Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on October 3, 1890 · Page 3
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 3

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1890
Page 3
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<9V Listen The Listen! TTTTTTTTTTT r r T T T T 'J 1 Made several changes in the Store during the Blockade, and is now Ready for Business again. THERE IS NO DOUBT But you can get the BEST TEA. at the Grand Tea Store Cor the Least Mono)'', and the reason is that, the Proprietor understands the Tea Business. THE GRAND TEA STORE Carries the LARGEST and BEST Stock of Fancy and Staple GROCERIES in Mendocino County. All Goods are Guaranteed to be the Very Best. Best Brands of Stockton and XJkiah Flour ! THAT ARE GUARANTEED BY SOTH MILLS, KEPT IN STOCK. TTTTTTTTTTT |Highest Prices Paid for Country Produce. 1 TTTTTTTTTTT T T T H. M. Serr, T T T T T DISPATCH AND DEMOCRAT. FUIIlAY . .OCTOIIKH I 18H0. LOCAL SEWS. T \[nT)oniilil 'B is tlio bout liotol in WiiBt- pnrl. M (in In 470 tor beRt menlB nt lowest liriceH. 1 Thp Ronrd of Piiporvisiii's moot next Monday. Kdilor Tliiiktlior is visiting tlio const on llllnillPBH. Look for \Y. Ktiglifih & Go's, ndver- tiHement. 4S Tlio (iriind Ton Store in the place to get k'roeericH. l 'Vesli U\r.l nt Kilwnnls Bros. nt. 50 cents to $1 ii run. 1,5 V. Urmi:ier is nuent. for sovernl kinds of iron and slpol fencing. lli II. I'. Sesivy and wife, of Mendocino, nro viiiitiii)! in 1'kinli. A nice slatre ollicc lias been fixed up in tin? old poHtotlico building. Yon can lest'I'em plot oil's Tens in tlio store before yon buy them. + 11. M. Serr roLnrneil nu Sunday from a business trip lo San Francisco. Marks ,<i Levy hnvo dissolved partner-; sliip, Mr. Levy retiring from Hie firm. j Mrs. folia Henry, DrrBSi -iaker, Into of I •San Francisco. Konnwnt. \V. l'.allingi'r's.* j HargaiiiH! Bargains 1 \V. Knglisb A CD'S., Culnclln, is tbe place to nc<wc tli em. I .|M II. T. I Intel i, of Sherwood bill been spending several davs in Ukiifi this week. ' / Look nliend and you will till you soon need nn Iniperial plow. l'\ind nt lirimnor's. i "to .Tudge lUoCinrvoy went to Pan Ifancis- r.o last Saturday morning and liurned on Monday. Lnnd for sale in lots tn suit pn-linser, on ensv te-ms. Inqiiiro nf W. J. lildretli, Ilkinli Valley. :i7 Win. Ifoeser, of Mendocino, ;wns in town last Friday on his way hole from San Francisco. i Nothing can exceed tho deligiful, re- freBbing ell 'nrt of n glass of .Imison's .Siberinn Arctic Soda. ; Pnnford A Son will sell ynijtlic best meats and at the lowest possite prices. Dont fail to flint 470. | » Mm, Is. Shuttle returned Ins:Sunday •from San Francisco, whero she jail been iiuyinK n stock of fall milljnnry.j We Inul a short call on Tuepiy from ilea. P.aer, of tho 0lovenlaleffcici'///', who was on bis way up to Lon^'alley. II. .1. Ofteuheimer, reproHonhg lienlhiil & Co., hop factors, San'rancis- «'o, has been spending sevorallavs in Ukiuli. i ' T. J. <!eary, the Domoeralie iominoo fur Congress, will address the |ople of Ukinli and vicinilv on Tiiesdavieiiing, October lluih. " ' V. C\. Havens, of Calpella, eft on Wednesday for Austin, Texas, in hponse to n telegram stating that his rolher •was very side. Kev. W. T. Fleenor olinroli nt Ukinli, wil 11 A.M. and 7. ISO i'. M. tlinlly invited. "When tho warm come, gentle Annie " Electricity lor Ukiah. LOCAL NEWS. Tho Ukiah Klectric Light, Water and Power Company has filed articles of incorporation. Directors—Frank Knob, W. IloH'sclmeider, W. II. II. Craves and .las. M. Haven of Oakland, and N'. W. Griswokl, Charles and II. Gustavo Truuntnor of San Francisco. Capital stock, $, r )0.f)()f), of which $3 WO has been subscribed. Air. Criswold and Mr. Knob, two of the principal stockholders, were in T'kinb on •Wednesday, mid tliey informed us that the electric plant would be in operation inside of ninety days, if our citizens j ofl'er the necessary encouragement. The above mentioned company is an outgrowth of tbe North Pacific Land and Improvement Company, which owns large tracts of valuable property in this and Sonoma counties. One of these properties is the Todil tract at the northwest end of I'kiah, which has been subdivided into lots, and a number of which have been sold. The company proposes to go to work immediately on many improvements then. F. M. Mason is already at work building a bridge K0 feet wide across Gibson creek on Horn street. I From here a coment sidewalk will be I laid to the park. Hy means of the water i system which the company will put in, ! nn abundant supply of water will he fur- j nished the residents of tho tract, and the | electric light plant, will furnish a cheap