The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 28, 1949
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28, [Snow Obliterates [Army Relief Aid North Dakota Roads Reblocked; Cold Wave Descends on West ISy The Associated Press Snow.and a stinging cold wave l«°unterattacked the Army's bllz- l* ar <( relief forces In North Dakota f'otlay and sent temperatures down I So around zero as far south as I Iowa. Just as Hie Army wa-s about to Iwrite off Operation Snowbound «s • mission accomplished, two Inches of I snow and strong winds closed more • roads in North Dakota. I The Army said at least another • day would be required to reopen Ithe roads. Temperatures through- lout, the area, the only sector still I snowbound, ranged from zero to I around 20 below. Low readings of I around zero were, in prospect al- ISQ for .Mason City and Spencer, I Iowa. I The cold wave was expected to I move eastward across Minnesota and I Wisconisn today, followed by I wanner air which already had over- I spread most of the western great I plains. I The Army's month-long fight ag- lainst the snow In Wyoming, Neb- Iraska and South Dakota came to 1 an end yesterday. I Meanwhile ale'rts against floods I tram the melting snow were cx- I tended along the Missouri river I from Leavenworlh, Kansas, to Plat- I tsmounth, Neb. The stream was five [feet above flood stage at Atchi- Isoii. Kansas, and .7 foot above flood Milage at St. Joseph, Mo. It was I ice-jammed for 105 miles upstream I from Leavenworth with only minor I breaks occurring in the jam. I Near Steel City, Neb., an ice jam [collapsed a 300-fr.ot steel bridge I »nd threatened two others. I The Platte River \v n s 4.5 feet I over flood stage at Agency, Mo., I andatScandia, Mo., the Republican I River was 3.6 feet above flood. I However the Nemaha at Falls City, I Neb., was heceiding. I Most of' the nation had fair I weather and clear skies with tem- Iperatures around normal. Auto Overturns Injuring Couple [From Monroe, La. John Fuller, 73, and his 63-year- lold wife, both of Monroe. La., for- Iraerly of Kennett. Mo,, are in Walls I Hospital today suffering from In- I juries received late Saturday when Ithe car in which they were riding lleft Highway 61 and rolled down a jVeep embankment near Luxora. I Neither was believed injured ser- Ifously. Information concerning their I condition and extent of their in- I.juries was unavailable at the hos- Ipital this morning. 1 According to stole Policeman I George Irwin, who with State Po- I licemen^ Tom Smalley and Ray Mc- I Kinney, investigated the accident. I the car wns driven by Mrs. Dcloris I Fuller, a daughter-in-law. She es- I capcd with only minor cuts. I Officer Irwin stated that the Fuller car apparently left the highway on a short curve and in I attempting to return the car to the I pavement Mrs. Fuller cut the wheels too sharp. The car rolled down the embankment Into a shallow ditch I turned over and came to a stop up-' I light. Officer Irwin slated that the Fullers were en route from Monroe [ lo Kennett, Mo,, at the time of the accident. Mrs. Deloris Puller's Ivus- i band, was in another car ahead of his wife and parents and was not involved in an accident. Lawrence Washington, half- brother of George, named the family estate "Mount Vernon" in honor of the admiral uncier whom ne served in the West Indies. WRECKS HiS& REBUILT Expert Body and Fender Work Phone 578 Sullivan -Nelson CHEVROLET CO. 301 West Walnut E. R. P. Hasn't Touched Them Woman's 20-Year Long Masquerade As Man is Bared by Her Daughter DENVER, Feb. 28-W-Bil!ict Morrison wanted to leave her hus She put on pants and, except for one brief return to dresses. She's been masquerading as a man ever since. She probably still woll ] d 1)c today but for an argument with her daughter. "It's easier co get, along in this world as a man," she told Detective Sgt. William Sanders. Sanders said the 36-year-old woman and her 19-year-old daughter Judy, started arguing in a bar yesterday. When they returned home the argument continued. Finally, he said. Judy ran into the street and told her mother's secret to a policeman. The two were arrested for Investigation. The detective said Mrs. Morrison left her husband shortly after their marriage. She worked as a painter and did other manual labor at different Texas towns. The one time she tried