The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 16, 1933 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1933
Page 8
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m *%' * jvr; v',, ? r ' •THE BAKERSF1ELD CAJLIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16,1933 BAKERSFIELD GROCERY CO. AND SHANNON'S MEAT MARKET Corner Nineteenth and L Streets Phone 435 FREE DELIVERY—OPEN SATURDAY EVENING For Everyday Consistent Prloei—Trade Here Friday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Prices There Isn't Any Depression if You Trade Hero Sugar Large can Milk Large Ranch Eggs Creamery Butter Oleomargarine I0, b ,42c 5 can. 23C !5c I9c !5c .doz. .Ib. Ibs. 100- $1,15 ' sack QC-lb. Ibs. Ibs. Spuds Fancy Idaho Spuds • Dried Prunes Dried Peaches Dried Figs Seedless Raisins 25-lb. sack Ideal or Sperry's Flour... Can Corn, Peas. Tomatoes, Kraut Hominy Corn Meal... Rolled 5 Ibs. 5 4 Ibs. H cans Oats Campbell's Pork and 10 10 Beans can 33c 25c 25c 25c 25c 64c $1,00 25c 35c 5c Ibs. Ibs. M. J. B. 3-1 b. Can 89c Crystal Whit* Laundry Soap. Tomato Sauce I A • W bars for 4 C« ZDC Large package Peet'g Powder .............. Armour's Verlbest ^1 for Deviled Meat ..... Swansdown Cake Flour ....... .............. Sperry's Pancake Flour .......... large pkg. Large Quick Quaker Oats ............... ....... Larg* Carnation Oats ...................... Strongheart M Dog Food. Mission Bell Toilet Soap Oysters for for Shrimps Tuna Ibs. No. 1/2 size Crab can Imported Olive Oil Sardines can 2-lb. box Snow Flake or Krlspla Crackers Full Cream Clovtrbloom Cheese Ib. Pink |A Beans IV Baby Lima ' C Beans V ibs Blue Rost Long C Grain Rice ™ Ibs Onions A 6-lb. box Macaroni or Spaghetti Campbell's Assorted O Soups » Catsup pint bottle No. 1 tall can Rlt- O ter's Spaghetti....»» for Del Monte Corn, No. 2 tall can No. 21/2 Pineapple can Quart Jar Mayonnaise and pint Relish all for I8c 25c 25c !5c !5c I5c 25c 25c 25c lOc !0c !5c Ibs. for 25c I5c 29c 25c 25c !5c 45c 25c lOc 25c lOc !5c 45c SHANNON'S QUALITY MARKET Pot Roast, From Young Tender Beef Ib. Nice Lean Rib Boll .1 Ib. 7c Pig Pork Roast, Shoulder Cuts. .Ib. 8c Leg o' Pork, Half or Whole. .Ib. Me Pork Loin Roast, End Cut .Ib. lOc Leg o' Lamb. .Ib. Ife Lean Pork Steak... 2 „ 22e Fresh Ground Hamburger... 3 , bs 25c Pure Lard or Compound.. 4 ,. 24e Bacon, Half or Piece Whole ,b. lie Sirloin Steak. 2 , bs 25c Rib and Round Steak.- .Ib. I5c Fresh Sparerlbs. 2 , bs 22c VISIT OUR MARKET AND SAVE MONEY VEGETABLE DEPARTMENT Bananas 5 ibs. 5, bs . 7 Jonathan or Rome Beauty Apples.. Pippin Apples Grapefruit, Edison doz Cauliflower O Potatoes. Idaho Russets— Ibs. for 25c 25c 25c 25c I5c 100 k $1.15 ZS^IbVsack 33c CUCUMBERS. AVOCADOS, FRESH PEAS, STRING Lettuce 3 8 for Yams or Sweet Potatots Strawberry Hot- A house Rhubarb... •• Ibs. All Bunch 9 Vegetables s. for Tomatoes lOc 25c 25c 5c Celery O Hearts * for Large Oranges, free from frost lug box EGGPLANTS, SQUASHES. BEANS, PINEAPPLES lOc Mitchell's Market YOUR CUT-RATE GROCER Corner Eighteenth and Baker Streets ' Phone 1111 FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECIALS GROCERIES Jb. Hills-Dale Hawaiian Pineapple, broken slices; No> 2/2 cans ....... Sea Island