Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on October 3, 1890 · Page 2
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 2

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1890
Page 2
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mVWM AND DEMOCRAT. KDITIIBIAIJ .WiTN. 1 MU>M nil nloUK Hie lino I'O.MIPH WMIMK nf eni'oiinigeiiioiit. Tin' State ticket is ri.- ceiviiiK ftplemliil sii|ij.,,rt. MIV ! the i-oumy ticket will be elcetetl 11. ; n , tin to 1» icm. ('. W. tlio support 'ii all e will make nn Initio ntive in the- State < 'i :i>ii;i sses ill" ;. nisei alili i-ui^iatiire Willi III' at li'lir, I ,t'i •ienl- hi* majority lie a rousing .me. STATE TICKET. T. J. (JK\HV's I'Ollst of tlliH enllllty n cpletidiil Hiuvess, stiltiiijr from them, next Oontriewnmn l,y IUIKI III! meelin^ a iiml at U'iilitH, «cn tint nnii'li pi.ill i- re 'leitrv uiil lie oil iiuiju'-it y. I. N«w VotiiiK Precincts. The f. .llowiny onlorw relalin^ ehniiKfN in vntini; prpeiiielfi am! the f.-ir- niali.'ti ol new prerinrts luive heen mucin !iy i I '.nanl of Snp-.-,\ js,.rs. THtl MEAT OF THE TWO Vhi TFOHMt Democratic. I Repub.icau. NEWS OF On July Sih | MK p> t||,, v.ore maile liy tlie I'.nani ivilli li.iiihii,ir:f~ i l"win£ orders I'V I 'MllMMll-il tillil '-IH -lli:,- HI ii 'Hill In-tin 'li tin\-i 111 H'l^c ill FOR GOVERNOR, EDWARD 8. POND, (IF SAN KHANI 'lM'cl. LIKUTEH ANT-tfOVERNOR, R. V. DEL VALLE, 'IF l.i IS A.MiKI.KS. i iiir.r iriiiii; J. A. .STAN I. V AUmiiU AHSII, 1ATK .11 MTIcr.i' JAC'vSiOS HATCH Isluirt t..|T,.) Huuta flam JAMKH V. C'OFFKY tlniiK teruil Sun l'rHm'I'.o UKOnOK II. SMITH llnliK U'rtii) I.ii*i#la .SF.eilKTARY UK *T.ITK. W. 0. IIKNIIHIUKN Unite i-i»TKoLI.Kll, JOHN I'. Ol'.WV Sun Frauclwii ST.ITK Til KASl'ItKU, ADAM IIKKOI.1) I'liim* A'miKNKV ilK1KH.ll. WAI.TV .K O. HUAVKA Sun K IMII W ' leitVKVllltuKNKhAr, STANI.KV R. IMiOM HIIIIIIK.1,11 Sl-l'KRINTKNIlKNT OK 1THI.IC I.N.HTRI .'I TIOV, II. V. 1IAI.1, siM'RKMK .1. D. HPKNOKH ..Sau Mate:. m-p.T ll.KHK, HUM I>1*TI.I« T, T. 3. OKAltV... RAII.RO.tll <<»I,HIKNIONRlJN. FIRST nUTIUiT, ARC111I1AI.D YELL Mi -mlociw HOARD OF »:<|l AMZAI 1<>>. KICHAItD II. rilll;i> III.STRHT, RKAMLK STATE .SENATOR. SIXTH Hl."Tl! I' 'T, Tin: elerti 'in nl' .1. .1. Mnrmw fur I'niiii- ty Clerk is a guarantee thai (lie Imsiness of the Coiinty Clerk's iitlire will be roti- ilueteil wilh nioie ellii-ietu'v than il has been for the past I'mir vears. There is certainly room for mncb iinprowment. l''t:w men have ever lilleil an olliee wiili more sutistaction to the people than Assessor t'. I'. Smith atnl his administration of tilVturs will receive n well mer" iltvi endorsetneiit, in the shape of n larjre majority nt the election in N.ivoniber. j THAT muss nt fabrication ami iimomloes I from " Observer," in last week's Jlipub- \Uean I'eesf is ulnuwt too contemptible to ;' notice at all. We have so often proved ! his nU'.U'metits to be utterly unworthy of i any credence whatever that we consider • it superfluous to d .i so iiijuin. i STANKOHD'H liiiiiiiii-'ors are be^'innin^ to ! push his senatorial Mitlit with considerable ( energy, and a bit,'etl'ort, will he made to! capture close Assembly and Senatorial I districts. The people oi this county will ': do what they can to defeat Mr. Stanford ! by electing C. \V. Tiiuinll to the Assem! hiy. ! J. M. STANIU.KY is known tlironghoiil : the length and breadth oi ibis Slate as ! one of the very best sherilfs that ever | held othce. lie is preeminently fitted ! for the place, and a majority of the peo- : pie oi Mendocino count v ]iro|iose to reflect him to that important position : Krom till over the county come assnr- 1 iinees of his success on election dav. J. II. SEAWKLI... COUNTY TICKET. tikluli Point Areiifl .. Shcrwonil il'l'i:h[iiL n.Di'K. R. SUOAUVKY.... A .S .iK.MUI.YM.l V, 0. W .TINUALL .UIKtll.'F, J. M STANOLKY cirVTY il.KHK, J. J. MORROW n.CM'i TRKA.sC R KH. D. M. nilisON DI.sTR!',T AlTliRVEV, J. Q . Winn: IIII'.NTY I'.Kl OKIIKH, P . o. AI.BI;KTS/IX • rlllllll. <(' I' KKI XTKN |,KST MRS. S. W, tIASKKTT COIiliMilt AM' I'llll.H ADMlM-iTKAT'lK. DA Yin CAI4SOX lint Sinin; Mil, MoitKiiotsi:, the rainbiiw orator who accompanies Mr. Markliain on his magnetic tour, suvs he does not know how n Xat've Son can vote the Peinci- cratic ticket. If there is any sentiment whatever in the matter we believe it is entirely in favor of the l>einocratic ticket. Pond is an oh! pioneer and Del Valle a Native Son. while Markham or Heddick are neither one thing nor the other. .L'klali ex- II di- ihig, 0. P. SMITH. R. F. YOIJK.. •nl \rv ^ I-RVKYIIII. A. 11. n.