Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on October 3, 1890 · Page 1
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 1

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 3, 1890
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Hi WILL I'AY PHI Till''. Dispatch- Democrat UNTIL M i,:::: Subscribe Now ! VOLUME XXII. URIAH CITY, MENDOCINO COUNTY, CAL., Fill J) AY MORNING, OCTOBER 3, 1890. WILL TAY FOR THE Dispatch- Democrat UNTIL JAN. 1,163!. Subscribe Now I NDMBEJ T I DISPATCH AM DEMOCRAT. PUBLI3HED EVERY TRIDAY, VKIMI, • - - MKSViii-IS'i CO., CM... By JNO. BUCKINGHAM, SlJHSl'KH'TlMN H .VTKS One Your — Six Month* • rhrvu Months $2 r.o SpflOf*. 1 Inch 2 inches 3 inches 4 luetics D inches flI nonet* 7 Inches 8 inches 9 inches io itit'hPH One-half column One column APVi'irnsiNU KATI:S: Mnnthly. Your. v. . . .| '2 m CO .. 3 *,*:• ft 00 ESTABLISHMENT H 00 8 75 » f.0 10 i'i U 00 11 r>o lfi so is oo •J4 00 SO 00 an oo :«i oo 42 00 •is oo 54 00 i:o 00 r,ts oo VJO 00 Three months rnimi" into n« fur mii> yonr. Two months IK times one month. Less thun one month »l per lueh for llrit Insertion. ,10 rents per Inch for cneli snl-seqnent Insertion I.renl Bdvertlsements f 1 |»er ineh lor eneh insertion, ypcoldfil position ]»: cent, extra. The ubovc are net flRnres. PROFESSIONAli CARDS. J. <l. WHITE. District Attorney mid AMorne.y nt I.nw, Uklnh City, Mr-iulnc'no Co., Cnl. OFFICE—Iu Court House. Will practice In nil stub- nnd Federal Courts. 1-lltf -Vol F1NO- j. >r. .V/I.VA'OJV, Attorney mid 4 'oTHiftelor at I.nw. Uktah, Mendocino County, Cnl. Will practice In nil Court- of this State. OFFICE—In Mnsonle. Mall building, corner ol School and Perkins Streets. 1-Itf. J. A. COOPKN, Attorney nnd 4'ontutelarnl l.nw. Uklnli City, (.'Hi. OFFICE—In Odd Follows' null Unit. Will promptly attend to nil business Intrusted S to his care In nhy ofthoCourtsof IhlsSlnle. |1-1G • The Largest Assortment of ItuiMcr's HiiMwiiro, Mrcliuiiir'ri Tools, Mnnn'x, Hunt's nnd IIuril 'H Axes, Hiirvey I'l'itrc 11 unci jiml X .Saws, Pruning Tools, The lmperlnl Plow, (Hr*t 1'Hnv in the World.) —A I.SO— The lliteki've Combined Harrow nnd Seeder. Tin; Hurkey Piimn, The lluekeye Wind Motor, The HvidKo, li.'ueli & Co. .Sni>i>rIor Stoves and Hiui|;cs, Tin* Adam** it West hike Monarch tins- olliie It dimes, nnd a liumlrwl itittl otic tliliiff-t oriinmi'iilnl ami iiNt 'tiil, AT LOWEST RATES. J. R.MATHEWS' North Side of Court House, Standley St., Ukiah, Cal. FINE DRUGb AND MEDICINES. Choice Perfumeries. Fine - Toilet - Articles 1 ^Sii!MTiM™$MLEN OlipoMHe Ilie (Jrmid Hotel, State Street, - • Ukiah, Cal. SMITH & HILL, Proprietor. gpgp- Good Turnouts for hire—Double and Singh* h inns, and saddle Horses. The best of are'KIVCJI to tran.'iient stock. Trains furnished with or without drivers. Your patronage is solicited, and satisfaction Kuurauted. 0-71f. YELL A SEAWEIJ,, Attorney*. IIIMI CouiiMclors at I,I»H. Ukiah City, Meudo.-ino Co., Cal. OFPIOK—lu New liflW Bnlldintr, west of Court House. Will practice In all Courts of this State. (l-7tf. T. L. CAEOTJIEliS, Attorney i .iMl ^CoiiiiNi -lor nt Iifiw« Ukiah City, OiillfornlH. Office in Now Law Building, west of Court House, Practice*) iu Rll State and Federal Courts. |.*-itf S. C. POAiiE, Attorney at 1 u H , Ukiah City. Cal. Special attention paid to Probate business Will practice In all the Courts. JAMES K VEUUEKTOy, Attttriii'y nil*! Coimaelor at fjiw. LuusiiiKSt., Mendoelno (Uty. Will practice in all the Courts of this Plate. 