Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on October 3, 1890 · Page 4
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 4

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1890
Page 4
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•X?. .«•) r E. S.AMES & CO., Palack Siiok Stokk, Grand H (>trl Block, State Street, UKIAH, CAL WE ARE NOW OPENING A TREMENDOUS STOCK OF SLIPIWS&TL (Hits, SHOES, i-tn: TIIK M-uiMi \:MI sr.nwt:n itnin:, Imported direct from the very best Manufacturers. , Look at the Latest Styles ! They are all Neat, Durable and Comfortable, laud the Very Best Goods that money can buy, and they will be sold as low : as .Reliable Oocds can possibly be sold. TERMS CASH, AMD GASH O^LY! If you waru Credit, wo can't Trade, i Goods sent to any part of the County C. 0. D., or ou receipt of money order. kinds of Boots and Shoes made to Order. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. IS. J3L3VEEJ© «&? OO.; Palace Shoe Store, Grand Hotel Block, State Street, XJkiah, Cal. | L\A[RD,ScHOBErt<?T MITCHELL. •"ANCV The Oth«r Wft.v. "How dee.*-; your ^ir] treat you, John!-" asked the mother. "She doesn't treat meat all. niorlu*:-; I am oblige*! to treat her every time.''-—lios- ton Courier. 11 U IteplttuttOII. Short Alan i ntfi'vimsjy,,— Did yon hear Drown say lit* owed mn a licking* "Yes: but i hut's .ill ri^ht. Brown never pnj'H what ) M ; owe.v , *--l,oui.svnie Courier Journa). WUii •l^linii.v. Mamma-l'm sure Johnny would rather kiw* hi-* M*ier than any niiit-r Hi tie tfir): Johuuy— Don't lie u, mammal— Chatter. Escaped f'onvjrr -I nm urmod nnd desperate; I have never \et shed human blood, but J must Imvi* your Miii of clothe* to dis- g.-ui)ffe myst If. What do you say? <<"ot-k» pL-it ol.) Our Old Friend (without a niMim'iit'g [hesitation* -Help yourself, my dear fellow, help yonr>eU'. J can MT 'iy in the water just a-, not: in fa't, I'm used to it. See? (Dive?,.) -Life. ^ " LIGHT AND AIRY, - — -- 1 A Woman** "tcorn. £ Tier perf'Mt'lim-** wnx chillttd . W'UU ut»vn ;.((lt iciati prid** That alwiiy* inado HIM fWI half K nub bed Whene'er I jfainud lier nid**: Yet by the Ht-ii I liivfil wlili tin- To uiituh tii*' ilny dt-.-linr, E*eu UluUKli her nam** twiran wjlh Mlu And Mr. piefm-M mltiu. For round hw breathed an air i-r lov« No formal IHIB ioue'*ttlr -d. And yester eve—thrie*} huppy hour— ' A kiwi wiy heart rovrnled. 1 heeded not bur flaming: worn Nor meekly pauBed to partly. But ola»p*sd her close, for in her wrath fibo cried, "How dare you. Oharli«!" —P. Mc Arthur In Munsey's Weakly. Rett] Smart. ,"I like that young Air, Freahleigh, Amanda. He wa.s graduated this year, wai he not? • "Yes, pa. 1 am glad you like him, for I think he IN real smart. The report t hat- Aui^uM Belmont is going to retire from tin* turf is premature. Brown Hal, the pacer, is said to be moving quarters at an amazing (<ait, and Johnston',-* record is said to be in danger. Another shattered turf idol like'fenny, the Suburban favorite, wa.i Snrefoot, the borte-r Kngl'sh Dcrbv f;:iem-ire on record. Pierre Uoriliitrd will buy i acmg stock from the Duke of Port land's «.t ml under the coiidit ion t hat In* i-. in<[ t < ( race in The very peopie that last year were declaring Jsaae Murphy could not ride a little bit Hre those who. since he rode Salvator in tb« Suburban and the match with Tenny. are saying that he is the greatest living art i^t in ' he pi^ki?!. According lo the Australian papers the fantest mile, ever ti'utt*>d in that country was 2:30 fl i. by 1 he ehestnut sLallion Honesty, by Prl'am. Honesty had a record of In America. He was dispo-t-d of at a late HR.P in Sydney for fc'i .iOo. fieorge Taylor lias been for some time a more or less popnlar jockey, but if he ride-, ay many winning mounts a .i he has lately he will become the popular favorite, vice Bergen, Hamilton and some others. The public is even more i'u-U ie in i hiti I han in , most respect.... 