ami desirable light. What with the beautiful location and the many advantages which will be alforded residents of this suburban addition to Ukiah, it will be a most, desirable place to live in. In addition to furnishing electric light for this tract, the company will also furnish the light to the whole of Ukiah Citv, and ere long wo may expect to see at least the business portion of tho city illuminated by electricity. Mechanic's Fair Excursion. , pastor of ;nptfst I preach Snjay at All are nit cor- days of Humor nsk your fmw |o treat you to some Ice Croain S«i, nt Geo. Jamison's. ; § L. Abraham ha.i been very bus this •week moving bis stock of dry goocj'rom Ins old stand into his now quarters! the Gillespie building. Pon't forget the social dance be given by Hiawatha Parlor, N. D. OVV., nt Smith's Opera House thisevenin A 'splendid time is assured. T.. Rosenberg & Co. have had late glass windows placed in (heir stonnd now hnve the finest displny of drypds, boots and shoes etc. in town. * Attorney Chas. Wheeler, of Eiikn, formerly of I'kiah, spent a portion r.bis week in Ukiah, visiting his motheinil circulating among his friends here, j O. W. McMullen, night Snperinlebnt of the jute mill nt San Qnentin, cnijnp on Monday's train and remained few days. He was accompanied by bisife. Our customers all speak high! in praise of St. Patrick's Pills. Thaire tbe best.—Kerry Pros., Carroll, N<aB- lin. For sale hy i. N. Magee, theiig- Kist. } Jamison & Ohiirr have moved $jr meat market to the Gillespie bloukind have now one of the finest meat mnjitB north of San Francisco. Bio annot:o- inent elsewhere. It is about time for road overseersin- Htnbles and justices oi the pence to iin- nouncing themselves. It. will onlyjHt $'2.50 to do BO through the columns die I>!KI'.VI'CI!-l>l.'MO<.'HAT. Tho Santa Hosa Republican " John Allman, tho stage owner, town and will in the. future make Sin Kosn his homo. Ho will occupy thee residence in Uidwig's addition reeo.v juircliKsed by him." It. II. Reamer, Democratic nnme for State Hoard of ICijniili/.ntion, Til District, spent Friday afternoon jl ^ntnrdav morning In I'kiah. Ho U lienn over a portion of his district I •reports things looking very fiivonj) tooth for himself and tho ontifo ticket Cimft. W. Denslow, nn old residei f -of Mendocino City, died nt liitJ hoimji that place on Thursday morning of jt iveek. Dece 'iHod wns book-keeper r 'the Mendocino launlwr Co. and Trj- iiiror of tlio Hank of Mendocino, k WUH highlv esleemed by all who kj' lliiui, and his deitlli will be keenly fe) tho pominunity in which he lived dong. lie was 7o yeiii'H of ago, and been a resilient of Mendocino BI •lrtttl. lid leave*one child. Mm. \Morgan, and a largo circle oj dev xtriundu to Miouru his Jonn. Tho Mechnnics Fair excursion to San Francisco, givon by the S. F. & N. P. K. last, Satimlay was well patronized by Ukiah people, II" tickets being sold, here. Among those who left on the excursion train wo noticed the following: J. It. Mathews and two children, Mrs. G. Wesler and three children, Mrs. Warren, Miss Wiirlenhurg, Mr. J. II. Smith mid two children, Mrs. II. M. Condict, Mrs. S. .1. ( halfant and child, Miss Anna Itillman, Dr. .1. I.. Uond, A. Rarllclt and wife, N. liaiflell and wife, A. Mil- Peak, V. Geilsdorf and wife, W. l'orler- tlold mid wife and two children, J. ,1. Fogan. J. S. Hunter, C. II. Wbilleii and wii'c.'K. C. AlborlHon, wife and child, .lolin Whehin, F. Pinker, A. ('erf, Mrs. J. H. P.aikcr, Joe Hunter, S. J. Ifolli- i .'jv, Miss Julia Menke, Miss Gussie Menke, Mrs. K. W. Wells, M. N. Donohoe, W. T. tiibson, A. 11. ICeun, .1. C. Wright, Mrs. Snnflhi, T.. Owens, .1. If. I loss and three sons, Mrs. li. Hurst, .1. K. Hundley, P.. Wright, f. Iliggins and daughter, 11. HogerK and wife, S. Williams, It. S. Ilirsch, Judge Mc.Garvoy. A large number of excursionists returned home on Sunday and the remainder on Monday. Beautiful Paintinlfa. t In the window of .1 It. Mathews' drug store is a beautiful painting entitled "Good Night".It represents a smiling lass holding u candle close to her bream with one hand and shading its dickering tlame from the draught with the other, bidding good-night to her company. In tbe expression and exquisite coloring tlio painting id auperlj. In the window of the post-olVice building is another painting entitled "Garden Poppies." It represent sn boiujuetof these beautiful flowers, and we have never seen anything; prettier. These paintings are the work of Miss O'Malley, the teacher of painting nt the Sacred Heart Convent. This lady, in addition tn lessons given the convent pupils, will tnke pupils from tiie outsidn. For further particulars apply tit Sacred Heart Convent. The