The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on January 19, 1959 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1959
Page 9
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ANN!! TH" PAPERS rr LOOKS AWFUL BAD FOR MR. PLATINUM. THE dURVU DECIDE IT*-*. THE SKI-6UY WOOS OUR CAL CONVlNCINdLV. IS A RE&Jgf WT WMV CO THEY WATT At THE HE LUREP T ^ORDER-WHEN MINNIS S(r£,«5 HEE AWAY FROM THE U.S. ) AS GRATEFUL AS A PUPPY KK. -IN ORP6E TO HAVE A & HIS ATTENTIONS..* , WHAT IP 1 MUST MAKE LOVP TO H6C LOCAL CHICKS LOOK AT HIM -I'D MINNIE NEVEE. HOLP ON HER. IN AIR FORCE RESEARCH/ 70 KEEP HER HERE MARY WORTH ISN'T IT AM AIMS, MARY? I'LL WAGER YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YOURSELF! /•it !••• I'M NOT SURE I'M A PERSON I'D WANT TO KNOW CONNIE! VOItA! THE. MASTERPIECE IS FINISHED!—A GLA55 OF WINE,lOUETTE! I WILT FROM EXHAUSTION! IN THE STUDIO OF HENRI, MAITREdtBEAUTE MARY HAS SUBMITTED TO 55 MINUTES OF REFINED TORTURE!, AND NOW I PRISCILLA'S POP-By Al Vermeer MY HEIRLOOM VASE! PRISCILLA! LOOK OUT.' V OUR BOARDING HOUSE-With Major Hoeple • tii^niv^ u '" I / »H\ . _ _ ...._ , . >,X SEE/ ESAO. Vf BIRD'S A COUSIN OXFORD, ^ CKAMP/ VOU A!?£ ATRDE M THAT CONMOI55EUR.'— M PICTURE HIC//--THAT LAMD->) USED TO BE > AW8f?ANCH .... OP1H5FAM-& NO <| SIP OUT , ILV \ME(4T IN JfCHUMP $ OP THAT /WORE FOR >i-HE v 5J , PnvsicAu ^|WELL. '„ „,_ ( PROWESS •WArtpEEL6DMlA30l? ^THEAETS/ ft WITH •% VJlLL HUGO TtHGUISHED FORE^(6TORES, ALOlOG\) *H,<=o -, KjWROPM»N>^y|rW^^-i«!J^«K«.] ^•fe 5 ^!' 11 >->-/.-•. ii>>«fc» ^ AND TO THINK IT'S BEEN IN THE FAMILY SINCE MY GREAT, GREAT GRANDMOTHER! WHEWIE! I THOUGHT MAYBE IT WAS BRAND NENA/i .^fe i^i te/ 1EISHTH' ^PICTURE ON! OUR MEW (CALENDAR _ ISA , /GEMUIN& CREMBRAMDT M«C£i^£ «£5*6wJtf >s^r^?y ?f=t:4 -*= -IT. . . . .._:A\ORE 6\? AMD CARNIVAL-By Dick Turner OUT OUR WAY-By J. R. Williams OH.THEM-WHV, THEM'S LITTLE SIPE TRACKS SO OWE PERSOH KIM STEPA5IPE AW 1 LETAWOTHER PERSON PASS.' VES? WELL GO AMP GET THE SHOVEL ASAIM.' I'LL SHOW VDU HOW j WAMT IT PONE; WOT TH'PAK) CAKE TURNER...THE SHOVEL/ "Helen's parents surprised us last weekend. They didn't show up!" TIZZY-by Kate Osann Want Ads Have Bargains "One good thing about this report card—nobody's going to call me 'Egghead'!" IT PAYS TO READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS The main street of Helena,) U. S. War Department expendi- Mont., was once named "Lastjtures during 1789-91 were $623,Chance Gulch" by four discourag- 804. In 1944 and 1945 they were ed prospectors. They decided to;50 billion dollars each year, give up prospecting if they didn't find gold there. They found one ol the biggest gold strikes in history. Ordinary exhaust pipes on trucki seldom last for more than 40,000 miles. YOUNG HERO CAPTURES GANG SINGLE-HANDED Oogpatch- 1.1 I Ahnar V*K. ^_ hrAxa ^ ABNIft -WWLE WALL COMfC /M5£S, ? GOOC youMS MILL-BILLY NERO GIVEN ROUSING WELCOME HOME!! Dog r »tc\i'turned _.ouC'n.« body to CARTOONIST KATENTO AfHJLPBf AMOB1! YOUR..SALLY ISNY GONNA 'MARRV THAT OLD RICHEE FROM TEXAS AFTER ALL THE TOODLES MY UNCLE IRV51 f TEX LIN&LE AND SALLY A JEWELER 1 U • 1 I—I I - ^» fc*l_ f—II ^ l^ .-^/"^l, WERE PICKING OUT A SHETOLDMV , MA" ANDHETOTOJ I ENGAGEMENTRiN^SEE? ^AHN.TANp1 LwUjgE^^p _ s.WAS SALLYS - —^ S)®!!£ t f '//> HE < IT TO MAKE TEX KNEW \ KNOW HE WAS TOO ARCHIE f LOOK AT THRM! ^, TOGETHER WHAT DOES X UlKt ARMS AROUND EACH OTHER ARCHIE SEE „> PAINT AND IN .HiKunAri? I LOST BUDDIES.'/ lit. SICJ.TJNiNG.' THEY'RU 3O Y ARCH,VOU UNSUITED... 