1-7 tf. J. K. CHAMBERS, Attorney anil Counselor at Law* Covelo, Mendocino Co., Cal. Practices lu all the Courts of this Store. I). K. HAXTORD. J. M. SANFORD. NEW SHOP NEW PRICES For Best Meats and at Lowest Prices don't fail to call on SANFORD & SON, Opposite the Post-Office. State Street, - - Vkiah City. Pure Chemicals and Pharmaceutical Preparations. Patent Medicines, Cigars, Etc. -) ICE-COLD SODA WATER.(— JPlXlins Frosoriptidns <rv Spooialty. Hew Goods! U Quality! Low Prices I JACOU II33C3r3I33n, MERCHANT TAILOR School Street, Ukiah. H AS A LARGE AND SELECT STOCK OF THE finest goods, both foreign and dome&Ue, which he will tmifce. up at bedrock prfca. A GOOD FIT OUAHANTEED, Give him an early oall, make your seleetious, and secure a perfect fit, wherubi you will be presentable at all times. y-2f)tf. Nlilte Klrott, Ihllih, Have the lur/rest and hest stock of L. EDWARDS. H. EDWAUDn. EDWARDS BROS'. II'. JV. UOOKE, .V. /)., Physiolan and Surgeon, Ukiah City, Cal. -Olnco at residence on Perkins Street, one block west of Court llou^e. J. L. JiOXJ), .V. P., I*bynlelHM mill Muriteuu. Ukiah City, Cal. C FFICU—On west side of Court House, In Heir's building. (IEO. II'. STOUT, .V. »., Fliyslelnu n 11 <l N•• r gv ou. Uklnh City, Cal. OFFICE -At Ukiah Hotel. 12-211/. J. II'. 1IUDSO.V, il. D. Physician and Surgeon, Uklnh, Cal. Office: Northwest cor. Stnudley nnd School uta. Rooms at A. O. Curpenter's, State st. HSIf a. T. MASON, M. D. Pli.Tklclun, Snrijeoii HIIII UyiicvoloKlHl. San Francisco. Cnl. Telephone No. 8«8. 510 Hayes Street. Makes n specialty of Diseases of FcmaleB nnd all dlaenscs of the Stomneh and Digestive Organs IT. If. UOaSJIEAD, D. D. H. II E NT 1ST. Ukiah City, Mendocino Co., Cal. •OFFICE—West of Express Office. Gas administered. 10-21tf. Wit. il. PEEltf, Real Estate Agent, Conveyancer and Searcher of Records, Ukiah, Cal. Ollice with County Clerk. AH business entrusted to my care attended to promptly. i -M. Q. A. OVKIlMJZYMt, t'onklnbic niul Cilltilor Uklall City. Cnl. Orncs—Opposite DIHPATCII ndlce. Prompt utteutloii tflveu to nil business entrusted to my cam. I'. ,V. 3TAHOX, Architect and Builder, Ukiah City, Cal, Plans, Sncciflcnl Ions nnd Estimates made to order. Will eonlruel for all kinds uf buildings, to lunilsh mntcrlnl, or otherwise, {satisfaction gnarantecd. a-22tf. FOR SALE! 4 (\ AND VU AdtK THACTB »i f Itll.'H DOT| \l torn lumifiir sum In l.ltlle l.ako VMIH-V. Subdivisions of the 11. L. Norton HOME RANCH. Ka«y terms. Apply lo If. II, MI/IK, Wllllls, or II. L SOKTON. Ill Cftl. rit,.H. ('ill. ^fl^-We wish to inform the public that we have opened a moot market In the builtliug recently occupied by D. Marks A Co, where we will continually keep on baud thovery choicest meats to be found In the market. Meat delivered free to ali parts of the city. Remember we are hero in s;ay. EDWARDS BROS. Furniture and Carpets EVKU Bitoi'oirr TO MENDOCINO Co. Everthing appertaining' to a first- class furniture es tabl ishni ent constant ly on hand. Buying for cash direct from the manufacturer we are enabled to sell at San Francisco prices. Call and be convinced. Terms Strictly Cash. II. Si. SMITH. it. E. DON'OHOE. Smith & Donohoe fSuceoKiiors to Duncan & Smith,) Searchers uf Records, Office with County Assessor, UKIAH «ITV, • • CALIFORNIA 8®"0ur undertake g department is thoroughly equipped. Orders in this line promptly attended. Do M Smok Chinese or Tenement House Made Cigars. ffSP ^Abatraetsmadr ami Conveyancing Done, AgontH for Fire Association of Philadelphia. Refer by permission to: ltobt. MeGarvey, Superior Judye; S. D. Paxtou, County Clerk; Tlios. L. Carothers, Esq,; II. A. Penbody, Editor of DlSi 'ATCii. 