Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on October 10, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1890
Page 2
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DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. Fill DAY OCI'I.HKK 10, i 8i>0. RBGTJLAB STATE TICKET. FOR GOVERNOR, EDWARD B. POND, OF SAN FRANCISCO. LIEUTENANT-GOVERNOR, R. F. DEL VALLE, OF I .O-S ANGFXKS. IIIICI-" .IVSTH'T., J, A. STANLY Aliimeila .USIH 'IATK .IIISTH'K.H, JACK-SON HATCH (:ihmt term) Hantil Clam JAMV-^i V. COFFHY (1'MiK turiiil San Francl-icn IjKIIKtlH II. SMITH (Inn); term) I.03 Atiseltw SKl'RKTAItV UK MYATK. W O. HKNWtlOKH Butte. OONTKOU.KIt. JOHN' P. I>UNN San Francisco j sTATK THKA.Il'llEH, ' ADAM UKKOI.D Tlaccr j ATT :>1INF .V HKNHU.U., WALTKIl C. (iltAVF.H Han Franclncn srnvp.vnr .-iiKNF.UAi., &TANLKY It. UlllIM IliiinliiiliU sri 'KI'.ISTKSDKN T UK I 'lUlUI' INSTI1IM TlflN. (•luitl Bvveitr to tiie facts fitnleil in the up- plication, itn <i u !>lmik line is provided f,.r him to subBcrihe to bis nflUlnvit. Ho must be sworn by 11 competent nllirer, who must also properly nllix hiri t.i |;iiii- ture. Among the im-gulnr reui«tra(i<ms ubout fifty were fomiii nimle out in Hie handwriting of Mr. .McCowen in the following form: Itt'ilsTKATinN lll.VNK. STATE OF CAUFoKNIA. I COUNTY HP MKNDOI'ISO. 1 Tiie uiiitersijiiii'il. 1111 it|i|ilii'tri| for ri'irismi lion 'n tho Omit Iti 'ulMti 'r of said rnuiily. Ix-int: first duly sworn. tU 'inisi's mill MIVM Hint his 11 is JOHN DOK .. IIKC of 40 years, . Uniti-.l tstnti's, wnshorn in .. i is by oefii]mtiou TI111I lu- is of tin 1 it HtiziMi of Hie . . MAINK r.v 11 M y. it . ; llint his piiicf of tvsiili'in>i> is MKNIM.- <:INC ; that ho wns iiiiuiriillzi'il ',11 Hie .itn.v of , isn , In llii- Court, in tin- I'mintv of Mi'ii.lorin.-,. Slate 01 California. Hint !»• tins' nsiili-il in this Slate one year, ami Unit he is an eieetor of lliis enmity. ft.file for ni>l>lie;int to si-^u aflir'nvil.l Sutisrril,i<il anil sum 11 10 before ule this, •lav of , A. I). IK'.t nnt) Hot Springe, in trylilc to follow a well tmveletl county fund, it ml Initl out all night within L'50 yards ot r. hotel. AMOXO those who were engaged i« the work of registering vnipm • iiiriiijr the past few months was J. It. Johnson, the Republican candidate, for Sheriff. It is a simple thing to Till out a registration blank, but Mr. Johnson, failed to do it correctly four times out of live. The immense number of legal papers issued from the Sherilf and Tax Collector's ollice aro allofgr'?at importance and require the strictest care. A man who cannot till out a registration blank correctly is not the proper person to till such an important otlice as Slipriir anil Tax Collector. Fno .M the number of ladies that have been nominated for School Superintendent in the various counties of the Stale, we are lead to believe that, the people arc going to do justice to the fair sex, who comprise at least three-fourths of the army of school teachers, and allow them to till the highest position in our ednca- THAT B0G03 BADGE. ] This includes the enl ire county,with tho • I exception of (lie incorporations of I'kiali Colonel Markham's Proudest Moment I City, Willils and I'ort Bragg and Potter Seems Liable to Prove a Sorrow- ! Valley whdic lew lor the Komi Funds , . _ . . i shall bo deducted, making ifl.Uu within till Reminiscence. 1 ., .. r I said corporations. s j,. v)| J Following ."ales for spee'd school taxes ,. ,'"'' '' ',";,, , ,, , , iwerelixod: Big Kiver .;!); Bridgeport, lho diamond mounted (.. A. U. badge. ,,„ rl y,^" - {) . Vklabi Mill . h . which was presented to and accepted by j ell, .10; McDowell, .lit!; Pay, .»); llop- land, 10 October 7th, ISlld. All niembers present. Copsey and Hint! allowed if'-'ll for building culvert and repairing bridge on the Young grade in Anderson Road District. Following mini reports were presumed and allowed: Anilerson ('oimtv Clerk. Ily , Depiii.' lieik. Now, there is nothing whatever to show that the alleged applicant ever saw ; the blank upon which bis name appears, i tional system. In Mendocino the elec- | or that Mr. McCowen ever saw the al- | (inn of Mrs. Husked, who has labored , leged applicant. In fact all the evidence j continuously for over a quarter of a cen- j shown by the blank goes to prove to the ! t;iry in the public schools of this county, contrary. There is no evidence that he j will be a worthy recognilio.i of her services, and will also prove to our female H u. IIAI.1. SCI'llKMK J. I). SI' .San Maten 'Hl'IlT (T.RHK, resided in the precinct in which lie was registered, or in this county, or that he teachers that they may aspire to the high- is an elector thereof. These applications j e ,- t position in our school'system, with a are as legally incompetent as a blank ', prospect of attaining il. t'OMUIKKN. FIRST IIISTIIIIT. T. .i in: Any.. HA I l.ltO A It COM ,!f 1NNIOX EK. FOIST ItlSTRIIT. AKCIIII1AU) YIXI HO A III) OF KltlAl.UATI«\. sheet