Sugar, Confectioners' or Brown, /» pound pkg.. .......... DC Armour's Cloverbloom -| Q Butter Ib. -Lt/l BLACKBERRIES RASPBERRIES STRAWBERRIES Heavy Syrup O cans TtOC Exceptional Value Glacier Finest Norwegian Sardines, .can 5c Quail Sardines, tomato sauce packed, 15-oz. oval q can O for Pink Beans; -| A King City JLU Ibs. MEATS Pure Leaf Lard, pound pkg..... Sirloin Steak. .ib. lie Mutton Stew Ib. Pot Roast, chuck cuts rr Ib. i I/ Sauerkraut, bulk quart 15c Lean Pork Steak... ,, lOc Hamburger Q OK« O Ibs. UOC 2 ,bs 21c Wieners Bacon Squares. ib. 8c Pork Picnic Roast .Ib. 7c RABBITS—One to two-pound average— O"| n young and choice Ib. <u JLC ISJ TTY NP\Wft==c 1X1-1 M. L ^ JO -YV CJssiOT -!-'-.V"-"-:: A'.~.W DELANO 1EMR10SE. DELANO, Feb. 16.—Debating teams of Delano Joint Union High School were defriitx-d In the lum series of tli'baipH for the county championship on Tin>sdny iifternnon, One team debated xvlfli the MVKurln nd' team here ut the high school. The subject WHH, 'Resolved, that motion pictures as now conducted are a detriment to the American people." The McFarland team took ihu negative side, while the homo team debuted the affirmative. Oeorue Polmer of Bakersfleld, junior college Hludcnt, was the judge. He gnvu 'tin; decision to the McFarland team. Miss Averill Dlxon was chairman of the ilieeting. The . visiting: team Included Misses Thclnia A^oorc, Frances Grober and Oslu Turner, speaking In tho order named. The local team Included Bob Stuart, Miss Faye Tlpton and Frederick Halverstudt. speaking In the order named. Clarence J. Itoupe accompanied the othor tPiun to Slinfter where they Je- baled ,lhn negative side of the .question. The local team Included Misses Muberta Hamlln. Berttle Morris and Arthur Folsom.' The championship will be decided Sunday School Glass Feted by Teacher TAPT. Feb. 16.—Mrs. J. I, entertained the members of her Sunday school clans at the 'family home last evening with a Valentino, dinner party. The members of the class arc freshman high school girls attending the Methodist church. The dinner table WHH daintily decorated In red hearts with red and while nut cups and place cards carrying on the Valentine motif at each place. "Following the dinner, the girls admired the valentines each received from their teacher and then presented her with valentines and a /ruined friendship motto. Games wore then enjoyed. Those attending the dinner were thu Misses L/ols Conner, Helen Hnlrlston, Marian AVhltwell. Pauline Layfleld, Dorothy Balzar, Elinor Voice, Bornlco Elliott, Mary Winifred Weiss, Dorothy J-Iueston, Elma and Edna Traeger and the hostess, Mrs. McKean. between the Biikersfleld and McFar- lanO lenms, each of whli'h won nix debates and lost two. The standing of other schools at thu finish Is: Du- lano, won five, lost three; Taft, won two, lost six: Shatter, won one, lost six. McKITTRICK . McKITTIUCK. Fob. 18.