12*7tf. IVJentlocino Conr\tjy Abstract -:- Bureau! And Land Title Office, School St.. ad). Christian Church, UKIAH, CAL. £4P*" Sole proprietors oi Durfeo's Self-Corroct- Ing System of deducing I.nud Titles. Only com plete abstracts of Mi^udoclno (bounty. Searchers of Records, Insuranoa and Loan Agents. CONVEMCSNS SPECIALTIES RICE A BALTZELL. Proprletor«. PIANOS OulV No* U |tr41uriuiM'i $:6(i.W?t«unii ufx nanl doilviToi. box«it iriH.',ni) iioa >i O»MUI I Oakland wlia ipvrftiwl »ml novrr i .n ri *o-h oliirlct- Vuilf wurratilttl* dtu , «lM(.t I'- HU B00T& SHOE STORE LiJiB' BeiUtKi's mi Children's BOOTS AIIO SHOES At the Lowest Living Prices FOR CASH! Agent for United Workingmen'« Boots and Shoes, JTTRY - TXXiaTVT.-Sja A I.I, KIN'IIS OV hit and Sho ?s hit to Order. I UrhiK your old Shoes mid luivn llicm repalied enunl lo new. All kinds of rtilOK liKKlJsiN'ti. CORK Kill EH, Ele. All Work Warranted, a. HOOKE. -THE- Ukiah Cigar Factory! MAKES THE FINEST GRADES OF CICARS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE. Only the choicest material used and W HITE l..i!)oii exclusively employed. Cigar Dealers, do not fail lo give our cigars a trial. Your patrons will be delighted with them. Ukiah Cigar Factory, PAUL BAIER, Prop. C. E. TRYON, General Blacksmith! Vomer of State nnd Stevenson Street*, adjoin' intj Kentucky $t(%blc» % Ukiah 6V(//, Cat. f30h *CflrriK?o nnd wagon making, HhoeliiK and uetUM -iil blucksmltbUiK done. AKLMH for the Deerliii? Mower,HelfDuiupinffUakeit, Mitchell Wn^ou, uud other farm machinery. K-iUtf. Sacred Heart Coavent of Mercy i A BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. Conducted by tliu Sisters of Mcrov, Uklnh, Mendocino Co., Cnl. Hnrftirthorparticulars apply lolho MOTHER SllrERIORESB, •W :f Ukiah, Cal. SUBSCRIBE FOR THE Dispatch—Democrat. ew Quarters 1 linvo Romoved ray Stoelt of Drugs, Paints, Oils and Wall-Paper TO THE— MARKS BUILDING, OPPOSITE rrs'Jii O-S,A.2STXD ECOTEL. Will also have in the saino room a Complete Lino ot SCHOOL SUPPLIES, ETC., ICeprt Toy 3D. Veatoh, We invite all wanting Goods in these Lines to call and see us. J. 2f. MAGSE, A. M. D. VEATOH. New Goods! Latest Styles! Merchant - Tailor! WISHES TO ANNOUNCE That he has just laid in a Fine Stock of FALL ^ WINTER GOODS, Of the very Latest Styles. lggSgr^These Goods comprise the Choicest Materials, both Foreign and Domestic. Finest Designs in Pants Patterns EVER BROUGHT TO UK I AIT. FASHIONABLE SUITS At the Most Reasonable Prices. PERFECT :-s FIT GUARANTEED. State Street, Ukiah, Cal. lut Entire Stock! Having decided to olose out onr business, we will uiBposo of our Stock of GENERAL MERCHANDISE At a Great Sacrifice! This is a fine opportunity for some one wishing to invest in a paying business in a good locality. [N THE MEANTIME. ANYONE WISHING TO PUnCIIASB Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, CARNEGIE AND STEEL RASL8. How TarlrT 1» Knrte.hlufr Our Sertch Tinbob. RAILWAY BREVITIES. '•a "S- Or in ra,ot any tlning in o\ir lino, Andrew Cameiyie is preparing for another couching trip In Scotland, and one of the prominent papers ot bis party has been pointing to au unpleasant fact in Mr. Carnegie's recent business experience. It is The Chicago Tribune, which has grown so restive and unmanageable under what it terms "McKinleyiaui." It says: "Andrew Carnegie, one of the king bees of the Republican party, who is a strong believer in protection, be- pause he is one of the favored few who derive benefit therefrom, has locked out his employes at Beaver Falls. Pa., because they wanted inerewed wages." Au interesting commiefitary on this fact is found in a recent number of that high protectionist paper, The Philadelphia Press. In an article on the steel and iron production in the Pittsburg district during the first six months of the year it says: "The Carnegie firm made alone nearly 