The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 19, 1959 · Page 11
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 11

Austin, Minnesota
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Monday, January 19, 1959
Page 11
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Alabama Head Warns Against Race Pressure MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP> John Patterson, sworn in as governor today, warned Alabama Negroes that continued pressure for integration will mean the closing of their schools. He promised to use every power to keep the schools segregated, and appealed to Negroes to turn against "the agitators of your own race whose aim is to destroy our school system." "If you do not do so, and these agitators continue at their present pace," Patterson admonished in a prepared inaugural address, "in a short time you will have no public school system at all." And if the schools are closed, Patterson added pessimistically, they may never be reopened "in your lifetime and mine. Our children will suffer the consequences." "Our race problems will never {'Eisenhower today presented to he solved by court decrees, in- i Congress a budget proposing fed- r __ .junctions and federal troops," the i ei ' al spending of 77 billion dollars estimates — made Yast'september :!7-year-old incoming governor con-' in tne 1!)f > 0 fiscal year. It figures;— that spending would total $79,- tinued. "They will be solved only I re _ vcnue wil1 l °P spending by 100 j 000,000,000 in fiscal 1950 while rev- through mutual understanding and i million dollars. J 2nue would amount to 47 billion good will between the races with-! In m ' s budget message, Eiscn- dollars. SPORTS ARENA UNDER CONSTRUC TION — This is a composite panoramic view of the exterior of the Los Angeles sports arena now under construction and scheduled for completion in May. The picture was made Sunday. The Democratic party committee meeting in New Or- leans announced yesterday it had selected Los Angeles as the site of the 1960 Democratic National Convention. A main consideration for Los Angeles apparently was the arena, with its 17,000 seats, and surrounding facilities, ( AP Photofax). Nelson Offered Job 7^l»-^« ...J as Baylor Coach L&18ZW dm Budget in Brief WASHINGTON (AP)-Presidenl|and receipts of 68 billion dollars, leaving a deficit' of $12.000,000,000. This compared with most recent incomes. For the out outside interference and agila-l' lower sa 'd: tion." 67-Day Strike Comes to End at Harvester CHICAGO (AP) -- Most of the International Harvester Co. plants resume operations today, marking the eno^of a 67-day strike by some 37,000 * United Auto Work'ers against the big farm implement firm. The union's rank and file members ratified a new three-year contract ov^r the weekend, formally ending the long and costly strike. Seymour Kalian, international representative of the UAW's Harvester department, said the voting by members of 33 union locals showed about 90 per cent favored acceptance. The contract agreement was first reached last Wednesday by negotiators for the company and union. On Friday the UAW Harvester Council, delegates from 33 locals at 15 Harvester plants and 10 depots and warehouses, approved it. Thirty UAW locals voted to accept the new pact and 3 rejected it. The 700 workers at the Rock Island, 111., plant remained on strike. The COO members of the East Moline, 111., local rejected the pact but returned to work when a majority of locals ratified the agreement. In Louisville, Ky., one local representing 700 workers turned down the contract while a second, with 2,100 members, accepted. How- A quick economic recovery thus "D,, • v i i- ., .. .,, " M""-"» cuuiiumH; reuuveiv IIIUS By avoiding a deficit, it WiU, boo8ted fiscal 1950 revenu( f esti . help prevent further increases in the cost of living and the hidden and unfair tax that inflation imposes on personal savings and! QOQ ooo mated by one