The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on September 28, 1974 · Page 2
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 2

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 28, 1974
Page 2
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In San Francisco Pornography business declining | TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1 Is The Day You Discover A New Way To Go. Dodge -1975 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) From the seedy bookstores of the Tenderloin to the garish night clubs of North Beach comes an unfamiliar lament from San Francisco's sex peddlers: business is bad. There are no statistics, but a survey of operators of adult bookstores, movie houses and night clubs indicates sex may have lost some of its potency to attract crowds — and money — in a city once known as America's pornographic capital. "People are getting used to the nude stuff," said Ran Jalan as he tended his J&B Adult Bookstore, one of many in the downtown Tenderloin area. "They are simply getting fed up with it. "It is not like what it was a year ago. I think it is going to get worse in the future. Business is bad." Jalan said magazine sales are down and he has had to cut the prices of such films as "The Playmate" from $35 to $10. "At thistimclastyear.Imadefrom $2,000 to $3,000 a month. Now, I'm making about $1,000." Others are less willing to discuss their finances, but most agree that selling smut has lost some of its financial appeal. "No customers, no business," Fergus Falls (Hn.) journal Sat., Sept.28,1974 3 To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thosteson CHILD CHEWS MATCHES — A NO-NO Dear Dr. Thostesin: My child, who is 7, likes to chew match heads. I say that there can be no harm and that the sulfur content can actually be beneficial to him. A friend disagrees. Who is right? — Mrs. E.G. Your friend. Here are some of the ingredients the child is digesting for each 20 matches: Strike-anywhere-type kitchen matches: potassium chlorate (330 milligams); phosphorous sesquisulfide (220 mgs); zinc oxide, dye pigment, abrasives (powdered glass or silica), and. glue. For the safety-type matches, the ones you have to strike against a special surface, again per 20 matches; Potassium chlorate (180-270 mgs); potassium dichromate (1 to Vh. ing); sulfur (14-27 mg) starch, zinc oxide, infusional earth, abrasives, dye and glue. The most dangerous of these substances is the potassium chlorate which, when ingested over a period of time in large enough quantities, can be very poisonous and lead to serious blood problems, including the bursting of red blood cells, abnormal formation fo hemoglobin, and kidney failure. A large amount ingested at one time can also cause sever gastro-intestinal irritations. Matches in this country used to contain another dangerous substance, white or yellow phosphorus. But legislation about 50 years ago prohibits its use, along with the use of several other dangerous substances formerly used in match heads. However, there are a lot of imported matches in use in this country and some of them contain some of these substances still. So your friend is very right, in fact. Your notion about the benefits from ingestion of sulfur won't hold up. That element exists in our normal diet, but little is needed. Dear Dr. Thosteson: Is it possible to donate one's eyes to a blind person? If it has been done, why haven't we heard about it? Bet there'd be a lot fewer sightless people if it could be done. — B.J. Don't tell me you haven't read about eye banks. I've written about them a good many times. An entire eye cannot be transplanted, but one part of it can — the cornea, which is the outer covering of the eyball. When blindness is caused by scarring of the cornea, it is possible to remove the damaged cornea and replace it with one from a donated eye. This is not the most common cause of blindness, but it is common enough so there is a constant demand for donor eyes, which are removed as soon as possible after the donor's death, and kept refrigerated in an "eye bank" until a recipient can be called to the hospital to receive the cornea. Leaving one's eyes for that purpose is a generous thing. Dear Dr. Thosteson: I have trouble with the skin around my fingernails. They get so dry and then split or crack. This is mostly on my thumbs. What is the cause? — P.S. My first suspicion would involve something you work with, something your fingers or thumbs get into: oil, paint, turpentine or other drying or irritating chemicals. Other than avoiding such chemical contacts, use a hand lotion to soften the skin, and use an orange wood stick (which you can get at the drug store by the package) to push the cuticle back gently at the edges of the nails. Cuticle often sticks to the nail and then cracks or splits and becomes pretty sore as the nail grows out and stretches the cuticle. If afflicted with problem fingernails or toenails, learn the practical, medically correct form of treatment. Wrrite to Dr. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for a copy of his booklet, "Solving Your Nail Problems," enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents. said a clerk at the empty International Bookstore. It was the same refrain at some—though not all—of the city's theaters. "It's down. It's not like it used to be," manager Bill Stein said of trade at the Art Theater, where "Deep Throat' and "The Devil in Miss Jones" were shoiving. "But we're still making a profit. We're still open." Vinee Stanich, 32-year-old manager of the O'Farrell Theater, said his house still is doing well because "We strive for a quality hard-core product." The O'Farrell is one of five Mitchell Bros, theaters in San Francisco and lx>s Angeles. He said the firm operates on a "high risk, high gain" policy of turning out comparatively high budget films like "Behind the Green Door" and "The Resurrection of Eve." Four years ago, the O'Farrell grossed $460,000, compared to $424,000 last year, a spokesman said. The current film at the Copenhagen Cinema didn't impress one patron. Tito Tiberi, 24, fell asleep in the darkened theater and awoke at 3 a.m. to find himself locked in. He had to call police to get out. Business also is said to be down in the topless bars and night clubs of famed North Beach, though some operators contend they are doing well on tourist trade. "Business is so bad that many topless places are closing," said Police Sgt. John Vanucci, who works the nude encounter parlors and movie houses. "For many people, it was a one-shot deal," he said. "Now they've seen topless, they've seen a pornagraphic movie, and they don't want to do it again. It has run its gain- bit. Business is getting progressively worse." The city's nude massage parlors are faring even worse, Vanueci said. "They were a fad, but the novelty's gone," he said. "Many places are closing in the daytime because their girls are leaving. They work on a commission basis and they aren't making any money." Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Since You Asked Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? •:•:•:•:•:•:•;•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:• A column answering questions •:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:••••.•.-.•.•. :•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•:•»:•:• submitted by Journal readers : : : : :'>: : x : x : : : x : : : x : : : : : : QUESTION: I would like to know what would be a reasonable cash rent per acre for grain land in Amor and Everts Township for the year 1975. ANSWER: Cash rent will vary greatly depending on the quality of the farm. You must take into consideration soil type, soil fertility- levels, erosion hazards and other factors. However, I'd estimate cash rent in area mentioned to range from $15 to $25 per acre. Kenneth K. Rose Extension Agent QUESTION: I am curious as to why some banks can advertise "free checking" and "better than free checking," especially, to their senior citizen customers and still make a charge on the monthly checking account statements. This has just happened the last couple of months and I wonder if they charge for cashing my paycheck. My check is the same amount each month and yet the "service charge" on my account is for a different amount each month. This does not look like free checking to me. ANSWER: As far as the Northwestern National Bank of Fergus Falls is concerned, we offer several types of checking accounts. Most probably the account referred to is the "Better Than Free Checking" or "Ready Reserve Checking Account" which requires that a customer makes a specific written application for preap- proved credit limit. Upon qualification and approval by the bank said customers are placed'on a Ready Reserve status and as part of said Ready Reserve program receive free checking with no minimum balance. In all of our aforementioned checking programs, it should be noted that no item charges are made for depositing out of town checks. Please refer to our newspaper and radio advertisements for details on our various checking programs. Darrcll E. Weidauer Asst. Cashier .•.•.-.•.•.-.•( Address your questions to: "Since You Asked...," .•.•.•.•.;.:.:•:• •;:%*£ Box SOS, Fergus Falls, Minn. 56537) »:•:•:•:•»: Amnesty loophole countered WINNIPEG (AP) - United States military deserters in- lending to make use of a "loophole" to escape both military court martial and alternate service may instead face military or civilian prosecution. Spokesmen for the War Resisters Information Program, a newly formed Winnipeg-based organization, say men who do not complete their alternate service requirement could, in some instances, face either court martial or federal prosecution. Program coordinator Tim Maloney and counselling coordinator Jere W. Olsen say their legal sources cite two articles of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and one section of Title 18, United States Code, as the basis for the new information. Under U.S. President Gerald Ford's "earned re-entry" program, deserters would go to Camp Atterbury, Indiana, sign a loyalty oath and agree to perform alternate service for a specified time of up to 24 months. They would receive an undesirable discharge from their branch of military service, which would be upgraded to a clemency discharge on completion of alternate service. The alleged loophole never has been thought to exist for draft evaders. The coordinators say information on the alternate service program is available free of charge anywhere in Canada by telephoning 800-665-8845. Local offices are located in Montreal, Vancouver and Winnipeg. INTRODUCING A VERY SPECIAL EDITION CHARGER Anexclusive Charger model for 1975 ... represents a new level of elegance and distinction never before offered in a Dodge intermediate, and new convenience and serviceability features. ANNOUNCING THE "ALL-NEW" 1975 DODGE CORONET — You asked for them — three all-new Coronet hardtops. They're sized rigM, priced right, and styled to keep you out in front of the mid sized crowd. DART — Over a million satisfied Dart owners can't be wrong. Dart is "Right on Target." s^ MONACO WAGON •£LJSx tafsn^ In Newfoundland, any lazy good-for-nothing is called an "angishore" (hang-ashore) —a man too spineless to leave the land and dare the sea. TUESDAY SPECIAL A MR. QIIIK, CRISP GOLDEN FRIES AND A CORE 99* QUIK STOP 419 West Lincoln -V CORONET BROUGHAM SEDAN MONACO A quiet expression of your good taste. DODGE COLT — ' DART CUSTOM C°'t continues to represent outstanding value with many 4-DOOR SEDAN standard features lhat often are optional in other cars. ^•^^ix PICKUPS — Now being offered with new full-time four-wheel drive. VANS — Dodge Sportsman Wagons and Tradesman Vans are available with an optional, single-piece rear door . ..this door will improve rear appearance and provide greater visibility. CORONET CUSTOM HARDTOP DAH1 SE 2*DOOR HARDTOP ROYAL MONACO 1-OOOR SEDAN ••o—o DODGE COLT ROYAL MONACO BROUGHAM WAGON TRADESMAN MAXIVAN RAMCHARGER — New for 1975 — A two-wheel drive model is being offered, where only full-time, four-wheel drive was available previously — The fun machine for work or play . AD 100 HAMCHAHGER S Extra Care In Engineering Makes A Difference fn Depend On It! we figure you can use the laughs NOW more than ever; DODGE Starts Friday—One Week Only BOYS ROYAl MONACO BROUGHAM 4-DOOR HARDTOP LUXURY YOU CAN AFFORD TO ENJOY The elegant world of Royal Monaco Brougham. A rewarding experience designed for those who demand extra luxury and convenience. Yours to enjoy for less than you mighf have thought. DODGE for 1975 ON DISPLAY TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 COFFEE and COOKIES from 91 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Come See Them for Yourself A f.... FERGUS DODGE, INC PHONE 736-6911 —Across from City Hail— 119-121 West Washington —Fergus Fa Us "54 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE - SINCE 1920"

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