Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on October 10, 1890 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1890
Page 1
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* * • » iV*S ,*,..JSfI • V APPRECIATE THE Dispatch- Democrat Our crowded columns give evidence of this fact. I & iif 1st * |B3 I I <» /a is APPRECIATE TUB ! Dispatch- Democrat! Our large tuW-ription liati gives evidence ot (Lis laet, i VOLUME XXII. UK]AH CITY, MENDOCINO COUNTY, CAL., FKIMY MORNING,. OCTOBER 10, 11190. DISPATCH AM DEMOCRAT. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY, AT Vh'IAll, • • - ilKSIWClNO CO.. CM... By JNO. BUCKINGHAM, StJllHCKIPTION ItATBS: Otic Year Bix Months fhrce Months $2 no . 1 'X> 7ft A»VK1VV\MNU HATKH: Kprtfc. 1 inch 'I Inchon H il .;hes 4 Inehes 5Inehes 6 Inchon 7 !lichen HInchon 9 Inches JO Inches One-half column. One column Three. inouthH Name nik- f\* for one year. Two months \\i times one nt.iutli. Less than one month $t |HT Inch for first Insertion. *i0 cents per Inch for each suhseiiuent inner!ion Legal advertisements ft per Inch lor each Insertion. Spudded position Ufi pu cent, extra. The altove are net figures. Monthly. YeHrly. .J 2 r,0 »I'J 01) .. 3 70 is oo .. f. IX) •>\ no . . I'> 2T> :io on . . 7 •!& at; oo .. « no till 00 .. 8 7ft 42 00 .. !i r.o •IH 00 .. 10 'X, M 00 . 11 00 CO 00 . 11 r.o (in 00 .. Ut 90 iai oo PROFESSIONAL CARDS. J. Q. WHITE, District Attorney IIIKI Attorney nt UklHll City, Mendocino Co., Cnl. OFFICK—Ir. Court House. Will practice In nil Statu unci Fedornl Court*. 1-lltf J. Ilf. ifANNOlf, Attorney mid Counselor nt Ukinh, Mendocino County, Cnl. Will practice In nil Courlfl of thin Htnte. OFPICK—In Mn.ionle Hull building, corner of action! unit Perkins Htreels, lit/. J. A. COOI'KK, Attorney KIIII <7oiiMNelor nl I.nw. Ukinh City, Cut. OFFICII—In Odd fellows' Htilldlng. Will promptly attend to nil business Intrusted So hit) care iu nuy o/tlieCoiirtHort.bls Htnte. H-lf, F. BRUNNER'S Well stocked ESTABLISHMENT The Largest Assortment of Jhiilder's Hardware, Meehiiiiie'Ji Tools, Mann's, Hunt's and Hurd's Axes, Harvey Pence Hum) and X Saws, 1'niniug To.ds, The Imperial Plow, I'iow in the Wtirhl.) —A I.SO— The Hnekeye Combined Harrow and Seeder, The Buckeye Vump, The Hnekeye Wind Motor, The Hridge, licinli it Co. Superior Sloves iitul liauges, The Adams tt WeslHI.c Monarch (Jay oline KangcH, ami a la-mlrnl itntl oi*<* tlllllft'M OrlUHIM'lllHl t«n«l nwol'itl, AT LOWEST RATES. THE —<aa— 4>|>|M>Mltii tlieUriiiul llolitl. State Street, - • Ukiah,Cal. SMITH & HILL, Proprietor. YEl.L ,t- SKA WW.L, AltornoyN nn«l I'oiniHelorH nt l,nw. Uklatl City, Mendocino Co., Cnl. •OFPJCU—In Now l.nw ltnlldlnj;, wcHt of Conrt tflonmt. Witt jjniPtlra In nil ConrlB of this Htnte. (l-7tf. r. /,. VA Korimitis, Atlornt-y I>IMI|K'OUHH«IOI ' nt I.nw, Ukinh City, (.'Hllfoniln. .Olllco In Now Liiw llnildhiK, west of Court HOUHH, Practices In nil Ktnte nml FmU'rnl Courts. |4-ltf S. V. 1'OAV.E, Attorney nt l,n«, Ukinh City, Cnl. Special attention pnld to 1'rolmto buHlntuN. Will nracttcc In nil the c.ourtn. JAMES E. 1'EMllEHTOX, Attorney mill tN »niiH <>l<»r tit Y.uw. l.nnHln«Wt., Moudocluo City. Will practice hi H11 llio Courtn of tliln stntc. 1-71 f. J. K. CHAM HE US, Atlorsioy nml t'auiianlar ut I.nw, Covelo, Mendocino Co., Cal. Practices In all the Courts of thlsMtate. It'. X. MOO EE, M. /)., Physician and Surgeon, I'kiah (tity, Cnl. . -Olllce nt'rrKidenee on Perkins Ktreet, tone l»loi-k west of Court House. J. I., iiusn, M. i)., PliyNlefnn nn«l MnrK<mu, Uklall City, Cnl. OKFK;K—On west Hide of Court House, In '-jlctf.u-'K hulldf n^. Cood Turnouts for hire—Double nnd Kindle tennis, and Saddle Horses. The best of enre given to transient stock. Tenuis furnished with or without driveis. Your pntroniiMe is solicited, and satisfaction Ku/unnled. '.)-7tf. 0. K. SANKDUIl. J. M. HANKOltU. 470 If you have anything to sell, or want to buy the best meats call on SANFORD & SON, Opposite th «s Post-Office. S-nlc Slicfl, • - Ukinh City. U KDWAIIIW. 11. BI')WAIll>i<. EDWARDS BROS'. J. R.f <HATHEWS' CfTY PHMMACY! Norlh Side of Court Ilou.sp., Stand ley St., Ukiah, Cal. FINE DRUGS AND MEDICINES. Choice Perfumeries. Fine - Toilet - Articles! Pure Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Preparations. Patent Medicines, Cigars, Etc -) ICE-COLD SODA WATER.