Bain. We were visited last Sunday evening with a regular thunderstorm. The afternoon was very hot and oppressho, and about live o'clock clouds began rolling up from tbe east. The thunder began to rumble, and in n short time the rain descended. It continued thundering and raining nt intervals all night, .frequent light showers also loll all through Monday and part of Tuesday. Altogether fifty-nine one iuiudiedllis of an inch fell before the weather cleared u|> on Wednesday. We know of no diuiiagu that tho rain did in this county, and if we have suuie .'uioro ruin in n week or so the henelll .to the stock rangm will ho groat. The dust, was laid nicely, and tho atmosphere was cleared ami pmilied. Battle of Oottyaburtf, Native S'>ns iuul Daughters and others, who visited tho celebrated Panornimi of the Rattle of Gettysburg and Muaeuni, corner Market and lOlh streets, San FranciBco, were delighted wltlijl. Those visiting Hie Mechanics' Fair should he Hiiro am! take It in. There may lie persona in i-his community who are in times troubled with nolle, or subject to attacks of bowel coniplidnt.. I! so, they should try Cbnmhorlain's Colic, Cholera and Dinrihiea Remedy. It will a I I'o rd almost iiiimediiltu relief, mid when reduced with water in pleasant to lake. If taken as soon as Ihn llrsl indication of thodineai-e U fell it will ward oil'the attack. Ahiny pel.iple use if in thlis way, ami Imd that, it inker fails thorn. AlJuorfiO cent bottle iifsy lip olilumeil ironi J, N, Mageo, the dtmiKpHv. f Tbe Superior court is in session. There nre six inmatee in tho county jail. Flour and feed of nil kinds nt tho Grand Tea Store. « Three pounds of good stake for 25 cents nt No. 470. 1 A. Lncey, IJ. S. Specinl Agent, was in town Tuesday. Chas. Kimball, of Wcstpoot, was in town last. Sunday. Siberian Arctic Soda—best qttalitvw-at Geo. Jamison's. ! Fruit nnd vegetables of all kinds at the Grand Ten Store. Tlio family of J. 15. Scoggins are visiting in San Francisco, Sweeping bargains in everything at W. Knglish A Co's., Calpolla. ' •« New stock of flnnnelettes nt V2 1 ^ cents a yard at 1.. Rosenberg & Co's. t I.. Ruddock has consigned a carload of hops this week to the London market. Rev. //. P. Millington and mother, of Anderson Valley, were in town Tuesday. Call and see tho new shoe department and the prices of shoes at L. Rosenberg A Co's. * Quality and prices, the main objects at 470 Do not be misled by any other number. 1 French kid shoes in all widths—every pair guaranteed—if;! a pair at R. Rosenberg A Co's. * The Supervisors inspected the Usal bridge last week, and pronounced it a good piece of work. Dr. T. II. Smith, of Weslport, spent Wednesday night in Ukiah, on Ids way home from San Francisco. The purest materials and finest flavors are used by Geo. Jamison in the manufacture of ids delicious Soda. t Radies, Misses, and Children's woolen hose, a full line, blnck or cojoreil, at bedrock prices at R. Rosenberg & Co's. * For the best stoves and ranges go to Rrunner's. Tho Superiors nro the leading ones everywhere. Pricos way down. 11 ' Joe Jacobs' Shaving Parlors is the best place in town lo gel a shave, hair cut, shampoo or anything else in llie tonsorial line. * * There will bo a called meeting of tho Ladies' Presbyterian Society i|cxt Wednesday, at tho residence of Mrs. W. W. Cunningham. Why swelter over a big cook stove when you can do your cooking with comfort on a gnsoline stove. Can be had of all sizes and prices nt Rrunner's. 40 In the way of fine edge tools for cas- penters and fanners, as also pocket cutlery, you will find the most complete ar- soi'tmnnt at Rrunner's, at hot torn prices. '''•' Win. II. Davidson and Miss Julia Melvin, both of Ukiah, were married at the parsonage of the Al. 10. Church, South, last Sunday afternoon, Rev. T. A. Atkinson oilicioting. Mr. and Mrs. Sands Fromnn, of San Francisco, spent several days this week in llkiali, visiting Mrs. Senator Yell. Mr. Froman is Secretary of the State Board of Forestry. Harry Rosenberg has gone to Ukiah, where ho will be connected with the large mercantile house of Rosenberg & Co. Kverybody here likes Harry, and wo all regret his departure. Ukiah bus gained a really agreeable gentleman.