The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on January 4, 1895 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 4, 1895
Page 1
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xvm, NO, a?, CARROLL, IOWA, FRlBAf. JANUARY 4, 1895. WHOLE NO. 925 •*» I J GUILDS 1 n Dry Goods* » Next Door west of Post , \®®5>S^g>®@«@^®®S®®®©@ 1 «)@®®s®g HERE WE ARE for the least money. We wil popularity has been our exta be duplicated elsewhere. W Men's NECKWEAR Handkerchiefs. **-»r-»'-»-i^-w-»^\f\r>)rx*xr>jx»xjqyT-ri^»x*\j^M-ifv^wx/x/ 1 f\ gets a good colored bordered bandkor- A W chief bemmed and ready {or u«o. 2«x» A One colored bordered, hemstitched \f\j warranted f«»t •colors. K _ An extra flne colored bordered or a beau DC tlful » 1Mn ""hlte or ehibroldered. These ^^ ^ goods wo«ld be cheap at 16c ordinarily. O1 /*. A beantttul Irish lawn bandkeroblef, OTsC band embroidered and band drawn **' ° v work. These good* gold last year lor 26 cents. •••:.«. * / <t f)l .,***• One unfinished bandkereblet 1 jo/aC ' han(l embroidered and drawn I** work. Thli IB a pure Irish Cambrie. Tbe «ame goods laundered would cott you 35 cents. r>/V_ A novelty in handkerchiefs. A flne SfiUc linen erobroWSred with silk In wbKe •** vw '0r color*. ^6cSSS^£Sff^^ good* would be sold tor more but we have too many and rao«t sell thorn. • . Sloie, Uo 1 /^\ m m m mm i G L UL UL Unl 1 LULIl U |<^THIF. with the finest selected stock of staple and fancy dry goods ever seen in Carroll. We have taken great pains to get the be 1 save you TEN to TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT on your holiday purchases. Our store has been popular from the start, s jmely low prices. In fact, our prices have no competition in western Iowa. We quote a few prices which we think are e solicit your inspection. We always have what we advertise. / Men's Suspenders Dress Goods 1 Of> Per yard, a good double fold serge In J. V/L/ beautiful check and plaid effects. 1 Ci\sf* Double width corset cloth, tbese ±<O>oC 8«o<J« are 40 Inch -width and look Awgw rike 60 cent goods. •4 tf f* Aflne American caslumno ot Ar\lng- 1 OC ton stripes. See these, they are a — ' 'great bargain. 4 f\f^ The best line of storm serges ever 1 rjG 'ooked at for the money. Those * • v ** gooda would be cheap at W cents. f\-'ty~ Our fine English casb meres, also a SfiOC beautiful line of Joniestown that we * w ^* ** tawe reduced from 35 cents. Our black' dress good* Is very complete. A nice black dress nuikaa ivery vwetul Chtistmas f'ft. .-. _ , ...... We can save you money In this department b«ilde»gWtng you tbe newest novelty. :•'•''•"• Men's Silk and Wool Muffler*. X 0C A beautlfnl Pal»l«» muffler. igrjfj An extra flne bochea. TfcOO '^ nk and wool cashmere. 73C A beautiful brocaded Bilk. St"! f\(\ Tula In a bummer and would tpJL.V/V/ be cheap at $1.50 We would solicit; your Inspection. We will guarantee to save you money. CLOAKS! A 1 AC For a nice well made child's (P 1 »9 V ooat that has been wiling at three dollara. „•/ Of course we are going to date ont irioea accordingly. We have a flm MW aat w*ek bat they go with the rest at alt Table Linens and Napkins \)f\f\ A good 64 inch loom damask. You ^S?!?, wn't mMthlt torliw than * oi. l^jptAj''^^ < 78 e. quality