(— Pi-oscrlptioua j\. Specialty. Hew Goods! Finest Quality 1 Low Trices! JACOB MERCHANT TAILOR School Street, Ukiah. H AH A I.AIIOK AND.SKl.Ef.T STOCK OPTHK lioest woods, both forelun and donieslie, which he will make up at bedrock prices. A Ucion KIT lill.lliANTKEli. . Hive lihn nil curly cull, innke yourselcctlons, nnd secure a perfect 111, Whereby you will he presentable at. all times. U-'2otf. Nlllt<» Nil eel, lliliili. Have the largest nnd best slock of DEMOCRATIC Mass Meetings! GREAT MEN'S ILLUSIONS. DEAN SWIFT MAD IN SAID ALL MEN SOME DEGREE. ARE The Democratic COUNTY NOMINEES Will meet the Voters at the following: named places at 7:30 P. M. of the days designated: CIIIIWTINK Wednesday. October K HOONVll.bK .. YORK VI U.K. IIOI'I.ANl). ... CENTKltVll.l.R. WIM.ITS COVlil.t) LAY TONVII.I.K CA1ITO USA I WKS'lTORT. ... CI.KONIC . . KOKT ItltACC.. CASl'AH. . MKNDDCINtl. UltKKNWOt)!).. (illAI.Al.A POINT AltliN'A. NAVAKRO .... AI.I1ION UKIAH .Saturday, November 1 . Thursday, " D Kriday, " 10 . . Hnturduy, ' 11 Monday, ' j: TueHday, 1 14 . Thursday, ' 1C . (noon) Ki iday, •• 17 evening) Friday, ' 17 MiiLtirdny, ' 1H Monday, ' 20 (noon) Tuesday, ' 21 . .. Wednesday, ' '22 — Thursday, I'Viday ' Z\ Saturday, * ail .. Monday, ' 27 Tuesday, • as Wednesday, ' 2<> Thursday, Let Everybody Attend. Democrats In the several precincts are re­ nin's ted to make the necessary amusements for lliewe meetings, lly order ol Democratic Co. Central Coin. JNO. BUCKINGHAM, Chairman. ClIAS. ClIN'NINllHAM, SoC'y. Meat Market, We wish to Inform the public that we have opened n luent market iu the bulldinj; re cently occupied by H. Marks ,t Co, where wi will eoiitinlliiHy keep on hand the very choicest mcnts to be found iu the market. Meat delivered free to all parts of the idly. Remember we are here to stay. EDWARDS BROS. GEO. W. STOUT, M. 1)., I'll y N I c I it il mi i| Nn r Kt'iin, Ukinh City, Cal. OFFICII—At Ukinh Hotel. 12-211 f. J. W. HUDSON, if. 1). Physician and Surgeon, Ukinh, Cnl. Oflleu: Northwest cur. Htandley mid School :fila. KOOIUH nt A. O. Cnrpentur's, Htnte st. •i-te'.t <i. T. MASO.V, If. 1). il'liyNleiuii, NiTiccoii nml UyuwolOKlHt. San Kmnelaco, Cnl. Telephnno No. HI4S. 610 Hayes Street. 5-Httltes. a Rtiee.Iulty <i( niHeftscn of Kemttlea nnd «ill Ulflcilscti of the Htoniaeh nnd DtKeHtivo Organs II'. //. IIOIISirKA l>, l>. IK A'. II K Nil NT. tlltluh City, Mendocino Co., Cal. OFFICK—West of Uxpress Olllce. Oas ndmln- iidercd. 10-121 tf. II. I!. SMITH. it. uoiNoiiois. Smith & Donohoe (SucecHSors to Dtineau t t iitnillh.) Searchers of Records, OtUee with tv.umly AssesHor, I1KIAII CITY, • • CHmiltNU M)HtraclsmHde ami Convey"ueln^ Done. Agents Tor Kire Assoc hit ion of Philadelphia. Hefrr hy |u'rmlsslou to: UoU. MtMiarvi-y, Superior Judife; H. I). I'axton, County Clerk; Thus. I*. Carothers, KSIJ,; II. A. I'oahody, ICdiior of DlHI'ATCH. 1*2-71 f. JVlcsnclociiio County Abstract •:- Bureau! Anil Laiitt Title Oilier, School St., ad). Olulsliau Church, UKIAH, l:AI, Furniture and Carpets EVHIt HllOUUlIT TO MKNUUCINO CO. Everthing appertaining to a first- class furniture establishment constant ly on hand. Buying for cash direct from the manufacturer we are enabled to sell at San Francisco prices. Call and bo convinced. Terms Strictly Cash. (PaTOur undertake g department is thoroughly equipped. Orders in this line promptly attended. FOR CONGRESS, T. J. GEARY, Regular Democratic Nomine* Kleclion November 4, lfl'JO. A Rare Opportunity! Good Agricultural Land for $10 to $20 per Acre. Chinese or Tenement House Made Cigars. THE- Ukiah Cigar Factory! MAKES THE FINEST CRADES OF CICARS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE. Only the choicest, iilnleriul used and WlliTB LA mm exclusively employed. Cimtr Healers, do not fail to i;lvo trial. Your patrons will brdelu;M, our clears u d with them. ll'lf. Jf. t'EEHV, Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and Searcher of Records, Ukiah, Cnl. Olllce with County Clerk. All business entrusted to my euro ntteudeil to promptly, t-M. U. A. OVEHMKVKK, t oiiMiililo ami C'ollrclor Ukluh Clly, Cal. 'OFFICII—Opposite DIHFATCII olden. 'Prompt ultei'Ion given to nil business oiv- 'trtssted to my cure. F. Jf. MA SOX, Architect and Builder, Ukiah Oily, Cal, l'Unn, Hiieclllentlons ami list I nudes UI HIIU to lOrdur. will contract for nil kinds of hlillillmpi, to fiirnlsb iiinterlal, "r otherwise. Siitlsfnctlon .yuurnnteed. ;t-22tf. FOR SALE! * A Stilt SB ACKK THACTH OK RICH 1IOT- I \f toic. land for nnlii In :,!ttl« t...l;e Yttllny. Sub.ii vislulm of the 11. 