— lltnlilsburij Entciprine. There will be preaching at the M. K. Church, South, next Sabbath at 11 A. M. and 7:15 i'. M. This will be the closing service for the present ecclesiastical year. The pastor, Rev. T. A. Atkinson, will leave on Tuesday for the seat of the Pacific Annual Conference at Santa Rosa on Wednesday, the 8tji |nst. The Sacramento lieconl-Umon says; " ft, is about certain that the hop crop will not he over two-thirds the usual yield. A report is afloat that Clare, the biggest hop-grower iii New York, has refused 50 cents per pound for his hops. Hops advanced iiO and -10 marks in the German market tho past wsek," ! Senator Yell, the Domoeralie. nomiijee for Railroad Conimissionerin this district, returned home last Sunday from a trip through tho northeastern purtuf the State, and on Monday left for Humboldt county, lie brought homo very,oncouraging reports. Pom!, bo says, is running hundreds ahead of the Domncratiu party vote in every county he has yisitod. The S. F. Call of Tuesday has the following lo say about two law suits from Mendocino county: "The suits brought by the United Stales Government against J. Conwav and V. Rinnldo to recover respectively -It) aipl .lit cords of tan hark, illegally taken from Government land, were decided ill favor of the plaintitl' in each case yesterday by United Stales Di-itrict Court. Judge Huffman." The Mendocino Coal Lands. of Geo. Anthony, of Covolo, WKI in town Wednesday and gavo iiSBome ve'y interesting information about, the operations which are being carried on at tho coal lands on Kel river, on the west side Round Valley. It is now a couple of months since tho expert and gang of men sent up by Flood and Mackay went to work. In the first place, a shaft <>x0 feet was sunk at an in clinntion of 14 dogTces and run in for 142 feet passing through a splendid deposit of coal. After going that far surface water interfered with their operations and work was prosecuted about half mile north. Here another shaft was sunk al an inclination of 45 degrees. After going in six feet fine coal was struck. Work has been continued on this shnft until now it is in ti5 feet, nnd has passed through the finest, bed of coal on the Pacific Coast. The expert in charge of the work—nn old Welsh miner who bus been in every coal mining region in the world says he never saw n liner quality of coal. He says it equals the famous anthricite coal of Pennsylvania. It. is remarkably clean, and shines like a diamond ; Is also very heavy, and burns to white ashes. About 50 men are at. work at the shaft, and the force will bo made larger as soon as possible. Mr. Anthony brought 4S pounds of the coal down with him, and expressed it to Mr. Hanks, the wplj-known mjneralo- gist, of Kan Francisco. It is pretty hard to gueBs what Flood and Mackny intend doing with this prop erl.y, although indications point to its Immediate development, and this would be a useless undertaking unless a railroad, either from Ukiah or Fort Rragg, were built to the mines. It looks, however, as if some substantial work will be done there. On his way to Ukiah Mr. Anthony mot a gentleman at F.ol River crossing who informed him that he was a contractor and builder from San Francisco, and was on his way to Flood and Maek- ay's coal mined. It is not believed that be has gone up there for his health. Mr. Flood is also expected thero soon. Another straw which indicates which way tho wind is blowing, is that Flood and Mackay are endeavoring lo buy the two-eighths interest not now owned by them. One of tho eighths has been offered them for $25,000. «i Always Pay For what you get, but do yon always GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR? You Don't got vhat you pny for if you get l You Don't get what you pay iw if you pay I YOU Don't get what yon pay for If yon p»y inferior goods at regular prices. | for a quality yon don't receive. I an extravagant price. And whose fault is it if you don't get what you pay for? IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT! llCCailSC my TEAS. COFFEES and SPICES are unexcelled. Because I sell these first-class goods nt the same prices that others ask you for inferior articles. Because you can always get. full value for your money by trading with me. Because I guniantee my GROCERIES and CANNED GOODS the best and the freshest in Ukiah. Every one of these Facts goes to show that you ought to Trade with Templeton. Remember you can get a square deal for a RciUClllbcr you can get a high grade of goods round dollar. for a low figure. Remember you can send an order and it mill receive tJie same attention as if you called at the store in person. Remember you pay for what you get and get what you pny for when you trade with TEMPLETON, THE GROCER, Odd Fellows Building, state St., Ukiah, cal. LOCAL NEWS. Tho Fair at Lakaport. From thoHe who vlwlted tho Dijstrlct Fair at Lakeport wo learn that considerate RiiecpflB attended it. In the pavilion the liortienlturivl display wan the host ever made there and tho stoek exhibition, especially of horsos, was irood. The raeeB were alno better than nBual, and the attendance at the track WBB large. Alendocino county horses were welt rep- reaented, Mornlirook A O'Parrel 1 Bending three runners, Hiram Willits, four, TIIOH. Charlton several, \V r . A. HngnnB, several, Judge McGarvey, Goo. Ellis and others also several horses. Hornhrook 'B Fox \yon the half-mile dash, also tho novolly race, and .fildsrp MoGarvey's Warwiejf took second money in one of the trotting raeeH, making the mile in 2A2, 2A2!