The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 1, 1934 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1934
Page 4
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\ PAGEFOUtt tH£ MALVEftft rdWA, MAftCtt i, 1934 . T. M. BraseTton fromt of Hastings was In Thursday And made our office ait appreciated can. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Seaton entertained at dinner Sunday for Mr. aftd Mrs. A. s. Marshall, Mr. And Mrt. Reuel Harman an ttfcfcie, Mrt. Nellie Donner, Mit Helen Marshall, and Mat Ireland Be* On* frew Spring ftfttt $3.96. — Randersoit's. adv Ray Allensworth asks us te change the address of hit Leade from Strahan to Emerson this week as he Is moving to the James Dnrbln Marry Evans, farm Vacated by R. ti. Pollltt asks us to change the Address of his Leader this week from imogene to Olenwood A son, weight nine and a quarter pounds, was horn to Mr. and Mrs. Wtlhert Bond north of Mai- tern, Thursday, Feb. 22. lie has been aa;ned Robert Kaye. Mrs. Bond was formerly Miss Ine* Landlt. We extend congratulations. Mrs. Oscar Briley was able to be brought home from the Hand hospital In Shenandoah early last week. She had two nasal opera* tions while there and was in the hospital ten days. She is now slowly Improving but is still con* fined to her bed. Miss Wllina Bieknell of Tabor is staying at the Brileys and helping care for her. New Spring Beau Brummell Shirts, $1.36. — Randerson's. adr Mrs. J. A. Fletcher went to Council Bluffs Wednesday of last week when she entered the Jennie Edmundson hospital and on Thursday morning underwent a major operation from which she is recovering nicely. GJendon WiflltAt left Friday lot Chicago on a business trip of several dayt duration. W. H. Allison Wat down from Omaha Friday attending the horse tale and called to Advance their Leader subscription another year. ftew 8p¥tt£ Oifordt $4J0, calf skint. — Ranflerson's. adv. Ctrl Paulson returned last Proof that the New Maytag Washer satisfies in this area, 12 purchasers since Jan. 1. The Maytag, with electrical equipment . . , 79.50 The Aluminum Maytag, gas engine equipment . . , 99.60 W.L. Smith Dealer : : Malvern week from Detroit, Mich. Where he spent several days in the Chrysler and Dodge factory. He drove back A new model coupe. Mrs. Frank 6arst of Sterling, Hi. came home with htm from sterling and it visiting the Paulsons and other old time friends. O. A. Johnson from north of town was in yesterday and made our office A little visit. Mr. and Mrt. Forrest Klrby and J. A. Fletcher drove to Council Bluffs Tuesday evening to visit Mrs. Fletcher at the Edmnndson hospital. Mrs. C. M. Follett returned the first of the week from a couple months visit with her daughter, ifrs. Fred Colby, and family at ieaumont, Texas. New Spring CAJW, $1.89. — landerson's. adv. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nazarene nd daughter, Joanne, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Nazarene and family, nd Miss Fern Anderson, all of Red Oak were Sunday dinner guests in .the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Brenning. A. Warner who with his son, Bill, have had charge of the National Refining company here for Dome time past, have given up the station here and this week are moving back to Shenandoah. We are sorry to lose them from Malvern but wish them well in their new home. Dr. I. U. Parsons attended the Southwest Iowa Post Graduate Medical group meeting Tuesday evening, Feb. 27, in Council Bluffs. They had a 6:30 o'clock dinner together at the Chieftain hotel and the program Immediately after that. The guest speakers were Dr. Bendlzen of Davenport who discussed Fractures of the Elbow Joint, and Dr. Fred Smith, professor of medicine In Iowa University who discussed Coronary Artery Disease. There were forty doctors present to hear these discussions. New Easter Ties, 65c, — Randerson's. a«| r , Mrs. O. A. Strahan and Mrs. Edythe Mackey attended the Trans-Mississippi Beauty show and convention held at