of paper, and as the alleged appli- cunts have been placed on the (treat Register, the placing of them there is a crime against the election laws of this State, for which Mr. I'axton, as County Clerk, is accountable. When confronted with these registrations Mr. Buxton dls- ! claimed any knowledge of them, and de- I dared that this irregular work had been j done unknown to him, and that Mc| Cowen was responsible for it. D. M. COI'SF.Y , who built the bridge and road referred to two weeks ago in an article in the Hrpithlicnn Press signed by •• Huckleberry Finn," has authorized us | to say that the criticisms contained in | the article are entirely unwarranted by 'facts. Only in three places was the sur! vey deviated from and in each instance j it was to the betterment of the road. It ! was the unanimous opinion of the Super- F II Kol'icsiiu W II lliirns. .'aiiin II S l.mell. Uniiiiil Vnllev . . c W l.hir .T. Blue Kirk 11 ijilii.'iven. fnljielln ... John li.seliwciiil, Jr.. Mill (' \V ilimsl.a.l. ilnnlalii . . . A 1 Fielil. CulVey's Cove . . M V MrAnineh. l,on >4 Valley ,V W SleWilli, llol Spriluts KieiiAitu H TIOKI, DISTRIIT, IlKAMKli N'I'ATt: SK>A10lt. SIXTH msrureT, J. II. SKAWEI.L.. COUNTY TICKET. sci'tntioit .iciioK, When names are placed on the (treat Register by such illegal methods as those, what is to prevent a wholesale stuffing of the Register? This is certainly a very compromising state of affairs and demands a public explanation. EDITORIAL N'OTKS. K McGAP.YFV. ASSKMIII.VMA.V. 0. W .TINUAI.t, SIIKIOFK, .1. M. STANIIl.F.V lOISTY IT .KltK. J. .). MOilltllW COCNTV TIIKASUKKU, 1). M. fUIJSOS OISTIMI.T ATroltNKV. J. O.. WHITK COCNTV l!KI OlIllKIl, F . c. AI.F,I:I:TSIIN SCHOOL SIl'KRINTKSDKNT. MKS. S. W. HASKir .'T COIOINtia AST! AUMISISTUATOU. DAVID CAISSON. V. I'. SMITH Ukiah TIIK Democrats are elated over look in this county. II. is becoming brighter every day. WK wonder if District Attorney White's record for the October term of Court satisfies "Observer"? \SSKSSO]l, Ukiah | Uklah Ukiah Hot Sprinits ! public officer is an enviable one. Ukiah ' RKI'CIII.ICANS concede that F. C. Al- hertson will have a walk over for Recorder at the election. His record as a lOl'NTY sCKVKVOlt. It F. YORK.. si'l-KltVISOR. A. H. DAVIDSON.. L. ItKDKMKYKlt.. THE carelessness and inefiiciency which iieniiitago! has characterized the County Clerk's ollice for the past, four years is without a .Third District ..Fifth District : paralle m the history of the county. WHAT DOES IT MEAN ? AVe have referred several iiines of late j to the inefficient and careless manner in j • which the Imsiness in the County Clerk's j otlice is conducted complaints have been made against its inefiiciency ever since it has been under the management of tho present County Clerk, and his Chief Deputy, and as the months roll by the complaints increase. These complaints aro not partisan by any means, for some persons having large dealings with the ollice, and who have been vexed at its inefiiciency, and have complained of the manner in which it is conducted, have seen fit to endorse the present County Clerk and his Chief lleputy for the positions for which they have been nominated by tho Republican party. Developments of the past week have convinced many people that to the charge of incompetency must be added the further charge of improbity in its management. On Saturday of last week the legal time of registration closed, and with a view to properly protect the interest» of the Democratic party, the Chairman of the Democratic County Centra! Committee and an assistant made an investigation of the registrations which had been made since the last Great Register was prir.ied. Tuv results of this investigation are of n very damaging character to the management of the County Clerk's office, and especially to the Chief Deputy,Hale McCowen. As is well known, the work of registration is in the hands of the County Clerk, and there are stringent, laws to protect, tho (ireat Register from the rosults of fraud. Legal foruiB for registration blanks are prescribed and implicit instructions are given for the method of registering. In spite of all those legal precautions, jiowaver. the investigation referred to iimartlied the j THE Mendocino Ileucun entered its fil- j teenth volume last week. It is one of ! the best weeklies on our exchange list, ! and we wish it continued prosperity. It i deserves it. visors that the. road had been well built, ami Mr. Slickney, the Republican member of the Board, pruiced i! as high as anybody. As to Hie bridge which the Keiwhlicitn 1'rinn correspondent says the Supervisors ordered Copsey to build, and for which lie charged if'.Xb, and which said correspondent says "could j and would have been built for .