\vt(iSoN. L. KKDIiMliYlill. . ltcniutaui- Thlnl Dimrii't . .I'iftli Uistrlut Tin: Htimbolilt 'Finns has shifted burden of responsiliility for the lar^e ]ienditnres of the last Legislature charges Stephen M. While with tin reel responsibility of the whole because he was President pro tent of the Senate. Well, Steve has a very broad pair of shoulders and he will no doubt be able to Htagger along: bill it does seem to us to be a terrible tiling to charge one mini with all the sins— Democratic and Kepublienn—of Hie last Legislature. NEW VOLUME. With the present issue the DISI'ATCII- PKMOCKAT enlers on Volume XXII. The strides forward which it has made ilnriim the past yenr have been a source of much pride and gratification to its publisher, and have been highly appreciated by its many readers. What with our large new cylinder press and sU'um power we | trash are preparcu to still further advance in the marc!', of improvement, Aii<l we shall do so. It is nnnecessary lor ns to enunciate the principles for which the DJSI'ATIJI- Bf.Mocii.iT will continue to do battle. Those who Imi'e followed its course in the past know thai there is no uncer- tai.ity about the stand it has taken and will continue to lake on the questions of the day. We have the interests of the Nation, State, Mendocino comity and XTkinli City deeply at heart, and we propose to advocate all such measures as will tend, in our belief, to assist them in their march of progress. In return we solicit the patronage of our people. Our increased business of the past year has heeji exceedingly gratifying, hiii in the many improvements introduced info our olliee we have more than anticipated this increase. It is not only our ambition to maintain the Dts- PATCII-DEMOI'KAT in its position as the best newspaper in Mendocino county, but we aspire to making it the best country weekly in California, (live us your aasistance in the work. Tin; Sacramento JUcunl-I'nion comes to the rescue of Col. Murk ham and his typewriter tonic by statingihat many able men read theirspecches from manuscript. It is not the raiding of his speeches that constitutes Markham's gravest offense, but it. is the glaring weakness of these speeches. They would do discredit to a junior class school boy. Such senseless ire they composed oi that the Democratic State Centrai I'ommillee is having them printed and scattered over the State, and the Republican press has discontinued their publication. j Tiios. Bttowx has aga : :i been mnni- i naled by the Democrats of Humboldt 1 county for the olliee of Sherill'. Although lhimholdt county is Uepublican by -II 0 to 700 majority, yet Mr. Brown, a Democrat, has been elected Sheriff (here (or sixteen yearn. He has been the Sherill' of Humboldt and Klamath counties (Klamath county was absorbed by Humboldt and Trinity counties a number of years ago; for nearly HO consecutive years. Our northern lieighborH appreciate a good Sheritl' when they get. him end sliow their appreciation by electing him in spite of the large majority against his party. fink iif Kcl riv litvthc! !y |iliit '"ti..a h tu'rcll tul\ Il-lli),'. L'.i till ; line I" lln- I'l.clli.- iici'.t til.- Muirv nl *;iiil ,<i i in, Iviiii'-n I't'titii VMIIT- , illli lIllCIHl' i i inillilm t ''H'''' '" '"' '0 Nioiir I.. !». In'!,I nt III,- .,-1 j A III-II \ in i;iu jin'cin.-, tn l>.> klimvil n« l!ttne\ j ],ri -i -liii -l i- Ill-rein r*h|i,l ;*t|,.,| unit lnuimU-il ns /"ll'tu*. * tiiimii -iii-iii^ nl iiiirlhut-it I 'lirniT uf j lm. l^liif 1 I. Illll-i- 1.', Ihi 'lli-i' \vi '«t rt mill-, thnni-l' Miulh M' 1 1 r inil.-v |,, iiiiil ti \v iM iiirll.-l tit ^t'.-tinn i _'l, t"\vli>llil' 11. l,ill '_'t- li.. Ilicurc cit>t 1 mill-. I ilii-ii.-,. •- 1 .n 11 1 1 niilc. tlu'in-i. i-iivt | niilr. tln'iicc ! "unlti 1 mill' tn tin- -mull l .iniil.lurv ItlH' ot Inwit- >!iil> 11. iaii'.:<- I... Ili'-in-i- ciisl four inili'i on miid line, ttu-tn-.- iHTtlt 1 mile In I lie nnrtll ivcst cornel nf scciiiiti ti >\viiihi]i H. riiiitii- l.i. tlit'in'e eii.-t 1 mill' tn tin- ('list liiituiiliny linentstlUl Uiwll- -s!:ij. unit i niiti.-, tln-tni' innth mi snlit line ^ miles tn the nnrllU'itsr cinler nf aeelint) ii-l. \"\vnshi]- II. ruti-^e l.">, tlnnn-i' nintti »".n't Vt.-yt to tiliii -e nf lii 'UiiiniliL'. On July UUh the following orders wore made by the Board : It is UervUy ev.lereil i'nitl tin-re lie tvn eledtlnn ini'i-im -l estul^l Uto-.l Willi li .ninilitiii'.s its fulliius: ruiiiiiii -iH-iiii.' wiieie tin- im'ibc riiti'l oros^en Krl Ki.e! nn lln- rmiil li-i .itinti frmn linveli) m li'lell \'il!le>. tlu'tiee litirt hell y In tile eenler nf Mii -1 iniiil tn nerlliern hnimtliiry nf Rinuiil \'H Iii -y etectinn ineeini-t. thfni'e fnllowtllK tile tiiiuiulioy n[ -lOil ,-lei -linii pi-ecinet tn tin* t'lnee ni he -iiinliie, <n tis tn einliiiiee Hit thill liiirtinn nf kouii,I \'u!l,-y ele'-tiim vrceiwcl lyIw-c Hie \ ,-,ct si,I,- ni snt'I n .iiif. mill In lit- kinova if- "fcie! liiver N'ntini: I'rr-iiH 't." ivtiiii.n in,tn ri-siilcnts in unit Riiniiiil sciill.i Valley, ickin-j tiiai .-i yniiiie (iri 'i -iin't he estnh iislieil with the tiilinwini; biinnililries• Hejfin- iiillt' nt tl'irthwest i -iinur nf 'I'nnlki si'llnnl Ilis- Trie-*. tijenee west t,, west bonil'llll'V line at Hurl. Tiee selion! 1 listi jet. thi -nee «<nlth nlntni sniil line to Miuthwe *t i -iuner of sni,! itislriet. Uii-ni't' enst inl .ciiinliii-yuf Si-.'M.c \'iil|ey JHstrict. [hem e .-il 'ii,-.' -aii! I'linililaiy t ,i imrlhwi'st curlier nf 'nwllshii-t IS, rttllile 1J, llnMll'- snutt) nliintt till- w.-st l .ii.iiiilttry nl saiil tnwnsiilp in the snntti- we -t eiiiner nf w .-i -tliin IS, Inwilsliiji Is. ntliKe l'i, th.'i" nst two mill's, theiiee iii-irtherly Hlnnjt Or-h,nn.,liny nt sci-tt's Vallev tii-iiict in )ituce lllilni-se-. tile Nlllinn- ni rlatl.irin ni is-ss. l-.i,-ilie tieeiui. i- In Hie snllljl iw i.c sniil river in a the inwnsliip line lio- J-l. tlleiiee west ml siidt [ i'' '" e.lll, Ih, e snurl.c-ly n \^ Uf r ] mini, to |,im-e nf lien ill lln:. vnli-r- ni Navartn tiieeiin'l i''k-! itinu nreeiiiei. lii-Kiiteil rtnil sniii ] Flat .'in.I tlie pulls I , .',".'