to go back to being a woman she found that "I was mauled too much bv other men." She moved to Denver from Aniar- illo five years ago and worked as cook here. "I've been a man so long I doubt' if I could change back," she said I think, act and live like a man. ."I've been In some fights, too and have come off all right." Read Courier News Want Ads. Ford Production Goes Up, Lincoln Output Reduced DETROIT, Feb. 28. Wy-Ford Motor Co. went ahead with plans today ln step up production of lower- Priced models substantially Output of Lincoln cars, however will be cut sharply, the company announced. Executive Vice President Ernest H. Breech said Ford had no intcn- iwi of following Genera,! Motors' 'cad in cutting prices. He indicated current wa B es and material cosls were too hii>h. 0-M announced price reductions ranging from $10 to $150 Friday No otic,- auto firms appeared ready to follow suit. Ford plans k attain n combined total of 109.000 'curs and trucks monthly by Juno, Breech s«id. This is well above December's postwar record of J5B.I41 At South Bend. Ind, stuciebakcr i-orp. also announced a production increase. The firm said the present weekly schedule of 3.810 units weekly would be boosted to 4,610 i s ?n e cor l )01 ' atit> » will begin hiring 1,800 new employes today. The tune "Yankee Doodle" Is of » ,»«" ° ri6 " 1 ' but "P^rcd '» the 18th ccntry as an instrumental air and was a favorite march tune of Revolutionary troops. Less Federal Claim on Dam Areas Sought WASHINGTON, Frb, 28 Im _ Rep. Trimble irj-Arlo believes the government is holding too much .and around Ihe Inkcs which are formed by flood control knd power More of this land, he said, should he relumed to Individuals—»nd to local tax rolls. To this end. he told a reporter he will seek approval of legislation U liberalise the present policy and permit disposal of more of the land udjacent to these lakes. At present, Trimble said, liic Army Engineers, upon completing the big 'lams and lakes, retain title i all land for half > mile around 1C lElk£. He said lie fnvora a policy whereby the engineers would retain part of the land and permit the rest to bt disposed of on a best-bid basis , At Ji C " Sl ' , ! " * nid ' tlle (tovornmciil holding.! should be cut to an elxhlh Sake* q " nrlcl ' °' " mllc n e° llt the The Kiiginetrs' theory In holding the land. Trimble said, is that Individuals should not be allowed to net properly whose value has been k-mitly Increased by Improvement:; 1-aid for by the general public. Trimble said he doesn't agree with Unit theory nnd that, if applied to other instances, individuals just as ogfcally could be kept from holding land adjacent to paved hlghwnvs which ulso are paid for by Die «««•-' "il public. The principal purpose of his proposal, Trimble salrt, is to return vnl- liable land l o tux polls in the localities of the lakes. "These dams and lakes when uuilt. take off of the tax rolls some of the richest property in a com- nntnlty,' he said. "I think we should limit this as much as possible—the move of the iropc held by the Individuals, the more would BO on the lax rolls," IB <ARK.) COURIER NEWS Broken Back? it looks like an X-ruy ot u fnic- tui-cd spine, bul it's really a higli-spccd photo of a hirgc drop of wiitcr uiKlcruuiiu! shock breakup under pressure of u wind stream. Photo wus Itikcn auriii,,. rcsrarch I,,1 0 raindrop behavior at Ihe General Klcctrlc Research Lnbonuory, Schcncu- l.'Kly. K. V. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYAIIDS III Feb. 28. </!>(—lUSDA)-Hogs llCOtl" active; strong to mostly 25 hlglici than Friday; spots more on hcnvies- top 22.00 freely; bulk WO-220 Ibs 21.15-22.00; 230-270 !Us largely 2025-21,15; 280-310 Ibs 10.50-20.00 In- cludin.a several loads 3tW-31o llw 19.50-75; some 400 Ib heavies 1850- good and choice 150-170 IUs 21 ''i- 15; 130-HO Ibs ifl.75-20,75- 100-120 Ibs l(i.75-lfi.75; sows «Q Ibs down largely 18.00-19,00; over 400 Ibs 16 25-1725; stags 12.50-14.50. Cattle 4,000; calves 100; steers and heifers opened lully steady with ltu,t week's low close but many unsold with higher asking prices; cows fully steady to 23 or more higher bulls in light supply and fully fleady; vealers 1.00 lower; several loads Average good steers 23.00-2*25; part load high good 25.00- few medium 21.00-75; medium and'good haters and mixed yearlings 