Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 9, 1955 · Page 11
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1955
Page 11
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Dial PA-2-4GOO for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1955 ELEVEN Two Young Boys Arrested In Historical Home Theft The items stolen from the Allegany County Historical Society home on Washington Street have been recovered and two boys, one 10 years and another 12 years, have been arrested in connection with the theft. Detective Joseph H. Stitcher said the two boys admitted entering the building last Friday after , Amoving a pane from a side porch ''window. . The pair will receive hearings as delinquent minors in Juvenile Court later this month. Stitcher said, and have b en released into the custody of their parents. A check of the Historical Society building last Saturday revealed four old pistols of the flint and cap and ball variety, a brass telescope, and a box of buttons and medals of early military cam-: paigns were missing. All the items were recovered yesterday, Sitcher said, with the: exception of a cylinder from one! of the pistols. A further search will be made today for it, he ad3 : ed. Parents of the youngest boy told police his brother told them he had been in the building. After being questioned the youngster admitted it to his father, and mother and they called police. Stitcher said the boys pointed out to him yesterday where they had thrown away the stolen items. He found two guns behind Grace Baptist Church on Greene Street, another behind the flood wall ofl Avirett Avenue, the fourth gun and the telescope in a yard behind a vacant house on Washington Street. The boys told police they entered the building at night through the window, moved a display case from a wall and opened a sliding panel to take the guns and other items. They threw the stolen things away after playing with them for awhile. Headquarters For Fine Quality Christmas Candies Worthmore CHRISTMAS STOCKINGS 39c ea. Worthmore CHOCOLATE DROPS 12-ox Box 25c Worthmore Royal lustre HARD CANDY • 25c Brocks' Warwick ASSORTED CHOCOLATES Box Brock's ASSORTED CHOCOLATES Joxl.69 Jacaby On Rridtje Exception To No-Trump Rule By OSWALD 'ACOBY Written for NEA Service Good bidders usually try to gel to a trump suit in which the partnership has eight or more cards. When there is no such trump suit, experts usually wind up playing the hand at no-trump. Today's hand shows an exception to this rule. North's bidding rather clearly showed a singleton diamond.- He £° began by showing his own biddable suits in hearts and clubs, after which he raised spades. A player who takes the trouble to aid three suits usually shows marked shortness in the fourth suit. NORTH (D) 9 4 A83 VAQ1065 43 + AK107 WEST EAST 4 Q 10 5 4 A 97 ¥83 ¥KJ94 *KJ73 »Q105 + 952 4J843 SOUTH 4KJ62 ¥72 » A9642 + Q6 North-South vul. North East South West 1 V Pass ' 1 A Pass 2* . Pass 2N.T. Pass 3* Pass 4. * Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—V 8 South could tell that the- spade raise had been made on a three- card holding, since otherwise North would have raised the spades immediately instead of showing the clubs. Therefore South knew that his choice was between playing ' the hand .at spades with only seven trumps in the combined hands and playing the hand at no-trump. It was here that South profited by knowing that his partner had a singleton diamond. At no-trump this singleton would be a weak spot. At a spade contract, however, the singleton would give South a chance to trump his worthless diamonds with dummy's small trumps. For this reason South went on to game in spades instead of no-trump. The play fulfilled South's expectations. He won the opening heart lead with dummy s ace. took the ace of diamonds and ruffed a diamond in the dummy. He nexl to his hand with the queen ol clubs and ruffed another diamond with dummy's other small trump. Declarer next cashed the top clubs, discarding a small heart from his hand. This enabled him to ruff a heart in his hand with the deuce of trumps. South next ruffed another low diamond with dummy's ace of trumps. By this time South had taken nine tricks and still had the king of spades in his hand. The game v,as therefore assured, and South actually made an extra trick \vhen West was forced to ruff the next trick and lead trumps up to the king-jack. If South had played the hand at no-trump, he would have had a miserable time with all the finesses in bad position. The chances are that he would lave been set two tricks instead of having an easy play for his game. Q—xhe bidding has been: South . West North East 1 Diamond Pass 1 Heart Pass You. South, hold: AAJ.73 VAK5 4AK1062 *4 What do you do? A—Bid two spadM. With 19 points in hi<b cards and fine distribution yon most .force to fame once your partner has responded in one of your food suits. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered; You, South, hold: 4.AJ7 VAK53 4AK1062 +4 What do you do? . A--^.vcr Tomorrow Christmas Suggestions Cedar Chests — Pianos — Guifars — Nccchi Machines Necchi Sewing Machines — Wardrobes Gas - Electric - Coal Stoves—Appliances Zenith ." Arvin Televisions — Rocking Choirs Studio Couches — Dinette Sets Smokers ond Magazine Racks Peoples Furniture Store REINHARTS 17 Baltimors St. Rtcognized Lidding Hom« Furnijheri in Wt«tern Maryland ' /J "For Cash the Cheapeit . . . For Credit th« Easiest" - . ft J ) ?j> ( f 1 >l»,> r >/?tSi?r>r> f >ft>f5)->l§ Newest, most exciting shaver gift of all Me* SdhW "25" wif bloct-end-silver Caddie Coi* $29.50 New SCHICK "25" Silver Jubilee Shaver by the inventors of electric shaving Give him the wonderful new shaver he's heard about, the gift he's hoping for!;..the new Schick "25"! It shaves so close it will leave nothing on his face but a smile! So new ... so close ... so sure to please! h's a gift- hc'll thank you for morninc after morning. 3 WAYS TO CHARGE IT Money-Back Guarantee He shaves uiih the new Schick "25" for 14 days, starting Christmas Day. He must be convinced thai it gives him the closest shaves his face has ever felt, or he returns it for full refund. Official Watch Inspectors—B.&O. R. R.—W. Md. Rwy. Extra! Save $ 7.50 tf he hoi an old electric thavcr—any make or condition—bring it in when his trial period ends. We'll give you $7.50 as a trade-in, to you pay only 522.00. Plans Revealed For Remodeling City Hall Cellar Mayor Roy W. Eves said a copy of plans for remodeling the basement of the. City Hall, which is used for a number of clinic programs by the Health Department. liave been received by city officials. He said a copy of the plan prepared by Howard F. Baldwin, architect for the Bureau of Medical Services. State Health Department, is being studied by City Engineer C. R. Nuzum. The drawing provides for the remodeling of the basement, now used as a health center and for the city registration office, to provide for a more efficient health center and offices for the city tax collector, with entrances from both Frederick and Bedford streets. The architect's drawing shows that the health center would con-; .ain three divisions. The first would provide quarters for maternal, pediatric and child health clinics, the second for mcnl il health and VD services and the third for an X-ray, chest and heart center. Baldwin notes thai the plan provides 1,300 feet of floor space for health activities and that the United States Public Health recommendation is 4,700 feet. • Mayor Eves said the architect's suggestion provides better use of the space now used for health clinics. The present quarters are the scene of a great deal of public health activity. During the first nine months of this year, for instance, 30 child health conferences, with a total attendance of 380 children \vere| held there. 'Another 18 prenatal clinics provided clinic services to 288 persons. There were 37 chcsl clinics held| clinics. on Friday mornings, when 1,486! Mental hygiene clinics totaled 42 chest X-rays were read and 78 dl "' in S the first thrce c ' uarters and were persons treated. Four heart clinics were held, with 20 persons in attendance. Fourteen seizure clinics were attended by 224 patients and 15 pediatric clinics provided services for 42 others. Nine hearing clinics were attended by 219 children and 140 other children attended seven eye clinics. Busiest of all were the Wednesday afternoon immunization and VD clinics, with 1.149 attending 39 /nfmylVayL -in size, flavor. I a L^" ! i.^ H dosage. Special-1 ASPIRIN izedpureonmge I CQR CHILDREN flavor, accurate F *" • dosage. Try it! World's largest Selling Aspirin For Children j provided services for 34C persons. The clinics, now held each Friday from !) a. m. to noon and first and third Thursdays from 1 a. m. to 3 p. m.. are to be stepped up in January, when four more half days are to be provided monthly.- Ruptured I*TM, Hand's C £ TE 0«I»r Aaothw 0»y— lot now it c*n b« controlled with J r*«dom and CoinioH in every normal d+j and night activity. DOTEUMT BAUIMORt AND CENTRE STS. give the lady what she wants... A Kenmore Sewing Machine '• e ^7^% c ^ u "ft fO « . , •'• An,,. ^••'Bfips^!*^ . •• • l -<-ay e „ ^^ot-gii, »ne „., ^ ; *<S$^$miw^ n ., • s e e if ' Uv e („„ , r ; JP ^liiSii^--^ 01 ^ uc * '"*,d ••^^m , <^--^ v, ^--s^' ' ' ' * * V •*•*«*„> ? ^, "^ «"-.__ - -** r- PURCHASES TOTALING^$2O OR MORE CAN BE BOUGHT ON SEARS EASY PAYMENT PLAN Tree Light Sets Eight-Light—Scries V." -c-i U.L Listed Bulbs ar« spaced 16 Inches opart for easy deco rating. Spring clip* secure bulbs to tree. Colored lamps included. 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