The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 16, 1933 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1933
Page 5
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• V ' THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16,10S3 MINING Standard Deepening at Sunset Site, Others of State Are Reported Plugging Of IS wells In the Elk .Hill* district of Kern county has been started by th« U. S. Navy. The wells Are located In the navy department's petroleum' reserve In that district. The wells are located on two sections. Wells titled No. l-O, 2-O, J-O, 4-O, 8-O and fl-O on section 2, 81-24, Are being worked over. 'Wells titled No. 1-1, 2-t, 8-T, 4-1, 6-1, 1-B, 2-E, 6-E, 6-B, 7-E, *-B and 10-B; all on section 1, 31-24, are being plugged. Meanwhile, on section 7, 11-28, In the Sunset field, the Standard Oil Company has started deepening of Its Monarch No, 2, REHABILITATION JOBS OF STATBt ARE LISTED Wlnfleld • Oil Company has begun deepening or redriying work at two of its Reddish lease wells on section 7, 8-13, in the Roseorans field. They \are the Reddish No: 12 and No. 16. H. B. Oil Company Is doing similar work at Us No. 8 on section 10, 6-11 in the Hunting-ton Beach field. Bell View Oil Syndicate ls deepening Us Santa Fe No. 6 on section 6, 3-11, at Santa Fe Springs. F. B. Qormley is deepening his Schollenberger No. 3 on section 7, 3-18, at Roseorans, W. B. McCosltn Is redrllllng at his Hanke, No. 1, on section 11, 6-11, at Huntington Beach and on section 24, 4-18, In the Long Beach field, .the D. £>. Dunlap, No. 2, Is being re- drilled. Axis Petroleum Company, Richfield Oil Company, Shell OH Company, Lafayette Petroleum Corporation and the Sovereign OH Company began work of rehabilitating one well each at Long Beach. Union Oil Company startedf work on' its Hellman No. 11 at Domlnguez. The Texas Company Is working over its Weaver No. 6, and the General Petroleum Corporation its Santa No. 61, at Santa Fe Springs. Standard Oil ,Company Is busy at Its Coyote mis well, No. 68, on the Murphy- CSayote lease. LLOYD PLACES BLAME FOR W OF OIL (United Prem Leaief Wire) LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16.—Several Los Angeles basin operators are undermining the program of curtailing oil production throughout the state by refusing to join in the movement, Ralph B. Lloyd president of the Oil Producers Sales Agency charged today. "Voluntary curtailment faces Its gravest crisis," the chairman of the statewide movement declared. "Even a collapse of the present price structure grows constantly closer. "Agreement after agreement has been made among the majority of Independent oil producers, only to find men In their own ranks selfishly refusing to participate. .We have had demonstrated to us that one relatively small producer can -disrupt the entire program. "Allowing wells to overproduce, even on a small piece of property, compels his neighbors to overproduce, and they in turn compel adjoining properties *o seek their share of production. Eventually the field's overproduction disrupts the state movement." Oil Field Actmtjes <tf Both Kern and State in Big Spurt During t^eek Mohawk to Drill Weed Patch Well About 6000 Feet Mohawk. Petroleum Company tac- peo'ts to mike a thorouph tett of the Weed Patch district In the drilling of IU Hood No. 1 well on Motion 30', 30-20,. according to V. , K..Dougl«i, superintendent of the concern.. . Olseuiitna the »ctlvl- tles of the firm In the Wetd Patch •rea,. Superintendent Douglas revealed that the well will be sunk to approximately .6000 feet, unless commercial production it obtained at a higher depth or mechanical difficulties should force suspension of the project. Spudding of the project was an-, tlclpated fer sometime today, but a delay of a day dr two In the . start of drilling was reported by the superintendent. The site la located 150 feet south and 150 feet west from the east quarter ef section 30, 30-29. Mohawk's plan to .teat the field was the sign fer a general re- tu'mptlon of leasing and construction work for drill Jobs .In that district. Mohawk,has about'400 acres of land under lease at'Weed Patch. BURTONS DEED LANDS TO H. Clifton Burton, and others, and Cecil F.-Burton, and others, have deeded to Burton .Brothers, Inc., certain properties In the mining district of southeastern Kern county, accord- Ing to records on file at the courthouse here. . .• • The properties, according to records, are located in several sections, all' of which are situated in township 9 and range 13. I They include the Home No. 1 and Home No. 2 claims in 'sections 11 and 14; 6.37 acres in the southwest quarter of section 11; the Flute claim in section 11; the Kid'lode in section 11 and section 14; the Antelope, Fair-view, Last Chance and H B lode, sections 11 and 14; five acres in the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter taken In a 10-aore purchase from Charles A. Graves; the Topeka'and Bonanza claims in section 10, 11, 14 and 15; part of the Last Chance and Nymph tract of land 1QO feet square In the northwest quarter of section 14. ' WINS OIL CONTRACT LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16.