-7-Mr. and Mrs. A. 15. Axx hud HB their dinner Mr. and Mrs, P. O. Betty Morrison and Mrs, 13. J. Brayton. ao- by Miss laajbef Ehlers, Kuoalo Sunday, Win well, Miss . .... . ._ Mrs. Emma Blulr of Marloopa. Mr. and " " * ~ companled . ..._.. spent the week-end In l.os Angeles. Mrs. B. \V. BUMS and daughter, Blanche, returned Sunday from Ile- dondo Beach, where they visited Mr. and Mrs. Junics McDonald. Miss Jean Harris spent the weekend with Miss Heleh'Joslln In Button-willow. Joe Fuller of Martinez spent hte week-end with his family at Reward. He was accompanied here by Ray Watson. Jim ' Renfro left for his home in Huntington Beach recently. While here he was employed by the Purman Oil Company. Miss ftrancts Douglas had as her guests, over the" week-end. Miss Mary bewls and Sllsa Pearl Hoffman, both of Bnkersfleld. Miss Vivian Simmons of Bakersfield Is visiting Miss Adele Fairbanks. Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Farnsworth left Tuesday for Wlllowbrook to visit relatives. ' !* • » GRANITE GRANITE STATION, Ifeb. 18.—On Friday evening the I pupils of tho Granite School/ supervised by (heir teacher, Mrs. Margaret Brown, gave a St.-Valentine's parly at the Urimlte Schoolhouso. dames and dancing were .enjoyed. Coffee and cake were- served. The cakes were made by the girls of tho school. Valentines, which the pupils had miido, were distributed. Miss Sue Colburn and Frank Hitchcock motored to Bakersfleld Friday. Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Qrlsedale were Mr. and Mrs. John Burtch and children and Mr. and Mrs. H. H. .Wollor and children of Bakersfield, and Carl Osborn of the Weed Patch. Mr. and Mrs, Anq Carlson and Miss Esther Vordler Were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs, 'E. J. Sarret. Frank Hitchcock was an all-night guest FrldtiR.of Mr; and Mrs. W. B. rioao. ' Mr. and .Mrs. S. it; Smith and Hugh Smith moved down last week from their place near- the Jack Ranch, to their ranch home In the Granite Station district. They were snowed In at the Upper place for two weeks, Mrs. Smith came out horseback. S. M. Smith and Hugh Sini'.h walked for miles, driving tho horses and guiding an Improvised sled that held their luggage. DELANO Specials for Friday and Saturday DANISH BUTTER Qunrtered,4n 1-lb. Cartons Pound . . / 21c M. J. B. COFFEE . 32c . 61c . 89c $1.16 Ibs. SODA CRACKERS OR GRAHAMS 2-lb. Package 25c POTATO CHIPS Large Package 5c CAMPBELL'S TAMALES Home Made •Special Price .... 3 for 25c CARNATION MILK 6 Small Cans 15c 3 Tall Cans 15c TOMATcTjUICE New-mark's Special Extra 3 No. 1 Cans 25c 2 No. 2J/2 Cans 25c CORN Nnwmark's Special Extra No. 1 Can . 9c No. 2 Can 13 C « PEAS Npwmark's Telephone No. 2 Can I5c ' TROPIC TOMATOES 2 No. 1 Cans 15c 2 No. 2/ 2 Cans 19c TROPIC STRING BEANS No. 1 Can'-' 6c No. 2 Can $c FRESH RANCH EGGS From Casa Ixjma Acres No. 1 Extra targe .... 16c Medium 14c SLICED BACON Rind Off Pound .......... 25c, RABBITS 1M; to 2-lb. Average Pound . 24c HENS .". to DMt-lb. Average Pound 19c COLORED FRYERS '.' to 3-lb. Average Pound 26c LOIN OR RIB PORK ROAST , Center Cut Pound 15c GENUINE BABY BEEF ROUND STEAK Qround Pound . 20c BABY BEEF POT ROAST Pound . 13c BABY BEEF CLUB STEAKS Pound 28c FRESH GROUND SAUSAGE 2 Ibs. . 25c ORANGES .Medium Slzo 2 Dozen 26c GRAPEFRUIT Imperial Valley—Size 64 Dozen . .» 39c DELANO, Feb. 16.