billion dollars. At the same time, however, spending forecasts have gone up $1,700,- current fiscal year For the i960 fiscal year beginning next July 1, Eisenhower pro- Space Expert Worried About Soviet Gains MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (AP) ~ Missile expert Wernher von Braun says we may "soon be surrounded by several planets flying the hammer and sickle flag" unless America matches the Soviet Union's space program. The United States can not claim revision of tax laws to boost taxes parity-no less superiority-in the| paid by li{e insurance companies national security of $45,800,000,000—down from the $46,120,000,000 now estimated for fiscal 1959. Military spending by the Defense Department would increase, however. The President proposed defense spending of $40,945,000.000 — up 145 millions from his new estimate for fiscal 1959. Eisenhower asked Congress to federal gasoline tax to 4% cents a gallon. It is now 3 cents. He also proposed a similar hike In the tax on aviation gasoline and recommended a new 4V2 cent tax on jet fuels. The President also called for WACO, Tex. m - Will he or won't he? That's what Baylor football fans here wondered today about Dave Nelson. Nelson, head coach at Delaware, was supposed to let the Baylor faculty know today whether he'll ,take the job of head football coach and athletic director. If he says yes, the job reportedly is his. Reliable sources say the field was narrowed last week to Nelson and John Bridgers, line coach for the professional Baltimore Colts. But, they say Nelson has the inside track and he's lite object of all the speculation. Nelson said Saturday he would not make up his mind about the Baylor job until he conferred with Delaware officials today. Yank Netters Gain Semis ADELAIDE AP — U. S. Davis Cup aces Alex Olmedo and Barry MacKay survived the sweltering htvU and a five-set struggle today and gained the men's doubles semifinals in the Australian National Tennis Championships with a trio of teams from the host country. Playing spottily but strong under pressure in the 118-degree Texas Blast Cost 6 Lives GALVESTON, Tex. (AP) - At least six persons were reported killed today in an explosion and fire at a home in (he resort community of Clear Lake Shores, 35 miles northeast of here. First reports said (he dead included two adults and four children. The bodies were taken to I heat, the American combination Paret Tangle MARKET Monday, Jun. 19, inso The following priors \vcro Pttltl At Urn ding ifio-no no-iso By THE ASSOCIATED PtlfcSS 1( K>-»?° Benny Pnret of Cuba mid Visi AusMn, narrows nml ailt» No. 1 240-250 ,..,,.. 250-260 2CO-270 ., 270-230 ...,,., 2RO-290 230-aiO Ml mueiicrs Zalazar of Argentina, whoso wild Deo. 15 brawl was the talk of boxing circles, meet again Monday on the reopening show at St. Nicholas Arena in New York. The ancient fight club really was buzzing when Paret won n split decision over Zalazar, who ^"""ir had won all of his previous 15 bouts by knockouts. It was n natural remarch for promoter Teddy Brenner, whose club has been closed during the : 350-11; holiday periods i The only TV show of the weck^taii* originates in Washington on Wed-;' 3t «£ nesday when Lahorari Godlh of .17.10.. .17.10.. .10.RO,. .lfl.50., .lfl.20.. .15.90.. .15.00.. .15.M.. .15.00.. NO. J 14.00 Hi .00 ,.17.00.. , . lfi.70.. .10.40,. .18.10.. .15.80,. .15.50.. .15.20., .14.00., NO. 3 .Ifi.liO . Hi.30 ,1(1.00 . 15.70 .15/10 .15.10 .14.BO .KM) .14. .60 14.20 <>vri .iftn IMS ,-ire priced tlip snmc ne srv<vs of 270-300 i''o-ion I'00-450 •'.'iO-MX) dnwlf Ion tion, PACKING S(HVS No. I No. 3 15.15. .14.40.. .14.15.. . 13.flfl.. .13(15.. 1-1,7.').. 11.50.. 1-1.25.. 14.00.. 13.75.. 13.50.. 13.2S.. Kl.OO,. No. 3 .14..VS .14.10 , .i3.nri .13.60 ,.13.35 ,1.1.10 .12,85!) STAGS 4(10 13.00; good and choice above 105 Ibs lfi.00-18.50; package choice 149 Ib slaughter ewes '?.%; most cull to choice ewes S.00-7.50; 250 head string choice 80 Ib Dakota feeder! 