>6 nnd 2.43. MinH Etta IIisri>ins, of Ukinh, won the first prize in the Ladies' tournament, and Mm. W.Redwine, also of Ukiah, won the third prize. Mendocino county was pretty well represented at the fair and all who attended seem ivoll ploaaed with jt. In the running race Friday afternoon Hiram Willott's horse, Lentherwood, flew the track while coming down the home stretch and running through, the fence ran a hoard in his breast, making an nwfnl wound which will probably end his racing days if it does not prove fatal. Kuohre Party. IT A S corsets $1 a pair at L. Rosenberg & Co's. * H. Marks, of Covelo, was in town this week. Go to tho Grand Ten Store for pure groceries. 17 JeBse Foster, of Weslport, JB jn town attending court. B. Marks has been spending several dayB in Ukiah. We received the other day from Chas. Litre some of the fluent grapes wo hitvp ever seen. Thorn were six varjetjes in the lot, ainonir them belli;.; Zlnl'aiide). Mission, Flaming Tokay, Muscat. Tho clusters were lame, tho color beautiful, Ulld the llavor delicinus in all of them. S'uch |)£oole as Mr. I.uce are fast demon- "traling tlio i'lict. thai Mendocino county cannot be excelled in the i|ii.ility of her grapes, as well as almost ai|y ol|i»r )<iiul fruit. An accident, resulling in tho loss of about ,f2(H) worth of liquors, occurred at F. Neipp's saloon on Tuesday. It. appears that, the shelving on the past, side of his saloon was held to the wall by a boll. This hilt went through the wall and also held one o)'the meat racks in •iiunlaoi) & Uhail's butrlmr shop, in order to move tho meat rucks llw nut on the holt was un'«'iowflil, md the workmen, not lemming of its connection with Mr. Neipp's shelving, knocked it out. The result was that the shelving tilled with hot 11 cs fell with a crush to the floor, strewing it with broken gli 'HH nnd Jiiiltors, A delightful euchre party was given Ivy Mrs. Kate Swasoy Wednesday evo. at the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Forse—in honor of her guests, Miss Maud rlr'Kt!fi, of Fresno and M|ss Veva Maigh, of Ilealdsbnrg. Progressive iiohre was played until eleven o'clock when it was discovered that MIBH Nellie WadsM 'orth and A. Manion had won the prizeH for tbe best players,and Miss Laura Eraser and T. Montgomery had captured t|ie booby prizes, RpfreshmentH were then served, alter which social conversation wan Interspersed with instrumental and vocal music. It was after midnight when the company dispersed after having spent a most delightful evening. Following wero those present: Miss Sadie Metinrvev, Miss.Iuiia MeMnllen, Miss NiiUio Wadswnrth, Miss Laura Eraser, Miss IlattieHtantleld, Miss Laura Williams, Miss. Chlotilde Cert, Miss Maude llriggs, Miss Veva llaigh, Mrs. Buckingham, Or. (i. W. Stout, Mr. A. Manion, Hen Oerf, Mat Oaiothors, Marry Itosonlierg, ,1. Woldon, T. Reese, M. I-evy, S. Snmiipls, H. ((ospoliBrit, T. Mon> gomeii' and .!. I'ucklnghuni. Purest spices, teas, and coffees at tho tirntid Tea Store. 4 ' Mrs. S. J. Chalfant \n visiting friends in San Francisco. Kev. I. W. Athortou, of Covelo, was in Ukiah last Tuesday. Another stock of clothing just received at L. Rosenberg & Co's. * 50 dozen pairs kid gloves la Duchesse in all colors at Cert's store. * Mrs. Chas. Cunningham and children nre visiting in Cloverdale. The freshness and purity of Templeton's groceries are guaranteed. t groceries of all kinds constantly arriving at the Grand Tea Store. We hud a pleasant call on Wednesday from George English, of Caljiellu. Come and see the new fall stock just received at L. Rosenberg & Co's. * Gents winter ties in great variety at low prices at L. Rosenberg & Co's. * TJ, Wi)'.'.eiiseller is at Sijnta Rosa attending the session of the Presbytery. Wheeler & Wilson No. !) sewing machine at W. English it Go's., Calpolla. Merchandise of all kinds is being sacrificed at W. English A 'Jo's,, Calpella.w D. M. Copsey, of Mountain View, spent Tuesday and Wednesday in Ukiah. From 1 to 120 shares of Ukiah Bank stock for Bale. Apply to,I. IT. Donohoe.