21.00•".50; common and medium beef cows 11.00-18.00; canncrs and cutlers H.00-17.00 Harvard Pupil to Use Missco Tuberculosis Data for Term Paper An Illustrated plannuiB and publ- Icllly manual, prepared by Mrs. v. 0. Rcdmnn. executive secretary for Ihc Mississippi county Tuberculosis Association, Is lo be mod hyDr •I- I. Hcrron, who pi,,,,., ,„ wrltc a term paper while ul Harvard, ns rescnrcli on x-ruy survey*. l,r£tlT"' PSl f ° r U!C " SC Of ( l' e booklet «ns received n l the association's office Sunn-day, from Dr A. c. Curtis of the Division ot Tuberculosis Control of the State Health Department. i^tif' , Rc ,' l " lnn Compiled the book '^'''"f'-nte plaiinlnB methods nt n workshop for Arkansas executive secretaries, und since then the book "•a* taken to the seminar at Lnfa, hide. Mo., sponsored by Ui e Nnt- otinl -niborculosls Association o be reviewed ngnln. •Mrs. Alex Shelby of BlythovllJe The Friendly Yard hus Vcnclijui Blinds E. C. Robinson Lumber HUDSON A TRUSTED NAME for Better Cleaning Better Clothing The Hudson Finish Is Yours In Only 8 Hours HUDSON CLEANER TAILOR CLOTHIER Intelligent Persons Excell Others Except in Reproduction, Expert Soys PAGE THRBB SAN KRANSISCO. Feb. 28- urni rnftNfjlSUU, Feb. 28—(/)>) — <. fS^'^ffi'SS Ke'r'S "*9'°*' AddloJuri their i™ brainy contemporaries iu 'O Buy School Site virtually nil thlno* nv,v.,,i „.,_ i i.i.r.. ..„.__ . . , . iy runtcniii vlrCimlly nil things cxcc-pt one— (lipy Iisivc fcwor children. It Is rtoubltul If they hnvc IUIKC woiiBll fnmlllps "to ninliUnln l),Hr Mock, snld Dr. Lewis M. Tnmm, m rc|)ofllii B lo tlic JntCTimiloiml Council tor Kxroptlonnl Children nlxlit on tho ciireors of 1 -150 Billed persons lie selected ns j-otniir- slprs nml traced to the ni;c of 35. Hie Drofr.s.-ior emeritus of my. ?i < nn° W *"''' ""' K " ) "l ) '""' ""'y 1.BOO offsprlim l,y IIMS. jutle more limn one clillcl per fnnilly. "ul lie ims tested •100 of (he children niict hus found nboiil no pereeiit nrc ns sinnrt us tiielr IMreiK.s, They havo "I, q.V of 140 or lilRlier-10 („ i a times the proportion in (he general uopnliUlon" Hie imrrnt.1 were picked oul f» f sttidy solely nccordttiB to lliclr lulelllKence mllints; nil hud I. ,,.•, of 135 lo ano coiniinri'd lo the 100 norinnl. The Rroiip is hiMilthk'r, miikes more money (S8UOO n yeivr lop incomes for Ihe men, JD.OOO ton for the women), hoiialn better war records nml mure compatible m,i r . _!ll!l u Ulc ' !llbll ° '" Kfiiernl. provided blnek mid white rtmvvhi B s lo Illiislrnti; I'lirlniis phnaex of plun- hi coiiiiec'tlon with x-ruy sur- THOUSAMDS SAY- •ou iviso it's a proved medicine sou by thousands who havo .--,-,-" due to exercise °>' exposure .(oflcn called rheiimiilic pnln) O r ™Bp. Often C-2223 helps you Holler before even one bottle Is ;. I'uvchnsG price of ilrsl bolllo : if not satisfied. For temporiiry i oi accompanyini! constipation, St. .Toscph 2223 Limitlve Pills! * "HOWS wvosm A lotnl of mi .03 JIM been added l<> tho fund being ridsed by Bly- thei-lllo Negroes to be applied on 'he cost of nddlllonal land purchased U) provWe (v site for the new "lull school for Negroes; It was din•'used today, several days ago Ihe group turned over (40M to th* treasurer of the Blythevlllt Dtatrtet to apply on the cost -' -•-• • • L. G, NiBh, »50; willlt' O lint »20; Williams L, Whlttaker mod th* Swearengcn Company, »» ^M-JJ. and colleclloru at the Outtt't Temple Church. $11.02; » nd the ft* lowing $» coHtributlona: LlmH Duprec, Annie M. William*, Stclli Melntosli wid Henry Stear«. flRUFUS •^1 llriiitiis . . . Weiir FHni iMHiaHIIE£E!__ '""" '» »i»'"'». witmwui iwBinuuif USE YOUR CREDIT | *— — COME a-runnin' to Penney 7 BUY More for Less! Easter is but 8 weeks away. It is now time to make plans for your new outfit. Whether it be a suit, coat, dress or hat, you'll find a most complete selection at Penney's. I "Select Today — We Invite You To Use Our Lay-Away Plan ALL WOOL GABARDINE ...COATS AND SUITS 39.75 Pick your (cam ... a suit, coat,' lo in.ilclt or conlrnst. Here's real values .. . for they're nil pure wool j;;il>ardine, exceptionally well made right down to (he last hound buttonhole. In a whole raft of spring colors — (I'roys, Skipper Blue, Hci^c. Aqua. Hliu-k and Chinese Red. 9-1.1&S-20. Other Fine Coots and Suits from $16.75 to $49.75

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