The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on September 28, 1974 · Page 5
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 5

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1974
Page 5
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[DINING, DANCING COUNTRYSIDE >. lo H midnight. Phone 644 5044. STUBS DINING Hall and Battle Lake, o^ FrKtoys Saturdays, Lounge opens 5:00 p.m. Dining from 5:30. Featuring Paul Dub« in the piano bar Fridays and Saturdays. Enioy our Friday food specials. Make your reservations now for private parlies Mondays through Thursdays. FAL1 -. SCHEDULE Open 5:30 p.m. — midnight. Sunday noon — 1 1 '00 pm. Closed Monday. Ten Mile Lake Sleak House. Phone 589 8845 Dallon. T U E S DAY~OCTOBER 1, 1974 Fo^d Special. " 4 breasted chicken, oaKeo potato, cole slaw, hoi roll with butter, beverage extra, only »).60. Green River in lounge, Becker's Supper Club. Food for Thought' Can you pass calorie quiz? By JEAN MAYER Professor of Nutrttioa, Harvard University Separate CROSSWORD trial is WZZIE requested Firjis Falls (Hi.) Jcinal Sal., Sept. 28,1974 9 AUCTIONEERS CHARLES CLAUSON. Clausen Sales Service, auctioneer and clerk. Pelican Rapids, 843 4277 AUCTION CLERKING. Benson and Houg Business Service, 402 E. Washington, Fergus Falls. 73V-906}. DEAN J. Sillerud, licensed auctioneer, Rothsay, 867-J235 AUCTIONEER: LEWIS Tysdal Knowing value does make a difference. Ph. 734 7184. WARREN E. Beckman, auctioneer. Ph. 824 4937, Underwood. AUCTIONEER LEO Kugler. Phone 734-7712. AUCTIONEER: NORMAN J. Solum,219 E. Douglas. Ph. 736-3712, Fergus Falls. LICENSED AUCTIONEER, Charles Trane, Pelican Rapids. 8431131. LES NYCKLEMOE, 2547. Ashbv, 747- SHOPPERS GUIDE TYPEWRITERS. Lutldeen's. A.LWAYS B-sure r.simr. PETS, SUPPLIES FOR SALE-. Pommeranian dog (male), trained. Reasonable. Phone 6-7298. WANTED: GOOD home lor lovable dog to give away. 9-2535. TO GIVE away. 5 Springer Spaniel Cock-a-poo puppies. 867-2611. 5'/2 MONTH male AKC English Springer Spaniel pup, house trained, excellent hunter and pet, 1120.00. Call 1-643-2455 Breckenridge. RUMMAGE SALES BACKYARD SALE, Saturday,9 lo 5 Ml E. Adolphus. LARGE RUMMAGE sale at 630 E. Cherry on Tuesday, October i.-Bto 6.'Good variety of clothing in eluding coats, shoes and men's suits. Also toys, games, sKates, hockey gloves, books, housewares, curtains and misc. BUSINESS OPPOR. FOR SALE: Furnace cleaning business with all equipment. Including V«-ton pickup. 758-J933. WORK WANTED "BAKN STRAIGHTENING, raising or lowering. Guaranteed work. Free estimates — References. Everetle and Gary Puttbrese, Detroit Lakes. 216.847-6561. CEMENT WORK, experienced quality work, all kinds. 867 3214. WANT TO RENT WANT TO rent: One stall in garage near 504 W. Cavour. Call 734-6776 after 5:00. WANTED TO rent small, furnished apartment and garage — there or nearby — mature woman, alone. Don't smoXe or drinX. 736-3077. Ford sets S.D. visit After all the years I've been writing about nutrition, I am still surprised at the misconceptions many people have about the nutrients in the food they eat every day. As a teacher, I think that one of the best ways to find out how much, or how little, one really knows about a subject, is to answer some questions about it. So here's a little quiz: the subject is calories. If you have been reading this column, or for that matter, any informed wiling on nutrition, you should know the answers to these ten questions. If not, they are listed below. 1. Since this is a quiz on calories, can you describe just what a calorie is? 2. Which has more calories: a) a hard-boiled egg; b) a raw apple; c) a medium-size boiled potato? 3. Which has more calories; a) fat; b) protein c) carbohydrate? 4. True or false? A three- ounce slice of roast beef has more calories than three slices of white bread. 5. Ideally, what percentage of calories should come from the fat, protein and carbohydrate you eat each day? 6. True or false? Butter contains more calories than the same amount of polyunsaturated margarine. 