1 There «*eeins to be s lamentable want of harmony in action between the eastern and westeru racing associations as regards the enforcement of the *enteuces on delinquent jockeys. It create^ an exceedingly bad precedent lo ignore the rulings of any race track of pood standing and may lead to bortouu complications in t he tut 11 re. Within a radius of live miles of Nash* = ville, |d ,000.00t> would not cover the value ; of the howtes and the means for taking care of them. Among the prominent breeding establishment** are Belle Meade, Hermit-age Stud. Melrose, Morrowdale, Maple-wood, Whltlamln. Two Rivers, Clifton, Oak illll. Spriugbrook, Kwing, Hays- \iew and Heart of Daks. That-Axtel and Sunol will meet in one race and possibly thre« before the close of the aea«on Is almost an assured fact. The champion stallion will not bo In condition before September, although Doble finds that he still possesses his wonderful burst of speed, wnile Marvin gave the public a liueonSnnol recently when he sent her a quarter in 31 1-5 seconds. THEATRICAL NOTES. The Park theatre. Brooklyn, has been redecorated ai an expenditure of *r>u, 000. Clara Morris hasgiven theplay "Helene" bark to Its author, Martha .Morton, and decided not to use it any more. The minister of An Irritating Circumstance.. "What makes your face so red, Minnie-?" "Why, mother, I have, beeu positively blushing for Charles Sumner all the evening. 1 think a man who neglects to «et shaved before calling on a young lady is a perfect boor.''—Xew London (Conn.l Be«. .A Loving: AVnnian'd Iteason. 1 lore yon well, ni ,V nwopfhtmrt sliy; I'm true- The maiden blushing auswered, I 1 ,1.1 V»* Vi III. Why do y*?'J JOTC ine, my ad^r ^i!* — A pfliiJ.f. And thtu (she answered wirh a word, - IJi^ion Courier. {,'ontonipt of Court. ''You should be sent to jail for laughing at my protestations of love and affection, Mis» Araminta." "That is not a prison offense."' "ft is indeed. Contempt of court is al- ! ways severely punished."--Harper's Ba/ar. A "Yes" 'itiat \Vu* Pulnt 'til. The inaifteii snift "Ws 1 " What means hi* (iwtre *.H, And why Ooe« his bo^s>'n Htar irrow dim? Tbfl nifttden said •Yea" When forcm! to confess More love for his rival (ban liim. —NfW Yorfc I'rwia. Komrti :iinl Juliet. Romeo—For you. darlin.Lt, I would sacrifice everything—family, rank, position and • wealth! Tullet ('somewhat, uneasy)—In the latter case what would there be for us to live on. —Philadelphia Times. he interior has prohih- "He is real ftuiart. He came to me at my } ited the playing of Tolstoi's comedy, "The office ytiaterday, and said that at he ex-, i FruUnof Knlightenmeni," in the Russian pected to gat through his vacntlon In 8 #p-. \ theatres, lember he wanted to go in bualness; and what do you suppose he offered to do?" "What, papaV" "Said if I'd make him a full the business he'd marry you. Baxar. partnai* la —Harper 's Her Heiwon,^ Only • Ua» did I bar of her, ; Ooe UUl'i MM of love; aomatalag to h*!p me baai' the pain Of parting newer to mee* again, While down o er tb* waring- ttelds of grata Soft ihcoe the ttere a bond. Tatntly trembled the beauUful Udt— "Quick I for I muet awejr t" "X cannot!" the answer caxne with a nsoaa; "Thouffh I love you, darting, the truth tauet be known, My tiny kleeee are all full grown, And e tittle k\m don't aak, 1 pray, for It heppetw my moinh Utrt tulit thet way !*• -Ortd BHtt In Judte. A Bed Qaot»tiou. "I do love you, Mabel! You know it is MQ the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.' " "So I thought. No, sir; no lightly spring turns for me! I want the honest affection that shows itself in the uutuma, when tbe theatres and balls commence. Hood-by, Hr. Brown."—Harper's Bazar. S"Uietlilnj|[ IJnumiMl. Miss Frotisque—I always thought Mr. filowboy very bashful and retiring, but last night he actually kissed me. Miss Oanatiquo—Dear me! How surprised you must have felt!—Epoch. The Hidden Maynet. The lady that 1 soon nhall wed la causing all my frtnntls *urprl*e; They do not geent to «»v her points, They look with ijold and ornle t*yea. They say she's homely, thin and old, Is poor, and has nn *<H;iul phiee; In short thay tear her nil to *hr«d«, Nor grant the gtrl a single jmrti. Ah, we|t tbe/ doubt I think th**y know; Bat just one fact they've all Ignored— She la my landlord's dauxhter, and ( I owo for over six nwrntlts' board. Holloa Times. : Tlie annual prolksof the ••passion Play" | at. ("dieraiinnergau amount to *i .