Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 9, 1955 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 9, 1955
Page 10
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JBVEMMG TIMES, CUMtitiULAlSU, Aii>., FU1UAV, DECEMBKK 9, 1955 Dial PA-2-4600 for a WANT AD Taker lour Horoscope Look in the section in which your birth- lay comes and find what jour outlook Is. •ccorrtlns to the stare. For Silurd»y, l)rr*mbfr I". ISM MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries! -Venus mid the Moon, well aspected promise bright ' prospects for artiilic- skill, delicate mailers, and those conni-eted with homo decorations and appliances. Mara rays warn against irritability. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taumsi-En lion with the day'* v.ssontial tasks. New lain* likely in your program.. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBKR 23 (Libra >—Your Venu** 's favorably situ'ilcd. :il.«o the .Moon. A happy outlook in jjorv •M'al for heart lnton*sts. domestic affairs. 'he arts, inu.sic sports, luNiH OCTOBKR 24 io XUVKMBKH 22 <Sror- »in> A resolute heart never ft*ars hard work or rrfuvs yoori counsel. Today ha*, nd vantages ^nd Haws. Vou he the Three Youths., Man Petition For Hearing ~ A hearing is tentatively sched- tomorrow in Alleganv County L-. elr. fiood stimulus for L,. .. ,. . , j, ' ouliloor activities. UIUI11 WJUH 101 HULL a 32-year-old man on charges of larceny and breaking and enter- according to JanKS S. Getty. Medical Society Approves Heart Group Program fan* m _. m-k _.2^-» : The Allcsany - GarrcU County I animously, the secretary said. lhe|cure of this u-ipplmp malady. /%lll€*ll€ fl I. Medical Society has endorsed Ihc Heart Association's program of! 11 has been found in many f Ipru-rain of the Alle-uny-Garretl providing without cost, oral peni-|lies where there is a child or adult r\ ?/-'!•• I>^ ^ ..A iCountv Heart Association" accord- Icillin as long as necessary, on phy-jsuffering from rheumatic fever, # UO«S' ChriStinaS IteCOrd ^"toD, Benedict Skitarelic, sec-isicians' recommendations and pre-ithat il is a financial burden and ° ^ i.._? ........ /.,._ _,i:,...t ..... :i UrrinHniw Oral ni»nifillin is ni'O-, strain to buv 80 cents worth of pen_ Poses Problem, Can't Find Canines Irclary of the medical unit. scriptions. Oral penicillin is pro-istrain to buy 80 cents worth of pen:lay for periods up to (lt*g U. ». Pol Ott.J By PHYLLIS BAHELLE NEW YORK UNS) — The hollwoofing shcplierds: Pearl and Pus- record of the 1955 Yuletide seasonj-sy. the treble chihuahuas, and Dol assistant state's attorney. This plan, they explain, will give currcnces and leading to eventual 128 such cases on its rolls here. Be your .skillful wlf. . JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Oam-erJ-Kxrel-; " Kindly I */U»X* ~«- kV *»*,-«•» -••- - - • - • - , J \ VI \ J?V ** tO f r I* it U "lit * *' ' tent indications for you scncrous Wndlyj , A '„•„!„,,,.-if "p'nssible. spec,! up ncccs-jmentS in October dlld Nove T^To ^.in""voJ"obSvcT h, lt r™h"' u < ks aBrt earn more ttnr fnr lei 'i ™*8 for immcdialo trial Hion.^i" ^|Y" '» i nL M'^Ttlve ideas slll ' e > Iienlihy [un, improvins a hobby or ]-j nn -i,i \ir c un nrp' 1ft ran vijn. .« a •• <•• spori. i _ _• o van 0 C , id, Ha "' '™ nRl?ARY 21 t(1 =0 ipis<-cs) jfroiii two Cumberland establish-jwho arfs mezzo, jments in October and November.! Although this is undeniably a al were talented group, we doubt if their of 119 disc ever replaces the memorable Roberts Place: Albert Rock well,!'54 release titled "I Saw .Mommy e «r your schedule. 11 ns* win n v- More smoothly if you *,H be jour i 'om- sell and don I overdo in .mMhne. ; .. hl , nw , B , nl! .,„„ nnt , mil . e , y ails pk- ^ Sqllll . (lav . Make somc , ilnc , or pica. ,, fine lime for self-expression, arlisiij..^_ |nj ( |j v(>1 ...j on •<-.. clorc Devorc, city, and Clarence! After all> can a quintet o[ foreig|1 Ealon, 16, city. dogs fill the same spot in the .................. YOU BORN TODAY are intrepid, ae-l The four were charged with lhe|i iearts O f American music lovers as """"• """ """" ...... " 1 hte«m.m:l lhcrt of J0 ° Pounds of copper wirc.! a snitchillg Iiu!e boy soprano from Jair.ily matters. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 <Vir ,o)-Doirt be stymicU in action by beinu,•.•"-•"- •—• ;;™::,,- f -- .^i^^rn^^ot^^ -"- ««r»' ^Hons ; ,f| the v ^ ; • . nnt CO 10 C.\tlClllt'S. 1 Oil Ktneiuliy M*Jl.|«.,i,i( fi'rvfil Ihn I nci'ffo (^Ivf)l> r^ a 11 • i 11 ^ , iijciiiii iitMii uiu LIIM^U ot>ui;| Kur'ttifM'mfiro ihp faninp fomnn = — 1 port sood csuses and h.'ivc a kwn sensci' . " •_ ! ' in IIILI inui t,, UIL idimiL cuilinu r what si rishi ami what i« wrons. i^arniainiin carnival property on La-,j s rather suspect at the moment. : not to worry i,r work Jevi-rishiy: no ainfayctte Avenue and about SSOOir-'vcn RCA Viftnr WiSOlv *Y,f.atnr<.fl Hnt.p«. Vnn ar^ nnlur-l . . . _ . iJ-*\LJl JVU/V \1LLU1 For tlie J A^ Christinas Gifts that reflect your good taste and bring cheer to the recipient all year long. * Statues * Paintings Medals Bibles Crucifixes iritui-i U r i r i. - i—""- -"— ' 'pops clepait- v <-he<.rr..i. and thi« can help makeiwnrlh of metal from the .Amcncan|rncnt) confesses it is "almost hys- isb'or iisht, the fanhr<t eoais ^asi«r toji ron and Metal Comppiiy, Quccnii e ,.j ca [" trying Io find out if the [iumnie l anri W 'cLcr?ui l . n 'Bir?hdKti : " l ''ce«r|Strcet. They were held on bond j (jogs really do" exist. Frank. Belclan composer: Thin. Oallau-after waiving a preliminary hear-i "lUp hnimht fllPif i-ffnrrlinff - : -'-' del, pioneer teacher of rie.if in I'. S. - - i "*• "«"o"" ""-" «i->.uiuui — (Kini; Features Syndicate. Inc.) "Flashes" Tail The antelope jackrabbit gets its name from its habit of "flashing" the white hairs on its rump, in the inj, before .Magistrate .'. Milton Dick in Trial Magistrate's Court November 25. •Juvenile Court, which paroled a 15-year-old boy for two years and released another in the same series of thefts, waived jurisdiction Rosaries * Missals * Hummels* Creches * Prayer Book '•• manner of the pronghorn antelope, f" Eaton, who will be tried with unseen from the Metronome Record Co. of Sweden." admitted harrassed Ann Fulchino, Victor pops publicity head, "and now that 'Life' wants to do a picture story on the dogs, we can't, seem to locate them. We've been trying all over Europe. "\Ve are not even sure," she 37 Frederick Street Pro-Bred... . . . 'with DARV.YL gives your children the highest quality protein possible in bread . . . ORT'S BROS. BAKERY regardless of finan-l _J1"" the same care a pa- jtient able to pay will receive. The consultant physicians coope- j reprinted]' 1 "' 1 '"" wilh tlie Hea1 ' 1 Association . HUl „„„ ,. , u ...s out thesci wi " scnd a writlcn report on each; might not really be the dogs at all.i«sc to the family physician^\vhO| Why, those might have to us! we tookj . . u,, y , »,„.,.: „„„ av« „,-„-„ .referred the case to the Heart As-, Communist Borzois doing the sing- sociation. and will also keep thcj association advised of the patient s. needs and progress, thus putting' I he facilities of the Heart Association to work promptly and effectively. ; All of this is being done on a; strictly volunteer basis by the phy-: sicians. None of them will receive' ing, for all we kno wright now!" Meantime, in American homes, thousands of frustrated dogs are being given singing lessons in "Jingle Bells" which, according to the sheet music, goes like this: ''Bow wow-wow, bow wow-wow, arf-arf bow-wow-wow, "Gr-gr-grr, yip-yip yip yip, bow- any pay from the Heart Associa-- wow arf-arf wowf" " jtion or any other source for these: This is not easy and if we \verc'services. , : a dog, we'd say nuts with it. j They also agreed that if further; We'wouldn't" even talk, unless consultations in any case are neces- there were a lot of bones in it for us. Honolulu has never been hotter than 90 degrees nor colder than 52 degrees in -the history of Uie U.S. Weather Bureau. sary, or if special treatment or surgery is in order, the case •will; be referred to the Maryland Heart Association in Baltimore, which works closely with the local heart group. The physicians also approved un- ONLY AT THE PUBLIC SERVICE SUCH !his three older companions. ! Swanger. Rockwell and . DeVore clloked dclicatVly," ''that"they still are in Allegany County Jail while; exisl as a professional unit." \m •lialon is being held in detention! AIiss Fulchino admits that the i^ •Quarters at Allegany County In- comp any expects to make about™ firmary. $90,000 on the record whether thelf Authorities said yesterday the Eaton boy attempted to escape by kicking out a portion of the detention room wall Wednesday. Goveriimenl-Owncd The hot springs of Arkansas, 47 in number, are the only govern menl-owned and operated hot springs in the United State and are included in the Hot Springs 'national park. No Down Payment with an IB 7 Charge Account EXCLUSIVE AT "LB" AND PERFECT FOR THE KITCHEN Sensational MAY APPLIANCE CART **.