7. How many extra calories add up to one pound of extra body fat? 8. True or false? Food eaten before you go to bed is more likely to cause more weight gain than the same food eaten for breakfast. 9. True or false? Exercise increases your appetite and your need for calories. 10. All foods but one have calories. What essential food has absolutely NO calories? Those are the questions. Here are the answers: 1. A calorie is a unit of energy — the measure of heat that is released when food is broken down in your body. So long as you eat the same number of calories your body burns up every day, you will neither lose nor gain weight. It's only when you take in more calories than you expend that weight-gain problems begin. 2. Hard-boiled eggs are the standby of many dieters. An apple is not supposed to have many calories. And potatoes? Well, the very thought of a potato Ls fattening. But the fact is that all three have about the same number of calories — 75 to 90 (so long, of course, as you keep the butter off the potato.) 3. Fat has the most: nine calories per gram. But what most people don't believe is that protein and carbohydrate, gram for gram, have exactly the same — four. 4. True. The beef actually has 270, or nearly one and a half times more than the bread, which has 190. 5. In the ideal diet, 30 per cent of the calories should come from fat: 12-16 per cent from protein: and54-58per cent from carbohydrates. The average American's diet, however, consists of up to 45 per cent fat and less than 40 per cent carbohydrate. The high fat content, most of it coming from animal fat, is one of the factors behind the high incidence of heart disease and stroke in the U.S. . 6. False. Butter and margarine both have the same number — 100 calories per teaspoon. The important difference is that polyunsaturates are good for your arteries. 7. One pound equals 3,500 extra calories. It soulds like a lot, but an extra martini at lunch and a piece of chocolate cake for dinner every day for a week will do it. Conversely, cut out 500 calories a day and you'll shed one pound in a week. 8. False. This is an old wives' tale that just won't die. A calorie is a calorie no matter when it's eaten, and the body's need for energy must be met whether you're awake or asleep. Obviously, you utilize fewer calories per hour when you're sleeping than when you're up and around. But it is the total number accumulated over the entire day that counts. 9. False. Studies show that regularly-done exercise is an excellent regulator of body weight and does not increase the appetite. 10. Water — plain water. If you answered all ten correctly, you are an exception. Eight correct answers and you can justifiably be proud. Six — you should try harder. And five or less puts you in the company of many people who take food and eating too much for granted. WASHINGTON (AP) Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski has asked that former White House aide Gordon Strachan, one of the Watergate cover-up defendants, be granted a separate trial. In a surprise move only five days before the trial of the six defendants is to begin, Jaworski acknowledged Thursday that Strachan faces special legal problems which should be aired before his case goes before a jury. Strachan's lawyer, John Bray, has already unsuccessfully sought to have the U.S. Court of Appeals throw out the charges against his client. While ruling Strachan must stand trial, the appeals court said his appeal raises "very troublesome issues." Strachan claims government used tainted evidence to indict him for obstruction of justice, conspiracy and lying to a grand jury. Strachan claims he made a deal with the original Watergate prosecutor, U.S. Atty. Earl J. Silbert, for immunity from prosecution in exchange for grand jury testimony against other Watergate defendants. When the deal fell through, Strachan claims the special prosecutor's office improperly used his grand jury testimony to indict him. ACtOSS 1. Workshop 4.ftench novelist 8. Swift ll.Hiwiliin baking pit 12.Gin$ol 13. Little gill 14. Pity 16. Sheldrake 17. Goal '18. Mother of Zeus 20. Tie 22. Cliff dwelleis 25. Stout 26. Philanderer 27. Concerning 28. Compass point 29. Hale 30. 