oo^huU bleached "XtJVJ and' extra Hue. Our line of napkin* is very large, can give you nytnlagyouwMnUntfeor X «lzfl» and save von money. -™ Meh's EASCINATORS, OOx% Kor tbo largest tmd best fascinator tJ V V> ever sold In tbe west for the money. AQft An extra beavy closely knit. Would nBfr V» be cheap at 75 cents. joS^-- Something handsome. See this, It 1 UfjC n bekatr B0d would ba Ter y cheap a CLOAKS! JfeA OR For a lad ^' a flDe bl8ok beav * ^•(•VV «r that we sold (or ' seven k doilare. evaty oloak nod cape we have and made irtnwnt yet as we got a late ebipm DOtt JRF^IOEl. fiG'W* »»n seU you an sU linen tow»l^ . : 1 lG% A large 8lzo and pure " nen ft *• Our .floe Husk. Tula towel Is told JoOO elsewhere tor aja Wu litre what you . ^* want and can save you money. Men's Fine Shirts, Collars and Cuts Hosiery, Underwear. •4 f\— For children's fast black hose. Ton 1 IfC can't get It elsewhere for leas than * **** 15 cents. •f Kf\ Will sell yon a pair of Ironclads. J. tJ U Ueually sold for 23 cents. ^ f\ _ A LadleV extra heavy fleeced lined 1 M G warm hose. This stacking usually ~ sells at 25 cents. O CST ^ A T °W flne Imported hose. We have •'iflli these In tbe extr* widths. This Is a ^"^ v 60 cent quality. 4fhr* A very One Lisle thread, something * WO tb»t used to sell at 7S oents. We keen tln>'e goods tip to tlJSper pair and wll guarantee to sell rou sometbmg that will live you sat); faction at as low a price aseanbe ound In Jimtnca. OLD MAKES LOWEST PRICES-? Everything He Sells Y®&®^$^®&&&§^S®&$Gfd&®&§ set goods the market affords ind what has given us our bargains and know that can't Men's Underwear At Great Reductions Silk Handkerchiefs. 1 OC k°* h* rbeautltal embroidered band- "I Qft Some real dainty, with embroidered <JL v^ v corners, 1 K|-» Something handsome. Embroidered JL W corner and drawn work. Gf|f» A very flne and good size elaborate nt\J\j embroidery and drawn work. OO>» ThlsUabeautjand If yon are going tJOVi to make any presents tote season be *^*^ sure you see this. Our stock of silk handkerchiefs are too larce to enumerate, we have evantblng you can think of at prices that will surprise yon.* 3C A fast colored satin. 10C' *naUsllk««. 5t\/> Wo will show you the finest assort- K/U+j raent you ever savrfor tbe money. JSfReufiew Dress GingKams at 5 cts. Best Amoskeg Apron Ginghams at 5 cts. Best Indigo Blue Calico at 5 cts. Extra Heavy Flannel at 7i cts. Fine Al\ Linen Crash Toweling at 5 cte. Yani Wide Fine Muslin at 5 cts. Heavy Canton Flannel at 5 cts. Fine All Wool Scarlet Flannel at 16 cts. Extra Heavy Scarlet Flannel at 25 cts. ' .•"••-•.••. t , • . , - • - ' •,-.., W© are headquarters on Dry Goods. We have the only exclusive DRY GOODS STORE in Carroll. Our prices will compare with any of the large cities of the country. AB «-i. : ;^^»--^ b ^^-* GUILD'S DRY GOODS STORE ffl A Beautiful Souvenir with every $t.OO or over all this week. Next door west of PostofiBce. •I 4 OBOBOH pmapTOBT «.: evening serrtoes I .; Y. P.8. O.K. MrvlM, • p. ».; Buii- ool, 12 J8 p. m, j Prafor Meeting, Thursday 7SK) p. -IB, B»v, OHO. foiaox, Pastor. BAPTIST. m. i evening s«rrt*e< MOBMtNO secvloe, U a. m.i ewnltt W|1n. m.iV. P. 9. 