Hotel Fontenelle In Omaha Tuesday. They report a fine meeting with many new features and helpful Ideas. D. L. Darland from north of Hastings was Jn town yesterday. Mr. Darland has bought a farm down near Sidney and they are moving there today. Mrs. Lloyd Short who has been teaching the Reasoner school near Glenwood resigned the past week and Miss Veryl Davis of Olenwood is the new teacher. Fred Farquhar drove to Lincoln last Thursday on business. His mother, Mrs. Clara Farquhar, returned home with him for an extended visit. She went to College Springs Tuesday for a two days visit with relatives. There was only a fair sized crowd at the E. R. Laughlin sale west of Strahan Tuesday but they were there with their buying clothes and things generally sold well. Considering the day it was an unusually good sale. THEATER Malvern Friday and Saturday, March 2 » 3 Tto McCoy }n "SILENT MEN" A«4e4 Shorts, |o c ana 85c, Sunday, Monday, March 4 « § Wodnwday, Mwrch 7, Big Bwgftin Night 4<*» Mto4»Mi WHIM WIHWl to A Mtoi* Mr. *a« Strt. R. W. Satyert and Mrs. George F. salyert spent Friday te Om*h* where Mr. BAt yen Attended A dealers' eonveh Won. Drt. Kline and Kline report th following ttrtht the past wee* a se-ren pound ton to Mr. tat Mrs. P. R. Kettey, Jr.. of Hast Ings, Feb. 21. He hat been named Wetsdell Hugh. A teven and one- half pound son to Mr. and Mrt W. O. Croushorn of Malverti. Feh 22. He has been named Wimam Stanley. A tit and three-quarte pound ton to Mr. and Mrt. Walter Knop of Strahan. Feb. 24. Re h*S been named Olen Walter. A sii and three-quarter pound ton to Mr. And Mrt. Raymond Aehen- baeh of Strahan. Feb. is. He has been darned James Harold. A tit and three quarter pound daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kelso of Malvern. Feb. 25. Rev. L. R. Bobbin met With quite a serious accident last Soft- day morning while returning front his preaching appointment at the church north of Olenwood. White north of Olenwood his CAT skidded And jammed into the fence wrecking it pretty badly but fortunately Mr. Bobbltt escaped with very alight Injury. Our good friend, Hugo Poft* tow, from northeast of town was In yesterday and called to Ad' vance his subscription another year, a regular habit with him. This made hit thirty-fifth year. He has taken The Leader ever since hit marriage. Mr. Pontow is one of our substantial farmers and it flatters us not A little when men like him come In and tell us how long they have been taking The Leader and then plank down the price for still another year. T. L. Salyers had business in Olenwood Tuesday. Crawford, GaW« at Empra* Next Church TIB HEALY fOABK SABLE end JOAN CRAWFORD t '»„ ** ***"»*•» *DAN£IN6 LADV* Afc*te are shown red He*fy,Cl*rk Gable, aitd Joan er»wtefd whtt eotne la the Emctess theater Sunday, Monday, And f ttetdAy In * dAi«itBg comedy dnctlon, "bancin* Ladv." Gilbert Good has been down to Hamburg the past week visiting *t the old home And recuperating A little teem the accident he ha<! a few Weeks ago, when he and Harold Boehner were forced off he highway between here And Olenwood. Marlon Wtthelm front north of town WAt ia this week And Ad* vanced his Leader Another notch. subscription . Good Mturte? Then Dance at Randolph Friday, March 1 adv J. R. Graves from over near Balfour was in Monday And called to check up for Another year's reading of The Leader. LOCAL SPORTS Emersonian* Too Many for Orioles Local* Drop Final Home Game Here Friday Evening Playing a team which they had defeated twice earlier in the season, Malvern high school Orioles dropped their last home game of the year Friday evening when they lost to Emerson 32 to27. Although scrappy throughout the tilt, the Orioles seemed unable to cope with their opponents. Using a high passing type of play Emerson kept the ball most of the time during the game and waited until an opening permitted scoring. Tall Center Patrick of Emerson, adept at getting the tipup, was his team's main scoring threat and dropped six field goals through