The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on December 28, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, December 28, 1894
Page 9
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Merry Christmas; A Happ j New Year. • -*>•.'•• r ' ''"*' ' '"' ^7~---~--'-"--- r "^-''"'--"^^^ '.'..../...':.''. - r • •''.'.'.'.-T ^1_ .,....,_- ; . L —^ -^^. , j--•- •-•- -•--•- --^- -••* — -- --•' - .-..-,., . .. •= --•-.- ^^^ It will eclipse anything ever known in the history of the clothing trade in Carroll county. ^w^:mnm^^>: >« %H-" r -•?;•* '^" * ' J t V ?! r *J' M V 3 (' j, Q y REDUCTIONS IN BUSINESS AND DRESS SUITS. UNFfVRfVLLELED VALUES. MBN'8 SUITS. Men's Scotch Tweed Frock Suits. Splendid Reduced to Ten styles in fine double breasted Scotch, black and. blue Cheviots. Clay worsted suits. Suits for "business or dress. Great (bin sellers M ft Holiday at i|/sll/ sale only • OVERCOATS, Our line of fine Kerseys in all shades, Irish frize in double breasted Sack and Long Prince Charles, are immense. Learn our prices. They are beyond comparison. v ^ ; See. our immense line of ribbed, fleece lined and double breasted natural wool. * We save you 25 to 35 per PLUSH CUPS LARGE SELECTION LOW PRICES FREE TO OUR CUSTOMERS, .-'••. s •• The World's Fair album-310 finest photos. "A Trip Around the World," or Tennyson's Poems, a elegantly bound, ind a souvenire fit to grace your parlor or library can be secured *" V) V.* ! Of the Famous Clothing • »* AND i • Merchant Tailoring House AHOTHEB YEAR 0 DR. DOWNING TUi Skillful and Bailable \ SPECIALIST — Witt VISIT 1 CARROLL, IOWA, THURSDAY, JAN. 10, i Burke'a Hotel \ One 4ay only every month. Consultation free. HER PHOTOGRAPH. pt* Be Cure* Wlion Other* F*41. ' CttROmO DISEA8BS JHwue* of LUNGS and BBART STOMACH and LIVER ' NXRVOUS DIBBASB8 • DISEASB8 of WOMBS DISEASBS of MKN CATARRH, jwc., wo, Youn* and MidUle Aged M«n !*». Ton are posing for a Inasio, But I TOW yon are an elf. On the morn that you wore takes How tho sun enjoyed himself I . Lucky Boll I feel quite certain That he turned an azure hue When he couldn't catch tbo color Of your winsome eyes of blue. 1 gaze upon your features— Fairer none will ever find. . I'm glad that I'm not Cupid, For you know that Cupid's blind. Do you liko my jest? You're smiling. Pretty picture, let tu laugh. I am tempted much to kiss you— - 1 Oh, you witching photograph! All tho world proolaima you charming. I can well believe it so. Yet there la a look about you Wakes my pity for the beaux. You mock thorn when their hearts aoh» And their wounds you Bcorn to heal, % And you're lacking in compassion • For the pangs you never (eel. AIM, I'm growing solemn, And you're much too sweat to Boold. Who could blame a pretty blossom That it is not sad and old? Like the roses and the lilies. You wore born the earth to grace. And the men, liko silly mothlings, Should bo taughi their humble place. It U theirs to kneel before you, It IB yonre to be adored, But the beaux are stupid being*, And I'm aura you're often bored. 80 for fear I, too, may bore you. Just a wish, and then adieu- Hay tho skies that beam above you Match your winsome eyes of bluet •CamuelMiutuniPeokiuBostapTranaoriDt HIS CLEVER RUSE. Augustine Lafout was the confidential •gent of a largo banking bouse in Pari*. Early in tho Hi»iuj* of 1888 bo sot ont from-i"wja with Mild, uotevdraft*, eta, to tlio unicwit of 1,000,000 francs, for a ho--o iu Cbtinmont Much seoreoy bad I" an observed in the preparation* of bi i jbnruov, us the kingdom wa* at that time infested by a secret organisa- tion of thieves. Lafonthad the note* concealed in various parts of his dress, and taking the heavy diligence a* the best mode of conveyance be Ml out on bis mission. ' Nothing worthy of note occurred to arrest Latent'* attention until be had pawed nearly through the deportment of the Boiue-et-Morne, when jut at nightfall two wpll dreaied gentlemen hailed the diligence and claimed pas••go to Ohaumout It was already too T». . .. _ " llngnUh , PBNNSTLVAlflA'S PROPOSED ATHLETIC FIELD. ' The University of Pennsylvania, which now stands noar the top In athletics, I* planning a mat athletic field m Philadelphia. It, 800 fm* long, 4BO feet wide, will cost $100,000 and will be known as Franklin Field. Then will be a running and bicycle track, baseball diamond, tennis courts, football gridiron, cricket field, gymnasium,/baseball "cage" and grand stands. When Lafont left the stable, be knew that the two men bod left Paris (or the pqrpoio of robbing him, and that they intended to pat their plan in execution M toon u the diligence iboald have entered .tho department of the Upper Marae. Ho returned to the inn, and after con- •iderablo reflection ho determined to procure • bone and aecrotly oontiuno hU journey. Having oomo to thii oonoln- •ion, he went to the driver of tbo dill- genoe, and under the pie* of having to retoain in Nogont on tpeoial bnsineca for * day or two he aottlod hi* fare thtui far, Then he vent to the stable •nd ordered a hown to bo in readtneM for him by • o'clock in the morning, at the MM* time en joining upon tbo guroou tho 8tr'«tott •ooroey with regard to bU movemento. A« toon at tbe*o arrangement*, were mode Lafout retired to hit room, He of oonne know that bis aeoret had leaked and even in hit propowd oonne <•'"'. RBUAUKA.VLB CURBB, #"'. -J*iSBlM!X3K& &&&&££ what little bo could sou he atonoe made DP bis mind that their countenance* dork for the agent to dUtiuguisb the i fc mA wen feature*, of tho newoonwr*, but yet from ! ^ JJ m%inly ^ from daugor, milliou franc* was a largo *um, and if tho two Parisian robbers had Mt their hearts upon it* possession ho had yot •onto work to perform ere bo would be entirely free from them. Last of fill, a now idea "truck him, and obtaining a number of paper* he neatly folded them In an envelope, which be strongly waled were not unfamiliar to him, and having come to this oonoluiioH he determined to watch their movement*, for a vague •u*pioloD that they bad by tome meaui become possessed of bit secret business took possession of, hi» mind. The diligence erosped the Seine at No- gout and there remained for the night. A»aoou a* Lafont baA opportunity to examine the oonnteuouooi of the «tran- gem at the •upper table he became *at- lined that tola font impressions were and bound with a blue ribbon. At 8 o'clock in tho morning, white It wa* yet very dark and before any oue elie WM itirriug, Lafout quietly de*oeud- ed from hi* room and went to the* table. The garoou wa* oa*i|y aroused, and iu » „, had urn IW **»i* w the dwr hi* departure, and be oould not but notice that they both eyed him with mark, ed |nter*lt, . After topper the agent U«bt«lUt ci- gajr and walked ont on to the bridge, whore ho roumiued nearly half m boWi at Ihe oud of which tiuwbe started back toward tbo tuu, aud just a* bo arrived it the door he noticed hU two oowpau. lout entering the *toWo door, Prompted by a footing of cwlojity, he followed Mow, wud «* he oowo round by tbo stable door bt oould Ju«t (we tho twowou orouohiug §way Iu «u empty With a itealtby. Oitiik9 tro*d to ap> woaoUod, wd he ww 1 9* touato wough to make out tb» |M of tbeiv «M»v«n*v lion. to Ohttumout For two hour* horodo ou hi* way, but tn»to4tdof punning tho highroad from Trevos he aeain crossed the Boiuo find kept along by tho lmuk»of theAubo,- Daylight wa§ just beginning to streak the hoavou* When Lafont thought he heard the Kuud of horse* behind h,tw, ,nud it waj not lo»« ere ho kuow that ho was being pursued, and in ten u»U»v»te» howiwtwiuroa that the two robber* were After him. Iu a moment the agent loaned from the mddle, «ud «ei«iu« a houvy •tone be iufliotod a Revere Urulse upon oue of hi* horw's fore log*. The aniwai r«wed Mtd Plunged, but fcafont iuuuAgod to bold Ww, ««ttiB u>ouut«d «»4 nfc on, but the bon*) Uwpe<J aijd ttailered to* neath tho effects of the blow be had received, and iu a short time the robber* came up. 