0. K. S«floe6 p, 4«y8obool. Mite p. m,( Prayer Meetlnt, wnloa, ion p. m. W. •. Oe»nr, 8iip»riot»ndsnt, , ._ Tb P. HITHODIST, ft »«vlo»iU a, •1,1 Jwlw I M«U«, • P. W , *r»olng, I B, TBOMl-MN, VaSU)I . auperlittendf nc. Pa, WM. oairoiir'oat-omo*. OOM ooen on Sunday from 0 to 10 a. m, a»< ))0to4:aqp.o). at the oflloe olwe as (o)owki oing «imt: abound Vac o'oloak we»t; iiito BTAHBOC'rm Mt. 0«rro«i und Zeatnor, dally, Departs nt arrived Oi8D|i,ni, U. At N. W.TVBM» OMra. rit»VIHM« THAU* WNf. ,..!?! B«<nJ aud Ideal Tibet. tt wilt be well to take Professor BMnrioh Housoldt Ph. D. 'B fairy Ulea about Tibet with a very large chunk of reservation till we find how far the learned professor ia indulging his Vv'oll known propensity to hoodwink people I.«. W. 7 WOWOKWW. t'teaoop'S gwroiibimMM 1" ' *'fttil''."«'".'.'»,'.'"' f M.»»...» M» *.«.M«" *4««f.l.«9««4tf..«*.4|. 1*9) Mid tbou lauglj at them. For tbo past year paper* of thvtlUug latorast have boon appearing in Tho Arena tram his band about tbo mngioiai» of tbe orient. Those perform niarvoli compared to wbiou tbo New Testament miraatoa eoom everyday attain, aooordiug to the Hou- Boldt testimony. Tuoy can make evou rooks aud troos disappear at will, and thoyottu rend yqur thoughts OB eoon on ^they »ro formed iu your uiiud. Tobu aure, one.oaunot beip>voudoriug, if such glorious baings ojcist iu Tibet uttd India, why tbo people of those oouutrlot •tenuviu Atnong tuo poorest and most do- graded ou the earth, hat perhaps ouo (8 unreasonable to expect oivilited people j kud uiabatmaj tooth to live lu one oouu-; try at the same time. In his travels ia Tibet, Or. Hoasoldl Alleges 'Jiiraseif to have visited the Pa lai Lama, vho i» tho supposed reiuoor uatiou ot fiuddno, Ho ia a child of U youm, who oouoeutratoa in himself all the wisdom of the ages, according to HeiiKoldt BtmxmntautiUQC Ugloviou* to look upon, albolt siugulurJy luolau oholy, because Pol is always, brooding ove* iba uius of tho wovld, m weU tie wight bo. Hwwoldt the Jamwi or prio«t« at tho luounstorioi of Tibet M being leutnod, uwjovoleul gentlomou who work lor tuelr living, ( ttud work hard, ' A your or two ago «u JSuglishnian, After uuuttoraUlo UwdaUlp, jwuctxatcvl into Tibet. Ho did JJOt look at thine* fljroufll) tho cultivated esoteric iiuagi- Hutlou, but jn»t tUvottB^ plain, blunt Qritisb eyes. Ho fluda the roving no- iaad«of Tibet to be tlie most dishow- Mt, ttenoljerouB and uhlftlewi of iinnutu heiugc, Thoy will roU yaa a^^lok a» look »t you and huvo not tbo mojli dia- tanl coupeptjojii thut 0 projuiso la any. tl»tM« fc> bo kout. .TJie prJeuts or Juwas, whom aeuiolcll to. be «« industrious aud frugaj, ^l)|)yib trjayoier %dj to be rich aud, arrogant All tho wealth there is iu the country they have got hold of. and thoy practice on the ignorance, and snpersti tion of tho wretched inhabitants to forward their own very material interests constantly. Finally tho Dalai Lama is 18 years'old, the Englishman says, aud be does not consider bim anything extraordinary at all Sunday Nowepapera. Biohard H. Dana made some very •weeping charges against tbo Sunday newspapers in an address delivered at the Episcopal church congress in Boston. Mr. Dana declared that tho toua of the present Sunday newspaper ia lowering instead of elevating and that every foreigner who comes