325,000 tons, which includes the output of their plant at Beaver Palls; but from their four plants here it was just about 800,000 tons, being a little more than 2,000 tons a day, or altogether one-third of all that was made., and outside of their steel rail output they manufactured in this year about 13,000 ton* pf railway car supplies and nearly 140,000 tons of structural material," And in regard to the production of pig iron in Allegheny county, Pa., The Press says: "The production of pig Iron In the first ninety days of this year was about 3,400 tons a day, making 306,000 tons. The average output from the Carnegie furnaces was 1,800 tons a day." According to this report Carnegie's various establishments have produced 335,000 tons of steel rails in six months. The protective duty on steel rails is (17 per ton, which on 825,000 tons amounts Jo $5,525,000. Of course it cannot be claimed that Curnegie's steel rails wore Increased in price the full amount of the $17 duty, for just at this time steel rails are higher than usual in England. But what is true is that Carnegie has a 15,535,000 wall behind which he is allowed by law to keep up high prices with exemption from foreign competition. Just how much of the |!7 a tou protection the steel rail makers are able to put into their pockets nobody knows or oan know, but it iu au interesting fact to note that David A. Wells, the greatest statistician of the United Stat -'S, estimates that the additional cost to this ! $C~5r »The entire stock must be sold at once, either as a whole or at retail. W. ENGLISH A CO., Calpella, Mendocino County, Gft It is said In The Financial Chronicle that Jay Gould controls 19.S87milw! of railroad. The average cost of all the ralhoful« in the United Status i» estimated at *00,000 per mil*. A-railroad will probably be built soon from Meleoa, Mont., to the Castle Mountain rat uing district. The Pennsylvania railroad had to drill SDO feet for good water (or its passenger : station at Toledo, O. | It Is estimated that there are more than ! S00 railroad line* In the United States | doing business at a loss, i The 1/ondon underground railroad Is j nineteen miles long, was opened in 18G8 | and co.t $8,500,000 a mile. It nan been more than two yew< »lnee the car works of the United States have been able to keep up with their orders. In Kngland sixty wiles is cousidcred an average run to a ton of coal. In America forty-ftve miles to a ton is regarded as a. fair ran. A contract was recently awarded at St. Johns, N. V., for the construction of K50 miles of railroad on that Island at 115,500 per mile. A scheme to avoid snow blockades by having hollow rails tilled with hot water wan actually patented Iu England some twenty years ago. If consolidation and absorption continue at the present, rate, It is estimated that within twenty years 90 per cent, of the railroads will be owned by about a doseu companies. There are eighteen bridges and twelve tunnels iu a single eighty mile stretch of railroad in the Mount Shasta country in Oregon. The bridges all cross the Sacramento. Over 8,000 policies were issued hy the Hallway Official, and Conductors' tuuocia- tlon for the year ending July 1, 1890. It waa the biggest business ever done by the association. It is possible that a road may be built before many year, have passed from Norfolk, Va„ to Iscitalla, N. M., there to connect with Pacific coast lines. The estimated expense la 170,000,000. A novelty on Prussian roads is the providing of cars for the transportation of sick people. Que of these can Is kept at the six chief railroad centers, and are sent to any station when needed. THEATRICAL NOTES. Icikawa Dsnjuro (or Sadangt), Japan's Edwin Booth, says the stage 1« such a poor field for struggling youth that he habitually declines to tako a pupil. r .._ r Que of the realistic features in the "Lim- oountry of steel during the ten years ' ,ted Mall" is a complete saw mill in opera- from 1878 to 1887 in consequence of the ! t 1 . 