^1^'"), if Mr. Scott had only given the coast peo- I pie a chance to build it," we have merely 10 ""'"! to say that this bridge was built to replace one that was burned in the summer. The one that was destroyed was built by contract last spring, after a notice to builders had been duly advertised. Four bids were put in for it, ami it was let to the lowest bidder for $.101). The new bridge is seventeen feet longer, built after the same manner as tho first one, and only cost the county if.'UO. This mean and contemptible attempt to make political capital out of the actions of the Supervisors in this roatl and bridge matter is about on a par with most of the drivel that, the political correspondents of the Republican J'T/S have been dishing up to public. Colonel ('!) Henry Harrison Alarkham lit Saratoga Hal! a few nights since, promises to have an elfoct little contemplated at the time by the Colonel (?) or thodon- nors. A perfect furor of indiguaiion has since then swept overtirantl Army circles, the culminating effects of which will undoubtedly result in the loss of many Republican soldier votes to the head of the Republican ticket. Tho condemnatory resolutions of Cass Post of this city, which followed close upon the presentation, have been supplemented by an order similar in tenor from DepartmentCommimder Buckley, wlii/n appeared in the Alia on Sunday l:ist. In this connection it may ho stated that the Chronicle was the only one of the morning papers in San Francisco which refused to publish it. In Lincoln Post, when the order was first read, il met wilh hearty and prolonged applause. Similar action followed its reading in other posts. The old soldiers are wratiiy at. the undisguised attempt to prostitute tho O. A. U. organization to partisan polilicit] purposes and freely express their intention to lit- ingly rebuke it at tho polls. The Republican members of the Order are even hotter that their Democratic brothers, many of them denouncing the principals j MKMib" liros',''iumhc'A °!. in the transaction in language more em- A Unss,cousiniile's fees . phatic than polite. After the »•'•>. W"it<l.'«»*. J >i «tlWs fee 1 . t r • i T» . e .1 'n I K IteilWlne, eillnhoose . ment of Lincoln Post many of the Repu-1 , ^ siainlley, .stump. blicans 1110111)10114 publicly announced | • • their disgust with the Colonel and their j intention to withdraw their support from | him. I l'J7 (111 us 7.1 101 'J., 117 01) s:i f,o ail !:i !7ii lie Hl:l :i7 Hill 17 i:t7 •.'.> Ordered that :f :.'0() be appropriated for widening the Ledford grade and Win. It. I.ce is authorized to do the work. Following bills were allowed : li 1> Mi.Mlelon. relmle lax . X .'>!>! I'kiali Wale, i'n, water I.» 00 !' Uninner, iaiior niei supplies l.'.l 70 |i l' I 'rni 'kel. Inlmr. - at) John s.'hu eiol, ,li. view in-^ roail .',00 W A Iloil'iiinn, snnplies 11 i;s I.' 1' HlKKiim. 1'Osl morleni 10 00 Jos Ailislie. Justice's fees 17 00 N 1C ilrav, I'onstalile 's lees :l :!., .1 A White, Constable's fees. Jos Tonmio. l.'onstiihle's fees. C H'-llilan, supplies J M Kattm, supplies ti it Uislwine. I'oustnMe A Itllss. Constable 's fi-es i fees L'-l so 'JM x;» 111 IH) II f.O 17 F (' Alberlson. scim A M U Vcntch, supplies li C Smith, Justice's, lees . .1 I) Hollinitswortli, wlulowasliiiiir , II K Meclellanil, examine insane In verifying the foregoing statements ] })' A Hoiiman, "nH'»' , » an A Hit reporter called upon a prominent j wnMsiien'.' sup'p'.ies '. Republican (irand Ariuv man. a charter i i .vau liuseu, lumber member of the,first t Irand Army post in i J'j{.\!:,^^r" , „ r ! 1 '!. , ! , , , .! ! . , i'J San Francisco, and from him gathered the reasons for the storm of wrath which is now sweeping through the department. Said he: "ft has long been charged bv Democratic newspapers and speakers that tho I irand Army was simply an association organized for the purpose of rendering aid to the Republican party. The W Knov-'N, rebate tax J M Milehell, rebate lax J W Al i U i Is en, post mortem II s l.mell, liriilKt- work Kilwanis Bros, supplies I'orlerlielii ,t Slitl. supplies it l'< Mnir .v. Co, supplies ( ale Youu;t. serviees John II llluir, Constable's lees Petition of citizens of Round . .VI nil . i >7 oli .. :io on .. is ur. Valley for Torkville's Dilemma. No man in Mendocino county has the Loud and frequent, confidence of our people more than D. M. Gibson, the Democratic nominee fur Treasurer. In him honesty and integrity is combined with capability. A MAN who can't fill out a registration blank properly is not. eligible to be Shorill' and Tax Collector of this county. The Republican candidate for Sheriff don't seem to be able to perform this simple task. 1-oon 11 Observer." The Board of Supervisors have placed the- tax levy at $1.75 on each $100 of the assessed value of property in this county. This Republican literary bureau said it would have to be $2.10. THE re-election of Supervisor Davidson from the Thin! District will be a worthy recognition of a most capable and honest official. His record in the Board of Supervisors is one that any man might well be proud of. A I'HO.MINKNT Democrat remarked the other day that if the Democratic candidate for Sheriff got