20.50; bulk good and choice feeder lambs in.50-20.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 10,000; 50 to 75 higher on butchers; No. 1 butchers under 230 Ibs very scarce; 2-3 mixed grade 200:230 Ib butchers 17.25 • 17.75; several hundred mostly 1-2 inn-220 Ibs 17.75-10.00; around 300 head at 1R.OO including a few lots Is: 2-3 240-260 Ibs 16.73-17.25, little below 10.75; 2-3 270-200 Ibs lfi.25 Ifi.flS; 2-.-? mostly 3s 200-310 Ibs lB.OO-l(i.25: mixed grade 330-400 Ib sows 14.75-15.50; most 425-550 Ibs 13.50-14.50. Cattle 10,000; calves 100; slaugh- AUSTIN (MinrY.) HERAIB Monday, Jaft,' W prices unchanged to, V* score AA 57%; »2 11 or tilled nnns nt-cnrrtlnnly. All ter steers bulk choice '^holrn Algeria boxcg Eddie Perkins of! l j lo " s nr « *ttrjJc>«t ( . 0 R nv<>nWr!t' in- Chicago. It will be carried on I,A.MB IVUIIKFT ABC-TV. world welterweight champ, lakes on Alvaro Gutierrez of Mexico City in an over-the-weight match to 50 higher; and prime steers 27.00-30.00 according to weight; i several loads prime 1,100-1,375 Ibs j:«).25-30.75; good steers 25.00-27.50 n TA . ., , -• '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'.'.'.'.V.V.'.'i'i".!;;" in on j according to weight: mixed choice Don Jordan, recently crowned ^ 1 oV\V.\V.V:V.V:V:V^oo 1 -/ 0 w^! nnd primc heifcrs 28-'3-29-SO; bulk Aji^ intf.1: iim'b's"uificnu'riiVci $1 por!l? f| od and choice heifcrs 25.50 . • . '.... '' '' !<j<i.f>)i utility!! over loo League City. .'defeated Australians Bob Hewitt jand Martin Mulligan, 6-1, 5-7, 6-4, ;3-fi, 6-0. Lanza Undergoes Surgery in Rome j Tuesday when Olmedo, MacKay 7 jand Chris Crawford of Piedmont, ROME (AP)—Singer Mario Lan-1 Calif., compete in the list which za underwent minor surgery at a j a ' so includes two Swedes, one Rome clinic Sunday. Mrs. Lanza said her husband was feeling fine and will be able to leave the clinic Tuesday. Lanza and his wife have Thursday at Los Angeles. It will be the first bout lor Jor-j dan since he lifted the title ft Virgil Akins, Dec. 5 High Jumper Sets Record BOSTON UP) -- Shy John Tom-1 i as has increased his high jump-j 0 .. 8 " .„„ cow* 17.r,0-2fl.RO; a few standard cowa i ».M-a.«» bulk cnnnors and cut- a mi? » tf Eggs' steady fo firm; ' 14,900; wholesale buying prices tm changed to % higher 5 W get cent . or better grade A Whites 37%; mixed 37V4; mediums 34tS;' statitl- ards 34; dirties 33; checks 32; cut- rent receipts unquoted, NEW YOftK NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) £. Butter offerings liberal; demand spotty. • ' Receipts (2 days) 684,000. Wholesale prices on bulk cartons (fresh). ". Creamery, 93 score (AA) 58%-5!t cents 92 score (A) 58%-58%. Cheese offerings adequate; demand fair; receipts (2 days) B2,- 000. Wholesale sales, Am erican cheese (whole milk); single daisies fresh 37-40 cents; single dai- . sies aged 40-51; Hats aged 48-52;processed American pasteurized IS ' Ibs 3B'<! . 30; domestic Swiss: grade " te; .. falrly actlve moder- utility and commercial bulls j Standard ! Utility 180-230 Ibs 25.5 j Choice heavy 2.-IO-300 llw ...10, c '22.50-25.50; nnd choice vealers .'(2.00 . 35.00; utility and standard 21.00 - 32.00; tin unt.irSiTO B.mrVfidVy "Nn'iiinriici culls down to 16.00. MI Sntimlnv CATTLB MAIUU.T 0 R. Prime steers is vcar m-cr aco ibr. (iisrnnntp,- n cccptc<i .t A,,,- The men;, singles are on tnpj ing level G'^hes'W'th^t! u''T iAZ&X''X£''i 93 -''** a °< mA ^™ "*'' CU " l ° 10W ^ Spaniard and 10 Australians. 3dO days to reach the indoor world I i ( ;| ur , Ul ?? fl 20.75-23.2?, record. And he's just a growing | «,?«££ V£ l ?n 75 .^ °om boy Of 17. ; l ' 05 » ' & * «nd heifers over P50 ilw. nrp ! Uncounted RccnrtlltiR to ~" jlors 15.75-10.25; a few light canncri , . ln down to 15.00; nnd a fewT"'^ (2 , „ Holstein and good cullers (who [ esale «»">g prices'based , on exchange and other volume nales.) ; New York spot quotations follow: includes midwestern: .'