the hoop during the evening. He scored 13 points against the Orioles. Summers, who carried the brunt of the scoring for Malvern, had the misfortune to sprain his ankle slightly which handicapped him greatly during the latter part of the tilt. Even the second string, ordinarily the scrappiest of quintets, seemed listless in the preliminary and barely managed to keep in front of the Emerson seconds to win, 12 to 7. The box score; Emerson, 32 Ballain, f Shaw, f Pickerel, f Patrick, c Davis, g - , Edie, g . Malvern, 27 Summers, r » Fazel. f - , Jackson, c * Gary, g Benton, g Conner, g - fg 3 - 3 0 0 1 1 fg 5 2 1 0 1 0 ft Pf pts I 7 I 6 0 0 1 13 0x0 0x0 in Ox? 3 2 2x3 2 4 ft pf pts 3x6 2 13 2X4 2x3 0x0 0x0 2x2 2 Eighth Grader* Defeat Seventh, Sixth Quintet* Eighth grade athletes proved themselves junior high's finest Thursday evening when they met and defeated both the seventh, and eighth grade teams la the Community building. In the first match, the seventh graders couJ4 make but one ftelfl goal, allowing the eighth to win, 1 1 to 4. When they cUshe4 wfob, the sixth, the eighth graders uniim* hered their scoring Bjacfetoe, r»» UP a 36 to ?2 victory. Qo tbe win* ntng five ware SJrie Hail, RoJwrt £er4«w, James Bwajfl, Junior feWMon. Arnold K«4*D, R.ate*rt Smith. QIJ the seventh «tfinj! Hedging. ]a the sixth KftlgW, P«4*w, The new a§vy 4e*tro.yw Uuuchwl at Brooklyn 8J, »n4 WM trtato "•!*«"»!•*' Mott Catche* Two Foxes in Hunt North of Town When Malvern firemen staged their side fox hunt about a month ago, they chose the wrong area for their Attack. Instead of going south of town John Mott went north of town last Friday and with Chas. Shenefleld, soon caught two foxes. No novice At this sport, John Mott's catch Friday ran his bag up to six for the winter season. Southwest IOWA sportsmen wanting good hunting now must Almost confine their hunt* to foxes as Raynard is Almost the only member of our wild life not now enjoying the protection. •tAte't '«$.• beneflclent Strahan Quintet Avenges Defeat Only twice this year has the Stratum Independent basketball team been defeated. Wednesday evening the husky cagers avenged one of those defeats when they met and defeated the Johnson Clothes Shop of Tabor, 36 to 16 on the Strahan floor. With fast stride, Tabor opened the game well, led the Strahan athletes 12 to 10 at tbe half. Stratum thereafter opened up a scoring combination which allowed Tabor little time for offense and ran the score up to a more than to 1 victory. KONERS rU IftKOBCt, }« Wb»tt % woman, uA feabit {§ whja M toil W« bftt «B when be comes BONB88 wrt ifitUil teMMfttK A-W& AsM0d m ' 4o Mtber U § At bath father WP * ni-jflB »V§WWB» « wlw ten , A rtesilm i§ • |of »-*^/^*%VW, ' --..WkT ~ " >W M r ,ifiVn^ Mfi, Edith Bttthfieti Barkut Announce* for County Clerk Mrs. Bdllfi Bushnell Barkus of Malf em it thto week taking out nomination papers for the Republican nomination tor clerk of the district court. Mrs. Barkus Is Weil qualified for the position the* seeks And worthy in every respect And it receiving A lot* of encouragement from the voters the meets. Card of We wish to express our sincere Appreciation to the many kind friends and neighbors who did to much to lighten the burden in the death of our dear husband and father. We especially wish to thank Rev. J, F. Stllle for his consoling words. Those who rendered so beautifully their services in song and beautiful flowers, also Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Comer for their able and efficient manner in conducting the funeral. The kindness of all will ever be cherished. Mrs. Miles Stephens and children. Silver School Newt Those having perfect Attendance are: Betty Conger, Nancy Conger, Dorothy Johnson, Grant Burger, Hazel Lamm, Arthur Duff, Flora Johnson, Wllbert Roenfeld, Lee Duff, and Bobby Conger. Honor roll for this six weeks: Delpha Gilbert, 94 2-S%; Mar- Hn Richardson, $1%; and Billy '''~~' ' Real Ettate Trantfert Record of instruments filed in the offices of tbe Recorder