21 clus 31. Party ji«r 33. Purchases 34. Dinner dish 35. Fondle 36.(thereal 38. Detective 41. Consonant 42. Diva's toite 4-4 Low 45. Obsolete 46.Run 47. This minute maanniroa aaaa aaan aran saa ana aaaana aa G3B3 aaa FlfflH E32] QQ QEiaflllE HUE r-Junior Editors' Quiz on— I BOTULISM aaau tannae SOLUTION OF YtSTHDAY'S PUZZLE DOWN 1. Pitcher's edge 2. Chalice 3. Lighter fluid 4. Camera ens 5. Harvest goddess 0 It ' Par limi 24 min. Af N<wif«jfur«l 9-M 6. Note of the scale 7. Boy's nickname 8. Customary 9. Twitching 10. Inquire 15. Masked 16. Obligation 18. Devastation 19. FlocV 20. Lively party 21. Bread spread 22. Luxurious 23. Carousal 24. Witnesses 26. Enemies 29. Abide 30. Fall 32. Tatter 33. Napoleonic symbol 35. Town map 36. Disturbance 37. Conger 38. Yellow other 39. Also '0. In what *ay? (2. Blood type 43. Artificial language WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House has announced that President Gerald Ford will visit South Dakota Oct. 16. A spokesman said no firm itinerary has been set, but said the President will probably visit Sioux Falls. ' The spokesman also said President Ford will campaign for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Leo Thorsness of Sioux Falls during the visit. **** : Auction Directory TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1 - I£ONARD & RAMONA WEBER, 3?i miles Southwest of Staples, 11 a.m., Jim Olson & E. E. Zaske, Auctioneers (Beef Cattle, Farm) TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1 - OTTER TAIL COUNTY, East side of Courthouse, Fergus Falls, 1 p.m. Warren E. Beckman, auctioneer (Cars & Misc.) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 — FLOREN & GEORGE MULLEN ESTATE, 12 miles Northeast of Underwood, 10 a.m., Lewis Tysdal, Auctioneer (Farm). SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 — ED B. CARLSON ESTATE, Section 8, Leaf Mountain Town ship, 12:00 Noon, Erwin E. Zaske and Jim Olson, auctioneers (Antiques, Household). SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5, - VERN & DOROTHY STROM, 2'i miles Northeast of Brandon, Ray Torgerson & Al Roers, Auctioneers. (Farm Machinery & Household) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 — ELVIN J. HOLM ESTATE, 7 miles Northeast of Underwood, 10:30 a.m., Warren E. Beckman, Auctioneer (Farm). FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11 — CARMAN BRAUD, 5'.4 miles North of Ashby, Ray Torgerson & Al Roers, Auctioneers (Farm Machinery & Cattle) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 - MRS. CLARA DAHL, in Brandon, Ray Torgerson & Al Roers, Auctioneers (Household) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26 - MR. & MRS. RONA1J) R. HAAK, 4 miles East of Brandon, Ray Torgerson & Al Roers, Auctioneers (Cattle & Farm Machinery) -**** Ode to segregated college housing By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: Your recent exchange of letters concerning coeducational living at college prompts me to think you might be amused by this song which I wrote, published and copyrighted a few months ago. Your constant reader, RICHARD L. GREEN, NEW HAVEN, CONN THE OLD FASHIONED CO-ED (To the tune of "Don't Send My Boy to Harvard, the Dying Mother Said") One busy Monday morning in the office of the dean A pretty girl with downcast eyes appeared upon the scene; The dean was brisk and businesslike; her slacks were neatly pressed; She asked the girl the reason why she felt herself distressed. "I'm dropping out," the student said, "although I'd ' hoped to stay; I'm sure that I could never last until Commencement Day; I know that coed living's great, but 1 cannot conform; I'll try to find some backward school that has a woman's dorm." Chorus: I did not come to college to lose my maiden flower; I came to work and study hard for every credit hour; For eighteen years I've walked upon the straight and narrow path: I do not want a football man to share my room and bath. "I cannot help you," said.the dean; "our policy is clear: In rich, mature relationships we do not interfere; If normal, heterosexual life is