*i ",(h'Jii i marks, which sum must be divided among I 700 persons, ! Alice Dunning Ijingurd is to come to J Ame/ica next year, bringing her own Lon| ilou company and appearlug in a rejiertoire ! of society comedies. | (a-orge Pauncefort, an Knglish actor, well known in the United States yenrs ago • and for a time a member of the stock com' pany of the Boston theatre, is now keeping : a restaurant near Vokohuma. .Japan. The fourth year of "The Old Homestead" ! at the Academy of Music, which beginn in 1 October, will bo marked by the introduction of a revolving scene. Other new and attractive features will also distinguish the production. An Italian version of Balfe's "Rohemiau I Girl" in announced for next season at t ho ; Saunazzaro theatre In -Naples, where re- i vlvals of Mozart's "Flauto Maglco" and , Piircini's "Cechina" are also promised as ; apecimens of the old style of opera, .Jt;\K^ ORE A in. Jenks bad n queer dream the other night, fie though: he aaw a prixe-flghters' ring, and In the midd'e of It stood a doughty llrtta champion who met and dftllberately knocked nv*T, cue hy one, a score or more of biff, burly-looking follows, as they advanced to the RttKek. Ciinnta as they were iu size, the valiant lujriay proved more than a match for them, ft was all so funny thai Jenks woke tin liuijrhiiifr. E !e account.') for tho dream by the f;ict tli.i; he had Just come to tlieconclu- • ion. after tryinr nearly every big, drastic pill "ii I h'j mur'ict, that I'ioi ce'a Pleasuut i'tirgivtiv* I'elieta, or tiny Sugar' coated Granule!!, ready *' knock out" and beut all the big pills hnllowl They are Lhe original and only genuine Little Liver Pills. Hewure of Iinitatiurifi, which contain Poi- nmous Minerals. Always ask for Dr. Plerco 'i iNdlets, which are Little Smrar-coutcd Pills, or Anti-bilious Granules. One a Dose. SICK HEilWiHE. Bllloitn II e n d n e h c, Olxctii^ee, Coiiatlpa- tlou, ladlCfstlau, B1U ion** A* lat -Ke*and all de~ ranKcitieius oi the stomach and bowels, are promptly relieved and [nTnrj.nci;tly cureil by the IIHO of Dr. Pierce's IMessant Purgiitive Pellets, They are pr-utly laxative, or strongly <-athartic, ^ecorilmv toKl/.ei>f nVsc. SinaJlcst, (Mieapeat, Easiest to take. Scents n vial, by druggists. «l»rl|ti, l^rt, >)V Woitl-U's I MSl'tNSAKT Man- UJAI. ASSOCIATION. Pr '>ntlf (nr%. A Rare Opportunity! Good Agricultural Land for $10 to $20 per Acre. The Piicitte huprovmenU'iiinpimy has recently purehii '-ed |uel .e I hou<.n n<l ucrc of land In tlie heart ai Tclniina county, iu: the p;;r;.o:<e proiaottii}; -ubdivi-ioiis ;u»d neiiU'tueut. ThU hind embraces laud" inun flr^t-eln^s Sa'rainetdo Valley aifi'icntiure land, to land ol fnir avenmt 1 quality, and is orTered at frem Jin to per nei «*, in •.ulxhvMnn.'. of lu, M», hlO. ;rJ0 acres. The terms ujmn whn h these bonis are nlYei'M arc e-perially nttractlve. They will be ••obi .subdivision*. a->abo\-n indicated, by (he [myiiK-nt of i nierevt only for three years at which t line the purchaser can hejrin the piiymcut oi" prlncijal )>y payiim the t'ir.-t id live equal annual 1 iiviati- nieut.s. Thu* no pari <if the pi lnt'ip*'! is lo In- paid tor three ytuv?. ««d then tin- puvehaHCr Is to htive liv.- \-i*ars in whicli m p:iy live eijtial aniin- ii 1 install in en is. w itii iiiteresl at the mie (1 f soven per cent p--r annum, makint; pnynieiiis cMcnd- ini; ttii-r a period id eiiilit \ear>. Intending pnrelt;»MM > me asf,uceil that this i- an opportunity to purchase land of fair av.-n.'-'c imnlilics at .f 10 per acre, and .uomi ii^rien 11uia 1 land at I'jn )n-r acre, u ith other yrndei* of land at prices tn IN rrespoiid between the-** IlKure- lhe asjteition is frequently made that unnd biitds.nuitable for Lfenertit I'ftrinlu^; nnd especialiy adopted fur fruit inu.eninn.l be h;;il lu t'nl- i fm nia for los than from :'tiu to ?iiT0 an acre. An exitminati.ui of the land subject of this advert scmciit will prnve lo hnine scckr-. that this is an opportunity for the purchase of good tin* rieu'tural bind at J'Jd an acre, ami f>u'qualities Krai'ing dowu to fair agricultural land at. flOan aeie, on terms (vf pnymeii! whiell slinuId make lhe disposition m" t hese lands to actual settlers a result easy of accompll-shmcnt. The ]irimary tdiJiMii oi the purchase of this body of land wa.- the breiikinu' up nf « ho^e hoidlmi f'.r tii.* purp"-'.' of pro:a:itIn!