—Mrs. Charles F. Trueblood and her daughter, Mfss I Quimia, have returned from Whittier, where they spent the week-end I visiting with Mr. Trueblood and other relatives. The Reverend Stephen L. Klser and Mrs. Klser of Alpaugh and Earlltnnrt were Sunday afternoon callers at the home of tho Reverend and Mrs. Willlam C. Eddy. Mrs. B. V. Stnldley Is home from Los Angeles, where she enjoyed the week-end. Mr. Hiid Mrs. Frank J. Coddlngton were Tuesday night dinner guests Of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Hiett, Jr. *-»-» HOSTS AT PARTY TAFT, Feb. 18.—The Knights of Columbus sponsored a country store bridge and.whist party recently in St. Mary's hall. A large number of prizes were/ given, after which refreshments were srveed. • Bridge winners were H. C. Dohring, F. Bird, Mrs. E. Weir, Mrs. W. J. Hunt, Charles E. Burns, Mrs. A. V. Bush, Leo Loftus, L. A. Mellenthin, Mrs. E. Fugit, Adam West and Mrs Adam West. Winners at whist were Evelyn Nelson, Mrs. Bessie Pederson, George D Gllmore, Ruth L. Wilson, John Bullman, Babe Cronin, Mrs. B. Rafferty Miss Jenn Lutton, Mrs. V. W. Lucas, Mrs. A. H. Bradley, John'Gallon, W. F. Carroll, and Bill Cronin. Mrs. Gibson Hostess for Luncheon Club DELANO,' 'Fob, 16.—Members of tho Friendship Ijuncheon Club motored to IcFut'lnnd on Tuesday and were en- ortalnod 'for their all-day, meeting a.\. he hqine of Mrs. W. H. Gibson- there. They met at 10:30 o'clock In the nornlng and a delicious covered dish uncheon was spread nt noon, Covers ore laid for 14 ' and places were narked for Mrs. Harold Appleford, vho ,was a guest of the club, Mes-. dames W. II. Richards and daughter 5onna of South Dakota, Loyd Ham- In and James Hamlln of Pond, Nea) Voodward, Chauncey Soarby, Nina owe!!, Fannie Klbbe, Carrie Ratcllffe, . C. 'Sharp, Ed S. Green, Ralph Ihnse, Arthur Post, and the hostess Table decorations were violets and narcissus. The afternoon was enjoyed with cards when three tables were arranged "or five hundred. MOUNTAIN VIEWi- MOUNTAIN A'IFAV, Feb. 16.—Lee Burgess is ill In a local hospital. Mr. and Mrs.. John Carter of Shafter were Saturday night guests In the M. A. Heck home. Charlie McQraw is staying wfth his grandmother, Mrs. M. A. Heck, and attending Mountain View School. -WOMEN'S CLUB PARTY MARICOPA, Feb. 16.—The Women's Club met Tuesday afternoon at tht city hall for a social afternoon. Valentine's day furnished the motif for the decorations and dainty valentines served as score cards. The afternoon was spend playing bridge with firs and second prizes awarded to Mrs Harry Webb and Florence I. Price Mrs. Grace Cheesbrough was in charge of arrangements. Those present were Mesdames, Mable Bond, Clara Green Evelyn Elermann, Martha Walker Grace Chcesebrough, Harry Webb, am Florence I. Price. FARM CENTER MEETING ! WASCO, Feb. 16.—The next meet- j ing of the Farm Center will be held In the grammar school auditorium; /Monday evening, February 20. The CAMP FIRE UNIT MEETS MOJAVE, Feb. 16.—The Camp Fire Girls, recently organized here, met at the homo of their organizer, Kath- loejn White, on Monday afternoon. A banner was mado for the group, as yet unnamed. Oracle Everett was the hostess for the day. A candy snle wll be held on Friday at the schoolhouse the proceeds to go toward the reserve fund. WASHED STOCKTON POTATOES 26-1 b. Cloth Bag 29c TRUPAK SAUERKRAUT No. 2 Can 9c No. 2!/ 2 Can . 