The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on March 1, 1934 · Page 2
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 2

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 1, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO fHfclitALV£*H fME MALV1MN LlADll «Mfi ewer*** feat**, *•«- W. P. WORTMAN. f»«Witfc*r —~ tisrllis of Subscription: Payable VL t ASSOCL4TIOH t*at arasy wra are tyiat all the that tke Air Corp has and the entire ***** was shocked last Sunday **.-*. , *»»"*« to Beat of the sudden their j aad tragfts death of tbered DISPUAf, 2S cent, a eeiamn Rate* 6 cent* aa tack aodtttoeaj tm , .. LOCALS, among reading SSg • 5* a SEND CHANGES OF ADDRESS PROMPTLY LEADER sutMcrtben arc ack«d *J not^ the raboerlpthni dep«rt- an«0t promptly of to/ etuuccn to thjtf taanMts. Voiet tlte twrw 52ft*J tows, itewtjmpfrt and p«r»- matt paj tnctace doe tot of My 'ehansaiin addrM* .by the newt office. la there to atoo tfc« prob- . to ret Uie paper. The be«t plan to toe-end tbe chanr* of addnM te EDITORIAL Hollow-eyed Senator Norris of Nebraska is campaigning for a one-bouse legislature for his home state. We trust be doesn't want a one-borne affair. General Johu«on'e call for criticism of the NRA awoke the country to one fact — that NRA baa for all practical purposes died a painless and natural death. Few things in the country's history started more auspiciously than did this child of the depression. Every obscure hamlet, every industrial center, every staid conservative, every liberal were shaken into activity by the tremendous vigor of NRA when it was announced. But shortly after its inception wise beads (not our own) pointed out that NRA was uneconomic, attacked not tbe fundamental difficulty of the depression. Later it was plainly seen that NRA did not, as General Johnson so vigorously claimed, do away with, or even lessen to any important degree, unemployment. In a few cases it temporarily raised wages — until employers had no more money to pay wages. The hundreds of codes signed were, like by-laws of ordinary trade organizations, excellent in purpose and sentiment bnt fruitless in results. Prices were raised to consumers in many eases but fair competition was no more fair after than before. Now it seems that President Roosevelt has quietly dropped his earlier brain child, as -he dropped Professor Moley. Both were good ideas at first but neither worked. So, while .\n\ continues nominally and even new codes are formed in many cases, it is gradually -assuming the status of a post-war governmental bureau. It* record is naequaled by any organization in this part of the state at least. No group conducts its affairs with more unanimity of spirit or unity ot action. When some decision is made by the majority in a meeting, the whole organisa- tion backs that decision and takes part in the action wholeheartedly. Perhaps more important than anything else is the fact that the department gets no grandiose schemes of expansion or function but continues to stick solidly to its fundamental purpose — a good fire fighting organization with Just a touch of social life on the Ride. performed. Commercial lines atee tos* men. J» fact some Very wrecks occurred dur- of the Post to give the deal Former of t** socialist party ™ hi* «*» wfestry. He was without doubt the most widely admired and the most democratic monarch in an the universe. His passing has been appropriately marked by memorials -in the C services tt Washing! Only serves to remind payers a Swfejway, fcj. wonder* to Congressman, now - — — — »* ^««,,I^M, Ul/w Mayor LaGnardia of New tork, as he came down the center aisle, very informally, his overcoat unbuttoned, his muffler flung conveniently about his neck and back over his shoulder out of his way — almost the entire membership came to its feet aad cheered indicating the high regard In which he is held in the House of fcep- resentatives. Among his many friends IB Congressman Howard of Nebraska. When the two met in the well of the House the dy* namic little Italian threw bis week ago. at this writing his Majesty King Albert was aHve. vibrant and giving Joy to his fam* fly; today he sleeps; tomorrow his son win hold the sceptre that seven days before was his Rulers, be they presidents or kings, must come and go. but man apparently goes on forever. Sometimes t am tempted to remind pompons Individuals of that significant fact. We are but humble parts of a great system regardless of whether we walk with our bands upon a plow or march behind the tuneful ramble of band. The South £so« tav* ««***«* tt>* c*trntvt«w«, f have ifffgf «pon th* frf- fc*d* o*at«s*»o<4% and that fcwhrK dwefflr*d R«i Bttatft S«- *a*r towM n«v* teen *&* toftmted in Wflf County, fowl. *ffi *B**B «t «&; tfc* tOi&oy- taken at tie fcrofettfr <xf fcftfd ftfr nient «f labor from drtntfl Steffi fendani to satisfy •""* " JttrfcBifiat *e4*«tt outlet to wffwtst w lxe& tttBr/ own labor was wnUjHJleirt and anxious td wtnt; money spent and wasted on material and other acts. *r. Wortman, l am eall- fng another public meeting at the Community buttdfng thtt Frfflay evwiln*. Mart* 2, aad would be Pleased to dhwtrt tire issue* with *ny member of the cfty administration. L. W. Boehner. *fcS Bt VlRftrB OF AK BJCSCU- T10N directed to me from the of- flee of the Clerk ot the District Conrt of Mm* Connty, Iowa on • Judgment obtained tt said court. *. th* ttth *ty of frebfiiary, «4, In farm- of Mettopofitaa Life Insurance Company u Plain- iff and against E3iria A. Henderson, et al as defendant, for the mm of $li,iM.18 ana costs, Acres ot the Sotrth-Haff (fi%) of th* Horth-We*t Qnarter (NW^) s.nd the North One- Hundred Sit Two-Thirds (N 10* S-») Acres of th* Sotttb- West Quarter (SW%) of Section Wn* (9) towftafcfp Seventy-On* (ti) Sorth Range Forty-One <il) West of the 6th p. it. Km* Connty, Iowa. To self at.Execntlwl» Bale, and win offer ike acme for sale to the highest bidder tot cash in hand at The Court House fa Glenwood. Iowa, on the J4tb day of March A. D., mi, between the aoars of t o'clock A. if. and 4 o'clock P. H. ot said day, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the tillad'SigdOd* <*6) i**ote, ' Dated at Glenwood, Iowa, tfcte 17th day of Febfniry A. &., 1984. T — — ,— -..»». MU«* «*mUh tggd^at ii84j8 aad aeentittg it-i W. 8. itettoss, Bhertff of MHU Count) Almost time for another school election. It lookB now an If It will be less vigorous than is usually the custom in the community. The Inventor of NRA (The Chicago Tribune) The statement of former Pout master General Brown suggests pretty strongly that he ought to be given whatever credit is com Ing for the Invention of XRA. What Mr. Brown says he did In connection with the air mail service* IB precisely what Gen. Johnson hag been trying to do with regard to every other kind of business. There were contracts to be awarded to some air lines, but not enough to satisfy the desires of all of them. The representative* of the rations rcompaoie* Unique in every way is Ma!- vern's Volunteer Fire Department. Since its inception early in the history O f the town it has been an influential and active part of the community and has performed well its task of providing an effective firefighting group always ready to function. met in Washington, sat about t table, and agreed or, at any rate, tried to agree upon the slice which each was to get. The government, in the person of the j postmaster general, acted as a j kind of arbitrator. The procedure may have been | somewhat out of the ordinary a , few years ago, but it is just busi- j ness routine these days. Those (who are familiar with the J934 i model codes of fair competition j will recognize in the apportion- I ment of the air mail contracts not a similarity but an identity. The identity extends bevond methods to purposes and consequences. The purpose of the code of fair competition is to keep small competitors from getting out of hand, and, if Mr. Farley can be believed, that is just what She meeting of the air mail enthusiasts in 1930 was intended to Accomplish and did accomplish The coi— History , , of the An interpretative news summary of the Important events of the part week. •atfjl MlLtA -tfttj^'faitliSf " &-S&- a-A OX uro V&OiKfy J "* i " k By wKf ••••V ••••'••T SiV> Ajfr fc Jt-jagoAJfefea^ ygamxaffe <R V 2&Vu08Kf »§-*et recently drafted % tfcsVftr*. SM&ftgttfc *&- rfy* f*» muttiM* me act/ Would »<)fos«viflt. af. , . tiesgi fife ts*n h*4 written ft dechtred h* had mrt r«*d ft W *tm1i neither eonrtM&d ns* condemn ft to Congress. afreets, aewftatttg Shtfofially and snpervttfe* and other cheeks by the government the n%w act would, eeeoTdteg to " -«•—•—». y—*"" «*««»• «» rresroem ftitbird Winner of the New tork Stock fixe&ftnte, l*t th* Federal trade CtwninMHon fij eottrol of tbe management at e*eft listed corporation. Franttcafiy h» tried to rou*8 not lire settttsent of fit* Business but th*-active dtftpfeas- nre of all Small SusHMesmen over the conntry agafast the »to- posed act. Here's hoping that all toe wars this spring will b« confined to the basebaU diamond. be wished newswrtters paused this week to pick up