< its settlr- ineiii in >malli r <|!ianti(ie-and Its devotion to dili^cul busbainlry. For f;;;ther particular*, call upon, or a^drcaa, W. II. MILLS, Land Attcui of t M( . (• p, u. j;., 1'oiirth and Townsi-nd -stie'-t.n. San Kranelsco, Cal. Washing and Ironing! Ah Tooli's Waslioitsr, ; <«r, <Uiirvii mut SioveithOu Nis., 1 kinli. GREAT GE SALE:-: TYPEWRITER. A slri<'tly firHt-t 'lnss inni'liiiu'. wiirranli'il. Mn'le from vory liosl rial, liy skilloil wnrknion, iincl wilh tlie l.u>-t tools (lint In 1 . VP fver liccn devised l'<>r the |mrp ,iM\ Warranted to do all tliat can lie reasona'ily oxjieotcd of the very liest tvpe\vrit<i extant. Cannl"',,- of wriiinir l*>(l HOI-IIS per minute— or more— .'i.'vonlinsr to the aliility oi the operator. PRICE, - - SIOO.OO. Ii tlnre in no iiKont in your town, nd- die .-'M the iiianniaeuirerM: THE PARISH MF'C CO., .\iimlt H 'nn/r .7. l'nriih, S. V. The Best Selected Stock of GENERA L MER CI1A ND TSE Ever Brought to COVELO, CAL, Must be Cleared within NETY DAYS FROM and TYFE- First -clasB VBVV STKXOGRArilY I' ilJClill WKITI'NC; FU1CE. I'ai-ilities and bent of teuvhers. AddrohH, with stamp for return postage. T11K PARISH JIF 'ti. OO. PnriHli, N. Y. Goods Will Be Sold y in- «I 'M ^-IIuvinK ]iuri'l]nsi>(l .-iiif I.fO's wi> •h-htii'M' • liectflllly inlli'll the imtrinsniji' oi I hi- ]iuli tc i" HHliliiK. Inminif. ii nil rliitiliK ilonn with mm I IICISIIIIII illumtcii. |10-iiin.| All l'tioir. CltiC!.V ,ITr,. r: - LAKE'S SFRi^OS, Mendocino County, Cal. i ivlhc- Xi-w Homo SewlriL' Mnelilnc Compnnv, . I'm 1 1 Hi- 1 ii-] HI 11 :ti.-i 1 1. l>liitril<lilliiL'<JMii<i-,7^i Mil; k.'l^tuHt, It 'Htarv UuiMhiK. Sioi l'vinH-l«t-e,riii. lALI'ANT A I 'fNXlNCHAM i-,lf AKentH, rl:hili, Cnl. F.ifHTKKN MH.ES NORTH OF fKJAIt. IIION, JI.*«)Mv»iIA, M'l.l AMI OlllCIt WATERS. II! It, .yB ^-H,'st (lainpiiiiMininil 'lM in thf Cmnilv. \\'titer, \inn ,l nn,! 1,'rouinln fire. (.,ooi| na^turii-'-i' I',ir Imrsi-M at luoiU-rttto rati s. T. A. LANE. Prop. AinhlCMnim. Foud Mother—Now,<t»u't. >•«« ttitjik t.hl« la a lovel v hnby * Old But-helor— Well, it isn't the horntili- *»t baby I «ver DAW. (Timil mother accepts thin mt a ooiupll- ineut and tell* It tn all her /need*.J— J 4we!l Citizen. Tlie ftlrl Ciradual*. , Bhfl wan T^ritwl in old AMyrlna And tho dtatci-t Hljrlnu, Could identify the Tj-rlon \ Effect on piinc '.imlioui ! Unew the theory of phllanthropr; Told btr he&reia tlmt ntluuUirapr OKDM throuKh n,l<ltili(ht lunch** Mid i through pie, ; But »he fsll^ii tn rMcutatloii. -ExohMC*. FASHIONS FOR MEN. A rough utraw hat of line quality, both In white and black, is the lntesr novelty in til.-ilon:. There are a uunibe.- of excellent nlnun up lab rollai's, uni-U iw the "Min^o,'* "Spokane" and others. lu the tnosf reeeut Aacot* ami DeJoln- vllles the patlenin are In similar detiigns 10 thojte of the outing flannelu and eloths, being of soft ullk texture and in varying widths of stripes upon a white barkgrouml. Tills is a detail that should be noted in : »he purchase of a neglige ulilrt: A skimpy j eollar on a nsgllge shirt, one that is not: ; i-'i .t so as to snow well above the outing i coat, will produ."e a very sorry and inadw- . | i|tiafa effect. ' i AVitb the colored shirts a tpiiet, solid • ! color in cravat* is most.effective. Hut there j i« a great multiplicity of patterns and color i , ings to choose from. They are not to tm worn with the neglige ahirt. ; 'i.'in tinoxpocted acceptation of tin- rrai -at Is but another Indication of the growing [ detuaud for tieable goods. The rrnvats | hare indeed fpiite superseded the buckle j | mode up goods. The reigning widths are j • from l.V to t,H inches. ' A good flngvrruiark of the turndown [ t*nileiiry Is the fact that a number of the custom made shirts, with collars attached, j have recently been ordered with turndown I collar*, and these, concurrently, wen- cut I especially high iu the ucck. CONSUMPTION BRONCHITIS SCROFULA COUGH OR COLD Throat Affection Wasting of Flesh Or any £>l$enti irlierm Sfie Throat and T.unga arm I;i/fattl«-<l, l^n-fc nf Sirnnyt)l or JVere# J'oivrT, yoit cttn t»s rrlirvrd and Cilrmf by SCOTT'S EMULSION OF PURE COO LIVER OIL With Hypophosphltes. PAL-ATABLE AS MILK. Aih for Srott'n JZmttHfon, and let no l»fa >en<.«»» mr Boticltntlen induct you tm Sold by all J>ntgfftsts, •COTT A BOWNE,Ch«mt«t*», N.Y. Appiedale Nursery, Scott's Vnlli'j, Lake Co., Cal. ftV OfllTs fur the season of lKWacliolcc lot of I At r«ii«onah!e juices, l'niit (!i , n\v..'rs iiiul others j ' ilusiriiiK trees urn lu.-ltml to cull anil I ospiH -t them at the NurKfry, or«.