to this oonu- try observes the fact. Tho distinguished orator has lived long enough iu the olusslo shadow of Harvard college to know better than to nse langnago iu that loose and sloppy way. Of tho foreigners who come to America not OUQ iu (0 toads our English Sunday papers at all. Of those who do read a Stuiduy paper not ouo iu 600 ba* cultivation tttongh to discern whether it it lower- Jug or elevating. They do not know or ouo euro anything about it. Air. Dana should keep troth ou. hU .side, at least an nearly aa ha oau, It is true tho Sunday papers might) bo improved. Tho orator is right when uo eaya tho pictures iu them are crude, bad and inartistic, Tho husto iu which Newspapers must be printed Itus ntnob to do with thnt. Still uo doubt newspaper Uluatvutioua ought to bo greatly improved. But when Mr. Duua howls about the scandals auduriuws thut appear iu the papers there ho runs uguiust Honiothiug over which tho editor of (he Sunday journal h«» no control. Tho editor giviw bin roudorn just what they want and p.iy for. Roform- era should labor with the reader, not witu tha editor. I It is iutoregtluB to find from Mr. Da- i ua's re»eurohes that ouo at the largo! Sunday papew ooutains contitiuod enough wftttor, upart from advertise-1 moats, to rwiuire four days of sevou Lours eftflh to read turough, |t bos half waou again M ft w "B*((^' • Xlio Oi-lKiuui Jlunroo Uootriiiu, It wna aunounood iu 1833. Tho no called holy nllianco between Russia, Austria and Prussia had bcco fortuod iu 1615. This made Engluud fearful that the throe nations named would in time dominate the whole world and swallow even that country. Lord GauAiiig, British priino minister, counseled with tho Amnrioun raiuUtor to St. Jamoa, Kiclmid liush, io regard to tho matter. Tho object of tiia holy ulliunoo was to tproad tho dootriuo of tho divine right of kings. That was why it was called "holy. . Fourful that tho threo cormtdes might Attempt to .extend thoh- holy doctrine further tbou England liked, Caztuiug advised Rush to reaommeud thnt the United States utter a protest aguiust tho promulgation of their divine rights auywhoro in America, oither north or south. So it was England herself that instigated Urn uttuvuiou of President Muurou't) fuuionti uuiuifi^ta JoOotnou exprasxad hhusulf in favor of such uiuu- ifusto, Baying that our first umxitn shoalil bo never tocutuugloourfelves lu with other nations, our second to let Europe intermeddle beauty, though constituttug QUO gcaion» olass. Those who attended tho horse show must have boon impressed witl this fact, and it has boon oanspiouou also at the exhibition of portraits at tu< Natioual Aoadomy of Design Ward MoAlliBtor iu Now York World. with uiVuira thiu sido of tho Atluutia Aaoovdiugly in i)i» wostiugo Deo. y, 1899, i'awiduut Moutxra said: H Is u i>rtnciplo tu vchioli tbo rltfhhi and In- toronta if (Uu unitud Htatv* uro iuvolvou Uml thu Ann i-lcaii oonUltouU, by too frgo tuul lu- du|xiU(lt>ut cwdltiou wliloU tlivy (invo utuuiuotl Mid luuliitAlu, ucu lii.-uoif orth nut to bo cuu •lilunil uMNiilijuota for fiitwu oiiJauUattuu Vj' «ny I>«nnuU. Mra Wigglestoin—James, it says hero in the paper that the eiitertaiiimcm of tho evening was a monologue by Miss Cnrafow. What is a monologue any way? Mr, Wlgglostoiu—Oh, it's what havo to llstou to for half or throo-qnar- tors of tin hour whenever I oomo honie nnusually late at ulght.