lost within ton miles of his home in trying to follow a well traveled county road, and had to lay onl all night, lie would vote against him. WE print on the fourth page of this issue a far. x'mlic of the election tally sheet to be used in Mendocino county, together with instructions regarding the new law. Clip it out and study it so as to become familiar with this new method. STANFORD'S sack has reached Mendocino and is being distributed over the county to buy up the floating vote. This effort to debauch ttje polities ot Ibis county will fail. The Democracy of Mendocino is not. a purchasable quantity. WE suppose " Obsorver " will now declare that the Board of Supervisors don't it .o»t fliirhiK ermiinMliCy , k „ ow , t(J hllB , neaB . Ho said that t . ,, . . ,,. or carelessness. It remains for the guilty j , voul)| , )e nGceHBllry to nmko the tllx , ovy j ''^.V' 0 ™ woro Lvow woul(1 Probably Kditor Disi 'ATcii-DEMOCRAT :— The large, picturesque city of Yorkville, with its streets of asphaltuin and paved sidewalks, was but a few days ago OHO of peace and quiet, but has now been transformed into one great wrangling mass of humanity. .Men may be seen hurrying to and fro with white and frightened looks, talking anil gesticulating in an uneasy manner. What means all this talk, hurry and confusion? Answer—"Politics." Yes, politics is tho trouble, and the bone of contention is Road Overseer. The candidates are the Hon. (len. 1C1- kins and dipt. Crow. Crow's headquarters are in the center of the city at the Yorkville Hotel, while Klkins' hosts bold forth at the Klkins' mansion in north Yorkville. Crow's resilience is in the suburbs of north Yorkville, a little above the Klkins mansion, yet his. base of operations aro being carried on in the center and along those streets parallel to Dust, street. The indefatigable Klkins is holding Bridge street, and Ornbauin Avenue solid is making a terrible ed'ort for Adamsville. It is almost concluded that the one that gets Yorkville will bo elected, and as a result men are boarded free of charge at one resort, and given as much as $3 a vote at the other. Despite the warmness here a few other places (not important though) are taking a hand in the contest. The latest telegrams arc as follows: San Francisco—"An Klkins mass meeting was held in the Wigwam last night. Speakers, Klkins and Ornbauin. Klkins will carry the burg." Los Angeles—"Crow and his right hand man, lliatt, just arrived on train. Crow and lliatt will address the mooting ar. (irand Opera House at H c. M." Ukiah—"Klkins arrived hero at U :-lo'^ and immediately began a canvass. He sent the following dispatch at I! r. M.: 'Will carry Ukiah by 2 majority and good hopes of Calpella.' " Clovenlale—"Crow faction working hard and prospects are good for a in dor- ity of 1." Latest from important cities: ututlulu—"Klkins is ahead here ; people excited and inarching in torchlight procession. Hurrah fur Klkins! titiala- la has got 'em ihin time! " Fsal—"Klkins ahead in the town. Crow gaining in the interior." Poor Man's Flat—"livery thing for Crow. Vote will ho larger that usual. Probably 1 vote will be polled. As Poor Man's Flat, goes, so goes the election! Hurrah for Crow! " Tar Flat-—"Town depopulated, no vote tatement no doubt originated from j asking 1 hat .foO.I he appropriated the fact, that a large majority of its mem-, !'»»;'»K ro»'l* that district continued hers atliliate witli that, pari v. For this j i'" 1 ' 1 January term. reason the nt.i.osl. care has ever been ex- <»«lwc.l that lads be received until 12 ercised to exclude from the order iinv ! 0 dll, ' k - Nov •, 9 11 '' '.'V !'° construclion ot thine which could be construed into a , I 1 w "-* ,r ' road m.Ml 1 district from Sfiide- matter political. As an illustration : Some i "»! i1er / \» tlle bridge contracted to bo years ago a well known Grand Army man i 1,111 f ' Copsey and lliatt. alluded in a Democratic mass nieeling to I Ordered that bids lie received until o j the Veteran Legion, which was present, M - No ,Y- , 0 - lo h ", lM Wll * m """V" A ":i and most, of them old soldiers, as 'Mv ' <}e™™ <,hsti'ict on the survey as located , comrades of the Grand Armv.' Fw this j »>'. Mct.iu.sey and Ornbauin. Also lor a j he was severely reprimanded, ami in ad- 1 l,rl<1 «° lw -™»? Anoerson reek on said | dition Department Commander Davis, ! H "rvey. Bids lor road and bridge to be himself a Democrat, issued an order dis-1 separately. Ordered that *2(l,l be appropriated lo i bo expended by R. B. Markln on the section of road immediately south of Fort Bragg on the survey as located by Carey and Stewart. Mrs. X. Smith allowed 12,") out of Indigent Fund. Ordered that I. C. Reed build a bridge 3) a countenancing, in very severe terms, the use of such language, in such places. It, has been ever tho aim, ns I said to keep the Grand Army out, of politics, and to have a Republican candidate for (lovernor attempt lo drag it in, in such a disreputable way, makes