-n,l for prli-e list. All mtoek K'Uiii-iinleetl tn lie free front j IIINI'CIN ami ilisense. . Address K. I'.WUAY, Lnkeport, fill. ' J--JI)t f j ; OUICK TIME AND CHEAP FARES | ! to Ktisltrii iiiul Europciin (Mlios Yin the (Ircat TrioiK-i-outiiieuln'i nll-rall Unutes ! OK IIIK Southern Pacific Co, I (l 'A<iKH SYSTI:.M). ! paily Ksjii 'fRH Truing malic prouijii ('(iini'-ctitins with tin- M-wriil Jiiiihvay lines in Hit- E:t<r, STRICTLY FOR CASH, And at Prices Lower than ever before Offered. Clifton & Weill. NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S FORECLOSURE SALE. Order of Sale and Decree of Foreclosure and Sale. I'lainiitf, I1K9ME KAI..KNKU IIIK, J. II. RA1.KNK1*. ) TTNDKU AN 1.1 HY VIHTHIC OK AN* OttPEtt lj of m\p iiiul decree <u* fmvrliisurc nml sale ISHUI'U <H\1 of tlu 1 Sui»ori<ir roiirt >»i ltit! t>i\nty Df Mrminrlno, aintiMif CiilIfortiiH, on tho 16th dny of Sunt., A. I). 181)0, In OIL- iihovo cntitloil action, whrruln H. H. Vox, the nhuvc naineil plithitlff, nbtaliit'.l n Judgment nnd dprnH* of lom^osnrr ttml Bt*t«slc Kitlkuor aiul .1. II. FalkmT. ih'f'Mi'lant.s, nn the nth rlny n( soptiMiitu 'r. A. I)., IH','0, for thi» sum of one thous*. Mini, one hmiilrrd iiiid oiulitv seven and sovunty 1 live nii, ; hundroilths ilnllnr« r|l,lh7.";"ij in United yiute« p<i\i\ cohi, hesiilew interest, cost*, and counsel lee*, aiiHnintiuiz in all lo Jl'Jiiti.rKJ. he- «1IU I H v:oi-l» mid InieroM to neeme. which sitld de- on!'.'was, on tho nth day uf Sej>temlier, A. !>., lS',tO, reecrdfd iu Judumeut Hook Hot Raid Court, w\ pni;e i.'-fi, 1 am connnnnded to nell all thut certain lot, pk -ce or parceK of hind, situate, lylujf, and In IIIR in the County (if Mendorlno, .Slate o/ Ctilifornia, nud bounded and described as fol- luwi*, lo wlf. SlluaVi'il in l-lilnh t'lty, Mendonino rounty, Stale of Californlu, nai-tieuhtrly descrltieil as follows: Betriniiini; on Hi.-smith .side of Clny ytreet In said I'klnh «'lty, m the nnrthenrtt eor- ncr oj'loi owned by H A. Vi'll. MI n II in»r theueu soxulvtrly vtiraHi'l nud -in" feet east from Iho t-ast line of lot ownwl bv .^u.iuH Hvown, n ilH* tniiei ni two bundled and thirty jVot, thence ea-.teriv at rlflht anyl.s iiinetv («'0) t'-'ct. Ui«uc« north, rlv two hnn-iretl and thirty (2^0) fevt t(* tht* s.»mh vUW nf Day stn-.-t,"ninety r.n)) ieei . HNI io 1 )1,. K enrnei' of tlie lot belonif- InK to A. Veil. Tlieneu westerly alomr the snuili •I to the plnee of beiilnntiiK.'ind prt'inronvi'ved by Wm. 10 IK'S.Hle V ii 1V 1' i v by dc t. and reent'dcil in Hook 'AJ. o\ nvordsof .Mendocino county, lien-by given that nn line nf f ] a y bchm t lit? s.-uiie llolden and wife dated .March 17, IS Douds ,u p ft (.,.. i7^i ( I'nlillc uoiii-u Is Sntiinliiy, Hie lSlli day of (lelober, 1S90, At 2 o'clock r. M llOHMU dulU-nf (In I will, lu oUei'letn-. ... . d force!OHure and : piSO'S ftEMEDV FOR CATARRH.—Best. Knsiont *• to uso. Cheupcyt. I-ielief is immodiato. A ouro is certain. For Cold in tho Head it has no eqtml. It itf an Ointment, of which it Siunll partieie in applied to t'.io nostrils, l'rioo, 50c. Sold by druggists or mutt 1"- moil. Addr «<;H, K. 'I\ HAZETITIKK . NVarrpn, Pa. if Hint rinv, In from of the Court 'untyiif.Meniloeiiio.HtltlsiKli • to sntil oritiT uf w.ile i;a ;l , wll the aNive Je- senlvil ]irnpenvorso iitueli thereof u.s >,uv bo • •••.•".inur,•to s „n«fy R „| 1 | jmlKwent. with liter lihili.Kl mid iH -si bid- TH PREMIER TYPEWRITER! The Greatest Machine Ever Invented! ry Latent and Most Perfect. Sperrl, rase of operation, permanent alignment am! dur­ ability a xpri'ialty. POWERFUL MANIFOLDER. All tho typo cleaned by a brush iaviea in 10 seconds without ioilingr ths haudt. fit iiiul eiKls, ilc.. In thi' .... .,. „„ ' i:olil e.iiu of tin- Cnltvil rMnte --il this l«h (lu.v of Seiiteiiiher. 1490 J. Jl. .-lANiii.KV, Iherlrr, Unto liv T. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice of Ilia sale ot Ileal Estate Under Execution. LEWILfc CO., 'Haintifl't, tll !0. J. KlYVN, cjai.liuit. > out oihe Superior Court nf the. County of Santa i:rti'*)f the btale of Culifonilu, wherein A. Lewis ifclo.. platiititls, oiul (iuo. J. lltowu. tU fcnduntfipou a judgment re tide red the 2nd day of Oelicr, A. I), IH^rt, for the sum of one* thousand id fortv-one and si.tleen ono hun- dredlhK {^ll.Hi) dollars, 1'nited Slates goUl coin, hesid costs and interest, I have this day levied ui)oaU the ri«hi, title, claim find iutor- csl oi paid •feiidiuit, iieo. j, Hrown, of, in and lo the folloliiK dexcrlbed real estate, to-wlt; t'oinmeim^ nn the county road al a polut on the norea*t cornel' of .Mrs. J. Deer's lot uud rumihiKWtMO foet to Main street, thence north iwoundred and sixty feel, thence east one luindri and fifty feet. thenec south sixty I'ftjt, t!u nroiist one huudivd and lit'ty teet. thenec sou alonir the county road lo place of beginning Also lot commencing at the southwest eorniol II. Marks' lot and Main s.i'eet, theneci-UHhrce luiudrcd loot *o thr- county read, then south thirty foot to land ot J. Hrown, thoo west three hundred feet to Main, street, thee north thirty feel lo point of be- uinninK, aether with all and singular the hcreditamts and appurtunoneos pertaining thereto. l'ublic Kico in hereby xlvon that I will, on. TMlh day of Oc obcr, 1890, lilrt *nnsoinc street. Sun l <'miii!lsno. Write for doKorijitivo catalogue nod prioos to K. ALEXANDER & CO., Gciici-al Agents. Notice of A.iniinislriitor's Sale, j Onlor of Ailjudieation of Insolvency I N THE SUl'EIUOIt CO'.'KT OF THE COl'N- ly of Me.mloe.luo. htmo of Cilliforniii I TN THE SlM'ElllDll C01TIIT OF THE COUN] X .'y of Memtoemo, Btnte of Oiillfornlii. lor CtKllri'll «'• «'. I.IM.Hi:.STKIIllH Su l*eer. Try il. loilorseil liy Itie Meillelll I'HClllty. l'i'eMei-llie<l Uy Snu .Frunciet'o'M I.eit«lijii^ I'II.VNI,'IHIIM. Camphor Chloral Liniment. OAKLAND, february 7, ]*90. "Thl« may certify that we have used lhe <\ 0. i Liniment in our family, and have found It to ! be the lest and in est cflVetivp medicine for neu- ; . valirta ai\d ittudivd >U«ei»-< - uf any that we have | tried. We can unlicsilat ins,'ly recomiiiond it as | a i:in «t powerful and useful remedv." i K, H. DIU.K, I'a^lorof the First M. K. Church. Xew York and Xew Orleans j, with tlie several Kteinuer I.JIICK lo ALL EUROPEAN PORTS. ROYAL FLUSHES. Xo oirro ItlliousnesB, 8lok Hoadiiche, Cointi- i patlon, MalurlR, Liver Complaints, take tho ante and certain romeay, No Kmnfc* WUboitt Home Fire. "What did you lire my uppointment for?"' demanded the local polltielan augrlly of the hent} of rlso dspRrtment. "1 caught him smoking." "Wlmt'a that got to do with it?" "In tbla ofllee where there'a iinok* there'* flre."---Philadelptila Pre*.. A Nhort l*uni«. A brief poem on a boy and a water MlOUI Morn; Jtoliiokaooie. Noon: Frolicaome. Might: Collcaome. —WMhlngton Poit, L. th«t "youug Ur. Uur- laudilMjIr .of joy tbe day »ft*r hie diecovere'! that bl« It l» understood thet the title to be be- ] •towed by Victoria upoD Prince George of ; Walea IK tlmt n( duke of .'liiHsex and Iu- ! v *mei». j The king of lhe Belgians in mid to be j T «ry anxiouH that his youngest daughter, | Filucrr-i C'iuuimtine, should mai-ry one of the son* of the Prinue of Wales. It t *k«* the miltan about forty .iiluuten ro «ay ' DIK prayeru lu the regular form. After they are flulthed he occupies a position at tile of the windows of (be mono no and ravlews the troops. Marguerite, the pretty princess who is goiug to marry her cousin, the Due d'Or- fcane---the prisunerof Clairraux"—has a good temper, good manners, and various •Dosteal and arUstlc accomplUbmeuts. TIMI yonog crown prince of Italy Is deeply Aerol/ed to his clevet and beautiful mother. II* winds her two long telegrams every day when he W sway from beri and he also- writas to hei- eaon day a letter giving full account* of his day's work. The prlitems Louise han more ski)) than •u Indian lu handling a CMUOO nud often IMUU without aaaiatanue a saltuou iveigli- i»* as much us thirty pound*. When she WiU »p*rtk'UArly floe nth abe carefully p/tokaulBiee and sends it to her royal , , SMITH'S BILE BEANS 1J»« ihv HM ALL Hi a A (401ittlo nonnii to tho Uotllo). TllKY All!! T!!B MOST CONVENIENT. j'H^J'l t'ltfa^r al»«, Mffc. |»«> Uotllo. 