1,. Norton HOMtt RANCH. Jbuy terms. Apply to II. II. MUIK, Wllllts, or il. I.. NORTON, lo Cui. m., H. K„ cal. Sfdoiiroprletocs of Ilurfee's Self-Correct- lut; SyHtem of dedileiux UnnA Titles. Only com pletu abstrnetH of Mendocino County. Searchers of Records, Insurance and Loan Agents. SUaV£7INSiC0NVE7ANC!NS SPECIALTIES RICE A BALTZELL, 4-2filf. I'rojirietors. B00T& SHOE STORE Ladies' Gentlemen'! ami CMlra's BOOTS AND SHOIS At the 1-oweHt MVIIIK Trices CASH! Agent for United Workingmen's Boots and Shoes, AM, KINDS OK Soots and Shoos Mado to Order, llrliiK your old Widen nml have. Ihem reiMilred eiiuiil lo new. All kinds of HIIOK DRKHSlN'i, CORK HOI.KM, ICIe. All Work" Warranted. S. HOOKS. Ukiah Cigar Factory, PAUI. BAIER, Prop. C. E. TRYON, General Blacksmith! Comer of SUtlr and Slrvei'fim Strrctit, tulmtn- lay Kentucky Stable*, tlkiah ('ifij t Cat. Oflr^l'ttrrlnKO and V/JIKOU makiuj,'. KIIOOIIIK and i^ctu-ial hlnvkKmllUinn done, Ajjeiil lot* ill" 1 perr/iiK M«»ver, t SeIf I)umj'I»iK ltak<'n, Mitchell Wanon, urn I oilier farm machinery. H-y-ltf. Sacred. Heart Convent of Mercy! A BOARDING AND FOR YOUNG DAY SCHOOL LADIES. I'Mnh, Conducted hy ihe KlKters of Mercy, Mendocino Co., Cal. For I'm I !:,T jui.ti'.ii hnn tin- I'ly totho MUTIIKIt Hlfl'KIUOIiKSH, •I0tr Ukiah, Cal. The Paeitlc IniprovmentCompany has recently purehused twelve thousand aere?; of land in the heart of Tehama county, for the purpose of nromothiK suhdivlHioiiH and settlement. Thi« land emhruceu lands from ( Sacranumto Valley atfHcuHure hind, to laud of fair average quality, ami is oll'ered at from ?10 to $'JU j>er acre, In HUhdivisions of-10, so, 120, USD, ifJO acres. The terms upon which these lands are otl'erod urc es))eeially attractive. They will he sold U\ subdivisions, as above Indicated, by the payment of Interest only forthree years at which time the purchaser can begin the payment of prtne.lnttl hy paying \hv. first of livectjual annual installments. Thus no parL of (he prjiicipul is to be paid for three years, and then Ihe purchaser is to have ttve years in which to pay Ave equal annual Installments, with interest at the rate of seven per cent per annum, malting payments extending over a period of eight years. Intending piireHnsers are assured that this Is an opportunity lo purchase land of fair average qualities at $10 per acre, and good agricultural laud at $20 per acre, with other grades of laud at prices to correspond between these figures. The assertion is frequently made that good lands.suliahie forgeneral funning aqd especially adapted for fruit growing,cannot, he had In California for less than front iftil) lo $100 an acre. An examination of the hunt mthject of this advertisement will prove lo home seefcrs that this Is an opportunity for the pnrehnse of good agricultural land at. $20 an acre, and for qualities grading down to fair agricultural land at $10 an tirre, on terms of payment which should make the disposition of these lands (<> Mctual outers a result easy of accomplishment. The primary object of the purchase, of this body of land was the breaking up of a largo holding lor the purpose of promoting its settlement in Hirmllur quantities and lis devotion lo dil [gent husbandry. For further particulars call upon, or address, W. II. Ml Mil, Land Agent of the c. I*. H. It.. Fourth and Towusend streets, San Francisco, Cal, QUICK TIME AND CHEAP FARES lu iMistfrii nml European ditiw Via the Great Tnins-contluenlal all-rail Kputes OK Til K Southern Pacific Co. d'ACIKK! SYKTKM), Dally Kxprpss Trains make piompt ennnections with Ihe several Railway Hues In the Ka*l, A Nl) AT I\c\v Yoik|au<l IVcw Orleans wi|h the suveral Steamer Linos lo ALL EUROPEAN PORTS. SUBSCRIBE FOR TH!£ Dispatch—Democrat. rullniitn Tnhwi) Sii'culiig CnrH A NO TOURIST SLEEPING CARS jdint'iieii to OvvJl.ind Kxpn-HH Trains, ^flp-Tickels :;old. Sleeping-car Hm'tliHsecured and proper information given upon application atCnmp ny's ojllces, wlioru piisseiigerH calliiig in person can Gee lire choice of routes, etc. th'iirrs *>it(t at hmirnt UatcH for ticket* fttv pan- Httfir from tin rope ami hjixtrrn < Jit (ex to any point in thi: I'wijU: Siutv* ami Tv.irtlorien, Tiifteurttsrit, if uui iiiicti', will tV frtfecuicil ut thv Htmnmt />«/« there for. KHW'P O^AY, tieii. Traf. Mgr T. H. G0ODJSAS, Hen. I*. & T. Agt, RAILROAD LANDS! Kiite on IICHHOiiNlile TvriiiN. Fur l-iii'.!,< In (VuliHl uui) Nortlinrii Clullfnr- •iIn. OICKOI), Nevada ami Utah, apply lo or n,| dress W. II. Ml 1,141, Laud Atii.O. I'. K It. Han Kiiiui'lsco. I'nr UIIIIIK III Hnullii'iii Callfiirnlii, iipply lo or address JUHOMK MAUUICN, l .audAgl.M. I', l(. It 4H Huu l'mut'l ^jo.' Bvldcnces Which Gil to Prove the Truth of His Sllyllitf—Poet.ft, I 'tilloaophurH, Sotdtura and KoformerK *Wtio Hnw SpookH nnd Wore Iiiflu«>iic»<l hy Tliom. It has been said or sung thnt all nicu are more or less insane, differing only in degree. Certainly those who are considered sane—in which category tho gontlo reader is included—are Huble to hallucinations, and it depends upon the uxtent to which we give way bofore, and bolievu in, the illusions of the brain, whethfir we walk abroad with