.: Mixed colors: extras (4R-50 Ibfji extras medium 35V&-36&; 34-35; standards large 38- 30V4; checks 35'/ 2 -36. Whites: extras (48-50 Ibs) 41-44; extras medium 36-37. Browns: extras (45-50 Ibs) 41- 42Vi. Sheep 4,000; slaughter lamb s steady to 25 higher-, bulk good nnd ; Jli '- ; "' iUA ' u j choice 05-115 Ib wooled slaughter 2fl.25-.28.50'lambs lll.00-lfl.00;,a load of choice wooled lambs 14.00-17.50; several decks good and choice shorn lambs No. 1 and fnll shorn pelts The next, doubles foe for Olme-jday and that's good enough for do, a Peruvian who attends South- j m e," says Boston University Field ,,-,„ ,,. . „ , , „ . . How high can he go? ill. S. Commercial Cows ....17.f)0-in.30 tcr "He'll do 7 feet, 2 inches some- '!?•.?• utmt * Cws ........| tci 17.50-18.00; cull to choice slnugh- em California, and MacKay, of been living in Rome for several I Dayton, Ohio, is the crack Austra- months. Han team of Rod Laver and Bob space race, the director of Army missile development said today in a speech prepared for the General Contractors Assn. convention. Von Braun said' although America has not matched the Communists in development of missiles and space rockets, the United States is moving toward that goal. Duluth Girl Reigns as Miss Mill City MINNEAPOLIS IJB — A tall! brunette from Duluth reigned today as Miss Minneapolis. Barbara Berglund, 21, a University of Minnesota senior, was; chosen at the Auto Show here Sunday. She will represent Minneapolis in the Miss Minnesota contest. ever, a strike by 250 machinists will keep the plant closed. A UAW spokesman said members will not cross machinist picket lines. .„„„,. The strike, which started Nov.! 910 ' 2 / 4 persons were employed m 13, resulted in wage losses esti-1»°»- farm *«* '» Minnesota last leaves for: K mated by company officials at 2'.. i December ' a dr °P o£ S ' 500 from Ar -1 v - M Ir ° m: FEWER FARM JOBS ST. PAUL W1 — A total of and cooperatives. In addition, he recommended an increase in postal rates to bring in an additional 350 million dollars in fiscal 1960. NOTE!) PHYSICIAN DIES , CHICAGO ffi — Dr. Ernest E. Irons, 81, widely known physician and a former president of the American Medical Assn., di-?d Sunday of a heart attack. TIME TABLES (STANDARD TIME) GREAT WESTERN (New Great Western station near Ohio street) St. raul and AllnneapolU Leaves for: 4:25 a.m. Mason CU; and Omah* Leaves for: 11:15 p.m. THE MILWAUKEE ROAU (Milwaukee Station) a ' m ' £XCCpt million dollars a week. UAW of-l^ 6 Nove » lb «' employment figure. ficials said about one million dol-j lars a week was paid by the im- 5 DAY FORECAST ion in strike benefits. ! Five day forecasts for period! through Saturday. | Minnesota: Temperatures will ! average about 20 degrees below I normal; normal maximum 15 north to 25 south; normal mini- JEFFERSON BUSES Rochester Leaves for: 7:25 a.m.. 2:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. dally. Arrives from: 4:20 p-.m. and 9:40 p.m. dally Charles City-Waterloo Leaves for: 5 p.m. dally and via Harriman Does Not Choose to Run Again WALLINGFORD, Conn. (AP) Averell Harriman, recently defeat- mum 5 below north to around 2 ed in his try for re-election as gov-1 above south; colder tonight and {"'"Arrives from: it:3o a.m.. 4:50 p.m. ernor of New York, says he's; continued quite cold with slowly'' never again going to run for of-' fice. Colorado College Downs Nationals COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP)—Colorado College bumped in two third-period goals Saturday night to score a 4-2 upset victory over the U.S. Nationals icy hockey crew. The decision gave CC its first Mark, bidding for Davis Cup recognition. They beat the Swedish team of Ulf Schmidt and Jan Erik Lundquist, 7-5, 4-6, 6-3, 6-1. Top-seeded Neale Fraser and Roy Emerson beat John Pearce and John O'Brien, two Aussie giant killers, G-4, (i-4, 7-5. The other doubles spot was won by veteran Bob Howe and Don Coach Ed Flanagan. Some feel he'll top that figure. The