and Clerk of District Ctfurt of Mills county, Iowa, from Jan. 19, 1934, CMrtt* Roy B. dfof eter , PAtin* tie -^ttter we*th*f ctfi fft on the aiten&mce tttt Suntfaf W* outht to do «MK* feetfer ftext Sttndat ef en If th« day l» «s had as last Sunday b«- can«« we are getting used to the •winter ^refcthef. RetHetnb*r that . h«tt Sunday it the first Sttftday et cmt Lotnttt the way to reach the goals In this campaign It to statt the first Sufi- day And theft keep oh. Bring the test et fonf and your smiles to the church At 7:30 p. to. today (Thursday) and plan to hare an hour of pleasant idciAi feitewthip, f en will fid doubt enjoy tne ptogratn, games, fted tetfethmentt the committee it arranglnt. The W. F. M. 6. will teeet with Mrs. R. W. Salyers this week day At 1:80 p. fn. Mft, W. P. Worttnan will be the leader. Services next Suaday will be At follows: Sunday school At id And worship At 11 A. in.; young peo* pie's service .At 8:80 p. m., And the ete&ing worship service at 7:80 o'clock. Notice that the tec* end worship service has been put to the later hour. This it to Alt the evening services throughout the weeks of the evangelistic meetings will be At the same hour. A Vacation Church School In* stitute will be held In the Methodist church At Sidney next week Wednesday, March 7. We Are hoping that At least the minister's car will be filled with persons who want to go there to earn more about this important work of the church, Registration will be at 9:30 a. m. and ad- ournment at 4 p. m. The Instl- ute team will be the Reverends ?. H. Carman and H. C. Rice and Mrt. L. E. Rlpley. Keep the evenings from March Lot 967, Olenwood cemetery. 8 A. m, (One deed filed, but not of record). John A. Smith to J. Ray Smith (Q. C. D.) II. NW% 16-7240. C. H. Brandt et A! to Henry Brandt (Q. C. D.) f 1. Tract in 11-78-44. Albert Schoenlng to Oeo. H. Bada (Q. 0. D.) fl and V. C. 100 acres In 21-73-48. C. H. Mtntle to Joe B. Davis (W, D.) $8000. 26 acres in 1-72~~V , ^mrBiuut'auH~ ~ 3* Clyde B. Edmondson to 0, T. Harover, Admr, (W. D.) $600, Ix>tt 4 and 6, Sec, 10, Hender- ton. Trustees Olenwood Cemetery to If to »5, extept Battrrday. for the church, thai ft m period of gpwefai *ta»tei!«tfe wm it be eeld Stt&dayl w* do not know, ffcft ttgli pwlnt that way. tt it is cott will we come to church and Strndiy school? That depettdt laf geiy on otir in- tetest fft the church, the Bible, and Chrlstiaftity. W« shtll loot tot you. ton ire welcome. Sunday mofhluf m feetih A series 6t Pre-Sftttef tBetmget. We Af « 6nly A iaohth AW4y from Eaglet. Mittien Clrcte Ffidty with Mft. Mcintire. A delegate to • contention of liquor dealett in the dtyt of the dpen saloon said: »dttt success depends largely upon th« creation of Ait appetite fot drink, the open field fdt thlt is Among the boys. We shall need to do ftittlonary work among them. Nickels tot treata BOW tor boyt wilt return dollars after awhile in our tills. Above Ati things creAte Appetite." We Ate la the tame period now And the same helllth ttethodt Aft being used. '-I; ; -,*, l*red>yt<*ian Church The Ladies' Social Union will meet this (Thursday) afternoon with Mft. L L. Conner, at g a. m.. to Jan. 86. 1984. At Benj. B. Lincoln (Deed) $100 SEE Landis Before You Buy DeLaval Separators at $45 and up Brooders $9.95 and up Oil Stoves $12 and up Free — Aluminumware and stove set included with each range sold for $69,60 or more. Sec Our Lino of P«int» lOc Enamels up to House Paint at $1.95 per gal. ^^ Used Heater* $85 stove for $18.50 Used Coperplate HARDWARE VVI MALVERN FRUIT & GROCERY CO. 1 * Specials tor Friday -Saturday — — > . " ^^ FLOUR COOCH'SBEST * PIU$BURY'S BEST "f- TRIUMPH w m-w W 1.59 «UPKE|S •UKSUINH FRUITS S^attiiKfC-^lfl.-:^ '*, /-- . E ^ r*'. jw'wnBwBilMMB'iBHR 'iftiff 8 55c fc- !»-„ '•JL* t,t. • APPLES, WINESAPS DfeLICIQUS APPLES CRAPE FRUIT ? or TANGERINES S QBMtir, 5S? ORANGES ff MM fltl "* CELERY UHWQE - flP^^^W^jR^WW^ 45c 456 ft, 20c >^^i^^9ffifc. ft

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