'fdOTKORAVURt VANF.Jj BIZS. - - - (Co(ipertor,l»m |,Ml. l.?.SMITH4C0 .M >kw <iir •IHI.B8BAS3, -ST.IOUU MO. Tutt's Pills The) df«v«l'»le. Ilia «eblMlaled. wii«Sl». er Irom e »ee»» or work ot uillld «> boely, drink ur ,i|iii >iir, iu Malarial Regions, Will Bnd 'lull's Pill* the most sreulal raslorHllve aver vUVred tlie euuerlng Invalid. Try Tlioui Fairly. •A -vigorous body, pare blood, etroauj Bcrree ta clsuerftfl snlad wUI reealC »OJU> GVJBSiYWXieiiB. Pulliiiaii I 'iiliK'c HIcoutiiK ('Hi 's A Nil TOURIST SLEEPING CARS tittiielied to (tverhmd KxpretJK Tniluv. ^••S^'l'icUcts Koid. ^le.'jiii);;-i-iu- Hi -nhs Hecurcit HU*l iu ,(t T ,ul ' infmiinitloii ^iven njion njipllcniiou at Coiup uy'H oitlccri. where nnt .Meti^eiN calling lu tterKOU eiui Ht .'iure choice of mule* etc. (tnli'M nttht at I.uuH'nt Hat r.n for tivktt-i Jar /aid- xa</r (ram I'.nnnu- ami Kant<r>l < 'Motto (itif/pitlut hi'the Paviflr Mntrx an<t Tnrltarhn. Tlirsrui-tfrrs, if nut ii/ice/,' if OA lir iftf'tmrA at thr amaunt paid fltrtffoi: RIOH'D OIIAY, T. H. GOODMAN, Hen. Trai. Mjjr. Gen, I*. 'l\ A«t. R AI i ROAD LANDS! For Nn It* on KoHMOiiitlilo T^rniM. For l.,:nidri in I'cutra) nud Northern Oalffor- nia. Oi'eiroa, Nevadn nnd Uinh, apnlv to or ml- Un -HM W. It. Mlld.S, Lund A f >i, C I', it. \X. Han KIHIHIM'O. For l.audH in Southern California, anjiJv to or nddr-.-s ,!KlU>Mh M A tilMS , l.and.'ml. n. P. H.R •It* Hun J'riiucUi'o. For all chronic cases, in coniiecl Ion tvlthC. C. AS IM F.NT, im-"COM PMTNl> HIT1,1»HUH VOW- DKR " for ilioroucbly eleaiiKiiiK the blood and tonlnu: nv the entUv swtvm. 11 is put up only bv'Hi*' II* i :oiie«o.. 12 itush Htrcct, in laiKC bottles. Frier $! per bottle, l)ottle« fur sent postpaid on receipt of price. A WEAK Can now euru hlmxrti ot !:iu f 4>iirljr iilM»a /4 i , ami MAN 'I !:iu .'.eiilnrnlile ri 'KUllK iMiriecti.,' reNtoi-o liJH vlj.toi- mill vKnlllj h>- the Auntniltun Iteiiieily. Tlit- romiirlttihleonreH ^il hoiiek-HH eiiaei, of VrHNM l»i!l»lll*.V illl'l I'rlville ,oiii|.laliitt KI-U evr.v where ulnintiliiK nut i |ililelt"rv. 'I'lie Meillelne, n tihynlelnii 'K gill to milnirluK humiitilly, will he mint l'r»ie to those ulllli'leil, Ailitre... Dr. M. B. TAYLOR, Sll SOU Milrkv.tHtieel, Km: I'rnnnlscn >. g&l lQ «Pr»c«tloo 8liico isoa, llffTfig«i Y *Sm S»> J M ^iSilto 1. UrriUC9,,*ST rnaine .,<MfUiid_8tii)2,i)too Pnfi *vi 'i .M ?': lu,a Umi ' sl "««ilor, Murk., lie Br. AikluUrwrular,aotentlfla,•lalifurtcouuiiltlibuon THE C. C. M\fM\T CO., 12 I 'liHh Mvcel, S. y. tf^p-KOU HALF. I.Y AM, MtVOOISTS." 4i)eii»riil ^lanu^er itml N-ecrnlury. In tho matter of I). Dinuma'n, an insolvent debtor I). K. Dlnjiinan. huvliiif filed In tills decoded. Mniee is hereby given U..U in pu^ | KV« K'^VhW ,llVlM,l " ry simnce ol an order of the Superior Court o[ \ iuriolv«v« dVbtor In the mniter of ihe estate of H. Arthur, \)vnr* dial he U an the fin Id 1). K, lHuirmau 1« hereby declared lo be Insolvent. The Slierirt" of the county of Mendocino is hereby directed to take possession of all the enude, real and personal, of the nald involve,<i. debtor, except Mich an may be V>y Inw exempi from execution, and all of his deeds, voucher*. bookn of nci'ount, and paperH, and to keep the Hnme safely until tlu* appointment of an assignee of bin eMail*. All peisou<i arc forbidden to jmy any debt* to the s-uld iuriuWwU or \o dcUvor" any ]>ropeity. belonging to such inaohvnl, to him or to any person, linn, corporation or ns.soeiution for bis use; and the said debtor is hereby forbidden to transfer or deliver any property, until the fur* therorder of thin Cuwrt, oxeept as herein ordered. It is further ordered tlmt aii tbe creditors of said debtor be and appear before the Won. It. McGarvcv, Judne ot the Superior Court oi the county of Mendoeliui, tu open Ciwivt, at Xhe cruirl room of said Court, in the County of Men* docMio. on the nth day of October, JSHO, nt 10 ^ i .... ,if ,„,., „. i i „.,„"iV;'i i o'clock A. M., ot that day, to prove their debts of Mendocino, state oi Cal foi. h , n ml hound-. ( , 0 moro assignee* of tlie estate and described n:i JOIIOWK, to wit: \A U of f)f mUl (lobt(U . of Se.'tton U., H 1G W, M 1> M , ( [s ( m . th(1| : m dered that the onier be pub- lVrn.sand condilions of wile-caMi, 10 ei ; ( |n |ho 0iM . AV) . M ASIJ i»K>hu'it.