00 ' *» w, . n e ou * ««• and bridge timber. tariff was $140,000,000, As stated in the above quotation from The Philadelphia Press, the daily output of Carnegie's steel mills, not including the one at Beaver Falls, was 2,00Q tons a day, which means a daily protection of $34,000. If even one-tenth gets into Carnegie 'B pockets, the sum of $3,400 a> day.'fisnot to bo sneezed at." A little sum like that dropping into one's pockets every day is not a bad thing to help even a Carnegie to give bridal presents that kings and queens cannot rival. Music halls and public libraries, top, can be built put of this pin money as it accumulates, and the fortunate possessor of these tariff made gains can get himself advertised as a publio spirited citizen and a benefactor of unrivaled generosity. Is Carnegie satisfied with his high protection? No one appeared before McKinley's committee to ask for higher duties on rails, or even to ask that present duties be retained. Possibly it was thought safest to avoid being questioned and trust to the generosity of the committee to continue existing duties. When, however, tho news came out that MoKinley had cut steel rails to $18.44 per ton some of the rail men rbe­ gan to wince. At that time a representa- The circular saw used in this scene is four feet iu diameter. One of the scenes in "A Fair Rebel" sliows the hero escaping from I.ibby prison by means of a tunnel. The prison is a revolving scene, and shows four rooms with men in each room. Tot his new plajr, "The Plunger," Oliver Byron is having painted a reproduction of a locality that will recall many incidents connected with the latter part of the life of the late President Garfield. I "The City Uirectory" has met with tre- j mendous success on (he Pacific slope. The profits of the piece during 1889 exceeded 136 ,000, and it lost a lot of money during i the first few weeks it was on the road, i Quite recently in Melbourne, the story ! runs, a well known variety performer was ! thrown a parcel of sausages on the stage j by an admirer. "Don't do it again," pleaded i the actor. "If the manager sees you feed- j ing me he 'll reduce my salary." It is now said Minnie Palmar will probably never go on the read again, but will : be seen at the Herrmann Gaiety theatre, 1 N.w York, in comic operas, perhaps for • the next three years. Mr. Louis Harrison i is spoken of as the comedian of the com! pany. | M. Jean Kichepln's drama, which has been received by the management of the j Comedie Trancais, is written in five acts j and eight tableux. There are twenty-five parts, twenty for men and live for women. trusted to M. Mounet-Sully and M. Monnet. Paul PHOTOGRAPHIC NOTES. tive of one of Carnegie's mills protested | XU» iwo principal characters will be iu energetically against » reduotion. He \ ' •.»-"..