The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1949
Page 7
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 1940 intricacies of 1040 Long Form Vours to Contend with If Pay Paring 1948 Exceeds $5,000 I 'EDITOR'S NOTE--TDU is the sixth of u stonr, 011 w)lo ),»« to do I wt about his 1948 income lax return, lor the deadline is March 15.) By JamM Marlow WASHINGTON. Feb. .8. </rj—If your 1948 income was |.5.(XXI or more, I'U must make your tax return on Hie 1040 long.form. .Some problems of unmarried nnd+ • iuTicci people in using Hie long- Vli'm will be explained in this sixtli 12-story series. IP next, .seventh, story will show tiles'; problem* work, in es- | .npies of filling out Ihe [oiig- So save lhis sixth story for use [ ?ih the seventh. Today's explana- oiis will HOI be repeated in tlie •ventli story althoush tliej'II tie iamined more fully in later stories i the series. Keep these three things in mind i using ihe 1040 Ions-form: cx- uplioas, deductions; and tlie jfOWems of husband-wife filing. Before going further, remember iis if you're a $5,<XW-or-more fam- 1. In every cnsc. where Hie wife I ad no income, it will be cheaper ,r a couple lo file a Joint return. a. And where Ine wife docs have .me income, in most cases il will |; cheaper to file jointly on the 'tig-form. NOR- take exemptions. An exemii- I on is a lixcd amount of money a «payer B.n deduct from his 'inane before it is laxable. Kver.viuie Alloii'eil t'iWI Breryuiic tiling n return gets a KO exemption for himself; ItlOO for I is wile, if she had no income aixl toesn'i file or e).se file.s Jointly with 1 cr husband; and £600 lor encli de| endent. If the wife had any income at I il—for example, SI—no exemption | in be claimed for her unless she les a return, cither separately or >intly with her husband. But—if she had income of $000 or I rare, she nmsi file a return any- I ay, either separately or jointly. So & couple stands to lose money I -since there's a $600 exemption ;or ler—if she had under ssoo Income I nd doesn't I tie joiinly with her I usband, lor, as poimed out, oihcr- 1 ise the $600 exemption is lost. no more than $15.000—deduction sl.OOO. But a husband filing a return alone—that is. .separately — even wJiui the »-ife hart no income, u allowed a standard deduction not exceeding 1500, no mutter how hlijh hts income Example: income $5,000 —deduction, $500; income »10,000— deduction, $500. When husband and wife file separate returns, neither it allowed more than $600 tmuidard deduction for each. It would seem here that a ulngl? JKIVHI has an advantage over a married couple In deductions. But thai oiiiy equalizes for the unmarried iiei'soiu the benefits husbands and wives gel by filing a joint return. They can "split" their Income and «<•< a lower tax but a single person can't split his income. BT.YTHEVTLLB (ARK.)' COUNTER JO5WS Berlin Boys Steal to Keep Warm Treasure Hunters Seek Pirates' Loot On Costa Rica Isle VANCOUVER, B. C., Feb. 28. I/Pi —Pirate's swag worth half a billion dollars in gold bullion and Jewels is the target of four adventurous Canadians. one a woman. They believe ihey have located the cache ruel is so precious in blockaded Berlin that the sight of this airlift cool barse in the Brill;)) sector proved loo great a temptation for these srhoolhoys. Tiii-y were fitugttl by (he iMcm-ras :is Ilicy helped llicm-.elv.s 10 a few l>wkr-ts of ,-,,;,|. (Plu.l.i by NKA-Armc sl.ul Ciirresponik'nt Al Cocking.) on Cocos Isle, a tiny finger of land off the Costa Rican coast. The