th dangling threads of many storie begun bat tinflnUhed. In centra Europe, where the Austrian civil war produced an Internationa aUtaation fully as dangerous as events preceding tbe World war, the major powers took definite steps to cnlty. prevent further WABHINGTOJf WROXOSEDE UP XoU-: In a recent viait to the national capital this depart, ntent'a two special inveaUgator* found the town filled with go*. eip-writ«rs, nenators, represen. tatives, and employe* of the department of agriculture. Thette choice tidbit* given below aaticfy an ancient detOre. that the services rendered , the air mail code of fair I ' _Let < £m Bat Beef When Commltteeman Earl E. May, MacArthur, Gardiner and others of the Central West Livestock Feeders association made their report at Shenadnoab Friday concerning their jaunt to Washington they didn't tell all. We saw five of them down at Her- zogg's ash house eating curried shrimp, filet de sole and no beef. Tsch. Tsch. -f-t-1- i And when Radioman May obtained hk interview with President Roosevelt (actually 85 minutes in a private inter, view with the President, folks, Just him and ine, and I tell you there was earnestness in that man's . . . ) Its slipped one over on the newshawk), of I he capital. Mr. May worked a ticket to the Roosevelt press conference, then buttonholed the President when th* newsmen had finished. They talked, not of beef, bnt of radio. credit record than Rowda," declared Brookbart. -f-t-1- Tbe Senator has a new one now. He pulls a long chart from one corner of the room —one of those affairs which looks like a cross section of a mountain range and is used to show depressions and Prosperity, "According to thj« The published agreement between France and Great Britain that Austrian in dependence should be maintained caused a halt In the rush toward war. None theless the radio ultimatum by Theodore Habricht, Germany's director of Nads in Austria, caused deep unrest and observers agreed that should further action be taken by Germany following the end of the ultimatum Wednesday, it might well precipitate conflict Heady for that conflict were most nations surrounding Austria. Italian troops were rushed to the south border. Czechs guarded the northeast boundary. Nazis Jealously watched the north line. And Austria, still weakened by the civil warfare was in an unpromising position. ; Bright light on the scene was the declaration of Prince Ernest From Brown they learned that he believed nothing Illegal had ~ to awarding contracts; id acted with the best and la a manner to build np for this country the world's greatest aviation service; that the allotment of territories was merely what the XftA was doing how. Nonetheless the Senators believed that here was another Instance of Big Business unduly in- flnencing the government to the enrichment of private stock- Holders. In its search for facts the com* mittee learned that management or holding companies were pocketing most of the profit from operating air lines and suggested that if these companies were eliminated operators could continue to receive mail contract* and carry them profitably without such lush subsidies as before. • * * * To the gray atone walls of the Illinois state prison at Jotiet last week went Gangsters Roger Tonhy. Gns Schaefer. Albert Ka- or to start serving 99 year sen- ences for the kidnapping of •Jake the Barber" Factor. Less ortunate was another kidnapper, one Chas. Mayo who last week Eity •leatut Wiy To Lut Fat How would yott like to lose IS pounds of fat in a iaonth and at the same time increase year en* ergy and Itoprove rottf health? How would you- like to lose your double chin and front too prominent abdomen and at the came time make roar akin m clean and dear that it wtll compel admiration.? Get on the abates today and see how much yon weigh —then get an 86 cent bottle of Baits which wfll last weeks. Take one half In a glass of hot morning and when you hare fin Ished tbe contents of thU first bottle weigh yourself again. After that you'll want to walk ftrpnnd and say to yonr friends,— "One 86 cent bottle of Kmschra Salts is worth one hundred dol- *^« aB '. fat »» ereoB '« »oney." . i^ 111 * J r «B*«ts America ow sell Krnsehen Salts always get It. •You out adv. Ton Starhemburs, leader of the atten >P t «d to kidnap E. P. Adler, Helmwehr or home guard, that I * newspaper man, to Chicago, j -f-t-1- . competition cost the consumer (in ! Give Their All ' ' v, r l U ± n ,? ^!. t '! Jited . Stat *' i,. S"^" «* ^e government in the endless "extensible" building of the department of agriculture VALUE Far Beyond Price . . Ask anyone who has used modern plumbing and ke'll state its value as far beyond the price paid. Why deny yourself these comforts and conveniences longer? Plumbing la an investment which will work for you year iu and year out, regardless of fluctuating currencies and always pay profitable dividends in comfort, health and generul convenience. uhjnx u the ouly kJtoO. wurk, , OIROWItl. l^few* «• than it need is also the conse- 'lUf.