*•.: dogs are actively woofing or not, but it's "the principle of the thing" that concerns her. Here the record has sold 413,000 |H copies in two brief weeks since its introduction — "making it bigger even than Rudolpf, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" — and already people are screaming for a sight of the dogs. The public wants them. Hollywood wants them. Ed Sullivan wants them. "And all we can find out," Ann says, throwing up her hands, "is that the dogs come from Copenhagen and made this record in 1948!" It is also embarrassing to. RCA to realize that it has issued sheet music of the songs so that Americans teach their own dogs to sing them. And on the front of the sheet music are pictures of the quintet: Caesar and King, the bass- Come in or telephone the office i nearest you for a quick cash loan. You are assured of privacy and " friendly treatment. We can help fjj: you with your holiday expenses. ilOANSERVICEi _i INCORPORATED ' rr CUMBERLAND 18 South Liberty St. Phone PA 4-4200 FROSTBURG 89 East Main St. Phone 1594 HO*' , «h«i' itet. V**!"' O u«^ , ho"° u\o<« •»•"' lor9«' bt" 11 nl: '°" Give the most wonderful home helper in years! No more lifting, dragging or carrying heavy appliances from their storage place to where they're all to be used. Appliance cart puts appliances in reach . . . ready to use. And it's sen- sot'ional yalue at only $19.95. L. B€RNJTCIN 9-IIRCCNTRC Baltimore Street at- George Phone PA 2-3700 JACKETS SAVE TO 30To NOW! Reg. To 8.98 Rayon Jackets Men's sizes. Assorted bomber style jackets, quilt lined. Limited quantity. Reg. To 10.98 Men's Jackets Bomber and Surcoats in rayons, gabardines and wools. Satin or quilt lined. All sizes. Reg. To 12.98 Jacket Assortment Wools and Suede Short Jackets. Satin or quilt lined. Rayon Gabardine Surcoats, warm quilt lined. Limited size assortment remaining. Reg. To 16.98 Wool or Corduroy SUR COATS Heavy weight shells with warm quilt linings. Just in time for Dad'or brother's gift. VISIT SANTA IN WARD'S TOYLAND — MEZZANINE GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS RED EMPEROR GRAPES 2 , bs 25c FLA. PINEAPPLE Oranges 29c LB 10 U.S. NO. 1 PA. Potatoes 43c k U.S. NO. 1 IDAHO BAKING Potatoes 5135c BUDDED CALIFORNIA BAG c WALNUTS 97 COFFEE "" • MAXWELL HOUSE • LUZIANNE • WILKINS 89 C LB INSTANT COFFEE " at these TERRIFIC' SAVINGS! 2 2 ;:;; 89c Public Pride Oleo 2^ b 39c Jerxea Milk 6 - 69c Gold Medal Flour 25-lb. ?•! .98 bag 1 Gloss Wnlrr Pitch.r FREE Fancy Alaska Salmon ± 49c TUXEDO TUNA » n 19c JERGEN'SSOAP 5 £ . ke! 27c SALAD DRESSING :39c Quality Catsup 2A39C Dill Pickles °'; 21 c PORK & Beans 3:f29c Tasty Good Cheese a* 69C If You Want "The Finest" Order It At P.S. • ALL FRESH KILLED • READY FOR THE ROASTER • 7 to 25 LBS. PRICE GUARANTEED ROCKINGHAM OLD VIRGINIA HAMS 47c v WHOLE or SHANK HALF Picnics RO c c oor DAM K, 31 c Picnics ££SS, ••• *• 29c Beef Steaks - 33c Round Steak "> 53c Chuck Roast 33c Tsnderloin Steak >b 39c ' Veal Shoulder Chops >b.'39c Pork Shoulder Steak -• 39c Pork Boiton Butt m 39c Skinlesi FRANKS |b. Smelted SAUSAGE |b. Beef RUMP ROAST Ib. Assarted LUNCH LOAVES Ib. Liv/er PUDDING Ib. FRESH KILLED CHICKENS Roasters .. Ib 35c Fryers . . . Ib 39c Oft- Fresh O5C HAMBURG ... 3Qr Boby WlJU BEEF LIVER ... Sliced BACON ENDS Whiting FlttETS QO- Sliced WMC CHEESE FRESH PORK 39c 39c 4 5 SAUSAGE MORRELL'S StICED BACON MEATY SPARE RIBS 3EEF SIRLOIN STEAKS 69c >b. 69c ,b 49c - 25c IB 33c <» 39c > b 39c U.S. NO. 1 Potatoes iiri. 19 LGE. FLA. Tangerines^ 29c

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