my blood boil. Why, according to published reports, Markliain stated that Hie reception of that diamond : ll(;rof,K Acknrniun (.'reek at a point where mounted badge was the 'proudest moment \''kiah and Calpella road crosses same. of my life.' Fancy such language as that from an old soldier! The lime for him to bo proud, if he has any pride or interest in tho order, save as a means lo further his political ends, was when he received at, the altar from his Post Commander the real badge, that liltle bronze emblem which overv Union soldier prizes so dearly. There is no "xcuse for him. He knew that such a jewel as he received is never given save by (-Irand Army men Ordered that Mrs. K. II. Duncan he id lowed to maintain a gate on the Yorkville road where the same crosses her land. Ordered Unit A. L. Field construct a bridge across Switzer Creek in Ctill'ey'si Cove district.. Petition praying for this Board to fix width of tires oil heavy wagons was rejected. Nine petitions lelating to high license to past officers of the order as a special i ue ™ '.'ejected, mark of distinction, and cerlainlv never i "olition to let Yorkville and Anderson at a political meeting. How would U i Koa< ' I'istrict* by contract were rejected. Petition to reimburse certain Road have looked for him to have been presen ted with a Masonic or Odd Fellows' badge at Saratoga Hall ? The same question of oropriety presents itself in the case of the G. A. 11. badge. He should have declined the gift, for the reason that he must have recognized the iirpropriety of acceptance." "Is it not a fact that the Colonel is still having his daily 'proudest moments, in connection with the badge as he campaigns the State?" queried tho reporter. "I think not," was the response, "lie would hardly dare such a thing in the face of the Department Commander's communication and the feeling already engendered. If be is foolish enough to do it, however, bo will discover to bis sorrow that there are six thousand Grand Army bnvs in California who will repudiate both him and bis bogus badge in November next." Overseers was rejected. Petition to construct bridge east, of Covelo was rejected. Out of tho Indigent Fund Mrs. .1. W. Howard was allowed ifll), David I long, •f'it) and Frankio Brown, $.11). French kid shoes in all widths—every pair guaranteed—$3 a pair aL L. Rosenberg & Go's. * NEWS OF THE WEEK. BOABD OF STJPEnVISORS. WEDNESDAY , October 1—.lames Ilerrin- ton, a lawyer, was taken from the county jail at Bakersfield and larred and fealh ered by ten masked men.. . .The damage to the raisin crop in the southern part of lho State bv the lale rains is very light .... Frederick Hillings, a California pioneer, died at, his home in Woodstock, Vermont... .Congress adjourned .line diV The national debt was decreased . r 4,5S2,DOS during the past nionlli The Hoard of Supervisors of Mendo-! Silver dropped to $ 1.001.,' per ounce and cino county met in regular session Octo- i then advanced to $1.12,'.j... .Hitls were her (i, 1K1KI, with all members present, ex- ' opened by the Navv Department for cept Davidson. L. T. Day was elected three now lino of battle ships and a Chairman pro tern. j cruiser. It is thought; the Union Iron The following bills were allowed ami j WorksofSanFranciscowillsecurothocon 2 :.o [ •I : parties to prove which of the two charges are correct. Out. of the total number of registration blanks examined, amounting to u thousand or more, about two hundred were found to be incorrect, all the legal requirements not being fulfilled. Rut v. majority of these iucorroclioiis were of a technical character, made by the various deputy officers throughout the county, and involved in no manner a question of integrity, but proved only their incapacity to perforin their duties in the matter td registration. A peculiarity, however, in this matter is that nine-tenths of tho irregular registrations were made by tho deputies of the County Clerk, the deputies of Sheriff Stnndley and Assessor Smith being particularly exact in their work. It is not of these irregufur registrations, however, that we desire to «I>euk, but of some fifty made by Deputy Olerk Hale McCo veil. The regular form of r #(fistration blank is ns follows: ItlMUiTltATII^ III,ASK. STATE OF I'AUFOKMA, I CliltN'1-V fit' MKNIiOClKO. I The iinilerKiKlied, an applicant for reidiitrH- tloii In the Ureal Hegislerof sub I eniiiiiv, behik' first rlatv Mvnrn, ileposeti mttl miy* (list bin mine l». Thai hu Is of tile Ulte of years, « cKle.en of tlic l.iillwl HIMINI , was aorn In in by occupation * ; Hint lie wa» imtiirnltwit nu Uie ... day of , Uft , III die . .Court, In She Comity nf Meiiilaetno, Htnte ot CHllforulN, tlmt he littn nwliKii In lbl« KINtc one year, unit that In) In AH *leetO!-ol Ih In Bounty. IUUB for n|ip)le*iit to sign amnitvlij Su'wcrlboil unit sworn tn before mv thin Anyoi A . i)., m, County llletk. ., Deputy clerk. 