-uc«. of the NRA codes. If this were a wholly Just world i'<-n. Johnson would todav be cracking down on his colleague, for even suggesting | building in Washington are willing to give their all for their country. When Mrs. June Fickel, able chatelaine of the women's of the democratic na- that Mr T> suggesngo e emocratic na- uhi h '" did anything tional committee offices first " ' 1 Wh ° llj - rlght ' ^' dowu '»' *• K« ^al^ J N Washington * By Otha u. The nation as well as Washing" " to bestirred deeply was shown through the ag department's testing kitchens "Here's where we are testing the relative values of brown eggs and white eggs for cake-making," explained her guide. "Geneology of the eggs for four generations are kept and every move U tabu- The tour continued and •*" wanted • half minutes during the last 100 years." Which was quite right according to the chart as business activity was either prosperous or depressed and never followed the little black lice which marked the difference. 1 forget what the statement was intended to prove -f-t-1- Driwsl, Weil Attested White attar* <rf th* official family attended a ball in his honor the njght ^ ^ birtj,. day, Fmeidrat RooeereU invited in cronies, played late and long »t poker. Kew n«e for a footman baa Sirs, Jim Fartey, Shoe* are a «U**Hnfort u> th» wife of tbe Postmaster general. Upon occasion when she entertain* and they pincb top painfully *h« re- more* them, has her footman notify her when someone approaches no that she can slip them back on again. -f-t-1- Honest was one New Dealer, a legal adviser, who told us his own estimate of the services rendered during some three months work was about $10. Salary received was more than 100 times that. -f-t-1- Sure, rubbish most of itt*« ens*. They alt get to doing after they're there a few *fc,for«*afr«4d m&to&jate ^.**or«rjijneBU *.pw r www,*, Chancellor Dolfnss to strengthen JU« forces on the German border and indicated that he would reply negatively to the Habricht ultimatum which threatened renewed activity against the Austrian* unless favorable cooperation with the Nazi cause was promised. * • » * Army fliers, carrying the U. 8. mail over greatly shortened routes were experiencing heavy difficulty last week. But all army crashes were overshadowed when a United States Air liner crashed near Salt Lake City Friday after- npon killing all hands. Five passengers, two pilots and the stewardess were on board. Not until Sunday night did searchers discover the crashed plane high on an icy hill in the Wasatcfc mountains. _ « « » * Disappointing to many was the testimony of former post master general^jvalter Browa as he faced the Senate investigating commit' tee last week. Not adverse to having a little fun on the side4 Urown told the committee that Farley had made au extremely persona] remark about Senate investigations. Hopping mad, the Senators called Farley, then went back to Brown. cell. taken to jail, bang corporate * • » * _ alarmed were all business men — and >r the next "5 months of TOE ATLANTIC MiPNTHLY K»AKE the most of your *« reading hours. Enjoy the wit, the wisdom, the companionship, the charm that have made the Atlantic for aeventy-flv* years, A»- erica's The Atlantic Monthly, 8 Arlington St., Boston The AIM AND IDEAL OF THE TELEHONE COMPANY JHAT SERVES jrouV laced the " Picture, to act as a screen and ii hope they are not used too i -M-1- to the public. ta torore the Postmaster senator, Smith, Wttdman Brookbart. We fonn4 tb* i« hi» office (.jagT ii tb* building) teM statistics Ik* *te»a» «*«««« IM urn »W£SS'» -•Sflswrr: Men are sever so likely tfl set«? * flBesUou rigbtty a* W b«| they disenss |t freely, -, Mai Be»4ers are '»rg their letters brief keep to the the sake of 4ear Mr, LOW RATES K5-K •v».t -.. t»4f an«jl f | with of Ofair* yourwlf Jt H> J •^ "A \ f\ Idephoiw _, w for iuj* nation, free in *fl f or a» hunual? pa*. »ibli> fronj Impfrft?- tfff*. «?*" «r del,y. io pick up « «d Milk to •Is*, tut on . >- t-ifS ! Mm 4- if &?. .vi.!?-.-feV Sv,.^ H f*l .v*; ^. "•**** >•--> y f

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