Boston University freshman cleared 5 feet, ll'ii inches Saturday night at the Knights of Columbus track meet here. A week earlier he hit 0-11 in a dual meet. Ken Weisner set the recognized indoor mark of 610-li in 1053. Thomas achieved his record in the midst of the mile run as Ireland's Ron Delaney jogged to a 4:03.3 triumph—his 25th straight triumph in five games and the son> 2 " G> 3 " 6> 6 "*' 6 " 3- Nationals their second consecutive! loss in their Colorado invasion, j CC's Tigers scored their go-1 ahead goal at 12-22 of the third I period, catching the Nationals two! men short. Center Bob Kahoot; fired three successive shots and Goalie Jack McCartan turned aside all three efforts but couldn't stop still another rebound by Murray Dea. -- -~ ""•• f" ififJ uuvil OblMlELllli Candy of Australia, who beat; board mile vjctor and 30th j Warren Woodcock and Neil Gib-! door race. Poor Finish, but Wall Wins Other winners: 50 yard dash— :Paul Winder, Morgan State, 5.4 -15 yard hurdles — Lee Calhoun, Cutter 15.50-17,r,fl j Gunners 14.M-16.2,', Fnt Bulls 10.50-22.00 Bulls Soybean . AUSTIN GltAJN 1YIARKKT Corn 5.150-8.00. CHICAGO POULTRY CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA) - sJim^l^U 1.1 U lift • • . . . lift ID-2 4 1X1 T * ll l 1-. • i i u. wt._Thin nuns H.OO-IC'.OO Llvc P ollll 'T n° to" 6 ; Fridays re- 'ceipts were 96,000 Ibs; wholesale buying prices unchanged to 1 higher; caponctles over 4','2 Ibs 2Hi- 22',i, mostly 21%. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Mer-j .03 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — (USDA) — Cattle 4,500; calves 2,200; trade active on slaughter steers and heifers; strong to 50 higher; cows strong to 50 higher with full upturn generally confined lo canners and cutters; bulls weak to 50 lower; most choice slaughter steers 26.50-28.00; loadlots average to high choice 1070-1220 Ib weights 28.50; good and chcHce heifers 26.50-28.00; most utility cows 17.5018.50; few commercial 19.00; can- cantile Exchange - butter steady; receipts 951,000; wholesale buying j NOTICE If you own property adjoining Bauman Avenue between Kenwood Avenue and-8th St. and you have not applied for your curb and gutter rebate, come to the City Recorder'* Office, Bring your tax receipt, stamped paid in 1958. J. H. Weiland City Recorder Jan. 14, 16, 19. Durham, N. C., 5.6. 600— Ed Col-[ ner bulls 18.00-20.00; cutter and lymore, Villanova, 1:11.1. 1,000—| u . tilitv bulls 21.50-24.50; commer- By ALAN CLINE PEBBLE BEACH, Calif. (AP) - j Despite a ?6,000-victory in the Bing Crosby golf tournament, Art Wall Jr., may look up his pro golfing buddies for a little help. The lean Pennsylvanian credits three colleagues for making him the year's leading money winner, but he didn't look that way Sunday on the final nine of the 72- st. cioud state 92, winorui state 75 hole extravaganza played over the College Basketball Duluth Branch 84, Concordla C6 Augustana 81, North Dakota 76 Moorhea4 State 71, Mankato State South Dakota State kot:i State 58 North Da- courses. Wall carded a final nine of 41 while Gene Littler was closing Pacific on the 18th removed the San Diego battler from conten- Sundav moderating temperatures towards from: 2:05 p.m. dally. St. Paul-Minneapolis Leaves for. 7:15 a.m., 2:15 p.m.. 58 5:45 p.m. and via Albert Lea 11:30' a.m. 1 a.m. and 4:20 a.m. Hamllne 64, St. Tliomaa 53 Grtnell M, Carleton 61 Augsburg 84, Gustavua Adolphus 72 EAST Vlllanova 75, Loyola (MD) 59 st. John's (NY) 97, st. Joseph's fast. Only a shot hooked into the (Pa) 72 Dutiuesne 7B, Ciirnegie Tech 55 Bucknell 72, PHt 5B Syracuse 85, Holy Cross 73 Connecticut 82, Vermont 09 Princeton 66. Cornell 52 LnSalle 67, Temple 64 Army 87, MIT 71 Dartmouth 63, Manhattan til (2 ots/ Boston College 51, Providence 49 SOUTH Kentucky 79, Tennessee 58 Duke 78, Maryland C!