Vancouver O'Hanlon brothers—Harry. Hollis aim joe. and Harry's wife BcttJ, for years have delved into the history of ihe centuries-old treasure, said to be buried In (he Central American pirate's promenade. They have made several e.xpendltions and they now believe ihey have found it. Ellis Patterson, former Ifeiileiiant- Eovcrnor of California, arrived in A dependent is any person — age 1 Los Angeles to report he believes oesn'i count, — who is closely re- i the expedition has located ihc li'.ed to you and got more ] alf of his or her Income from you But you can't claim a s a dcpcnd- I nt anyone who had income of $500 I r more—which means you lose the 1600 exemption for him. So long as he had less than $600 l.icome, he wouldn't have to file a |eturn. But il his income was $500 more, although under $603, you loiildn'i. cl&im an exemption lor Vim. ^ Husband-Wife Filllijt j-.lf yon aren't sure wheiher, in lour particular case, separate or j )int filing will save money for I on, work out your tax bolh ways. I Tlie reason if was said' earlier Inat husbands and wives almosl al- I'Rys will save money by filinj Jointly, whether the wife had in- |ome or not. is this: They'll get Ihe benefit of the new »w Congress passed lor married Jieople year. It permits couples o "split" their income, us if each pert claiming half of the total. Deductions treasure, called the "boot of Lima." by means of a metal detector. He is one of the leaders of the parly. "The machine showed a deposit of metal underground at the snot we believe we have traced to i|ie buried bullion." said Patterson when he arrived In Los Angeles by air recently from Cocos to buy "more supplies for the expedition. The party has to maintain a smell group of Costa Rican soldiers while digging for the half-billion swag. McMath Invites Amendments for Bill on Elections LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 28 (/Pi — Governor McMath has invited the legislature to make any amendment which would improve his election code bill. The governor told his news conference Saturday that the bill needs .^, u ^^ p r^^t-i~?H" h "- h - s '- iuctlon—for things like medical ex- j Hie meosinV"* "^ PUrpose ol Arkanson's Tax Settlement Plan Wins Wide Favor NEW VOHK. Feb. 28. — Representative Wilbur D. Mills of Searry, Ark., has made "one of the mo.k «H«mictive siiBgc.^iions in the his: lory of income tax legislation" in i Hie tax stltlement board bill which J he introduced in Congress week, it was said here today by Percival F. Brundage of New York. |ire.sident of tlie American Insti- tvite ol Accountants. He dci-ln.vd ihr,i many thousands of small tax- I payers would benefit directly by creation of the proposed new board. "The American Institute of Ao- coununt.s" Mr. Brundnge also .said, ' iuis been working lor ycar.s to fa- ciiiiK;e ihe quick and infornuil sci- tletncnl of cases where taxpayers slid tiie jinroau of Interim! Revenue disdRiee as to Ihe amount nf IKX due. This bill, if enacted, would provide M means of settlement which has long been needed. "The memlxHs of the proixvsed Inx settlement, board would hear cases wiUmut the formalities of rules of evidence and legal presentation. Tin- whole is lo arrive HI a [air decision without the expense o( a trial, which frequency cosis both the laxp.ij'cr nnd the goveinmcnt as much as Die amount of tax in controversy. This will be of particular benefit to Ihe smaller taxpayer, wl.o now often feels thai he has lo pay more taxes than hi: owe^ he cannot atiord to take the case to court." Mr. Brimdage pointed out that, the measure is of particular importance In the light of the fact thpt the number of Individuals who must, file income tax reunns has incre.i.s- ed substantially. For example., he said, the number of ::;d:'.;duat tax returns increased from a liltle over 4,000.000 ill 1326 >r. over ofl.OOO.WO in 1M7. Felines' Appetite for Lizard Tails Provides Data for Tale About Cats PAGE SBVB* Naval Flying Boat Sets Passenger-Load Record ALAMEUA, Calif.. Pel). 