1 ijn n,»t\W «M> »|»pir»«Ho«»" '«r reuWra- ••f2.ll) this year, but the Board considered $1.75 quite sullicieut. Our Supervisors have considerable temerity to place their imperfect judgment against that of such a master of finance and fabrication as "Observer." The foregoing dispal.-hos caused excitement ! n Crow's headquarters, especially when the news from Poor Man's Flat was received, (-'row's men are jubilant ami confident, wbilo Klkins hosts are quiet and determined. MK Mr. Kditor, you can soo the political aspect hero at Yorkville. Why, one woultl not know that wo had candidates for such ollices as Assembly, CongreHS or Governor. But of course, Mr. Kditor, you could hardly expect us to pay much attention to such trifling ollices as these. What euro we whether Stanford is reelected to life United States •Senuto i or if Congress does put u protective tariff on , roads, or whether tho Legislature- spends ensuing year has received its quietus, we j unoOior $12,00,0,000 in appropriations suppose he will now crawl in a hole and j ami puts tho tax up to 7o cents, so we pull the hole after him. " OiiSKuvKu'tj'' political articles, which in tho beginning oi the campaign, weekly illumed the editorial pago of the lltpuh- limn I'nm, hflve dwindled down greatly both in size and frequency. As his pot argument that the Board of Supervisors would have to levy a tax of $2.10 for the THE Republican Preni of last week says thai Johnson is no "furriner," but is a Native Son, "the greater part of wluue life lids heen apent in. Mendocino count;/." We do not understand why our contemporary will persist in trying to prove that ils candidate for Sheriff is uot yet old enough to vote. Mr. Johnson has lived six years iu Mendocino county, and if these six years cotjstjtute "tho greater part of his life" the oilier llye years will make him eleven years of age. have a man tlpil wijl Uoop our non-imported good ( ?) ninth }u fair condition, while wo huul our twenty dollar gold pieces to lho market to pay the tu$? Nothing wbatovor. Koiid Overseer wo must and will huvo. THE OI'IIKU FKI.I,O\V. Yorkville, October 7, IciOO. 'i'livi llepublicun ]'renH in speaking of Mr, Johnson, the Republican candidnl.e for Sheriff last we«\c, sujd that ho had lived in Mendocino county Uie greater part of his life, unit w^ltig eloquent, it, added that "lie Is borii of her hills and lovely valleys." Wait, he don't seem to hv very well acquainted with tint) h|l)s that lie was liorn of, Ixxwise a few days agoho got lost iu the hills lietweeii likUh A littlo volume of "Reminiscences, of Republican Rascals," by Mr. Kennedy, of Ohio, would have a great run just now, if Mr. Wanamaker would allow it to go through the mails. Republican talk of the presont scaalon of Congress as a buslnosa session js extremely funny. A biisinoss session I lint pushes the country to Uie verge of a panic is lij^dlv lo Im desired. Tho Aii.oriLviti nonmpner does nnt want to bo called ii "ptilo gray ass," but when be pays more for American artjcles than is asked of foreigners, of what cojor does ho expiic). to Im considcro!? "Why should Fr /snch merchants and manufacturers uo to t/jeexpnnso of oxhib- iljng at Chicago goods which cannot hp so|d In America?" asks Mr. Alphiiiiil. .1 'urlmiiH noma of our alleged statesineu ill Congresrj cau answer Uijs ronii|ii|n/m. ordered paid 11 Flliitstins. lloai'C, of Kiliieallon .. Marks .V Levy, supplies 1. Abraham, supplies I. Abraham, .si.pplios .. W S Ilihlrelli, woo.! IIS Ilirseii. hoanlins' jury Si: I'ott^e, lusiiee fees J S Wllsey, Constable fees O II Sinulev, hauliiiSs auil lumber . ti W I'nrker, clock for Clerk's ollice II 1 'i 'lee, Honiil of K.lueal'.i:: 1) ICrvill, eleauillK cemetery Marks .t Levy, supplies Win Van Allen, laboi Cluilfant .t; Cuuiiinixham, supplies J II (,'arolhers, Constable fees J I'Holfniau, hospilal supplies 1. T Sholl it S boarilinir prisoners J (J While, expenses :U III) At this point Allen Davidson arrived and took his position as Chairman and the Hoard proceeded with the allowances of the following claims: J It Mathews, supplies 4 :t Co Jirimblicnn /'irss. prinline, '_»lf, JitH Agllcw, Justice's tees lla oO .\" K Orny, constable's fees 11 ::a J K Mntliew.s, supplies .1 .10 Following roatl reports were allowed: tract on one of them. fill XI Ml . i;,7 .so 110 10 VArt ill •171 10 027 (li wo or. 70S -l;i rji) us 17(1 M J F I'lekle. Lower Fuller li W Cox, Mi'llnni'.lil .... I; Klkins, Yotkville ... F II Marble, Upper Toller J M Green, Hauel E I'lishop, Oeeau Djiviii Hoyil. N'aviirro . I C Heeil, Ukiah. Fat Kenitj, Bear Harbor Feter Fleury, Arena K F .Shattilek, Hivev .. G W Sleveiinoii, Westport John McCoy was allowed *3(i and Wattonbarger $.W out of tho Indigent Fund. Reports of viewers of road in Ton Mile River and Sherwood road districts sot for bearing at 10 o'clock Tuesday, October 7th. On motion $500 was transferred from tho General Road Fund to the Westport Road District h und to bo cxpondod on the Westport grade. License ordinance No. 37 of last year wus unanimously