11c Sperry's Pancake and I §• Waffle Flour, Ige. pkg. I OC Wheat Hearts....20-oz. pkg. I5c Bisquick 29e Softasilk, the Cake OR* Flour largq pkg. ••Vw GOLD MEDAL FLOUR "Kitchen-Tested" So-Called 5 Ibs 23c 10 Ibs. 37c 25 Ibs 74c 50 Ibs $1.44 TO PLAY AT WASCO " WASCO. Feb. 16.—The golf tournament with Exeter last Sunday on the speakers of the evening will be J. J. i Wasco golf course resulted In a tie ,^...., ..., ,„ .. , - An enjoyable day was spent after which the group dined at Welt's hotel Next Sunday the El Tejon Golf Club of Bakersfleld will play here and com pete for honors. A 20-man team is ti be sent out for the tournament, afte which the group will'go to "Welt's fo luncheon. Deuel, who will speak on the t*.w and Utility Department of the Farm Bureau; M. Lindsay will tell of the agricultural outlook; and Mrs. Jea- r.ette Stoner will give a report on the activities of the home department. There will be a musical program and a moving picture of haymaking. ALTA VISTA MARKET i 'NOW CAN EAT ANY KIND OF FOOD, AND NO CONSTIPATION" Mr. Durigan Finds Relief in Kellogg's ALL-BRAN Here is hia enthusiastic letter: "Am 70 years. of age, and for 40 of these years there never was a week but what I had to take pill or some kind of cathartic. "I took everything, but gainec only temporary relief. Until last spring my daughter,.who is a nurse in a hospital, brought me some Kellogg's ALL-BRAN. "At the end of the week. I knew I had something that was it, and I kept on taking it. I haven't taken a cathartic since. I can eat meal any time, as often as I like, or any other kind of food, and no constipation." Mr. L. M. Durigan, 6811 Buffalo Ave., Jacksonville, Florida Laboratory tests show Kellogg's ALL-BRAN provides "bulk" to ex ercise the intestines, and vitamin 1 to help muscle tone. Alao iron for the blood. The "bulk" in ALL-BRAN is much like that of lettuce. Inside the body it forms a soft mass. Gently, 1 clears out the intestinal wastes. How much safer than paten medicines. Two tablespoonfuls dail: are usually sufficient. With eacl meal in serious cases. If not re lieved this way, see your doctor. Sold in the red-and-green pack age. At all grocers. Made by Kel logg in Battle Creek. Phone 4166 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street LINCOLN MARKET Phone 3053 Corner Twentieth and L Streets M. J. B. Jr. Coffee Mb. pkg. 2-lb. . . CIGARETTES Pkg., lOc; Carton, 99c PEARS Newmark's Special Extra No. 21/2 Can 19c GRAPEFRUIT Golden Rod Brand No. 2 Can 13c ROYAL ANNE CHERRIES Golden Rod No. 2'/ 2 Can 24c REO'CHERRIES Fancy Sour Pitted Supremu Brand No. 2 Can 14c PEACHES Nowmark's Special Extra Sliced or Halves No. 2(/2 Can 14c BISHOP'S CHOCOLATE 1-lb. Can 25c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP 10 Bars 27c IVORY SNOW 2 Packages 25c 1 l-'uckaga FVec HEINZ PICKLES Sour Spiced Gherkins Preserved Sweet Gherkins or Sweet Mixed Pickles Picnic Bottle 15c HEINZ SPANISH QUEEN LARGE OLIVES 8-oz. Bottle* 23c HEINZ JELLY Quince, Crabapple or Currant 8-oz. Glass 15c TROPIC OYSTERS No. 1 Can 9c MINCED CLAMS Hoyal Chef Can 11c Can SHRIMP Gulf Coast 9c SUNBRITE CLEANSER 2 Cans 9c BLUEBIRD Washing- Machine Soap 1 Pkg 23c Soda Crackers, Better Best 2-lb. box 21c Pillsbury's Pancake . Flour.. large pkg. PIKE'S