—Award of a contract to supply 600,000 barrels of fuel oil to the American navy was made yesterday by the naval bureau of supplies to the Texas Company of California. Delivery of the oil will be made not later than June, 1933, and the fuel will ba used for operations of the fleet in Pacific waters. The award constitute* one of the largest petroleum contracts ever allocated to a western oil company, executives of the Texas Company said. TTTVEl new drilling jobs were begun •T 'in Kern county during the'week which ended February 11, lending an unusual spurt to oil activities of this district. Mohawk Petroleum Company began work, at tta Hood'No. 1 well, on section 30, 30-29, which was to have boon spudded lo-le yesterday or today, at Weed Patch. Pacific Coast Division Oil Company formally filed for its No. I, on sedtion 14, 27-27, at Mount Poso. Cascade .Oil Company likewise filed for its Cascade No. 1, qn section 23, 2U-27, nt Frultvale and Lament Oil Company started its No. 1, on section 20, 26-28,-and Dana Hogan began work on a project In the Weed Patch district. , Kern alsi witnessed two successful water shutoffs during the week. They w.ere tit the Mllham Exploration Company's Whitaker No. 1 on section 8, 28-23 at Buttonwlllow, and the Western Gulf Oil Company's Simpson Community Lease No. 1 on section 21, 2927 nt Frultvale. Mllham since completed the Whltnker well for a daily output of 13,000,000 cubic feet of natural gas and shut In the Well. There were 19 wells put under deepening or redrllllng In Kern county during the'week, one of them being a Standard Oil Company producer in the Sunset field, and the other 18 wells on tho U. S. Navy's reserve In the Elk Hills field. Kern did not suffer an abandonment during the week, SUPERVISOR REPORTS BIQ WORK INCREASE SACRAMENTO, Feb. 16.—Oil field operations reported to State Oil and Gas Supervisor R. D. Bush during tho week ending February 11, show nine notices to drill new wells flledr as compared' wllh five during the previous week. Of the nine notices to drill filed this week, one was for a well In the Long Beach field, 'ohe in the Montebello field, one in the Huntington Beach field, one In the Bardsdale field, four In the fields of Kern county, and one In Kings county. Total new wells- this year Is 31, as compared with 28 at the same date last year. Tests of water shutoff this week numbered four, as compared with two during the previous week. Total to date this year, 16; total to same date last year, 26. Deepening or redrllllng Jobs this week numbered 36, as compared with 10 during the previous week. Total to date this year, 107; total to same date last year, 72. Abandonments this -week numbered II, as compared with B during the previous week. Total to date this year, 43; tola) to same date last year, 28. • . •»« » • Scrap Eleven Wells in Fields of State C. C. Harris Oil Company, which several weeks ago abandoned many wells In the'city of Los Angeles, continued more of that work last week, and consigned eight more of Its wells to the scrap head. They were the Nos. 8, 9, 10, 17, 28, 82, 33 and 33, all within the city limits of Los Angeles, one of the oldest producing fields of California. L. .E. O'Donnell abandoned his Norwood No. 1 on,section 13, 4-18 at Long Beach. Joe Ferrlng consigned his No. 1, section 10, 4-29, at ElWood, to the junk pile, and Orangethorpe Corporation, Limited, did likewise at Its No. 1 on section 32, 3-10 In Orange county. . •XfLANATIONi The chair's rear lettleg is made of tubing. A hole is bored in the stage and the chair is placed 10 that the tube leg is over it. An assistant pushes the ro'pe up through the chair leg under the victim's coat. IllUIIONi Some member of the audience is politely requested to lit down on a chair. The magician tells him that his coat teems to be bunched up in the back, and offers to correct it. Whereupon he pulls out a big coil of rope. , IT'S FUN TO BE FOOLED ... IT'S MORE FUN TO KNOW! . Let's look at the cigarette advertising trick called "Heat Treatment.*' ifpLANATiONt All cigarette to* baccos are treated with heat. But it is not from "heat treat* n^ent" that a cigarette gets flavor and mildnegs. NO TRICKS IN C*M€ Mildness, flavor, throat-ease —all come from the use of costly, 'ripe tobaccos. It U a fact, w«ll known by l«af tobacco oxBorti, that Camoli oro mad* from flnor, moro •* tobaccos than any othor popular brand. Camels have given more people more.pleasure than any other cigarette. Smoke Camels, and enjoy the fine delicate flavor of costlier tobaccos. KEPT FRESH IN THE WELDED HUMIDOR PACK *• JUST COSTLIER IN A MATCHLIti BLIND PACIFIC EXPORTS KeeoosTS Offshore Tanker Shipments Show Increase During Month 6f January LOS ANGELES, Fob. 16.