> Navy G2, American Univ. 53 Nori • ~ est 59 Georgia Tech GO, Vunderbllt Cl Tennessee State 150. Knoxvllle J!5 William and Mary 59, Virginia Tech jDave Scurlock, North Carolina, 12:12.1. Two mile—Lew Steiglitz, U. S. Navy, 8:58.6. Pole vault- Don Bragg, Philadelphia, 15-0. U.S. Team Favored as Russians Falter SANTIAGO, Chile (/PI — Russia's shocking loss to Canada and the jet-fast U. S. airmen's sweep through preliminary eliminations left America's defending titlists the heavy favorites today in the World Amateur Basketball Championships. The U. S. team, a group of former collegiate stars now in the Air Force, whipped Argentina 87-73, Nationalist China 81-73, and Meriden (Conn.) Record, Hair; man, a Democrat, said he's ready to take a quieter role in politics Des Moines-Kansas City .. , r ., , . . | Arrives from: 2:15 p.m., 5:45 p.m the end of the week; precipitation and 7:40 a.m. Leaves for: 11:30 a.m., 4:20 p.m., 1 a.m. and 4:20 a.m. Albert Lea Leaves for: 11:30 a.m.. 4:20 p.m. 9:40 p.m. l a.m. and 4:20 a.m. Arrives from: 7:25 a.m., 2:15 p.m In an interview Sunday with the > w m average .10 to .30 inches extreme eastern section with little if any elsewhere occuring as snow mostly Tuesday night. Iowa: Temperatures will aver- tion. He was nine down and in third place when the pair started the final eight holes. By the 18th he was only one down. Litller came to the par five 540- yard hole with Wall anything but North Carolina state 64. Wake For- s harp. Be had three-putted both the Kith and 17th. But with a national television i audience looking on Littler hook- Washington 85. Georgetown | ed hjs secon( j shol MQ ^ crushed the United Arab Republic 103-5H in its rush to the final. Russia qualified but lost much of its lustre when the smaller, faster Canadians scored a 63-31 upset Sunday night. Until then the Russians had been co-favorites with the United States. cial and good 22.50-24.00; vealers and slaughter calves steady; good and choice vealers 30.00-36.00; higl choice and prime 37.00-39.00; good and choice slaughter calves 26.00 30.00; stocker and feeder classes steady; good and choice stee calves 32.00-35.00; good and choice heifer calves 30.00 - 33.00; load medium grade 965 Ib holstein steers 22.50; medium 305 Ib hoi stein feeder heifers 26.00; Hogs 12,000; barrows and gilts fairly active; largely 25-50 higher; sows 25 up; 2 and 3 litO-240 Ib barrows and gills 1G.75-17.25; some 2 hogs 17.50; numerous Jots 1 and 2 kinds 17.50-18.25; 2 and 3 240300 Ibs 15.50-17.00; several shipments 3 300-330 ]b offerings 15.2515,50; 1, 2 and 3 160-190 Ibs 15.5017.25; 1, 2 and 3 sows 270-600 Ibs 13.25-15.75; odd head 3 sows 12.7513.00; feeder pigs 50 higher; good and choice 15.00-16.00. Sheep 3,500; slaughter lambs strong to 50 higher; ewes strong; feeder Iambs steady; good and choice wooled* slaughter lambs under 105 Ibs 18.50-19.00; largely In Your Hour of Need . . The courteous, dependable staff of Worlein's give careful attention to all details in your hour of need. Traditionally fine WorJein services are wi'fh- in the budget range of aff families. WRLEIN 606 Lansing Avenue Hemlock 3-5000 10 citadel 78. Davidson 72 (2 DUO ;He said he was not pressing, that! ihurn 57, Alabama 55 . . . r -,• r i ana 5:45 p.m. from now on. "I've had enough" he said. "I; about 20 d b j nor-| AI1SST1V n .7T. , V1 ,, C IXTn am 67 years old. I'll remain ac- mal . normal maximum 25 to 35 . AUSTIN BUS LINES INC tive m politics as a private citizen, but I will not, seek elective office again." Water on Floors as Seine Swells in Paris normal minimum 6 north to 14 south; sharply colder tonight and Tuesday; continued quite cold with slowly moderating temperatures toward the erld of the week; pre] cipitation will average .10 to .30 inches extreme eastern sections PARIS (AP) - The flooding: w " h ^ if any elsewhere occur- Seine swelled to the bursting point i nn *, as s " ow "^ Tuesda y n^t through Paris today. | or J uesda . y night In the suburbs, about 1.500 1 Wisconsin: Temperatures will homes have water lapping across average 10 to 15 de « rees below Daily except Sundays & Hultdayi — Kenwood & Bauman — Til Auburn Mississippi' State 87. Mississippi 53 MIDWEST Minnesota 6- 1 , Purdue 62 Oklahoma -55. Kansas !iH Notre Dume SB. Loyola (Chi) 61 Cincinnati 97. Drake 60 St. LouU 69, Louisville G8 Nebraska 52. Iowa State 4S Ohio State 88. Northwestern 77 Iowa 88, Indiana 78 Kansas State 75. Missouri 60 Wichita 91. Tulsa 71 Oklahoma Clf QJ. Houston C7 WKST Texas Tech 61, Texas Christum 57 Arizona State 79, Arizona State College 05 '-caving Main & Bridge Stg. at 5 rain- i New Mexico stale 61, Hardln-Sim- utes after and 25 minutes to the! mons 48 below hour L-eavlng Harmon 4: Kenwood Ave. »t 15 minuws to and 15 minute* aft«r the hour — Railway & Garfleld — .ettvlng Main & Water Sts at S afwi and 25 minutes to the hour On Oarfleld 15 minutes to and 15 minutes after the hour tunning to Harrison at 3:15 p. m. & 3:« p. m. .envln? Main ft Brldp-e for Seventh & Euclid 5 minutes to and 25 minutes after the hour ! \rrlves nn Seventh & Euclid on tht ments. Hundreds of persons went to the river to examine the statue oi a X.ouave that is the city's flood gauge. The Zouave was waist deep at noon. Anything above thai means more trouble, but city old — The floors. Firemen are pumping ueluw .,, normal : normal .... „_ water from some Paris base- mum 21 north lo 2iJ south ' Normal i hour «dji hour minimum near zero north to 9 g I! SAer Acr«- 1 " ""' above south; continued cold • * i>vln R Main * Water Sts at 15 mln warmer late Friday or Sat-1 S^. to end 1S mlDuMS aftflr tllr tional Council of Catholic Men has ; precipitation will total one ^u'^so^mi^u' 8 n'»r 10 th ml nn te * " ' voicec * "strong opposition'' to U. to one quarter of an inch: Arrives ou Hope & Decker at 5 nun-'S. recognition of Red China, and in occasional snow flurries or snow I So*i. to ""' M mlnut "* 8 " er lhf [urged the ban-inn of Hungary from ?'',., "'.^L.I ^^"1 >'""'? at jqnalls mainly alang the eastern Idaho 65, Washington State 55 California G7. Stanford -16 Washington 69. Oregon Stat« 59 Utah 72. Denver 56 Utah Si.ite BS, Colorado State 77 Brlgliam Young 73, Wyoming 71 Montana 63. New Mexlro.M UCLA 65, Southern California P3 Montana State 63. Air Force 61 IfGCKKV Michigan Tech 5, Minnesota 3 Michigan 4, North Dakota 2 Catholic Men Rap Recognition of Reds WASHINGTON he was trying for position for a • good approach. Wall took a six and won with a 279 after shooting 34-41-75 for the day. Littler and Jimmy Demaret, who started the day in second place, tied for second with 2111 and $2,150 apiece. Wall won $4,000 for the individual pro and $2,000 for low pro-amateur score — 252 — with National Amateur champ Charles Coe. Littler added $1,200 to his haul as he and Art Anderson of Hollywood finished third in the pro-am with 259. The big haul gave Wall $!),970 for three tournaments this year. Voio to See Action as Minnesota Goalie MINNEAPOLIS i.V - Battered Mike Doyle is going to gel a rest the hockey wars. Minnesota Coach John Marine- he i & center st« on thr; the United Nations. The Hungar- cials say the crest will pass to- and southern shores of the Great' HunnTnS n ?r f im cT m. to 9:30 ». m i ian government has been imposed . . ' lK ' hlga " fatate ' Vala returned re ' cmlly ™m the service. He al- (lay. Lakes. t |on her people by Soviet armed ter " aled f ihe Gopher nels Wlt!l ! Alexandria Bcmidji liiii Falls Samueistuen Grabs Norge Skiing Title CHICAGO If) — Ansten Samuei- stuen, completing the longest jump of the meet, Sunday captured Redwood t the Norge Skiing Championship Rochester --a title which he previously won St. Cloud two years ago. milut , h Samueistuen, who competes for La Crosse Steamboat Springs, Colo., leap- Madison t-d 203 feet and 191 feet tor 223.7, Muson appoints. Mm ° l Torbjora Yggeseth of Norway: Fargo who is a student at Wenatchee ( Rapid City Valley Junior College at Leaven-1 Calgary worth, Wash., finished second. Yg- j Edmonton geseth had leaps of 105 and 202|Regina feet for 217.2 points. | Winnipeg TEMPERATURES H L 24 -10 11 -15 30 -6 2.