.:".:'.'..-.-s ti.'V.ul,ll- Cini lliltinliitl (.xtiin;!- |.'illiee,thi'il,-i;rii(liitiiin < •. 111! ' ,ii•l iiTV ni ('i.- party ir.,., anil the': plalf .in,, Iirilisos le pnhlii-aii- se-4iti-.|, , < Hie • •pill I er L 'I.—Tin'i lime past lias ip in Napa •It-it l - Line ••1st- s nf the House of re.sentntive.s nn .1 fin'Oin]it>teiif'c ot Aibninistiatioii. ..•!>- lln- the He II II ii ii e fs ,]„. l-oree Mill. llenotltnes tlie Me- Killley 'liii-iJt" Hill. IViiliunls |„'i-t„.t,i„l ''noit'si'i'.velii-tnii MM ,| reminds the people that Hie present law. llie result in Hem,,, enilie eirm-t j s ,il„,,|t in cxjilre. I-'ai-oi-s tin titfe oi silver frei [•in n- l •inlilln.' livanl sliL'; iin.l In., li. ,,K mi,- Hmini' :,n,l Hener.'il Shei-iuan. l'rulses llie AilMiip. i.stratimi, ),,.,.,| „| U i lllllllll'. :-:«pi'i'iilllv oimtiitetels lie t-mii-e of tile|-, t ,inii on the liriiriaii .-en 'iili'Slinli 1 •,;• wlii'ii American nejits hnv heen Miri.Mi-u-ii-.l .mil III. Seals -latiiltlete.i. el --: lie. in ii ii :tii' ire^ M rs. ({en '•I' 1 " n year has v\ lainl.'ills have Aikan.-.-is The 'lie I lliull l '.-lci- !!• i 'ii a si tike, l In,tied a mile - The " C.i'i- i'O i< nl I'hilmlel- I and \s i in I storm ciiiiniry sixteen in, Iv. .\lich.. and they have '•nl sloriiis Viole Klc Kle i'lellt diem , lllent vilene, lletlonnevs trusts v.ving or- Iireeinels wil: A terrilor.v nl l«'ltill'|i'!'I. (in August .Mh, ISii'l, the i"ll ders were made by the Hoard : It is nr-leieii thai new votine Le es:iit'lislls''l US fnllii\.'S, to prei'i net lii ineltiile all the within Hie laiieiilnrlcs of I'kiith t'tty n.n-tli of Perkins sir,.,.!, siinall'il wllhin tlie limits of sitiii eori„ii:itinn. saitl pri-clnot to be known HS •' l''_i.'li t'ily No. 1 Vntliiu I'li'cin.t." All iniuti nf Perkins .Mrtvl In be known HS I'kiflli I'ily Xo. •J Yntinc ['re.'inet.-- Il Is hi'ii'by nnh-reil that llmt jairtioli of fal- In-llii preei n ft iiielinle,l williin Hie etirparni.' li in lis of 1 he town nf i'liller Vitl ley la- HI llll'llt-il In l.nwi-r I'ntter |irt'eillc't li i--nclert'.l that n new vntiux precinct be .-unl :in- sitnie i- hereby estiiblisheil RS follows, to wit: The, SH M pryeinct to inelnile all the ter- i ilory eoiiit»rise'l within the boniiilaries, us they now are. of the I'kiiih votine; t'l'fclaet. tixei'tvt the territory Ininiileil within .'brlilniis of the i-nrporittion of the fity nf i'klali. 'in.'l that no pui-linn of the sai.l terrtiory .'omprist'.l wltliln the limits nf said eiupnratinn shall beloni,' to saiii new vniinj: pn-einet to be known ns "t'kiali \'ntillj; l'leeiiiet." 1'i'Kt's theeleelloii of 1 'niteil states Senators by the people. Iniliises the course of Demoeiiuie Senators iiml Reprenenia- lives In yoiitrress. and eoiiimeiiils Hieir vie. orous ilefi-nse of Hie public interests mill Hieir /eat on behalf of tlio welfare of (he stale. l'laei's n just -hare • if respniislbility tot- I h e a|iprnpriiitiniis innile by llie last Lee;, islatnre iipnn the Re- liliiilii'iin mcmliers who hitroilnei'il ami vott'il for them, atii; upon the llt'iinbliean liovernor who siifnetj liietn. inul whose ail- inSnistiation the Re- pillilieiin I'onveiilioii •liail not Hie manliness to in.iorse or the eoiirn,i;e to .•oiiiteitin,'-«es the nominees to curry on the state Hot i-rniuent on ii lux lute not vxeeeil- illl," le cents on ihe lIKlof as-es^tbletunp. inn to ill, Ailvneate-. porpetn Hi ' llill,--e exi.'lllsion. bill wisely savs lmth IUK about the r,. ( .n n t oi Hie It-publican imrly nn the subject. lllilmsi's tlie ,irt'selil silver law mid savs niilhiiu about free coiniiKe, w-liifli was rejected by tlie Ke- jniblicun.s iiiftnieress. Uenimiices trusts, but sa\s iiotbiii^abniit Hie turlir Khieh breeds Ihem. KIoi|iient silence. Elo.|Uiiit silence coliceriiiL' the Itepiit, lienn deleuation oi whom Hit- Senalnr and one Reiiri-entiitive are ei'.liili.lales for r,- fleet ion. Ileii.e. e I II tit' ll'.-es the llein- tnirl.' for the ext;ava.;iiii e of :hn Leuislalure. Says notion- about the Republican iiniiibiirs or the\eiiior. Implies Hint -.'1 lteiiulilii-an Senators mid II Re- publieun Assembly- inen would i,e A-iriu- ims w-'ii'ii is itepabli- rau Senators and 'AT Kepiiblieiin Asseui- blyluen Were yieinus. b-',s II,.. •rl y iici .iillintiuii uf iksii. I 'l lless Slat" loo a tux rule | inn ,",il ei I -flno nf i liropei-ti, ' file vain happen to LET THESE BE LIGHT. The citizens of Ukiah are having presented to them now a proposition to "In 18117, at an early age, my father moved into the dense forests of northern New York and entered into the manufacture of iron. He prospered until the protective tarifl'on iron was reiniivetl. His business was ruined until, in 18-10, when (ieneral Harrison, a staunch protective tariff mnu, was elected. My father was so delighted that he named me Henry Harrison Markham and dedicated me tn Hie cause of protection to American in• luHf-rieH."— Cut. Marklnim'» Tiipi-ii'rilh'n iS'pi'ivA. It is something rather uiiusmil for a light the town with electricity. There j '""'""i heiug to be dedicated, but Unit in iias been formed in Sim Francisco a com-1 »°< particular point to which we wish •party'to put in an elec.liic light plan; ,• eull ntlention. 1 lenry Clay made the here, tun! two of the leaders in the pro- i'»''" nf 1K.'