—Offshore oil tanker shipments from California for the month of January totaled 5,886,098 'barrels, according ito preliminary estimates of the Oil Producers Sales Agency of California. This compares with a total of 4,489,660 barrels in the corresponding month In 1932 and with a total of 4,097,627 barrels during the 'preceding month, Decem ber, 1982. Report Encouraolno Compared with the , corresponding month In 1932 tho January, 1033,'ln- tercoastal shipments Increased by nearly 1,300,000 barrels and the Pacific foreign shipments by 178,478 barrels. Compared to December, 1932, theJan- ruary, 1933, Pacific foreign shipments rose by 778,941 barrels, the Atlantic foreign shipments went up to 288,871 barrels and Intercoastal shipment In creased by 720,760 barrels. Gasoline shipments offshore In Jan uary totaled 2,100,362 barrels compared to 2,181,196 barrels In January, 1932, and 1,141,311 In December, 1932. Fuel oil shipments last month totaled 1,998,653 as-against 1,319,993 and 1,314,102 barrels, continuing the comparison as above. .Crude oil shipments last month totaled 1,016,938 barrels as against 673,414 barrels In January, 1932. Other Data In the seven-year period, 1926-1932 Inclusive, California oil tanker shipments have averaged 217,762 barrels dally, the predepresslon average for the period 1926-1930 being 240,364 barrels dally and for the period 1931-32 being 161,327 barrels. The January, 1933, average daily shipment was 189,873 barrels exceeding the dally average for 1930-31 by approximately 28,000 barrels. SIDETRACK TUBING AT KETTLEMAN JOB •Sidetracking of tubing at 8132 feet has been started by the Kettleman North Dome Association at the No, 32-32J, an 8462-foot well, located on section 32, 21-17. On the same section the company's No. 61-32J Is drill- Ing through brown shale beyond 6400 feet. On section 80, 21-17, the-flrm's No. 87-30J Is being prepared for construction of-rig and other building work. No. 38-20J, section 20, 299-17, Is drilling through brown shale near 7360 feet. «» 29,21-11 BUSIEST HILL AREA Six projects on section 29, 21-17, at Kettleman Hills, give that.area the most work for the Kings county gusher field. Union Oil Company's King 8, on that section, is drilling ahead through brown shale formation beyond 7200 feet, and Superior Oil Company's Huffman No.. 0, nearby, is nenrlnp 7000 feet and is going through hard brown whale formation, the top of which was encountered at 6175 feet. Standard 'Oil Company Is drilling its No. 41-29J through hard gray sand and Is'preparing location for its No. 4-29J on, that section, and is running tho C- Inch oil string Into Its No. 68-29J there also. Huffman No. 6, an Idle but rigged project, is on tho section and Is operated by Superior. Prepares to Drill Belridge Oil Site Preparations to spud are being made by the Belridge Oil Company at tho firm's No.' 83-27 site on section 27, 27-20, in the Belridge field of western Kern county. Rotary has been rigged and other preliminaries almost completed. Meanwhile, on section 36, 27-20, the company Is milling on iron at 50J2 feet In the 6695-foot No. 49-35 well. No. 49-35 has proved to be the company's worst trouble-making well. It was completed once for about 2500 barrels of fluid dally, but the water content was .so great It was killed for, cleaning out, and after mechanical troubles besot the workers it wag idled for several months. Oil Firm Declares Regular Dividends LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18. — Directors of Oceanic Oil Company yesterday de* Glared the regular quarterly dividend of 2 per cent payable March 1 to stock of record February 20. The company paid 8 per cent during 1932, continuing the regular quarterly throughout the year without interruption. Oil Agreements Tllmon D. Mabry et ux to Mohawk Petroleum Company—L,euso covering portion of south hnlf of south half of northwest quarter of section 24, 8028; dated Dec-ember 17, 1932; one- eighth royalty. 13. B. McKeehan et ux and T. B, Mabry et ux to same—Lease soverlng portion of north half of south half of northwest quarter section 34, 30-28; one-eighth royalty; dated December 12, 1932. Pearl L. Winters to same—Lease covering north half of southwest quarter of section 13, 30-28; December 6, 1932; one-eighth royalty. May n. and W. J. Kleferdorf to O. n. Ka-mprath and George W. Shearer- Lease covering southeast quarter of southwest quarter section 28, 26-^8; dated December 10, 1931, one-eighth royalty; to start drilling within three years,» • Blslo W. Boles, permittee to J. w. Galbwath, opferator, first part owner of government permit, gives to second party right to drill for oil on lot 1 of flection 20, lots 1 and 8, section 21 and lot 3, section 22, 26-18. and Saturday Brings New February Wonder Values to Weill's Delightful New Cotton Frocks Guaranteed Fast Colors Sizes 14 to 20 and 36 to 44 Weill's is Bakersfield's headquarters for snappy new wash frocks. See this collection of styles and patterns. Every dress a wonder value. ,„ MAIN FLOOR Bias Cut Silk Slips Springtime is slip time. A beautiful slip in all colors at ' <IM only «p J. • MAIN FLOOR A New Elastic GIRDLE A special price concession to Weill's brings this regular $1 garment at this low price. 69 New Spring Coats The popular diagonal polo coat, tweed coats, with stitched collars and cuffs, fancy scarf trims. Clever button trims. . . . Sizes 14 to 20. A special purchase just arrives in time for this week-end. Every coat a brand new style for spring. See them ul Weill's. 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