\T. a new*cent ot ihopnrch.isc prh'L-, tn K'»ld coin of the ; f ficneml circulation, published iu the United States pMyahle on .ay of he t> ah lal- II. O hlendocino. „s oftcii as the said V n\wr JuciKe of thU Court, liecdat expense of pur- j ,- lU ! (1 , iim llf l!P ,„nini s. And it i.s furiher ordered thnt. In the meiin- linie, all pi'ocee linj 'H nvalnsl the said linuilvcnl be stayed. It. MeCiAUVKY, .Indue of tlie Supet'loi<!v>nvt. Daled September 1. irt'.'U. iiud J. M. M.VNNON, Attoiney for Insolvent. Mendocino County, State of California, uiado on the l&th of April, ISPO. in the malter of tlo*CMUU* of C. K. Artiiur, deci'tisi-d. the undcrnlfined, the Administrntor de bonis uon with Ihe Will annexed, of tlie said estate, will sell at public unction, lo the hlghc-M bidder, for earfh, nold coin of the United Htaten, and subject to confirmation by said Superior Court, on Satnrilay, the itli day of (lctokr, 1MI0, Al 'J n'eloek l'. M.. ill front of the door of tile I'ourl llonKe. in Ukllil, City, Meuiloeiuo countv, C11I..11U the riivlu, title, interest nnd estule ill the Muiil C. U. Arthttr ut the time ol bis ileiilh, mill all the rti .'ht. tltte unil inten-Hl thnl the snitl cstiite has by upc-rat ion ol law or otherwlHe ac- illilreit, other than or In uililltlou to tlmt of the nnlil C. II. Arlluir ut I he lime of liW il<-nili. !n nut! loo till tlmt eertiiln lot, iileee nr ..uri-,-1 of: hind Hiluiiie, lyln^ null lieini,' In the mini enmity i el'iiser. Ukiiih, September 2, WW). Q. A. OVEUMKYER, AilniiiilHlrftlorile lionlp nou, with tlie Will ini- nexert of the e.ntiite of (.'. It. Arthur ileeeuseil. YEI.I. A HEA« KI.I„ Alt jnieyf for Ailin. ut 2 o'clk e. si. of mid ,-inv i,, fr „„. „,,. eoiivi bo-j iloor of tl K . t:ouu '•' of \N.n.i™i ,he ill nt nubll, |„„ "Y^'lV H.,,te S « eolu, nil the right, 'title, XZ^Si interes suld defendant, tieo. J. liroivn of hi auil to tJabove deserlhed propertv, or »„' m/u S thereof may b fc ueeessnry to Vulw suffleiemi. "tttlsfy si iinlBincnt, with Interest II, d e^t« etc., tot.- highest nurl best bidder ' Dated Is Bth liny of September Wit) By T ..Wr . t oos. &AV$£' St * het, ' r - ictlce to Conlraciors. TN 1 IS11AN-0E OF AN A r ?T KXTITI FD A V I '• Aioentehllsh fl Ilr /meh In,,,,,,.^ for thaKiine of n ,p si..". ..i A *>'nin i Uklnli.eudo "SITBSCEIBB JPOJB. TliltJ- MENDOCINO DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT! ., the St til u of California, at, '^ri, parJi> loa*.) sve are hereby authorized to advert for sealed ].roposals which will be received the olViro of the IMesidenl of the Hoard ol Plrnri- of the Mendocino State Asylum tor the line in the Town of Ukiah, Mendocino count''.tlifornia, until It! o'clock M, on Monday, tilwfh day of October, IMM). for (he several ori'uK'- of labor nnd material lo be furnished for thjreetioti ;md cionpletton of buildings for th endocino SUU- Asylum for tho limine, uti th«nd known us the Hartlett llaneh, JICK ... .- - \_itlulv, Mendocino county, " Call- otllee of (he Anihil h»«'d, JopehMHKt Fierce No °VV hnn I,r «»--'Ineo, Cuilfornh!i «1 form, and all infonn 0 ' itl ''unerin which propo,„'n'" Uefocejrt ta #nallKfBHt Kttrvniif . The North Pacific Land and Improvement Company will shortly put in an Electric Light System in XJkiah and will furnish Electric Lights and Electric Power at the lowest possible figure. For particulars address W. H. H. GRAVES, Secretary Worth Pacific Land and Improvement Co. 69-71 New Chronicle Building, San Francisco. the int. Torn ii) liiii'ms nnd spceltlcationv for the naid buUdi-i can be seen daily from !> o'clock / until -clock -'. M.. »t ihe tects (he said Unaid, 120 Kliey Htrcct jMnvrtipo^al i repur( lhe niaunei m wnicn proposalH are to be teivert to be obtained from the architects afores. FnVulH to be made in Stale warrants, which will fovatlable at the. time Mated in tho a fore- said ii KaoropOHrt! muM be aerom(milled by it, bondiO per cent of the amount of the proposal telied. No incse labor or material manufactured by Chse labor, to ho used tu tUv erection of tho HrtiulldlnKK. Thoard of Dlrccb'rH reserve the rljrht to rcjcMy or all bld« if found nece-snvy nn \Xw publiiod >:.ay require, J. H:.vwi-:i.t.. Secretary. For- Hoard of lMrectors of tin.* Mendocino State/iuiu for the Insane, Data Ckiah, Soutrmbcr IU IW.H5. j >ti«o of I'rolmtc of Will. l tyMendoclno, --IJ*!C of i.'alifnnija lii; matter oi the c-tate of U. .bihnsoii, deceit. Notice is hereby ntv-n ibid Frl- day,. lflth day of t-etober, lsvo, at lu o'clock '.ii,Mild d»v ar the court rn-.m «.f i-onrt, in tt'iuniyof Mendoeino.siyii-nf t ullfmiiia, havfeii appoinled as ihe time add place fur provthe will of Miitl Ii, T. .hiht\^-v,'A!-M.*j;rte,l, * heiwtnjr ihe iipplionllon of M.-nie A. i,^ i. -mnec lu her of letter** b'Ma- «AM 11. 1 'AXTliN. All'*- for <:U ' rli CONGRESS GEARY, j 'gular Deruooi-tttio MTominee, ).'.ll^fekMl Kleellon -Noveiobei^, law.

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