-•• • ~ stated that the present duty of $17 a ton 1 is not high enough to give him ample protection; that the tariff must be raised if ho is to have complete protection; aud yet that the American rail is superior to the English rail. All that in one breadth! He further stated that if tho tariff on steel rails were reduoed to $13 a ton he might possibly be able to go on. When tho senate cut the steel rail duty still further, making it $11.30 per ton, some of the rail men began to have) agonies. Meetings were held and delegations sent off to Washington to protest against further reduction. What will be the outcome of it all is not yet apparent, though Senator Plumb is reported to have been indulging in some vigorous talk, saying that the duty on rails should be reduoed to six or seven dollars. Why not? Our rail makers exported 879,470 tons of rails lust year, and recently a single shipment of 35,000 was made from Pittsburg to Mexico. Proving the Discount Charge- The Engineering and Mining Journal, a reputable trade paper of New York, recently undertook an investigation of the subject of foreign discount, and in A printing out paper, which can be printed by gas light with aa exposure of about forty-five minutes, is said to have been invented In England. Iu handling sensitive paper in hot weather if the fingers be at all moist with perspiration, a little French chalk rubbed over them will prevent the paper becoming marked. A grand turning copula eight meters in diameter is to be erected in the Tatlcan garden for covering the photographic equatorial instrument which is to be used in connection with mapping out the stars. India^ubber focussing cloths, the bellows of cameras, etc., sometimes have an inclination to become tacky or adherent, but If some French chalk be applied to them occasionally this tendency will be entirely obviated. - Iu the process ot photographing colors, lately discovered, the photographs are taken on glass and paper, and the tints range from a deep red, through yellow, to bright blue; but green is abseut iu all the positives. Very long exposure is required. One of the most valuable additions to the fixing bath In one ounce of acid sul­ phite of soda In solution to five ounces of half, and acts aa a clearing solution, also doing away with the necessity ot an alum THE LATEST IN SILVERWARE. terviewed a large number of establish- [ ny po. Tkia lessens the time of fixing one- menta, "ail firms of high standing, the 1 " * ' largest concerns of their classes," and proved conclusively that these foreign discounts are made. j The article in- The Journal was prefaced with the following words: "We recently received a letter from the head of the chief protection organ in this country asking in the most naive mannor whether it is actually true that greater discounts are given to the export trade than to our home buyers, and if so the reasons why. It would seem, therefore, that among the ultra-protectionists there is n large aud convenient amount of ignorance on a subject which we had supposed was so well known as to ca) for no special comment, and which in fact is so well known that the regular monthly publication of the fact, and oi' the actual export prices of our manufacturers, as given in The Engineering aud Mining Journal, have never been questioned or controverted, though we have had frequent letters from some manufacturers objecting to our letting the home trado know the prices and discounts at whioh they sell 'for export goly.'" Silver clasps are made to hold up men's shirt sleeves. Fine combs for babies an mounted on silver bundles. A silver whip with a long knotted lash 1* •used aa a belt pin. Standards for five o'clock tea kettles are made of oxydised silver alloys. Silver hair pins are much worn, tho favorite forms being knotted and looped at the head. Black enamel match boxes with tiny ornaments showing in the silver beneath ar# new and pretty. Tea services In the favorite suirai forms with no other ornninentatiou hold the favor of the moment. Cnps in silver gilt, imitating sheaves of wheat, come in sets of two with spoons t<r match as bridal presents. Superb pistols have the holsters ot smoked ivory carvsd in Moorish forms and silver dsmagcssnsd mounts, A pretty fashion for a round tabte mirror la to leave Interstices, through isMalPk A Campaign Lie Nailed. 