our follies or are placed in a padded room. Byron of ton received visits from a specter, but he know it to be it creation of the imagination. Pope saw an arm apparently come through the wall, and made inquiries after its owner. Uoethe states that ho one day saw the exact counterpart of himself coming toward him. BenJonson BpeuL tho watches of the night an interested spectator of a crowd of Tartars, Turks and Roman (Jutholies, who rose up anil fought round fitB arm chair till sunrise. Dr. Jouson heard his mother call his name in a clear voice, though she was at the time in another city. And Sir Joshua Reynolds, leaving iiig house, thought the lamps were trees and the men and women bushes agitated by tho breeze. VISIONS APPKARRI). Nicolai was alarmed tit tho appearance of a dead body which vanished and came again at intervals. This was followed by human faces, which catne into tho room, and after gazing upon him for a while departed. None of his friends was among the faces he saw. After enjoying a silent acquaintance with his visitors for some weeks, they began to speak, and he describes thoir conversation as brief and agreeable. Such visi- itors would cause many to loso their reason, but Nicolai knew they were hut the effects of indigestion. Bostock, the physiologist, saw similar figures and faces, mid after recovering from a momentary surprise, he set himself to study tho habi ts and customs of his curious visitors. This he had ainplo opportunity to do, ns they remained with him three days and nights. There was one human face constantly before him for twenty -four hours, tho features and headgear as distinct as those of a living perspn, yet having no rewomblanco to any ^one he had ever known. Finally the phantom disappeared, to make way for troops of little human figures, which disported themselves like fanticcini for his entertainment. The reason, Bays Connolly, that Nicolai and Bostock did not become hopelessly insane was because they never believed in tho reality of tho visions. The effects of tho illusions of some men have been felt in history. Religions have been founded on the words of men supposed to have been inspired, but who were merely suffering from a, form of madness which' medical science calls "'eestacy." Oliver Cromwell, lying sleepless on his couch, saw tho curtains open and a gigantic woman appear, who told him he woald become the greatest man in England. In 1806 Gen. Rapp, having important news, entered the emperor 's apartment unannounced, and found the great war rior in a rapt attitude, gazing at the ceiling. The general made an intentiouai poise, whereupon Napoleou seized his arm and said excitedly, "Look up there!" He looked and saw nothing. "Why," said the emperor, "do you not see it? It ts lay star; it is before you beaming; it has never deserted me. I see it on every great occurrence urging mo onward; it is on unfailing omen of success." SPIRITS THAT 1NSP1KKD. Some men have been inspired to persevere in their life's work by self conjured illusion. Loyola, lying wounded during the siege of Pampolmia, saw the Virgin, who encounigpij him to prosecute his mi««inii. Beuvenuto Cellini, imprisoned at Rome, resolved to free himself by self destruction, but was deterred by the apparition of a young woman of wondrous beauty, whose reproaches turned him from h's purpose. This spirit returned and conrcLJ him on other occasions when he was low spirited. Descartes was followed by an invisible person whose voice he heard urging him to continue his researches after truth. Many have fondly clung to their illusions, and though reiwonable iu most things- Imve at least been distinctly mad in one. Tasso (irmly believed that he hud a familiar genius, whose groat delight and chief recreatiou was to con- verso with him. His friend, .). 13. Alau- §0, tried to persuade him of this illusion, whereupon the poet offered to introduce bis unbelieving frieud to the spirit. But though he often heard Tasso in conversation with the imaginary being, it never mode itself visible to other oyes. Pew believo that Luther actually held • warm discussion with an important personage from the other world, yet that he believed it himself we have his word, and he has even left on record some account of tho dispute, from which it would appear that his opponent is not so wily as we have been led to beliove. At any rate ho could not wind himself argumentative^ round ihe sturdy priest. Itavaillao, while chunting tho "Mis­ erere" and "Do Profundis," fondly believed that the sounds hu emitted were of the nature and had tho full effect of a trumpet. Count Emmanuel Swedonborg believed that Up had thu privilege of interviewing persons in the spirit world. Jean Engolbrecht was under a similar impression. Zimmerman was for some time in constant fear of nn imaginary enemy, whom tie expected to arrive ot any moment, break Into aud wreck his dwelling.