—Somorville Journal. Evacuation day was celebrated with, unusual eulat in Now York this your. But thoir ovnonatSon day was nothing to tho ouo that will Uo celebrated thoro tho tat of Jaunury, when the Kopublioaus oonio iu, and ovun that will bo laothi to tho ono to come ilurch 4, IBOB, ut Iu No Olvtrotttw at tb« Club. i' funiDiiu Wtuhiugtoji Wotuuu'g se tobaooo iu ull facuui in tu- Haiuo of tho moinUc'ru uiuy wuoVo AH oocuuiiouat oiBuvotto at homo, but It will not be allowed ut tho olub, aud tho buttot uoutulus uo huudnoho umkors of *uiy sort.— Washiugton CorroBiwudeut, Auiorioaus should oangratulatu thorn- »elvoa in nowvuisiug uuc auly wuiuou who aro of a superiw tyiw of bouuty to thoso in nuy othur utu't of tho world, but nine ou ttoooaut of tho uudlowi varieties inuludod iu this typo. Thoro la a, naiueuosii iu tho appeurtuioo of Eugllsh wotuou \vhioh doou giQwa tirosouie to thuoyo. In Auioriott, ou thootharhuwd, owing tu i\ aulntury mUtuvo of tho r»oos, thqru wo »U styles of foiuiuiyo Thoro is uu epidemic again ou of tho stouliiij; of women'a poukutbook**. The rouson of it is time \voutun cavry their puraoa in their haiula, and thoy are out shopping iu grout numbers prepurutory to Ohristiuus. No itiuouut of pruitohl cuu over ocmvinoo us that a woman la equal to a man so long as two carries tier pockotbook in her baud. Governor Morton's election in. Now York cost him 11(1, TOO. A poor iuau ouu uo lunger bo elected to olfloo iu this country, 110 matter if ho were an iwch- augul titmighc down front tho skiou, uu- leas his friunda put up thu utouey for him. _^_^ Tho UuBsiuu court ooatumo of strawberry velvet and whito ontiiuo uiadfi a brilliant shuw ut tho weUdiug of Nicholas uuU i^riuoess Alix. China will pay JuvudBoiMely for taw privilege ot iMiing thrashed. Aathma and Hay Fever cured or ft ttwwly dltwvrittd tr«ata>«nt. wfiMflmonUto wd r»f»r»»«»» t»«f World 1 * W«IIOUMI« Moalottl Auouiu Or, Prkw'aCrMm Baklitff Powdw i fro*,' 4Udiv«», But- CAKStOSJL Classified Business Directory. MILLINERY. MRS. U. SIUOLK, fashionable Jlllimery. ItlSS KLLA TODD, M>UUier> and Vanoy Good* FINANCIAL. V1HST NATIOMAL BANK, 1 Cor. Main aad' Kltta StreeM. NORTHWESTKBN BUH.OINH ANP LOAN ASSOCIATION, Firtb Btmt. PEEP MILLS. t. J. J. R, UATLOCK, Virth Street. n a H RNESS, ETC. L. T. ANDKltSUN, Haru«s»and Hor»» CloUUu*. Trunks, Valnttm Hurt Sewing Machines, PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. BUKKKIKLD * 1'ATTKlitoON, Wind Mills, Taiilu and I'uiup*. JOB PRINTING. DAILY BJCNTlim, Ad«m» 8tre«t l tiiuli>puJ I'rtntliiK OOloe IB Western lows. Professional Cards. h*^M*S^V«^V . alAurtti. U. K, MAHTIM. MARTIN & MARTIN, ww tafl'comul atlunltoQ nlven to ooUocUon*. Howry lu ofllco. Offloe lu «|eJUg»i> Bloel M. W. BEACH LAWYER rgatio* la it»t« »nd Mwftl wurit. Oftjo* on UiUn »tr««t, ov«r NUwonn«»'« <trif good* «t ura GEO. W, KORTJS, LAWYER. Offlea on Bnt noor U«tuMU b»nk bul Will prwilw lu state auu ftdcral oourtii. nr^MOltl attention giv«n lo toreolotums «na F. M. DAVENPORT, aw ATTORNEY A f LAW. w swtriru

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