The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 28, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov»t Report ROSSES AB40UUTELY PURE • DAILY AKD WEEKLY. ALL HOME PRINT. THIS BwmraL IB the only newspaper in Car- Mil eonntr that Is printed all at home and Itcon- alns more local and count; news than any other two papers ID this countr. POWBRS * COLOLO, Props. FRIDAY, DBCEMBEB 28, 1894. PEOPLE AND EVENTS. 4 —— Merrit Winter left Tuesday evening for Chicago. Patent photograph envelopes for «ale at this office. B. N. Merchant is enjoying a visit from bis brother of Tatua. . Lacy Patterson, of Omaha, is in the City to spend the holidays. The Messrs. Lisk will speud their vacation at their home in Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Hoag were in the cllv the guests of the Parsons family. Tom Bayers and bride are in Kansas visiting relatives ot the groom. Diaeaeea of the eye, ear> throat and note. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. Miss Mary Culbertson is home from Chicago spending the holidays. James Post spent the holidays at home with his parents at Churdan. ' Chas. C. Macomber is home from college to spend the holidays 'at home. Mrs. Wagner, of West Side, is in the city visiting her mother, Mrs. Kail. ' A. U. Quint and family spent Christmas with W. F. Steigerwalt and family. Hon. H. B.Haselton was in the city Fri day attending the meeting of the farmers. Diseases of women and children a •pecialty. DH. B. C. KELLEY, Carroll, la. Insurance, and money to loan on real- •atato at 6 per cent. MABTIN & MABTIN. Eddie Lynch is home from Turner Junction to spend the holidays with his parents. Bobea and blankets are cheaper than aver. Do not tail to get prices ot L. T. Anderson. Robert Neebe, the famous horse driver, was in the city Monday on his way home to Sioux City. Mrs^Maggle Nichols.of Council Bluffs, is in the city visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Nestle. Miss Lydia Moon left Saturday for her borne at Glen wood to remain during tbe holiday vacation. Miss Addle Chambers, of Livingstone, Mont., will spend Christmas at tbe home of J. R. Atkinson. *Ed, Griffith, of the Audubon Republican, was In the city to spend Christmas With his parents. Miss Carrie Nance left Saturday even- Ing for her of home at Petersburg, 111., to spend tbe holidays. Misses Edith and Edna Holmes arrived in the city Saturday and spent Christmas with friends here. Mrs. J. K. Deal and daughter arrived in the city Monday forenoon and are the guests of the Gilley family. Esquire Lynch united in marriage today at bis office Ether Salisbury and Miss Bertha A Onipman of Benan. The pupils of tbe normal college presented Prof. W. E. Atkinson with a gold watch chain and charm. Do cot forget that yon can get needles an4 repairs for any sewing machine made at L. T. Anderson's store. Miss Mary Scott was in tbe citySaturday on her way home to Sue City from Boone, where she is engaged lit school work. J. C. Letts and family left Saturday for Tates Center, Kansas, to spend the holidays with Mrs. Letts' family. Wm. Loutber and wife left for Glidden Monday to spend Christmas with Wm. Bebern and wife parents, of Mrs. Lnuiber. The attendance at Music hall Thursday that greeted Prof. Kuightin his acts of legerdemain was small and uoapprecl- atlve. Mrs. Robert Boldwin. of Roscoe, B. D., Awarded HlftM»t Honors-World'* Fair, DR, BAKING MADB. 9f Tartar Powdw. «»ny other adullwanl, Is in the city visiting With Mrs. Lillle B. Baling and will remain for a couple of weeks. O. I. Miller, superintendent of the Boone schools, rend a very interesting paper Saturday before the teachers' meeting. Children's day at the Presbyterian church Sunday drew a large attendance and the exercises were very appropriate and entertaining. The Union program at the opera house Saturday evening wns one of the most pleasant and •amusing entertainments given in our city. Peter Bachman, one of the old residents of Breda, died Tuesday. Mr. Bachman was the father of Mrs. Jos. Ludwie of this city. The college dismissed school Friday for a week's vacation. Nest Monday the winter term will begin, when a large attendance is looked for. A case involving six dollars occupied Justice Lynch, G. W. Bowen, M. A. Hovt and a jury all day