-"London Standard. Tho African Pygmies. The name of dwarfs, applied by somo to tbooo peoplo, has been objected to as implying deformity or arrested growth, and therefore convoying a wrong impression. Nothing of the kind can lie said of the A Wean pygmies, who, though of short stature, are woll shaped people of perfectly normal formation. It is true that the Hottentots and Bushmen show certain strange anatomical peculiarities, bnt these may be said to bo more or less accidental, being, in part at least, tho result of special and unfavorable conditions of life. The pygmies are nomadic in their habitfl, and neither keep cattle nor till tho ground, but live by hunting and snaring wild animals and birds, or, under tho most unfavorable circumstances, on wild fruits, roots and berries. Their weapons are always bows and iir- rowti, the latter usually poisoned—tho vesonrce of the weak. They have no fixed abode, and \f they build shelters at all only construct rude huts of branches. They have no government, nor do they form regular communities; they usually wander alioiit, like our gypsies, in hordes composed of a few families each. This, however, depends on tho nature of the country—in the parched deserts of the south they are not oven united to this extent. Sometimes they are to a certain extent do- pendent on more powerful tribes, who afford them protection in return for cer tain services. Their notions of the Unseen, when they have any, would appoar to bo of tho very crudest. Their languages seem lo lie distinct from others, related among themselves and very peculiar.—A. Werner in Popular Science Monthly. Nmv Finds ut Pompetl. At Pompeii some mural paintings of more than ordinary interest have recently been disclosed. In the Eighth Region, between N03. 10 and 21 of the Second Insula, via III and IV, the remarkable discovery lias beon made of a house five stories high. The upper floor, which is entered from the higher level formed by a mound of prehistoric lava, is profusely decorated, and the principal hall displays on one wall the myth of Bellerophon, a uudo figure, who, holding with ono hand tho bridle of his horse, is In the act of receiving the lotters and orders of King Pnotus, who is seated on a throne before him. Tho lower part of the houso, looking toward Siabite and the sea, was used as a bathing establishment. Tltreo steps led into the frigidarlum, which is perfect, tho lower part of tho surrounding walls being painted blue and the upper red. Tho middle of tho right wall is 00- pupicd by a picture ropresoutlng a nymph, semi-nude, borno over the waves on a sea horse. Tho horizontal band dividing the bluo from tho red surface 1 B a kind of friezo of comio or caricature scenes, representing dwarfs or pigmier in scenery evidently of the Nilecountry, fighting with various animals. One dwarf is in tho act of throwing a large- stone ut an ibis, while another is trying to suve by drawing to tho land a figure (probably a woman) fallon into the river, when, seized himself by a crocodilo, he has tied himself with a rope to another dwarf standing behind, who is ptriving with might and main to prevent his comrade from being drawn down into the water.—London Athenaeum. Tbo Hottest KofTlon. Careful observations and comparisons made by scientific Americans prove that tho hottest region on the earth is on the south western coast ot Persia,, where Persia borders tho gulf of tho same name. For forty consecutive days in tho months of July and August tho thermometer has been known not to full lower thou 100 dogs, night or day, and to often run up us high its 128 degs. in the afternoon. At Balirin, in the center of the torrid port of the torrid belt, as though it were nuturo's intention to niako tho region as unbearable as possible, no water can be obtained from digging wells 100, 200 or oven 500 feet deep, yet a comparatively immevous population contrive to live there, thanks to copious springs which break forth from tho liottora of the gulf, more than a mile from shore.