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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 1

Austin, Minnesota
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Tuesday, January 20, 1959
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The Weather Cloudy with light snow foniaht u u W 5 dnes ,doy; continued cold- high today 10-15; low tonight 5 below; winds 10-15 m.p.h. tonight" AUSTIN DAILY HERALD Y r Ot PYVWt f/. "^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^mi^^ .^^nn^r VVAL,. v^A.A.AVl JO A1ISTTM MTMM onTttati A tr -,.»,... . . Mikoyan Heads Back to Russia; Is Disappointed AUSTIN, MINN., TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 195!) (A} ~ Viet an leaves regards treaties f- — _. •"*•*«/ ».»»i. **-civt;o lor Moscow today to report on.Ins glad-handing tour of the United States and his in- as "shreds of paper." Eisenhow?. had included such a remark in his State of the Union message referring to the Soviet Union's repudia . . ------- — ...-. ons repua- conclusive talks with top "on of its agreements with' the Western powers on thu occupation ' ~ " of Berlin. government officials. The Soviet deputy premier arranged to travel by train to New York. He is due in Moscow \Vednesday after an overnight transatlantic flight. Mikoyan evidently was disappointed that he could not budge Eisenhower administration leaders from their restrictions on Soviet trade and their policy of standing firm against Soviet pressures over Berlin. He charged that the cold war is still on in the State Department. N'o Concessions State Department officials were disappointed that the Soviet visitor came up with no concessions in Soviet policy on Berlin and other German issues. Mikoyan had his own explanation of that as he made his final appearance at a big Soviet Embassy [stituent reception Monday night. j can't play bridge any more. They. "Why should we make conces- j st °P tne S*me and talk about the! State Budget Becomes fop Talking Point ST. PAUL (AP) -Talk about the state budget has replaced card talk at bridge parties and discus sion of religious problems church meetings. a! That' is one "back home" reaction reported today by a member of the Minnesota Legislature. Rep. Donald Franke, Rochester SINGLE COPY — 7* 12 Pages When an optimist lends money to certain friends he has a good chance of becoming a pessimist. Nat Has Grave Ch If s Self-Discipline, or Government Controls WREATHED IN LAURELS — Recipients of Austin Jaycee awards Monday night were L. Harold Williams, boss of the ANNUAL HONORS year, Don Sandeen, young man of the year, and John Strict, young farmer of the year. Sandeen, Striet, Williams Receive Jaycees' Accolade had said a woman told him that Laurels for civic contributions. con-1 business progress, and being „ i good boss were passed out Monday "What Jaycees Mean to Austin.".county auditor for three years Sandeen. current Jayceo presi-jand his wife, Marian,' live aht by the Austin Jaycees at I young men annual Bosses Night dinner, up the Red concessions?" he_asked a question. The Southern Minnesota !nw late we™? * ***** "* ^ j ^if^".?^? P°»^ ^yJFui^ih.g (maker said he had also attended! Don Sandeen. 31. rural Austin,jwuzen's Advisory committee sm]!H™t. t 0 By STERLING K.GItKHN WASHINGTON (AP) — President Eisenhower said today the nation laces a grave choice — oil her self-discipline to prevent, a damaging inflation, or government controls "which are alien to our traditional way of life " Eisenhower sent to Congress h i s economic report, bird and last of the major annual messages. It announced a virtually full recovery from (lie recession, forecast record income and product ion in 195!), and held out hopes of tax reduction reasonably soon thereafter. It asked 31 laws to help "assure a vigorous growth of our economy." Mennt MS Alarm But the message clearly was mount as nil nlnrm bell to rally labor, business and consumers to ! unite with the government in de! fending the value of the dollnr. Wage rises that run abend of w \qmwr-rnNr ,Am n i "Censes in output per worker, WASHINGTON (AP) - Demo-. Eisenhower said, push up prices He' f"? Leadcr Lymlon B - Johnson hurt sales and impair American'! on in , X!1 '! ^ , te today i competition in world markets. ™ President Eisenhower has offered! Thlls cxcessivc wnRe CMls o)> Johnson Says Ike's Budget */ Is 'Propaganda' HOW CONSUMER PRICES ROSE SINCE 1939— Chart compares rise qf prices in commodities and services from 1939 to 1958, according to economic report sent to Congress by President Eisenhower. The chart was released by the Department of Labor. (AP Wirephoto Chart). r sions if no one else is making any governor's budget." , ing newsman. "Everybody is talk- dent, is one of the more active Iclr ie Di V e '„,,„ A «tin Acro, ^ ^^™ J™ f «™d Thll , cxccssivc wnRe ^ o)> young men in Austin. He heads! A Jaycee for the-pas" few von r'^ a , > T^'" ," gCl """ d °° S i slnict lhL ' crc »«°" of now jobs, up the Red Cross drive this year, j Sandeon first headed up the Home'7 7 " ,., 0 B °*\ " P ro "" sc ,endanger the jobs of those now is a member of t.he pollution study | Furnishing Show was elected' ,.~, , u " ywh " e - i working, and: "In short, they nre, committee, served on the city's; to the board, elected a vice prcsi-! , , W W ° ve ta """B,in the end, self-defeating." Citizen's Advisory Committee and! dent to fill an nnovmV^i t,.,.., i b0 loosul .V about tax cuts owe the. „„.,„..,.,_ ,.„....,.. A lughhghl of the embassy re- was the unannounced ap-! the Rovernor's pearance of Van Cliburn, the Tex- budget. Methodist '. distinguished service award as the ; is active in Westminister Presbv ^^^^r&^*^ ^^^~&^^^^ an who won an international piano competition in Moscow last spring. Cliburn played an impromptu recital at Mikoyan's urging, then .joined the obviously pleased offi- Extremely Alarmed "Everyone is e x t r e m c ! v 470-miliion-dollar: (Nevada Township), outstanding i Sunday School teacher young farmer of the Austin Trade,' member. choir Area. L. Harold t , alarmed." Williams, president, Came From Albert An Austin resident for six vears. - " >- * ' i «-• in •; i y . —...-, r.....^..,.,, nn misun resident lor six vears ''ana Jaycees stoppm reported Franke. w | 10 j Austin Savings and Loan Assn.,; Sandeen moved here from Albert. route to the confess. ., Rnn,, Wi _ ,„„- I Uie outstanding boss, an award Lea. He is a native of Kasson HIM! i Other nominees fo, represents a Republican area. , "They are very much opposed to " ia «g ura 'ed tins year. cial for nearly an hour of private I the proposed tax increases. 1 cbnversation. . didn't find a single person in fn- Report to Coniniunitv The awards were the cli climax ol iwas head of the Kasson Masons', 1 at one time. He has been deputy I Those who so loosely about then president last March. As prcs" ' PL ' O1)1 ° , b ° th , "P»«'f i°» and •• - - ' 'an apoloKy, Johnson declared. "It is clear to me that this budget was not prepared lo meet the needs of the people but was prepared lo create- a political issue lor laiio," he said. Untiring Start ,Johnson',s floor speech sent the : congressional battle of the budget tional World Congress in Minneapolis and was one of the host families to a group of New Zen- land Jaycees stopping here en , working, and: "In short, they nre, been talking in lhc „„,,_ se if. c i efealing .,, cuts owe the, „. .. , lo Redouble Efforts The President appealed to industry to redouble its efforts lo hold the price line and "wage a BOND ISSUE SET the award .IAYCKKS (Continued on Page U) Addressing the National Press vor of the governor's proposal!" I f evenin «- v ' llic! > inducied the Club, Mikoyan said he had found Reporting from the far north, I S" Z Hin i TV iii two weeks of irnvPi «r n ,m,i «v« which is m» m nn M iin . v .,.. ' ' lunlty '. fhe dmner also marked j :.... ......11415, vni\.ii im.T.KitM i u e : . i . *%w i /••• ki •• ; Jaycees annual report lo the com-' WON T MEET IN L. A. iii two weeks of travel around the i which is Democratic - Fanne United States that the American people, including businessmen, are "tired of the cold war" and want peace in the world. Replying lo questions, he also indirectly criticized President Eisenhower and took a crack at former President Truman. Shreds of Paper His reference to Eisenhower, L-- of Uttlefork said some p a6t program until the 25th anniversary of the or- with 18 presidents, and oast DHA JYF recipients as guest?. M. after they saw . Wayne Field, pasl Minnesota Jay- rv,r !?,.