«, which endured without ject— Messrs. N. W. (ir'wwold and Y. j chaime until the 30lh oi August 1K-1L'. Ench—have heen here this week to as- 1 N » legmhifive ehangos were made in it certain what encouragement our people j ! ' fitwee!l 1s:t7 1R4 °. n0IIB Wtr" will offer. If contractu can be secured | " m,le llntil I'resident Harrison had been for 300 incandescent and In arc lights the I '"• lliB Brave nearly eighteen months, company wili at once put in tlie plant, with of course ample surplus power so that it can lie increased at any time. If this much encouragement cannot he se- j cured the mutter will be dropped for the j present. The cost of the incandescent lights will lie one dollar each per month. THE MoKinley tarifl' hill caused it money panic in New York and to relieve it Secretary Windom paid $4,000,000 of Commenting on this matter the Louisville Courier Join mil says: « * i- . . e j... . ,„ r.. . The nifiney Is taken from the tieotii, .-.-ho iiet'it tie arc hghts from *! to shot each ner i . ,. . ,, , * 1 1 I jit, unit KOI'« to Hie (ioveriiinent which cailnul ; tllltl liny use for it. It is tilt' penally puld by llie week. Already mar.y have signilied their willingness to lake lights, ami the company has left, the matter in the hands of Oonohoe & Johnson, to whom our people civil apply for nny needed information. Now it does seem to us thiU I 'tin is jin opportunity that the people of j Ukinli cannot alTord to let pass. Since j the gaw works were destroyed hv the fire nvor ii vear ago our streets have liOen in lotal darkness, and the remarks of visitors toour town it: condemnation of fit rulers of America for theli'iiiui'ii'ity Ja sen,*, i nr? cutliui inul wheal to Kurnpe, inul brinirlutfhoiiH. rot urn eiir^oi's. 'J'lii'nefarmers must pay for the iciti'iiipliim of their cur^oes, or the llovi'rniiieiil will eonfls- eate llieiii all. Tile H,U00,IX)Ubllliils pulil to the motley ki lilts on Weitiiestluy represeutw 100,000 bules of eoltoa or-I.OOJ.UIlO bushels of wluml. When Hie farmers sent shins In Furope loaded with llOU.tlOO halt's The Undercurrent not Perceptible. Tut-: Republican State Central Committee has been sending around the Hepubli- can press a clipping, headed, "The Under Cm-ieut," ntul it is being published from one enn'of the State to Ihe other, The /.YpufJiYfi n /Vrss received a copy of Ihe dipping and gave it the bc-nelil of its circulation recently. The Sutter finleprinlriil also received a copy of it and Us remarks on the subject are particularly timely: The Republican State l>ntrul Coiiilulttee is •..'inline, out to the interior newspapers which •tr" supposed to beinnii In iiu- la'uliflil, clippings of an editorial headed "Tlie l'liilereurrellt." mi'l ereillteil to t!,.- San l-'raui-i-en I with n re- Ulli-sl In "pl'ii.-e eupy and .iblle,-,"'('he htilrjiru- ,-fi nl nltice wus favored with line of these clip- pinns with tlie nbove rei|ues:l, euinplianee with uliieh we bei: leave to decline for two reasons, either of which is siillieient. l-'irsl, we ait- noi ruiiiiilii.' a Kcptlhlieuil |ia|ifr, as the Republican Slide Ccntrul f oinniiltec or its Secretary seems In ussunir: sceiiiully, the statemellls contained in said elipphu; mi' not true. Tin- ulst nf the editoliill jeferred to is to the eil'.el that the Native Sons of tlie Itolden West are (asuu ori'iiui- ziilion) on ihe whole Kepuhliciin. and Hint iheii is a strontl uii'teieurient aiiione them In luvor nf Murklium. JWe have not nI,served this "undercurrent," and we are personally ue.tualiiteti with many Xallve Sons, .lust why there should lie sut-h an "unilercnnent" for a man who is comparatively a tenilt-i foot ill California, while liis opponent (Mr. Pond) is u yilnneer, tines mil appear upon the surfnee. The Native Sons, while they are ritlh I t'ti]ly ileiiiandlilKrcootriiltifin in ll:e division of ollitlii! honors, Inive ahviiys expressed a itrt-ut atlVietiou for friliforuln's pio- ip-'crs, iind us i'tie lieniocruey hits plueed ut the ln'iid of its ticket a I'ioneei-aiifl n XiiliveSon. we opine that the '-undercurrent" will be the other wny. The etlitoriul ijuotes Kinerson''. fa- inioils atloin that '-the sehoolhousi.' is A I WRVS Hi'l'ubliean," tiud urines Hull as the voting cnl- Ifoniiaus are edueateil they are therefore Republicans,, which is nil lilil'y ami slush, and Is a lulse iiiterprclulinn of Kiner.son's nieaillns. Willi the siimt'ilcaree of truth it cull be suiti Hint the school luiuse is U I WHVS ik'itio.M-iitlc, in the broad but not in the partisan sense o; that term. The school bouse does nntl iilwuys has favored a iroverinncni by llie people. When election day around the NiitiveStnis will noi for- Het ttult I-:. II. I 'olld is R 7,iotleer who helped lo build up the Stale, iind Unit R.Y. Del Vatic Is ii Favors ihe Australian ballot si-stem, and the'l.cuis- hilivc nominees to secure its I'lilboiKineul in Hie laws. Kuvorg the election by llie pi',,pie ,„• tbe Superintendent o f State I'riiiliiin. IleniRUds the extension of the mibllr sehool system, mid ttdvoeutt's nee text books. (.'.ills for libera! im- lioiial appioprlailoiis for the Siieruiiiento and S i. n .louuuiu rivers. i:oiiile;iins the doc- 1 r i n c of ; ipu.