GROCERY 302 H Street Friday and Saturday Danish Butter, 20c EGGS*"? l4c dL0 ° z - I6c Kokoheart Oleomargarine Crackers, Sunshine Krlsples Matches, Diamond ..... Milk, Lucerne. . . , ..... Walnuts, Local A Budded ....... ft 25e 26c f» W for ..tan Se .b. 23c Call at our store for our price list covering about 100 other articles. Prices cut to the limit. TENTH GROCERY J. H. HIQDON, Proprietor 1001 H Street ; Phone 787 ' Four Free Deliveries Dally Free Crockery With 2 Ibs. NS, C J- Coffee vfv Wei I man Coffee. ID. 29c| Kellogg's Corn t% Flakes.. alpkgs, i Baking Powder, Calumet... .H>. 26c] Drifted Snow Flour.. 10ib,.33e Wesson Oil quarts 39c] Snowdrift, 2-lb. Tin Bartlett Pears, 2'/is. Dodge Brand. .•. Trupak Shrimp, Is.'..... Zfor Z8C Del Monte Whole Beets, A L 2s for Butter, Golden Rod..Ib. Golden Cru& New Breakfast 1A* Cake loaf IUC Coffee Q Cakes V Sliced A Bread. forlOC loaves IvC Apples, O AC* Pippins.. 0 Ibs. AtfC Box, 85c BUNCH VEGETABLES— Carrots, Mustard Greens, Green Onions, Radishes, Spinach and Turnips, With Purchase of Any Item in Store bunch Shoulder Beef Roast, No. 7 Cut, A-1 Steer .'Ib. Leg Pork, Half or Whole Ib.J Swift's Sliced Bacon Ib. I4e 23e Eggs, U. S. Extras, Strictly . ||» Fresh doz. IUw. Watch for Our Special Week-End Hand Bills 15c Log Cabin Syrup (10-oz. Pancake Flour / Free) Small, 19c; Medium, 37c; Large, 73c Silver Slice Bread, White or Whole Wheat.. .2 fon 15c Raisin Nut Bread, Delicious. 15c Butter Horns 3 for lOc MRS. RAMBAUD'S FRENCH BAKE SHOP , Phone 2020 for Food ' 1918 "Eye" Street Talk, Don't Walk—Cash or Charge—Free Deliver^ &(?erybodys grocer Wellman's Bird Seed.'..... v. .pkg. 9c Norwegian Sard i nes, in Pure Olive Oil.. Heinz Apple Butter. ..2-lb. jar 27c Pot Roast, Prime Beef Ib. 9c Sirloin Steak .Ib. 15c Swift's Premium Skinned Ham, Half or Whole .Ib. 13c Cloverbloom Butter Ib. 20c J*ure 4u>s.25c Sunbrite Cleanser.. Y cans llw Pure Honey. .5-lb. can 32c For-All To- 0 1A* inato Sauce 0 cans lUv Pork Roast, Picnic Cut Ib. 9c. Pork Steak .Ib. Bacon, Sugar-Cured Half or Whole Ib. 12c Margarine .Ib. 6c Picnic Ham.... .Ib. lOc (Local Cabbage Ib. Ic Celery, San Diego 5c Bunch Vegetables 2 for 5c Russet Potatoes 25-lb. sack 25c Snowball . Cauliflower...2 for 9c Lettuce, Large.. 3 f or lOc Fancy Pippin Apples 10 Ibs. 25c Box, 75c " Low Rent—Small Overhead—Is the Secret Effective Friday and Saturday, February 17 and 18 Shoulder Steak Pounded, delicious, no bone Ib. 12 '/ 2 c Pure Hog Lard ., " Ib. 5c Veal Cutlets, Loin or T-Bonc Ib. 12>/ 2 c T-Bonc Steak. Ib. 15c Rib Steak Round $teak , . Loin Steak Rib or Loin Pork Chops Shoulder Veal Roast Ground Round Steak Shoulder Pork Roast (No Bone) New York Cut Steaks. ;". „ .Ib. 25c Boston Club Steaks Ib. 25c Advance Shortening (Purely Vegetable) 3-lb. Pkg.... for 18c Legs of Yearling Mutton \ Ib. lOc Prime Rib Roast, boned and rolled Ib. 15c Shoulder Beef Roast, (Round Bone or No. 7 Cut).... .. Ib. 8c Nice Lean Bacon (half or whole) Ib. lie 'Sliced Bacon (nice and lean)......... .Ib. 15c Bacon Squares..;..........'..,....,. ..Ib; 7c Cloverbloom Butter (1-lb. limit)..... .Ib. 18c MEL SMITH MARKET 1221 Nineleentb Sired Phone 214 rt

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