„„ . i • • i'.o.vuc .rieiu, i-'riKL Aiinnesoia jav- ±; ^ "!r ^,. ^ ls !™,. a ' ld ; cee ^-^ ^* « ^ w after they got a further explana-1 tion from me." ! can't cut Mud. '*- Supreme Court "Many of the people said they;. would like to keep taxes down as' GOP Will Steer Clear of Demos off lo a roaring start. Hoi). Clarence Cannon (D-Mo) came out of a'House Appropriations Committee meeting with topi s leii.' government fiscal experts and! 4. Cave assurance that tax re IKE AT GLANCE 1. Tort-cast record nalloiial output and Income In Ifl5!l. 2. Called for national sell'- discipline t<» avoid Inflation ;;ml government controls. 3. Told (.'(ingress a budget balance is "the most Important Council Turns Down Cafe Liquor License Austin coundlmcMi Friday night at 3.508 per cent interest. ! prepared to sell $8f)0,0(«) in sower I bonds, rejected an iipplicatiou for An application by John Loring for a liquor license nt the Rose Room was denied, 4-2, after rc- an on-sale liquor license and approved a building permit for re-1 cowing a majority recommenda- pair of the fire-damaged Grand] lion from the ordinance commit- Hotel. j,.(,(,. The Council set Feb. l<? us tliej Alderman..Paul Johnson, chair- dale to receive bids on $nr>o,00() | man, reported the majority of th» ,bonds, the remaining portion of '•• committee abided by its previous 'the authorized $2,2r>0,(M)« issue lo recommendation that licenses be and said he saw little hope for tax re- licl' in "the foreseeable future." At thu While House, Republicans got a few blows at the Democrats on tho spending issue. COP congressional leaders came lief is "foreseeable." ceaseless war against costs." He urged consumers to shop carefully for price and quality. He called on Congress, for the ! construct Ihe | Previously it new had Justices Moy Quit whom he did not name, came!much as they"could7"tne"TiberalI WASHINGTON (AP) - ,.^.,_., ....„,..., .„. HKIL i!lou Sl . IC1 . when he declared that the Soviet leader added, "but they realb.e ! Clarence J. Brown (R-Ohio) saidjdential nominating convention. I Miami Beach Fla offered fir-n I i til fin SPriintilmiclir lroonc< if c ii\t A*> *T/\H »«*«*! n ..L i_ *• > . ., • ffiHnu .Qnnfattta /^rm*«( T.»^(;^^-TT..I r*/^r» j-'u*: _ . •*, •> . , > . * " ^>o.JU. _,. . „ .. .... , i nc caneri on congress, for lie Sen id r) ,"n r" PrC t! thi «« «™ »' « fortnight/to abide cieni ana Jut at npmrwnHp unnnri.;. .. .. ' Union scrupulously keeps its international agreements and it is "impermissible" to say that the So- Has Bad Cold, but Castro Still Plans Rally HAVANA, Cuba, (AP) - Although fighling a bad attack of the grippe, Fidel Castro doggedly held today to plans for a giant rally lo show public support of Ihe speedy execution of those his forces condemn as war criminals. 'Castro hoarsely lold a reporler he had a bad case of an ailment similar to influenza. But he said "the probabilities are that I will i>o" to Wednesday's Havana rally, which is expected to draw half .1 million supporters. Invites Newsmen Castro ha,s invited 35() newsmen .md commentators from the United States and Latin America, plus some U.S. senators and congressmen, to attend the rally and the first showcase trial of war crimes defendants in Havana> Informants said Castro, a practicing lawyer before he led the revolt against dictator Fulgencio Batista, would treat the international audience to a display of his i-ourtroom talents by taking the prosecutor's role. you can't cut much from what the , tociay Supreme Court Justices Hu-j GOP Chairman Meade Alcorn DBS MOINES, Iowa (AP)-Re-' with a bid of $375,000 cash, ...,, „ , ,_..