Thursday and still the contestants are not satisfied. George Bailey, so his father C. L. informs us, is quite low with spinal disease. He thinks however that the disease has passed its most critical stage. This Christmas was one of the most pleasant that has been seen in this locality for years. It was so warm-and nice that it did not appear like Christmas. Mrs. F. E. Hoagland returned Saturday from Fremont. Neb., where she bad been tor «ome time, called by the recent illness and death of her mother. Schumacher & Mitts have plenty of their Salt Lake potatoes . on hand. All parties ordering now will be furnished from the car at wholesale prices. Dr. G. L. Sherman left Saturday even, log for Cincinnati where, he will spend Christmas with bis wife and parents. The doctor will return today. Schumacher & Mitts, dealers in flour, feed and produce are prepared to furnish goods cheaper than ever before. Gallon them when in want of anything in their line. Christmas passed off very' quietly in our city. Services were held in .all the churches Christmas eve and trees were held at the Presbyterian and the Church of God, N Joseph Foulke left Saturday for bis home at Brooklyn, la., to spend the holidays. During bis absence Frank Sinclair will have charge of the T. M. C. A. rooms. County Surveyor Hoffman was in the city Monday and says the hard times has about ruined his business, for he has not had but one day's work this fall k and winter. Little Nellie Elliott was pleasantly surprised by receiving a beautiful book on the Christmas tree at the Church of God, that was presented to her by the Masonic lodge at this, place; Geo. Powers, of Manballtawn, arrived in the city Chriiimas morning to spend a few days with; his brother J, L, and family and bis wife and children who have been here since Saturday. The ladies of the Carroll normal sebool presented Prof, Whitten with a jargo and beautiful photogravure nicely framed and ready to hang. The professor values the gift quite highly. Our old friend, P. Holmes, of Clinton, former station agent at this place, is in the city the quest of J. R. Whitney. He will remain over Christmas, Bis many friends are pleased to meet him. The Carroll Turn Vereia will give an entertainment at Germania opera bouse New Year's eve, Dob. 81. Tbo program will consist of a concert, turning exhibition and a grand ball. Everybody Is invited to attend. Monday was a very busy day In the city and the merchants did a good business. The trade in holiday goods was much better than had been anticipated. Toe stocks are an well closed out as in former years, E, C. Coukling and wife are in the city tue.gueste of Mr. and Mr».(E. R, Burke. They are pleased to get back to the city and meet their many warm friends, HOBCOO ft (be same genial fellow be was ID the daya when be was a Carroll resident. We do not approve of fighting •« a general thing, bul tbo two toughs who were looking (or a scrap gpt what they wore looking for and we are pleated to know th»t they were iittUQed with what they got. The Union entertainment given Saturday evening by the two societies of (he high school w»« very lutervsllug and proved a very pleasant evening's enler* taluiuent. tVUu (he exception of "Maud Muller" every piece was a nuecew and delighted the audience, Frank Berger began hji work in the auditor 1 ! office Wed»e»d*y. Ho will act«» Mr. Hombtoh'i deputy after the nm of January- Frank U well qualified for ike position ftvdvli) »**"« to Ja\mnM fjAUahlln •rliA ™ ^PPWWP fiPWPH|WBFH JP^w proven himself to tat Courteous, obliging nnd a competent oR.ctal, tbe teachers' faceting at the county superintendent's office wag well attended. The forenoon session wns occupied with general d'licussions of important topics to the teachers and also With select resd- iOK by Mrs. Ooykendifll. of Union township. 