re-onacted. [See illlvei'tisJliK columns for same.J Tiie Commissioners appointed to inspect tho road built by Copsey and lliatt in Anderson Road Djstrict reported Unit the roatl was completed and ready for travpi anil autliori/.ed tiie Auditor to draw a warrant for $100 as balance py ment on 11)0 HlllllO. On motion 1). M. Copsoy and T, L. Hlatt were allowed $310 for rebuilding tho bridge in Anderson Road District that was destroyed. Following bills woro allowed. X K Grey, eonstiibk' feefi A N Mct'enk, liilllllllK E W Anser, lu<|uc«t T II Hawle», wnler troiiRli — n VV AiiM-r, liiijiiust, olo ... F K Onilison, Inqtiest W A Collaii'ii, eoiiKtnble fees <i K Jamison, stationery A til)3», eoiiHlnblis feeti J It lluiiry.'uoiniijUi loner TnrasDAY, Ociober 2 —Tucson, Arizo- 7u i na is flooded with counterfeit money.. .. ;io o.'i I The total number of school books sold 110 ™j j this year by the State jirinler amounts ,J{i to I3S .SK3 .'.The Union Iron Works of vi M | San Francisco was awarded I he contract 1°' oo '" r 0,10 °' *''' c new 'i 110 ""'"'"'"''' ships.... iit oo i ''I 10 Legislature of Oklahoma was a scene •JI no | of wild confusion when the question of •ji' S | lho locating capital came up.. . .Leading r.:! J Canadian journals warmly advocate a ro- is oo ciprocitv treaty with the United Stales ,',!;!- i'\ J .. . .Gen. John T. Culling was nominated for Congress by the Republicans in Fourth California District. FRIDAY , October -l—Instructions have been sent out to postmasters to vigorously enforce tho new anti-lottery law....The Comto do Paris and party arrived in New York City for an extended visit to this country:. . .Twelve hundred miniiers in Tennessee aro on a strike.... A gigantic tin-plate factory is to be established at Baltimore . .Utah has a population of 220,032, an increaso of ofi per cent in the past ten years.. . .Cholera has reappeared in a number of places in Spain... A terrible gale prevailed along the Knglish COjlSt. T J Meiliinsey 1 1 ni, rn.'el viewing , On motion the following levy was nnido for Stale and County IUXOH for tho Ifscitl year of 181)0-01: (JJato I'll nil. County Gmicmtl Fr.uiJ . .. Ifimil Finn) [iimia'itt I'unri I'lilillc IliilMliiK Fiiml ... Four per eon! lioipi 'Final Itoail llouil Ftinu No. 1 ... ltniul Iliniil Fund No, '1 ... .Ooi)i/iy school (I 'litt'l T«t«f Si 'ND .vv, Octohor ii—Louise Ksslingor was married to (ieorgo Wchrlin fit Redwood City, ibis State, and then committed suicide.. . .New York City is over run with "crooks"... A large party of Mormon immigrants arrived in New York.. The Postmaster General is out in a letter advocating a limited plan of postal telegraphy. . .Geo. 15. Graham, one of 1'alti- .lucre's wealthiest citizens, died at his homo in that city.. . .The two hundredth anniversary of the binding of the first. German immigrants in America was celebrated iu many of the large cities. MONDAY , October li—Seattle was visited by tho heaviest wind storm ever known there... .Ollicers have discovered an organized band of young thieves al Spokane falls; the leaders have been arrested.... Late advices from Central America announce thill fighting still continues between Guaiala and San Salvador.. . .The Irish Nationalists held a melting in Dublin and appointed a committee to visit America and solicit aid for tho starving tenants California grapes showed a marked advance in tho Philadelphia market... .Twenty-five hundred miners iu Michigan have gono on a strike. TUESDAY , October 7—President Harrison and party aro visiting tho principal 'ii 6o j cities in Illinois and Indiana. , . . A terrific powdor explosion occurred near Willming- loii, Deleware, and Iwelvn persons were instantly killed Rube Burrows, Hie notorious outlaw was captured in Alabama An extensive slrilio is (hreal­ igned on the railroads in Hie Southwest on account ol tho employment of colored men... Kxtonsivo priurio tires nro nigjng in North Dakota and doing much damage ...Six thousand miners in Scotland threaten to go on a strike unless their wages arc increased l r > per cont. Vi 00 W 00 « .I 'J II) 00 too i ;o 1H fin IS i, HI 01) •XI BO m 17" Ladies, Missos, find Children's woolen l )Oso, a full line, black or colored, til hod- rook prices at h. Rosenborg ii Co's. # r OB 8. FT P New Furni T wish !o annonnce to the People of Ukiah. and vicinity that I have opened a First-Class Furniture Establishment —TJST THE '• GILLESPIE BLOCK! I have on hand and will always cany a Full Stock of I "urn iti ire, Carpels, Draperies, Wall Paper, Oil Paintings, Picture Moldings, Artists' Materia], Curios, Etc.,Etc. All my Cioods nro of tho very LATKST STYLES, and of V\ RST-CLASS QUA LITV. Public Patronage is solicited. Call and examine my Stock. J. W. EVERSOLE, Gillespie Block, State St., UKIAH, CAL. T AM DETKllMINKl) TO KKKP THM TRAM? OV _L tbis community hero. To do so, I will sell goods ^ nL us low a price us they can bo bought for in any place £ on the Pacific Const. Yon imk wfti/ 1 run