—St. Louis Olobe-Democrat. Leuwenhock by means of microscopes observed spiders no bigger than a grain of sand, which spun threads so fine that it took 4 ,000 of them to equal in magnitude a single hair. The ily spider it in known luys un egg us ltutfo as itself. Dr. Mary Walker is nearly nliml and quite crippled. Not long ago she full and broke her leg, ami for several yuarB slit; nan been under treatment for cataract of the eyes. A bill IIIIH been introduced hy Senator Kvai'tn authorizing the payment of a $10,000 war claim whit.'h has been approved by the house of : repro •eptetives four tiinea, ^ i jygi§ An Intoi 'iiNtiug Bouillon. A family reunion was held at Lancaster, Mass., Aug. 10 which was somewhat remarkable. Mr. aud Mrs. John W. Barnes were married there in May, 18U3, imd have lieen blessed with eight children, four girls and four boys. Tho 011- tire family were gathered under tho parental roof on the above date for the first time in eighteen years. Instances of fifty-five years of married life, without a break in HO large a number of children, ore certainly very rare, and t'!f> Barnos family of Lancaster ought to be desirable risks for life Insurance companies. The average age" of the whole family was found to be 80.8 years, ranging from 815 to 85, and the averago weight was 107.8 pounds, Tanging from 82tfJ pounds (the weight of the baby) to 120 pounds, tho weight of the oldest child.—Boston Journal, Mrs. Wlllslow's Sueooss. Mrs. Erving Winslow comes bock from London with the British stomp of ap-, proval and a budget of crested letters ' that will enable her to carry her Ibsen work all over the American continent uud reap social as well as financial suo- cot" Tho lady confines herself to drawing room interpretations of Ibsen's dramas. She dresses in "Beau Brum- 1 met" and Josephine gowns; the odor of violets clings to her draperies: she tip- tilts her chin, throws her eyes, Blopos lior ehouldors in tho most graceful way oml never raises her voice above the gentle conversational pitch. Her only "prop- \ erties" ore a email stand and a slipper ' chair. Mrs. Winslow is a very winsome lady, and if the whimsical public does not stick a pin in tho Ibsen balloon she will bo the rago next winter.—New York Letter A DISAGREEABLE VISITOR. Points by Whtch t.hp t.'iwefnl House \Tlfo May llccticjiilzo Illiu. Meriden housewives, that is to say, the prudent ones, are conducting a vigorous campaign against the buffalo bug. In some sections of the city this pest in very numerous, ono lady finding about fifty of them under her carpet the other day, and another, while at church, was informed by ft friend that one of the irre­ pressibles was industriously making u square meal on tho shoulder of her dress To those who have not yet been awakened to the importance of looking up the invader of our homes wo would say that the buffalo bug is no respecter of persons, lie would a* industriously eat your car- pots as any one else's, and if you are complacently resting in the belief that the buffalo bug is a myth, a new fungled bugaboo, we suggest to you, most respectfully, that a thorough inspection of your carpets about this time will very likely be nseful iu adding to your practical knowledge of entomology. Once seen his bugnhip will always thereafter be easily recognized. lie is a dark, hairy, wicked looking fellow, about as large as an applo seed, and is very nimble—ft regularly built sprinter. As a general thing be likes lient the parts of tho carpet that He nearest the walla, and if an edge of the carpet happens to be turned under ho will cut it through the turn in a manner to make a pair of scissors look green with envy. And then, too, ho isn't at all particular about his diet—ho would as soon eat the bindings of books, or the piano cover, or your best go-to-meeting wool dress, or your husband's best trousers, as the handsomest carpet hu ever saw—he likes them all, and other things besides. How to gut rid of him—ah, thoro's the rub! As near as the writer of this article can get at it handpicking, in a sense, is about tho only reliable means of conquering him. lie grows fat on most of tho so called bug exterminators!. Frequent thorough investigation of all places where he is liablo to bo found is confidently recommended—we say "confidently" because, if he has once become a boarder in your houso, we are confident you will ;>"!<.'!ul!y find hint whoro you look for him. This should i>e followed by the applying of every remedy that your friends may recommend or yum own wits suggest. Try them all. You'll need 'em if you aro to eonquor. —Meriden Republican. A Wuiidortiij l^innresn. The empress of Austria is not yot cured of her lov^ of wandering far away from her home. As soon aa her daughter tho Archduchess Mario Valerio is married tho Empress Elizabeth intends to start for Amsterdam, whence early in August sho will set out for Gibralter on what it is rumored may prove a voyage around the world. She is as fond of . miMstri .au exercise as ever, but unfortunately the state of her health has rendered it necessary for her to finally relinquish her seat in tho saddle. How she haa walked for some years past is a matter of common talk in Austria-Hungary. To the dismay of her ladies in attendance, the empress has often rambled over the hills of Buda and through the sylvan shades of the Wieuerwald till her companions huve been literally walked off their legs, and have been obliged to ask their imperial mistress for permission to sit and rest. Even if tho empress does not go around the world it is understood that she will certainly pay a visit to America, a country for which she has oftcu uxpressed great admiration.