-ian riifllln. favors the ,||s. Itii'l system of irrigation and pledtres the purty to foster and perfef '1 it. Calls upon the Ccn- eml tloveriiuu'iit tn foster iiml encouraee Ihe liiiiiiiie iudustrv whenever it bo don'e wiHtout injury to 0H1- Fuvitt-s a liberal support of Hi,, Niuiom.i Ullllrtl. i>p|iost's slimptnury I H.VS. Favors legislation, stiite and Xnlioiiul. to eneouraec the wiue- urnwlin,' hnluslrv. UOlnl- III. oil Hie -noni'iit on in.I t'xeet'il- -Us on the a- sessable whiltever i 11- ni inav be. l-:lni|Uelll silepee. allholleh a e ihtee of Ihe Federated Trulcs |il led wiih llie l oi, vent ion p, Hike ill tioll oil the subject. Klo'itieiil s.lenee. | \Vr;>\i' H n . Sepieiul ; f,.p<y NM':i\b''V 1"V since ! orieii'v inj''.!-'.'-! the gr:>|>. i county Tim hi'.! ur 1 l''rciiiont a pen -i pMsed ('oiigrcss. caused inaiiy 11 « ;-\\ ilcillllCtl I 'lllp! lie vanls nl I 'env.-r Inui A stalhoii naiiie.l .\rlt.i tn Kankakee. Ill . in :. : • fomin i -;i Wlnvis " ,'-:li phia . A recent ha devastated a section nl miles l .mjt in 11 tin>ii c. U'no farmers arc .les'iliili UKlih' ml al'i 'C .ll arc ic|i''rleil in i'latuc. Tiii'itsn w , Seplembcr -The Depart tiieut of Agi icititurc proposes lo try; dale . •iiilure in ('alifnrnia .The twetilielii i aumiiil coiiveution ol Ihe National i'risnn Congress opened in '. iiiciiinali with u huge iittendanci* .<!cn. Kremonl's son', says the reported destilnlioii of Ihe I ien- t'ral's laniili-at l.ns .\ii'_ r i'tcs has been ureal I v ex.-iL".:ei-aleil , I'wcnly Chinese; were captured at I'nrt Towm-end, Wash., who \cere trying to evade Ihe K-.'elusion ; A.-l . . A revolution in Chili is iiiiniineiil. j . .The police make an outrageous attack ! upon Ihe people of Ttpperary . Tlieciiy of (iranada, in Central America, was vi- , lolenlly shaken by cartlupiiikcs; every 1 • house in the city was damaged, ami lL',- : 000 peojile have fled. ; KUIHAV , Seplemher L'I I. — Il is reported! that Clarg, the laruet hop-grower in New I 1 Vork, has refused 50 cents a pound for j his crop . .The stage to Cedarville was held ti(i by two masked men near Hedding The long-talked-of prize fight between Slavin and McAulille look place • in Loudon at o 'JIO o'clock this morning; ! the former won easily in two rounds. . , Henry Wuttevson addressed an immense • gathering in Boston. . . ."Seipmia National Bark " is llie name thai has been be- ' j stowed upon the Big Tree reservation in i Tulare county.. . . Silver was ipu.ted at ! ifl.B 'i. a falling otl'of 7 cents in the past i ; week A nuiidier of news|iaper publishers have been arrested iintler the recent Act of Congress for advertising lol- teries. j SwTitiiAv, September L'7.—The census i olliee gives -.'07,0'Jil as Ihe ullicial count oi San Train -ism's population ..The con-J fercnee reporl on the tarih" bill was ado)itetl by the House .I'resident Harrison has announced his intention uf visiting California in the spring , , Indians, in .New .Mexico are becoming very Irnu-i hlesome and are evidently uettitiv; reatty ; for a general outbreak Cross frauds are aliened in Ihe recent recount of the population nf Cortland, Dr., by which, that city gnituxl Ci .O-i,) . The King of ; Holland is dying . . A Kusshin bridge ' collii]ised and -hill soldiers who were i crossing were drowned. i Kxpi-e.-s.-s belief in the pub] ie sehonl svs teui, hut says uothiiie. aliont lex', books. siune ground. Hi'inanils foreeiuelil , llo-.U !;l\V. II I<- f the I' I K I H ('nndemns the Re- Iiublicllll lllisliliiltit.ire- incut of tlie State Prison at Sun ibii'iitin. t lionises on of the .' auv divls 'tale. Vuvoi-s Kent'nil. FJotiuciU sileiire. Kloi|uent silenei'. Klooui'til silence. KlorjlK'nt silence I Taken the same nosi- Kloqucnt sileu, Kloriuent silence BEtJYINQ A 3T0RY. The Donolioe Road Not on the Market. Coast Items. Fort Unix* Advocate. Last. Wednesday a son was born to the wife of Calvin Siowart, of this city. 1'orf Bragg llotits the largest l)ag in the county over her public school. The bulkhead which has just been completed at the mouth of the- NoyoKiver by the Novo Lumber Company, keeps tlie wider in the channel conlined to a narrow place, making the bar much deeper. The mill company at this place have till tlioii' landings full of logs, ns well as ijiiile a number in their poiid. They are working.we understand, with the object in view of getting logs enough ahead to keep the mill running steady this winter. A sou was horn 10 the wife of Chmienfs Biicholtz, in this city, last Wednesday. S. F. Kxaniiner. Stories that wera current, several months ago to the cll'ecl that the Cnion l'actlic uianairers were trying to get possession of Ihe San Francisco aim North I'acilie (Donolioe i mud have heen revived. The ollicers of Ihe road and the local rep- presentatives of the Seligmims of New York, who hold a $4,000,000 blanket mortgage on the property, deny there- ports. They admit that under the terms of the will of Col. Donahue the road must be sold to obtain money to pay the legatees, but when and to whom the sale will be made time only can tell. The ten mouth allowed by the law to the executors to arrange and put. in some kintl of order the affair of a decedent have not in the case of Colonel Donahue's estate expired. When it does expire the legatees will have the right to appear in court, ami request the payment of their '- : ~" 11 '- " - ••' however, that SIMIW , Seplemher L'S .