making you eo nervous, I would suggest that you consult our psychiatric service." "No, thank you," said the girl; "I know that here I don't belong; I'll try to find some backward place were folks say 'right' and 'wrong'." The tears were trembling on her lids; she quickly turned away; And as she closed the office door these sad words she did say: Chorus: I did not come to college etc. DEAR RICHARD: Beautiful! And bless your sweet whiffenpoof for sharing. DEAR ABBY: If an advertisement on TV or radio is repulsive to me, I refuse to buy the product, even if it's the cheapest of several brands. For example, the other day there were three different brands of toilet tissue on the shelf in a supermarket. One 1 had never heard of; another I had seen advertised occasionally, but not often; and a third whose TV commercials were so repulsive to me that I actually have changed the channel so I wouldn't have to look at it. i bought the middle brand. My wife disagreed. She wanted to buy the brand with the repulsive advertising because she thought it was the best quality. Who is right? Am I to ignore the repulsive advertising because of quality? Letters to the network don't help. I've written and complained, but the TV advertising gets worse. FRUSTRATED DEAR FRUSTRATED: You're complaining to the wrong people. Write to the president of the company whose product you refuse to buy because of the "repulsive" advertising and tell him why! If enough complaints cross his desk, he will inform his ltd agency that he wants some changes made. DEAR ABBY: Regarding the "38-year-old professional woman" who wants to have a child to find her "ultimate fulfillment," I have a few thoughts- My mother was just such a professional woman. She collected a husband, a daughter and a dog to "enrich" her life. The only one who was not damaged by the "enrichment" was the dog. Babysitters, housekeepers, boarding schools seemed to be the child's lot. Abby, I agree with your answer and strongly suggest she acquire a dog and two cats and call it a family. Using other human beings to fulfill oneself is worthwhile only if one can give as well as take. VICTIM Everyone has a problem. Wh«t's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self -address :d envelope, please. Hate to write letters? Send $1 to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Usky Dr., Beverly HiUs, Calif. 90212, for Abby's booklet, "How to Write Letters for All Occasions." HAGARTHE HORRIBLE QUESTION: What is botulism? * * * ANSWER: Botulism is a type of food poisoning caused by toxins produced by the bacillus clostridium botu- linum. The name comes from the Latin word botulus, meaning sausage. This disease was first recognized in the 19th century in Germany where patients had become ill after eating sausage. Symptoms of the disease appear about 18 to 36 hours after eating contaminated food. The chief symptoms are disturbances in vision, speech and swallowing and ultimately paralysis of the respiratory muscles. Botulism has a high mortality rate - about 65 per cent. Many people have been saved by a botulus antiserum administered shortly after contact with tainted food. Botulism is almost always caused by preserved foods which have been improperly processed. This form of bacteria lives in the ground and, when it invades food, requires long cooking at high temperatures to destroy it. For many years, botulism was associated with home- canned foods but recently it has occurred in connection with commercial canned food, although it is unusual. 9-28 (Eileen Engwall of New Britain, Conn., wins a prize for this question. You can win $10 cash plus AP's handsome World Yearbook if your question, mailed on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper, i? selected for a prize.) WHAT ARB YOU MY PALJ^MTSP I JUST FOfZSOT MY TAPE MEASURE WHAT A STUPID PLJNCE // TrW£ TME Th4lCP TIME WEEK \\& FORGOT TAPE MEASURE/ BLONDIE ERE'S CNLY ONE WAY • -, I'D WEAR THAT BEETLE BAILEY COOKIE, COMB you MAKRfEP? SHE WAS Teu.iN<5 MB SHE WAS ro DO ALL THE HENRY TIGER 9-za

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