sell gonih «o cheap? Simply because I conduct my business at the very least, expense, and can ad 'nrd to sell goods cheap. Call and examine my stock, and see what bargains can give you. No trouble to show goods. OJbLSJb*JF\ \ State St., Ukiah, Cal. £ I At the CALPELLA STORE 00. The tremendous Hargains which W. ENGLISH of Calpella are ollering are sl.tiking the People's fancy. This Is Our Innings ! And we are knocking Prices lower than they have ever been in Mendocino County. A Genuine Closing Out Sale ! We are not, selling off an old Stock to make room for a new one, but we are goinsr on*, of business entirely and disposing of our Stock of GENKRAL MEROIIANDISIO at a GRi'iAT SACRIFICE ! This is a splendid opportunity for Ranchers to lay in their Winter Supplies. Call and be convinced that you can buy Goods cheaper of us than anywhere else. W. ENGLISH & CO., Calpella, Mendocino County, Cal. •I <> u >. MiN'All—Al IJII'CII, Si'iii.'inlii i jlili i„ Mr. mill Mrs. Arllmr McXiili ,1 IIHUI'IINT. FAIR II AX KS— AI MIIIU'III'SIIT, wiilcnilicr L'.-illi to Mr- nmi Jin. l.'nnik I'lilrliniilis, u sun. UAMlll.K—NiMi: Furl llriutit. Si-|.tcml .iT '.Tilli, tn 111.' wife (if II. Ciilmljli', « iliiilKlllcr. SHERIFFS SALE. Nollce of the 8aie or iceal Ksl-afc Under execution. A. LEWIS t t CO., J'utiittixt'x GEO. J. 1IHOWN, DefnuUwt. I)Y VliiTVMC OK AN KXWTTION ISSt'KD 1> out uf tin.'Supcrinr ('(iiirt nf I lie (luiuity til I .sunlit Cruz, oi tin- Ktnh' of Cnlifnrnfii, wln'iviu A.Ij'wfsit Co., I'lninlillH, nu.t fi.n. .1. Hmwii, ilcfemlunt, it|n>u a jinlg-uu'iit <viniun-(l 11 1 ^ 'J II ti day tif Ot :t4il>i 'r, A. ]J. 1SSK, fur KHIII ot own tliuusund inn! furty-oue iiml nixti'i-n nm" hun- Unuilhs (?l,lll.|{;j (lolling, CiiiltMl StiUi-H gubl IMJIII, li'.'Hlilca ciisls Mini IIIIIMTS), 1 huvi' this ilay h-vit-d upon all ttu 1 rit^iil, (itlo, i -laim tni<l inl<-i- oM oi said K ''.'.it, (.u-n. .!. P.r .i'.vu, uf, tit .iml to the following dr 'srriln'il mil I'statf. tn-wit: iomiitv'iiciiiKmi tin 1 county toa.t at u point on tht» imrlli '-Mst i-orm-roi Mrs. J. 1U*IT'H lot inn) rtiiiuiiiK west :iiH) feet to Main street, tlienec 1 north two hundred and sixty feet, lli 'Mice e .-.Ht ouo iniiulrud and fifty feel, ilieneis Noutii sl>:ly feel, Iheuee i;ast one liundred and fifty feel, Ihenee soulli utimi? ilu» I'minty r<>.-.d In jihn-e of heKiiiuin^. Also lot coiniiuMiciiiK at the souih- \vvt*\ corner of If. Mtirk.--' lot nud Main si reel t thence fast three hundred leet to the county road, Ihetu 'tj south thirty feet to land of lim, .1. Hrown, thi-nee weHt Www linnilred feel lo Mnin street, Ihenee norlh thirty feel to indut of he- i :lnuiuu, toj;ether with all and HiiiKnlar tht> heredilamt -'UtM ami H|tjiiirtfiueiii>i-n jteriiuuhiK liiereto. l'ublic noilct! is hori-by Kivmi tlmt I will, on The Uli day of Ociober, 1890, at 2 o'ldock i\ M. of said dtiy, In front of tin) court. Iinnso door of the Cotinty of Mendocino, at I'kiali, sell at nubile niieiinn, for t'nlted Slates fold coin, all Ihc riK'ht, lillo, clnim and inieiVKt of Nahl ilcfcmliuit, Ceo. .1. Brown, of, lu :tnd to Uie above i|esl*rYbrd )»roncrty, or Mo' iniicU lliercof inay be nceessafy lo raise siiiilideul lo satisfy said jiid;;uieiii, with Interest t,nd COHIH, etc., to the hinheyi and tte^t bhlder. Jii.ted (liiit ."ttli day of September. IS'.lO. J. M. »TAN1>L1CY, HuerllT. By T. .1. WKMJON, Under Shcrill'. 'Che above sale in here.liy iiosl)iuiU'd to Hatur- dav, Novenibcr Int. V'.'M\ at 'I o'clock 1*. M. J. M. H'l'A NIJUCV, tsheriil'. By T. .1. WuuooN. l'uilef Shoilil'. Notice to Creditors, IjiSTATK OV JO.-tKI'll KiSII. ]>ECKAKK1». I 'j Koilci' \:i hereby KIVCII !I> tiie uuderniirued, Adinlniniiatiir of tin' c. bile <d >aid deeiased, to the f Creditors of, and all nervous havliiK cfiiluiH UKaiiiHt. the 8aid deceased, lo exhibit Ihcui will; the neeemary vonr-iiers, within four uiouiliH aflcr Uie llrsl puhllcatiou of this notice, to Die Hiiid adiu ; nis(ialor at Mis drutc store In i'kiali CJIy, thisT siuuc bciinv the iiluee for Ihe tnniMji;- llon of hiiKiiM'Hs of the said estate In the OounlY ot Mendocino, Stub of ClilHornhi. ' * .1. It. MATIIKWH, j Adniluistiiilorof Hi • extnUuf Jo«eph J-'INII.UU' I censed," I Dated OHober IHI. 1K' : I(). ( J, A. C'OMI'KU , AH'y toi'uvtate, )~ REMOVAL City Meat Market AVish lo inform the peojile of Ukiah '.uitl vicinity that they have removed their Meat Mur* ket. from lho old stand north of the Court IJOIIKO square to the new Cille.spie htuhling, north of Odd I^ellows building, State street. They have now the largest and best appointed market north of San Francisco. It has been fitted up in the very best style, no expense having boo ii spared to make it iirst- cliiHS in every particular. In it will be found lit nil times the Choicest Meats— both fresh and sait—and iu fact everything appertaining to a lirst.-class Market. Call and see us at our new place of buaineaj. JAMISON & OBARR.

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