8. Aim, one of the bachelors oftJeffer- son wLo has (nog been given up by tbe fair sex, arrived in the city Monday with Miss Smith, also of Jefferson and tbe happy couple Were joined in wedlock by Judge Paine in tbe afternoon. They were guests of Joe Creager and wife while in the city. B, LSahnger-was in the city Wednesday taking the oath of office before County Clerk Kennobock for the office of supreme CQurt reporter. He also had bis bond for f 10,000 acknowledged preparatory to filing it with the auditor of state, Mr. Salinger will enter upon the discharge of his duties the first Monday in January. His term of office is four years but be will retain his home at Manning. Mrs. W. B. Woodworth, tbe famous evangelist, accompanied by two lady singers, will hold a series of meetings in the new Church of God bethel on North Main street, Carroll, la., commencing Jan. 2, 1805, at 7 p. m. She preaches Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever, in saving souls and healing tbe body. Do not fall to hear her. Come early if you want a seat. Services dally at 2 and 7 p. m. • The case of the First National bank of Manning vs. Frank Farneman, recently before the supreme a case where Mr. Farneman bad bought a draft of a Country bank drawn upon tbe First National bank of this city. The draft was presented to tbe Manning 'bank and was cashed. It was sent to Des Moines, from Des Moines to this city and by tbe time it reached here the country bank had failed. The Manning bank then sued Mr. Farneman for the amout of the draft, the defense being that due diligence was not used in collecting, as, if it had been sent directly here instead of by way of Des Moines, there were then funds here pay same.' The. defendant won in tbe lower court, before Goldsmith, and the bank appealed, but tbe judgment below was affirmed. Now, perhaps other suits may ((row out of it. M. W. Beach represented^. Farneman. SCHOOL ENTBBTAIBIONT. -Tha entertainment given Saturday evening at Germania opara horue by the Orient and Occident aooietia* was a sno- cess. The program while rather long was tall of interest from tba beginning to tba end. "The Bugle Bong," arranged by Mies Gertie Drees, woe one ot tbe finest numbers of the program..., The young ladiee appeared at good advantage and the recitation woe peculiarly fasinatiog. Little Toloea Cooke'e recitation of the "Little Pink Mice" brought down tba bonee. The musical feature of tbe program WM of iteelt a treat. '/ The tal eolo by Misa Blanche Pat- tenon, the vooo-inetrnmental duet by Mieeee Smith and Lynch, Miseea Mao- lean and Patterson, the vocal eolp by Miae Florence Hinohen and the ooraet aolo by J. H. Egermayer were all very fine. ..•••• • '•;/:'• Tbe oration by Superintendent J. £. Amend waa one ot the finest ever delivered in our city. His voice waa good bis geatnrea and expreeeion perfect. The oration ot itself waa a gem of thought Bis subject, "The Liberty of Law", waa well oboaen and tbe speaker convinced the audience that be had devoted a 'great amount of thought in arranging bia discourse and presented it in such an able manner that it 'won hearty applause. Mr, Ament rent* well np among the orators of tbe day and would make a eaooees ae a popular speaker. We hope to have tbe. pleasure of listening to him •gain on aome future occasion. Tbe "Dream ot Fair Women," M arranged by lire. J. E. Ameut, woe very attractive. Theooetnmee worn bjf the ladiee were elabqroto and the tableau, which ebonld bave been Riven a little longer exposure, waa decidedly floe Misa Bljiva Sherman always amueee ber audience and we an pleased when we aee ber name on a program, but in ber rendition ot "How Ruby Played" ebe •urpaeied anything ehe ever did. Every body was delighted with il. Tbe trio recitation was also M at tractive featpre of the evening'* *ut*r- tainment. The last piece, tbe "Homophone/lwae Ibe one wbiob created tbe most leu|bter of all, Joe Egermayer It ok tbe par! of tbe musical director in a way »bat wa» appreciated by ell. 91* "make up" WM original aud grole&jue. Tbe meriti of tba entertainment deaasved a l«rfer crowd tbau wag preeent. But vherfa«t that everybody nearly was bnsy buying Ottrietmoe praaeutt prevented a |t||» crowd from being pieeent, The furnished by EHirmayer 1 * family cuftpff Ira WM one of tb» dellgbWul teatorwi of IU» entortainmeal. HjIfffffftM M^ttillttl'* On laet TiMfday efeulng, John 8«uMh «tnr«4 » *M(«ot of and engaged ib the oil bttirita«M. Be had considerable success and was enjoying a fairly brisk trade, Tbe warrant charged him with peddling without a license, claiming that he thereby violated ordinance No. 12, a section ot which reads a follows: "No person within the town shall et- ercisfl the calling of