—Seallle was | again visile.l by lire and a large amount 1 lot property was destroyed , .. A general , | rain is reported llnoughoii! ibis State. . . . ! A tire in ti (nicking house in Chicago ties-'. ' liiiyed properly to Ihe amount of .tli'.O.OOO ', \ railroad collision occurred near] Zuiio.sville, Ohio, through the careless-1 nes's of an oper itor and nine persons were killed . . . A train was wrecked in h'ussia j . on which il was thought the Czar was a . ; passenger, but he was not . . .The social- ] I ists in (lermany are becoming very active | Mil' late Michael David's new paper in ', [London, Hie i.nhor H'miil, is meeting { i with unprecedented success.. . .A rcvolu-; j 1 ion in Portugal is imminent. j 1 M'I.NOAY , September L'ii.—I'Vnrs are en-; j tertained that the rain, will <lo consider- 1 [able damage to the raisin crop about j j IM-I'SU .; . . It is said a gigantic trnsl has i been formed to secure control of all rail-1 I roads west of Chicago The hoiiB of' ] Benjamin Franklin have begun suit j against the city of Philadelphia lo gain | possession of the fund which Franklin • left at interest loll years ago for married • } young artilicers. ... It is reported Hint a' | woman at Allentown, l'ensylvaiiia, has . (listed lso ,i aV ;j , n „i j s still alive. . . Bur- i 'chell, the Woodstock murderer, who i killed a young Fnglishman by the name I I of Beuwell for his money last October, I j was found guilty and sentenced to bei hanged November 14th. i TYicsn.w, September :»).—The conference report on the Tariff Bill was passed | by the Senate, and now awaits only the signature nf i he President to bri'oim- a j law \ number of prominent l-lastern j men have organized the American Com-; mittec lor the Uelief of Famine in Ire-i land. . . . Illinois ami Indiana coal miners ' threaten to go on a strike unless their j wages are increased.... A large colour of, Hollanders have arrived in New York en i route to California. . , .The population of; the Territory of Oklahoma is officially j given at 111), 701. ..The Mississippi Con-: slilutioiial Convention has adopted a res-j olulion favoring the repeal of the Fif- j teenth Amendment. . A cablegram from j Senator Stanford says he will sail for , America on October 1st. I Hoplaud Notes. The hop men of the vicinity have shipped most of their crops to San Francisco; and the majority of them have already soltl at good prices. Hubert Willard of McDowell valley dietl last Wednesday, lie had injured his back some years ago while wrestling and it had never recovered, ami together with typhoid fever caused his death, lie was 21 years of age ami hail lived here all his life. The Iravel to l.akepnrt last week was very heavy; as quite a number nf people came up to visit the Fair. Mr. Robert Duncan, who has been attending, the University of California during the past year, returned to Berkeley a legacies. It is thought, „ u ,,.-,i,r, i,,„t,, . - , - - neither the legatees nor the court will do I ,! VH " K ° , to rfiH "" IB '"w «tudie«, after tiny tiling to rush the road on to the mar- 1 l ?I len j' ln B » pleasant vacation with his kef., thereby making a sacrifice sale, and 1 lll,llll >'for nil any body knows now the road may not be sold during the next three years." A large number of the people of this vicinity are in Sonoma county at work Its, officers say the road is doing the I picking nntl drying grapes, best business in its history, President j We have just had a pleasant shower Rnrgin stating yesterday that it could 1 which has settled the dust and purilietl easily use 150 more cars if it hail them, j the air. A great quantity of charcoal from along the lino of tlie road is being brought to The hotel ut, Duncan's Springs is about finished and will probably be opened in a few weeks, as quite a large number of people have desiretl the manager Mr. Sr 0kf iar'r ,i Mn * B, ' i # ; '0'- i isiti s LT bal llu,y from Lkuili. Another source of bus ness ! ,, this city, tlie demand for it as fuel having been stimulated by the high price of coal. The latter is also the catiRe of many car­ ol' tuition, mill 1:1,000,000 bushels of wheal, nnil cxcliiniirti.i these products tor chithlllir, toils nntl IliiltMcliolit goods, tin...- found Unit Die (iov- , . i-riniionl Inul al Hie cusmu.houses Jts oillecrs our lack of enterprise has been mortifying | runic u, sel/.c these return ourirocs less the in til" exlreine to all who have pride In i invnurn would jliiy ua Import tux ut nearly w our beautiful little cilv. Ihe proposition l > wr i'liev paid II by Miipng lWl.ooa luili! ;of Ihe Ukiah Kleclric Light Company IN a most reasonable one. Tnnre should lie : W> difficulty in meeting it with mi invent- mice. Our uiorvhtniw will Iind the in• i-Hndertcent. Ilgbln alumni a» cheap and a | """i"'' *J|Ulidret>-fnld more desirable I halt coal ml • Uittpd, and we can disi>el the darkness SOl.Qiir KtraelH with the splendid illninln- ii^nW-iif -4h(n ^*V>> (tttulle power an: light. ' ijdsthe »)miintem(ety from fire IN HII !m- ftanti (ettUtr«i,wl>U'li our ixHiple »(iou|d tavfiirloiik. Ve liope tlmt duriug the next week ((iJl*on1nnt of light reiptlred wiii iie, in which came #e mo Imve It '^%t^s:e^jwn'.witliin 90 day*. 