„ „ publicans rejected "me-tooism" fringe benefits. It was, in the i^nl ond hit at Democratic spend-i bv u,,, SDenH i n£ , rill , i,, ,.,„ 7- today w,th clear indications they i ^s of Alcorn and other party ing proposals on housing. j S^tar^lthiS, £"«i' Chairman otommitlen j to (he c U()| M , f Cannon , s chairman of (he M-! yi .., r starlinR Ju]y ,_ - -. • W' (will not follow the Democrats to, lladers a powerfully attractive of- Hep. I Los Angeles for Iheir 11)60 presi- fer. governor recommended," Generally, legislators said they found their constituents concerned about heavy spending. go Black and Felix Frankfurter; said his party is going to disre- are expected to offer their resig-isard Ihe decision made by a nations lo President Eisenhower | Democratic site subcommittee, "within a relatively short time." j meeting in New Orleans last week "Justice Frankfurter has re-: to nominate that party's candi- , ) .v- .u aim in »..v.w u vuuu ,- member House committee, which 'r|,j s j )e (100, plus a pledge to pic^k up other j started .hearings on Eisenhower's! WcH ,ld ' be CXOenses. hilt Alpni'ii mnrlo U Mtir..* l 77.liillirt,i.^lrtlln.. l,..,!,.,* r... n.~ i- . i told Top Limit on Farm Supports May Be Urged n .,_ „, ,, .. . . . , "iwwi-c f i nas re-^ 10 nomn One of these, the leader of thejcently been in bad health," Brown dales in conservative senate majority, Sen. said in his news letter. ''city John Zwach of Walnut Grove, said he found people about "equally divided between the governor's {pilal from Nov. 28 to Jan 3 but tax program and a sales tax." jwas back on the bench Jan. 12. expenses, but Alcorn made it clear that the Southern city 'is out of the running. Other Considerations 'We are not goine anywhere just """•' t»*-**"to ***«,y>ViJijii, JUOt the Southern California; because of the money involved," ....... i • , I lie said in an interview. "There suffering from aj 'There has been too much 'me-'are many other considerations we 77-billion-dollar bud«a for the f is- j single st in ca year starting July l. Ii>ilinl!g ovcrnmenl . s res , )onsibi]ilv wtnesscs were Secretary of tlio; help presei . ve Uic stabili ' t Treasury Robert B. Anderson and Budget Director Maurice II. Staijs. Can He Cut Bolh Chairman Clarence Cannon: legislators. WASHINGTON (AP) ~- Farm speculated today that Eisenhower may recom- lo : mend that Congress place a top of;limit — or allow the President to (D-Mo) and Rep. .John hos- tooism' already." Alcorn said., have to take into account "We are going to select our site'. Although Alcorn declined lo spell! 'n™"v T and our date independently of (these out, it was obvious the Se' 1 ^ ' T,^ T',^ M" what the Democrats have clone." ! subcommittee was atte mm in- o'T f ' f, , " ' C ' Vt ' d "" -Won't Llko Uedsion' ! avoid any appearance of favoring ; b " dBet C0llld ^ '' Ut ' Alcorn added that "the televi- potential candidate for the !!)«() sion and radio folks are not going' Republican presidential iwmina- to like our decision." The net- tion. works have asked both parties to! For that reason turn- ^i-'inl meet in the same city to reduce little likelihood that San Francisco the expense of transferring equip- which had arranged to bwst its bid lu f nt - > S:i50,li(Ki in cash, plus the „>„;,] With Chicago, Los Angeles, and fringe additions, would gel :illy San Francisco putting in formal more consideration than Us -\n- bids today for the Republican con-.gelcs. Everyone recognized that vention, the contest appeared to would involve a boost for the po- "'"" " v '""' 11 ••"••iJ.i'aie inns pro- , lie primarily between Philadelphia tential cancladit-y of Vice President villi " H lhe "'"'^.v to finance Ihe and Chicago. • Richard M. Nixon. a nMive of Philadelphia came in .Monday .California. never saw a budget lliati i couldn't be cut. they said in sep-' anile statements. Hut tlicy didn't' say where or how much. The com-' mittei; will work several months' on those questions. j Following today's meeting of the lid-member group, the committee prices and costs through the pru- : do so — on the amount the government may spend for farm price supports. There is no limit at present. All that fanners