n-4-f.,'V'10;41k-VAIL Er, Violet Heming 71 - .. ,, . '.tE11,13T. , SS l'r , .,. IMMEMOMIMMOIMEMP ill TONIGHT-7 TO II:30 1 TODAY, TOMORROW FS Fr-. I LE ,d Now Plating t - E-: WITH AN ALL-STAR CAST .- 7. AND WEDNESDAY E--- "THE COST' F-- r A Magnificent Production --nOtb li, EIVIMA t Op. of Those Wholesome. -- ,1 i Sentimental and Sympathetic ------ A trusting, happy wife, she was call- ...---. ciArtA Pt !HUAI, IL A A in "T NEW PARK blot St. and Calumet Ave. DUNN Pictures -a- Ing on a friend. She chanced to look a.-- Itri'll i it, KI,101:11" i 4 IVIADLAINE 'TRAVERSE g across the partment house court. Sr. "Ott Fit) rerirlit through the Nt indow of a sNoman 77-7, 1 'IA Al There, o Harold Llyd In liaLe g tota t i ''. " V"Iit JA. .-"O'ne -,A HE TATTLERS" y "OldLad31 IP ' 17--: hose name was notorious, she saw E..-- ' I L-,.... her husbandI 4, ,4, t so "EASTERN WESTERNERS" ami riOnro!trJurzu and J. NV, KERRIGAN ., and CHARLIE CHAPLIN I I in "1 HE PA IN SHOP" Comedy News Travel 26.-- I 'Aut. RIESE ORCHESTRA WOLMAINI 1.; in "THE DREAM CII EATER" Hand's r. PAULINE FREDE Orchestra Coming Thursdat 144 Woman and the Punnet . Geraldine Farrar in "Tito , ,-,s 111131rtt- trii .1r. RINZ A Brilliant Do Luxe Parades Love - ' 11 eiI' IIEET , ' ' f AT 1 LEXINGTON 02 E, 3RD S AND NIGHT , '''Iks. iltAry. Elaborately Progreel .r- L ,l, 6 3826-36 01flA ;Isom Sr. DOUBLE FEATURE - .- -,11,----.v--- fVainEAktS4GlittraMtt ilt -I --M74S7-Y,Mi41114.,WO :!.:' '''' ALICE BRADY .,.....-..,---,. t 2655 NI CLARK sr. , in "SINNERS" KEDZIE ANNEX MADIsoN ST AT huollE JOT ; :Tit ; - - - 'r le . ' '';- 10. 1 44 ' A. lib - ; lc,. :,,,.., :, H. B. WARNER rj .-, i.,, .- P6 , - '''' 1 N. W. "L" STA. AT HOWARD . f r'll A Tpar i , a ' IN ' . The White Dove', - , p . , inc. - t,t- ., -:',. anti LARRY SEMON in "THE FLY COP" , yllr-d ' -1- , , t ' ' AN l R KIMBARK 6240 2 NINBARK AVENI7E ''., ' ''' N,. HARPCR-at 'Pa ' IZICK - Today end Tomorrow "WMI A NT T V POC1k1 1 -1" - "TRAIININq le'olt 111-1,14ANDS"-CoroedS , A NimlieTr:ikg BRAY PICTORIAL, - - , ' TS1ElfTNhY AessR" T g rd ing rd fr.; Iry - ' -f, ' -z- '-'fall(-12,6:5121111.1;::.'.ial'IN L ww4 a 1 11' 4 ,.4 g , -- 4, -, , ' ow tasA , P , 4 on It A ----- - i - ALL W -..hw here Iii,k ,, 1, Itonor : One A, , .) bond ru ?es.. - ' , ', , ,,, , , 1 , , 1 I be I A .1 J ,'--liv,r1 1 Illuer ti 4); , A 1 , 1 'I ?lain- (..),', ,, i'. ill 11 ,, I c 5 on i., , 1..4, ,cf, z.',T ment ,.,:;,,,, A ,), I'k('r, , price , , t , L t in- I-, ,---- ill N be 1, ,,,,, 3 t )vrf .4,,,,,-,,,-,,,,,:-?,,,,,, p,,...4,::...,,..,,,,,..,..,. 4.. 1,:.:...on,..., ,,,,,, 1 i. -1,'::: t '3:::: ' ,?,,,:';',.,. ' ':- -4 . '' ; & 1.:.. ..r :7 : t4"..(i!..... -.,,,-',.,,.'.e.. i',.....,:, a . , ';'). t F: Is, ....-7 's,''., - ', ..... ,, 0, ,,,- N.,.. ,, 40x, , . .,.. r,........:,,,, vi Z:,,:''.,,..1;:l.0 ,,;,'4,,'; 1444 ri. 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''''' 41 I i k i'''''. 1:4 , I . ft , 1 I - ' ' 41 ' , 411110 tA li , 1 11A 1 0 -1 A, i 1 il 4 ktilit:- ' -- .i V 4 il ' LY'Ittk, Illt 4 " ilit,.;1 101,i; , ,7,,. , , el ,. ligel illh t, , trill, .1. 4111.igik 1 ir,, if , , . 1 kli 1 PoPIPP0---- . ....mum ,,, , r -",,,,,,,,,,...,,, FASHI0119, muligivit ... ' r- . .4 - ,-,-;W' BLUE Et (DX 1, . 11 Ja.ILL1 It Twit &task Reg, U. S Pa,- On. i I !,,''i ft - (Jitt;titttj,-xttit,Utt, , hi ee COATS ''-d--) 7 SUIT MILLINERY csC1 STREET DRESSE EVENING GOWNS 1 '-'7'11114 5 DANCE FROCK , -o--7 : ,,-..s , :' ..-- - :, 4111:4)1 -III - ,,, r. . . ,.....L.,, 0-, -, t, , L f.:6;., ,,, --21,-k-44 - p. N , Ns, '1; ipp - t L'i, : Ubil ; 1 '14 L i 1 ., 1 I 1 e t i,, , ''l 1 1...1 ( ' 4.- 3 ii! , 4; .N I L C. IL'. 0 . 9 6 I 2. , 0 e r lik.1 A31001:7777-1.7.7 777-7'7.f."111M 4 Tio --.. ...--- - sNyt-1. . -.. 'It- .,,.. "1. i .,.. E-....z it- 7----- - 1 .- z.... 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