'Ah, good morning, gentlemen," •aid the agent a* he reined in hi* lame •teed, at tho name time raising, bis hat with affable politeness. "So, it seems, yon, too, are tired of the lumbering diligence." ••Yes," replied the foremost of .the two men; "the diligence did not exactly rait our convenience, so we took horses.'' "And yon ore bound toXJhanmont?" asked Lafout . "YeH, on important business." "That is fortunate," said Lafont, with the utmost 'eornestues*, "for yon may, if you see fit, dome a great favor. I, too, Imvo irnpcs^ut business nt Chan tnont, but I foar that without assistance I shall uot be able to accomplish it I have, gentlemen, in my possession, a vast amount of valuable paper* and Intended to have oontiunod ou my way iu the diligence, but at Nogout I received tho intelligence that a plan was ou foot to rob me. - • , "Do not start, gentlemen, for what I tell you is true. Aud for that reason I i oh' thus alone, but my horse ha* met with a Had mishap, aud I fear tho robber*, who, I think, are yet at Nogout, nay ovurtoko mo. Mow, if yon ore go- Ing directly to Ohaumout, perhaps you would be willing to take my package in yourolmrgo and deliver it toM. An. gieut nt hi* office. Any one there will toll you where ho is. Theu, If I aw overhauled, the robbers will find nothing, i<j of course you will not bo suspect, ed. If you will thus accommodate we, you slml! bo suitably reworded. What •ay you, ttoutiornouf ,Tho two won exohaugod signtftoout gloiiooa during those reiuorlcs, iutd after « mouieut'ii heeitatiou QUO of them aaidi "You aeoui'to be ready Iu trusting •aid Latent! and ns he. spoke he took a closely sealed packet from his bosom and handed,it over. "In this," he said, "there ore valuable papers, and I trust yon will use all discretion in your care. Now the robbers may overhaul me as goon as they like." After some further directions, given in an honest, confiding manner, Lafont bade bis new messengers godspeed, and ere long tbey were out of sight The agent turned his horse's bead back toward Nogent, where he arrived in safety, and on the next morning he procured a guard and once more took the diligence. The robbers stopped at the first convenient place to examine their prize, but their chagrin con be better imagined than described when they found that they hold only a securely bound parcel of waste paper. They know that they were suspected, and of course they dared not push the matter further. —Exchange. <. Dumas' Suffering. When Alexandra Dumas, the younger, wa* just ont of college, bis father took him on a hunting trip. Tbey put np at a farmhouse and occupied two little bedrooms which opened into each other. In the middle of tbo night the son was awakened and saw his father walking book aud forth. "What are yon doing?" asked the boy. "You see. I am walking." "You are sick?" "Yes, I am in great pain, but lam wed to it I have it every night" "I* there nothing to cure it?" "It i* incurable." "But can't it bo relieved?" "No, When it takes me, I got np and walk. If it is very bad, I go to reading." "And when it is insupportable?" "I go to work." It was true, and in later yean his son often aaw him iu tho night fitting at his desk writing with oue htaiaond holding upon bis stomach with the other. "How can you work always?" some 'one asked him on such on occasion. "I have nothing else to do," answered Duma*.—Youth's Companion. A Murphy temperance movement ha. bsen inaugurated at Salem, O.. aud over 1,000- people have already nlgued the pledge. A damage suit for 138,000 commenced five year* ago iu Salem, O., Iu which R*> beoea 8, Orelnor was plaintiff and T. W Silver defendant, was settled out of court for 1700. «' ,,'v BREAKFAST-SUPPER. ORATEFUL-OOMFORTIN& COCOA BOILING WATER OR MILK. PUIG TOBACCO trade tobaccos, wil tand superior to all others* BEWARE Of'IMITATIONS. uiuoh •Oh, not at „ ^ with u frajnl smile, "J would ruthor trust houost truvoluts tho risk of meeting with robbon. ^ ,„ *eo just how I-aw situated, gentlemen, and if yon will do we yon ehull ual) regret it Aroio uud follow you,'! "Wull,"t4id oue of will do yowwilh'ftltdipeet LISTEN EVERYBODY! am now prepared to do all kinds of blaoksmithiug, hon* shoeing, plow work and general repairing. Wf\OON MRKER A first class workman in wood isi employed in ttie.same build ing, and we ar4 prepared to do all styles wagon aud carriage work and* repairing. of US A CALL JERRY LUCY, Proprietor, Shop oppoiite mill, formerly occupied by Fred Franzwa. Wanted Then, A MAW iu every nea> tiuuut ouoe to sell good,* to d*»ler*i no pdiiliug: ex aaneoewukrv: bj*| aid* line, mouth,. Salary and MBNMMNI QomutUttou «**•• Aadnw o Q*«l «Uwp (or 6«al»4 prltou

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