* Mr. Tal't, formerly a tnerchautof Ukiah, was in town the latter part of last week. W. E. Ivip.g, tlip Jeweler, has moved , Into tho Gillespie building. Call and see him. * Templeton's groceries are the freshest and his prices as low as the lowest in town. l) About 400 feet of the new wharf at Usal WIIB swept away by a heavy sea last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Gunn, of TTeaids- burg, are visiting J. It. Henry and »'ij'p, qf Largq. Goo. S. McPUee, one of Wesporls's leading business men, is in town attending court. John S. Kimball, the well-known lumber man of the coast, was in Ukiah Wednesday afternoon. Traveling has been delightful since the rain laid the dust and cooled nnd freshened the atmosphere. Pon't forget that Tompleton's canned fruits are all of this year's crop. They are the freshest in town. t The dates for the Democratic mass meeiings throughout the county will be found in another column. G. H. Snow pijys t ||0 l)ig|jest cnsli 8 rice for poultry, eggs, hides and Bkiqs, lllce at A. Cerf ! s store, Ukiah. + We hope to hear often from " Jack Redmond," who sent us an entertaining letter this week from Navarro. W. English & Co., Calpella, are closing out business, and oiler nil kinds of merchandise below wholesale rates. •(t Jphn Mewhinney, of Potter Valley, was'ln town oh Wednesday. He brought with hlun some magnificent apples. Mrs. John Whehin, who has been visiting in San. Fran.'isvo, for n couple of weeks, returned home last Mommy. Byron Clark, A. Boyd, 0. W. Pel kins, ajid fjqmer Barton, wero anione tho poasters we noticed in town yesterday. U. W. Parker, Mendocino County's Jeweler, announces himself in good style in onr advertising columns this week. N. M. Decker, formerly a groceryinan of this place, has been spending a few days among lijs friends here this week. The bids for the construction of the Mendocino State Asylum will be opened and the contracts awarded next Monday. The Races. The three days' racing on tho track of the Ukiah Park Association commenced yesterday afternoon. Owing to the fact that we went to preBS in the afternoon we are unable to give the results of yesterday's races. Following were the enteries that had been made for them : First Race—Running— Half mile dash —W. Redwine, Fashion ; Louis Charlton, Fred Archer; S. B. Onyett, Bay Johnny. Second Race—Trotting— 3.20 class— Thos. Charlton, Ralph C.; S' Hornbrook, Jim Corbett; W. M. Moore, Bay Nell; W. A. Hagans, Combination; J. H. Smith, Smoothy. The admission to the races has been reduced to 25 cents. A Party at Caspar. Tho Hop Flat Ball. A correspondent at Caspar writes us as follows: In Caspar, on last Wednesday evening, a pleasant party was tendered Miss Kate McGoiigh at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Gibson.. The evening was spent In social, conversation, music and singing, until 12 o'clock, when all repaired to the dining room, where a sumptuous repast awaited them. After lunch, all seemed merrier, and it was not until the hands of the clock told that another day was dawning did the guests bid Miss MeGough adieu. A Ripe Old Age. J. II. Holcomb and wife, of Belcher- villo, Texas, have celebrated their fifty- tilth wedding anniversary, and are still hale and hearty. The secret of their long iifo and good health is that they correct any slight ailment promptly, and in that way avoid serioiiH sickness. Like most every one else they nre most frequently troubled with constipation than any other physical disorder. To correct this they take St. Patrick's Pills in preference to apy other, because, as Mr. Holcomb says, "They are a mild pill and, besides, keep the whole system In good order. We prize them very highly." For sale by J. N. Magee, the druggist. v Notioe to School Tsaohera. The DISPATCII-IJEMOCKAT has printed ft large quantity of Mpr)Hi(y Report CardSj gooil for five, months, which we furnish qt $1.50 per hundred, or $1 for 50. These cards are 3>^x7 inches, and have blank spaces for giving the attendance, number of times tardy > deportment, Mid tho standing in every study of each pupil. Also blank space's for the Bigna- tmo of the parent or giiardifen each month, and for the signature of the teacher at end of term. Shaken Out of Gear, Sy molarta uUt'.aso, the human machinery cannot half perform itsofllce. ritgcsttoii,sccrctiou, evacuation are disordered, the blood bttcomes watery, the nerves feeble, the countenance RhiiHtly, sleep OUturtyMt and aite.tite eaprlolous. Terrtblo U thlf dlsca-ie, fell its oonaequeneen. There Is, however, a known antidote to the miaMinattc polgon, and a certain safe guard aicahiKt it. In malarious regions of our South and West, in South America, Guatemala and on tbe Isthmus of Panama, as well as In transmarine countries where the scourge exists, illimitable preveutlve.aud remedy, Hostel^ur'aHtumitcH Bitters, has, during the la^t 'X> years', 'been colli 17 -i" - - area'of fts usefullnuait, and dL-iuonsii -Htlhglls sovereign value. I.lvereom Democratic Mats Meeting:*. As will be seen by announcement In our advertising columns, the Democratic eopnly candidates wjll meet the voters of Mendocino eoiintv in l|ie(r resppctiv'Q precincts during the present month. The candidates will start qui on October 8th and continue Iheir journey through tho county until November 1st. The dates lor their visits to lt|e vipious placos will be found "I the announcement In qui' advertising columns Wn hes|ioak for tlio Wo find St. Patrick's I'illa to \m verv extra mill to give splendid HBtMHt 'tioii, Ihey are now about the only kind OH )led for.