8. F. Examiner. The slanderous report that ColonM refused to come to California until a nomination for office was sent him churttes prepaid, turns out to be entirely unfounded. He first entered the State no I O*H thun live yearn before his «>!«Hition lu Congrew). It is true that he did not Con- Hider himself more thun n tnmpoiiiry sojourner iu California until he bocaniB a candidate. He came to the coast in 1S7!>, but did not think it adviBnbln to regintf>r in 1S80 for the purpowi n{ voting for fagr- lioltl, nor in 1HK2 to help the unfortunate E-fte« out of the mud. But by 1884 Col. Marklmni began to ieel a little like a C'al- it'orninn. He reentered on April 17th o| that year, and the Republicans oi his din- trict wore so elated by this acquisition that they i mmediately nominated him for Congress to make sure of him. Ho waa elected six months and a half after hi* registration, receiving 40!) voles more than Mr. Del Vnlle in a district that gave Blnine at; the Ranie election a majority of 1,320 over Cleveland. His salary and mileage receipts are still on file at Washington for the confusion of the scoffers who pretend that tho records of the Government contain no evidence to show that he ever took his seat. The same sort of evidence will doubtless be available hereafter, in case of his nuccess in ihe present campaign, to show that' h» has filled the Governorship. A Needed Improvement^ Humboldt St«udsrd, A new road has been surveyed from Camp Grant on Eel river along the ridne to Harris Station. As alt other roads out of the county are impassable during the »'inter months by reason of landslides and washouts, it is the part oi wisdom to open this road, which can lie ess* ily done for about $6000, and thus give Humboldt county a road that can be traveled at all seasons of the year, and ono over which the overland mail muy bo brought to Eureka from Ukiah. This) rond is oi easy grade, can be easily built and will be ot great, advantage tothspeo* p'e of the whole county. It avoids all streams which make the overland mad impnssnhie during winter. It also shortens the distance now traveled by the> overland route by nt least 20 miles. This; matter will be brought up for final action next, month and It is to be hoped that the Board will establish tbe road. Best Offer 7et Xade. The political campaign in this Mate will open in a iew daya, and the people of Mendocino county should keep themselves informed on all events attending it, especially those of a local character. The D ISPATCH -D KMOIIBAT is conced«d hv everybody to be the beBt paper in this county, and it is therefore the best paper lor a person to take who wishes to he kept posted on political as well as all local event*. Desiring to ah! the Democracy us much as possible in this campaign by placing the D IHCATCII -D RMOCRAT in hundreds of homes where it does not now go, we have decided to make a campaign offer of the P ISPATCH -D KMOCRAT from now untill January 1, I8ftl, (or SO cents. This is the hest offer ever made by a newspaper in Mendocino, county. JFVnir months subscription JOT fifty cent*. Send along vour names and avail yourselves of this splendid offer. The editor sat on a hard botttomed chair, trying to think of a thought, and he plunged alt tits fingers abont throngh his hair, but not one topic they brought. He had written on temperance, tariff and trade, nnd the prospects of making • crop, and joked abont ice cream and weak lemonade, till his readers had told him to M op. And weary of thinking, sleep came to his eyes, and he pillowed his head on the desk, when the thoughts "'hicti awnke hud refused to arise, care* (n troops that were strong and grotesque. Ami as the ideas airily float he selects the bright one of the tribe; and this ia the gani, which while dreaming he wrote: "Now is tho time tt) subscribe."