may produce of the price-supported crops and products is eligible for price supports if they comply with production restrictions. In his budget message to Congress, Eisenhower referred to the price support program as an 'open- 1KE (Continued on Pace 2) Proposals on Running Hotel Are Studied sewage plant, granted to hotels, but that other sold J, 1,400,0(10 applications be held in abeyance for the present. | Aldermen Austin, Lund. Johnson and Jacob voted in the affirmative, and Nelson and Weiss in the negative. Alderman Ernest Diederich was absent. ttemodcttng Needed A letter was received from the Fox Hotel asking that a liquor license be reserved until July 1. It was pointed out that the hotel is not now equipped for a licenss, and remodeling will take some time. The Council has granted 11 of the 15 on-sale liquor licenses permitted under state law. In previous action, it indicated that, In addition to the one granted King's Wood, a license will be available . for the Fox Hotel and the new community hotel • motel. COUNCIL (Continued on Page 11) Thf Austin Hotel - Motel Corp. j encled " system. He .s^id that in looked over several management' order to prevent continuation of propositions Monday night and re- ! ' ll| R e federal outlays, legislation ft-rnvl them back to the manage '« F 11 ii j j i tjt. i ._; i t/ujj, me CUllJlilllUjL' — ...«*..»f > w * t — — ........ TII4UI, will break up into .subcommittees i Ilu ' lU coin " litte " to' 1 further study. '* tailed badly needed changes in 'to start whipping into shape more R ', "' Gower ' dl "' r »ian, submit- ^ system. ""' " '' -"•' ' '' Under present farm laws, neither the President nor the secretary of I agriculture may place limits on •price support outlays. Such limits separate bills pro- ted the proposals, which had bee>i by individuals and firms. M. F. Dugan reported on finances and Edward H. Flifton re- will be proposed to make what CLAIMS WORLD RECORD : ' screened some 1,000 name propos to RELAXED REBELS — Two Cuban rebel guards relax on their beds inside the chapel of La Cabana military prison. Chapel is temporary barracks for the garrison Note machine gun on floor. <NEA TELEPHOTO) Ho, Hum; He'll Be Sleepless 8 1 /2 Days 561 Jammed in Prison Await Cuban Trials, Probable Death N'EW YORK (AH)-Disc jocke;. Pi'ttr Tripp got up ;it Jl:14-, this morning to try to stay ;iwuke lor almost B 1 ;! clays. Psychiatrists, doctor and jinn,iv, wen- at his bedside in his Man- hattun apartment. They will itlu-r- nrUo slaying wiih him around the • clock throughout his ink-mled L'IIII j hours oi wakefiilhiv-as'. j His results will hi- i:umixirril ;i m tiif ol .1 neal- WZHU. began iiLs ^n downtown show window er in imported cars. He'll ;4et pt-riodit- Dr. Anson .). Mellion but other wise lit/H be r.}i his own. budMii. ltudgi-1 Ocliiils The first of lhc subcommittee, uiul the hirgi-sl, already lias di- ! .,i,. .,,,.1 „„, -, f , , ™,«, s,,,,,.,, „, D*,. Nei , : ;t i't'l ™i""" i3,%£ j;™f;j;;::; % M *3 i s:jr^,t'S tloi) (A tjjc biul^el. About (K) per cent of tin; jfcitd .spending is lor dt-leiise.. The board will meet at the Aus with emphasis on mi,'s and tin Slat spine exploration. HUIHiin on Egan Given Poor Chance for Recovery SEATTLE William A. (AP)—Alaska's Gov. Egan was reported "extremely critical" today and an emergency operation was scheduled to relieve what surgeons said ,, ..4,, i 4i . i . . , iii. . . — »u icucvc vittat, auiKeous said polled lhal his committee h a s could be imposed only if Congress was complete paralysis of his <efr»nr\f*r\ t-^,,-.« l rtun „„ ....*!.-....