a peddler, without first obtaining a license, for which they shall pay not less than $1 and not more than $25 per day, the amount to fixed by the mayor." The following aeotion provides tor the penalty: "Any person violating any of the provisions of tbe above, shall be fined in a sum not to exceed 0800, or imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed thirty dsfrs." The case came np for trial on Wednesday, before Mayor Brunoier, B. I. Salinger acting as attorney for tbe prosecution, while Douglas Rogers appeared for the defendant. The mayor decided that tbe young man was guilty, and fined him to the full extent ot the law, $100. A notice ot appeal was immediately served by the defense, and $800 bonds w*re furnished by them. Wioh- mer placed hie wagon on the etreet Tuesday without securing a license, a number of legal anthoritiee having assured him that the town could not make the charge > bold good. Local opinion is divided bu tbe question, but at this writing tbe young man had not again been interfered with. CARD OF THANKS. The Orient and Occident societies and tbe superintendent of the city schools desire to express thanks to the Egermayer family orchestra for the floe music furnished at the entertainment Saturday evening. . A Great Success. The recent change made by the New York Weekly World In issuing two papers a week in place of one is meeting with groat favor. > The people appreciate the change, and are taking advantage of it. Why pay a dollar a year for a weekly paper when you can get the New York twice a week for the same price? Keep Informed on what is going on in the world and particularly In your own country. Congress Is now in session. Every moment will be ot tbe greatest interest. Keep abreast with the time" by reading the Twlce-a-TTeek Worlds-two papers a week—104 papers a year for only . Arrangements have been made by which we can furnish this paper and the Twlce- a-Week New York World, both for 82 a year. Take advantage ot this offer and get your own local paper and the Twlce- a-ITeek World at this special rate. Address THE SENTINEL Carroll, la. Plleal Piles) itcnlnv Piles. Symptoms nolstuie; Intense Itching and sUag lag, most at night; worse by icrstchlng. If al lowed to continue tumors torn, which often blsed and ulcerate, becoming very sore, flway- ne'§ ointment itops tbe Itcblnic and bleeding, heals uloeratlon and In mont oaies removes tbe tumors. At druggUU, or by null, for W oenti Or. Swayne ft Bon. Philadelphia. 6-1-96 A GOOD RIOOBD. ' During the past week tbe following marriage licenses were issued: a. 8. Allen and a N. Bervois. David A. MoCoen and L«ura Bear. 8MB Alen and Minnie Smith. O.K. LarimeraudDollieNichols. Klkert E. Kreetly and Hsud E. Button. T. O. Bayers and f-ottlo 0. Moleti. W. H. Buthrutf and mnoee Ramsey. r.X. Blums and Themla Bctidllng. Wm. Slpson snd Bdlth A. Fentou. Ss:nel 0. Blngbam and Alia A. Bbepherd. Ktbor Salisbury end Bertha A. Chlpman. "How to Cure all Skin Dleeaeee." Simply apply Bwayne's ointment No Internal medicine required. Cum tetter, eoxema, lloa, all eruptions on toe foes, bands, note, efci., leaving the skin clear, white snd healthy. IU great bVuing and curative powere SM possessed By no otheir remedy. Aik your druggtit for Bwayne's olntmant. ^H-M jLdyerttsed Lietterv. The'followlujj letters' remain uncalled for at tbe postofttoe, Dee. 24, 1801 Unless delivered within thirty days from date they will be forwarded to the dead letter office at Washington, D. C.: B A. Arnold W. B, Thomson lln. Illunle Stokes Tnoe.SooU I. H. Btlvlni M.Xsgbl Wm. Baena Wm. Harvey Konrad Breg The law provides that one cent shall be paid for all letters advertised. When calling for same please state date of ad- vertlbeinont. JNO. L, POWKHB, P.M. CALIFOUN1A.- farmer's paradise, delightful climate, no crop failures. Vor icon- oral (arming, dairying and Irult railing can't be excelled. 