'ollon nntl 1,000,000 bimlicls ol wheal, ami this blond money Secretary Wiiuloiii in ip'tnally itlvluii to ihe luinUi -rH of New York, to "relliive On) ntoiiey Notice, Havingdis|e.sod of my etirriage jvaint- iHJS buHlneuM ti) Mr. K. W. Wells, in the future I will give my entire attention to cariiiiue triinniing at tlie old stand, over Charlton's shop. Cushions, lops, danh- 0.1, etc... made on short notice, and nl priccH to Huh tbe times. *"« En. WIIIOHT. I-'roni Mendocino Ueueon. A lettor from (i. Ilagenmeyor states that he is rusticating at the renowned Hot Springs of Arkansas ami Is receiving much benefit from his attack of rliouinii- tisni. The foiintl.'tlion of the mill at I'sal is an ait ready lo receive the frame work ol which the lirst stors is till mortised and ready to put up. John CuininingH, the millwright, informs us that, the mill will he L'OL ' feet long by SI feet wide and that it will have two hand saws, and that the mill wHIhe furnished with all the latest improved machinery, run by a powerful engine with steam cylinder :!(! by lis in- l.'llON. Hoinelhlug slipped info Inst week'H IHHIIO about Mr. C. K. Ilue.ll. It seems that owing to (he dull times be had not been nn miecosHl'iil in business during hifl stay . in this town as lie oxpocied, but hetmowH| an intention lo satisfy al! claims against him by accepting a position as carpenter in the new Navarro mill now in course of ] erection, and propoHeii from the proceeds of his honest labor to make up any dell- I rUiiicy in unHatislled bills against liim. i of business is the transportation of dried fruit, espec- c.ially dried grapes, which are selling for i )il7 ii ton. The company's new freight ferry boat is almost finished, anil will go into service in several weeks, The rai'road tracks on its lower deck are built Hush witli the flooring,and incase tlie vessel is URCI ! for passenger business strips of worn) will be used to cover the exposed portion of tlie tracks. It Is estimated that the vessel will airy 4,000 passengers with comfort, and 0,000 crowded. Thlssteainer will he the third for tlie company, and with thorn, President Biirgin says, the company can land 18,000 passengers In nn hour ami a half front Tiburon to the foot of Market street. Stranded Emigrants. On the bank of the American river, near the city limits, are encaiiipod an elderly man and his two small sons. They were on their way iroin hoyond the mountains of Mendocino, but were compelled Lo slop bore because one of Iheir mules gave out. Tlio man's name is John Olaen, and his wifo is sick mid being cared for by a family on the route over which they traveled. Ho and his hoyfi are sniil to ho pan ni lew nobd of the necessaries of life. meitio Ktr.ord- Union. am: in -Snrra- Xeetinir of Pioneers'. liev. Mr. Crosby, of San Kai'itel, has been rusticating at the Foster ranch for the past week. Mr. Foster has recently put up a line steel wind-mill which works witli cog- machinery and is wo arranged that it, can be attached to a barley crusher and will pump waler and crush barley at the same lime. It is also arranged so that the mill wheel can lie lowered to the ground to he oiled or repaired. Its cost Is something over .,7(10. Mr. Foster has bad a ','> of a mile Unfit surveyed and is putting it in shape (or training sotno of his horses,. Ho pent up eighteen bead of colls lust week from his stables at San Knfnel, Howell .t llnpe have stopped the manufacture of cheese at their dalrv for a short time, or at least till the new crop nf grass grows. They are now using all their milk for butter. Kev. II, C. Chapman, a Presbyterian minister now preaches here and ni Suucl every second and fourth Sunday of each month. Tlie remaining Sundays he preaches at Kelsey villi). A Sunday school has been organized af Hopland and meets at o'clock on Sundays. i'uople lalk but. little about politic;-) in t-|iis place but the} always roll in a round majority for the entire Dainoeratie ticket. VMIIKTV. There will lie u regular meeting of the society of Mendocino Pioneers, on Saturday. October 4th at 2 v. M . al the oflice of, „ „ „, ,,,„- Uonoboe & Johnson—a full attendance I dors fe|hfp)tn, a railroad bridge at Albion is desired. I and brake bis neck. Jus. Moore was instantly killed on Fort. KosHgrado, near Point Arena, on Tuesday of hist >yeelt by being thrown from a wagon. V A week ago hint Sunday II sitae l), Hin I— h-* - 8 I wish to annonnce to the People of Ukiuh and vicinity that I have opened a First-Class Furniture Establishment - - - - nsr THE ' ^"JPIE SLOCK ! : I have on hand and will always carry a Full Stock of 'Furniture, Carpets, Draperies, Wall Paper, Oil Paintings, Picture Mohlings, Artists' Material, Curios, Etc.,Etc. All my (Win tiro ol'llio very LATHS? STYLES, and of 'FIRST-CLASS QUALITY. Public Patronage is solicited. Call and examine my Stock. J. W. EVERSOLE. Gillespie Block, State St., UKIAH, CAL. FOR The Old Reliable Firm 03? Does not put on much Style, But when it comes to Solid Bargains and the Best Goods, the People recognize our Place as Headquarters. REMEMBER THE PLACE, Cor. Softool and Standley Sts., Ukiah. Ml TO TI PUBLIC: "T AM DETRRMLNKI) TO KfifiP THE TRADE OP J__ this community bore. To tin so, [ will sell goods tit as low a pritjo :i» they can lie bought for in any place on the Pacific Coast. Ywi ask ivhy I can srU r/exxh nr, clwnj)? Simply because I conduct my business t\t the very least expense, and can ulVord to sell goods cheap, Call and examine my stock, and see what bargains 1 can give you. >To trouble to show goods. . SANFOKI). J. M. SANTOltD. If you have anything to sell, or want to buy the best meats call on SANFORD & SQ?