The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on February 16, 1933 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1933
Page 3
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«»; -,,v- THE BAKERSPfELD CALIFORNIAN, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1933 •Worth $2.661,985,000 Ndw and $3,195,632,000 One ; Year Ago ' ' r <*-- Pre*» Lentad Wires WASHINGTON, Feb. 16.— Livestock on farms of the country on January of this year WHS vnlued today by the department of agriculture at $2,6(H,986,000, BH compared' with $3,186,632,000 , on January 1 a year ago and $4, -163,- j 902,000 on January 1, 1931. j .Horses and colts numbered 12,613,000, or 80,2 per cent- of the previous your, and , were valued at $858,684,000, A or $64.15 a head, as compared with $674,611,000, or $63.37 a head the previous year. Mules Mules and mule colts numbered , 4,081,000, or 97.9 per -cent of the previous year, and were valued at $300,391.000, or $60.31 a head, as compared with $308,617,000, or $60,64 a head the previous year. Cnttlc and calves numbered 66.129,000, or 103.9 per cent of the previous year, nnd were valued at $1,297.828,000, or $19.93 as compared with $1,668,742,000, or $26.68 a head the previous year. Sheep und lambs numbered 51,680,000 or 96.8 per. cent of the previous year, aiid were valued at $149,644,000, or $2.90 u hend, as compared with "$181,061,000, or $3.40 a head the previous year. Swine Swine. Including pigs, numbered 150,716.000, or 102.8 per cent of the pre- 'vlcniN your, and were valued at $256,,138,000. or $4.21 a head, aa compared with $362.511,000,. or $6.14 a head the previous year. Cows and heifers numbered 26,136,- OOp, or 102.7 per cent of the prevloua year,' and were valued at 732,749,000, or.$2Di15 u hend, us compared with $968.274,000, or $39.67 a head the previous year. . Heifers (Included In cows and heifers) numbered 4,641,000, or 99.1 per ucnt of the previous year. EIGHT SUICIDES IN 24 NLA.AB fUnllfd Press Leaned Win) I..O.S AXOEMSS, Feb. 16.— Eight suicides within 24 hours were re- 0 ported by police today with victims selecting methods of self-destruction ranging from pistol bullets to the steel wheels of an Interurban train. Charles Love, 32, former property man , for Hurry Langdon, film comedian,' shot nnd killed himself In his hotel room. Ills body was found after friends nnd associates had missed him since Saturday. The body of Prank Weidlor, 20- year-old bookkeeper, -was found lato last night In the teller's cage of the bank where he was employed. The youth had shot himself. An unidentified man walked into the Pacific Electric tunnel on Hill street, stretched out across th'e tracks and died when a oar passed over his • body. Ill health und financial difficulties were assigned as motives for most of the suicides. Full Definition of "Doe" Gains Man's Acquittal (Attooitted Press Leaned Wire) *• SACRAMENTO, Feb. 18. — A. "doe," argued John S. Qarbarlnl In quoting the dictionary, may be • female deer, antelope, hare, rabbit or kangaroo. The Third District Appellate Court agreed and ordered Oarbarlnl released . from Custody In Calaverae county where he was convicted of "killing a doe." Presiding Justice John F. Pullen, In writing the decision, said It was obvious dalaveras authorities Intended charging Qarbarlnl with killing a female deer but that the complaint merely referred to a doe. _, "Reduced" to Its ultimate absurdity," Justice Rullen stated, "the charge Is that the defendant 'did Wilfully and unlawfully' kill an animal,' We cannot? say that such a complaint would charge a public offense." OF (Associated Frets Leased Wire) NEW YORK, |i"eb. 16.—A schoolboy leader of a- children's "secret society" was accused today of plunging a knlfo into the heart of n lad he blamed forj automatically violating a boyish oath not to "snitch." Harry Murch, 15, confessed, detectives said, that he Inveigled 12-year-' old William Bender Into an abandoned house In n forsaken section of QUCCIIH, trussed him with • saHhwelght cord, rammed a gag Into his mouth, then killed him with a nocketUnlfe. • . The body was found yesterday after ollce httd searched more than two veekss Police said the society, playing as angsters and pirates, prowled t at light in the lonely district, swearing ach other to secrecy with childish lies. Once,'they said, Murch beat a •oung womun, and Bender told his elatlves about It. Murch watched his chance for re- •enge. Says Dropped Prosecution to Save Husband, Mother Front Jail (drilled Press Leased Wire) 'PHILADELPHIA, 'Feb. 16.--Angered by the claims of Investigators that she had failed properly to Identify her attackers, Mrs. Thalia Mussle broke her silence today to miike known ,that she dropped prosecution In. the sensational .case only to save her husband and mother from jail. Honolulu authorities, Mrs. Massle said, had offered to commute the sentence to,one year If she would leave Hawaii •Immediately. When the offer was refused, they offered to commute the sentences to one hour. ''This offer we accepted, and shortly afterward we left 'Hawaii," said Mrs. Massle, who explained she was speaking . because of the aspersions cast upon her by Honolulu authorities in i "whitewashing" the dase against four j Hawallans charged With complicity In ! "her assault, which precedetl the kid- | naptng and murder of Joe Kahnhnwnl. : ".This -.whitewashing that Governor '»! Judd Issued was entirely unnecessary," declared Mrs. Massie indlpr- nantly. "I was not to appear against : these men. and consequently no ovl- ! dence could be submitted. The In- ] dlctmcnts would have been quashed j and quietly." i Seven Killed and 20 Hurt in Panic, Riot / Associated Frets Leased Wire) ATHENS, Greece. Feb. 16.