80,000 acres Irrigated lands at BukoHflold, Kern county, for tale. Low prlcoi, eny terms. Write W. B. BOMAN, Omana, 8M TIIK CQUJMIIIA, DUSK CALKNDAU, For ten years the desk calendar Issued by the Tope Manufacturing company ban held a unique place among bubluesa noli) era. Each dally leaf during that timelius taught IU quiet lensou of the value of butter road* and outdoor exercise, and especially tbe benefit* of bicycling. Tue calendar for I8W, which I* Just Usual, U even brighter than Its predecessors In appearance, MS clever artists have added dainty «llhouettij«iid«lu)tones to the uii«l wl»u and witty euutrlbutlons that liave heretofore given this popular calendar Its cuuriu. It oanpa had for flve 3-eeut gtawps from Uie Pope Mauufaeturlnj company, Hartford, Conn., or from auy Ooluuibla bleyele apuoy* Wtotor Tourift Ratea Oo Tbw The North western WHO Is now selling, exourslou tlcketn, at greatly reduced rate* lo tbo health and plgaiture renorl* of OaJ»- cia, VUwldii/Texaa. Me«l lico.L.ouUlanf, iUiiallppi, 4 Carolina, Tennesae* nod 'i.»,4il*k^fii&ii^i«i rORTY niLLlON CAKES YEARLY, tMt PROOTtR ft GAMBLE 00, OINtl. TBB ST. LOUIS REPUBLIC FHEB. SPECIAL OFFEK TO BEADEKS or THIS rAPEB. A GREAT METROPOLITAN PAPEB. IS INDISPENSADLIt NOW. The "Twlce-a-week" St. Louis Republic will be sent free tor one year to any person sending, before January 81, 1885, a club of three new yearly subscribers, with 88 to pay for the game. . Already the clans are gathering tor the fray In 1896. and 1895 will be full of Interesting events. The sftlrmlsh lines will be thrown out, the maneuerlng done 'and the plans of campaign arranged for th great contest In '96. The remaining short session of the Democratic congress, to be followed shortly by a Republican congress with a Democrat In the presidential cbair.wlll be productive of events of Incalculable ir- terest. , In fact, more political history will be constructed during 1895 than in any year since the foundation of the government, and a man without a newspaper will be like a useless lump in the movements of public opinion. • You can get three new subscribers for The Republic by a. few minutes'effort. Remember In The Republic subscribers get apapcr twlce-a-week for the price of a weekly—only 81.00 ayeai. Try It at once, and see how easily it can be done. If you wish a package of sample copies, write for them. Cut out this advertisement and wend with your order. Address The St. Louis Republic, St. Louis, Mo. O«ND twelve cents In postage stamps to 36 Cor- O eoran Building, Wneblnnton, D. 0.. and you will receive four copies of KATB Finn's WASHINGTON, containing matter of ipeclal Interest. Wive name and addreks, and say where you saw this advertisement. Reduced Rates to Dea Moines- On Dccount of the Annual Meeting of the Iowa State Teachers' Association, at Des Moines, December 28th to 28th, the Northwestern Line will sell tickets at reduced rates. Fbr full information apply to Agents of the Chicago & Northwestern Railwt y. IOWA TEACHERS MEET. In Fourteenth Annual Session tit Des Moines. TO AID THE DROUTH 8UFFEBEB8. to Bend • Tralnload of Cora to Netfriuka— FrmnoBt VMtory Barni— O«|M Injunction DUmUMd— Two WeddlpgiBtCreitoa—DMUtuUoB Among low* Workmen. Da MOINBS, Dec. W.— The 1Mb an- nnal convention of the IOWA State Teachers' association began ' Wednesday With meetings of the dozen different branches. Tho attendance is 4n the neighborhood of 1/iQI*, 4W) of whom attended the meeting of the women's "round table" and $00 the meeting of the educational council. The .formal opening of the general association occurred in the evening. Governor Jackson delivered the address of welcome, whiah was responded to by President Beerley of the State Normal school. President fleardshear of the State Agricultural college, delivered the chief «ddresa, after which there was a grand reception of the teachers at the Savory hotel. The women'f "round talV w«v» pr*> aided over, by Caroline li. Eii<-uinn of Dee Moinea. Among lUu sin .v ..•>.. ,;,u- onssed were "Promotions luiin G-cud* to High School," with the chief paper by lilSa Laura Hennigan of Ottumwa; "Woman Who T«ach?