2B. f,Vj— The Ilyinn bum Caroline Mars claims (he iiusscnucr-loud world record for nirpliincs. The broke (lit old wont. I ,sel ill 109 by » Oerinuii plunc in i IS2S, ill Hvo DlBlils Krhlwy. I She carried 207—^03 Nnvy men | i and four crow nifii—on n night | from Alnmcdii Navnl Air Station to j San Diego. On the return trip Ihnc were 222 aboard, lour of them crew members. I The round trip was coui|>li-trd in less than eight, hours. The one-way i I distance is nearly 500 miles. Mr Hal Boy I* FORT l^AUDKltlJAI.K. KM fob 2S. M>>-J*Jor!eJ« hnj .„ lt ,,ustinl «u- hnnl friul. 1 dou'l ini'un the W IU| wolves In Cuban shirts who prowl and howl nlonu the smuly precincts of ihe Bold const, nor do I refer lo the docile tourist sln-i'w. blentlnn nl »25-i\-dny hotel bills. A striuigrr nntmiil problem In Floridiv Is (he problem of cross- eyed house cats. Anil whnt makes Ihciu cross-oyt'd? [,1/,/mds do And Uiprcby tin i IKS a (nlc: House mis, like everything else, do well under tlw fl«rld« sun They like Ihe cllmalc. Ihc M( ( leiMndv life. And ihry llxc bzaid-1,,11 liin- clies. L!»vrds. who veer iwt lone be!''* l™™ ''»>•' «•' P«i«'« df [,on. VP Horlda's sun, lodav. They like the climate. And Ihev don't h"ve "">• l ' eis «"« 1 rtlsllke for ,,,!.,. |l,,l hey don t look with favnr ,,n »nr M.I habit Sluu some dumb liove. T hut Is the Imbit of dmsln^ and bltniR off their (nils Wise cats- Mretch themselves on Ihe warm tsrass »,id Ua it,,, n,,,,,,., do likewise, unmolested, but dumb ™ls.--«-cll. (hey stntk n ,!,„,.,, „„„ »>")>«- <>,, him. Usually, l]le llv ,,,,,. s lona mil (.<„,„.., <l[r ,„ tllf , lr -mid Ihc ,«.,,lllc .scmtlcs ,,ff n lUl the MirnbbMy. i,iut!r-rln K .wmcthlmr "bout "Dmnynnkee.s," w '" un "^ Sinnr l.l/«ri|s- rulsiminis And If ii,p „( , s lm ,. u , ,; dumb, what ri ors hl . ,,,;,, w ,^ l ,J> Mis down n ,,,| pnts „,,. 1)zni . (t . ', „ ""I- caling Ik,,,.,, ,.,„,. , s ,' ; much like M |in K „:„„„-«,„,'„„'( toadstools. There's a ' whale of » difference |,, u lcm . J( lt . s one k||1[| of » HzBiifs tall, nothing linppnift Hut If II is die wruiiR kind nr llr.- (inl's !nll, (he inle of what follows hits tills cmliim: Tile cut becomes cross-eyed, lie wobbles nroimd Ihc yard" Kke » ilriinkpK sniior on a shtftlntt decli He losivs l,|s .„,„„. 0 ^ ,|liwilon. K' Is n renl cnl-nsiinplie for him. "Vi'lciin.-iiliiiis dun't spein to know just I 1<m . to CHIT R ml In (his condition," «, ; t|<| M,-S. i>olly Dk'kcy Her own cnl wn » In Dils cr<ws-(-yrd ronlmcd M,IU> fnr nionlhs n'ricr entlnn „ |l/m,l tall, "One exjici Irnrc I/; snpix).setl to tendon ent never to stnlk li/.auls URain." .she snitl. "Hjii my |>c| ale two llMinl tnlls. "The lirsl mic was In June, lie Wiis unit! Jic eiuiRhl the MToiiit llviud in October. Afler th;il his eyes Mrntnliiriied out—but he bi'i'iiim- Mum- (U'lil." Thlril T»II Ti^l Awuilfil No one seems (<i ( whnt luip- |i< J n» to « cut who cuts hts third tlt- nnl lull. IVrhuiK no cdt Is Hint i«- Oiw hniy wlux^c cut cninc down CHEST COLDS! r«ll«>« cnuttii-KhliiK rniisclo «'U" lizard tail Indigestion paid JliO In fruitless li-lpj U) > vetcrina- '"Micro apimir.s to be a pol.sun in UK' llninxl thill (llkTU |1 cllt'K SCI1SC <l balance," said another wonuin, "Whcji 1 held my |m,i ( | over m"' rn s cio.