-) -1 :'y -9 -ll and (rom 11:4.1 a m to 6 p ueaving Main a; Wau-r sts at 10 mm {might, the council said, and her to and 20 minutes after th« j citizens have been deprived of lib- on Minfield on the hour and erty and human rights. 111 •a 21 28 22 17 47 24 .15 15 a , ',i hour. "Ct i Running from i:30 » m to 8 » m j; and from 11:50 a m to 6 p m. — Maplevlew — Leaving Main & Water bis. at 20 minutes to and 10 minutes niter the hour Arrives In Maplevlew nt la minute* to and IS minutes after the hour — Crane Addition ..•caving Main i Waiei Sts at s mln .05 .03; Individualism on Rise With Hindus WASHINGTON, D. C. <Jf* — A dramatic growth of individualism to and 25 minutes Vfter tbi i is taking place in Hindu society, T: \rTrtvM'in dun. Addition on the QOUI ! Robert L Crane - University oi .18l., and '' 2 bouj . „ . . ' Michigan history professor, told the I Uuplevu-w and Crano Addition Bu ; . r ,,.,., .01' runs iron: i:io a.m. to 9 a.m. and American Historical Assn. here j! iromjz^o f.m^ to 5^p^n.^ J While Americans take for grant-. '• .< >ving Main & Water st* »t 5 m\n j ed the law's recognition oi their i . 08 UIM to *nd 24 minute, uter tlu j individual rights, he said, "this; 2 .13'ou Harrison on the bom ana bftti ! view oi life constitutes a funda-1 McUutan two years ago Doylei lhe hllle JUn '°'' who play ' ed «-'*ceptiona!!y well in the early season, has been getting his bruises lately. The Gophers lost to Michigan Tech 5-3 again Saturday night, the identical margin by which they lost the Friday night game. "Maybe he could use a little r " 1 ' said. I nour. 111 -2 -11 -8 21 -5 -13 -13 .03 hour. on Sheldon 20 minute* to & 10 aun- I utea after the hour, i Running Irom 7:30 a m. to 8:30 t m only. meut al revolution" iu India's so-: Herb Brooks, Jim Rantz and My Ciiaftstrom scored for the ITS Saturday night. George A. Uoruie) A Co. Couuuoo Slock (Wrigbi Wells ft Co.) i cial, family, religious and econo- 3id mic system. ; 50 Asked 58 Minnesota Egg Test Won by Kimber K-137 Pullets Won the 1957-58 Minnesota Random Sample Test If you (nJ purchmd 1,000 pullefi of any of t'n« other contestants and • liU number of K-137's, and auuminq all blrdi would havt produced at the tarn* rat* at in fht conttit, tht 1,000 Kimbtr put- Ur> would have made you thii much more profit per 1,000. In the Minnesota Random Sample Test, Kimbar produced MORE LARGE ! EISGS. Kimber made MORE PROFIT. Kimber made an average of 72c MORE PROFIT per bird than the average of the other IS entriei. Kimber K-137 made 18.8 mori profit than Hylin* 1000 x 18.8 Kimber K-137 made 25.5 more profit than Hyline 1000 x 25.5 Kimber K-137 made 78.3 more profit than DeKalb 1000x78.3 Kimber K-137 made 95.8 more prpfit than .jMI-State 1000 x 95.J Kimber K-137 made 40.6 more profit than H 4 N 1000 x 40.6 Kimber K-137 made 85.9 more profit than Ghoftfey 1000 x 85.9 Kimber K-137 made 29.2 more profit than Shoitley 1000 x 29.Z $188.00 $255.00 $783.00 $958.00 1406.00 $859.00 $292.00 Now Let's Look at the Wisconsin Test,., There were 26 pens entered. Kimber entered one pen; Hyline, three pens; DeKalb, two pens. In one pen Hyline beat Kimber by 19c per bird, but in the second pen Kimber made 34c per bird more profit than Hyline, and in the third pen Kimber made $1.32 per bird MORE PROFIT than Hyline. Now let's look at some of the others. Kimber ranked FIRST in EGG QUALITY. Remember Kimber also ranked first in 699 quality in Minnesota. Kimber mad« .73 per bird more profit than DtKafe. Kimber made .66 per bird more profit than ShwHey. Kimber made .97 per bird mor« profit thin Darby. Kimber made .66 per bird more profit than Honeggcr. Kimber made $ 1.36 per bird mort profit than Amei-In-CroM Early order discount—igvlng you up to $1.50 per 100 chkkj—«xplr« Ftb. IS. Rochester Breeding Farms, Inc. Rochester, Minnesota

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