£, Opposite tho Pout-Offlco. Sfale Strict, - • Vktith <'H>J. Notice of Co-Partnorsliip, K NOW ALL MRS BY TI IKS IS 1 'KKSKNTS Unit wi', C. e. Tlinimi^, rciridiiiK nt Cliiuli Ciiy, Uoiinly nf Mciidut'Jno, iiii-.l M. I.. 'J'hinniih, nf siiuu- [.lure, do In'rci)y ifii J/y uixl dt 'Ciiuv Unit \vi- Inivi 1 nrmniizctl and ftniiit-il oiii ^i'IveK fulo it cti-purlutM'sliiii mid wc euvfiuuu mul HHi'i'i* Willi 1'iu'h dllicr tn Itc Cu-|int t rirl s fur Hit put'l«iKo of vnrvylUM on nmJ t'omiuciliij,' im 1 Itu- silK'HH Of K*'llt'ntl liHTl'lllllldlsillL' f n the InWll ni IMilfili City, Mindnt'lm) cunniy S!ntJ' of rniifnniU, uudt-r lln* \\r\\\ mum* mid lillc nf r. ('. TliC'iiiits »t Hon. T!int th*' prliwdpiil pincc nf tiii^lnt'Ks of sit id <'o->m i 1 iu-1 w| i j 1 1 Is rltiiiitcd in I'lfinli rMy. I'uiin!:, oi Mciuluflno. iind ^lim> ai'otvHjilct. ThiH th** muni's <»f all ) I<M-IIMK iulci- t'sicd as jiiiiliiiTs in fiiudi luisliirss n.v ahnvt 1 *j|ji(i'ii uud sinm'd lu'i't'tu, IUKI »!iut siu -U 1 ,mrtuvM'- vlilo will limn' and In* in Inav iiiilli liui Iter iii'i! Ice hv In wiliirK> wlHTcnf \v<' have Iwiciuiln xi -t ttxir liands mid M>H I Mill*-Wli day nf .SfjdtMnlu-r, A. I>. Ih"U, C. (.'. TUOMAK, II. I. TIIU.M.W. STA'J'K OK CAUroHXIA, i t'lll.Si'V (if Mi:NJ>n('|N;l. { On thU J'.Kh day *.f Sculoiuhcr, WMi. WUtn- :no, 11. K. Imnolim', a N'ntary 1 'iihllc for snld couulv, \jt'is*omiHy «i>i«*ni'i»il C V. TIUMIMIS and II. L. TIHIHIIIH , known tn mis Ui l-c () M < haim.' JUT HIJUH whoso nauii;in- Miiburrihi'd to »h<- nho\u> and i'nr*it»ohiK luMr'.unrni \\\\\\ \\y?y acliii-nvlefV i^cil In mo thai tht'.v i>.\c('iiit*d lln* smth', Witiit'Hf my luiiid and nrtiritt! ,-tul, U. K. HONOMOK. Nnhirv l'uMii'. SUMMONS. ftll'tltO H >lKNJ)Of'lNO Pin- SUBSCRIBE.., uewi ffiveu each w«oU ( BuiiS tt f iCl2 iof r A. \\. YOUNU »"d IDA liOl ! ISA YOl'X*!, Ih-frndnut*., IN THK i -ri'Kiuoi: coruT OF THE conx- \ iv -d Mi'iiilm'iim. State (if CiilUol uia. Aeii*>u hrnuKi.l hi the Superior Court Ui w\w\ iov vutniw of MeiuloL'hio, Slaie of ;;alitornia, mid the eniiiplaiitt tiled hi th<- uiiiee uf tlie OU'rk oi Miiil snjierinr Court. The people nf ihe State of California send iM-eetiiii; in A. II. Yonnj; anil Ida J-oniwa Yoni'K', derciidants. You are lu'ivhv voi |iilred in appear in an art- ion bi'oiijjlit nualii.m yon liy the above named plaintilV, in tlu 1 .^npi'-rior (,'onrl. In"and for (lie eniinlv )f .Metidoeino.Sinti'of Callfoinia.and to answT Ihe enni]iluliit tiled tlieteln, within ten .lavs (exclusive nf the iln.v of servlee) afh-r the M'vyii'" v,n you of this HUirminua-If served wilh- iii thU citmuy; nt, if served elsewhere, within thirty dny>, or jyidvriiuMH by default will be la);iii tuiiiluM yon aei-nrdlnu to Uie prayer of said This mild act\on is liroujjht tn nbtain a dee to oi'Uiir. dam f"r the for -M -lnsme. uf a eirta n nuututtue deseribed In MI id comtdaint, mid exi - cuted hv tlif said A. II. Younu nn ihe vmii day rebruary, W.i, lo MH-HI-C tile payment of i\ eer- tuiu promissory note nf even dale therewith for thi 1 suin oi Iwn'hnudn'd dollars, witli inieri'st from Ihe'Jtltli day of t-'ehnmry. is«'.l, i \l the \\\\vs of ten per eent )/er annum, tliat the premises conveyed by said ninrl^aue may lie sold, and the proceed* applied to (in- payment <if miul ]>rnminNory nou* ami the iniere>t thereon uiitl for ensl .H of anil, and fifty dollars uttorncy'H ft e*t for foiclosliiK this morlt-'ii^e, and in eato xueh jun(ced« are u-.i sullleient to pity IWc MIHIC-, tbrn tn obtain an execnllon ufiiiiKM said A, If. Youtuf for the lailauee lenutiniinxdue. and also that Ihe tmid defendants and all -persons cliilm- iiiK !>>'. tiiroiiKh or under them, may be barred and foreclosed of all rluht, Mtlo, claim, Men, eijuity of redemption, and lutorent in and to ••aid moiluatii'd premises, and for other ami further relief, IIN will more fully appear by reference to the complaint on llie here in, to which you are hereby referred. And yon are hereby untitled that if you fail In appear and answer the Mild complaint, a> above required, \bv xnid plulnlilV will apply to the ''nm'. for ;1 H* i.Tici demanded In niid complaint. Iveu uudev wiy ii»>td and Ihe -•.-a) of Ihe su- i«;r Court in and for the count V nf Meudocl- . Slate nf California, iliistilh diiv of Heplem- ber. in (he yi uv of ouv i.on\, mie Ibousaml cif/ht huiioicd and tiinetv. SAM 1>. l'AXTON, Clerk. By II.iJ.K McCtiwKS, I»"pnlv clerk. -1 1 ^Lillilllii!!^. v 'l'""uc\ forVlaintHV, ltd Notico (o (Irmlitora. Si Aotlce Is hereby d\e)i b\ the undersiKiied,, Administrator of Hi' estate of vald lU'ceased, to- the endit:)!-,- of, mul \\\\ uevwons navlUK i lahuH 'ttiainst the said deceased, lo eNiilbU litem with the neccMitrv voucherii, within four mcni.hH afbT tbe first publleatlou of notice, to tlm iidinluiHtriit <M' ut his druu store in T'kltiU City, the Hume bcliin lite phice for t\w trut- lion nf busliu'ss of tlte naid eiitule iu Vnu Couuiy. of Mendocino, stale of California. AdmlnlKiriitoinf the cttile of JoWiUU VThW,di)- Dittcd October 1st, mo, j, A. <:uuj'Uit. Ally uirewmte. W

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