—Chicago Herald. A Woman ut tho Holm. "I tell you the affairs of this country will never be run right until women take a hand in 'em," said a newly married citizen. "The other afternoon a fellow got mo into a discussion ovor tho McKin- loy bill and ! went homo to supper feeling hot. In tho course of the evening my wife remarked, very sweetly and insinuatingly: " 'John, doar,' sho said, 'I saw an only too lovely piece of goods today, and I in- toud to order u dress off of it to-morrow.' " I knew that meant a fifty at least, but I said uothiug for somo time. 1 had an idea, though, and finally I decitled to risk it. " 't wish that chap would stop bothering mo with that McKiuloy bill,' I said. 'Ho worries the life out of mo with it.' " 'Oh, pay it, John, doar, pay it!' said my wife. 'Don't lot it worry you any longer! I'll wait till next month for my drets. Pay it, won't you, dear?' "1 promised to pay it the very next day, and I tell you right, hero that unless wo have a woman at the helm pretty soon tho ship of state is bound for the rocks." —Chicago norald. Prompt Gil-Is. And the Go Abroad club—where are they! Somo of them uro scattered in foroign countries; some are yet upon the sea. Only this week two of our young women—one a successful lectuior, the other a popular teacher—made a sudden decision to go to Amsterdam. Monday evening Miss W., wttiug on the porch, is seized with an idea. "Instead of going to Chautauqua I believe 1 will go to Amsterdam," uho announces to a family, long since callous to surprises. "Do you think 1 might sail Wednesday? No? Saturday? Well, perhaps Saturday will be better." Miss R. drops in on Tuesday. "1 wish, you could go with me," Miss W. snya to her. Miss It. thinks the matter over nnd engages passage. And happened that the steamship Rotterdam, which sailed last week, carried as pasBoiigors two of Buffalo's liest.—Buffalo Courier. Newhura has a charm foT the post graduates and ambitions college girls of tho east. A trio of Harvard annex girls —Misa Thompson, Miss M. I. Buckingham and Miss Lollutt—sailed for England lust month to take a course at Newham. "Heal" Ilootn, The New York Evening World says the very latest fad for girls to to wear boots, not tho regulation walking shoes that huve boon dubbed boots, tut "real, truly men 's boots," us one girl remarked, They huve broad soles, low Le ^ts nud high wrinkled tops, which prove a luxury to my lady's maid, who has no buttoning or lacing to do by this new freak of fashion. A rmtoh cast) ui Atwtruliuu. gold, with the head of a buffolo raised in solid mutiri on the baak, \n decidedly too muislvv an article for convenient use, , h A stack of four tsilyer doiUri' containing Two hundred and two women have taken degrees at the euhools of. the various faculties In Fnmuo since-J366, whuu Mllo. Dauhle, the first woman (u franca, tfiSiji:,: 'Sifci:.: i2 "w »ii ''i "S^ES**, to past^aii examination for the tmrntiafc NUJHHEIR 2 At tho Ravings Dunlc. In the long procession that passes be« foro the cashior of a savings bank aro many odd characters. The roan behind tho counter does not receive the do- posits,- little and great, without retaining also a good many atnusing iccollec thins. The other day a pleasant faced woman banded her book to tho cashier in a Boston savings bank, and said, with a good deal of what the Frouch call em- presseinent, "Next week I wish to dr /iw the full amount of my deposit." "Very well, madam." answered the cashier, looking at the book. "I thought 1 would mention it today, and then it would not cause any inconvenience," she continued, with a bright smile. "Thank you very much," replied the cashier. "Come in any timo next week and you shall have it. Or you can draw it today if yon like. We have tho amount on hand," and he smiled npon his customer as if lie took a personal interest in her plans. "No, I will come in next Wednesday, thank yon," and she tripped happily away with her.precious book. The "full amount of her deposit" was SJ10.1)1). Not long ago an Irishman explained to the cashier that lie wished to draw a certain amount from the deposit of a friend, whose book he presented. "Very well," said the cashier, handing him a printed blank. "You must have your friend sign this order. Let him put his name here, and write 'Pay to Bearer' here, and we will give you the money." Not many hours later Mr. Riley appeared again. Ho pointed to his friend'M name properly signed to the order, and also an inscription after the printed Words, "pay to ." "I don't know what ye wanted that name there for," he said, "butl wrote it in as ye told 1110." . The "name" he had written in was "Pater Barrer." There being no rule of the bank against phonetic spelling, Mr. Riley received his money forthwith.