^'d eyes, It calmed down «nd ctmlil »la»d nil rl t bt. run If I )""k my linnd uway mid onlled Jiltn, '"' wobbled oil In another dircc- Wlmi can bo done abuut liy Well j one wuy would be eiihcr lo irach I <"•"••• Mini's loU'iiUH-i'-,)r K |ve tJicni •*'iii(! kind ol le.v.oiw In llzjrd iden- tilu-ation, '-'•iliiiiily sum! llciis ami Han-,1., •»'• KOIDK lo be -I,,.,,, as ] (J iw .„ ;'"'nila is. Time would be plenty ,,f «.irds u-|.. l( mi the cats In Kil- ki'imy i-uiie hoic mni ale themselves .''•nHs-ej-ed. No one yet |,,is come up W ( t h whnt "';'>' turn nit to bo me m,,st inter- '^int! aspect or lh|! wh() , e , tint is. wluu I! „ am]y | lwm , Rl . '' tall Will the lltard jet cro«-iy*4r Only If that h.pptn. c»u W> prublcm be from hot*" lieaU Courier Newn Want BABY CHICKS llr-iiltliv, Sliirdy • liny Ihe lli'sf « Master Mix Feed Lewis Poultry Hi) Knsl A),,; • Vou Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shop! Feminine Apparel i ' B! Hogiin Jessie Stilt • Hotel iS'ohle Bldg. 1; Blylheville, Ark. J Wild horses and wild burros still roam unrestricte'd m some of the more remote section.? of Arizona. FREE OFFER for Deafened Persons For people who nre troubled by hnrd-of-hearinf. tills may be the means for starting n new, full life —wilii all the enjoyment of sermons, music, friendly companionship. It, is a fascinating brochure, called "Vuil-lone HcnrlnR" and Is now available without, charge, j Deafened persons acclaim it nt. a ' practical guide with advice tind ! encouragement oC great value. If you would like a free copy, send ' ; your iifimc and address on H penny j postcard and ask for ••l-'ulltonc' HeaiiiiE". Write IJELTONE De]>t i IB, 1450 W. 19th St.. Chicago 8, III. i Also show this important, news to | a friend who may be hnrd-of- hearing. ~-^^ Your Used Cars Y«s, if you chutist- a "Soled" Used Car from Shcllon Motor, you c«n he sure of KcMinj; H V nr with n iwsitivc Kiitirantce. lieforc .vtiuv decide, see lUt-sc wonderful cut- luiys. '.Hit Kiisli Turior Mfl Clievmlel, Slaiiditrd model M7 I)od«-c 1 y. Ton Truck '.'<!) l''onl I '/, Tim Truck lillfi Niisli Antbitssixlof KOI dor ISM1 OcSolo Kordor (lit ;i wimilfrful price!) I !)•)() l-'ord Tudor, f.xt-cplioiuilly t-lt-an li>.'if> Nitslt Tudor. l!»:iri Chevrolet, Slnnriurd Model. HI 10 Cherrolcl Tudor, very clenit. Uliil Sliulcbakcr Vt Ton ' I'it-kiip, l-iOO ncttml miles. IS 17 Dodge Ji/, Ton Trut-k. lil.'i!) !''ord I"/, Ton Truck. SHELTON MOTOR CO. lilO.OCO Income, $1,000 |3rown—520,000 income, lluetton. Different If Married But—and ihis 15 imporlant—it's Ilifferent with married people. Even when the wife didn't have a Jjime of income, a married couple a joint, return gets a stand- Iird deduction of 10 percent of their Tncoine up to a limit of $1.000. ExIsmple: their income uns J9.COO— Induction, $90D; or, their tnconip was Saint Francis Xavier. known ns the "Apostle 10 the Indies", was a fun-loving son of a noble Spanish family when he met nnd was led into the Church by Ignatius Loyola, been counties.' Another "nmsi" he said, is tht system of voter regijtraUon provided in th« bill. "People In (h*. election general last November gnve i a mandate to the legislature to set up a system of registration," he said. j However, the governor added ihat opinion the election code I be amended lo provide for effective "at such