• i ; i. _ ..... _ " i*wkw*joi^ w*. «ua 1 . ^,..j .. -v-uij^jt *^uo v« (la uu authorized them. Agriculture De-j bowels. partment officials disclaim any '•nowledge, however, of proposals Egan, the first elected governor of the 49th state, was flown her<5 Monday afternoon after failing tp ( administration may have to ask Bank Jan. 2!) to get out j Congress before June 19iiO to en- stockhold-j large the size of the puce support Commodity Credit" for the annual met'tin-' in the The prison,, ,., r,,,u,.U F,,ia,ly one young p,,,,, tM A- 1 , Uy IIOUKKT BEURICI.LE/ | HAVANA, Cuba W — Jammed inln a. prison normally housing 150 umiytfs are ")til followers of ex- dictator Fulgencio Batista await;n;4 trial on ''war cnminal" cbarges. .Some probably will KO Iri-i-. Others will die before Fidel C'as- j began airing complaints. The two /ayas' Iro's firing squads. The prison is inside La Cuban a on a hill overlooking Hanoi far from historic Morro Tae prison connnaiK,,, A : losl . i,ru oi the te P1 ' ison officials - nee., aet.vitv of h,s b'a.n' H, a.ui Souo -, brcad - bteisieyk ami ***•'*» ^ ~-v u->-«* .,±; ^ agreed the prison was Tripp 3" ' W1 il k In Lage I'ells seemed to be on good terms, j helped. The English-speaking prisoner! Another prisoner, former police- identified himself as Evelio Gil, man Hector Figuerodo ->9 L'vl, Havana-born military college claimed all he had done Ine prisoners - Bausu police, cadet who joined Batista's police arrest those who were two years ago. bombs in theaters and other pub- •llie only erime J coaunitled lie placet,. was to arrt-bt some rebeU." he "Those arrtMed had court hear- ^ i , P f llC " Time., & " d ^ a " ract * :n:htary men and iniormerc — are Housed in large cells with interi- • >fa like .Quonset huts. A r MI e d guards patrol the ^U-fiXJt walls. K.stvrted by two u u u ;• m e cl guards, our party of U. S. newsmen was given an unhindered vi>it to the. cells. 01 6 Children Die as Maine Fire Sweeps Homej ASHLAND. Nhii;i(> iAP. . - Sixi Ch.lvij'l'll ,i:eil !.•;!)•;>• t,),j;;y ;;) (.,;,,. of Maine's worst lire tr.r{i.'(!ie*'. Fijur other mi-mbL-:-s of Lutheri Trij)p's iaimly and two boardert. escapL-il a fhuh lire that swiftly destroyed their rural home. The parent.- were injured in heroic rescue attempts. The dead: Edna, U; fciia, IJ: Jeaiuiie, H: Alfred. 4; Barbara, 2; and Carolyn Tripp. li. JViOiJ. a 3.3-ycar-o!d lumber mii! haiU. "1 sirui-U or liuii no uue He complaiiitd ihat the •..iccom modal ions were there was liitle ..r no medical at- ings, even defense counsel," Fig- uerodo said. "On the other hand, the rebel tribunals are all up of rebels. Tins is liussu justice." and li; s Ul-vvar-old wil ,uil,red severe burn Disc jockey Dave Hunter Jacksonville Beach. Fla., claims worker, lo have the world's record—187 Muriel. hours - Mr>. 'Jn;>p also lost ;) lot o! Hunter set out ut U a.m. t >day Irom a gash-on oiie leg nn-Je to better his old mark. Hebt-cca, ilieir ti - momi ii-'-ypc.-; Hunter, a 23-year old, C-loot-.i, daughter, \vas burned :,ia i 143-iwui.der froju r.i.'ho station ' fercd .smoke inhalation. WRECKAGE BURNS — Piled-up cars of a Gulf, Mobile & Ohio freight train burn after they jumped the track near tus- caloosa, Ala., Monday. Nobody was in- to limit them. »-• VJIVIMJ uAbx,* HWU41 m-VCi AdlLUiK IU „„ „ - i Some tixlc ' iu of the Browth in! recover satisfactorily from a gall Uie House has not; price support costs is shown by a | bladder operation in Juneau, Alas- statement in the budget that thejka, Jan. 6. The gravity of his condition was. not disclosed until morning. Dr. Joel W. Baker, chief surgeon at Seattle's Virginia Mason Hospital, said Egan had developed a bowel obstruction and "complete paralysis" in complications which followed surgery two weeks ago. Dr. Baker described the 44- year-old Democrat's chances of recovery as "somewhat less than 50-50." Weather Official U. S. Headings from THE HERALD Weather Sile ou Hoof of Fire Station: Reading 8:30 a.m. — -3 below. Previous 24-hr, low — -12 below. General Weather — Clear. Temperatures Recorded at THE HERALD Bulldiiig: MONDAY .. 8 | 7 P. M. .. g . 13 | 8P.M. -.7 . 14 | 9 P. M. .. 6 . 15 | 10 P. M. .. 6 . 13 I 11 P. M. .. 8 • 10 ! 12 P. M. .. ? TUESDAY • li j 7 A. M. 1 P. M. 2 p.*r: 3 P. M. 4 P. M. a P. M. ti P. M. jured. Twenty - five cars of the HI- car train jumped the track on a trestle. Three burned. Cause of the accident was not known immediately (AP Photofax) 1 A. M a A. M A. M |4 A. M ! 5 A. M 4 3 j 0 2 « A. M. 9 A. M. 10 A.M. 11 A. M. U\\ .,

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