— Seven workmen were killed and 20 others Injured during a panic caused when policemen fired shots In the air to break up- a Communist meeting at Salonika. A collapsed when the crowd suddenly rushed to get out of the building. Eighty were arrested. Two policemen were hurt. TABLES TURNED • EL PASO, Texas, Feb. !«.— The tables were turned on a burglar who tried to rob a cleaning shop of a complete outfit of clothing. The man hat disrobed preparatory to donning a new suit and other clean clothing wben he was surprised by the watchman. No' Having time to dress, the man fle< from the shop in the nude. Safe Pleasant Way TO LOSE FAT How would you like to - lose 16 pounds of fat in a month and at the same time Increase your energy an< Improve your, health? How would you like to lose ypu •double chin and your too promlnen hips and at the same time make you skin so clean and clear that -it wll compel admiration? How would you like to get VOUL weight down to normal and at the same time develop that urge fo activity that makes work a pleasun . and also'gain in ambition and keen ness of mind? Get on the scales today and Bee how much you weigh—then get a bottle o Kruschen Salts which will last you ,fo 4 weeks and costs but a trifle. Tak • one. half teaspoonful in a glass of ho water before breakfast every mornlni —cut down on pastry and fatt meats—go light on potatoes, butter cream and sugar—and when you hav finished the contents of this firs bottle weigh yourself again. Now you will know the pleasant wa_ to lose unsightly fat and you'll als know that the 6 salts of Krusche: i have presented you with glorious health. To . take off fat harmlessly ant SAFET-iV, take Kruschen every morn Ing—don't worry—it's the SAFE wa; to reduce. But be sure for your health's sak_ 'that you nsk for and get Kruschen Salts. Get them at eastern Drug Co Service Drug Co., Hughes Drug Store 19th and Chester, or any drugstor in the world and if the • results on bottle brings dp. not delight you—d not Joyfully s'atlsfy you—why mone: back.—Adv. DR. VAN METER ' CA'MFUL OKNTIST Nw tew »rlM« u item t»i li *tr tw* 1421 Nineteenth 8tr«et Atriu Fran Wdll'i " '•• Ptitm 178 ) Mrs. Muscle announced she hnd wired Clnrenre Diirrow. fnmoiis Chi- 1 cago criminal lawyer .who defended ' the "honor" slnycr.d, and may taUe j "further acitlon" after hearing from i him. j Her mother, Sirs. Oranvllle For- ' tescne, her husband and two naval enlisted men. were convicted for the I slaying and served an hour's sentence In the custody of authorities. HELD AS DESERTER WASHINGTON, Keb. 15. (A. P.)— Lieutenant Charles Boone Hanes, who disappeared from Fort Bliss, Texas,, in January, 1932. was arrested at a ho-i tel today on charges of desertion ^ind embezzlement. an EXTRAORDINARY or 3 Pairs No matter WHAT you have to do tomorrow, don't do It! Cancel all engagement*, but plan to be here promptly when the doors open. It will be well worth yo6r while. Remember, these are NOT the kind of socks 20c usually buys. If not specially purchased, you'd pay at least 35c. Choose from all over patterns: two-tone effects . . . clocks . . . spirals . . . jacquards In all colors with plenty of black In each pattern. Sizes 9'/j to 12 Reinforced double sole, high spliced heel, made of soft, strong yarns. Buy ./for months to come. Men's Shop Main Floor DEPARTMENT STORE- Opportunity of a Lifetime for man or woman willing to put up $2000 to assist in promoting a local enterprise. This money will qualify you to receive .a $6000 paid-up interest that can be expected to return very large profits. Your money fully secured by first mortgage on desirable improved real estate consisting of 100-fopt frontage on main highway, suitable for business or residential purposes. Now improved with attractive three-year-old home with modern conveniences and hardwood floors throughout. Fine soil and full bearing fruit trees and grape vines, ' water for irrigation and domestic use. You can have income from property which should produce at least $180 a year. For full particulars write to Box M-7, The Bukersfield Californian. BUY AMERICAN ^^^^^^_ ^^^^^__ , _^^^ ,^—^ ^ ^^.^_ ^^^_ — ^^ a , MJf^J M. ^•Li.TAA^JLWJLV/AKJ.^ •TT%Tr^ M^ MiTT^9.'sCi - • = BKUUV fr HF.TTF.P VALUES f Friday and Saturday Newest Things for Spring D Rf'S S bright^ That is good fashion advice . . . we will be glad to have you look over the latest arrivals in our Fashion Floor . . . You'll find inspection an inspiration . . . and they cost so little for such distinguished modes. 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