a lime as the poll tax is eliminated as a prerequisite for voting." A special session of the legislation would be necessary, McMath sold "should Ihe legislature adjourn without passing a registration law and should the federal government eliminate the poll tax." Ill should the registration system to become Tht Friendly Yard has Plywood E. C. Robinson Lumber Farmall Tractor ENGINE TUNE-UP SPECIAL! Tune-up Engine Clean Plugs Retime Ignition Check Compression Clean & Refill Air Filter Clean & Adjust Carburetor. Adjust Fan & Generator Belri Adjust Governor Adjust Tappets Adjust Brakes Flush Radiator Tighten alf Radiator Hose lnffate Tires to Correct Air pressure Steam Clean Engine .95 COM! IN THIS WIIK TO PHONES** 215 South Second Phone 4438 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2009 Phone 4141 G O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry — IN GOOD TASTE FOR ALL, TASTES! Wluilover your Ustc in whclht-r it fi« Cor (dc cltilior. n(c tlish or th t . simpler lure, you'll find it hero. When von i 'Is there still so much demand for telephone service?" p Cvcry month in tht Southwest we R H twice as fast BS prewar-we're cliangmj wme 50,000 orders for telephone service. dollar, into switchboards, telephone This demand makes m shortage. Tele- '"'*'• buildings, man-liours—everything phone service will be plentiful when w* overtake the demand. Meanwhile there it takes for more telephone service. In the last three years, we've made Hit is less equipment to give service with Southwestern telephone network inor than we need. In 1946 w« expected to catch up with our backed-up orders by spending 2<!0 useful to users by «tic!ing over 800,000 telephones. About 180,000 persons are now wait- million dollars on new equipment, spread ing for telephones in the Southwest. Most over a few years. Soon we had to increase () f these are fairly recent applicants Fx- that amount-to 400 million dollars, and ccpl for wme ,.„., wi(h ^ l^l-«r...«Vm<.i.c'/\ri :ii'.__i -.. i * later to about 500 million, where it stands »ow; twice what it was. lems, there has been a large and steady turnover in the waiting list. We want to get a telephone to everyone who wants one, and keep improving Higher costs for materials and for labor »r« two reasons for the increase. But th« main reason is that the job keeps getting ,,.,. • . . .. . 1 * " the service to make it worth more to you all the time. Your understanding helps « lot. Thanks. bigger. As fast as wa can—end that means SOUTHWiSTIRN IELL TELEPHONE Johns Gate OPEN DAY AND NIGHT D.P.L. NO. 15 COTTONSEED DELINTED, TREATED and SACKED ; S(«lc Certified KH"' Germinal ton _ [ Vf. I'Yiim Station A TON OR A CARLOAD Also Good ALFALFA HAY For Sale MAGERS & GILL "'"• A * Ph.n, 2271 Vim wnnl i» smart liinkliu n-pali |M-M<U'.S :i -.Unity, bun- Ml rcliiillilhis — when ynur times arc renewed. Have US il" Mir mull anil there irlll lie no rtintn fur rimipl.thit. RADIO REPAIR I nml y-l)ay Srrvlve cm Any Mukfc or Model Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 \Vc Call I-'nr and Deliver Fred CallihaiT Kli'ctriciil A])|)linncc Co. AtiUuiri/,|.(l Motorola S;ili\s .Service Hlli Sir 1st. St. i, .. i I :s. i- •• i • i i , «» KlOTirF T0 MY H MV/ 1 I\_L AND CUSTOMERS I Call .MO in M>c me i S rum llnililiii K C.ruuml Vlunr. rear City Drug St,>re, 3^ steps oir .Main at United Insurance FRANK D. UNDERWOOD YOUR WTIAC DEALER Sales-Service-Parts Goodwill Used Cars SMITH PONTIAC CO ><H 111! 1LL\ •_ ,1'HOM

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