— \V, A. AVnllM'q, OM1H ,'1», For sale by J, a. Mageo, the druggist. j A 3-year-nit! child of Antone Fish, an Italian gardner, was drowned in a tank near its parent's house, north of UkjaJt, on Moiidny, Thoroughbred roosters from Imported stock of Brown Leghorns. Silver Laced Wyandottes, Light Brahmas and Partridge Cochins for sale. Inquire of L. 1), HarglB, Jr.. Ukiah, Cal. * ,T. W. Eversole, the new furniture man lias just returned from the city and has purchased a largo stock of picture molding, artist's materials In paint and crayon, besides adding many attractions to his already large stock of furniture, ear- pets, etc. Call and look at his slock. 1 Mrs. E. Hassett, of Hoaldsburg, has decided tn locate in Ukiah, and would be iiipasei) to lutvp c)ass |n instrumental find vocal niiisjo. Would also like to be- ppuie organist of some church or society, or would like to have tho leadership of a eholr. For further particulars apply at the residence of Mrs. Shoemaker, School street, north of Smith street. * Bargains tn Furniture, tiintly widening (tie dt-,noi,sii-«tlngIts si plaint, dyspepsia, consttpatlou, kiduey trouble, rheumatism aud debility are all remedied by it. For Sale. A good stock ranch at a verv low figure. Apply to J, If. Dpnohoe, Ukiah, Cal.« Qn account.of removal from town I will sell all my furniture liought brand new last April. Any ono desiring a bargain ill nn eipfjtint sideboard, Ued lounge i)||i<foplere, ottQini»n, patent rock,or, a* gentlemen who will inakfj the trip a warm tPn»'on tfthle, fancy «||ii|rs, (latent. kitch ,e» reeppi|ou frqm our people. table, l-rmwh Plate mirror, child 's bed, 1 ^J__ ll»HKi«l8 lft " , rfiSe«ln,{nifK 'liin6 ero .-keiy glassware and kitchen utensils, m a big discount from qflsiniil ptlccn, will do well to see the ittwve, Also a brand new St'Wk Piano the peer of all planoa uisde in America. • M, F. Law, »t A, Mwrka'. John Ray, of Shelter Cove, was in this city yestesdav, but on a dying trip. He left on the afternoon train. He furnished the information that at least 100 nipii have been fighting firo in the region lying between tho coast and the overland vvaktop road, unci ho believes that the overhead gloominess which prevails in the city is the result of the smoke of the numerous fires, which has been drifted in this direction with tho southwest winds. In some Instances entire stock, ranges have been swept by the (lames. Thousands of acres of feed and much pine timber have liepp destroyed, and settlers ware praying for rain enough to quench the tiros. Mr. Pay HBJ'B the season lias been a profitable une at Shelter Cove, a large a.mount of incoming supplies and outgoing produce of the duiry, rungo and tanharkindustries. Someday Shelter Cove will be an important, shipping point.— Hxtmbuldt Mail. EDITOR DISPATCH-DEMOCRAT :— On the20th day of September in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety, I was honored by an elaborate invitation to attend a social hop in the famous opera hall at Hop Flat. The invitation was tendered by one of fame and popularity and was therefore irresistible. I accordingly made my toilot which, by the way, was verv elaborate, nnd at precisely 7:45 Bought the scene of revelry. On my way to tbe opera hall, just as I was crossing .Second street, I fell in with on old friend who was in search of the same place aud we agreed to proceed together. After crossing an elegant bridge made of redwood slabs we passed along the beautiful and picturesque bar of tbe Navarro -iver and finally arrived at the scene of guyety. And now, dear friends, I shall take the liberty of describing Hie company, although under ordinary circumstances it were ill taste to do so. As we entered tho hail I was at once impressed by the bright and intelligent appearance of its occupants. There were beautiful young ladies, resplendent in costumes of blue, red and maroon silk, trimmed in the most approved styles of long ago, while tho "Lords" wore, for the most part, the uniform of tbe realm with low cut shirts of divers hues and patterns. The room jtself was brilliantly decorated and the sweet aroma of tobacco floated like incense in the air. My friend, being acquainted with most of the fairer sex, proceeded to introduce me to those destinguished personages. While proceeding across the hull toward a most brilliant damsel in maroon silk we ran suddenly upon a plank that \va.s, trying to stand on its tiptoes to see the tiddler. Of couso we sa,lute,d; and the consequence wqs that we took, as the vulgar migh,t say, " a tumble to our- selYOs."