«," by Miss Zor- wekh of Villisca and Miss Mary Roberta of Des Moines; "Natural Study in Primary and Grammar Grades/' by Miss Lillian Lowio of West Liberty; "Some Phases of tho Report of the Committee of Ten," by Mi»s Lllllou E. Sborthill of Manballtown, Theee officers were elected for the ensuing years President, MiM Emma M. Ridley, Cedar Fulls; vice president, Miss Kogers, Marshulltown; necrotary.Georgia Warrlok, Des Molnosi treasurer, Miss Kelso, Atluntioi eiecutive committee, Miss Abbott, Cedar Rapids, and Muw Btnman, Waterloo. The esooutire council was presided over by State Superintendent Sabin. The first paper was by B. H. BbeaUey of Wuvorly oa "Pluco and Value of Nature Studies to Qruder Bttlow the High School." The next paper was by W. 0, Riddle of Woodbine, on "Needed School Legislation." Tho Iowa Library toploty meeting was presided over by B- W, Laturop of lowu City, librarian for the State tf titor- tual eoolety, Reports were had from va« rlotu delegate* regarding the wmdittoa of libraries in their citlus or town*. In nearly all onsen the main point was, Uuk of support by the munlolnalUle*. TO AJD THI DROUTH 8UPPBRgR8< •eula Arrimgliug to Html 41 Trelaloaa «f Deo. 8).— TUo •eot out Monday evening by tlw Muuu,. footuren* ttwwrd, iu view pf the gr»*t •uflorlng reported in Nebraska owing to the abort «oru crop, thai tiieoouUi, .which hag inch m abundant corn crop thl* jrwi alwuM wad » iqUd. tj'ftin ol «w« and UN* to Kebrajkitoir <U»Hril»«tlo», Us wet with • v«*y oardjft) reception. W. with deep interest your plan to soda cor t» to Western Nebraska to save thed«sti«- tate people of that state. 'I have been, privately informed that the condition existing is very bad. I am confident 1 that all railways in the couth will arrange to collect all shipments and for- • ward them free." President Hoffman of' the Sea Board line authorizes the Matin-- factnrers' Record to say that his rdadl will be glad to receive all contribution*),, made from any point on its line or anyi. connecting lines and arrange f6r; freei. shipment to the west. Ught SUow In NabrMkn. OMAHA, Dec. 27.—Throughout^! braska a light snow fell Wednesday./^la, aome portions the storm assumed tdmoat': the proportions of a bliscard. \,tta^^m weather bureau promises a fall of 90 de*<, >f gress in Omaha, bringing the tempera-1" tare down to zero. This is the first decidedly wintry Weather here this season. a*ge'( Grandchildren'* Good Imok. CLINTON, la., Dec. 27.—The three) grandchildren of Bidwell Gage, who,were left a block of Fargo, property" worth fftO.o'doTby the "will of Benjamin.: Hagaman of Chicago, reside in this city. They learned of their good fortune from the Chicago papers. Hagaman formerly- lived here. Dectltatlon Among luwa'.Worklngnun. CEDAB RAPIDS, Deo. 27.—There is absolute destitution and suffering among; families of tho laboring people of Center-• ville at the present time. The short: work in the mines and the lack of work; on the onteide is the cause for this state > of affairs. — Badly Brolsod In n Bnn»wiiy, CBESTON, la., Dec. 27.—Lon Bobb and'. G. Lamb of Alton were thrown from g>j carriage by the team running away ondj , were frightfully cut and bruised, Mr., ' Robb's injuries being the most serious. Gantllllon With Slanz City. Sioox CITY, Dec. 37.—Joe CantiUion^ manager of lost year's pennant winning;Rock Island team, has signed to manage^ and captain Sioux City's ball' club next* season. BEPORT OF THE CON1HTIOM «i'i rj — OFTHR—' I FIRST NATIONAL At Carroll, In tbe Suite of town, at IDS elo«e of builneaa, December 19,18M. ' BKSODHOKB. Loani and discount* 1198,145 Overdraft*, secured and un»ecur«d.... 916 V. a. Bond* to iteourtt circulation 26,000 Premium!) on C. 6. bonds. , ««.Wil BtookB, necurUtea.etc,,. ii,4ifi Banking bouie, furqltuw and U»lurts Other real eMaiejjiud mortgages owned Due from approved reterve,,. agents .-:..,,....., 81,965 TO CheokH and other oatb Itemi 88 68 Note* of other national b»r,ks 1,110 W fractional rtant' nickel* and cento,. IH » lawful money reserved in bunk, viz; bp«cle. ,.12,790 00 « Legal tender notes, 9,000 00-4»,02t W Bedemptlon fund «l«h 17. 8. treasurer (5 per cent of oirotilHllou).... 1,U| 00 Due from IT, H. troMunr, otter than 0 per cent rederaptluujuud WO Oft- Total bank note* outsUtn.d|ug DuetooHnTNatlonalb""""' Due to state banks. Dlvfiena.'Snp.idrt:;:^!. InOlrtdual depo«IM( wlijeot w^ ^ M Dem»iidoe'firfloi»U«o'r'(ie'i)b8lt.fl',C8l OB •' Ttmaoertlneate* or deposit-••40^7 79-lW.Wjl 78 Bills payable *>,OWOO Total. State of Iowa, County or varrvu. m 1,0,t. Wattle*, oeniilwr oj the above .,„_-.„ l»nk. do solemnly wear that tlie nuove «ate- ment Is (rue to tbe Ixit of my know|w)R« and be. w , q. t. WATWH, Oosblsr, i • »'•$ LTOWIQ B ^^^r^T^^Bpil

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