1 PONTHAVE RtiALLV HAVE 1 TO CHOKE /vew/.vv? IN COA^MON/ ..JU6T 'CAUSE 1 I FOUND A I THINK WE'VE GOT THE RISHT BASE. PR. /LUCAS. NOW, IP THIS V/ILL TURN OUT TO BE THE PROPER SYNTHETIC , STIMULUS... jr HERE'S VOUR CUNCH, PR. WRISHT. JUDD SAXON-By Kon Bald and Jerry Brondfield ~ " SON... I'LL BE BACK A MOMENT MORTY MEEKLE THE NEW CAR/ KNOW WHAT I' GOING TO CO THE FIRST TIME. I DRIVE IT? WOMEN HAVE AB60LUTEL.y LCXXOUTTHE WINDOW/ IJU6T PICKED IT UP. P'YA, THINK HE'LL) THAT WAS THE BRING THAT /IDEA OF HAVIMG CHARACTER /US PBOJECT HIM WITH 'IM? 1 BACK TEN MILLION 5.WA5NT IT? HELLO, CVERYBOCY.' FELLA5. STEP UP AND MEET THERE'S THE HI-5IGN...HE'S REAPY TO COMEBACKS WASH TUBES KEEP YOUR OPEW M W055VILL6 RED! T SURE. 1 HEAKD THEN JOIK) 05 ^ A SNOOPER WA« CHECkM U? ON DYNAMITE 6M.ES IN&T.ELVvOi FBI PROBkBLVl THtV NU4T THIMK STUPIPl WR OM HA.MP THW THBVtl. NEVER TKACei OF WWTIWS TWO WEEKS TO BLOW UP TH 1 piwevwu. SCHOOLiWElLW IT TOWORROW NI6HT1 TrT 500NKR Wt &BT KIP OF WIHJE65ES. M PIN THESE J085 ONTHEto WOU&f KIPPINCS OUR- 5CLVES.ULK WLLBBOPPAUS! PIMP MCK HER IV] THE BUGS BUNNY FRECKLES 1OU CAM WE [f 70 OP YOUR LOCKER SHELF/ A4R.-MIUCR. feEFORB KOO 6»VE LAW FfNAL.6RAPE 1 WAUffc SHOW YOU SOMETMIM6/ AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD § Monddy, Jan, 19, 193? 9. SHORT RUS I WHO STOLE MORSE? r- I JACOBY'S BRIDGE Written for NBA. Rtrvlce The Women's team champions of the United States are four brlilfe* tenchera. Carlyn Brail and Bea Gale ot New York, Peggy Rotzell of Phll- atlelplUft and Sally Johnson of Wcst- > port, Conn. In one of the hands that contributed to their victory Ben, sitting North, put Sally In a spade grand slam. Both the bidding and play are Worthy of study. Bully's two and four spade bids showed a solid spade suit plun something on the side. Bea'i five diamond bid showed first round control of that suit as did Sally's tlvt heart bid. Bea felt fully justified then to bid the grand slam. West'c diamond was the best opening lead and Sally saw that the grand slam depended on making two club trlr.ks. It would be u cinch It they would break 4-2 or better but Sally Is Romcwhat like Pessimistic Pete. Bhe makes it a point to guard against Norm 11 WBST EAST *7M 43 VKJ1061 ¥Q»84 * J 10 B 8 •762 AT #KJ10M SOUTH 4AKQ109S3 VA7 • 54S .*' Ifo one vulnerable North But Sooth Wrtt 1 * Piss 2 4 Pass 34> Pass 44 Paw 5* Pass 5V Pass 7 4 Pass Pass Pau . Openinf lead— • J bad breaks whenever posslbl* an* •tie did so this time. She eaw that one trump lead WM a luxury that might lead to bankruptcy so after winning the diamond In (lummy aha played the ace of clubs and ruffed a club with the spade nine. She got back to dummy with a sec- cud high diamond and ruffed another club with the spade ten. A small trump lead to dummy's eight allowed her to ruff another club with the •pade quetn. Dummy was once more m-eutered with the Jack, of trumps and another club ruffed, finally setting up dummy's queen. Now she pulled West's last trump and claimed tb>- tiand. For Leisure Time Oet out your Mt»p bag, collect odd* and end* from &l«od«. an4 m«k« easy quilt. A »crap quilt tfe»t irtU you. Four patcbe» »at« oi tu? block. Pattern VM: oj»rt, tern ol patche*. dlrecUoos, yudWA|,' S»nd TWrtj - lit* CtAtl (oolwrtoi thU pattern — »dd 8 o«DU tor «w>5i pattern for lot - claw mtlllng, —' lo TOE HERALD. Neadiecriff .. P. O. Bos 169. Old Ob*lM» 6Ut: Kew Yorfc 11. S. ST, l«Ot '

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