- Undaunted by this mishap wo made out way to the object of onr attention, and as for myself, I was overwhelmed by the weight of the introduction. In due time the music struck up and wo were soon in the mazes of tho backwoods quadrille. Not being a woodsman my mantevera were, in part, unsuccessful, owing to tho deeide<l,(y woodzje condition of the f|oof, ^ u .t, after several ungraceful move* I got through all right, having distinguished myself by smashing one of the smallest appendages of my partner's not over delicate foot. A|l we Democrats who read the Dis- V.ATCJI know very well what the " Silver Act" is. Well, at about 9:30 they brought that famous measure before the cultured minds of the company and the result was that it cost some of us, especially we strangers, the inconsiderable sum of fifty cents, while an amendment for home protection provided that old settlors should be niost leniently considered. The Silver Act being laid on tl\e. table, we went on with the gave^y oi, the evening and " all went merry as a marrige bell," until n qHa ^rlUe was called and two dancing bellos took the floor without partners. Following the example thus Set, my friend and I soon occupied a position diametrically opposite and thus overbalanced their flourish. The belles in question resumed their seats and declared lha.t • thoy would dance no more, What tho cause of dissatisfaction may have been I cannot say to this day. This and some minor and major circumstances caused a general dissfti(*-. faction and, at half past ten, without word or warning, the umsic suddenly ceased and the cidler refused to net his part. Tims it was that at 10:45 this grand affair closed with a crash and those who went to enjoy it returned feeling that a quieter time had never cost them so much bard feoling—I was about to Buy cash. We do sincerely hope that we can enjoy our evening at heme. JACK RKDMOND. Navarro. Flat, Cal. One of the handsome belles of Columbus, O., is Miss Kittle Thurman, grauddauKU.- ter of tho "Old Roinun," ex-Souotur T4AU|V tnan. Siio Is described as a prqnouuoetl brunette, and she has about her much of %]>M individuality and strength which (duiracterlzea the (laugh tors of Judge Tfiur- ttutu, onu of whom, Mrs. McCormack, resides on Long laluud. No frieudahip Is so cordial or go delictus, us that of girl fur girl; no hatrod so intense and immovable as (hat of woman tor wir matt. la youth you love, one above, \Ul pthers of your KSI; U» riper Age you h«te •II, more or lew, lit iwopoitfou to dmilart.- ty of aocomplhjhm'enta and purs tut*,™ Candor, MAM HI Kit, gteiaber tjso KA.VIUSON—MKI.VW—In tlkj^lj u, ajtll, by Kev, T, A, Atklnnoa, William tt. MnVldKon imd Minn, JuJI* Mvlvln, both af I I 'kli '.li, UAYMOND- IWS!iM.b~!u Ukl«h, ftfpt. S!7th,by Hev. ), J, Murthi. Klmer R. Kiiyiueud, of Sun KOOIPI»0(I, uud M1N» riorouco llussell, of l)Ktl}ll, / >t»IK|».. • UittMiwotMl. county, aer.tnin'-«' *|,;Qcenlv a Cn Oreat REMOVAL City Meat Market Jamison & Obarr Wish to inform the people of Ukiah and vicinity that they have removed their Meat Market from the old stand north of the Court House square to the new Gillespie building, north of Odd Fellows building, State street. They have now the largest and best appointed market north of San Francisco, It has been fitted up in the very best style, no expense having been spared to make it first- class in every particular. In it will be found at all timea the Choicest Meats— both fresh aud salt—and in fact everything appertaining to a first-class Market, Call and na at oar new place of bnaiaf JAMISON & OBARR. DEMOCRATIC Mass Meetings! The Democratic COUNTY NOMINEES - Will meet the Voter* at tat Mlralsf named placet at 7:80 ?. M. af l|t^^ CW> days deaignated: x ~ CHRISTINE..'.,. 1100NVII44! ... YOKKVIIXK. .. UOPLAND CBNTEJIVILUJ. WILLITS COVKLO LAYTONVILUJ , CAHTO USAI WKSTPOBT OLKONE FORT HttAOQ. 0A&/AU. ! .... MItNUOniNO. . GKKENWOOD.. OUALAI.A ..... POINT AKKRA. NAVAHRO ... ALBION. . . UKlAlI ThumcUy, Friday, .ttaturdity. Moudnv, Tueidar. TburtdMT) ....(noon) Vrldfty, .(evening) Vrld»y, .Batunlcy, WoudejiV 1 ..moon) Tuotdfty.i ....... We<Jn»«l«)f, TbwMter,, •£ ... ,:...„....,'KrW«y,.„.,,JJ.. "' j

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