—Jfat» tooji Star. Grapes are bringing from $17 to $1(* per ton iu ban Francisco at the present time. This is $10 to $12 per ton mors) than was paid for the same last year. There is a great demand for Sonoma COM- ty grapes in the San Francisco markets.— Santa Rosa Republican. Bea.1 Estate, IOOOO s 00 900 M 10 00 io oo 10 •» 13 T and !. Johnion to Nells Ivetson—Nw qi of nw V, e lit of sw qr ami MM qr ot sw qr ol see 9. Ip 13, r 16 J 1 Alvlso to L Alvlso—Lot 0 of nee 6. tp ill, r 17 (le»» U aerm told to J I'allMer) Love and affection and : 1. Aivlte to A Wages—Same ss above.... A I) snd A Dean to Krsnk Dutro aud M A Fsriiler—10.37 seres of land in nw qr cor of lot 30 ot Yoknyo Itsncuo.... J B Htiut to O a Ball—Lot In Bonneville F G IlhTeim to Mary E roe—Lot 6 Of sec 25, tp 17, r H J Woodruff to K A wcller—Lot II lu blk 17 of town of Fort Bragg J Uprtegrsff to w H Ward—Lot It), » hi of lot 9 and ne qr of sw qr see 2 sud se qr nee 4, tp W, r 14 } A Cooper to 8 W and 0 3* CoollMk—W lif of se qr, s'.r qr u! ne qrand w hf of se qr of ne qr sec 29* tp IS, r 10 and olherlsudB , -. J R Mathews to J A Cooper—Nw qr of blk 88 of Uklnh city G and A J MeOlnnkey to J D Curtis-lot In Ukiah city . 0 Crohn to 3 D Ttephens— Portion of loft 4, 9 and 1U of sec i, ip n, 1 11 nnd other D L KsriiBWorth to Win and J H Clarke— An lind U int lu se qr of sw qr qC see ^.... VJ 4 and ottiur lands I D tp 20, r IS . HBO 09 •s'k S Wagenseller to Ella D Stout—Io^s H $ siul 15 lu block Sof Wsgensellet's ad- dltlon to Uklsli eltr. v - ••$•=•*; S C W [lenslowtoC 'Marfan—Lot In Meu- . 1 "~ dooiuo . •..".....•.;.;.•,!...„. Iswla**, <*m Miss Frances K. wiuaitl, in her WOIKS! 1*"TT.i-w-a- ,w»»™-« about Cfclciifiis, has discovered women who w'- 2 ^ ribbon of the hue ttftt SttlU tt* make skirts for seventy-five couts n dosen eomplaxlon best may he passsd. and furnish their own thread.. She also: Buses of fanoy wood* for slfjars are finds children working twelve hours n day mounted in silver, whioh at tassornars Is for$l a week. ! carr|«d into graeaful iiartwjs,--- Veil** ,. . "TT* ' . , • box** are urnsmsBted la thasajtaa .tsaaaer.• The wifeof a well known member of par- . ,u~, _«.t»»i u Utneut kesps a scrap book In a -bleb .h»> JLA^J ^J*** - *-SgJff**! nvstas all the UBeomnUmeQwy Bern- 1 •• _ ^ . *^T^^^"i*>"T*!: liauueut pastes all the uueompjumeawy »*tu- 1 i'™Sri."ZS -iZL i graph* printed about asr behead. Ttuy g'jg«gA?ftg*j eo*tatolia«<)£farvutatlro^,ti«M»;. ^^J ^^lWfT ^l^ ^ \ i' CjAt iUt, itl' 1 ! ' sill i» *--J' ~<* u o* SNOB 8*0*0 h A Moody to C Slurr- Lot In FottBratg^pW Mr? C M llurgrsve to Mrs A A Sherman—Lot ,„„ la HoouovUI*. , »»$$L. B , AKinertoM riser-An und \i let In mid to tbe roxldnc nt the property nf i .s .'.t/ the estate of Abraham Klset deceased, OH Saunders to W S MeKsy—He qr<cf _» "v*Osi sw qr of see 0 and nu qr of nw or andi - *" yet w lif uf ue qr of hen 7, tp 15, r I* It Os\ olo James Hstoh—Lot* >, », ||, and 14 of see IB, loll 2, 8,0,7,», :•!»>/'• U V audlfiofseolMnuvlsodaof sat' SS. r, «5- qr of nw m oj sec 17, ne qr of sww'js of wo 20, tp IS, r 12 ,, ,, 1 ''il . lot 2 ol see 05. lot hi ni Int 1 BK M and other isnridto;..«. t tt wjfiiiistgMK Stepp-i.*" ia en is I N and 1TK Btapp W %?KBm-Ufr{mi Usi»h0li)f 4 .. .r>n-l~ > F«rlBrw*(lftitO'J A .tta tu ?f>rt Btuqj, ,j, t VSw«.JSP A.»Msvl*>F AJIIJl

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