—Youth's Companion. Full Against liijrtills* Skeleton. I used to know Ingalls years ago. He was thinner then than he is now and looked just about the same. He lived in Atchison, and had tho reputation of being possessed of more brain ami lens flesh than any other adult in Runt-tut, Ono day he went up to the office of a friend of his, a doctor, and while ho was in there a newsboy dashed in. Now the kids who sold papers around Atohison in those days wore the noisiest I ever heard, and the doctor's assistant, a cheerful young student, was al ways on the alert to shut some of them up and lo prevent them from invading the privacy of his room with their stamping feet and ear pierciug yells of "S'n Louay papers." The assistant had seen this particular boy as he entered the buildiug, and in an instant had placed inside the door- Way of the office a full grown skeleton. When the youngster throw the door, open, and was midway through one of his declamations, the skeleton fell over on Mm. With a shriek that was worse even than his regular street cry the boy rolled down one flight of stairs and .tumbled into the street, aud his murmurings continued right straight along. "You've scared that boy to his death:" exclaimed tho budding senator, who was overflowing with Indignation. Then he went to the window, and bending out called to the grimy but pallid faced victim: "Come back here, boy; I'll buy some of your papers. Ho shan't hurt you." The response was instantaneous. Tho boy's sobs ceased, and ho shouted: "No, you don'tl You can't fool me if you have put your clothes on."—Interview in Washington Star. A ^uruto^u Uelle. A Saratoga correspondent writes that the bolle of the springs this year was Miss Julia Moroaini. Site rides, down Broadway iu a tailor made habit of light gray, a silk hat setting squarely on tho coil of hor dark brown hair. "There in nothing spiritnello about Miss Morn- Eiui," ho adds. "She is well put up. and there is plenty of avoirdupois. She sits her plump chestnut mare with great dignity, and looks straight ahead betwrt -u the mare's ears. At exactly the proper distance the groom in a buff coat, corduroy knee breeches aud top boots, follows upon a stout bay gelding. He has a cockade on hishatatnl hs<:arrivrt a riding whip braced against his side tit just tho correct an^ii'. Wheti Miss Moroaini trots the gr^om trots, and when Miss Morosiiii canters the groom cantors. The chestnut mare and the .hay gelding are usually allowed to walk down DVOIMI- way between the hotels ut n dress parade gait. When sho turns into a side street Miss Morosinl touches the mare, and away the procession goes. "Guests on the piazzas have noted that tho groom is young and handsome, with a fine Hibernian tint 011 his smooth cheeks. Miss Morosini's eldest sistyr . is'' said to bo traveling in Europe, The fresh facod groom Is in no danger. Miss Julia will never wound the family pride, as Virginia did, Miss J una is her father 's own girl." ; Airy Rooms Tor Woi-klny Girls. . The Motropo'itari Boll Telephouo com- v puny has jn,st completed aiTfi«genii >iie«~" for the benefit of the girls in its eiiijjloy. ;| A large sunny sitting room lias been ( provided, with wido Windows, affording '<\ lovely rivor and harbor views. Turkiwh rugs cover the floor unu lounges anil j. rocktug chairs invito repose. Three larg*;^ tables are laden with,-; saiitij*^. 4 plates, spoons, sugar and :niik;.whi>^.li«k. % Mud two immense urns stiirids a wOiWuv--^ supplying tea und coffcu to those wb» ^ _ wish either. All this IH tre», , H1 ,i i\ lf> telophono girls a* lunob In ihrfir hiw ><V some room present the, itpuottranutt 'f^ 1 *™ boarding school pupils^" ^«wj&N&jg& Besides the noon hour eacl^oteril has two ,recesses -n : dny.;kui(»^W r *' Uefs." The "Central 1 ' thert unti^Ki comfortable with: book or fanuy *t\ wore often OutohCn »tUvli* uajr Can ncruGfi of U^3rrm% rvf /Uji vidod into lookers, evkTtflM MftI to herself. Ail th{i-Win to thu #*ml dark iNwemwut yoga, w'iii uangiui^ 'IUH tihi InjftrtHyi Mi

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